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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Has anyone visited 4chan recently? I have, and uh… wow. The whole website went to shit after m00t left and now it's just a cesspool of redditors that think they're edgy because they use an "obscure site". I'd say the one that genuinely kind of irritated me was when I went to /a/. I remember finding some pretty obscure stuff and having some pleasant conversations about said anime. Now, I genuinely cannot find a thread where someone isn't recommending entry level shit. I asked someone what would be a good series to watch and they said Darling in The Franxx. Yeah, y'know, the anime that pretty much everyone has heard of by now and even Kim fucking Kardashian has seen (I'm not kidding, look it up).

That and /r9k/ is full of teenage girls now for some odd fucking reason.


File: 1542174858633.jpg (21.72 KB,390x390,unique_cup.jpg)

Sorry nobody told you, but 4chan has been shit since 2012 at the latest. The last time I remember it being interesting was 2008, which was also coincidentally the last time the userbase was not hostile towards lizards/mages. It's a place that either hates something popular solely because it's popular, or it goes nuts over obscure trash.

As you mentioned, it's not a normalcattle haven for normals with politically incorrect ideas; a far cry from the refuge for the technologically adept and outcasts it used to be.

Unfortunately, barring a password site, all "underground" websites become popular. It could be a website about eating dogshit off the street (call shitchan or something) and eventually curious onlookers would converge and start claiming they eat shit too. It becomes impossible to tell what is a real or manufactures opinion, and who is a "real" poster. This is what happened to 4chan, and what will happen here as well.

/r9k/ has been, and always will be, a shithole for incels. If you truly seek the lizard lifestyle, you must be a volcel. And stick with it.


As >>2434 said plus what did you expect from first gen english imageboard website. It's dead in terms that it's not unique as it once 'was'. It's a former shell of what it was i'm sure of it. Smaller chans tend to have better content but obviously lack traffic since 4chan is the first thing that comes to mind when warmbloods think of the word "chan".


>/r9k/ is full of teenage girls now for some odd fucking reason
I left 4chan a long fucking time ago, but I still used to enjoy lurking in 4/r9k/ from time to time, even until late 2017 just to observe how normalfags act when their words have no consequences attached to them. There's been loads of underageb&s and roasties polluting up the board, especially after everyone moved on to 8chan, wizchad, and beyond. I never lurked too often though, lest my blood get warmed. I got tired of it once it started getting targeted really badly for HRT shilling and the amount of trap posts outnumbered the warmies that I found amusing. There was a namefag redditspacing boomer that went by "JohnnyNeptune" that always made the best posts, and he made things like pic related in response to posts. I'm kicking myself now for not making any screenshots of his stuff or saving more of his shit. Guy robbed a dunkin donuts or something. A real human bean
>english imageboard website
If any lizzes here speak nip, are 2chan and other such Japanese imageboards worth learning the language for? Also Russian imageboards.


File: 1542183768080.jpg (641.62 KB,1280x959,AR9K.jpg)

>didn't even post pic related
And I searched so long to find it too. Real idiot move there.


Russian imageboards have been overrun by edgy kids and bydlo for many years now. I can't find a single Russian chan where I would feel at home.


>/r9k/ is full of teenage girls now for some odd fucking reason.

O innocent reptilianon, how little do you know. Girls do not have penises!


File: 1542240797661.jpg (58.26 KB,875x700,607e14af136a42a887c252fc0f….jpg)

Christ, I don't even want to think about how bad that site has gotten. When I left nearly five years ago most of the popular boards had already degenerated into complete cesspools of children and normalfags. '12 is the last time I even recall it being tolerable on the popular boards.

Don't speak or read nip besides a month of half assed studying, but from what I remember 2ch(The text board) was the japanese equivalent of redit/facbook for a long time, 2chan was a spinoff of that. So while I don't know how bad it is, I probably wouldn't expect good things. Also AFAIK most japs even otaku/hikkos are pretty failed normo, even hardcore hikkis and such are often reformed by hiring a "onee chan" to come and seduce them into normaldom. There doesn't seem to be the same sort of (w/l)izzie movement in japan as there was in the west. At least that's the sort of sentiment I have heard from moonrune fluent anons in the past.


Johnny Neptune was awful in my opinion, sure he'd have a good point every once in awhile like anyone can, but I've only ever saw him shitting up threads with tard spam.
Never would have minded if he kept it in the bad threads but he'd do it in anyone of them.
He has a superiority complex like no other. I don't know his past though so you may know more than me.
Yea the site is basically dead, /jp/ can be good for image collection and visual novel discussion, and /v/ has normal rimworld threads. That's about all I can tolerate.


That's exactly the reason I found him funny. I wasn't laughing with him, I was laughing at him. His posts were like a parody of themselves. I should have made that clear in my post.


>Johnny Neptune
Is he still kicking around? I remember him invading almost every thread and calling everyone a faggot before leaving. It was fun to wind him up, he'd swallow obvious bait so easily


Oh I understand then, I was a teen looking for manga and anime recommendations and he interrupted every thread nearly for a month.
My virginal rage had far out weighed my observational comedic gain.


He hangs around the news boards on cripplechan a lot these days.


File: 1542946968216.png (578.92 KB,1000x805,1238707060880.png)

4chan is not worth visiting nowadays, outside of certain secluded communities inside it's boards. (/rlg/, /metal/ and the mahjong thread on /jp/ comes to my mind) What's even the point of visiting /a/ when you'll be talking to people who hasn't even scratched the surface of the long-accepted anime/manga canon? (I would say /m/ is better in that regard, but it has too many worthless generals)


>What's even the point of visiting /a/ when you'll be talking to people who hasn't even scratched the surface of the long-accepted anime/manga canon?
I find that to be an issue on any imageboard on which anime is discussed. It's really annoying to be conversing about some anime-related topic with other anons, only for that guy to show up who started watching anime a few months ago and insists that a show which ended airing this year is better than anything that came in the decades before it. It commonly happens on Wizchan's /jp/.


Wizchan is a hell of a lot worse at this point. I went there today and saw some kid use three teenage colloquialisms in one sentence. And then when some guy made fun of him, everyone jumped that guy. There's a conpiracy theory going around that the moderation team are inviting people like this into the site just so they can laugh at us. It's just amazing how about a month ago this place was mediocre and how it just Nagaski'd within that short time span.


>Conspiracy theory
Considering previous admins have been affiliated with Kiwi Farms, I think think is more than a theory and fact at this point.


*I think it is


It has becoming a shit site for me right now, it literally is. Redditors, Tumblrtards, bots and other normalniggers have been flooding this site and turning it to shit. 4chan isn't something for me anymore. Well I guess that's happen sadly.


/jp/ is the only board I use there and I don't even post, just download pictures.
/a/ has been unusable for a while, full of teenagers and people who clearly don't care about anime and just go there to shitpost.


wizchan is basically a zoo where normies get to walk by and laugh at the pathetic loser virgins sitting in their cages


It's a shame that this description is so apt. I'm still amazed that there are still genuine users there who think they are talking with fellow wizards


it pains me that the one place on the internet that was meant for older virgins to congregate was taken and subverted from the inside in such an insidious way.
I feel like in a few years there will be nowhere else left.


Why has 4chan been moved to the 4channel domain? Anyone know why?


4chan got blacklisted long ago, meaning that they could barely get ads. Hiro the new owner made a new domain (4channel) with only safe for work boards because according to his logic he won't have problems getting ads if the site is entirely SFW.
Obviously most anons aren't liking this and many boards have been spamming porn and gore in hopes of getting 4channel blacklisted too but let's see how it goes.


Thanks for clearing that up.


>spamming porn and gore in hopes of getting 4channel blacklisted

Mainstream society doesn't oppose any of that. They'd need to post racist and incel content in order to get the site blacklisted.


>They'd need to post racist and incel content
That kind of stuff is still prevalent, and I doubt mods will take the time to crack down every racist or sexist post, it would be almost impossible and just adding fuel to the fire.


Because two nukes weren't enough.


>it would be almost impossible and just adding fuel to the fire

You can tell it's what society is trying to do. Too much truth is getting out and it's starting on the imageboards. They need to take us down.

I agree though that it's an impossible task. Imageboards are too easy to start up.


Honestly (and I'm sure people are tired of hearing this by now), I feel like the internet as a whole sucks now or at least it's beginning to. Vine and other social media cancer ruined memes and internet culture as a whole. People use the internet for attention now, gone are the days where people on the internet were funny and creative, now it's just an abundance of vine compilations because that brings in the views. I don't know if it's just because I didn't browse as much, but I don't remember the internet being this bad 3 years ago. Sure, it was getting there but no one would have expected it would turn into this. I can honestly say with a straight face that seeing what the internet is now, neo-luddism sounds pretty damn appealing.

>when I went to /a/

Anime fans have become a punch line amongst warm bloods now for some reason. Not only that, but the term "weeaboo" is becoming the new "nerd" or "geek", so now you have a bunch of try hards ironically calling themselves "weebs" because they watch Naruto or some other entry level garbage. Also this >>2514.
So you're better off avoiding any anime community at all costs.


File: 1543453056428.jpg (769.69 KB,2140x1200,2007.jpg)

>I don't remember the internet being this bad 3 years ago

The rot goes back way further than three years ago.


>The decline in post quality is a reminder that western civilization is dying
Well that's just depressing. Now whenever I see a "dank meme" I'm going to go from being mildly annoyed to thinking about the state of my country as a whole. Fuck.


>the wii
>a bad thing
Someone never played Super Mario Galaxy as a kid.


I'm sure there were some fun games for the system but that doesn't change the fact that the wii was mainly bought by shallow normies who weren't at all into gaming and just got caught up in the hype.


what about xbox original


File: 1543515615396.jpg (9.59 KB,200x237,a8f.jpg)

>being a kid when the wii came out


That's true I suppose.
I was 12 in 2008 you dumb faggot. Do the math.
Hell, I'd have played the game even if I was an adult at the time. It's incredibly comfy and relaxing, embed related.


gaming started to go to shit with the release of Xbox Live, back in 2002


File: 1544146385671.png (274.15 KB,474x319,ClipboardImage.png)

I go to /r9k/ to bitch about normalfags and nothing else really. This site doesn't have a normalfag hate thread because I am sure most of us would like to forget they exist and I'm not going to shit up this website by making one.


but 99% of /r9k/ are normalfags now, essentially re-branded reddit users.
I can get the appeal if your searching for a living breathing black pill to observe, I go there sometimes when I want to see if I'll kill myself or just go back to escapism.


Well, I meant 8chan's /r9k/ but even then you have a point. Even with 8/r9k/'s strict moderation, you will still have the occasional redditor. But even these reddit-tier fags agree with me on how stupid normals are. Not sure if that's lack of self awareness or what.
They also have a gondola thread and a thread where people post memes from the early internet days.


Wizchan has more normalfags than 4chan at this point. They have the worst kind too niggers. I've heard a lot of people saying that these posters are merely people from Kiwifarms trying to get a rise out of us. I hope this is the case because if THAT is what the userbase for Wizchan is now then, fuck.


Now that magicchan is dead, is this the new hangout for too-cool guys that cannot stop trash talking their home boards? Liz, I've been reading your thread for decades. Rest easy.


It's whatever you guys want it to be. If you don't like it you can go back to your original shithole instead of my shithole.


File: 1545472732688.jpg (4.62 KB,215x185,1474060156991.jpg)

tfw you prefer lizmins shithole



That's because Lizmin rules Lizchan with an iron but fair fist.


Nah I'm pretty laid back. I rarely ban people. Lizchan may not be perfect but maybe one day it'll come to attention from others. I understand my reputation at wizchan and other chans because I spammed at first but I was just being stupid. If it weren't for a certain Mod on wizchan (he's dead now I think) I'd probably would've shut down lizchan forever.


>he's dead now I think

Baste Lizmin carrying out the legacy


>he thinks wizards can die
it's like you guys don't even know about necromancers


Well, I went to Wizchan recently and I saw a thread talking about how the NPC meme was "dehumanizing" and anyone that uses it is an asshole. I just sat there for about a minute soaking it all in. Never in my life would I have thought that an Imageboard for virgin males would be more normalfaggish that's not even a word than fucking modern day 4chan. That and I got sick of the whining about /pol/. I mean, I hate /pol/ as much as the next guy, but they were OBSESSED with it. They even blamed /pol/ for ruining the internet. Yeah guys, it wasn't social media or corporations or anything like that, it was an insignificant board that got it's fifteen minutes of fame during the election that ruined the internet. Fuck dude.


>how the NPC meme was "dehumanizing"
Which is ironic in my eyes, seeing how anyone who doesn't follow the status quo is often seen as sub human in normalnagger eyes.
>Never in my life would I have thought that an Imageboard for virgin males would be more normalfaggish
You should see what 4chan's become, is mind bending how much media exposure can ruin an already souring place.
Wizchan is only diluted by refugees from 4chan, 4chan isn't diluted it just literally is all children and reddit refugees.
>I got sick of the whining about /pol/
/jp/ is the superior political board.


>it was an insignificant board


>/jp/ is the superior political board
What did he mean by this?


"Politics is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state."

You must first see /jp/ as it's own non-physical state, with counties (2d mascots) fighting for dominance.
This community is mostly made up of men who have time to think freely, unadulterated by many wage workers.
Now, most popular touhou will get their own thread/s, which will be governed, and controlled and defended by devote believers in their currently self elected best 2d girl.
You could call this a political party.

Now, people will start terf wars, often wanting to expand the amount of threads per their elected girl, and share disapproval in rivals threads.
Now best girls aren't only picked for their looks, morals and beliefs take a factor as they do with real leaders.
Anyways /jp/ is like /pol/ but cut off from the real world, a perfect representation of peoples forever differing beliefs and taste, and the endless war they provide.

All this but without the horrid effects of electing real officials who are always flawed, but within a community that still feels it's effects.


Thank for the detailed response, lizard. I appreciate it.


no problem felt like tard posting bad thanks for the excuse



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