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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Hello. I don't know how to say what I want but I will try my best, sorry if I don't make any sense or make any grammatical errors.
I want to work for those who are mega-rich and those who are mega-rich + very influential, I want to be very close to these people and be able to make them do or take things they would not take from a random person. I don't know which job would be best to be able to work for these people since they probably only take people who, not only are the very best, also know them or someone they know personally.
When I say I want to work for the rich, I mean all of them. Politicians, Oil barons, pharmaceutical business men, tech gurus, etc; I want to work for those involved in American politics+business as well as those involved in Chinese politics+business, EU politics+business, Russian politics+business, all of them.
I am studying for medical school since my parents want me to get into a medical related job, but I don't know which medical/medicine job to take when I am done. Due to wanting to be able to work with the rich and also be able to be very close to them in private without anyone else being with them, I am thinking of becoming a surgeon or anaesthetist as I would be super close to these people and be alone + do whatever I want to them, but I would need to be SUPER good and also be super lucky to even get close to these guys.
So what job would be the best for this purpose and what exactly would one need to do, what places would be best for meeting these people and have them hire me to do tasks for them?


Not funny pasta


it's not a pasta. I want to actually do this


I was told a driver, janitor, security guard, chef or maid would be good ways to getting close to the rich but for a janito, house maid & chef, you have to be really lucky or so good to even work for the rich
I am good at driving but I don't know how I would be able to find some politician to work for, especially when a lot of those people probably have self driving cars or something.
Most of the guards for the elite are average or above average height, I am a manlet so won't be able to do this.
One problem with all of these, even if I get lucky I would only be working for one person, I want to be able to go after more than one rich powerful man or woman, although a janitor + driver might be near more than one rich person since these people usually invite their kind to parties and what not. The main problem is I don't know how I would start with the driver or janitor route.


> Due to wanting to be able to work with the rich and also be able to be very close to them
Ugh this sounds warm as fuck, I would never even think that you are for real.
What are you doing here Chad?


I want to, not I am.
I don't want to work for them for money, I want something else


It's not fame either, I don't want any materialistic bullshit.


try getting a job at Comet Ping Pong


wow very funny.
Im being sarcastic in case it isnt obvious


Go pro on sucking dongs, be skilled enough and you will reach top

Gotta start somewhere, what do you say about three fiddy?

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