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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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What items would you grab first? I'd go for the beer first, maybe get a 12 pack if it isn't too heavy, then I'd try to grab as many cigarette packs as I could, then one or two premade sandwiches, and if there's time half a slushy to cool myself down after all the looting.


Im sucker for supermarket sushi, would take as much as my arms could hold.
It always tastes funny,kinda bad but "sushi" nonetheless.

If they had none, I would take chewing gum. Easy to stuff your pockets with and would last ages.

Ah slushie, yummy flavoured frozen water
Count me in


you'd probably be the only one raiding the sushi section, I doubt the urban youth eat that stuff

>chewing gum

could be worth it if you grabbed an entire box of them

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