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File: 1503993840393.jpg (22.2 KB,500x208,57fe516508e606dfaae2f8dd0e….jpg)

d2802 No.1026

Test. Hopefully up for good now.

9e3de No.1027

Nice to see you're back.

80f0a No.1028

this concerning

1a2d3 No.1029

Tested positive

a4eac No.1030

Positive for AIDS and Covid19 xDDDDD

06f00 No.1031

Testing testing

48907 No.1032

File: 1600550392414.gif (79.79 KB,180x180,8891b81ed2d2b7e31c58aaa377….gif)

we back??

a571b No.1165

2017 was 6 years ago holy fuck where did the time go

f0c34 No.1166

I do not know where did yours go but I can proudly say that I wasted mine
Can't write a single improvement or thing I'm proud of since 2017.
I hope it went better for you!

54ece No.1167

To be honest I don't know why I made this website. At least I can die knowing I made some sort of time capsule for myself and others.

d255f No.1168

Same. From 2014 onwards, I don't think I made many improvements to my life. It's been almost 10 years, and the time seems to be slipping away. Luckily, I've had a mood change and a change in how I see myself in the future, and I'm trying improve my life. I can say, though, in those years, I was able to knock off a lot of my video game backlog from my childhood. I feel so much relief from that.

dab98 No.1169

Wait, are you OG Lizmin? :O
You went to army or something like that and didn't pass the site, do I remember correctly?
Nice! happy for you
how long have you been trying to improve?

109cc No.1170

I've been trying to improve things gradually since probably 2017? Maybe earlier.

1c19b No.1171

Yeah it's me Lizmin. I made the site when I was 18 now I'm 24. Time flies. I gave the ownership to one of my mods. I just lurk here and occasionally post.

78f50 No.1178

File: 1689621534942.jpg (354.47 KB,2000x1421,1633883228356.jpg)

yo new lizmin, you should have a backup of lizchan.
dozens of old slow imageboards got their catalogues slid last week, just dropping the tip by

c2bc4 No.1187

I'm still here.

54ece No.1188

Hey man hope you are doing well. I assume it's just you and ihato taking care of the site?

7a694 No.1189

File: 1698690149810.jpg (15.52 KB,145x145,doblaje_36054.jpg)

fbf9a No.1190

Yep, mostly him though.

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