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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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I'm trying to set up business with mother of guy from highschool lol

Previously he got me 2 jobs and now recommend me for this.
I just lend him money from time to time and that's all when it comes to contact lol

I'm going to do everything there except marketing and social stuff. Someone else will pack it and send.
We will be selling some beauty products.

Next month we are going to manufacturer.
I don't have to invest anything, will be getting not yet set %.
Would be nice if it turns out successful, I hate wageslaving.


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Cont >>7211 - leaving this Tuesday.
I look like shit. Should go to hairdresser but I don't want to.
Hopefully paste for hair will cover it up.
Also need to get some clothes, everything is worn out except one pair of pants.
Normally I don't care but the setting demands it.
Quite stressed and it will be long journey.


I haven't been to one in ten years. My mother cuts my hair.


got a bit high
still want to die


File: 1695532500545.png (1.54 MB,1000x1415,14268a8674e6ab3ce4a6c5c198….png)

Cleaned whoooole room even every piece of furniture.
Also organized stuff on pc and phone.

I have so few belongings that it takes just a backpack for everything. Except computer and monitor but I can carry them at the same time.
Aimed to achieve it for quite some time.
Feels nice to have less to worry about and no clutter.

>still want to die
Well sounds like you didn't have enough haha

Recently smoked through pharma weed like a dragon.
It was so underwhelming, same strain as previously, no tolerance.
Overdid it as I completely don't remember the movies that I was watching in that time.
Which baffles me why the effects were so lame.
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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My sister's two years old is leading her by the nose. The little shit always makes a mess and is obnoxiously loud, but his overprotective mother's threats are empty and he knows it.
I would not care if it were not for the brat shouting all the fucking time. The mere possibility of them visiting us is enough to make me anxious. I talked to my mother and she agrees but she does not do a damn thing either.


you too Liz!

>was posting some cute pictures
>not doing that again
Ah nvm, good to read that you are still here, missed you


I'm not the original cute poster. I never started the thread, but I was posting the cute pictures for a few months before the thread was closed down. I can start up again if other people want, though. I think there have been three cute posters, including me.


Looks like Wizchan's down.


File: 1695469406474.gif (884.93 KB,256x192,clussy.gif)

Sometimes I thought about going back to wizchan, but that site has too many people purposefully pulling others down. While lizchan isn't that much active, I can confidently say that at least it doesn't host that kind of behaviour.

File: 1692041974555.png (1.43 MB,1412x850,AI crap.png)


Anything related
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File: 1693971700483-1.png (1.59 MB,1440x1048,00080-3770623158.png)

Feel no more need to fiddle with settings for LORA it's satisfactory for me.
Now I feel quite proud but also empty.
Idk what to do now


How about making a doujin?


Great idea! Thank you

Going to be a huge pain in the ass to make AI do exactly what I want.
I don't think that creating new one from scratch without any drawings or 3d modeling will work.
Will test how it goes on basing on some existing one.


File: 1694082015708.jpg (265.37 KB,1116x967,lol.jpg)

hahaha that loss of detail in last panel
Most likely due to low pixel rate, it was 1424x528 but not high enough for face.

It took quite a bit to make, most time of to recolor skin as it doesn't work as it needs a correct base color lmao

Using 3d model and editing software would make it look pretty nice and for sure faster


That looks phenomenal

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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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Update: The gas station is getting more customers and management wants us to pick up the pace. We'll still be paid the same, of course, but we just have to move faster. I don't think they're going to be assigning more workers, either. I want to leave.


Too bad you don't have an Aldi nearby. Their cashiers have stools.


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God, Windows is so fucking DISGUSTING
I feel like I'm using a computer from the mid 2000s after getting comfy with linux.
It's just ugly, cumbersome, and annoying. The ONLY reason as to why anyone uses it it's because of being a complete monopoly, and Microsoft destroying the competition through bad practises like EEE.
I never thought I'd complain about things like these but here I am, using Windows 10 because in the case I have to use Microsoft Teams™ the Web App can't let you have a custom background to hide my horrid room.
The only benefit Windows has over Linux is that when I search something in the file manager, I don't get a furry groomer paw in the search icon. But apparently it's something wrong with my KDE, because searching on the internet I see regular search icons on those Dolphin file managers (see second pic I got off from google, I get some fucking paw in my file manager, I want it out >:( )
How am I supposed to configure that icon now?


One day, long ago, I decided to use Linux Mint. When using it, I realized a lot of programs, like their document program, ran faster. Also, their version of "windows explorer" or whatever was also faster. Microsoft word always froze up when saving, pasting, etc. while explorer would freeze up when searching. Never for Linux. I don't like using the command line very much, but I much prefer it over the Windows command line. It's way more powerful, flexible, and accessible imo. Nowadays, I've only used linux on my laptop, but it's finally lost network connectivity, so I stopped using it. I might get it repaired or something.


>JUST 3 MORE MONTHS TO SURVIVE, unless they kick me sooner
Oops, got kicked out 2 weeks ago.

But my mood is better now.
I think that the issue was being too active mentally with no proper way of reliefing stress.
After getting bored and staring at walls/lying down for most of 3 days it did the magic.
Will test this one out when I feel terrible again.

Also stopped reading Bible, sorry to Liz who recommended it.
It's just not for me.


We're back!
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Oh how long I've been waiting for some Liz to post vocaloid so I can show off with better one


one more for the playlist


File: nIStDELurlpAv9oWCisGmTVUexKQ8a.png (48.19 KB,289x289,ClipboardImage.png)


ok I installed linux (ubuntu), now what the fuck do I do with it?
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File: 1603069304116.jpg (48.24 KB,384x512,unnamed.jpg)

Fuck Linux and it's troubleshooting.

Follows guides on making NAS on raspberry pi. Third one finally works as intended.

5 different guides on setting up the DNS so it can ba accessed remotely.
Great the 5th one did it for me.
Now just gotta wait till certificates are generated.
Something-something is missing.
Googles what the fuck is wrong.
After reinstallimg everything it finally made it.
Path to certificates is located /etc/openvpn.
No such folder there so I made one.
Shit won't make a certificate.

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Honestly this feels like most tech troubleshooting to me. For me, once I got an actual education on the technology, it clicked. You might have an education on this stuff though, so I don't know. This is just my experience.

The reason why I burnout so much is because of these insane things. Googling never works, I don't see any solutions, and I never find any new solutions even if I google. It's horrible.


If you use Linux and want to truly understand it, sooner or later you have to install LFS.



>This is beyond me

Maybe you should just install retropie or lakka on your pi. I think that's what most people use their pi for, game emulation and media streaming.


I actually ended up going back to Linux because things.
I'm using OpenSUSE now

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Lizbros, what the heck??
This chan is copying us https://onesixtwo.club/scv/
The jungle theme is an exclusive property of Lizchan!
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sleeping and isolation are intoxicating pleasures. Add some music and it's heaven.


first of all


second of all


Third of all


Don't tell me that's everyliz
It feels like 4, not 3

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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.God bless.
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File: 1643677933485.jpg (679.31 KB,2221x2378,92902654_p2.jpg)


File: 1643892136018.jpg (1012.06 KB,1029x1200,95156196_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1644019693086.jpg (479.25 KB,851x1200,96008501_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1644155730401.jpg (276.16 KB,828x1028,96005385_p5.jpg)

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-Resting in your burrow,
-Eating a huge meal then sleeping
-Unhinging your jaw like a snake and eating people whole

What else am I missing lizards?
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Getting absorbed in hobbies or escapism for weeks.
Taking it easy.
Worshiping our omnipotent reptilian god, creator of anime, summoner of the end times, enjoyer of the taste of blood.


eating pussy jk :P



I wish I could get absorbed into hobbies for weeks but my brain lets me get absorbed for a few days and then gets bored of it. Also real life is just on my mind and it continually barges into my life with work.


I struggle with the same thing, but sometimes get lucky - usually goes a few weeks of constant escapism, followed by a few weeks of panic attacks and a lack of will to do anything.


Sounds like me but having both at the same time indefinetely

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i am based


Looks promising. I'll spread the word!


I hate the internet


it' shit like all your other chans

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