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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Music of any kind i don't care


I'm usually picky about rap but this wasn't bad!


Thanks i don't really like rap neither accept for a few. The rap today is just trash anyways. Nice song by way liz.


Embedding error.


average rap


This but unironically new rap is shit




So is old rap


Let me guess you hate niggers?


File: 1525950298319.flac (8.29 MB,lovemyway.flac)


No. I'm just a classical music guy.


People got different taste. Me I listen to all types i don't judge.


Pretty relaxing thanks composer poster.
sounds like modern rap but with truth serum.
Nice never heard this song!


new thumbnail for flac now updated


Apparently this guy was killed a little while ago. Seems like a pretty hard dude.



He looks like the type of guy to get his niece to skin me alive with a pizza cutter if I looked at him funny.
Wish I could be but a humble weed farmer.


File: 1527090283159.jpg (316.35 KB,1280x584,MrYosie.jpg)

Don't worry liz, he won't be skinning anyone alive anymore. It was a dirty game he was playing and it finally got the best of him.



This is awesome thanks man, love finding bands like this!


No worries. I also really like this album of his.


Nice, these kinda remind me of jap versions of Link wray instrumentals.


I really love the sound of classic rock & roll and surf rock. It's got a warmth that hasn't really ever been recaptured, not even by the revivals that try and bring some of it back.

Here is a classic from Australia that is super relaxing.

The revivals are pretty nice though don't get me wrong. There was Psychobilly in the 80s and the 90-00s surf revival which is quite different from classic surf in a lot of ways but still really cool in my opinion.



I like it. It's nice and jazzy without going overboard. Is the rest of that album similar? I might have to add it to my playlist if it is.


>Is the rest of that album similar?

all of their music is very similar


Nice I've been looking for instrumental albums lately, they go well with playing games or browsing boards until 10 am.


I listened to the rest of that album at least and it went on my playlist. It's nice to have some more things there to break up the main genres. Thanks for sharing it.

If you liked the Space Cossacks one, then there is a good album called 'The Treblemakers vs the Doomsday Device' and a lot of the stuff by 'Man or Astroman' is also really good.

Also, you can never go wrong with a bit of swing in your life.


love the slow build up



Nice, reminds me of jumping about in fallout 3.
I like both of these, is nice not just listening to edgemetal all the time.


If you like edgemetal but not all the time, perhaps edgy rockabilly is something you'd like too. The Meteors are one of my favourite bands actually. The Guana Batz and Batmobile aren't bad either.


Guana Batz are less punk-influenced than the Meteors but have a more traditional rockabilly sound, just with edgier lyrics and themes.


I'm sure everyone has heard this buy now but I have to post it because I love the hell out of it.


Nice! I like the instrumentals, the vocals could be a lot worse, like mumble rap or emo screamo.
Will look more into these bands for sure.
I haven't, is really comfy thanks man!




one of my favorite grunge bands


Earth people! Hear me, and hear me well! I, Draco, King of the Dragonmen, Master of the Heavens, from this moment on shall rule over planet Earth! Your fate is sealed!

This is pretty close to a Lizchan anthem really.


more grunge





90s surf music


first 5 minutes has the best music, stories cheesy but aesthetic.
nice, never thought id like surf music so much.


Surf music is definitely a underappreciated music genre.


I shouldn't be surprised that the one place I ever find another surf fan is on the imageboard wearing a hawaiian shirt. It's funnny too since I actually hate the beach despite loving surf rock.

This album is pretty interesting if you haven't heard it yet. It's obviously surf by the way the music actually rolls out but it's heavily latin influenced by virtue of being inspired by Mexican music. I at first thought they were Mexican since I found them while listening to Mexican bands but they're apparently from Italy. It's a pretty relaxing style.

Third time's the charm. Last time I try posting before warming up on a rock.


File: 1533506187381.gif (277.6 KB,200x200,surf_lizard.gif)

>imageboard wearing a hawaiian shirt

now that I think about it surf music does fit really well with the sites theme


The slow pace especially suits that wonderful period in Australian Surf in the early 60s when the Denvermen were doing an extremely chilled out style.


I could listen to music like this all day.



baste turtle freedom fighters


File: 1534051799194.jpg (61.33 KB,500x333,freedom_lovers.jpg)




Love the atmosphere in this track.
Just recently have started listening to some primus stuff, that song and Lacquer Head are great.


I've been liking dark ambient a lot lately. It really fits my present state of mind better than what I normally listen to.


Utsu-p is so cool wish I could giraffe rp and rock as hard as him.
Best part is after 2:40.
Hell yea thanks for the link, I been liking everything lately, been a battle between doom/metal and jap rock mainly though.
un-ironically really decent.


File: 1535078531175-0.jpg (165.23 KB,1200x900,lovecraft bundle.jpg)

File: 1535078531175-1.jpg (208.6 KB,1200x812,yog-sothoth.jpg)

File: 1535078531175-2.jpg (271.9 KB,1200x900,yog-sothoth 2.jpg)

File: 1535078531175-3.jpg (157.08 KB,1200x831,yog-sothoth 3.jpg)

It's actually an interesting story behind that album. They actually went and visited the place and made the album to capture how they felt the mood to be. You can see some of it in the track names too.

They also did a companion album.


Love Like Blood serves as a companion piece to Flowers for Bodysnatchers seminal Dark Ambient album Aokigahara. In this album we explore the haunted tale of despair of love lost, found and lost again. Our protagonists journey from the previous album is a shadowy narrative walking hand in hand with the fatal attraction that is Aokigahara.

The album revisits the lonely intricate piano movements, soundscapes and field recordings compiled while exploring the underworld that is Tokyo. Exploring a metropolis and an individual constantly in a state of decay and rebirth.

If you like this kind of stuff, then the Cryo Chamber youtube page is great. That's the label all these guys are on. I'm thinking of picking up this collection myself, they're pretty good collaborations and it's affordable for how much music you actually get. Probably 4.5 ish hours or so for $50 which is cheap for hard copy music really.


Damn I like the artwork and music, will check out that channel. Somethings really comfy about oppressing ambiance.
leads to comfy horror related day dreams.


It's not all like those albums' style mind you. Metatron Omega from Serbia goes the with Gnostic and Biblical themes complete with ghostly chanting, and others do more traditional drone ambiance. I really like turning my room into a monastery with their music.


Me after getting getting welfare and stealing from the homeless
Good shit anon yea It's been super hot and i've been listening to long ambient tracks and day dreaming thanks for the reccs



I like the song a lot, the video feels like (The Thing) But instead of an alien it's just acid.


I find this group's stuff to be pretty comfy.



File: 1537883028679.flac (7.88 MB,moenation.flac)

can we still post flac


very large flac banner, was going to try mp4 but the file was 21 mb/s
that is ultra comfy thanks for the rec
Badass I get an aesop rock / mf doom vibe and I like both



True Lizcore.
ultra aesthetic, just started getting into aphex twin - used to think it was boring but I think Haircuts for men got me into the genre.


Richard James was ahead of his time. It shocked me to find out >>2198 was made way back in 1995.


Was that one of his first albums? That is pretty awesome, I've heard a lot of similar music seems like he influenced a lot of artist.


third album


I've listened to 3 of his albums now while playing stalker, thanks for the rec, they're pretty relaxing honestly and good background music.


unironically listening to elevator music and enjoying it. makes me oddly nostalgic for a time i've never lived in, a kind of emotion/mood/atmosphere that I want to remember having yet haven't experienced


Not bad honestly, reminds me of walking around the dead rising malls pretty comfy.


This album is sort of avant-gardey and space-themed.


Shibayan has kinda cheesy lyrics but not in a horrible way, however the vocals and instrumentals are really catchy and take your mind off things.
I think I listened to clippings first album and really liked it, mainly the instrumentals.
This one seems to be more focused on the lyrics and atmosphere portraying a setting, pretty interesting compared to most experimental rap groups.


This short film that's "inspired" by the album is pretty good too.


>you will never be a badass hacker
Interesting visuals, gave me the feeling I was watching a really fucked up song.



I love epic doom metal.



catchy. I like it



Thanks glad I found that artist.
Great song
This type of metal is really great for zoning out and day dreaming.
Vocals can scare me off so fast but this one didn't.
Playing through RDR and this is great.
Good timing.



Embedding error.



I wonder what listening to dance music while lethargically laying around feeling nothing means.
donno if this is the same liz but good taste all around.


>same liz

Helmet and Quicksand were me. I really like 90s hardcore music.






Good band. I hope they will release more music.


Why isn't rap cool anymore? Ever since the the early 2000s, mainstream rap has been so cucked and corporatized. Rappers went from talking about life struggles and committing crimes, to talking about sex and buying foreign cars. Not to mention that a lot of mumble rappers are black nu males and some of them are gay and bisexual. Even underground rap is having the same problems as mainstream rap.
This video isn't even that old (2012) but shows what rap should be. Fuck the mainstream.


there is good stuff out there still for sure. you just have to find it. i think music's main problem today is that subcultures are so fractured because of the internet. 'counter-culture' used to mean one specific group of ideas - now it could be used to refer to any number of them. a whole counter/subculture could just be one person, today, and very easily.


I have been trying to transition myself out of YouTube and into a YouTube alternative called invidio.us, which just takes the data from YouTube and displays them without extra crap Google slaps on to their users. And I made this change not just for privacy reasons (as long as you don't log in), but for practical reasons since there's no ads and you can download videos directly in webm/mp4, or even just play videos as audio-only – which is good for just playing music. The site also seems to navigate faster, I just bookmark my subscriptions now to manually check regularly instead of depending on the Google ecosystem that I have been trying to escape in general.

So basically I am not sure if this embed will work properly. UPDATE: Yep, the embedded URL could not be understood. Will be embedding the original YouTube link but here's the invidio.us link: https://invidio.us/watch?v=EqQuihD0hoI

Just thought I would share if anyone else wants to break free from the Goolag.


have you tried any RSS feed loaders to handle youtube subscriptions? in my experience they never order properly, probably because of limitations with RSS or the way youtube offers them. also I just had way too many subscriptions going at once


Yes, I have tried to experiment with RSS to manage channel subscriptions before but have always found them unsatisfactory. In stubborn frustration, for a while I simply saved every "subscribed" channel's URL (set to newest) onto a plain text file, listed with the date last checked in chronological order paired with their channel name. Here is an example:

>1/1/2019 - CGP Grey: https://invidio.us/channel/UC2C_jShtL725hvbm1arSV9w

>1/2/2019 - CGP Grey2: https://invidio.us/channel/UC127Qy2ulgASLYvW4AuHJZQ

So I would know from this to check the original CGP Grey channel now, as the most recently checked is CGP Grey2 – channels are moved down the queue the more recent it is. Then I would just copy and paste the URL manually, since I would never log in. This system allowed me to keep track of every one of my subscriptions, together with how long ago was it that I last caught up on recently released videos.

Unsurprisingly this unnecessarily convoluted system is extremely tedious, and I became even more frustrated seeing as I was doing more work instead of relaxing FROM work. So I decided to just mass "unsub" and only bookmarked a mere handful of channels that I found myself revisiting the most. Seems to be working, at least for now.

This has just been my PC experience of course, on mobile I have been using the Android app NewPipe https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.schabi.newpipe/ from the F-Droid repository https://f-droid.org/en/ to download videos and watch offline.

It is not easy to escape the Goolag, fellow lizards. Anyway, music: https://invidio.us/watch?v=jesc3yvZSws


Why about hooktube?


It doesn't work properly anymore, it's now nothing more than a less distracting display.
From the changelog:
>July 16: YouTube api features are back but mp4 <video> is replaced with the standard YT video embed. HookTube is now effectively just a light-weight version of youtube and useless to the 90% of you primarily concerned with denying Google data and seeing videos blocked by your governments.



Great synth oriented black metal. Beautiful melodies and lyrics overall.


I enjoy their last 4 albums, the rest, not so much. Not enough synth and way too much black metal for my taste.




I like this song a lot, bout time I re-listened to it.



I wish I was sociable enough to actually go to concerts and show my face outside in general, they seem like fun. All the druggies and hipsters in the audience would probably be distracting though, and I'd probably find some way to spill spaghetti. Nice to imagine though.



I actually use to work at a stadium and have been to more concerts then I can remember. Believe me, you're not missing out on much. The music sounds distorted and it's very rare that the bands put on a entertaining show.


tard jammin' hard


What vidya soundtracks should I listen to


The Sonic Rush soundtrack is pretty great, I wish they remade it for higher quality speakers than the DS.



Nice choices, really enjoying both.


Thanks, liz


Flowers for Bodysnatchers released a new album a couple of weeks ago. It's really something. I highly recommend listening to the whole thing, since in my opinion it's probably their best work. The finale is pretty incredible. It's kind of like the sound of resignation to one's fate, a soul-crushing acceptance that is strangely uplifting and liberating. It's more apparent when you hear it at the end of the whole thing which starts off with a slightly harsher sound that eventually even turns into anger by the halfway point, but it's a beautiful piece by itself too.

Context from the album:
>Alive With Scars is an album that explores the life long struggle of living with Multiple Sclerosis. MS is an autoimmune disease where the body's own immune system attacks and destroys healthy tissue, in the case of MS, the healthy tissue is myelin, the protein that insulates the nerves in the spinal cord, brain and optic nerve gradually destroying the myelin that coats the central nervous system. Your body slowly beings wasting from the inside out by the subversion of its own central nervous system. A body that with the passing of time will waste and wither to its own unique sonnet of pain and torment.


sound like the kind of music that would be in a survival horror game


It's part of knowing the idea behind the album is important, as is listening to the thing in full. A good dark ambient album or collaboration often tells a story that you can pick up if you know what it is that they're trying to say.

This album is the soundtrack from the Old City which was a walking simulator from a while ago had the entire soundtrack done by Atrium Carceri. It's pretty great, though I've not played the game. Heard good things but I'm not much of a walking simulator guy. The album is a lot like Flowers for Bodysnatchers in that they incorporate a lot more traditional music and blend styles a bit more than some artists who are more orthodox and leave out the piano and brass in favour of mixing up more varieties of drone (not necessarily a bad thing).


>they're trying to say

I guess I kind of hold musicians in a low regard and so I don't really try to figure out what the lyrics are trying to say. I probably should though.


Well there are no lyrics in the ones I posted for starters, and secondly why hold them in low regard? It's a technical skill as well as an artistic one and music fills a pretty big role in how people live and has done so for thousands of years. I'd personally rate musicians and artists quite highly.


>why hold them in low regard

Music and acting are degenerate professions. This is something that's been understood throughout history. I enjoy music and movies but only with the understanding that the people preforming are the scum of the earth.

That and I've heard enough interviews with musicians to know they're shallow people with very little of interest to say.


>Music and acting are degenerate professions.
How dare you suggest this.
Now post degenerate weeb songs you lazy lizards.




Nice ambiance have been trying to collect tracks like this.
like listening to viper when zoning out and embracing my inner tard.
God-like taste.


yeah, I also find viper's music to be very cathartic


Embedding error.
Feels nice finding things that I know and like.

Posting some maids


I been listening to a few of the maid albums as well there's a ton and none strike me as being out right bad.




Greek black metal with saxophone and 8-string bass. Very unique sound.


I wonder if places like described still exist.


not anymore, we're in clown world now. honk honk



File: 1555781374045.webm (9.69 MB,640x480,sabbath bloody sabbath.webm)

Sabbath has a bunch of tracks that strangely enough relate to outcasts for some reason, and still they're one of the most known metal bands. I find this odd.


The iron man theme song cover thing by black sabbath is the coolest shit and I'm mad that it wasn't incorporated in any of the marvel movies besides the first one, not even as a short motif theme for a dramatic entrance or two
Think about it, it would be the best way to communicate to the audience, some character could say "I know who we need" or "call tony stark" or something, then the riff would start and then there'd be a cut to some clouds or whatever, then you see iron man flying through the air.


Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne (when he was on his solo career) have some really relatable stuff. Its for that reason that they're my favourite band and solo artist respectively. I can't seem to find the video for Isolated Man on youtube, it must've been taken down, but here's the lyrics:

I like being alone
I'd like to stay in my room all day and night
Don't like to talk on the phone
So please forgive me while I just turn off the light

Don't wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
Don't you feel sorry?
I'm just a crazy, isolated man

I know me better than you
I hate to hear another persons screaming voice
What are you trying to do?
Leave me alone!
I won't be anymore in cries

Don't wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
I'm not in any hurry
I'm just a crazy, isolated man

Why don't you leave me alone?
'Cause there's nothing more I wanna say!
Thank you for caring but I'll be alright
Now will you understand and go away!?
Don't have a problem living in my room because it's where I really wanna be
So please forgive me if you think I'm strange but I just wanna spend my life with me!

Don't wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
Don't you feel sorry?
I'm just a crazy, isolated man

Don't wanna see nobody
Ever and ever again
I'm not in any hurry
I'm just a crazy, isolated man











If it's detachable does that make you a tranny?


Only part time




Embedding error.


File: 6f7olbSHKpw5AqkO8muVYs0IciJ3Rv.webm (3.17 MB,640x480,Dark Train.webm)



Adding in a KMFDM classic



where my maidcore niggers at?


Embedding error.
Exploring different realms with Yakui


Anyone have Jap artist to recommend in the vein of DJ Sharpnel and t+pazolite?
i'm maidcore wigger


Muh Lizzie, I started with t+pazolite too

I'm sure You'll find something there


I'll check it out, wanting to fill a whole hard drive with music, playlist help a lot.





Alice Cooper - I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
/liz/tier song



Oh look at little warmie junior, gonna cry?






lizard music



This is pretty lizard



To this day I imagine the singer of this band having sex with big fat tires of his favourite car.







The only thing I remember from GTA IV





i desire to vanish




I digged this one from Rockband 2, any similar like it?


Here's one as embed. Some other similar songs would be: Beyond This Life, As I Am, Constant Motion and Just Let Me Breathe.




these guys releases are all pretty high quality



even border noise is easier to listen


if you play this in multiple tabs its pretty nice




can't believe i forgot what this song was called for nearly a decade




>tfw the 00s maybe weren't so bad


Oh so the embeded one isn't original lol


The aughts (my high school years) were pretty bad. When I think back to those years I can remember creed and nickelback being played over and over again. It was like those two bands were the best the decade could produce.


no limp bizkit?


Limp Bizkit was more a late 90s band. Significant Other was their biggest cd.


No joke, listening to Limp Bizkit kinda drives me mad in a way only Whitehouse did


I like Limp Bizkit, them and The Offspring were the first two bands I really got into around 98-99. I think their music is far less dumb and offensive than the icp and mumble rap shit people listen to today.


I guess you could say you've already got your groove on


Strawberry Guy - Without You

I found this by coincidence, but I like it. The music itself is awesome, but I can't explain why. The vocals are quite dream-like as well, so I enjoy it.


morphing into edge teen again help


Embedding error.
Heres some teen edge


fucking nigger bands that disbanded and made albums avaible only on cd's so the prize is sick. For example 60usd
Buying used (7usd) is affordable but get a scratched one or glitchy and it's trash.
Also fuck those who don't seed those.
Some get uploaded on youtube but often quickly taken down and jewtube or often uploader downgrades quality.
**just did a little reading about it and youtube actually streams better quality audio if you have premium membership lol
This is the only thing that flustrates me, lost pieces of art or worse sounding music.

Embeded unrelated




File: IbXNhEY6UlidM2V8fon5s0Fx4zOZyj.png (151.83 KB,500x314,ClipboardImage.png)

My nigga!
Vocaroo chads rise up


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