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I think the old thread reached its bump limit. So what's everyone been watching recently?

I watched this film the other night. It's kind of a not too bad Alien rehash. The creature effects were well done.
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Just watxhed School of Rock. This man literally tells lies upon lies


Just watched School of Rock. This man literally tells lies upon lies to everyone in the movie and is able to get away with fraud and impersonation. Lol. He manages to get money from a teaching job and eventually gets a job teaching kids music + has a band with gigs now. He's pretty cool, though.


I'm going to watch horror movies for September and October! And now, 17 days into September, I've yet to watch a single horror movie. My goal is 15 movies, though. I can still do it if I start now. I was thinking of doing the Chainsaw Massacre. Sounds like fun.


I wonder if there are horror movies that don't indulge in death, gore and or disgusting things such as bugs or other kind of weird unnerving things
>horror movies without the horror parts
Who knows.


File: 1695604629662.jpg (59.23 KB,618x412,41a63b03-8528-4314-aa51-d6….jpg)

Watched every Predator movie.
Obviously the first one is the best, rest felt really cheesy.

No spoilers feel free to read.
Newest one (Prey) had really great shots but story was shit.
About native American hunters, where girl is a protagonist.
She was upset that boys didn't like hunting with her.
At first they keep portraying her as weak and not on pair with others.
Then out of nowhere girl power happens and she's a badass. Yeaaah

Somehow I've never seen Star Wars.
Watched episode 1 and 2.
Better than I expected, enjoyed it

File: xfi69vLa3j7ZKCytowpTlRzMWJdhmI.jpg (83.69 KB,400x565,ymX1qlb19.jpg)


I've been waiting for someone to make it so here it is
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had a nightmare where some bugs crawled on my body, but then my sister said to me "Can't you behave in front of the guests"?
I am not too sure what the meaning of that was.


Take a bath dude
Your pheromones are too strong


I had a dream where I was in a baseball stadium and all the women there wanted to have sex with a downs-syndrome white rabbit because its dick was really big. Like, half its body size. Also, for some reason, the dick had spikes on it like a cat's dick, so some women decided not to go through with it. Also, in another dream, I traveled to this place under an overpass, or highway, or rock ceiling where a family was selling some stuff. I said it wasn't really a good place to sell things or live, and that there wasn't anything around but grass. I walk away from there in the sun and discover a town. The town has a bunch of people, but no businesses. It has a town hall on a hill near a small lake (probably a containment lake tbh). I overhear the mayor and his wife about their control of the city, I walk down the hill, and the dream ends. Before then, I was in the bathrooms on the bottom floor. Pretty spacious place actually. A lot of bathrooms down there, nice tile, lots of toilets and stalls.


I was a little girl. As I efficiently and quickly followed Lucifer down the maze that was hell, who he himself was pacing through, we went through two of the seven sins of hell. The first hallway/room was lust. It was pink and filled with horny people that were groping each other. We went down the stairwell quickly. Suddenly, Lucifer fainted, and I had to get us through the other sin alone - wrath. This large hallway was red and filled with screams and the same ten notes over and over again. The people there were deranged, lunging at me and trying to scratch me with their finger nails. There was the little girl in a white dress saying, "a stab, a scalpel, a knife!" over and over again. When I was there, the bottoms of my feet were in sharp pain, and I was continually getting scratched while I was screaming for Lucifer to wake up. All while that song was playing. The little girl stabbed me and I died. I came back again and managed to get past, to which the hallway became white as if it were an office. To my left was a complicated maze, to my right, I don't remember.

I had another dream that was a continuation of my traveling dreams, too. I have dreams that are just about traveling in the United States. I was looking at the GPS, and it said I did a little loop in Florida. I've traveled through a lot of states near Florida as well. Apparently, I need to go to the mid west, like Minnesota, Illinois, etc.


>>3101 is dreaming books meanwhile mine are few seconds long and never portrait any story

No , they're not seggs dreams

File: 1603860678688.gif (1.3 MB,255x144,glove.gif)


I'm sure you must be good for something at the very least.
I know I'm a good for nothing
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My father is like that as well. He's mellowed with age though. I've found writing down what I'm going to say ahead of time helps with phone calls if its something routine.

>my memory always was shit and I'm very glad for that.

I am glad for that too, having cringe attacks feeling my past attack me and I whinge and it feels like my brain is attacking me. I hate when those moments happen!! They are getting better though. Memory is a double-edged sword IMO.

>repeating a cycle of doing them

>Holy shit, now that is some scary stuff.

Yeah man it was scary watching him do that many pills, and even driving after! But it was almost like they didn't even affect him any. That's some zombie shit right there, snort 22 xanax and feel sober. Its best to stay sober I think, too many substances make the anxiety worse. Alcohol helps sometimes but its such a low-tier pleb drug

>catnip tea

I'll check it out! I knew this lady who used to smoke catnip lmao
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File: 1692578673808.jpg (2 MB,3120x3120,IMG_20230821_022107.jpg)

Haha cringe attacks, yeah.
Countering them with "ok, and?" helped bunch.
Also learning that it's just outdated mechanism to keep your caveman ass in group.
Bizarre behaviors could result in being left alone and that was dangerous.
So we instinctively burden our mind focusing on these meaningless moments so we don't "risk our lives" again.
Currently I live cringefree.

>smoke catnip

I was planning that first but tea turned out to be so tasty that I didn't even bother.
Here it is.

>this approach could've saved me a lot of heartache

Same here, I started this recently.

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File: 1692641956291.png (246.84 KB,700x600,fullmetal.png)

I will try to counter them with "ok, and?" the way I've been doing is to ratchet up the cringe and just intentionally be as cringe as possible to make me laugh it off when painful memories attack.

Overthinking stuff can be hard but at least you have good intentions trying to help others, put them first, etc.

>fake I don't mind it I like it even

>Like blog/shit posting but irl.
I will have to try this one too, shitposting irl. I'm reading books to try to learn better social skills but can never bring myself to practice them on cashiers or whatever, always forget about it and just want to get back home as quick as possible. I talk with my brother some


File: 1692736886224.jpg (60.66 KB,571x684,bc8.jpg)

Yours sounds like cringe looping, how did it even help? If you kept adding to it.
I did that too though…

>reading books to try to learn better social skills

I've never did any studies on this.
What helped me to stop stuttering and be more fluid in talks was finding people that want to talk while playing games together.
These were limited to what was going in-game but did the trick.

>social skills

I think that it all boils down to listening and adding to the topic if it's anything valuable.
People love to talk, it's enough to just show interest and the rest goes naturally.
(if you are not well informed about topic it's best to just ask more question related to that than pretending to enjoy/know something)
These 2 things greatly helped me.

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File: 1692909300851.png (731.46 KB,500x600,feeling froggy.png)

It didn't help! lol. It did at first but then it stopped and eventually started to make them worse. I can talk about /x/tier stuff easily it's the small talk and average day to day talking that is hard.

>I think that it all boils down to listening and adding to the topic if it's anything valuable

I think so too and am working on being a better listener. I'm used to talking over others and having them talk over me from all the chaos in my past

>it's best to just ask more question related to that than pretending to enjoy/know something

People can tell instantly if you are pretending its good to not do that, agreed. I struggle with the showing interest part. I just can't be bothered to act like I care or hide my bitterness at times

I will try to talk to the cashiers more and talk about clothing or other random things

>These situations only hold great value in your mind. You just need to realize that.

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post star trek content
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Have you guys seen the parody film Galaxy Quest?


Sure, I watched it a long time ago. Unlike the Seth Macfaggot series I remember enjoying the movie.


I have watched Star Trek The Next Generation season 6 episode 3, "Man of the People". I won't go into much detail, but the main antagonist uses the hospitality of the Enterprise to siphon bad emotions from himself onto Counselor Deanna Troi that results in her aging and possibly dying. Luckily, at the end, Dr. Crusher reverses this process and manages to kill him. However, before then, his aide, Liva assisted him, knowingly, in attempting to kill Troi.

I believe not only should have Alkar been punished, but Liva and the guards who assisted him as well. They should be arrested for attempted murder. Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible. Even if Alkar eventually died, none of the other accomplices were punished. They never are. The Federation or Picard present themselves as weak when they allow themselves to be abused by outside parties. In the final act, Picard does threaten Alkar with punishment for attempting to kill a Troi (a Starfleet officer) but Alkar says he was promised by the Federation Council safe passage to his home world. The way he says it so assured is disgusting, as if he couldn't be punished for his actions. I pray that this is not a common occurrence for the Federation. Criminals are still criminals even if the Council promised safe passage. You will get no safe passage if you break one of the Federation's laws.

Threatening a Starfleet officer should be like threatening a military officer. It should be a punishable offense. Those who do so must not be allowed to get away with that. The audience must know the people who do such things are punished even if their two worlds are preparing for war. I lose respect for Starfleet and the Federation every time this happens.

Synopsis: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Man_of_the_People_(episode)

It does not talk about Liva but in the episode it's clear she knows what she's doing.


>Troi episode


>Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible.

The federation is an empire of cucks. The whole star trek canon is libtard fantasy land and it keeps getting worse. If I had it my way Section 31 would be running the federation.


Minor spoliers. I just remembered this thread exists. Lol. By my last post, I was warching TNG season 6. Now, I've finished TNG, TOS, and DS9. I'll start on Voyager later this year when I get to it. I ended up liking TOS, but found it hard to get through, initially. The first and third seasons were a bit weak with a few good episodes in them. The first season more than the third. The second season, like most seasons of shows, was the best. Lots of great episodes in that one. It even starts out with an iconic episode. I found myself liking the show more after I watched it. I enkoyed the references and would look at Captain Sisko and compare him to Picard and Kirk. I'll end up doing that to the other captains as I see them in subsequent seasons. I really enjoyed the McCoy-Spock dynamic, but felt that McCoy we t too far sometimes. Lol. I felt some true anger in those words. Lol. I like Kirk a lot because he's a no nonsense Captain who weilds his authority like a hammer. And with that hammer, he's broken into the hearts of many Star Trek fans. There was this episode where a guy who was just as crazy as Kirk came on, and they got into a lot of arguments. I remember that episode very well. Kirk has legendary renown in DS9 funny enough. He's taught about in schools and has been shown much respect.

For DS9, Sisko is a mix between Kirk and Picard, and that's great. Picard was too merciful and Kirk was crazy. Man was a tiger. Sisko is diplomatic at times, but can be a crazy motherfucker when needed. He's done some really shady stuff for the advancement of Starfleet's goals. Still, the guy's a great dad and husband. He's also really understanding towards his subordinates when they need it. He's done a lot of great things and the people below him achieve really great things and go to high places at the end of the series.

File: 1567695477858.jpg (2.93 MB,2309x1732,Fatliz Devours Another Wiz….JPG)


Anyone else collect toys? What do you collect?
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File: L7muf86wAYjXWo1R0e9ZIxzisHU5QM-0.png (1.13 MB,1080x1350,390xx.png)

File: a9XlOjoWG8sABC30icqbgHdT2yf1UD-1.png (684.63 KB,777x1097,385xx.png)

>imaginary friends
i have a literal unironic "imaginary lover" wich is an amalgamation of my rejection of normalnigger´s brand of love (basing everything on sex and who has the most of it) a projection of all the things that i find worthwhile in this life (for example i love my chinese mangos so imagine her as an anime girl, i value wisdom and patience therefore she is in my eyes wiser and more patient than me)

every night i make out (just kisses and cuddles tho nothing naughty) with my pillow projecting her image onto it at some point ill get a mannequin or something and modify it to look like her, i use my image editing skills to pick drawings of anime girls and modify them to look like my mental image of her check picrelated, whenever i am thinking deeply and reflecting on things i think of her by my side pondering those same thoughts, i dont talk to her beyond speaking to her in thoughts because in a way the magic would break since its more about imannence and feeling her presence with me as i traverse throughout this world that i hate

if you lads think you are weird for having imaginary friends or something then i wonder what you will think of me

i regret nothing tho having her by my side calms me during hard times and its good to have someone to share thoughts with,even if she does not reply something tells me this is gonna get "worse" in the future because of me being fond of Philosophy and Esotericism is going to give me ways to actually justify her existance
sorry for the blogpost but this is something that i kinda wanted to share this since you guys seem to be aquainted with similar experiences


I don't think it sounds like such a bad idea, lizzie. One of the fundamental criteria for something being a mental illness is that it causes suffering and distress. I wouldn't worry about your imaginary girlfriend, she seems lovely. You should only start to worry if you start to have actual hallucinations that are involuntary and unpleasant.

The mere fact that an imaginary lover seems weird doesn't make it immoral or dangerous. Godspeed liz, and good luck with her.


I know it's getting more and more off topic but I'm the Bionicle faggot and I have a full-blown tulpa at this point of my ideal qt3.14 so don't worry, this type of thing probably only gets worse.
I also have the same deal with her being more patient than I am, I actually originally made her because I realized that I was an asshole. She's helped with that a lot, I'm doing better anyways. And I do the same thing with my pillow. It's not exactly like I pretend the pillow is her but that I use the pillow to prop my arm up as if it were her, which makes it easier to transition to the wonderland or mindscape or whatever the fuck where I would be cuddling with her. I talk with her a lot though, she's been able to form more complicated thoughts as I've practiced, when I started it was all basically just her commenting on what I was doing, things like "that's rude" or whatever. Honestly I think this is a lot more sensible than robo-brain demon from another dimension so I don't think I'm too much of a fucking lunatic. I've never gotten it in my dumb brain to think she's real in any way and neither has she. You'd think it would be weird to realize that you're not an actual person but she seems to find it normal.
Point is I do the same shit, and I bet there are other lizards or other assorted meme virgins that do the same thing, don't think you're too weird. In fact the fact that you're self-conscious about it probably means you're a lot less weird than you think. Or at least since you're not completely lacking in self-awareness you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. Things like this are only weird to warmie cattle who can't imagine any benefit to going off the script and can't think logically.


File: KG9OECY6HPnSIphgt7eD1Qoi8dATs3.png (454.92 KB,680x706,8a1.png)

>imaginary lover
Dang it Lizzie, it sounds warm but it's tulpa and dunno. I'M LOST


Also this cool photo was taken while lying flat on floor, it took some time and dedication, had issue with camera focus.

That Liz >>2242 reminded me, I didn't talk to mine for quite some time because I was so focused on not fucking up adult life.
Which made me realize that my emotional state went downhill because of that.
Joyfully reconnected today ,feeling great and peaceful at last, no longer alienated and lost.

Also forgot to stay true to myself.
I've been trying too hard to become something that I'm not.
Already been through this process, now I remember how to be!
In my own world to live

File: 1559778959032.jpg (65.11 KB,632x445,rwqZ9TU.jpg)

 No.1709[Reply][Last50 Posts]

So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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File: 1638841594054.jpg (51.41 KB,515x569,16AC18FB-99F6-4B53-A589-E4….jpg)

That's why you have to take proper breaks and cycle through escapism mediums, and with a little time, and wall staring to get the boredom flowing, a slightly original indie game will entertain you for a few hours before the crushing desire for novelty strings you up again.


name one game right now that you enjoy


File: 1641083466708.jpg (622.03 KB,1920x1080,20220101162518_1.jpg)

Spirit Hunter's kind of fun, and i'm definitely going to beat it since I like horror visual novels and the art style - caught off guard by the hyper sexual art and back stories though, it's like it dips and weaves between point and click mystery and erotic fiction.


File: 1643743081387.jpg (335.32 KB,1495x1072,SaintRowIV.jpg)

I was going to replay this and get all the achievements. Tho I didn't forget the story enough.
So I ended up drifting and sightseeing.
Some places are oddly beatiful.


Also my fav track from game ever


Looks pretty damn cozy to me. It does require a bit of work to fix it up (sheetrock, flooring, etc). I would probably need someone to do the electrical and pumping if it's not included in the setup but the rest I could do on my own. What do you guys think, would you live in one of these?
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File: 1640252594892.jpg (232.83 KB,1916x1078,podder.jpg)


>it's gonna be less spacious
well, you can stuff it.

Pods are when you share the living space with other people but have your own bed.
That's literal hell.


Oh yeah, now that's the pod I would love to get into
I have no stuff to stuff


This guy has a real nice set up. So long as it had a good lock and was bug and rat free I would totally live in a hole like this.


at least it's a sandnigger getting in.

File: 1628728137583.png (346.29 KB,569x616,1628722463547.png)


Average lizchan user.
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File: 1629521167945.jpg (37.91 KB,810x539,slob.jpg)

average liz


File: 1631411279816.jpg (73.32 KB,447x600,fat.jpg)


File: 1632605144783.jpg (14.24 KB,328x273,creepy_dog.jpg)


I remember seeing this posted before.


File: 1637201859625.jpg (20.31 KB,480x480,given_up.jpg)

File: k9BlXyRGhCfIzWZnKr8dqQNbEV3YUt.gif (1.73 MB,442x268,1573349504313.gif)


Does any lizzie invest in something?
I placed money on crypto again, but most places to talk about this are shit. Besides I don't have much money so any gains I make will be very smol
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Nah, it was the best Chinese food I have ever eaten .
Although it was the worst thing that happened to my internals and butt.

I've ordered Indian food 3 times from different restaurants , it was expensive and very small.
Also the taste was meh.


My impression is Chinese food causes constipation while Indian makes you shit fire. I guess sometimes Chinese can have the Indian effect.


File: 1634848037775.png (496.35 KB,1112x635,ugly mofo.PNG)

After few months got mad at the project developing so slowly. Got wasted with some fruity beer and decided to yolo in half of the money to some uglyass crypto game that I found(while being -65% on minus).
My ape brain was telling me that it's gonna be huge.
After a week it went down 25% but I was chill.

Luckily this game skyrocketed and got few exchange listings. I'm like at least over x3 in profit if I were to sell everything now.
Got extremely lucky with Hero drops. They earn me a month worth paycheck every two and half days(after taxing).

It's gonna be so cool If it won't go to shit and continue growing.

I could just play it safe and cash it all out but it is my dream to become a hikikomori. So I will risk everything for it.
After not putting out my initial investment when it doubled and then went to shit I told myself that I'm going to do this happens, I'm too stupid tho
that's how ugly the heroes look, the economy of the game looks good tho


when this happens*


>crypto game

never even knew this was a thing. seems kind of sketchy to me but I'm glad you're making money at it

File: 1615780503537-0.png (787.36 KB,1113x1080,292-2925639.png)


So for a while I have been thinking about starting a new identity or movement, one that repels incels as much as possible. "Gender critical masculinity" is a working title and if anyone else has suggestions for a better descriptor I am open to them. Here are the views I propose for the identity:

Sexuality: The movement is very sex negative. Nofap is a must and nobody who views pornographic content of any variety should be allowed. That's just for starters though. We should also work to put pressure on lawmakers to ban pornography and sexualized content in general. Australia recently banned sexualized items from Japan and while that obviously does not go anywhere near far enough, things have to start somewhere. It also serves as an example that our goal is attainable as it is a step in the right direction. We should also put pressure on the entertainment industry to stop sexualizing female characters and stop promoting degeneracy in general.

Entitlement: The movement should be strongly against entitlement and promote self improvement and self reliance. Viewing yourself as a victim under any circumstances should be shamed.

Gender roles: The movement should be male only but we should be vehemently anti-misogyny. A male version of gender critical is what I have in mind ergo the descriptor "gender critical masculinity" and gender critical feminism is a good template to build on as it correctly views men as oppressors and recognizes that succubi are still oppressed, is sex negative, but at the same time does NOT want to turn men into succubi and supports some aspects of traditional masculinity.

Views on men: As men, we should recognize that we are the privileged class but at the same time we should be encouraged to engage in self improvement and to be traditionally masculine but without the viewing succubi as sex objects. We should recognize the duties and responsibilities we have towards society and accept that the world doesn't owe us anything. We recognize that the world is far too soft on men and that all this excessive empathy makes us weak.

Political views: The movement should take the positive aspects of each political quadrant while filtering out the bad. We should adopt the personal responsibility and self reliance of the libright but without the selfishness. We should adopt the anti patriarchy and anti racism of the libleft but without the feminization of men and trans stuff. We should adopt some of the coPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1615821564432.png (661.27 KB,773x1100,DwyrTYB.png)

>stop promoting degeneracy in general
Nah, not interested.
*shits on social norms*


File: 1615864281672.jpg (102 KB,506x339,lizard_relaxing.jpg)

Could you please take this shit back to pisschan? We're not trying to be part of a movement with allies and enemies. Lizards just want to bask in the sun and avoid warmbloods, what's so hard to understand about that?


cc poster is one of the wizchan mods, they try to tell you it's only andrew there but there's at least 5-6 mods on wizchan b at all times of the day


also he has to be one of the wizcord cliquers because otherwise andrew would ban someone like that if it was just a random person


File: 1615910862875.jpg (37.46 KB,500x374,tumblr_8cddfd7c3aa0586dafc….jpg)


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