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Lizrards? Social control?
More likely than you think!


This post is worth everyone's attention. When can I find out more?


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I've been waiting for someone to make it so here it is
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I dreamt of a beautiful green valley. It was a V shape with lots of trees, and near the top of the valley, about half way in, lengthwise, was a goblin merchant building from Warcraft 3. Then, before I knew it, I was having sex with Pinkie Pie from MLP: FiM reverse cowgirl style. It was awesome. still a wiz


Woah another ponyfag, thought I was the only one.
Decent dream liz



I had the Kirby dream again. This time though, I was prepared for what it was. The kirby dream is a bunch of sequences involving the seeker. It's like kirby, but has teeth, is a bit more pink, and I think the outline is a bit less pronounced. It spawns in one of the rooms your in and follows you (Kirby). if it touches you, you die. You can also eat it, becoming seeker Kirby. If you press the B button, you'll open your entire mouth to chomp people.

Here are the rooms you start in. One is a typical long hallway with doors from Kirby. It's pretty wide too. You go down the hallway and there's one star door that I remember. The seeker spawns in this room. The second room is the door from the hallway. It's the last door on your right. The room is basically Kirby's room. The bed faces East-West near the end of the room, near a window. If you go into it, you fall asleep where the seeker can't get you. This is where I learned you can eat the seeker.

Speaking of the seeker, in the games, there's a screen when you pause that tells you of the ability you have. The screen on that was roughly, "Allows Kirby to bite, but we've never seen him do that on his own, have we?" And the seeker Kirby goes closer to the TV and tries to bite with razor teeth. This made me go "out" of the Kirby dream from first person, to seeing it outside like I was playing it. I slapped the CRT TV a few times. Was pretty memorable.



The last sequence in the dream was seeker Kirby cooking for a male chef. There were two chefs excluding myself, one male, one female, in chef attire. The meal was pancakes which the male chef said smelled like chemicals. I can't remember which chemical, but something bad. The other was something else. A hamburger? Well, I was there, as another human. This is where I discovered you can kick the seeker. However, the seeker will attack you by jumping up and ripping your neck open. It can also flee as well. The setting was as follows: There was a door, connected to a counter. It was a small room to be in because ovciously it was a room to just put your food down for servers. Outside was probably a bunch of tables, but I never saw it. The counter was wood and the door was wood. There were wooden stools as well, and not the kind of stools that were short, but like the ones you see in bars probably? This room was easily able to fit us three people and the small seeker. The seeker was probably the size of a shoe. If you're facing the counter and look backwards, there's more room. It's a dark room with a white floor. Pretty sure it was just my bathroom. Big room, dark, looking leftwards once you turn backwards from the counter, there's another section with one of those temporary walls for privacy. definitely a bathroom. It was dark though, and once I had kicked the seeker, it fled there. I followed it, but knew better to not go in the darkness and went back to the other chefs.

By the way, I tried those pancakes and they were perfectly fine. Good job seeker!



Lately all I dream about is cleaning stuff.
Brainrot must have started to settle in


post star trek content
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I have watched Star Trek The Next Generation season 6 episode 3, "Man of the People". I won't go into much detail, but the main antagonist uses the hospitality of the Enterprise to siphon bad emotions from himself onto Counselor Deanna Troi that results in her aging and possibly dying. Luckily, at the end, Dr. Crusher reverses this process and manages to kill him. However, before then, his aide, Liva assisted him, knowingly, in attempting to kill Troi.

I believe not only should have Alkar been punished, but Liva and the guards who assisted him as well. They should be arrested for attempted murder. Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible. Even if Alkar eventually died, none of the other accomplices were punished. They never are. The Federation or Picard present themselves as weak when they allow themselves to be abused by outside parties. In the final act, Picard does threaten Alkar with punishment for attempting to kill a Troi (a Starfleet officer) but Alkar says he was promised by the Federation Council safe passage to his home world. The way he says it so assured is disgusting, as if he couldn't be punished for his actions. I pray that this is not a common occurrence for the Federation. Criminals are still criminals even if the Council promised safe passage. You will get no safe passage if you break one of the Federation's laws.

Threatening a Starfleet officer should be like threatening a military officer. It should be a punishable offense. Those who do so must not be allowed to get away with that. The audience must know the people who do such things are punished even if their two worlds are preparing for war. I lose respect for Starfleet and the Federation every time this happens.

Synopsis: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Man_of_the_People_(episode)

It does not talk about Liva but in the episode it's clear she knows what she's doing.


>Troi episode


>Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible.

The federation is an empire of cucks. The whole star trek canon is libtard fantasy land and it keeps getting worse. If I had it my way Section 31 would be running the federation.


Wow, this paragraph is pleasant, my sister is
analyzing these things, so I am going to tell


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This post is priceless. When can I find out more?

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So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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should have just done a emulator


I emulate games all the time, but I wanted to play on the original hardware for once. Maybe a waste of money but I don't regret it.


he has a point. you're creating a lot of clutter for the novelty of playing the same games that you could on a cheap Chinese handheld emulator. oh well, whatever makes you happy


Played rimworld like 40 hours in but kept starting over because i was getting rekt.
Got bored started installing lots of mods but didn't bother to actually launch the game.
Hmmm maybe some other time.

I'm used to much to a tons of actions on screen that it's kinda hard to launch something chill.

The genre is colony simulator i think.


I was playing Dwarf Fortress for a bit today, but I forgot to pause the game when I took an hour break. Well, lo and behold, everyone's gotten a bit happier since I left for two seasons. Disheartening.

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Koishi thread.
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canonically, the cutest touhou girl. She's one the only characters that looks cute in the original games. Unless I'm missing someone.


File: 1672623559618.jpg (414.13 KB,1941x2048,1e84d9c80c4f06c8efdd6c6184….jpg)


File: 1672923359781.jpg (306.79 KB,850x1200,koish.jpg)



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I'm assuming most people here don't do drugs. Anybody ever tried dxm codeine or lean (purple drink)? Looks like something i could try.
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File: 1604346726034.jpg (45.25 KB,250x250,2a52e225a4bd3be476f97048f0….jpg)

Chasing the first kratom high?
Why did you decide to buy it?
I'm curious what made you do it


First time I bought it I did it because I heard it was supposed to be relaxing and chill, I imagined like the couch locked weed state, and also because it was simply a convenient drug to acquire. This time I did it because I stumbled upon a Joe Rogan clip where they talked about it and I decided to give it a second try.



Sounds like the machine elves are going to be visiting a lot of new people.


File: 1664223521006.jpeg (37.66 KB,320x320,4CFC253C-7D4A-4090-9B33-5….jpeg)

It has been ages since I used dxm.
Took around 450mg. It was very lame, I had no idea what I was doing.
Spent most of the time in bath tube.
Felt extremely itchy for and my jaw was shaking.
Then it stopped and I started analyzing myself.
I came close to realization what should I do in my life and what stuff to fix.
Out of nowhere I heard someone talking upstairs.
This building has whacky vent system so you can hear a lot of stuff with the vent off from other flats.
Just like that I lost the thought and focused on sounds of people talking some gibberish, footsteps and doors.
After that I decided to head back to my room and play games.

Ruined trip because I forgot to turn damn fan on.
Five or six years ago I managed to make up some dumb excuse/explanation for everything that is happening in my life, which kept me going nicely for like a year or more.
I was so close to having it again.

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File: 1646176545644-0.jpeg (97.04 KB,500x429,external-content.duckduck….jpeg)


At what age did you realize it was all over? I still had hope until 24. When I failed college and realized i was going to be poor for the rest of my life, i stopped trying to improve myself and only do bare min to survive. almost 30 now, only hobbies are shitposting and playong games.
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I didn't complete highschool until I was 23, then got a job, license, and car all in that year. Then I just got sucked into the wageslave treadmill until I recently quit and am currently a reborn NEET, until I have to work again. I'm dreading it, none of the things I accomplished then have actually helped me much, I'm basically just in the same position but with more responsibilities. Fuck car insurance, I wish I could just store that thing in a garage and bike/ride the bus to work, and only take it out for fun or for errands. Spending upwards of 2k per year on it just sucks.

I'm still miserable and it seems it will never end, even though I'm going to move soon I just don't see much hope for me. I wish I could just live forever in my dreams, I hate this. I really, really do.


You sound exactly like me except not the NEET portion. Same age too. I was NEET for a while and just eventually got tired of it. I have to stay busy doing something otherwise I go crazy.


cars are just a money pit. you should of gotten an ebike or scooter instead


>should of
should have


File: 1663543327191.jpeg (102.31 KB,1280x720,08B70399-F544-4805-9062-8….jpeg)

>was NEET for a while and just eventually got tired of it

File: 1628728137583.png (346.29 KB,569x616,1628722463547.png)


Average lizchan user.
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File: 1648500835027.jpg (221.6 KB,568x896,world.jpg)


Ewww why post 3d flesh
Disgusting, fuck ooooff


calm down, you can't see the boobies


It's about flesh not boobs haha
Also thanks for spoiler now lol


File: 1648640357310.jpg (174.59 KB,700x786,1611511983667.jpg)

boob scary
must be stopped


Looks pretty damn cozy to me. It does require a bit of work to fix it up (sheetrock, flooring, etc). I would probably need someone to do the electrical and pumping if it's not included in the setup but the rest I could do on my own. What do you guys think, would you live in one of these?
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File: 1640252594892.jpg (232.83 KB,1916x1078,podder.jpg)


>it's gonna be less spacious
well, you can stuff it.

Pods are when you share the living space with other people but have your own bed.
That's literal hell.


Oh yeah, now that's the pod I would love to get into
I have no stuff to stuff


This guy has a real nice set up. So long as it had a good lock and was bug and rat free I would totally live in a hole like this.


at least it's a sandnigger getting in.

File: 1604086583424.jpg (712.68 KB,867x1269,Leviathan.jpg)


I think the old thread reached its bump limit. So what's everyone been watching recently?

I watched this film the other night. It's kind of a not too bad Alien rehash. The creature effects were well done.
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It's been 16 days, a little more than a week. I haven't watched a single movie. It's pretty much impossible for me to watch movies and it shows. I'll maybe watch a movie every year unless forced. Even then, that's stretching it.


I'm the same way but with sportsball, I just can't get into watching any sort of ball game for the life of me. With movies I can easily engross myself into one and kill an hour and a half.


It's Halloween here. I haven't watched a single movie. The closest I've gotten was 30 minutes of Halloween 1978. I at least got 2/3rd of Mario Galaxy 2 done.

I can't wait until next year when I watch my next movie. Well, not really.


Meanwhile I've watched 7 or 8 horror films throughout October. This gets my vote for the best one, it had the perfect mix of fun and creepy.


File: 1639451820778-0.jpg (80.21 KB,507x755,Warcraft_film.jpg)

File: 1639451820778-1.jpg (650.06 KB,1200x1600,In_The_Name_Of_The_King.jpg)

I don't care what anyone says. I love these two films.

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