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Post interesting websites here, no particular topic.


Online library, very extensive: https://b-ok.org/
>Project Gutenberg
Online library for books that have had copyright expire: https://www.gutenberg.org/
>Classic Reload
Loads of old and retro games online for free: https://classicreload.com/
>Retro Games
Covers games not already covered by classic reload: https://www.retrogames.cc/
>DOOM in browser
First DOOM game online: https://js-dos.com/games/doom.exe.html
Watch movies and TV series online for free: https://fmovies.wtf/
>Read Comic Online
Pretty obvious: https://readcomiconline.to/
>The Eye
Just check it out: http://the-eye.eu/public/
>Creamy's List of Imageboards
Big list of image and text boards, some outdated and dead links but still interesting to flick through: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t10VI-sccy1CfAeMZHwmCS_7agIHFo_B5ipMjzsMtTg/edit

I guess that's it for now, I'll post some more later


lots of good tank info to dig through



>DOOM in browser

I'd sooner play it on a gba emulator. Good to see it's available on internet though.


In regards to emulation theres


And this that i got from some anon but haven't looked into yet


For the emulators themselves i find that emulator zone works well. Has a collection of emulation software for every console

I remember https://downloads.khinsider.com/

Being good for getting videogame music. You could download entire osts in a zip, or at least quickly download each song one by one iirc. Only issue was that you needed to refer different ips using a referral link to be allowed to download more osts or something, it was easily manipulated with a vpn and browser proxy i believe. Ive yet to try it with tor and its identity changing feature

>Anime Character Database


Search for characters by hair color, eye color, hair length, age, gender and animal ears.

>Dead 2 Rights


The blog of a guy who reviews all sorts of things.



An internet chess server that includes tutorials and daily exercises.

>Living Lines Library


A blog with a large collection of production art of popular animated films.

>Monster Brains


A blog with a large collection of pictorial representations of all kinds of monsters.



A music recommendation and playlist engine, personalized in real time.



A Tumblr page with a large collection of pixel art.

>Rokko Chan


A flash game based on Mega Man. It also includes an artbook and its soundtrack.


downloadable mod music archive


downloadable c64 music archive


its like days and weeks of music (and not really bad music)

but most people would prefer youtube






Blog full of paper miniatures (like pic related) that are probably the highest quality paper minis on the internet.


Collection of articles, with a lot of reference to primary sources, about every aspect of viking society. It has everything you'll ever want to know about ancient Scandinavians and more.


Forum where a guy has made a database of swords. Really cool stuff.


A good bunch of animations that cover in detail battles from the American Civil War, the American War of Independence and WW2. An awesome resource to learn about them, specially the first two ones.


Project Gutenberg has some low res videos of space stuff(shuttle landing on moon, earth, comet) and atomic bomb tests from the USG


maybe its not a great site now, but before it was 'globalized' it was sort of nice (and it had different name: oldmos.ru (old moscow) and interface)


retromap is nice too and it has english interface



The Spanish National Geographic Institute put together a Google Maps style web with all its maps, and it has available a version with the first edition, from 1875. Go to https://www.ign.es/iberpix2/visor/ and in the lower right corner, untick "Mapa" (first option) and tick "Mapas Históricos" (last option, first pic related). The page is pretty neat, but unfortunately it's only in Spanish. If you tick the first option again, it changes back to the modern map and you can see how much a place has changed in the last 150 years, which is really cool.

They also have this other site: http://contenido.ign.es/fondoscartograficos/ which requires some plugins to run, has an unnecessary (but fortunately skipable) intro and, of course it's also only in Spanish (why would you ever translate something on the Internet?). It's a repository of old maps of Spain made between the XVI and XIX centuries (like second pic related, a Dutch map of the Strait of Gibraltar), and there are also a bunch of maps of old colonies.

I don't know if you'll be able to get much out of it without speaking Spanish, but maybe Google translate and clicking around will get you somewhere. It's truly a shame that it's not translated into English for everyone to enjoy.

>Freeware games



Pretty obvious what it's about. https://readcomiconline.to/


Watch movies and TV series for free online https://fmovies.wtf/


Not really a website, but a convention with archived videos https://www.defcon.org

They do various, for lack of a better term, "black ops"/red team topics.

If you like Defcon, Chaos Communication Congress (https://media.ccc.de/b/congress/2016) and Blackhat are also awesome

something a robot man posted a year ago, i assumed he was kind enough to archive it as well, since the link is dead


original post


i dont think you can do >>>/r9k/242455/256778

i had to take a dip into 4chan for some torrent stuff and found this. i couldnt tell you how good these sets are


>late-80's - early 90's BBS:


>mostly IRC quotes, two sites:



[Copied and pasted from /tower/]


Nice, I don't have much to share but here are some torrent search engines.
Fuwanovel VNs (might not be seeded)
List of Systems and emulators for them.
Terry streams archive



Website that let you change the pitch, speed and tone of an audio file. I find it useful whenever I'm getting burnout of a song and want to keep listening to it.

Works well with songs made with the style of Avicii and Kygo.


>Collection of DOS games to play online



File sharing and storage
>anonfile: https://anonfile.com/
>BitTorrent: https://infogalactic.com/info/BitTorrent
>CacheP2P: https://github.com/guerrerocarlos/CacheP2P
>Catbox: https://catbox.moe/
>Cryptosphere: https://cryptosphere.io/
>Dat Project: https://datproject.org/
>Filecoin: https://filecoin.io/
>Holochain: https://github.com/holochain/holochain-proto
>Instant.io: https://instant.io/
>IPFS: https://ipfs.io/
>Kek.gg https://kek.gg/
>Onion Share: https://onionshare.org/
>ORC: https://orcproject.github.io/
>Peergos: https://peergos.org/
>Perkeep: https://perkeep.org/
>Rotonde: https://wiki.xxiivv.com/#rotonde
>Sia: sia.tech/
>Storj: storj.io/
>Swarm: github.com/ethersphere/swarm
>Tahoe-LAFS: www.tahoe-lafs.org/trac/tahoe-lafs
>Uguu: uguu.se/
>WebTorrent: webtorrent.io/
>Other sites: www.archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Pomf.se/Clones




>Smashcast.tv: https://www.smashcast.tv/
Video and audio platforms
>BitTube: https://bit.tube/dashboard
>D.tube: https://d.tube/
>Ferment: https://github.com/fermentation/ferment
>Mediachain: http://www.mediachain.io/
>MediaGoblin: https://mediagoblin.org/
>VidLii: https://www.vidlii.com/
Video downloaders and converters
>AudioToWebm: https://tsun.itch.io/audiotowebm
>boram: https://github.com/Kagami/boram
>ffmpeg: https://ffmpeg.org/download.html
>WebMConverter: https://gitgud.io/nixx/WebMConverter
>webm.py: https://github.com/Kagami/webm.py
>wybm: https://github.com/Kagami/wybm
>youtube-dl (Also download ffmpeg for best compatability): https://youtube-dl.org/




I'm surprised you didn't include bitchute and putlocker with the video platforms.



I've seen some lizards express an interest in philosophy and religion, so I hope someone here finds this interesting.

>History of Philosophy without any gaps https://historyofphilosophy.net


The first website you posted has been taken down by glowies :(


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