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I've been waiting for someone to make it so here it is
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Movie Thread Part 2

I think the old thread reached its bump limit. So what's everyone been watching recently?

I watched this film the other night. It's kind of a not too bad Alien rehash. The creature effects were well done.
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Purple drank

I'm assuming most people here don't do drugs. Anybody ever tried dxm codeine or lean (purple drink)? Looks like something i could try.
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star trek

post star trek content
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Lizard Gaming

So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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What is the difference between Lizard and a Wizard?
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Interesting websites

Post interesting websites here, no particular topic.


Online library, very extensive: https://b-ok.org/
>Project Gutenberg
Online library for books that have had copyright expire: https://www.gutenberg.org/
>Classic Reload
Loads of old and retro games online for free: https://classicreload.com/
>Retro Games
Covers games not already covered by classic reload: https://www.retrogames.cc/
>DOOM in browser
First DOOM game online: https://js-dos.com/games/doom.exe.html
Watch movies and TV series online for free: https://fmovies.wtf/
>Read Comic Online
Pretty obvious: https://readcomiconline.to/
>The Eye
Just check it out: http://the-eye.eu/public/
>Creamy's List of Imageboards
Big list of image and text boards, some outdated and dead links but still interesting to flick through: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t10VI-sccy1CfAeMZHwmCS_7agIHFo_B5ipMjzsMtTg/edit

I guess that's it for now, I'll post some more later
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What is lizzie good at?

I'm sure you must be good for something at the very least.
I know I'm a good for nothing
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Anyone else collect toys? What do you collect?
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Tiny Home

Looks pretty damn cozy to me. It does require a bit of work to fix it up (sheetrock, flooring, etc). I would probably need someone to do the electrical and pumping if it's not included in the setup but the rest I could do on my own. What do you guys think, would you live in one of these?
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Average lizchan user.
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Does any lizzie invest in something?
I placed money on crypto again, but most places to talk about this are shit. Besides I don't have much money so any gains I make will be very smol
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Gender critical masculinity

So for a while I have been thinking about starting a new identity or movement, one that repels incels as much as possible. "Gender critical masculinity" is a working title and if anyone else has suggestions for a better descriptor I am open to them. Here are the views I propose for the identity:

Sexuality: The movement is very sex negative. Nofap is a must and nobody who views pornographic content of any variety should be allowed. That's just for starters though. We should also work to put pressure on lawmakers to ban pornography and sexualized content in general. Australia recently banned sexualized items from Japan and while that obviously does not go anywhere near far enough, things have to start somewhere. It also serves as an example that our goal is attainable as it is a step in the right direction. We should also put pressure on the entertainment industry to stop sexualizing female characters and stop promoting degeneracy in general.

Entitlement: The movement should be strongly against entitlement and promote self improvement and self reliance. Viewing yourself as a victim under any circumstances should be shamed.

Gender roles: The movement should be male only but we should be vehemently anti-misogyny. A male version of gender critical is what I have in mind ergo the descriptor "gender critical masculinity" and gender critical feminism is a good template to build on as it correctly views men as oppressors and recognizes that succubi are still oppressed, is sex negative, but at the same time does NOT want to turn men into succubi and supports some aspects of traditional masculinity.

Views on men: As men, we should recognize that we are the privileged class but at the same time we should be encouraged to engage in self improvement and to be traditionally masculine but without the viewing succubi as sex objects. We should recognize the duties and responsibilities we have towards society and accept that the world doesn't owe us anything. We recognize that the world is far too soft on men and that all this excessive empathy makes us weak.

Political views: The movement should take the positive aspects of each political quadrant while filtering out the bad. We should adopt the personal responsibility and self reliance of the libright but without the selfishness. We should adopt the anti patriarchy and anti racism of the libleft but without the feminization of men and trans stuff. We should adopt some of the collectivism of the authleft but without the dependence on government. We should adopt some of the authright's views on traditional masculinity but without the poor treatment of succubi and racism.

Enemies: Incels, mens rights activists, MGTOW, sex positivity, coomers, trannies, reactionaries.

Allies: Nofap, gender critical feminism, the anti porn movement.

I look forward to any suggestions and feedback as well as the inevitable angry replies from incels.
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Do you crave things? I crave things. I crave things but their fulfilment does not give me satisfaction. It is rather quite the opposite. More often then not hindsight tells me it wasn't worth it and could have been achieved an easier way or was not even enjoyable to begin with. Be it food, porn, drugs or just sleeping in, you name it. Giving in only alleviates the craving momentarily but in itself yields no pleasure. I have tried total abstinence but it does not help. One enters a manageable state wherein the slight twinge in the spine is resisted one day at a time. I imagine this is how alcoholics feel. It is fine, the desire is minimal. Nevertheless it is constant and if they mount it becomes overwhelming.
What do you do when the ceaseless drive takes hold of you?
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MagicChan Remembrance Thread

There will never be another imageboard, let alone another imageboard for virgins, like magicchan. Every other imageboard for virgins devolves into bitching about women, normalfags, and sex.
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Are Lizards born or made?

R:213 / I:11

Lizard music

o/ Let's share music we like in this thread.
Just has to be something you like I wont judge,
after all my taste is eccentric itself.
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I say this small brazilian gacha tuber is our new Queen.
Agree or disagree?
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Vent thread (new and improved )

2x the whining and cope, or your money back.
scrolling to whine is a crime edition
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Movie Thread

Post movies you have watched recently and/or favorite movies. I've recently watched and enjoyed pic related which surprised me considering I hate found footage films with a passion.

Also, the idea for this thread came from: https://lizchan.org/liz/res/620.html. So make sure to visit that thread and possibly contribute.
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Anime discussion

Any reptilians still into anime? The last one I watched and enjoyed was Higurashi, I really relate with the character Rena Ryugu and think shes cute in an admirable way.
Let me know what you've been enjoying and talk about why you like certain characters or stories
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Holiday Card

Post yourself in the thread and Ill add it to the card.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
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What Are You Drinking Lizards?

Both alcoholic and non alcoholic are accepted in this thread. I am currently drinking O Doul's, which I hated when I first tried it but now I can't get enough!
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Do any other lizards here draw?
Do any other lizards here rarely finish their drawings?
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The CPU communicates through the EDB(External Data Bus). It's work table to perform tasks are the general purpose registers 64 bit = RAX

32 bit = EAX

1 = on
0 = off

CLK wire (clock wire) a charge tells that another piece of info is waiting to be processed

A single charge = clock cycle
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How do i stop my porn addiction?
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True Crime

I've always found this topic fascinating and it seems as though a lot of lizards share this interest as well. So what crime story fascinates you the most?
R:15 / I:2

Coffee Thread

Hello Lizards, What type of coffee do you all like to drink? I thought we could make a thread about the different types of coffee available, recommendations for good coffee, and memories associated with the beverage. This can also relate to tea as well, if you like.

I pretty much drink coffee every morning, 3-4 cups of the stuff. I also drink it at night, but I use decaffeinated coffee. I quite like Tassimo coffee, as it has a good bitter taste. I think a lot of normals associate coffee with a morning rush to the slave factory, and that is what caught on in popular culture. I have begun to associate it with the lizard lifestyle; sitting down, thinking, enjoying anime, etc. There were many times when my passion for a good brew kept me from wanting to jump out of a window or hang myself, and times when it helped warm me up from a cold winter day. I have even read a book on the subject a few years ago, it was called "Uncommon Grounds."

I think my best memory associate with coffee is when, in high school, I skipped class one Thursday; I just walked out of the building and went home. I didn't want to take a test, so I went home and watched anime for hours in peace, and drank coffee. The next day I overslept, but realized that there was a snowday due to really awful conditions, and I got to warm up with more coffee.
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Do Lizards love Lolis?

This is a question, an important imposition.
Personally My sadness with this board is the fact that it's Canadian, but maybe it is for the best. Cute loli is what a being should love and seek, not the non pure and seductive imitation !!! Thank you for my new mental safe space.
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itt trulizzies

so i've been thinking about what it means to be a lizard as opposed to a wizard and made pic related. I am curious, what is your interpretation between wizards and lizards fellow reptilianons?
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>it was already 2 months since this place was created
or was it longer? fuck
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Depression led to a passive lifestyle which is now rotting my brain and body. I wince at self-help bullshit and the idea of working. Just awaiting my death.
R:42 / I:12
So which one are you /liz/?
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Killer Thread

I'm really interested in shooters and spree killers, Not in the way of emulating them but a morbid curiosity and trying to empathize with what pushed them to do it.
Many killers just snap, but there are usually stories behind it that bring a lot of truth to light.
Post people with interesting backstories and crimes, maybe try to rationalize it.
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Hello Anonymages,

Is this a serious imageboard for wizardchan refugees/wizards, or a joke? I'm looking out branch out to new imageboards for our kind, ones that normalcattle cannot find. As such, I'm hoping to post on many of them, and keep them as alternatives/bunkers for when things go south on Wizardchan.
R:16 / I:2
Tell me about yourself, my fellow lizard, what's been on your mind?

Talk me through what you've been up to or what's stressing you out, the lounge lizard is here to listen either way and I don't judge
R:7 / I:1
I officially declare that all posts made here must be OC or you're 4chan faggot
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Reptilian blog thread

Just write whats on your mind, what you miss from your past, what you wish for your future. anything goes really just share your cold blooded scaly mind fragments.
This is my second thread don't mean to spam.
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lizards STILL rule
R:10 / I:4

Reptilian movies

Hey guy's I've always been picky with what movies I watch and think It would be cool to get some recommendations for myself and others.
Feel free to post your favorites and why.
I've only watched like 100 movies but my favorites are Alien, A boy and his dog, and The Thing.
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R:5 / I:2

Liz vs Wiz

Inspired by wizard/mage versus warlock…

Who would win?
R:25 / I:3

Captivating videos

What makes you laugh fellow reptilians?
Post things that are cute, interesting, or funny and we will share our amusement, I will post examples from the stash.
R:2 / I:0

Browser Games

Post some flash/browser games you have been playing. Recently I have played the following:

Leap Jet Bear-https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/688340

Donald trap-
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Pretty based poos. And the god that they worship at this temple seems like he's our guy.

>According to the temple's mythology, Lord Ayyappa is an avowed bachelor who has taken an oath of celibacy. Lord Ayappa eventually took a vow to answer the prayers of every devotee who came to him, and shunned all worldly desires including contact with women, which is why women are not permitted inside his temple.
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Anyone here work I.T?
R:15 / I:7


>mfw its already been 2months since this chan was created
R:11 / I:2
Does anybody else just like to be alone rather than be in a group. I hate it when dumb normalfags tell people to work in groups.
R:11 / I:4
Any one want to play some dayz?

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Ⓛ︎Nest of LizardsⓁ︎

-chef,food conservationist,food merchant,courier <- delivers meals to Lizards
-gardener,druid(herbs and shrooms),fruitgatherer
-corridor cleaner,kitchen cleaner
(everyone has to work for our growth but those may retire if the population is big enough and they're able to pay taxes)

-green land with rich soil near the forest,quite far from civilization

*Living space*
-preferably small/tiny rooms to have more space for other Lizards
-cost of room the Great Liz Builder decides otherwise

-meat allowed but only if the animal stock has decent living standards,killing process must be instant and stressless

-we don't tolerate sexual encounters
-no Lizard can enter anothers room without invintation
-everyone is equal
-one must wear (usnpecified) cloth in visible place,colour represent the attitude
BLUE-contact allowed//GREEN-only via internet//RED-contact prohibited
-those who can not afford to pay their living expenses are automatically assigned
to one of the open preffered profession(except overseer)

-Lizard keeping an eye on budget and overall wellness
-weekly LAN gathering where we discuss reported problems
-cost of internet link+gas/population
-cost of water+electricity used by person
-emergency fund[if our solar panels(etc) break]
purpose of this thread is debating if we could create colony,it's not about socializing but creating a "perfect" or at least better habitat for non-people unless there is Great Liz Builder that is capable of doing it ,probably there isn't so I'll try to gather all the resources and make it happen but it'll take a long time
R:5 / I:1
It's yours. Standard rules apply. How do you use it?
R:11 / I:5

Lore Creation

Hello Liz Anons,

I was hoping we could start a lore thread for the concept of being a lizard. Wizardchan grew out of a Japanese meme, and really spiraled out of control in a Japanese Anime. Yet, this is lizardchan, and the lore is different. We need some new lore, some new imagination, to create a new virgin concept. I think 30 is still a good number, although this is debatable. But why lizards? I know this concept was a meme on wizardchan, but let's help it grow.

I have a few ideas:

1.) Lizards are loners who sunbathe all day
2.) Some lizards can actually give birth without needing to have sex (https://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Virgin_lizard_reproduces)
3.)Succubi is too fantasy oriented, connected with wizard. We need a new term, maybe something connected with a lizards natural predator, the snake. Female lizards are called cows for example. Or, maybe we call them a lizardess?

I think you guys get the general idea. f we can agree upon different things, the admin might make them hard and fast rules.
R:103 / I:43
So how has everyone's weekend been fellow lizards?
R:21 / I:7

Choose your own Adventure

You wake to a low relaxing hum reverberating across the room you reside in. Your hands are shackled by soft electric handcuffs hanging from the center of your room, and you examine it to find a small cot, a wall mounted water dispenser, and a sealed door with no handle. The walls are a shiny metal and the floor is a rough grated rubber.
When you try to recall your memories you fail to do so. As you struggle with the cuffs to pass time a large object must have hit where ever you are kept, and as the lights go out you fall to the ground released from your bondage.
Red lights and a loud siren captivate your attention as your door slides open and you sprint outside.
A long circular hallway with windows peering into a black cosmic abyss shocks you as you realize your on a ship. The other cells besides yours have opened and while most captives resemble humans some are creatures you cannot recognize. To your left you hear screams as red lasers melt the captives heading your way. You sprint to your right and eventually stumble upon a large open room with other survivors jumping through some circular contraptions. In the center their is some sort of sacrificial alter and large see through tubes of flowing blood kept safe under the glass flooring almost as if the ship was alive. You examine the contraptions as other survivors sprint through them and see they are portals. As the screams stop you can hear the boots of your assailants getting eerily closer.
Through the portals you can make out tidbits of information. Which do you choose?

A. Futuristic military room full of armaments
B. A skyscraper rooftop with looming smoke clouds
C. A seemingly stone age period village
D. Stay and attempt to communicate
R:5 / I:5

Gondola thread

Post gondolas, OC welcome.
R:25 / I:5
If a wizard loses his mana when he loses his virginity, what does a lizard lose when he loses his virginity?
R:28 / I:4
Is anyone else here a technological primitivist?

I typically like to use older technology whenever possible. For example, I had a smartphone but I found carrying around and using a mini computer/cellphone was way too normie and anxiety inducing. So I switched back to the 2000s era and started using a cheap, dumb phone, a wrist watch and a mp3 player. And I'm much happier for doing so.
R:106 / I:40

Vicariously Virtual Lizards

What Video games have you been playing?
How do you stay comfy during said activity?
I've been playing Killing Floor & Modded Fallout 4.
KF reminds me of my younger years listening to metal, jcore, nightcore, dubstep and playing for hours.
Fallout is just a time waster but it is fun to loot and hardcore can be good when modified.
I usually listen to wizard tier bloggers, ASMR , or my music playlist to keep me not asleep.
R:6 / I:1


Any other lizards into Warhammer 40k? What army (or armies) do you play?
R:9 / I:0

Model Kits

Hello Lizards,

I want to make another thread, to help drum up discussion here. Does anybody here like to build and paint model kits of any kind? I'm a big fan of vehicles and mecha anime, and I want to start branching my hobby from 2D to 3D. Many years ago, when I was in high school, I built a German tank from a model kit. I also painted it. It's very enjoyable to see a creation come to life, especially if you aren't good at art/drawing.

Currently I'm thinking about buying (https://www.amazon.com/Bandai-Hobby-Banshee-Unicorn-Gundam/dp/B00IAGUM9A/ref=sr_1_2/135-0624529-0749717?ie=UTF8&qid=1509587422&sr=8-2&keywords=gundam+model+kits&dpID=51VF57rYpeL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch) and building it, as I'm a NEET with a ton of spare time. Anyone else build and paint something similar? I was thinking that I would take pictures of my work, and periodically post it here, for others to enjoy.
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Wizchan is down - does anyone know what happened? Was it shut down or is it just maintenance?
R:56 / I:15
depression haunts all my dreams
R:14 / I:2


Does anyone here enjoy philosophy? Who are you favorite philosophers? What books/talks/podcasts would you recommend?

(pics related: Three of my personal favorites. John Zerzan, Emil Cioran, Slavoj Zizek)
R:28 / I:6
Am I the only one who feels sad when stumbling upon dying forum/imageboard ?
R:4 / I:1

Pet Peeves

>Anime posers (people who claim to like anime to seem cool and different, but have barely even seen an episode)
>People confusing Future Funk and Vaporwave
>Arguing a topic and the other side is afraid to admit he is wrong so he resorts to name calling and shouting over you

What about everyone else?
R:37 / I:4


It had a good run, you'll be sorely missed, modmin.

>I'm sorry to do this to you guys. I was never a good chan admin, and I let my gaming addiction get in the way of keeping magicchan clean. In 2014 I opened up magicchan because I thought running a chan would be easy, like non-stop shitposting. I wasn't ready back then and I'm still not ready today, and magicchan turned into a mess because of it. Maybe it's not irredeemablely broken, but I'd rather run away and hide than try to fix it and probably end up failing like I always do.

>Going forward, I'm going to hold onto the magicchan.org DNS registration for another year or two and have it point to this message so trolls can't use it to set up a honeypot (which is exactly what they did with the /wiz/ board on 8chan when the original wizardchan died). Don't bother trying to buy it from me because it's not for sale. It'll expire sometime in 2019 or 2020 and then you can try to snatch it up.
>This is the last time I'm ever going to use the modmin/masterofdebate pseudonym, so anybody else claiming to be me is lying. Likewise, any future site that takes the magicchan.org DNS registry is not associated with me or magicchan. From now on, I'm just another anonymage.

R:21 / I:3
Why does this place exist
R:9 / I:1

lizchan discord thread

no pedos, traps, incels, etc
R:5 / I:1
Come watch videos and chat with other lizards! We're waiting for you

R:5 / I:3


>there are people on lizchan RIGHT NOW that aren't running OpenSUSE

explain you're self
R:8 / I:5

Merry /liz/mas

Survive your family, if any, and have a less depressed time than usual.
R:4 / I:3
What is this website and why does it exist?
R:3 / I:2

Repeal of Net Neutrality

I'm sure some of you have heard of this, so what are your thoughts on the repeal of Net Neutrality? Personally, I don't think it will last very long considering the internet is so vital nowadays.
R:13 / I:3
Does anyone here have any good recommendations of books or pdfs for assembly x64 programming?

Pic unrelated
R:6 / I:3


I'm new here. What should I expect?
R:4 / I:2
*cricket chirping….
R:6 / I:1

2D porn is in violation of Rule 6

As it inherently expresses a sexual desire, and seeing as the biological imperative to procreate is derived from the necessity to have sex with women in order to contjnue the species, all sexual desire is in violation of rule 6, logically.

Ban all porn.
No threads discussing masturbation.
Remove normalfags
R:4 / I:2
oy vey it's like anodda meteor shoah
R:11 / I:5

Let's discuss the coldest blooded creatures.

I'm not much for blind rage but the calculated kind.
While lizards are aware they do not want a relationship in this reality, I believe the instinct is still there.
Even the most reclusive reptilian is mostly passive, or will troll and be sarcastic at least trying to convey an ounce of wisdom and insight. while a female will willingly take advantage of her pursuers, not only taking advantage of the poor betas that are naive but relishing in it.
Discuss your frustrations with the reality of the opposite gender, and remember even without pheromones we are often more attracted to 2D than 3D, Don't make your fathers mistake, opt out of the stressful rat race and embrace fate instead of pretending to escape it with a new half breed you.
The future is grim, face it with your own solemn grin. You are not dim, just lacking in self righteous sin.
R:8 / I:0
so what is this place just supposed to be a backup emergency wizardchan or do we actually talk about things here
R:8 / I:0
why does this even exist
R:8 / I:1
Can we at the very least spam /b/ for fun?
R:1 / I:1
If a wizard loses his mana when he loses his virginity, what does a lizard lose when he loses his virginity?
R:5 / I:2


Are snakes the superior reptile?
R:3 / I:1
lizards STILL rule
R:5 / I:1
depression haunts all my dreams