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Hey guy's I've always been picky with what movies I watch and think It would be cool to get some recommendations for myself and others.
Feel free to post your favorites and why.
I've only watched like 100 movies but my favorites are Alien, A boy and his dog, and The Thing.


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A boy and his dog felt like it was a movie made for me, I grew up from 0 - 5 a single child and had a dog I would sleep and play with. Later I would have a lot of step brothers and sisters but always preferred to be alone or with my dog/s. My last dog was around since I was 12 and died a year or so ago, we'd love each others company and i'd pet him even if he smelled horrible - probably the best dog I've had.
Anyway a few months afterwords I watched this movie while tripping and realized that the love I long for is truly that of a loyal companion, who devotes as much of itself as you do to them. The difference in species helps too, the communication is strictly action or barking, and I believe that language barrier actually helps to grow trust in a way.
I think the movie is a great example of true love, and not the lusty human kind.


One of my all time favorite horror films. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for a spooky horror movie to watch this month.


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Thanks anon I'll watch that tonight and share my opinion if it's of substance - The latest horror movie I watched was killer klowns from outerspace which was cheesy in a good way.


Holy shit anon I'm at the 26 minute point and the hotel room and decor struck massive Déjà vu from a creepy dream I had a year ago.

It reminds me of a long twilight zone episode,
It's a comfy type of horror movie imo.
I really liked it and it helped me unwind from stressful thought loops, the ending chase scene reminded me of the Dunwich movie part at around 1:20


>It's a comfy type of horror movie

I wouldn't say so. I loved the film but the last parts of the film made me feel real uneasy. Especially the carnival dance scene.


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haha honestly i love scenes like that and always look for truth in them - I think I equated a man with godly morals being chased by savage normals making him feel bad for having moral superiority.
I'm suicidal, schizoid and a shut in so my minds scarier to me than most movies but I love horror regardless. Thanks for the rec anon you influenced my life positively


>you influenced my life positively

Wow, that must be a first for me. Here's another of my favorite horror movies which goes great with this month.


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Sorry for the late response didn't see this post until now.
That was an awesome movie, honestly made me anxious - music was good and that kino underwater fight scene was badass. Loved the ending scene and build up. Thanks for the rec wished I watched it on Halloween tbh. I think I'm starting to like older movies way more than modern ones.


I don't know much about horror movies but I like a lot of Clive Barkers stuff. I don't really find his movies scary at all but for whatever reason I like them. I watched Hellraiser on Halloween and the 2nd is actually better but after that they go down hill dramatically. Night Breed (the rereleased directors cut) was really good I can see why it was his favorite


Alien is pretty cool OP. What you think of the other Alien films?

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