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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.God bless.
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cleaning the board


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-Resting in your burrow,
-Eating a huge meal then sleeping
-Unhinging your jaw like a snake and eating people whole

What else am I missing lizards?


avoiding hard work, dumping on warmbloods


Getting absorbed in hobbies or escapism for weeks.
Taking it easy.
Worshiping our omnipotent reptilian god, creator of anime, summoner of the end times, enjoyer of the taste of blood.


eating pussy jk :P



I wish I could get absorbed into hobbies for weeks but my brain lets me get absorbed for a few days and then gets bored of it. Also real life is just on my mind and it continually barges into my life with work.


I struggle with the same thing, but sometimes get lucky - usually goes a few weeks of constant escapism, followed by a few weeks of panic attacks and a lack of will to do anything.


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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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Where I'm at in the USA I live in Suburban-Urban hell. Once you get out of the Suburbs, there's a road where cars go 45 mph with no sidewalks in sight. If you manage to walk in the grass near the road, the nearest things are a Walmart and a highway. All other places lead to the same or converging roads that are 45 MPH or more. 45 MPH is pretty much the slowest too. To top it all, it's not even a stroad where there are crappy sidewalks that are super dangerous since the speed limit is still too high and the stroads might to lead you across the traffic roads itself.

Hope that makes sense. Also, parks aren't open past 5PM in the winter time here, and even if I could go for a night walk, I'd be afraid of getting mugged.


Yeah, American cities are pretty shit when a it comes to being walkable and having bike lanes. Everything was designed with cars in mind.

>afraid of getting mugged

It's the same here, but for a couple of days there was snow on the ground and it seemed to keep all the normies inside. Leaving the park clear for my night walk.



It's not even the cities. The entirety of the USA is car-based. The cities have a bunch of stores spread out so it takes longer to get to them. I've only been to Ireland and I could see a huge difference in how cities were handled. The shops were close together and you could walk anywhere. I believe you could also take buses to different cities as well. It's not like that here in America.

Also the closest park nearby is a few miles - maybe five - away. Also the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night.


>the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night

Probably either because of the gangs or homosexuals in your area. Those groups have to ruin things for everyone.



I think they're also nature reserve or something. I mostly go to nature reserves because they're the biggest parks without much infrastructure. There's one about 30 minutes away that's like that but you can still see the roads nearby in certain places. Sad. So it's not really gangs of horny homosexuals buttfucking at night but rather state laws that close them down.

I've gone to pretty much all, if not all, nature reserves and such near my house. The closest one's I've not gone to are an hour away at least. I don't know where to go any more without dedicating a huge amount of time going to a different part of the state three hours away, renting a hotel or airbnb, and spending multiple days hiking and looking at nature. It's new to me too. Never done it. It's scary.


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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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Chain smoked then played some viscera cleanup detail.
Gonno have to penny pinch all year I'm terrified of my pc dying, i'd have to get a job and do people things or something.


>Gonno have to penny pinch all year

the way prices are shooting up I'm going to have to do the same. every week it seems like everything goes up a dollar


I was learning and got very very tired. Now I've slept for a few hours and I want to study again (but I won't lol). I'm playing a real life Morrowind my lizzas.


all that book reading must of tired you out liz


>upgrade to windows 11

go fuck yourself Microsoft



We're back!
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sumthin' 4 da headz




Oh how long I've been waiting for some Liz to post vocaloid so I can show off with better one


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i am based


Looks promising. I'll spread the word!


I hate the internet


it' shit like all your other chans


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Remember Lizzies it's bad to hold negative emotions since they build up.
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Oh no playing games and full isolation does not shut the negative thoughts anymore.
Well, that always worked. I feel like shit

I can't fix the things that are causing it since they're not material at all.
My brain is trying to kill me hah
Stupid crap, has everything it needs and still bothers me


I know, my brain and guts are always sabotaging me. A lot of the time I just want to rest on the couch but the nerves is those two parts in my body keep telling me to be nervous about this or that, making my heart speed up. Not that I would do it but I can sort of understand why some people voluntarily lobotomized themselves back in the day.


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Welp got laid off from doing remote stuff.
Now I have to work at place. I was being "not efficient".
Yeah, not efficient. I wonder what I would hear from Boss if I didn't do unpaid overtime hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
That just sounds like you have unfinished business that should be taken care of


well i'm not eating taco bell for a while fucking asshole is having a battle right now


>unfinished business

I stress out about nothing. I'm fully aware it's bullshit but like I said my nerves betray me.

stop complaining, you know that taco bell was totally worth the diarrhea



Looks pretty damn cozy to me. It does require a bit of work to fix it up (sheetrock, flooring, etc). I would probably need someone to do the electrical and pumping if it's not included in the setup but the rest I could do on my own. What do you guys think, would you live in one of these?
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File: 1640252594892.jpg (232.83 KB,1916x1078,podder.jpg)


>it's gonna be less spacious
well, you can stuff it.

Pods are when you share the living space with other people but have your own bed.
That's literal hell.


Oh yeah, now that's the pod I would love to get into
I have no stuff to stuff


This guy has a real nice set up. So long as it had a good lock and was bug and rat free I would totally live in a hole like this.


at least it's a sandnigger getting in.


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So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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gaming is so boring now everything is literally the same shit pumped out every fucking year


I have a hard time believing you have enough time to go through all the games released in a year to say that.


File: 1638841594054.jpg (51.41 KB,515x569,16AC18FB-99F6-4B53-A589-E4….jpg)

That's why you have to take proper breaks and cycle through escapism mediums, and with a little time, and wall staring to get the boredom flowing, a slightly original indie game will entertain you for a few hours before the crushing desire for novelty strings you up again.


name one game right now that you enjoy


File: 1641083466708.jpg (622.03 KB,1920x1080,20220101162518_1.jpg)

Spirit Hunter's kind of fun, and i'm definitely going to beat it since I like horror visual novels and the art style - caught off guard by the hyper sexual art and back stories though, it's like it dips and weaves between point and click mystery and erotic fiction.


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I found one of the old backups of Lizchan back when I was also the developer (I am one of the original developers). Unfortunately, a substantial number of posts are gone but perhaps Lizmin still has the entire backup.

This is not Lizmin, although he is still able to come back and log on to this site whenever he gets the opportunity.

Also if you were one of the mods in the previous incarnation of Lizchan contact me and I will give you back your privileges. Likewise if you were a regular user, welcome back and enjoy the second coming of Lizchan!
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how the hell did you guys manage to get the old domain name back?


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I think the old thread reached its bump limit. So what's everyone been watching recently?

I watched this film the other night. It's kind of a not too bad Alien rehash. The creature effects were well done.
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It's been 16 days, a little more than a week. I haven't watched a single movie. It's pretty much impossible for me to watch movies and it shows. I'll maybe watch a movie every year unless forced. Even then, that's stretching it.


I'm the same way but with sportsball, I just can't get into watching any sort of ball game for the life of me. With movies I can easily engross myself into one and kill an hour and a half.


It's Halloween here. I haven't watched a single movie. The closest I've gotten was 30 minutes of Halloween 1978. I at least got 2/3rd of Mario Galaxy 2 done.

I can't wait until next year when I watch my next movie. Well, not really.


Meanwhile I've watched 7 or 8 horror films throughout October. This gets my vote for the best one, it had the perfect mix of fun and creepy.


File: 1639451820778-0.jpg (80.21 KB,507x755,Warcraft_film.jpg)

File: 1639451820778-1.jpg (650.06 KB,1200x1600,In_The_Name_Of_The_King.jpg)

I don't care what anyone says. I love these two films.



Holy shit, lizmin actually fixed the site. I was starting to think the place was gone for good this time.
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You put drugs or money underneath the lizmin's nose. It will smell the delicious subsistence and its eyes will open up.


He has an email, but I don't remember what it is.


File: 1638802075441.jpg (114.87 KB,500x755,stare.jpg)

Has this happened a lot? It died for 6+ months and I stopped using imageboards and gave up on checking. Hope lizmins okay.


If I can remember correctly the site died twice, only to miraculously come back months later.


Yea I remember now switching from org to xyz, had to go to a backup once, even emailing lizmin - it used to go down sporadically for a bit, but then it stayed down for a long time.
Secretly thought my high post rate made lizmin torch the site in a rage of cringe.


File: 1603860678688.gif (1.3 MB,255x144,glove.gif)


I'm sure you must be good for something at the very least.
I know I'm a good for nothing
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>trying hobbies out

like what?


>I'm trying hobbies out and seeing what sticks.
I've done this for 10 years and never found anything that "sticks" or that I'm good at


I wrote 4 books but they didnt sell so i been giving them away from time to time. I draw occasionally, I like drawing animals and nature it calms me. Trying to learn a 2nd languahe now also. It is nice to have hobbies but sometimes its hard to consistently do them.

I'm sorry to hear that liz. Hope you can be happy and content regardless!


I'm pretty good at jaywalking, must be from all the frogger I've played


File: 1638942152632.jpg (27.01 KB,416x281,1457668826375.jpg)

I'm good at criticizing reality and escapism.



Are aliens real?
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since they are gone I might as well ask the question I wanted to ask.
If you were to run up to the average alien people claim to see, pull out a 12 gauge shotgun and shoot them in the face, would they die or would it bounce off them or go through them? I always see people claim skinwalkers are strong and scary but France, Britain and Spain managed to kill 98% of the native population which surely must have contained some skin-walkers so some cryptids are killable right? If so why has no one ever shot or stabbed one or even beated them to death with their hands


When aliens do their abductions they have some sort of technology that puts people into a powerless and surreal state. If you tried to shotgun one of them you'd more likely shoot one of your own family member. You'd totally be out of while they took you on their ship and conducted their experiments/rape on you.


so are they bulletproof or not? What if you were lucky enough to sneak up behind them and shoot, they are described as midgets so I am guessing it's akin to the average women visiting a hostile planet.
Also with men in black who some think to be aliens, I have no idea why no one shoots them or rape/torture them as if they are alien (and you manage to injure them to prevent defense) they cant get help since they arent human (seriously what are they going to do, call the police? haha)


If for whatever reason you're not it the state of total confusion and are able to get to a gun you'll probably shoot a person thinking it's an alien.

When you get abducted there's nothing you can do, you're a total victim, they'll just take you on their ship and stick objects up your ass while you're crawling around trying to make sense of things. And once it's all over you'll have no memories of what they did to you unless you get hypnotized in a therapy session. It's why abduction survivors describe the experience as getting raped.


File: 1638835037446.jpg (108.19 KB,1024x630,undeniableproof.jpg)

Yes, just like anime.


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cb184 No.804[Reply]

TOR posters will be blocked as someone here is enjoying posting CP. I'm already talking with authorities for the matter and see if they can do something about it.

I'm sorry for the ones who used it for legitimate reasons but I can't do otherwise.
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9ce53 No.877

I meant voluntarily. No need to stay somewhere that you don't like the administration.

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