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I'm assuming most people here don't do drugs. Anybody ever tried dxm codeine or lean (purple drink)? Looks like something i could try.
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File: 1712075679330.png (676.79 KB,491x569,s.PNG)

Took 50mg quetiapinum to fix my sleep shedule.
This didn't work out well and I slept 13 hours and it's even worse now.


File: 1713364175583.jpeg (32.69 KB,600x565,top-guess-lll-die.jpeg)

Ket no longer has any effects against my depression.


Yeeep, constantly want to die so I'm basically back to the state where I was before doing it, even being super focused on something doesn't make these feelings disappear.

I think it's game over


i overdosed on dxm tablets and almost died


wow im not the only idiot into drugs.
>almost died
lol how? LD50 is ridiculously high and there were like only few deaths caused by only dxm from what i remember.


File: 1549345014515-0.png (156.25 KB,450x344,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1549345014515-1.png (60.78 KB,653x508,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1549345014515-2.png (324.71 KB,1920x1080,ClipboardImage.png)


I hate to bring up an unpleasant topic, but I think this is an important discussion. It seems like every 4 years the internet gets worse and worse I wonder if the elections play a part in this somehow. 2008 is the year the internet the internet started to deteriorate, 2012 is when the internet started becoming more "civilized" (aka shit) and 2016 is the year everyone lost their fucking minds. So my question is, how bad will 2020 be. Allow me to explain what has happened from 2016 up until now:
>FOSTA gets signed into law, thus causing a snowball effect on internet censorship
>Chads and Stacies have figured out how to use Sony Vegas (or at least Sony Vegas is so dumbed down now) and are now becoming top youtubers
>Celebrities and mumble rappers claim to "love" anime, thus causing an influx of Negroes and Stacies in anime communities thinking they are cool
>4chan splits into two domains thus causing the official death of 4chan
>4chan's split causes an exodus of unfunny 12 year olds to invade some IBs I used to enjoy
Among other things.

Who knows, maybe 2020 will be the year some magical thing happens that causes the internet to be dominated by nerds and outcasts again. But for now, the future is looking bleak.
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>how to install windows without usb/cd
>"Nyoooou it is impossible to do it like that!"
>clicks through every shilling site, everywhere idiots keep saying this
>some forum post from 2017
>place iso to partition
>boot to troubleshoot -> cmd -> X:/setup.exe

Internet sucks and it will only get worse.


I feel like "chads" and "Stacies" aka just regular people were always Youtube stars. A lot of the popular Youtubers aren't socially isolated and probably never were. Vtubers aren't socially isolated, and I'd say even 2006, the top internet stars were normal people. Always has been. As for anime, I don't think celebrities will influence anime anyways. For 4chan, it's more that it doesn't affect me anyways. I don't visit or think of the site. I used to, and it's probably seen as the O.G. imageboard, but if it dies, will it affect you, lizchan, or even any other site? Probably not.

The thing that I think about when I hear the internet sinking is that this is the perfect opportunity to do something. Make a website, make videos, learn, do hobbies online, etc. I make some Youtube videos on some games I play and I am thinking of making my own website to put my ideas out there. I think it's better than putting my stuff on reddit or a chan since it'll just get lost.


File: 1716087305631.png (171.03 KB,631x608,kf4lkmdgtjc91.png)

>I make some Youtube videos
Ok chad.
>Make a website(…)
So basicaly a blog? You could use patreon for that.

If I were to be youtuber, all content would be me being butthurt about something.


>Ok chad.
lol! I don't mean those kinda videos where I show my face and voice. I just show my gameplay of games that I like, but it's not on Youtube.

>So basicaly a blog? You could use patreon for that.

Yea, kinda like a blog. I heard that a lot of the early internet was just blogs. It could also be cool stuff too. It's whatever you think is cool and, to a lesser extent, absent from the current internet. I don't see a reason to use a patreon though. It's just a website, not some business opportunity.

>If I were to be youtuber, all content would be me being butthurt about something.

Follow your dreams butthurt liz!


>It's just a website, not some business opportunity.
I see, but you could use it as a way to interact with your audience if you ever felt like pursuing that stuff semiprofessional while making subscribtion to this dirt cheap.
You could make polls and idk, never got into that deep.

>Follow your dreams

If i were to be famous it would be from being featured in cringe compilation.
I want my life to have no evidence of existing so I will never make any sort of content


File: 1692041974555.png (1.43 MB,1412x850,AI crap.png)


Anything related
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File: 1712242390392.png (3.49 MB,1536x2560,1712107098079416.png)

Take for comparison this gen, it feels much more attractive as in, colours, the lines are more defined, seems like there is more detail too.
Also nothing seems screwy.


File: 1712602502486.png (9.69 KB,270x218,rip.PNG)

>I dunno if Poppyfag is still lurking
I'm here everyday

>some tips

Try different models/LORAs, you can just copy prompts from people that use the same model.
Best site I know is https://civitai.com/images?tags=4


read some inpaint guides

>1.5 or XL

I didn't try XL, I had huge plans to learn Bender, pose and set specific places for the background.
But I spiralled into doing nothing creative and slacking off, then my drive ran out of space so I had to get rid of python and other SD related stuff.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


>didn't try XL, I had huge plans to learn Bender, pose and set specific places for the background.
I see. I made those past gens with PonyXL because it's what anons recommended. I think it looks neat for gens that didn't take much hassle, but for some reason I don't think I want big tiddy now :C
>But I spiralled into doing nothing creative and slacking off, then my drive ran out of space so I had to get rid of python and other SD related stuff.
Oh that sucks. Hope you can get a new driver soonishly. And that you find reasons to go back to genning.


File: 1715321262554.png (6.83 KB,522x136,AAAAAA.PNG)

>I made those past gens with PonyXL
Good stuff Liz
>get a new driver soonishly
Look Liz I have new B: drive.
Not really, I'm trying to get koboldai working and screwed something up and it gave me new magical drive! :-DD

Also tried kobold.cpp something that is supposed to work with the most stupid ppl but it doesn't launch for me ahhh


File: 1715359118659.png (29.37 KB,666x455,wtf.PNG)

Reinstalled on another drive so I can have space to do ai stuff again and holy shit what have I done hahah

SOMEHOW I screwed it up lol
Installed on Disk 0 C: BUT it doesn't boot up if the Disk 2 is gone!

And "SSD" particion is lost probably because of lack of letter but I'm not going to risk bricking my pc, since I don't have any flashdrives.

I will be a hackerman one day, you will fear me one day


File: xfi69vLa3j7ZKCytowpTlRzMWJdhmI.jpg (83.69 KB,400x565,ymX1qlb19.jpg)


I've been waiting for someone to make it so here it is
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if I could go back I would of dropped out of school at 14. but then my parents probably would of kicked me out of the house. sometimes there's no winning


If you've viewed a lot of those vagina video clips
or OnlyFans leaked - leaked only fans pics, you'll get what "start cunt" ways.
It's essentially how the vagina movements to generate place for
the male member. Some folks contact it "available vulva." The vagina features
this constant activity cheers to a slim coating of skin at the starting and a simple internal filling.

But the vulva is not the almost all delicate aspect,
thus folks shouldn't strain about holding it. It's fascinating to contact the vagina while obtaining
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from any crashes. The vagina is all about muscle
tissues and little strong openings for G-spot and
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The nearness and squeezing of the vagina will be fantastic for folks and for striking that sugary area.
It's all about relocating again and out and up and down during love-making.


galantamine is the lucid dreaming drug apparently. You can also try sensitizing 5ht2a for vividness, prolonged 5-htp will do that I think


Are u a lucid junkie?
That's a skill I would love to train but my urge to stop existing after waking up is too strong so Im not able to do hold and go back to sleep in that tricky way


File: 1715068875100.jpeg (112.59 KB,1080x1080,4nf08mrrb4xc1.jpeg)

Keep being transformed into 13yo and having dream-made friends.
Am I hardcore liz and 3rd level of Maslow struggles to catch up to me OR just normiebrained


File: 1612577891703.jpg (96.45 KB,984x1200,1611200024485.jpg)


Hello lizzies.

I have recently been especially saddened by the deterioration of the chan community. 4chan is a shit hole that is filled with normies. This is obviously nothing new, but it just gets exponentially worse.

It seems that all of the non-normie chan user-base has become spread out so far across the internet that it is near impossible to rally them all back to one site. Let alone doing this without attracting normies in the process.

How could we remedy this? What are we to do? I miss the old days where 4chan and numerous other chans were vibrant comfy places where I could relate with other anons and laugh without even so much as a thought of degenerate porn threads eating up entire boards that weren't meant for such things. We never had to worry about normies ruining the fun before.

How can we fix this? How can we bring the chans back to the glory which they once had? I miss them. I'm sure you do too. Work with me guys. Any ideas are welcome.
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File: 1712597266291.png (718.66 KB,614x609,eeee.PNG)

Uuh it sounds like some other issues than those you described are troubling you, no offence.

I am balding, now that's some real shit.
Looking goofy with and without hair.

On top of that I recently left my basement and noticed that my over 6month badass beard, looks only great in dimly-lit mirror.
On the outside I can clearly see my entire chin and jaw with neckbeard vibes.


>We're probably just gonna do WWIII soon.
I sure hope so. I need something to break the monotony in my life


shave beard and glue excess hair to head = problems solved


My hair is dark brown my beard is blondy white. Pubes are too dark, want to lend yours?


no, no one goes near my pubes



post star trek content
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I have watched Star Trek The Next Generation season 6 episode 3, "Man of the People". I won't go into much detail, but the main antagonist uses the hospitality of the Enterprise to siphon bad emotions from himself onto Counselor Deanna Troi that results in her aging and possibly dying. Luckily, at the end, Dr. Crusher reverses this process and manages to kill him. However, before then, his aide, Liva assisted him, knowingly, in attempting to kill Troi.

I believe not only should have Alkar been punished, but Liva and the guards who assisted him as well. They should be arrested for attempted murder. Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible. Even if Alkar eventually died, none of the other accomplices were punished. They never are. The Federation or Picard present themselves as weak when they allow themselves to be abused by outside parties. In the final act, Picard does threaten Alkar with punishment for attempting to kill a Troi (a Starfleet officer) but Alkar says he was promised by the Federation Council safe passage to his home world. The way he says it so assured is disgusting, as if he couldn't be punished for his actions. I pray that this is not a common occurrence for the Federation. Criminals are still criminals even if the Council promised safe passage. You will get no safe passage if you break one of the Federation's laws.

Threatening a Starfleet officer should be like threatening a military officer. It should be a punishable offense. Those who do so must not be allowed to get away with that. The audience must know the people who do such things are punished even if their two worlds are preparing for war. I lose respect for Starfleet and the Federation every time this happens.

Synopsis: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Man_of_the_People_(episode)

It does not talk about Liva but in the episode it's clear she knows what she's doing.


>Troi episode


>Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible.

The federation is an empire of cucks. The whole star trek canon is libtard fantasy land and it keeps getting worse. If I had it my way Section 31 would be running the federation.


Minor spoliers. I just remembered this thread exists. Lol. By my last post, I was warching TNG season 6. Now, I've finished TNG, TOS, and DS9. I'll start on Voyager later this year when I get to it. I ended up liking TOS, but found it hard to get through, initially. The first and third seasons were a bit weak with a few good episodes in them. The first season more than the third. The second season, like most seasons of shows, was the best. Lots of great episodes in that one. It even starts out with an iconic episode. I found myself liking the show more after I watched it. I enkoyed the references and would look at Captain Sisko and compare him to Picard and Kirk. I'll end up doing that to the other captains as I see them in subsequent seasons. I really enjoyed the McCoy-Spock dynamic, but felt that McCoy we t too far sometimes. Lol. I felt some true anger in those words. Lol. I like Kirk a lot because he's a no nonsense Captain who weilds his authority like a hammer. And with that hammer, he's broken into the hearts of many Star Trek fans. There was this episode where a guy who was just as crazy as Kirk came on, and they got into a lot of arguments. I remember that episode very well. Kirk has legendary renown in DS9 funny enough. He's taught about in schools and has been shown much respect.

For DS9, Sisko is a mix between Kirk and Picard, and that's great. Picard was too merciful and Kirk was crazy. Man was a tiger. Sisko is diplomatic at times, but can be a crazy motherfucker when needed. He's done some really shady stuff for the advancement of Starfleet's goals. Still, the guy's a great dad and husband. He's also really understanding towards his subordinates when they need it. He's done a lot of great things and the people below him achieve really great things and go to high places at the end of the series.


I've been craving more Star Trek recently. The next thing on my list is Voyager. I'm pretty sure everything after Voyager has more mixed reviews, but I'll face it when it comes to that. I have something like 170 episodes to go through anyways, so I have time.


I've been watching DS9 and am at the end of Season 3 now. Comfy show


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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow.
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File: 1715057464747.jpeg (174.31 KB,1984x1488,image.jpeg)

I dont feel comfortable posting cringeworthy images without spoiler, will this function be fixed?
It's like that since site ressurection


X-men 97 is pretty good


cont. >>7516
>if I go to uni with him then I will rent free
|/ |
| (_)
| \|/
| |
| / \


File: 1715655653710.jpg (218.37 KB,891x1024,phil-891x1024-1.jpg)

Two beers made me feel like I can achieve everything, unstopable power of will.
If I wake up as weakling feeling like shit, tears will fall and I will turn into alcoholic.


File: 1716184210865.jpg (35.13 KB,429x428,a3paED3j_700w_0.jpg)


File: 1559778959032.jpg (65.11 KB,632x445,rwqZ9TU.jpg)

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So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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Finding all the gaps for the gap checklist


File: 1711065600852.png (1.69 MB,1049x861,a.PNG)

>The fuck you mean Gap Hunting?!?!?


It's not necessary for getting Skate Heaven from what I read


Doing them all unlocks Trixie the last secret char but you only have to do them for all the regular career mode levels. Finished 100% THPS3 today also. Taking a break from vidya gaem for a while


File: 1713318951736.jpg (117.42 KB,985x1000,Heroes.jpg)

love this game


File: 1707957280168.mp4 (411.54 KB,480x432,1e3a1085f35b57c706f1603e17….mp4)


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Who the fuck is that?



I don't think that's the case


Then surely it's Dexter, from Dexter's lab.


No, I'm sure it's not that either.


File: 1689873293144.jpg (115.8 KB,757x506,lizard_blood_eyes.jpg)

b1b76 No.1179[Reply]

Because of the huge soyjak spam that hit /liz/ and /b/ some threads are currently lost. Some can be recovered from the more recent backups and merged when more security is added.

The IP addresses from which the spam was perpertrated (including any future spam) will be aired publicly in this thread.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

2e5a4 No.1191

The following IPs are associated with spammers who tried to spam Lizchan today and caused 10min of downtime.




File: 1535795043623.jpg (137.51 KB,599x838,sad.jpg)


I don't want it to be true.
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File: 1535874941410.png (21.21 KB,578x148,CIA.png)

they got their payback


Terry's not dead. He's either still out there, or he lives on our hearts.


File: 1536102417957.jpeg (277.75 KB,1200x900,84jh.jpeg)

that or he's trapped within his OS


Trapped is such a mean word. He was embraced by it.


Hope someone makes an archive of all his videos, needs to be kept alive in his works at least.


File: 1600552037112.jpg (331.7 KB,658x575,IBt0nObvpTSGUk4HhWQCqEVr13….jpg)

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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.God bless.
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File: 1643892136018.jpg (1012.06 KB,1029x1200,95156196_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1644019693086.jpg (479.25 KB,851x1200,96008501_p0_master1200.jpg)


File: 1644155730401.jpg (276.16 KB,828x1028,96005385_p5.jpg)


Are you dead?


When the server was backed up, all of my images were gone, and I didn't want to rebuild the thread after that. I started after the last cute poster in at least February 2023 and ended in July.


File: 1503993840393.jpg (22.2 KB,500x208,57fe516508e606dfaae2f8dd0e….jpg)

d2802 No.1026[Reply]

Test. Hopefully up for good now.
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78f50 No.1178

File: 1689621534942.jpg (354.47 KB,2000x1421,1633883228356.jpg)

yo new lizmin, you should have a backup of lizchan.
dozens of old slow imageboards got their catalogues slid last week, just dropping the tip by

c2bc4 No.1187

I'm still here.

54ece No.1188

Hey man hope you are doing well. I assume it's just you and ihato taking care of the site?

7a694 No.1189

File: 1698690149810.jpg (15.52 KB,145x145,doblaje_36054.jpg)

fbf9a No.1190

Yep, mostly him though.


File: 1600721294134.jpg (217.85 KB,1024x768,3294089046_0ccabcb572_b.jpg)

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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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don't trust dentists. they're in it for the money


I wish her suggestion was fueled by money.
Unfortunately my 1st upper teeth are so thin that I can see the color of them changing when I press tongue against.


idk, unless I need a root canal I avoid denti$t$ as much as possible. I even clean my own plaque with a toothpick


I wish her suggestion was fueled by money.
Unfortunately my 1st upper teeth are so thin that I can see the color of them changing when I press tongue against.




File: 1704907985775.jpeg (114.52 KB,640x640,ab67616d0000b273d0899bd1e….jpeg)



You are not able to use any energy from people at all because they will not speak with you in your current language, especially in future lives.


You don't even want to believe you are able to speak any language other than ours. You are not willing to integrate with the workforce.


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


someone forgot to take their antipsychotics


File: 1704982030685.jpg (15.09 KB,474x474,OIP.jpeg-8.jpg)

This is ra smc connector

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