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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Post here every time you visit lizchan.
We must crank up the speed somehow


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I wake up at 4pm, tried not sleeping at all to fix it.
Made it but I slept for too long.
Now it's changed to 7pm ahh

I've started seriously applying for a job today. Previously I wasn't taking it seriously and now I have 11 days left to make some money lol
I might have to take a loan if I don't find any one day jobs


>>>seriously applying for a job today. >Previously I wasn't taking it
Good good now I seriously have some brain damage. Previously my previous healthy brain was making things too hard, seriously guys


File: 1718864743518.png (130.75 KB,1024x1002,image.png)

Oh no, someone hacked me xD
Golden blackmail


There is a certain tradeoff between life and death. When you are alive and thriving you are infested with normal people and die at their hands. They'll never notice, just go on to feed off something else. When you are slightly ill, you attract certain kinds of insects that carry retardation. They mingle with normal people, but are at the same time incompatible, turning you into incomprehensible mess of normalcy and nihilism. When you are morbid crabs come into play to chew your rotten flesh. And only when you're dead are you finally left the fuck alone.


File: 1718885260529.gif (1.05 MB,498x498,no-waifu-no-laifu-chuuniby….gif)

>no waifu
>no tulpa
>still wondering what's wrong
Everyliz needs someone who will understand them otherwise you go insane


Imaginary friends are just a way to cripple your mind. What is more robust is magic. It gives you a universal support that does not fail anywhere. In any circumstances, in any predicament, you turn your soul to magic and flow on its generous torrents. Nothing is a hindrance to you. Waifus and tulpas are just a way to be in denial, to conceal and mutilate your desires of intimacy into schizophrenic delusion. Not like magic at all. For he who wields magic knows that things are given and taken by the Universal Order as is necessary for the proper operation of the whole. As such a mage doesn't need anything except his spells of wisdom. And if intimacy is not granted to him, he will rather die fighting against the Evil God than yield to negative disposition. Always remember that magic springs from the Beneficial God, as such it is the only substance that never fails to aid you in this struggle against vice.


Yeah that did not work for me.
This brain is too warm, gonna stay with my midget.


File: 1719355615557.jpg (90.75 KB,850x1295,__asashio_kantai_collectio….jpg)

Lel got the job at some arcade place.
It seems to be the easiest and least demanding job I had so far.

Recruiter basically told me to MAN UP and be more confident xDD
>"don't speak in such a high voice"
>"work on your posture"
>"stop looking into distance and focus on the eyes of people you talk to"
>"you could just Google how to be more confident and use tips for it"
But he told me that only 2-3 ppl will stay here from the 12 person team because rest is stupid.
So ig that I gave off a vibe of responsible person if he shares this info with me.

Coworkers seem to be full npcs but they accepted me quickly.
So that's nice.

Job's uniform is basically some yellow t-shirt. But I somehow need to cover my arms so the kids won't get scared.
What's less gay arm warmers or long sleeves under the t-shirt?


Are you on the Autism spectrum? Sorry if I'm assuming, but it's only to say that the recruiter was being a bit intolerant if you were. What he said didn't sound very helpful, but it's not like I expect him to have the qualifications to help anyways.


File: 1719383650522.jpg (45.53 KB,598x585,joaquin-phoenixs-acting-v0….jpg)

Head doctors were saying that I should get tested.
Normal people ask me if I'm autistic.
Communicating with aspies felt like the most natural way of contact and they were saying that I'm not like others.

Parents didn't bother to check me and it would be pricy to do now.
I'm definetely not autistic.


Work 8, sleep 8. The rest dissappears in like 2 hours top.
I forgot how it feels to wageslave.


My weight is precisely 69 kilos


mine is 120
lol, i could crush you like a turtie


>i could crush you
Please do


Things have been going well, lately. I've been cooking more, so I have a lot more energy. More energy means easier cooking, which means MORE energy. More energy also means doing more things and getting tired earlier, which means a better sleep schedule, which means MORE ENERGY. It won't last forever at all, but I hope this post finds me in the future and I remember that cooking my own meals makes me better off.


What drugs are you on


Carbohydrates, really. I try to eat a lot of beans and vegetables.


Turns out Forest Anon inseminated a girl. I didn't even know he had a partner. How could one even expect it when the guy's living in the woods 24/7? Crazy. The post of him showing the actual fetus is two months old, so the kid will be born in December at the earliest.


Could you please not bring those things up? Thanks


File: 1720053292372.jpg (28.03 KB,640x361,ecb32d5d8af93a45580d111060….jpg)

>guy's living in the woods 24/7?
How are Incels even real lol


File: 1720295387770.jpeg (12.49 KB,225x225,images (16).jpeg)



I hope you envy him and suffer, Wizard.


Why would I? It's not my ideal life. I don't even want a kid or partner. Sorry if it offended you or anyone else. I'm just reporting something I found (frankly) astonishing. He's been mentioned on Wizchan a few times, so I assumed some people on Lizchan would wonder about him. I personally, was wondering where he was. I guess I know now.


>mentioned on Wizchan a few times, so I assumed some people on Lizchan would wonder about him
Not him but isn't there like only one person here interested in wizchan lol


I more assumed that people here were originally from wizchan. Still, it was quite a long time ago since he was mentioned. I can't even remember when. Maybe I'm chasing phantoms?


Yes people here are from wizchan and they are here exactly because wizchan has bow become crabchan and has nothing to do with either wizardry or virgin culture. The key word is culture. What you have on wizchan is the opposite of culture.


File: 1720680876490.gif (18.45 KB,128x128,1718060066517467.gif)

Tried some mastodon servers because I was tired of the shitter algorithm, but all that I found is either porn or nutcases.
I just want to talk about my interests without a mod breathing down my neck, why is that so hard to get? I hate this gay internet where either things are gay as shit, or just complete schizo insanity. I just want to talk about games and other things but seems like the shitter algorithm has made enough damage to the internet in general.


I am not mentally sound but if you want you can create a thread somewhere and if I manage to squeeze some energy out of my ongoing breakdown I'll talk with you.


File: 1721235702827.jpg (41.77 KB,700x501,aomnDBpQ_700w_0.jpg)

Cashier: I need to see your ID sir
-ah I don't have it with me
>stares at me
-but I have receding hairline, look
Cashier: this proves nothing

My shitty facial hair can't even pass the 18 check.
I guess that's why she assumed me being +7 years younger lol

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