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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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File: 1600552037112.jpg (331.7 KB,658x575,IBt0nObvpTSGUk4HhWQCqEVr13….jpg)

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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.God bless.


File: 1600553061882.jpg (405.01 KB,1250x1250,1355085873773.jpg)

not the liz who made the original thread,
but I hope to revive it until he and others return
and I will keep the spirit going.


File: 1600657617746.jpg (581.51 KB,1200x1697,640079e7eb9204f64670563d5e….jpg)


File: 1600713445946.png (219.77 KB,512x512,unnamed.png)



File: 1600737088079.jpg (558.74 KB,750x531,762caae523926992d99f9fbae2….jpg)


File: 1600910274178.jpg (213.78 KB,1280x910,9dda7bd7906f946ce0cbb3f2e6….jpg)


File: 1600946786243.gif (406.77 KB,500x500,chen_gif.gif)

>mfw browsing lizchan


File: 1600961697204.gif (211.95 KB,560x315,19d0d1476fb0c6379ce732bc22….gif)

Im still MAD that it took them this LONG to bring it back up,
It was pure TORTURE interacting with warmbloods on other ibs.


File: 1600969997664.jpg (185.01 KB,800x800,0792d3ba7b05ff35bf28f42e89….jpg)

Not even him who brought it back.


File: 1600978882613.jpeg (176.37 KB,1080x1080,48bde363f26c4464ac7ba7699….jpeg)


File: 1600999103605.gif (1.14 MB,510x510,me.gif)

Doesnt matter!
I still want that apology!


File: 1601137951896.jpg (1.52 MB,1536x2048,37efa79ff2d9afa157b3585134….jpg)


File: 1601227853965.jpg (149.32 KB,900x1400,072dbe940f14482a1ea228c013….jpg)


File: 1601254905161.jpg (122.98 KB,860x822,7ap100jwvek31.jpg)

I missed this place, and this thread in particular.


File: 1601257631772.jpg (97.54 KB,544x626,1588259659743.jpg)

kept you waiting, huh?


File: 1601369194614.jpg (175.13 KB,627x885,fc10aa12605684adeb33e1195f….jpg)

I made some pancakes
Want sum?


File: 1601478263951.jpg (823.73 KB,1881x2048,2f81b04184f09ac5a322baddf3….jpg)

Don't mind if I do.


File: 1601481682468.png (256.64 KB,800x800,85e4b180c4adc3c543be1d7802….png)

Pancakes are the best


File: 1601494788823.png (981.49 KB,1280x720,b78796716625877cb2f0f5600d….png)


File: 1601605589108.gif (966.01 KB,500x281,a8f45fb41ee1bf97f59c8a4161….gif)


File: 1601696371772-0.jpg (540.71 KB,566x800,7eb8b32654274c563befc6a05d….jpg)

File: 1601696371773-1.jpg (154.38 KB,1000x930,605baaa86e5552f9336dc4e005….jpg)

File: 1601696371773-2.jpg (98.56 KB,600x450,bcca959ceb855f94985ea13208….jpg)

File: 1601696371773-3.jpg (720.11 KB,1600x1200,c4fdb90df75286bc0c4cb890d2….jpg)

having cofefe and donuts.
hbu lizzies?


File: 1601861982735.png (614.75 KB,640x631,0cc9813dd34ddd4b9b889fdcc0….png)

>mfw no lizzie wants sum cofefe and donuts


File: 1601899632143.jpg (1.94 MB,4093x2894,80f8f51e1e5bb905f1a160bbf8….jpg)

We've just had a visitor who literally runs a coffee-themed chan.
I think it was very rude of him not to drop by this thread!


File: 1601981414101.png (1.97 MB,1000x1000,a7bdf66f6fa308b221d1b5ef98….png)

bury rude indeed


File: 1602032077974.jpg (1.07 MB,1254x1771,bfddb5d4fb6e86bc5b96508ffb….jpg)

pov of me in my home


File: 1602118939062.jpg (464.05 KB,1000x1000,e3b4a5c9956e38ecc6148c299b….jpg)


File: 1602223264576.jpg (199.12 KB,700x800,22d1c9b97d2160285399a7b1dc….jpg)



File: 1602278517473.jpg (705.32 KB,1200x1200,a00b007ae2696c35a0624c5a86….jpg)


why cant i post webms


File: 1602392050936.jpg (870.55 KB,900x675,60c6c83716a925bf23f1930985….jpg)


File: 1602526221558.jpg (118.62 KB,1000x1000,fdb7eb89dc940f613c7fc09ad5….jpg)


File: 1602548988407.gif (1.67 MB,1018x679,2709cd1915d39e7bf574e4fd46….gif)


File: 1602718321713.gif (931.06 KB,1x1,92672493efed5b89c6a388f43a….gif)


File: 1602789930997.jpg (15.47 KB,200x200,honja.jpg)

why isnt my gif loading?


File: 1603232784177.jpg (329.86 KB,553x655,f3a2932383b55c503edfd078f2….jpg)


File: 1603339642824.jpg (788.74 KB,2480x3508,553f3d532fa5fdd8259f39f4a5….jpg)

*blows smoke in your face*


File: 1603748164458.jpg (261.36 KB,959x1089,96cbffbe596126430c44efadcc….jpg)

You've been slacking on your duties to post cute pics OP!


File: 1603776853944.png (843.68 KB,1000x1647,8a733f7fda81e7ca321a9bc9af….png)

I havent been feeling so good lately


File: 1604037203580.jpg (305.37 KB,893x872,8d8046de51ec6ce8a0c03e7403….jpg)


File: 1604115352895.jpg (4.44 MB,3400x4800,f9dd6c539ee159a028cffb5127….jpg)


File: 1604206777235-0.jpg (60.56 KB,600x370,5166a89b16b8735cb336cab8ad….jpg)

File: 1604206777235-1.jpg (122.46 KB,296x700,7c8fe0ecb98a1531a6daa5d827….jpg)

File: 1604206777235-2.jpg (84.49 KB,761x1090,bd49364a7155b1871f142dde96….jpg)



File: 1604206847696-0.png (28.9 KB,750x600,846052ce6a563d36ae6b5e846f….png)

File: 1604206847696-1.jpg (414.71 KB,2048x1152,18411ce6a802d79efc1525af79….jpg)

File: 1604206847696-2.jpg (57.09 KB,474x670,952e981b7740db37a592072ba9….jpg)


File: 1604206952832-0.jpg (2.92 MB,2480x3507,800cf0cc315fc472628749c2ee….jpg)

File: 1604206952832-1.jpg (554.46 KB,600x800,720f72e83b5f5db7b41bf7d745….jpg)

File: 1604206952832-2.png (697.35 KB,800x764,cb8b2dd65ce78676abedfc07bc….png)


File: 1604207072738-0.jpg (319.26 KB,1463x1024,d57710e198baa68062f80e4987….jpg)

File: 1604207072738-1.png (280.46 KB,1500x1500,dac74312a42741451a0fc3b447….png)

File: 1604207072738-2.jpg (59.06 KB,1024x629,cb9bbfe16b3324585541c461e3….jpg)



File: 1604207183641-0.jpg (65.91 KB,768x958,dc26795d789dabdeb314be6d40….jpg)

File: 1604207183641-1.jpg (556.63 KB,1158x1637,24b305bec1bb02168a9999cc0d….jpg)

File: 1604207183641-2.jpg (255.84 KB,800x1000,a9752aebad93c0bcbc00c39082….jpg)



File: 1604207340009-0.jpg (90.84 KB,512x640,25f9f936655be83337e1d7712c….jpg)

File: 1604207340009-1.jpg (109.93 KB,749x1000,a33905a92d639f2fe8727c13bb….jpg)

File: 1604207340010-2.jpg (158.76 KB,960x1280,4534651640e2265299f22b81e5….jpg)



File: 1604207560368-0.jpg (71.64 KB,1000x1000,6d7ef7dba176e8554b0a001141….jpg)

File: 1604207560368-1.png (862.29 KB,1297x1655,8782c129dfed45138817ba9495….png)

File: 1604207560368-2.png (1.32 MB,1369x2000,1ec65c4eaf126271845d5050fd….png)


File: 1604207650153-0.jpg (195.44 KB,1865x1780,57db47cc2a12b0243e2bbdf81f….jpg)

File: 1604207650153-1.jpg (1.16 MB,2039x2738,9beafeab7a2be5e15078fb7bdd….jpg)

File: 1604207650153-2.jpg (336.08 KB,1923x1923,ec2f83ef75a8feea7970e93a37….jpg)


File: 1604207755043-0.png (352.12 KB,511x743,10044598afefbfb21c7cc99015….png)

File: 1604207755043-1.png (443.92 KB,511x743,582c99e384359dbbca43bd3ab0….png)

File: 1604207755043-2.jpg (891.37 KB,1447x2047,bee782835140fb3f9b6d7de0d8….jpg)


File: 1604207820347.png (570.76 KB,566x800,dd8b8c814c057686969ff8a6c2….png)

tahts all folks


oofie this is a lot of cute



goodnight, sweet prince.


File: 1604280203559.jpg (327.62 KB,866x1000,1b2a6faf68c95ebea8b52f4f73….jpg)

ily cute poster !


File: 1604298840969.png (410.25 KB,682x682,88cdda007fc27878e164525c51….png)


File: 1604302558451.jpg (15.59 KB,256x266,445724_1352736143321_256_2….jpg)



File: 1604376074421.jpg (280.93 KB,2039x1378,949337983f6c2171b6cbda9f07….jpg)


File: 1604453216240.png (2.74 MB,3541x2508,90dc8f7d360363c4418f65cc7d….png)

Want some food stranger?


Can I haz some cunny with that bread?


File: 1604528259618.jpg (1.56 MB,1840x2304,18e6a0cd96a1d0c89ee8fd9de8….jpg)

I was just kidding, get fucked lol


File: 1604642930524.jpg (90.99 KB,503x354,1287b3ec9873b4da8d9be1aadc….jpg)


File: 1604861165925.png (788.87 KB,728x823,bf9215b3234d030fe9fb5eb0c0….png)


File: 1604959393758.jpg (53.09 KB,337x333,f71b6149e4c2457a201a9deb4b….jpg)


File: 1604967273898-0.jpg (2.27 MB,2367x3541,5a95126b5dc829ffc786345b00….jpg)

File: 1604967273898-1.jpg (59.15 KB,449x515,84663336acba0006115fae0251….jpg)

File: 1604967273898-2.jpg (187.97 KB,1245x2111,9547c62eb802fba246fe746c11….jpg)

Feeling good today gonna post some more


File: 1604967317285-0.jpg (132.49 KB,1360x1360,eb452a327a4a732c54680e09f5….jpg)

File: 1604967317285-1.jpg (1.98 MB,2039x2894,404f7c1570e6998ae311b9663d….jpg)

File: 1604967317285-2.jpg (503.19 KB,2048x1653,8bff189f839d860142f926aafc….jpg)


File: 1604967378191-0.jpg (236.53 KB,1281x906,0ea092f058766a35116886726e….jpg)

File: 1604967378191-1.jpg (217.59 KB,1000x500,80cdbc57b00a2ad6877effcf18….jpg)

File: 1604967378191-2.jpg (291.78 KB,2039x1378,4df9d4a24c91e5d3a23c68171d….jpg)


File: 1604967587078-0.png (481.28 KB,1003x892,55068bc76acdf53156088e7baa….png)

File: 1604967587078-1.jpg (43.73 KB,350x382,fea9a68670db22dd1d40f31cf9….jpg)

File: 1604967587078-2.png (174.76 KB,326x340,b000d950e0e0e6d2a7c81939d8….png)


File: 1604967628924.jpg (741.2 KB,1280x1280,d1fb54d6e2703ed3e9d0813d48….jpg)


File: 1605048228378.jpg (474.26 KB,1517x2048,b28f7281841e768b262cb2ddbf….jpg)


File: 1605153503022.jpg (1.56 MB,2000x1367,1604608741599.jpg)


File: 1605344925724.jpg (157.24 KB,960x1280,7f357809bf9d8e5403dca29718….jpg)


I just experienced an extremely satisfying and copious orgasm.


File: 1605361661868.png (1.62 MB,879x973,93a01bf669dfef8665cfe840cc….png)



File: 1605399276439.mp4 (4.54 MB,360x360,Shikkoku no Sharnoth.mp4)


File: 1605665618595.jpg (658.98 KB,1371x959,43dc3a0d9505f4c0305f7e721e….jpg)


File: 1605713123881.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.59 KB,1091x775,3d331b954988dec02f66008e7….jpeg)

God I wish that were me


Finally a brave soul to demolish lewd prohibition


Yes I am very brave


File: 1606607713009.png (66.34 KB,388x389,1606248120138.png)

Wth mods whyd you delete my post it wasnt even that bad?
Jeez how hard is it to put on a spoiler feature, it was there last time.


File: 1606609958372.jpg (61.79 KB,684x468, _d7078717e22a605a1cb3862b….jpg)

I second that


Rule 5 (also this is borderline >>6337)


File: 1606649601500.jpg (38.76 KB,400x400,f96f5f2a9388378f6654ac5762….jpg)

>No ones even posted hentai yet I'm pretty sure and it's only allowed on /b/, I believe the rule is about expressing desire for 3D more so than 2D - I may be wrong.

That's how it was and never changed untill now. No 2d was deleted ever.
Only 3dpd was banished.

Yet it was posted so rarely that >>6386 thinks this rule apply to drawings.
It's funny because previous "I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day " thread had it but now it's not okay to post stuff in newer one.

Here are pics to back up what I wrote because I have to much time
>>5615 >>5144 >>5164 >>5575 >>5608 >>5791 >>5801 >>5811 >>5816 >>3526 >>5393 >>5394


2d hentai is porn though. What are you talking about?

Yes, the rule is a new thing. You can't post depictions of sex although you can certainly post nude/ecchi, so all of those are fine (except one that had futa dick sucking). It's pretty lax, therefore only your file is even going to be deleted and not your entire post, nor are you going to get banned for this rule (unless you spam porn, but spamming is a different rule). The rule is there in order to make Lizchan enjoyable to browse and not get blasted by NSFW inside every thread you open. But if you don't like it, you can certainly go argue your case in /meta/ because that is where the rule was first suggested (this post should've been a thread in /meta/ >>6384).

I don't understand why do you want to post obscene/graphic material in a cute thread anyway?


>Yes, the rule is a new thing. You can't post depictions of sex although you can certainly post nude/ecchi
This isnt sex though and it fits your own rule in your head. Like I said it put a spoiler like what we had before if it bothers your so much.
>I don't understand why do you want to post obscene/graphic material in a cute thread anyway?
Its banter read the previous posts, shame this place has turned to become no different then faceberg, discord, 4cuck where tranny mods delete shit that they dont agree with and what pretty much constitutes thought crimes tier.


File: 1606698353226.png (655.66 KB,894x894,e20a6459d72a112bc1d009dc53….png)

This pic is technicaly SFW but I don't feel safe.
What was on that deleted picture?
Could you upload to imgur? I want to know what's going lol
>all of those are fine (except futa sucking one)
Oh so it's cool as long as they're not touching their things and stuff. And 2d solo action is okay? Same with post 2dsex pics if there is only one person?
Looks like it's a little complicated that's why I'm asking


Woah it looks even worse today.
Hands down the most disturbing thing posted.



File: 1638832568333.jpg (521.71 KB,740x1035,loooong.jpg)

It seems like we've both died, and are now ghost. But through our obnoxious cute image posting we've kept jp spirit alive in our place.


File: 1638929506475.png (1.84 MB,1713x2423,83425853_p2.png)


File: 1639023719557.jpg (83.96 KB,1080x1153,snale.jpg)


File: 1639106402023.jpg (127.27 KB,750x993,EJTJpu7WoAQVYed.jpg)


File: 1639190250689.png (299.15 KB,517x729,1604715614636.png)


File: 1639278925072.jpg (99.74 KB,600x600,1594938718202.jpg)

*blocks ur path*


Holy scales!
That's Yakui <.<


File: 1639375307788.png (138.02 KB,339x444,1557952371483.png)

You must be mistaken.


File: 1639488120854.jpg (900.61 KB,2500x2500,79152884_p0.jpg)


File: 1639580743617.png (572.6 KB,1000x699,LuckyOJ.png)


File: 1639713783644.png (216.32 KB,626x484,9c5181d1abccfc19dfd8ba9603….png)


File: 1639846184831.jpg (29.87 KB,600x500,99.jpg)


File: 1639930598468.jpg (1.15 MB,1448x2048,81147162_p0.jpg)


File: 1640038771918.jpg (1010.17 KB,3846x2336,90382268_p0.jpg)


File: 1640120258005.jpg (408.22 KB,1664x1432,88985969_p1.jpg)


File: 1640217632542.jpg (220.56 KB,900x971,31a2ea5f3b1d7e14c9b4fc5884….jpg)


File: 1640317117703.jpg (66.27 KB,1280x999,1621993886238.jpg)


File: 1640393889028.jpg (750.27 KB,648x911,94994909_p0.jpg)


File: 1640478302270.jpg (564.34 KB,1544x2000,73074452_p0.jpg)


File: 1640567714918.jpg (544.83 KB,1429x1957,FEGWFNXakAA3ile.jpg)


File: 1640651705425.jpg (130.69 KB,1024x921,EOU0oPyU8AEvl1g.jpg)


File: 1640742495569.jpg (197 KB,862x934,sand.jpg)


File: 1640831744937.png (1.6 MB,4299x2618,HuTao106.png)


File: 1640923131843.jpg (214.33 KB,1000x750,EvEwtkBVIAQGZf-.jpg)




File: 1641002557977.jpg (306.83 KB,850x1133,amber16.jpg)


File: 1641092239331.gif (92.84 KB,370x300,1596779508979.gif)


File: 1641186012613.png (1.31 MB,1243x1500,1608042063217.png)


File: 1641273474593.jpg (453.85 KB,1582x2048,FD_mjw3akAA67lX.jpg)


File: 1641371475868.gif (1.78 MB,378x368,1571194468086.gif)


File: 1641452544482.jpg (111.23 KB,774x817,1612247267490.jpg)

I am at my FUCKING limit


File: 1641542811969.gif (1.99 MB,389x415,1528464050610.gif)


File: 1641611476134.jpg (109.54 KB,850x850,1606563554632.jpg)


File: 1641710463400.png (384.21 KB,936x1000,1587665378110.png)


File: 1641847834837.gif (1015.35 KB,471x265,wBTMF9v.gif)


File: 1641970776519.png (1003.98 KB,1000x1412,74372784_p0.png)


File: 1642093104167.gif (233.06 KB,180x320,1469024850177.gif)


File: 1642225008287.jpg (84.95 KB,400x400,68707999_p5.jpg)


File: 1642407618460.jpg (856.76 KB,2150x3035,72820914_p1.jpg)

cleaning the board

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