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Come vent your emotions here. I'll start.

My therapist recently informed me that I am extremely depressed. I thought my feelings were just angst but apparently my hatred of the world was deeper than that. It just kind of shocked me because although I wasn't feeling great I didn't once consider that I was depressed. I'll just keep pushing through it I guess.


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Seeing the world for what it is and knowing that it's more or less hopeless for you to individually change it will naturally lead to some sort of depression.


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My father holds my opinion of him on a pedestal but then never spends time with me. I feel like a running piece of dialog watching a man slowly go crazy. I can't get close to anyone because I fear rejection and trust so deeply.
I've been in the same boat for 8 years OPe, how long do you think you were undiagnosed?
A hatred of the world can be very logical, therefor breaking way into emotion. half assed tips:
Don't listen to troll posters : dude woman are everything, depressions not real, your taste is shit etc.
Don't shun sad things, and don't idolize happy things.
Seek help but what you think will work, and don't rely on hope, but your own endurance.
It's facebook tier but If I can survive it I reckon most can.


Thank you for the advice!

>how long do you think you were undiagnosed?

Fuck, about a year or so. I thought I had gotten over it but apparently it was still there just not as noticeable I guess.

>Don't shun sad things

This is probably the best advice you could give anyone ever. If you avoid something unpleasant, it will become scarier to you in the long run.

>I can't get close to anyone because I fear rejection and trust so deeply.

Same. I hate getting close to people. Sometimes I wish I was mute so I didn't have to worry about saying the wrong thing or saying something that could come back and bite me in the ass in the future.


>I wish I was mute

Normies would still bully you. Probably more than if you talked because you couldn't speak up for yourself. Humans can be really vicious.


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Yea you get used to it in no time, but for a lot of people it's not permanent and I hope it's that way for you anon.
>avoid something unpleasant, it will become scarier
True, it can also be a lot more relate-able than watching the happy go lucky at times.
I like the idea of being close to certain peoples but I'm so used to solitude I get flustered given time.
After a few hours my brain wipes and I start staring intensely at inanimate objects and my verbal capacity dies.
it's the way of the yeast beast for sure - Most men too but there are more exceptions.


>informed me that I am extremely depressed

Likely he/she said that so you continue to go and pour in more money.


Can I vent good emotions?
I've been slipping more and more into the void and for some reason it hypes me up, like I'll dance around my room wearing an underwear turban, sip crown royal and play H vn's etc.
Treatments are more profitable than cures as they say.


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>I've been slipping more and more into the void and for some reason it hypes me up

Is it odd that I completely understand what you mean? I remember I used to read quite a bit of pessimistic literature (philosophy) and I enjoyed it quite a bit for some reason. Maybe it's that feeling of accepting that not everything is in your control and that negativity will always be present for as long as you live.


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File: 1518496249670-1.png (1.23 MB,1265x791,1451613895945.png)

>Is it odd
I don't think so, we all just handle it in different ways.
I still read depressing stuff a lot - I'm just numb when I do and seek the shared understanding of suffering more than anything.
>as long as you live
And maybe after, or never again.
The lack of perceived power over my own fate makes me smile in the face of it in a deranged manner, It's made me eccentric and careless about my future a lot but I do enjoy it on some level or I'd have given up by now. Very strange how calculated this reality seems even when you have underwear on your head.


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Does anyone else feel that the anime community has completely gone to shit? I remember when I first got into it, I would watch countless videos of guys who were passionate about it recommend series they enjoyed as well as start discussions over such series. Now it seems that the vast majority of people I see now are either insufferable SJWs, normies or memelords that claim to enjoy it because it makes them seem edgy and gives them irony points. The genuine ones are out there but you have to wade through crap to get to them. I've been thinking about this for quite sometime after I read some guy on another IB talk about it.


This is the case with most communities now imo, I usually have to find profiles / anons with similar taste and just look into things myself.
I love anime but have only watched 100ish~ series, some imageboards still have a few decent threads you just have to wade through garbage and bait.


Anime's trendy now. Commercialization aimed towards the masses means large shitty fanbases. I'm going to be real though. I only got into anime in 2012 myself after thinking it was for fags before. I've always been a casual and probably always will be. I just like it for escapism/merch and don't care for discussion. I can only respect people who are more dedicated to it than I can be.


>Anime's trendy now

God those words fucking haunt me. I mean, I love anime to death but I don't admit that in public or I will have annoying hipster girls overreact and try to start a conversation with me (this has happened once).


File: 1521418819701.jpeg (338.35 KB,749x579,Hidden Technique - Power ….jpeg)

That's prudent of you.


Anime's been trendy ever since dragon ball z came to North America, which was over 20 years ago.


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I hate people so much. Everywhere I go I hear normalshits play their shitty goddamn mumble rap and act like complete retards. I can't even escape to the internet anymore because these fags are infiltrating almost every online community so they can act like complete retards and spread their shitty unfunny "memes". And then when a meme is funny or creative, they steal it and turn it into complete garbage (they are coming for the Gachimuchi memes now). I can't wait to get enough money so I can leave this shithole we call America.


Been sick sleeping 18ish hours a day, god please just smite me already.
Honestly I'm fine with some rap but it seems that's what a lot of people exclusively listen too.
I like a lot of the beats but the lyrics are just cave man tier.
But yea normalfags piss me off, they can all tell i'm depressed and try to relate, while having people that love them and a lot more money and opportunity.


>they are coming for the Gachimuchi memes now
That was at the very least over two years ago. At first I felt ambivalent about it being spread through Twitch, but in the end it's kind of been a blessing because there's been a lot of gachi content. Gachi is a pretty old meme so it's nice it got a second wind. It's still at least as esoteric as baneposting. If someone were to actually watch Lords of the Locker Room all the way through because of this popularity, who am I to judge?

Also >>>>8/otomad/.


Well, I just hope this second wave will be as creative as the first.


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Every year American culture becomes more dumb, vile and debased and I can't stand the fact that I feel like I'm the only one that notices it. It's so crystal clear to me that the country is turning into Brazil, it seems like the most obvious fact in the world.


File: 1521600601772.gif (101.59 KB,190x320,1477532915583.gif)

This is why I've started eating lots of candy and devoting 90% of my time too escapism.
Society is not worth participating in or contributing too anymore.
At least we, the underdogs will be able to see it decay over time.
I hope you guys found some niches that you can escape into, no reptilian deserves the torment of constant rumination on current societies.


>I've started eating lots of candy and devoting 90% of my time too escapism

Smart man. I too have filled my life up with a bunch of fun escapism hobbies. Society has become too rotten for me to incorporate myself into it. Maybe in another time I could have lived a happy life as a farmer somewhere but things are too much of a mess for that now.


File: 1521607513676.jpg (66.66 KB,416x276,1423.jpg)

favorite candy? i like lemon heads the most and the sodium amount is worth it don't give a fuck if i die from it


Watching this webm has convinced me aliens must exist in some form.
I hope we all get to live out our fantasies in some way after this life, and even with the power of imagination we can in some form in this one. Hell making a small garden at least would be cool!
Ahh! those are so good, the cherry ones too! I've been eating peanut butter cups and starburst, gods help me.


I think it's pretty clear to anyone with a brain. Why do you think the rich are building and buying bunkers and retreats in New Zealand?


>at least 95% of the population doesn't have a brain

I feel like the only sane person in a madhouse.

>rich are building and buying bunkers and retreats in New Zealand

The rich are always protected from the poz. Even in Brazil they'll take helicopters to work everyday to avoid getting kidnapped.


The only problem with that is society will come to affect you soon. This is apparent with the internet censorship bills the government keeps pushing (they are pushing one right now in fact). This is why I support a more libertarian and chaotic version of Social Darwinism. Legalize literally everything and see who survives the longest (Chads an Stacies will go first most likely). If you know how to use a gun and shelter yourself, you should be fine.


Why make it come sooner rather than later? It's not like there's any impetus for lizards to care about later generations to want Social Darwinism. Why should we willingly volunteer for the crucible?


>Legalize literally everything and see who survives the longest

my money's on the Mexican cartels


File: 1521748224088.jpg (32.5 KB,450x331,1456010115298.jpg)

Oh It already effects us all, we're just smart enough to not breed mindlessly or spend 24/7 partying.
I think what you support is more realistic than our current system, but I'm more of a red button sorta guy putting my faith in an afterlife.
I die in either scenario so I'd rather just put the struggle to rest.
Lizards would probably be outcast with social darwinism as well so we'd be work mules or killed unless we have skills.
Mines on the rich guys in the bunkers with their slaves and food supplies.


I think I am so far gone from actual attraction to 3D that I don't even see most (99.99%) as even attractive.

I am depressed heavily too, op boi. I hope for a good life where I have everything I need. I hear of men having such great lives without any kind of spouse or girl friend, so I bet my life would be at least twice as good from not dealing with any BS about friends.

The cat is going to die tonight or tomorrow. I don't really feel anything since It's not my duty to provide for it, I can't afford anything for it, and most importantly, the people who do care for the cat know its inevitable death. It hurts though. Just like life, it hurts. Life sucks. The demiurge sucks and we must kill it for bringing suffering upon my cat. Upon all cats.


That first sentence is a blessing anon, the longer I live the more I hear about every woman around me being promiscuous.
I'm in the same boat anon, I live by my own morals and all around me the ones who break them seem happier.
My condolences about the cat, I've had similar issues but don't blame yourself these problems arise even without us eventually.


The cat is going to die tonight or tomorrow. I don't really feel anything since It's not my duty to provide for it, I can't afford anything for it, and most importantly, the people who do care for the cat know its inevitable death. It hurts though. Just like life, it hurts. Life sucks. The demiurge sucks and we must kill it for bringing suffering upon my cat. Upon all cats.


Is your cat still alive and if not have you taking it to the ancient Indian burial grounds to be reanimated yet?


It's been a while since I have been posting here. I have recently deleted some social media accounts (I was using it to talk to random people on the interwebs) and it kinda felt good. I've gotten to the point where I don't want to share a lot about my life and that I just want to keep to myself more.

I want to spend the rest of my life dedicated to escapism and pursuing knowledge (I will get involved in politics when necessary of course).


File: 1522928952610.png (26.58 KB,527x409,48d.png)


>social media
Get out normalfag.


File: 1522956711301.png (180.88 KB,500x333,ClipboardImage.png)

I like how you just assume I am a normalfag because I mentioned social media. When in fact I used my social media account to troll and attack random normalfags and I just deleted it recently because it stopped becoming fun to me.


Thanks for proving my point.


I have been overly anxious the entirety of last year and its creeping up on me this year as well. I'm not even stressed about a particular thing, it just pops up. What a living hell.


I've had a mix of anxiety, self doubt, and disgust.
I never think anything I do or will do will be worthwhile, Disgusted by my own personality and inability to feel much pleasure.
Optimist have started to piss me off more than anyone and I feel like an old man for it.
And above all I feel utterly inferior to most the population I don't even like.
I think I relate though hope you find something to take your anxieties place. /blog


>I'm not even stressed about a particular thing, it just pops up.

I'm the same way. Everything can be going good in my life but my mind will find something to stress over, no matter how small. It's like it's my own worst enemy.


Not really related to emotions. I just had Sleep Paralysis and it was scary. I couldn't move at all and it felt like something was pressing down on me while I was sleeping. Took me about 30 seconds fighting to actually get up out of my REM cycle sleep.


I've had sleep paralysis, similar to how you described but I didn't find it scary. I just thought "oh I'm paralyzed" and then waited until it went away.


>Animes trendy now
This, right here, irritates me to no end. Why does everything have to become "trendy" nowadays? Whatever happened to the days of just liking something? I honestly blame the internet for starting this shit. I remember when video games got popular in the early 2000s and I dont remember people turning videos game culture into a trend, they just played the shit. Now everything has to become the new "cool kid thing" and its fucking irritating.
And dont even get me started on ironic weebs. Fucking poser faggots.
~end rant


kind of unrelated but have you guys seen The rising of the shield hero?
It's another isekai but If I think lizchan would like one it's that one so far.
Sorry had to vent my urge to shill.


File: 1547587010391.jpg (353.99 KB,1833x1955,EWcAa5o.jpg)

apparently there is a false rape accusation in the first episode.


I blame hipsters, females, social media and conventions. The combination of those four things turned solitary loner hobbies into "nerd culture".


File: 1547618695555.png (220.09 KB,446x299,the-big-bang-theory-cast__….png)

I think the biggest reason is muh big nig theerey. Those people existed before, but this show made them popular, and made normalfags think they were cool.


It's kind of a chicken or the egg like situation. Did big nig theory create nerd culture or was it capitalizing on it? I tend to think the latter.


Before 2007 these types of people were a minority. Could be that I just didn't notice them though. I don't think that it created """nerd""" culture, but rather stimulated it.


I think this is just a sub-sect of people in general, Often I see the people who like big boomer theory being people who are near tech illiterate. Like they may know how to put a pc together but they can't navigate for an hour without opening adds or their digital anus.
Kind of like how you'll see only certain anime are actually really popular like DBZ, Fairy tail, Sword art, Attack on Titan.
I think the general critique here is of surface level fans who seemingly never really dive deep into anything of interest as a whole. Like the npc meme but relating to consumerism.


File: 1547671851261.jpg (19.29 KB,342x342,514-lgD8cDL._UX342_.jpg)

>I think the general critique here is of surface level fans who seemingly never really dive deep into anything of interest as a whole.
That's what I mean by """nerd""" culture. These people aren't actually nerds, but enjoy the attention that they get from liking something that's supposedly obscure/weird like anime. Keep in mind it doesn't actually have to be obscure to count for them, which is why the animes you sggested are so commonly used as "le nerd stuff'. Like those shitters that wear DBZ hoodies. Most of them probably don't actually watch the shows anyways.


All one has to do is look at the growth of a convention like comic con to see the normalization of nerd culture. The conventions went from never breaking over 50,000 people throughout the 90s to hitting over 100,000 people a year by 2005.

I'd put it at sometime in the early 2000s that normies, mainly shallow hipsters and females, latched on to nerd hobbies. Watch the film Zero Charisma to see exactly how the takeover happened.


I have seen a lot of normalfags dig below the surface though. Hell, I'm even seeing that really creepy, niche anime like kissxsis is becoming popular with Chads (but moe anime is still unacceptable. go figure). In a way I kind of see that as a victory and ultimate revenge against society. The day Chad begins crossdressing and anally masturbating to incestual lolicon hentai, is the day we've won.
It's depressing to watch normalfags invade a community you love. I remember that whenever you found someone online that loved anime, you found a new best friend. Now, every casual that watches AOT exclusively has a moe girl avatar "ironically".
It's the fate of all subcultures sadly. I remember seeing an interview with Kurt Cobain where he was stating that Grunge rock was better when it was underground and money wasn't involved. So even he agrees that when things get popular, the community goes to shit.


I actually think all these pseudo-weeb clothes look cool but I am mentally a child and would never buy them.
I think that's just a divergence of a persons taste not always making them likable. For instance I liked Kissxsis but I was 12 when I did, and I like a lot of media considered for normalfags, like bethesda games, rick and morty, the first season of sword art, etc. I'm definitely not chad, and don't try to extract internet street cred from the fact that sometimes I can enjoy my shit taste, but you're always a normalfag to someone deeper in the hole than you.
Also chad already likes traps, but seeing them turn into traps would not really benefit us, they'd simply gain followers and become a secondary female, trading the need to still work as a chad to getting provided for by betas.
Though I am open to the collapse of society so In my mind I win either way.


File: 1547781330503.png (121.2 KB,630x315,ClipboardImage.png)

I think it's worth mentioning that normalfags liking "nerdy" things is nothing new. I remember watching Delirious a few years back and in it Eddie Murphy mentioned that Star Trek was one of his favorite shows on TV. It's just that this stuff never became the "trendy cool kid thing" and people were able to appreciate art without using it to raise social status. But those days are over, and I think buyfag culture had a lot to do with it. (pic related)
>I like a lot of media considered for normalfags, like bethesda games, rick and morty, the first season of sword art, etc
Eh, I wouldn't consider those things "normalfag media" and more so just things that normalfags happen to enjoy. I'd say the only things you can truly consider normalfag media are shows like Friends which are basically shows made for normalfags that have normalfag themes. I think if we truly want to fight against mainstream """nerd culture""", we need to stop calling things "normalfag media" if it isn't explicitly targeted for normalfags.
>I liked Kissxsis but I was 12 when I did
Why do so many kids like that show? I remember seeing a video recently of some black kid that looked around 14 years old talking about how much he loved kissxsis. Is it wish fulfillment or is it something else they like about it?


>I wouldn't consider those things "normalfag media"
Yea, maybe I just conflated that with what's been popular and now gets mocked for it.
>Why do so many kids like that show?
Personally it was a bunch of fetishy experiences when really young, mixed with later having my family not showing any care for me other than keeping me fed for legal reasons. Led me to fetishize familial closeness.
Spent a good few months binge watching ecchi / harem anime since the world they were set in seemed so much more ideal than ours.
Nearly made me publish a blog with that question.


Are people in real life getting worse too or is it mainly just online? Not talking about this site, but places like 4chan, youtube, reddit, etc. If you go to these places to observe people it's like a huge virtue signaling cult. Woman are treated like princesses by everyone, and generally your reputation is destroyed if you show dismay. People taking pride in having to work a 9 - 5 to live, even pronouncing those who don't as subhuman. People born into wealth and looks tell those who weren't that they don't deserve sympathy. The fact that vast amounts of foreign countries with follow the leader mindsets are coming online as well.
It's getting to the point where showing anything but content that you're suffering gets you mobbed by man up replies again. Maybe I've just spent to much time bitterly ruminating on this.


File: 1548670062324.png (1010.13 KB,1000x581,ClipboardImage.png)

I get what you are saying. It seems as though sometime within 2017, everyone began to lose their minds and started doing the things you are talking about.
I also want to mention this because it's beginning to drive me insane, but has anyone noticed that there has been an increase in Negroes on the internet? I know that they have always been online but they usually stayed within their own communities and the fuck away from me, but those days are gone. Now they are infiltrating almost every single community I associate with (anime communities in particular) and I have to see them spam their shitty grammar, unfunny jokes, and annoying emojis all the goddamn time and it genuinely pisses me off. I used to not have a problem with blacks until their stupid shit began to be shoved into my face 24/7. I genuinely feel sorry for the smart, reasonable black people out there (I know they exist, I was friends with some of them in school) because their voices are being drowned out by the majority (or at least vocal minority) of their race.
I used to be terrified of internet laws being passed because I though they would ruin the internet. But now it seems as though normalfags are a bigger threat to the internet than any SOPA or FOSTA will ever be.


But to answer your question, I personally think all normalfags were this way and now that they have the internet they are beginning to show their true colors.


>anyone noticed that there has been an increase in Negroes on the internet?
Only on sites I don't visit, or can ignore them on. I've met some normal ones and made friends as a kid, but I'd say they're becoming as common as white teens who worship mumble rappers.
Doesn't bother me as I've stopped talking in general unless i'm on here, in the mood to argue with normtards anyway, or at the doctor.
>normalfags are a bigger threat to the internet than any SOPA or FOSTA will ever be.
Depends if those would imply small sites like this would get taken down imo.
>I personally think all normalfags were this way and now that they have the internet they are beginning to show their true colors.
Yea It's doing nothing but contributing to my misanthropy, I do not wish to have children, but seeing the breed or your a loser pushers just makes me want to burn it all down. The people saying you're unworthy of procreating, are worthless than you.
Their carbon footprints, their jobs that they say make them good contribute to pollution, the 800 toys every kid gets now a days, the self righteousness of parents.
Goddammit i'm 20 years old and arguing from a childs prospective still because most parents could not be more despicable.
I'm sick so the only thing that feels good is anger, my apologies.


I've been feeling really dizzy and stressed out for no reason. I'm trying to calm down the best I can to no avail. Sometimes I wonder if the SSRIs I took when I was depressed fucked up the chemicals in my brain.
>made normalfags think they were cool
Because we are cool. Always have been, always will be. I would much rather watch a documentary or some anime than watch Friends or whatever normalfag show these people watch I unironically like The Office though


I was talking about """nerds""" not actual nerds.


File: 1549068497669.jpg (491.34 KB,1200x700,pills.jpg)

>SSRIs I took when I was depressed fucked up the chemicals in my brain

shut up and take your happy pills goyim!




always take my happy pills
always happy
always happy
always happy
always happy


good good!
that's a GOOD GOY!

*throws a little blue pill into your mouth*


>it's worth mentioning that normalfags liking "nerdy" things is nothing new
I also forgot to mention that my sisters ex boyfriend was big into superhero movies long before they became mainstream. He actually gave me a copy of a batman movie from the sixties and I still have it to this day.
And then, there was her fiance he wasn't a Chad but more of a dude bro that acted like he was high all of the time who enjoyed watching anime late at night on Adult Swim and would talk about it with me.
Sorry for rambling a bit, but I kind of wanted to add some positive memories to this thread to break up the depressing feel a bit.


File: 1549387710197.jpg (85.64 KB,800x498,Batman-Yellow-West.jpg)

>He actually gave me a copy of a batman movie from the sixties and I still have it to this day.
Nice guy. That series is so much fun. But,
>Superhero movies
These were never "nerdy" at all. Comic books, maybe, up until the 90s at least, but the movies were generally popular. And even then, comics were always made to appeal to the widest audience possible, one of the biggest problems with today's comics is that they pander to a small amount of people (sjws) and thus lose all interest from normalfags and otherwise cultured fellows like myself alike. 99% of the books put out today are made for roasties and fag twitter retards to buy issue #1 to brag about it online and then never buy another issue again, but to be happy that it exists because it's about time we had a black, queer, disabled superhero! And then the only people who will become further interesteed in these comics are the same type of roasties they're pandering to, meaning that the medium will either get worse, or by the point that its audience becomes able to join Marvel the sales will have gone down far enough that Disney will just fire everyone on Marvel Comics's staff and restart the industry with bland but marketable comics (like mcu movies) or just get rid of comics altogether, meaning the indie scene will have a new opportunity that it won't be able to take because the fact is, a healthy Marvel means a healthy comics industry, and when no one's buying Spider-man and X-Men and whatnot, even less people will see indie books they like sitting next to the big guys in stores. To make matters worse, DC is responding by making mediocre comics. It's all fucked.



one of those feeling emotion days,
absolutely disgusting.


>Nice guy. That series is so much fun.
Before 8/r9k/ went to shit, they had a thread on "benevolent Chads". I didn't contribute to the thread because I couldn't think of anything, but I wish I would have though of that story. He was a pretty nice guy overall too.
>These were never "nerdy" at all
True, but they weren't as trendy as they are now. Back then people could just watch the newest spider man movie or whatever and be done with it. Nowadays, you HAVE to watch the newest Avengers movie and buy a t shirt of said movie if you want to be "cool".
As I have said before, my gripe isn't with "nerdy" things becoming popular. My gripe is with """nerd culture""" making these things trendy and turning it into the new cool kid thing. It really goes to show the mindset of normalfags having to use literally everything to raise social status. Things like superhero movies and anime used to be seen as "nerdy" and normalfags wouldn't watch it because they didn't want to be looked down upon. Then they actaully started watching it, but instead of just enjoying it like a normal human being, they have to make it "cool" and "their thing". It's nobody's "thing", it's a form of entertainment. You're not "special" for watching it, so shut the fuck up.



>Before 8/r9k/ went to shit
Fuck, don't remind me. Active isps at 150 right now. I don't know why I even post there at all anymore.


I went there recently to find this: A guy on there used the term NORP (haven't heard that in a while) and everyone jumped him for using "boomer lingo". And then you have people asking things like "what's a roastie" or "what does entry level mean". I think it's safe to say that modern 4chan users are no older than 16.


I used to find 8/r9k/ tolerable when Pantsu(?) was in a charge a couple years ago but still liked /v9k/ more. Nowadays I'd put 4/r9k/ ahead even though it's shit because at least there you can speak your mind without being shut down. Somehow it feels more like what /r9k/ was.


>you can speak your mind without being shut down
From what I've seen Tyrone has been pretty good at keeping normalfaggotry out and allowing disagreements otherwise. Could just be that I don't go there often enough now though, could you give some examples?
>Somehow it feels more like what /r9k/ was
Personally I prefer the ideal it now aspires to be rather than the way it was, which was basically a glorified /b/ from what I remember. Unfortunately since it shares a name with 4chan's /r9k/ it will always have a steady stream of newfaggots that can't accept the changes and complain about the rules like they own the place.


>You're not "special" for watching it, so shut the fuck up
Btw, that was directed at the trendy """nerds""" and not you. Apologies if I pissed you off.


I've hit the post-motivation comedown. A few months of progress on personal projects hammered away with lots of focus and even some success. Now it's worn off and I'm left with semi-completed projects that I can't stomach to look at anymore. It's pretty incredible what you can manage without the fog hanging over your brain all the time.


What type of projects were you working on anon?


Some writing mostly, some self-driven study in vintage electronics (mostly tube radio) that went nowhere, and I also cleaned up an old Six-20 Brownie (E model, so somewhere between 1947-1957) I had and was going to get a 620 reel and start taking photos with it. I might still do the last one though. It's pretty easy to order that stuff on the internet. Problem is that it would probably set off my anxiety to actually try and take photos with a brownie because people would massively judge you. I just like the way that the colours come out on the older cameras, and mechanical technology in general is wonderful. I love the way that you can feel everything moving around inside as you push in the button, the big mechanical cha-ching from the shutter as it cycles and the fact that the viewfinder uses lenses and mirrors to project the image onto a small glass screen on the top of the camera rather than just using a scope. They don't make shit like that anymore, and the viscerality of this old technology is lovely. Same with tube radio, the way that things work in very basic ways compared to more modern technology which is far more arcane, and how basic maintenance involves opening it up and doing it yourself (you were expected to know how to change your own tubes back then). It just feels like a more honest piece of technology than what we have now. It's quite magical.


>Six-20 Brownie
Looked this up and it looks neat, hope you don't let people judging you for petty things stop you from doing things you want.
I do the same thing sometimes but anyone worth befriending anyway wouldn't be so superficial.
Would be cool to see some pictures you take with it if you fix it up, always cool seeing someone interested in certain crafts or at least the technical parts of how objects work.


The camera is in working condition. I just needed to clean out the dust really. Depending on how it looks if I do take photos though, I might need to get new lens covers. Doubt it though, it's not been banged up too bad and it doesn't look particularly scratched. It was mostly just finding it since I knew I had it but couldn't remember where. If I do end up getting some film for it, I'll for sure post some photos here. Or photos of photos anyway since it doesn't have its own USB plug. Here's the user manual if you're interested by the way.



Nice, would request a photo of the radio you're working on too love old electronics. Honestly I like the look of that camera more than most modern ones, I'm kinda interested in working on stuff like that to but I guess not enough to sit down and learn about it, Maybe i'll learn a little having to go through a lot of old crts, might try to clean them out and find a use for them.


I haven't got myself a fixer-upper radio yet. Unfortunately I'm not in the States where this kind of stuff is easily available. I was mostly just working my way through an old textbook on the subject (Elements of Radio Servicing by William Marcus & Alex Levy).

I didn't get as far through it as I would have liked to. It was one of my newer projects honestly. It was a new years thing to get back into tinkering which I hadn't done since I was very young. Before that, I was mostly just reading about various interesting subjects and bulked up my bookshelf a bit in the process.

As for old CRTs, there is actually an admittedly smaller but still around subgroup of the vintage electronics guys who do old school TV restorations. Depending on compatibility, it could be the best of both worlds for you.


I hate it when people feel the need to mention their girlfriend everywhere they fucking go. They could be talking about anything and they feel the need to mention their roastie gf. Let's say for example, you're watching an anime and you scroll down to the comment section and someone says "Me and my girlfriend love this show". News flash: "NO ONE GIVES A FUCK". I swear, the internet is turning into a digital highschool and it pisses me off.


Dude me and my girlfriend couldn't agree more. Yea it's pretty mental being an outcast and just observing all this. Be assured his girlfriend did not most likely enjoy it, as as far as I've seen woman enjoy little more than real life drama, romcoms, and fooling their provider they like their taste for easy princess treatment.
Men are also insecure so mentioning they have a pussy to pay for makes their egos more secure.


File: 1550215960570.jpg (88.17 KB,700x700,Picture of me when I made ….jpg)

Yeah, y'know… my girlfriend hates when people do that!
I'll be here all week, folks!
I do really hate that though. One of the many reasons I can't stand anywhere without a "no nonvirgins" rule.


I know you guys are just joking but you literally just mimicked those people to a t. It's truly amazing how these people are such jokes that even when you mock them you get the impression down pat. Beautiful.


>watching an anime and you scroll down to the comment section and someone says "Me and my girlfriend love this show"

This really shouldn't surprise you. Normies love anime.


How can you be mad at it?
You can't stop normans from behaving natural. They live for attention.

This site is really a bliss for me since it doesn't have trolls or incels. I don't know any other chans or sites like that


I know. I'm just stuck in the early to mid 2000s when anime was hated by normals and wasn't as trendy as it is now. It was a happier time.


I feel like most of the anime(at least those that I've watched) is made for normals and/or rushed with plot that sucks. How do you choose what you watch and how often drop it?


>How do you choose what you watch
My favorite genres are as follows: Horror, moe (moe is more of a broad term but yeah) and shounen. I also like anime that is very dark and gritty (so most of the anime that came out in the 90s).
>how often drop it?
Quite a bit. I've dropped a lot of shounen anime because they just keep dragging on and I mostly watch/read it for the novelty. I guess I've just grown out of moe in general because a lot of it just doesn't appeal to me anymore. And there isn't that much horror anime coming out anymore which is a shame.
>I feel like most of the anime is made for normals and/or rushed with plot that sucks
That's the case with most modern anime, or any form of visual entertainment in the modern day really. And now that seasonal anime is a thing, you are seeing more and more crap being pumped out simply because they need to rush it out as fast as possible. Not saying there isn't good anime coming out now but you have to wade through a cesspool to get to it.
If you want some really good anime, watch some old anime. That or get interested in manga/doujins because there is a lot less restrictions and more room for creativity.


>You can't stop normans from behaving natural
Can we just take a moment to talk about how fascinating normalfags really are. I live in a lower income neighborhood/town so I didn't run into a lot of normalfags in day to day life (unless you consider your typical blue collar redneck a normalfag, then yes). But then I went to a rich part of the state for my sister's birthday and I was beyond shocked. It was like the entire website of Instagram decided to live in this one city. The fact that all of these people looked and acted the same, with no real individuality really got to me.
Folks, forget what Wizchan told you. The NPC meme is real.


What would recommend from horror genre? I liked higurashi,jigoku shoujo and played corpse party, didn't liked another,elfen lied.
Tbh most of anime that is labelled as horror is just a psychological thriller or just gore. I'm mostly into oldies and manga just like you.
Normans are just npcs but a little more enlightened.
I think it's normal since they have coded in value system. Wear similar or even the same shit because it's trendy. Going in debts to have that fancy car to feel like someone better because it's affordable. Buying overprized stuff because of the trademark,if it's popular then it must be good am I right?
>Posted from my very expensive phone that is used only for snapchat and youtube while listening to some generic rap on my beats by dr.dre while wearing Gucci with yeezes
That's how brainwashing works


I dunno. I've come across a pretty diverse bunch in my time. They share typical likes and dislikes, and do similar things but I don't see that as any more bizarre than people on imageboards tending to like video games and anime. It's part of how people are socialised. Their mindset is very foreign to me, but I'd not consider it simplistic or inferior to my own as the 'NPC meme' says. That's just me though, I generally feel alien rather than antagonistic towards most other people.


File: 1550862363195.jpg (380.33 KB,481x434,dg52SH7.jpg)

Imo their mindset is mostly simplified because of lack of awarness and there is nothing wrong in it but sometimes it can cause hate and discrimination to ppl that are different.
Imo things that distinguish lizards from other ppl is level of WOKE and/or mental sickness.
Tho I don't feel superior


My mom easily gets angry but a few moments later she acts like nothing happened. Apparently its a thing all women do and it makes me not want to talk to her, or them. Why even bother if all your conflicting opinions will just make her ruin the mood and then have her come back a few moments later as nothing happened, with nothing improved? Might as well stay silent and do the minimal son interaction and enjoy the free food mommy gives me. I wish she didnt have this anger flaw, it makes all her niceness feel like a masquerade


File: 1551140947318.gif (1.03 MB,320x180,-yFExv.gif)

Being handicapped by phobia and weak will is fun. At least I'm past the suicidal phase. Existing is much better than being dead unless pain or mental illness is taking away all the joy.
My dream life is being a shut in. If I don't change myself soon I'll probably lose a chance to live that way.


I've been in a bit of a nihilistic/antinatalist rut recently. Like that life is defined by suffering and that it's all pointless anyways. Yet I feel like such a mood is empowering me. I feel like everyday I push on in this shitty existence, it makes me stronger. I suppose depressing things make me happy and that most happy things except anime girls make me depressed. Strange how that works huh?


there are so many things i must do and even more things i would like to do and i've no will for either


File: 1552241635400.jpg (929.21 KB,970x1787,1456128794688.jpg)

Been in this mindset for years, but yea noticing the numerable faults of reality can really help you except your own and allow you to live day to day.


do what I do and set very small goals for yourself


File: 1554121862889.png (177.37 KB,444x325,1491304808428.png)



File: 1554190918610.png (404.4 KB,736x551,1502811643643.png)

Dear barracks roommate,
You're not a bad guy, but if you wake me up at 1:30 am by blasting your subwoofer and then trash the kitchen while I'm at work the day before a barracks inspection again I will beat you to death.
your roommate


File: 1554199471022.jpg (323.9 KB,751x1534,afcc52e8dab913105da4a54465….jpg)

My feel is getting too niggercattle-tier and I'm afraid I won't be able to post here any longer in due time.
So I think I'll save it for some other board. Or for something else. It's like all the Virgin vs Chad memeing got in my brain and started acting more niggercattle-tier because of it. Would be hypocritical from my part to be disgusted at the state of the modern world and also indulging and prolonging it's terminal disease that is hedonism.


Not necessarily, unless you're talking about chasing girls. I'm degenerate in every sense of the word, besides relationship wise.
How long have you been in the military anon? what type of duties are you assigned to?


File: 1554284373336.jpg (54.01 KB,540x443,1519279146492.jpg)

>How long have you been in the military anon? what type of duties are you assigned to?
about a year, generally 10% of what I do is shooting machine guns and using explosives (my actual job) and 90% is cleaning the motor pool, picking up trash, getting yelled at for stuff I didn't do, and losing sleep.
I've met one other lizard while in but he's in another unit.


I remember going to the military recruiting office and overhearing a soldier bragging about fucking a girl on his new bed. Thank god I didn't follow through and join the army. I feel for you liz.


Good on you liz I couldn't handle it, I'd Private Pyle it.
Sounds like an interesting life experience at least, how long do you plan on staying? God speed with your barracks troubles.


it's pretty job/unit dependent man, some guys are lucky and get stationed in air force bases and basically live in paradise.
my contract is up at the end of 2022 and I plan to leave and not look back.


File: 1554451140894.jpg (228.05 KB,900x563,rayage.jpg)




Stock up on soda and ramen noodles, get a fan and chain lock your door. Don't give into the warmies lizard.


File: 1554554023728.png (1.35 MB,1413x975,chuckles.png)

just mad anger


File: 1554557750618.gif (1.56 MB,344x233,ourobouros.gif)

Wireless mouse are complete garbage and they keep stop working every 2 minutes but it beats having to use long USB cables that twist themselves over in my bed. They are also fragile as shit but I shouldn't be slamming my mouse around


I had one of those but the scroll wheel would work oddly, like it only worked in short half-second spurts. It was cheap though.


I have two shelves of ramen noodles, yet nothing else. These are trying times.
Simply use it on your stomach hair works on my machine


>yet nothing else

Not a big problem. There's a lot of different ways to cook up ramen noodles.


>34 minutes of noodles
And I thought I was clever when I used half the water and stuck some butter in there.


I have so many movies and series I want to watch in theory, but for some reason I just end up saving touhou pictures and staring at walls.
I ate one raw but I want to try some of these in the future.


File: 1554645088569.png (747.06 KB,1000x1000,Chow_Mein.png)

>half the water and stuck some butter

If you can find them in your area buy yourself some of these.


File: 1555812644734.png (11.83 KB,560x407,1451023762733.png)

Turns out I have a non-cancerous tumor in my back.


do you have to get it removed?
I gotta get a root canal or two, flip these human bodies.


Cool, I might have one in my leg. It hasn't been diagnosed as one, but it's bulging out and gives me a bit of discomfort after long work hours.


So I am recovering from what some leftycucks have called "the alt-right pipeline". I never really fell for the whole neo nazi bullshit until I started spending extended amounts of time on 8chan. Here is some advice for anyone going down the same path I am: GET THE FUCK OUT NOW! The amount of hate I became filled with was absolutely crippling and led me to feel hopeless about anything and everything. The increased amounts of stress from constantly being told that the world was fucked and that brutal fascism was the only way forward wasn't fun either. And then on top of that, it became harder to control my temper and I almost lost my job which actually would have been a good thing now that I think about it. Now I'm not saying that you should love everyone 100% and I'm sure as hell aren't saying that you should become a leftist (I'm not becoming one, and that's for damn sure) but try not to fall down the same path I did.


Hatred is the natural conclusion for restricting retribution it seems.


Don't get me wrong, I still hate society and most people. I'm just a bit more optimistic and not filled with hatred for life in general.


The funny thing is that I'd bet that most of the people spreading hate probably never even interacted with the group of people that they're hating on.

They make the reasons of why a pattern is present in a group of people way more simple that what it actually is reaching the conclusion then that X is bad because… that's just how X is or it's just genetics.

Like everything I think that if a conglomerate persons acts a certain way there's a multitude of reasons why and you can't just pinpoint one specific reason and say "that's why".

Just my two cents on this.


File: 1555879334215.jpg (31.75 KB,600x808,ee1.jpg)

Not the anon you responded to (I'm the one above that post).
I had a lot of bad experiences with niggers when I was a kid, still do today. I find that more often than not it's the other way around to what you said, that most people who are against racism and the like aren't actually interacting with other races that often, they're just against racism in an abstract sense. The ones who are really bad though is the "diversity is strength" type because they want them to come into areas that are already flourishing and they think that then it'll help whatever black gay cripple they bring in when in reality the opposite happens, and the diversity shitter ruins the whole group. An analogy I thought of the other day is that a bad apple spoils the whole bunch, not the other way around. You can't make a bad apple good by putting it where good apples are.


I suppose you're from the US which I can't relate so I won't confirm or deny your experience.

I grew up in more or less central-south Europe (so from what I understand and read online a different kind of "niggers") and I've seen some blacks here and there and for the most part they were all ok looking people or at least that's what they looked like to be.
Had a bunch of them in school also and they weren't troublemakers or any of that sort, they were like just everybody else.
Not going to deny there are bad apples because that would be stupid (this however was before the huge migrant crisis is still going on to this day). The only thing with the typical /pol/ rhetoric I disagree with is the fact that they want to throw everybody under the same umbrella.
A black man or woman that act like a civil person, following the rules of the land and takes responsibility for their action is no enemy of mine. I can't understand why should I hate or dissociate from someone like this to be honest.


I work with a lot of low-income foreigners, and have lived in low-income housing with a tweaker, dodgy cab drivers who barely spoke English and so on. I've been around the 'scum' of society. Even with all that, the ones who routinely fuck me over are my 'fellow whites'. So based on the fact that I've had a lot of bad experiences with whites, following your line of thought, I should discriminate against every single person with white skin?

I'm against racism because I see no reason to fuck with somebody who isn't fucking with you, and if they are fucking with you, then it's a matter between people, deal with it without dragging everybody unfortunate enough to share a skin colour with you into it as well.

>You can't make a bad apple good by putting it where good apples are.

You also can't always easily spot a worm in an otherwise 'good' apple neither. World's more complex than good and bad apples unfortunately.


Fucking this. I'm in a similar situation and you really start to realise the world isn't so black and white as /pol/ portrays it as. Arseholes can be found in any religion, race, gender, social class, etc; just the same as how decent people can be found in any religion, race, gender, social class, etc.


>no reason to fuck with somebody who isn't fucking with you

The thing is with group dynamics you can be put in real bad situations if you don't stick with your own. It's why people segregate in prison. I grew up in an area that's majority mud race and learnt this lesson at a young age after a couple of fist fights. When I started sticking with my own race I still got messed with but never as bad as when I was being a wigger.

Like it or not when you're in a multicultural environment it opens you up to be a target of victimization. It's always better to blend into the masses of your own people.


And who creates 'group dynamics' that turn bad? People on both sides who instead of dealing with their problems, drag everybody around them into their shit because they lack the pair to clean up their own fucking mess.

I grew up around a lot of 'my own people'. I've been in more than 'a couple' of fist fights. I've broken at least one nose and put more than one head into a brick wall at school. Never had a problem with white people as a group despite that personally. Certainly not enough to start slinging crap to the equivalent of 'mud race'.

Segregation in prison isn't universal (even in California you have the NF which is primarily Latin with significant Black and White membership though) and even where it is a thing, it's often got a deeper reason to it than just race. The gangs are essentially there to keep groups with outside shit out of each others way instead of fucking it up for everybody else. If anything, they're more about keeping everybody from being dragged into one person's shit than any kind of racial solidarity.


> who creates 'group dynamics'

Human beings are naturally tribal. There's no getting around this. If the group you belong to isn't tribal enough you'll get taking advantage of by tougher and more ruthless group. It's basic game theory.

>white people as a group

You should be more guarded when around those particular types of whites guy. If you don't you're not learning anything from your experiences.

Just like you should be on your guard when you deal with muds and gays. It's common sense.

>than any kind of racial solidarity

Watch season 5 of 60 days in. The racial politics in the prison system is deep and intense. Your entire life in there is based around racial solidarity. If your group sees you as a traitor they'll attack you on the first good opportunity.


Yeah, I'm supposed to get it removed in the next month or so.
When I twist my torso or lift something heavy I can feel the muscles in my back being strained by it.


I'm going to sound like a schizo but those whites likely had a good amount of jew in them. The kike gene is strong. I knew of a lot of guys in highschool that were very white-looking but were really jewish and by Jewish I mean that they celebrated Hanukkah and they were rich. and they talked about being opressed because of their jewishness even though they looked white. They were fucking weasels. But also what >>3478 said applies as well, it's the reason that SJW types are such huge liars and cunts to each other, it's all a competition and they have no identity despite identity being one of the main things that they preach about.


All I see is
>don't lump all muh h'whytes together, there are good and bad ones
>but avoid all of these groups I don't like, they are all bad to a man

I am thinging 'why bother continuing this?'


Race is just one of many factors when judging a person. An important one I must stress because being race blind can get you killed.

We're trying to tell you that if you're not willing to judge people based on their skin colour that makes you a fool.

>they are all bad

Well most non-whites live in squalor in countries made up of nothing but themselves so yeah, by and large they do kind of suck.


File: 1556372620115.jpg (175.25 KB,924x1300,D5GsAJUXkAI38Rq.jpg)

I don't know why but I still hold peoples opinion of me pretty highly and I think it's one of the things that destroyed my drive to socialize without anonymity. In real life just everyone but family and salesmen tend to dislike you if you're not in their club. And online it's if you share one label someone just feels like hating you're useless, and it leads to even worse hierarchy bullshit. I hate that you can't trust anyone, and even your own arrogance and your families work against you at times behind even good will.
I've started to want to be forgotten, and am scared of people knowing I exist.
Maybe this will help me become more of a self sufficient individualist in the future.
How can people be so optimistic in a world full of negativity even they propagate?


Dead and lost


I have a few old gpus,rams,and cpu heatsinks. I decided to sell them very cheaply for those in need (old stuff like ddr2 ram and half gb gpu). Anxiety is eating me alive,talking on phone is very stressful for me and I feel like that those who are calling just want to resell it. xd


the more someone gets to know me online the further our distance seems to become

what starts as a fiery passionate friendship of common interests disintegrates into silence and one word responses


Futas are for posting on /meta/ only
I'd do the same thing, all my old pc stuff got melted in a fire though.
so many wasted sticks of ram and old cables etc.


File: 1556578992042.jpg (101.74 KB,1024x768,dq01k-ddcd6225-c03d-4073-8….jpg)

I feel sorry for that but check dis out
hehe I sold it for 0.01 euro because I thought the guy was poor and he has even older build cuz he told me that he's building it for himself. So I was like hey do U want a mobo and psu with case too? :DDD
So we're entering the building and I ask him ,what's his current gear.
>1080 and i7
Then I was like oh shittt, I can't just tell him to fuck off so I gave him this old pc because I'm bitchass that can't say no. I was listing those and wrote clearly that those parts are for ppl that really need it and can't afford good pc.
At least 30euro went to some other guy that works in computer service xdd
Fuck it all I'm done helping others.


>talking on phone is very stressful

I'm the same way. Phones are my enemy.


Realizing that if anything makes me leave my room in the next few years it will be starting to starve, or boredom. The sadness is nothing compared to the boredom, it manifest into this sick at my stomach feeling and staring at something as it gives me just as much dopamine as activity.


Your boredom problem can be solved with video games and your food problem with mega packages of instant noodles. The real issue you should worry about is health, both physical and mental.


>boredom problem can be solved with video games
It's gotten rarer, I never really want to play them any more for anything else but something to do.
>your food problem with mega packages of instant noodles.
But how long will I be the Baron of noodle delivery? my family will surely kick me out at some point.
>The real issue you should worry about is health, both physical and mental.
Yea this is what instigates the boredom, It's just I can't even see it as an illness as it's not really curable. I just don't feel much anymore but the edgy teen side of emotions. I'm at least trying to be healthier, not to live long but just to see what I can become.


>never really want to play them

Try simple, tower defense type games. They always seem to give my dopamine levels a kick.

>my family will surely kick me out out at some point

Unless your family consists a single cat lady mom you're probably right.


File: 1558255934906.jpg (100.75 KB,1086x696,20190518164741_1.jpg)

>Try simple, tower defense type games.
Got any reccomendations? don't have to be too simple o' course.
To counter my statement I've been playing through Lisa today and it's pretty great.
>Unless your family consists a single cat lady mom
I have one of those, it's worse than the title lets on though, I couldn't live with the smell alone.



Most td games are pretty similar, and I haven't played nearly enough to be an authority on them. The Kingdom Rush games are pretty fun and you can play the flash versions for free.

>I have one of those

You might be in luck then. She probably likes your company, even though you spend most of your time holed up in your room.


I used to play a lot of bloons td5 back in hs. I'll vouch for it's addictiveness.


File: 1558357457926-0.jpg (103.4 KB,1920x1080,20190519001716_1.jpg)

File: 1558357457926-1.jpg (127.5 KB,1318x527,20190518233107_1.jpg)

Yea kingdom rush is great, finished them all while having to go to appointments though. Might have to try and finish Orcs must die, remember it being pretty decent.
>She probably likes your company, even though you spend most of your time holed up in your room.
Yea she's suggested I could stay with her whenever, If I go homeless I may end up just sleeping there, time changes a lot though never know.
Will check it out, need to keep myself distracted this month so will help out.


File: 1558618080341.jpg (46.62 KB,512x600,ee49d9b8063c0ef8961a713cac….jpg)

I'll always hate Blooms TD because of was my first exposure to microtransactions in a flash game. That coupled with the ffact that the game doesn't look that good to spend money on, I was a bigger fan of Gemcraft myself.


File: 1558874807448.png (149.11 KB,500x514,im-virgin-you-know-1624788….png)

Discord for liz: https://discord.gg/CVNfCaF
Sidenote: this is a dead, unmoderated wizchan discord from a year or two ago.

If anyone is lonely and wants to chat right now I'll be here.


I don't like social medias but if others join I might make an account, if only because other lizards are there.


File: 1558888647750.jpg (174.83 KB,800x788,1493867989724.jpg)

You're repeating the same mistakes that have doomed virgin imageboards again, for the tenth time. At this point it must be on purpose.


how about an irc channel?


Fuck off normalscum


File: 1558920295443.jpg (44.4 KB,450x398,269449bf98e51a623e53dc336a….jpg)

um okay
>wizchan discord
fuck offffffff


File: 1558922559658.jpg (27.07 KB,260x384,77342712.jpg)



I am trying to be more social just so I can maybe use it to my advantage if I need a job later, but discord makes me anxious for some reason, to easy to turn into a hierarchy, and nothing to talk about unless you're playing a game.


I'm not playing games anymore but discord or thread "find Your gaming Lizzie" sounds good


>I'm not playing games anymore but discord or thread "find Your gaming Lizzie" sounds good
Sounds also incredibly gay too, you may find better luck shilling your tranny club on wizchan, Reiko.


If we're on the topic of congregating outside of this website, what about sharing emails? Might devolve into shit, or even start out shit, but it'd at least be better than discord. Although an irc channel like >>3727 suggested might be good as well.
Not sure what's wrong with just staying here though, maybe it'd be good to have a backup if there's ever a reason to leave or if the site dies.


Maybe if you needed someone to play co-op games with like torchlight etc.
Hell text chat would be manageable.
I mainly just play multi-player team shooters though.
I don't know, lizchans the only site I post on, I don't really think I'd want to move unless it was just being put under a new domain name.


The previous wizchan discords failed because they all had power-tripping incel mods. This one is abandonded and has ~5-10 people still active that barely post. It's too dead for the wizchads and the cliquers are all in their private discords.


5-10 people from wizchad is still concerning. I'll try joining later just to see what it's like but I probably won't like it, and I never know what to use for a username. I'd probably just prefer posting here but I'll give it a shot, if I didn't at least see what it was about I'd feel bad for not looking on the offchance that it's nice there. Although I thought when you said it was dead that there were no users at all, just yourself.


Nevermind this, the place is fucking dumb, just a bunch of faggots shitposting and arguing, by no means dead. There's about 3 dedicated posters from the looks of things and one of them just pops in to share shitty memes. I thought when you said "chat" you meant having conversation, not a fucking word salad duet. This is fucking gay and shit. If having messages every day is considered dead then I never want to join an active discord server fucking ever. How awful.
If a lizard made a dedicated lizard discord that was for actual conversation I'd join. The writing channel looks good but the last two posts were shitposts so I'm not getting into that shit. Fuck all normalnigger social medias, fuck having a username. Even when there's no one left it devolves into shit.


File: 1559059293310-0.jpg (48.27 KB,352x550,105955046-352-k139405.jpg)

File: 1559059293310-1.jpg (45.42 KB,400x615,reinhard-von-lohengramm-30….jpg)

File: 1559059293310-2.jpg (46.55 KB,225x339,37610.jpg)

Why isn't life like my Japanese motion pictures bros, I feel like there's no worthwhile moral to my story. I have the workerbot german personality without motivation to work and I don't even really care about money.
I just wish I had something worth fighting for, or more importantly, a voice or personality I was happy with.
Maybe then I'd be fine that others have always stabbed me in the back or that my position in life wasn't the best, or that the world itself seems like a self devouring carnival show.


Fuck it I want to vent more.
Time screws me over so hard due to my motivation issue, It's like everything bad is so easy to continue doing, yet anything that would help; like a better diet, cultivation of a hobby or skill - the motivation crashes once I notice it requires effort, or even hurts for some reason.
It's like one side of my mind is an idealistic child and the other a depressive adult, and the child keeps wanting to try this or that for joy, or gets resentful of others happiness, while the adult realizes that it does nothing for him but bother him, and wishes everyone was happy but finds it unpleasant that while many seem to be to some extent he's utterly bankrupt of the feeling.
A therapist i'm being prompted into seeing say's she doesn't think i'm mentally ill, In which I agree to an extent. But then says that we all have our purpose even though It might not seem so currently. I want to believe that so much, that it hurts that I can't.
It feels like everyone started with a foundation, and while most (at least in the US or UK) were built on stone, mine has been sinking in the mud since birth and I'm just sitting on my roof buying time looking at the sturdy houses others are building pleasant memories in.
subscribe for more blog updates.


File: 1559096210940.gif (798.58 KB,400x225,1440523387_tumblr_nonldtdL….gif)

Well human purpose is to fuck,have kids and/or pray to follow some religion. There is nothing more to it.
I'm in the same situation. I don't have any goals so I'm just saving money for being a shut-in and if things go very well then maybe creating Liznest™
I'm trying to enjoy my life even though I have no motivation.
U just gotta force being productive and maybe the meaning will come later


Ffs I write like retard because of my absent mind


I know in the long run it's all that matters, in a biological feedback loop sort of way. I think media has brainwashed me to an extent where I've just come to expect more from reality. But hell in reality i'm the budget npc looking in at the human happiness simulator, only written to show people what not to become, or be spawned as. I think that desire for more is warranted in some way, just not realistic.
And hell yea liz keep at it, I hope you guys make it, at least long enough for me to keep reading your post.
It's all good, the only thing I'm decent at is writing I'd like to think, though it takes me absurdly long to make a post.


>Guy on the right looks cool, I wonder what manga he's from?
>Looks cool, I'l read a synopsis to see what it's about
>Synopsis, only a few lines long, spoils the end of the manga


The ending is the worst part I also had it spoiled, is unironically a case of journey over destination. I feel the same about all 3 is part of why I posted them.


File: 1559167802772.png (60.5 KB,186x332,_mildch_imgs_6_e_6e7bf7ef.png)

Yeah U're kinda brainwwashed.
>only written to show people what not to become
Why does that matter to You? U don't have to be better than others and being worse changes nothing.
None of it matters and since U're looking for motivation trying to not be example of "what not to become" may be Your goal.




File: 1562991072723.jpg (223.82 KB,1920x1200,1561489293082.jpg)

I'm tired of wasting money on pizza, caffeine, and junk food, but my only other option for feeding myself is to go to the dining hall on my base that serves prison food.
I just want to ETS already.


Oh no you have too much cash
Save up for eternal neeting baka


I really, really, REALLY have a need to kill.
I've been postponing it too much, but I REALLY need to kill.


me first me first


*stabs you in the stomach*


Aim for my neck i'm to fat to die from a stomach stabbing.


File: 1563230219463.png (59.63 KB,1024x434,0e2c178ce9f18fb5ce764db190….png)

That's not how anatomy works


Trust me I know how anatomy works, I'm an avid anime girl collector.


How do people have long surges of will power and desire for self improvement?
Mine at most last two days before I fall back into my inescapable fate.


>two days
Mine last two minutes.


>surges of will power and desire for self improvement

About 15 minutes a week. The rest of the time I feel acceptance.


File: 1564298559080.gif (1.91 MB,480x270,WaryDifferentAfricangolden….gif)

I mosty do all the household work but everyone doesn't appreciate it and points out meaningless things.
It's really sad when ppl get used to good things and those deeds lose their worth.
Fugging family preying on me, meanwhile not so younger brother is slacking off all the time and no one bothers him.


Yea it's negativity bias, while you may have done all these things it's easier to focus on the things that weren't.
Hope you at least get some cash or get to live rent free.


>get to live rent free
Oh riiiight.
Funny that I got so angry about doing all the cleaning by myself as a black sheep.
It's not that hard anyway and the second thing that I have to do is attending classes.
I forgot that few months ago I had to sell mostly all my stuff because mom said gtfo.

It's really pitiful how some ppl have good living conditions but are used to them and they're butthurt over nothing. That's just silly. I feel like an idiot for that thought pattern.
Thanks for brightening things out Lizzie


It's fine to not be happy with it, guess i was just repeating what I do to myself since I do the same.
My situation is different though as i'm just left in my room and they don't try to "fix" me.
>and they're butthurt over nothing.
It's warranted for everyone liz, we're creatures made to thrive off discomfort as it spurs the desire to fight it, and that will inevitably effect our mental states. I'm glad to see ya sticking around though I remember those post.


I envy Your life then.
Wanna blogpost about it? I'm really curious how did You achieved it.
I guess it's more of a matter of parents personality than ones actions but it's still bugging me how they left you to be neet.
You're living a dream. If I were You I'd keep house clean at all times and cook food to show my gratitude.

I started dreaming about hikki life when I was 13. Hope Your ride won't end as disaster


File: 1564565329073.jpg (167.3 KB,700x874,62903695_p0.jpg)

I've told most of it on here before, Yea it was mostly fate and luck, by all accounts I should be homeless or dead by now If I actually had to play human.
My family is held together by my dad and grandfather, both of which I really get along with because we're all polite and restrained socially.
They work all week, get home and can only manage to sleep.
When I was little I had a string of shitty years and shared my point of view that life is shit and no ones bothered to rebuke me too hard on it.
They most likely sympathize and just don't have the time to battle my opinion as they're constantly to tired. So now I have three options on places to stay as the essential shameful neet uncle because everyone else bailed at the idea of taking care of them when they're older.
Really it's just a case of my family putting undue importance on my opinion of them and their selves for how they treat family.
We're all pushovers to some extent, and all battle with a lack of positive self worth so they're people pleasers and i'm a soundboard to vent to.
Good news is if you get a job you'll be more wealthy than i'll ever be, and have a stable avenue for self reliance.
I'm completely dependent, and will always live off scraps.
While my situation might seem better now, remember my life span will be a lot shorter if nothing tragic happens, and you'll have a lot of time to make up for things time wise, beable to experience new experimental drugs, games, just general future niceties.
Also yea I help with chores, I neglect them though sometimes due to escapism addiction, can't even be a role model neet.


woops don't let me blog post I almost wrote a book


Thanks that was a nice read.
Well I can have "better" life in eyes of other ppl but only my feelings matter and at this moment I wouldn't want more than what You have.
I hope that Your bad thoughts are not clouding little paradise that You have.
Take care of health Lizzie please


I will never get an associate's degree since the classes I take literally are hosted once per year. It's horrifying, honestly. I'm sadly, at a point in my life where I am stagnating, but I'm working on other things that have been tormenting me, like my backlog of video games. Even my father has encouraged me to finish a game, and I'm glad for that. I've been looking for jobs for a while, but I stopped for a week. I still have much to do, and I hope by my next birthday, I'll be in a better place. I should keep a journal to document my successes. I should have done that years ago.

My parents are planning to move to another state in one to two years. I've told them my possibility of homelessness. It would seem they are going to allow me to join them, but I don't want to go to that state. It reminds me of a person who I've wronged. I don't really wish to go into it, but I am not a good person, in my own opinion. I'm not sure if my father believes I will truly go homeless, and I know, even though I've been casually preparing for it for a few years now, even looking on youtube for actual homeless people's testimonials by others wishing to get the word out, I don't feel ready or able, mentally, to do this. Suicide is a real possibility.




I will miss the trees, the sun, and nature itself. I have a lot to live for and I have a lot of things to look forward to. I want to explore the mountains, walk in state parks, and walk in the forest. I want to finally see the next update to dwarf fortress, or surpass my expectations on what I could become. I want to better myself so I can tell myself that all of those years ago that I was wrong about how I would end up.

I just hope I can prove myself now so that later, I can enjoy this lovely earth, horrifying as it can be.

Sorry for the long post.


It's not hard to get a job but it is when you're looking for comfy one.
It's just another place idk what's the problem.
>brainwashed that you have to be someone "successful"
Can't help with that one.

You have supporting family that is willing to help and live with Ya.
You wouldn't need anything more than low paid job.
What's the problem?
no bulli


>never get an associate's degree

Not that it matters or anything. I've talked to guys who said their associate's degree is completely worthless when it came to getting a job. Hopefully you've at least been getting a bus pass and a tax write off from going to school.


File: 1565146622665.png (259.79 KB,564x520,1817597.png)

3 hours of laying brainlessly trying to sleep, suddenly it gets very hot so I take off the blanket.
Few minutes later I feel that my foot is itchy af, I scratch it once and it feels like hell.
Turned on the light to see what's up.
Over fucking twenty spots. I started looking for those fuckers that did it.
Found a tiny little bug with wings. I'll torture it tomorrow.
I get feeling like something is walking on me but It's only delusion.
For fuck's sake from hypersomnia to insomnia. I'm so tired but cant fall asleep. I have no idea what causes it.
Oh and my allergies are killing me
Two cats - itchy
Nickel - itchy scars from freaking buttons
Milk or lactose - itchy itchy
Idk - clogged nose for almost entire year(mouthbreather lmfao)
AAAAAAAAA and muh ballz are annoying me so much.
You can't have ballz cut off unless you have cancur or want to change sex. Fuck off gov


Hate trying to sleep and every time I find a comfortable but weird position I think about the possible testicular torsion and instantly revert back to the default.


You have that condition or just schizoing?
Isn't it a thing that happens only to ppl under 18?




>ballz cut off

For the right price I'm sure you can find a local vet that is willing to do the surgery.


cute thread on hold until upload errors are gone.
It can happen to anyone but is kind of rare, I guess i'm just hyper paranoid about groin trauma, if theirs a place i'm as protective of as my head, secondarily it'd be my crotch.


File: 1565396854380.png (697.17 KB,1090x602,3je6nvtvidc31 (1).png)

I'd have to contact vet online but even the prize would be very high since he's doing a crime that can get him in jail and end his career so that would cost a looooot.
Probably even more than changing gender.
Travelling to Thailand and getting it done there sounds like the best option.
but befpre that I'll focus on saving on hikki life.
that sucks but I'm happy that you're only paranoid at one thing



>>brainwashed that you have to be someone "successful"

I'm not completely lost. I realize these goals aren't universal, and maybe one day, I'll get over it. Still, I never thought I could get any career in the first place, so if I did become successful, it would be a personal achievement more than one based on society.

>You have supporting family that is willing to help and live with Ya.

Sadly, they'll be moving, and my mom (of course), and my dad, to an extent really want me to get a full time job or career. If I get out though, I'll probably not speak with them in a long time.

I luckily have a lot of other goals that don't coincide with just getting a career, so I might be able to do one of those. I wouldn't mind living cheaply with a lower paid job as long as it sustains me and doesn't kill me physically or mentally.

Thanks for the support.


>Not that it matters or anything. I've talked to guys who said their associate's degree is completely worthless when it came to getting a job. Hopefully you've at least been getting a bus pass and a tax write off from going to school.

Thank you. I know I don't need one, but only a certification. A lot of the jobs I'm looking at also require experience, at least a minimum of one year. I don't know if I'll be able to study to get a certification, but I've looked over some of the beginning certifications, and they have very familiar content.

All this time, I've been sad about wasting time and money, honestly. It's one of the reasons why I never went to a university. I knew I wouldn't make it and be in debt. At least I'm at least partially right. Still, I would say most of my life has been filled with sadness. So far, this isn't good.


File: 1565447740738.jpg (6.73 KB,280x157,280x157-BV9.jpg)

Woke up about an hour ago and I'm already feeling tired. I have shit to do but my body is telling me to crawl back into bed. I hate when this happens.


Funny, I haven't slept in about a day and a half and I feel fucking great. No coffee or anything. I must be stealing your lifeforce.


Sounds like bad sleep shedule.
I know that feel but better go to sleep so your brain won't melt.

Slept 4 hours today and woke up at 8a.m, going to fall asleep early because sleeping 14 hours or 5 is not comfy at al.
I think I won't have any problems with waking up or falling asleep when I start waking up at atleast 8am


Muh brain is already zzzz as you can see from my writing


>I know that feel but better go to sleep so your brain won't melt.
I just sleep when I feel the need. I'll probably sleep tonight though.


>stealing your lifeforce

Give me my lifeforce back!

>bad sleep shedule

It's terrible. I regularly switch from being up all night to going to bed early in the evening.


iktf, I tried to fix it, it's better than before
I wake up at 16 and the next day at 8.
Well it's better than sleeping up to 14 everyday


I'm wide awake but can only think of sleep


>I'm wide awake

or maybe you're asleep wanting to wake up. think about it.


that's simply impossible i do the pinch test every minute


try flicking on a light switch. if it doesn't work you'll know you're still in a dream


God damn I hate buying shoes. Those fuckers working there must get really fucking bored, the only place that people approach me is at the shoe store.


beware of ALL employed footfags




>mommy is going to start making me pay rent
Fucking hell. I just wanted to eat and sleep until I die. Is that too much to ask? I wish I had enough energy to be angry.


Does she even need the money or is she doing it to spite you?


Goodluck liz, I hope you can talk her out of it, or at least find a part time job that isn't horrible.
christian board you heathen


>job that isn't horrible

hah, like such a thing even exists. the best he can hope for is finding a job that won't completely crush his soul


File: 1566449277106.jpg (29.94 KB,640x360,ShinjiAoba.jpg)

Goddamn it, I hate the liberal press so fucking much, I start yelling at my family everytime I arrive home and see them eating that shit up. I just can't handle it.


you think you can do some manual labor for a workshop or something? i do that and i find it a better waste of my time than other wage options (although ive never done other kinds of work). time goes by fairly quickly, especially if the work requires doing different things (makes it feel less tedious). i had no resume worries because of family connections, but to my knowledge nor did anyone else. if they looked fit enough, they were put to work, and if the work wasnt good enough they get the boot. plus the work isnt consistent, if you arent needed they will tell you, thus netting you free time that your mom cant complain about. maybe look into jobs that get increased demand seasonally, thus you can have more chances to stay home in off seasons
you dont need to like it, but as long as the work can make the time fly by (i find that from morning to lunch the time flies faster, in comparison to lunch to home time) it should be tolerable. i dont even mind going to work these days, i dont really do anything at home, so working makes the day go by faster


I've noticed there's like a cult of christian grannies that browse facebook and will swoon every time they see a baby who was born with some horrible disease make it out of the womb, and they'll watch the news/cops and will get really high off how scary the world is yet be ecstatic about every birth.
It's kind of horror in plain sight.
True, i'd define having your soul crushed as horrible though, maybe he could part time in a slow work place, he'd at least keep half his soul i'd wager.


Next Monday I will have to clock back in at work. I'm dreading every second of it.


>manual labor
>time goes by fairly quickly

this is a lie


Not that lizanon but I find time goes quickly when doing manual labour too. I'll spend what feels like an hour or 2 only to check the time and find 4 or 5 hours have passed.


That's not what manual labor is like for most people, for most people it's a grind.


Huh. I find it quite liberating. Each to their own


>wage slavery

Good goy!


I wasn't on about it in a job sense, I was on about working in my field in my spare time. I finished building a chicken run earlier in the summer and the other day cleared 5&1/2 acres of ragweed up.


Just worked from 9 to 6 in a field and don't think I could stomach that much work regularly, slept for 12 hours right after I got back.
I'd like it in short spurts a lot more than an office job though.
It's true if you're focused and perfectionistic, but isn't necessarily something that makes it worthwhile.


I enjoy it a lot more because I own the field and if I got paid for it I'd work there everyday. That's probably why you don't enjoy it as you don't have as much investment into it.


I've done agricultural work in the past. Yeah, it's more bearable than other forms of wage slavery, but still the pay was shit and the work was pretty rough.

I wouldn't call any job liberating because I'd sooner be somewhere else than be at a job site 99% of the time. And at a majority of the jobs I had I was straight up betraying my identity, having to do tasks that were degrading or humiliating.


>tasks that were degrading or humiliating
Mind if I ask what they were? Did you eventually leave because they conflicted with your beliefs?


>what they were

Situations were I had to be confrontational and I don't quite have the personality for it. Like telling people they needed to leave an area at a certain time and them not taking me seriously. Or situations where I had to be sociable for hours on end when I'm introverted and prefer to be alone.

>eventually leave

I did but not as soon as I should. I was young and didn't know any better at the time. Anytime you get a job you're almost always going to have to betray your identity in some way. It's part of life I guess.


File: 1566885728133.jpg (42.09 KB,307x307,halal.jpg)

So my house is infestated with cockroaches and flies, I was thinking of hiring an exterminator but I got told that just a syringe should be enough.
Does anybody in here have anything that I could use? The amount of bugs creeeping out at night makes me fear I'm getting schizophrenic


Buy lizard,frog and snek


eat the bugs


File: 1566926823071.png (736.61 KB,1161x600,ClipboardImage.png)

That would make me even more schizophrenic, and is basically what the Agenda 21 fags want to shill


File: 1566955040104.jpeg (19.43 KB,540x540,spray.jpeg)

Get some bug spray. And make sure you take out all your garbage, something within your place is probably attracting them.

That or you could eat them for nutrients like the other lizard said.


youre looking for those packs of poison bait. exterminators use it too as a form of "long term treatment". you squeeze a bit out in the corners and nooks of where you spot them, and hope they come by and eat it. i dont think i have any on hand to show you, maybe some old and ones, but you should be able to find them in store. its that or smoke bombing. if its infested, then they could be living in the walls/vents, and youll definitely need a smoker to clear that methinks


>look up pictures of "ninja" for a drawing reference
>some faggot with blue hair is on every fucking picture
>some streamer that plays Fortnite and is super popular
>now to get a picture of a proper ninja I'll have to type "historical ninja" or "Chinese ninja" or something like that
It's the little things that get on my nerves the most.


Haha no way! It's probably because you googled or played fortnite
>googles ninja
Wtf It's full of him. I expected some pics of him but not in the every picture o.0


1 nothin wrong with me
2 nothin wrong with me
3 nothin wrong with me


Oh man, I love Pantera




File: 1567320217932.png (350.33 KB,608x551,satan.png)

Is making a themed imageboard worth it?
I dig the idea and for the next months I don't have much to do.
My main theme would be madness, anger, and generally a place to vent out and say angry shit without poseurs and warm-bloods.


i mean you can already do all that stuff here but i guess ragechan can be a thing


Depends on the turn out you want, imageboards are saturated and even lizchan got lucky. It may end up like the yukai board but it's not necessarily a bad thing.




me getting stabbed


Stop acting smart when you're clearly dumb


Sorry we're not cool enough to be wizmod's paparazzi.
Tell us more what a special snowflake you are. Be proud of yourself man, come out of closet.


are these all schizo poster? none of these recent post make sense it's like i'm reading another language




still better than having brain damage caused by smelling wizmods farts


mourning the death of clique obsessed anon, won't be quiet the same without him.


while you jest about disdain for me my heart aches, I thought there was a mutual respect amongst us in our desire to destroy the wizmods iron rule over their own mind control cia fema camp of a site.


File: 1567459862632.jpg (75.92 KB,800x450,gimme danger little stange….jpg)

>tfw have to be careful of what I say because I can get tracked over the internet
I just want to have fun posting like a tard but once a pattern is created you get called "x"anon, "x"poster", "x"fag. I don't want any of that.


wizchan can rot in hell. it's not our job to fix their shitty site or their corrupt mods


>mother drags me out to see family that I have no desire to see
>my uncle gives me a talk about joining the military and how he was married by 19
>he does this in front of my little brother who already has no respect for me
>he also keeps asking me if I'm scared to do it and won't accept that I wouldn't join the military for any reason other than fear It's really just laziness and lack of desire.
I might join the army just to spite him since he spent nearly an hour just telling me that I'm a pussy for not having a job even though he wasn't even in the military and all of his information comes from knowing a recruiter, which is like telling someone to get a car because a car salesman recommended it to them.
Says something about how recognizable people are just from the way they type. Better to be recognized by others than to have accounts and shit though. If it's any consolation I have no idea who you are.


Don't join the army out of spite, sounds like he's just trying to build his own ego by demeaning ironically his own blood.
I'm pretty sure you got a better deal out of joining the military in his time, that's why my grandfathers did.
If your family is so openly disrespectful I wouldn't let them peer pressure you into anything.


> join the army just to spite him

This is a very wise decision goyim. We need more troops to fight for Isr…uh I mean freedom and liberty.


Joining the army to spite my uncle was a joke. Don't worry, I'm not that stupid.


I don't know how people can browse wizchan, let alone post there. It's an awful place and I'm glad to be off it. For all the shit reddit gets for being a massive circlejerk, wizchan is the exact same.


Don't join the army, join a far-left guerrilla group. That'll show your faggot uncle who the real man is.



It's not much of a bad idea. There's a lot to gain from the army, but it's probably hell.

-You'll get physically stronger
-You'll have a place away from family
-You can develop a technical skill, and when you get out, you can get a job and leave your family
-You can beat up your uncle


-The physical training will kick your butt
-hierarchy system where higher ups are listened to obediently + and obedience system
-You can get some crappy jobs like guard duty (I hear). You could still choose your job, at least in the U.S.
-There's a minimum amount of time to serve. Probably 2 years.


File: 1567964808842.png (48.87 KB,135x184,absolutely dead.png)

holy shit, I just went to wizchan out of desperation and it's fucking disgusting
>30-yo-b**er posts
>posts with that rapper that has 69 on his forehead and nigger teeth
>shitting on anime
>bunch of newfag lingo
Wizkids ended up replacing the original userbase so bad, it resembles nothing different from cuck/r9k/, jesus christ.


Warm blood is one hell of a drug


You forgot:
>tranny/asexual shill threads
>nazi shill threads
>furry fag porn thread
>uni threads
>'hikki/neet' threads
I don't see what's so wrong with shitting on anime though, providing they have a reason. Having a different opinion is fine.


>Having a different opinion is fine.
Its helped me retreat further into escapism, which has actually been a far better experience.


God dammit. How the fuck do I find a job that doesn't make me want to tear my eyes out? I hate fucking talking to people, my own family is hard enough to talk to and now I'm going to have to talk to complete stangers just to pay to live in my own fucking mother's house, because it's "unhealthy" to not work constantly. What's unhealthy is this normalfaggot mindset that you have to be busting your ass all the time, and that doing what you enjoy is somehow wrong. Mother fucking hell I hate this. I wish I could just get government gibs or have the balls to kill myself.



Went to look on /r9k/ for a while, and it seems to be completely different than what wizchan is now.

The most similarity I see in threads are ones that ask a question. The second most would be the same thing, but very "4chan"yish? Like, who /blank/ here, or a hate thread or something about relationships or girls. None of those things are on wizchan though. I've only seen one of those "who /blank/ here" on wizchan at all, and it's gone. The post with the rapper with the 69 on his forehead is one of those threads that asks a question. Still, I think it's a low quality thread since there's no discussion, honestly.

I seriously have no idea what's going on at r9k though. I've not been for 4chan since 2013 or 2012. It's weird too since everyone who complains, not just you, always seems to "know" what r9k is about or what the slang is. Like they know what r9k is about, as if they've browsed it.


Where's the specific thread towards nazism or the one toward furry porn? There's only one porn thread. Other than that, yeah, those threads exist.

The asexual thread is based on forcing yourself to become asexual and the uni thread is full of people failing out or being forced. No idea about the hikki/neet threads though. It just feels like a twist in the fact, putting these general topics out here, but not clarifying what most people are talking about inside them.


You joking, liz?

I haven't browsed wizchan since December 2018 but I remember a few threads cropping up about national socialism, but not explicitly said. I think the resident Christian also started to shill it on with his posts, but I do t really remember. The last fap thread I flicked through out of curiosity, but it was mainly gay furry stuff. My problem with uni threads is it inevitably allows for virgin normalfags to post and these threads tend to be little more than ">tfw no gf/frieds", similar to the neet thread. Neet threads have a high amount of LARPing, especially when you get people pretending that staying inside your house = being a hikki. I don't understand why, on an imagedboard for people already considered losers, there are people trying to brag about how "wizard" they are. It's nice that over here we don't have that shit.


>I don't understand why, on an imagedboard for people already considered losers, there are people trying to brag about how "wizard" they are

So they can say they are "better" than someone at something.


infinite cope
you guys are just jealous of me, the biggest loser on this board
you will never compare to my excellence in inadequacy
do not >> me i will out type you


>always seems to "know" what r9k is about or what the slang is. Like they know what r9k is about, as if they've browsed it.
I sometimes check in on that place just to see how bad it's gotten. Just checked the catalog and I counted 47 threads that are nothing but one question with an OP no longer than three sentences that generated very little discussion (less than twenty posts or so). That's not including the number of threads where the OP is a baiting statement of similar length and generates similar discussion, only questions. This number will definitely have changed by the time you read this because threads die in around three hours on that piece of shit board unless they're something like /r9gay/ or a discord thread.
A few examples:
>I made a Zeus wojak Should I make more?
>I'm conjuring a Tulpa. Is this the ultimate cure for loneliness or the ultimate cope? I hope this works.
>Have you ever licked a girl's pussy? What was it like?
>Why would a girl wear this in public?
>Are all serial killers by defenition psychopaths ?
That in addition to all the gay threads, the discord threads, and warmie type threads constantly affirms my position that both 4chan and wizchan are shitholes, though in slightly different ways. the differences seem to be mostly that /r9k/'s shittyness goes by quickly because it has more posters and many more newfags (I think) and that wizchan's moderation is shitter than 4chan's (or at least it's known for being shit). Also I figure that by the time a newfag finds out about wizchan they've probably spent some time in 4chan first, so the newfaggots are fewer and less new.
not that lizard, by the way.


Actually fuck all of what I just said since most people who talk about /r9k/ just say it since everyone thinks it's a shithole, even the people that post there. Not to say that it isn't a shithole, but most people who say it is don't know the extent of it and are just saying it because 4chan is baby's first imageboard and /r9k/ is baby's first virgin board.


File: 1568301309129.png (28.69 KB,680x359,1468356541.png)

Really thought I'd changed for a week or two, I did hard work, I cooked good meals, I felt as little sadness as I regularly do pleasure.
Now it's gone. I feel that shaking lump like feeling you get behind your voicebox when you wanted to cry as a kid. I'm wrought with anxiety caused by and created by sadness, and I just wish I was someone else. Those people who build families, have friend groups, master a craft. I'm fundamentally incompatible with those life styles, infact would loath them if I lived them.
Yet I just feel empty and envious when I see others smile or filled with a drive to follow their dreams.
I can't believe with how alive I've felt my whole life I'm the one whose just in the background, the person no one likes to be around or hear about.
He just sits in his room and wishes for anything but what he has. I've truly fucked up, it's like one day all ambition left me, and with it the good half of my being.


>I did hard work, I cooked good meals
this is good, keep doing this. Nobody can stop you from doing these things as much as possible, daily even

>I just wish I was someone else. Those people who build families, have friend groups, master a craft.

This is bad, those people have their own problems, they are just better at hiding it in public

>Yet I just feel empty and envious when I see others smile or filled with a drive to follow their dreams. I can't believe with how alive I've felt my whole life I'm the one whose just in the background, the person no one likes to be around or hear about. He just sits in his room and wishes for anything but what he has. I've truly fucked up, it's like one day all ambition left me, and with it the good half of my being.

sorry to hear that Liz. Seek peace within yourself, not in other people. Do more of what you described earlier, it is the liz way to be unconcerned with the affairs of normies. It is not the liz way to wish you had warm blood when the cold-blooded lifestyle has much more to offer you than warmies can ever internally experience


i am a tired loser who somehow has to try and get a career


if anything being smug and getting a reservist/non combat job might be comfy. ive heard from some bots that being a crew chief is pretty nice


i know it's a vent thread but liz i have been there before and this is what I wish someone had told me when I was in a similar place. First, don't be tired and get some sleep. Next, don't try to get a career, just try to get a job (if you have to), any job, just get a job that you can tolerate. If you have a job that you can tolerate for a long enough time, that is a tolerable career, and so you have then a career that works for you and you only

But this thinking of "just getting a career" is self-destructive as it means you won't be quick to bail out of jobs that you can't tolerate, meaning you might find yourself in a career you can't tolerate for years at time when you could have saved yourself the time and heartache much earlier. This is the reason why careers are most often associated with being older, because if someone is young then they are naturally expected to just be jumping jobs until they find one that works

incidentally this is why I also see longer and longer education time as potentially self-destructive as people are putting kids in debt with false promises instead of being out there earning and experimenting


File: 1568372012238.jpeg (23.84 KB,225x225,images (7).jpeg)

So warm and brainwashed
>I'm loser :C
Git Gud


The working hard just isn't worth it in my case, I get nothing from it. And it'd take years to drag myself through schooling to beable to get a non-minimum wage job. I just don't enjoy being alive, but equally fear the opposite.
>This is bad, those people have their own problems, they are just better at hiding it in public
I've thought this, and have been told this, but at a certain point not all of it can be acting. I've witnessed enough of it in reality to know it's not all a ruse.
>it is the liz way to be unconcerned with the affairs of normies.
I'm not jealous of their affairs, I'm jealous of their will to live, their ability to believe everything's as it should be, or if everything was their way it'd be perfect.
The worlds just fucked, I don't think anythings wrong with me for thinking the worlds shit, I guess my metaphor for wanting to be someone else is about the same as just never existing, as i wouldn't be me if I was someone else.


I've been having 1984 take dust for a year and a half now, someone convince be to read it


>ive heard from some bots
>some bots
Robots are warmie cohorts, this is a lizard only area warmblood.


If you don't read it fatliz will consume you


Robots have no blood, how could they be warm in any way?


File: 1568418561096.png (118.22 KB,597x432,that's ass.png)


Robots long to be a warmie, like the tin man from wizard of oz. A robot doesn't exist naturally (unlike a lizard) and has been created by a warmie


Not him but that wasn't the case on 8/r9k/ if that's what you're talking about (not like that can be proven right now). I don't consider the faggots on 4chan to be robots personally, especially considering the amount of succubuses using that label. They're obsolete models anyways, the only requirement to be a robot over there is to post on /r9k/. Not like you can have many standards when threads are gone in two hours.


Can't stop worrying about my future and ironically it's making me self destructive.
Welp back to escapism.


>back to escapism

I've been reading about and watching videos on old computers recently. It's great escapism material that helps me forget my shit future.


Any ideas on what you could do with a lot of old pcs? about to get a bunch of electronics. Mostly just old small hard drives, dell office desktops and some motherboards/monitors.


I wouldn't even take a used hard drive, but to each there own. RAM can always be useful, and there might be a graphics card in the slots on the motherboard. New monitors can be expensive, but if it's an old one it might be VGA only.

I'm not into getting used computers myself, I just like watching videos of guys bringing old neglected computers back to life. I don't know, maybe there's some psychological thing going on with me.


Starting to think ventings a meme
Yea they're not anything to store important data on, i've been running some 10 year old used drives to store games and they're good for that. I got a bit of everything, but they are collectively really old parts though.


File: 1569001743312.jpg (299.91 KB,658x400,Tekken6.jpg)

Ye It's a meme but I think it helps everyone + opinion from 3rd person is always handy.
That's what I think.
Not venting out if needed makes the problem seem bigger and causes butthurt. Speaking from my experience.


File: 1569195129608.gif (201.7 KB,398x233,1567677802887.gif)

Yea I didn't mean it was a bad one


I'm addicted to dairy products.
Can't fight the urge to eat cheese or drink milk products.
The problem is that I'm alergic to them and causes itchy hell.
I scratch myself to blood.
Fucking fuck


start drinking soy milk. who cares if people start calling you soy boy


File: 1569413650737.png (473.06 KB,839x545,Rage 9.PNG)

>Stepdad somehow finds a job for me in one of his business friend´s company
>in order to join i have to become a subdivision of his company
>every 2 or 3 days i have to wake up early and go to some place i dont want to go to sign some fucking papers
>can´t hide in my room because its being constantly intruded by retarded niggers who do not know what personal space is
>constantly being forced to do things i dont want to do because of other people´s ambitions and greed when in reality i just want to be left the fuck alone
>having constant homicidal thoughts
>the concept of packing my shit in a bag and living on the streets seems more and more bearable the more i think about it because at least i get to live by my own actions and not the retardation of someone else
>tfw if it wasn´t for Manga and music i would have killed myself or gone ballistic long time ago

i dont know if i can take it any longer
already reading books on prepping and survivalism, ill probably escape this fucking shithole when i can´t take it anymore and i feel like i am prepared


File: 1569420485873.jpg (180.72 KB,516x1188,original.jpg)

Welcome to real life Lizzie, I hope Ya accept some warm things in life instead of freezing to death <3


>being forced to do things i dont want to do because of other people´s ambitions and greed

But if you won't wageslave how is Shekel Goldstein suppose to buy his third mansion?


File: 1569489515101.webm (4.09 MB,640x618,1567402969316.webm)

>tfw created OC for an imageboard that ended up banning me and got into a feud with the admin because I guerrilla spammed a thread that was shit so that it could be deleted
One day decentralized imageboards will kickoff, then the hierarchical power structure will not chain us anymore


Sounds gay


File: 1569491451349.jpg (27.99 KB,288x395,seth_putnam.jpg)

You're gay


File: 1569511915579.png (287.81 KB,843x439,ripperon3.PNG)


I really aprecciate the kindness anons
but i am already past the point of no return, just today i had to wake up at 9:00 AM just to sit through a 2 hour lecture from my boss about marketing and stupid crap i dont give a fuck about, when i finally get back home its 1pm and i have already lost the entire morning, when i think i can finally relax my mother comes around and forces me to rearrange my room because "i need space to work"

the constant siege on my privacy and personal space is destroying my psyche, at least when i was at school i would only have to listen to the teacher for 6 hours and then go back home, now i can´t relax for more than 5 seconds because at any moment i will get called to sign some fucking papers or do some retarded chore

i still have my student loan on the bank (around 200 bucks) so ill probably withdraw it all, buy some supplies/tools and hit the road, the only things i will miss from this world is Manga, Music and Videogames and you niggers because at the end of the day only a lizard can understand the pain of another lizard the rest can burn for all i care

so if i dont post here again it you all know what happened


god speed liz, if you do remember you can use library pcs free, charge a phone in a spare socket.
the most important thing is having a place to stay during winter. keep us updated if you can, i'll probably have to do the same so gimmie some tips if you do.


File: 1569513068144.png (196.29 KB,1089x1024,large.png)

If You do that It's gonna be real hard to come back.
Just survive through all that crap and it'll pay off.
I was in similar situation, Yar not thinking cold-blooded but acting silly with boiling blood.
Living as bushman is not what You want but it seems like the only viable option because You can't deal with all that those tilting things.
Stay strong and don't run away because that would probably ruin the opportunity to live the life that You crave


File: 1569521094028.jpg (33.76 KB,562x419,huh9.jpg)

>I was in similar situation

i get what you are saying tho, i know that eventually if i wade through the crap i can save up enough dough to live off the grid or rent a cheap apartment or something but that will take years, and i honestly dont think i can handle that much

>Yar not thinking cold-blooded but acting silly with boiling blood

not at all, going full strelok was something lingering on my mind for years its just that at those times it never felt as if there was any reason to do so, but now its different because i feel like a cornered dog 24/7

ill try to post here as much as i can if i go through with this, i probably will discard my phone tho because i fucking hate those things and dont want to be tracked and bring a mp3 because if i am going to fuck up id rather do it while blasting to some tunes

i have already set a deadline in the meantime i am spending as much time as i can preparing and tying loose ends


Went full hikki mode after some bad things happend, self cutting like typical edgy emo kid.
Mother had enough and did some court magic and placed me in my father's house.
I was sleeping on sofa in living room that was also a kitchen. No privacy even at night because he and his wife were often lurking.
I had very strict shedule, after school I had to study for like 5 hours straight before or after that had to clean whole house and do every little thing that I have been told. I was left with hour and half of me time. Expect the saturday those were free.
My living space was like 40x50cm part of the table, very little. The rest was used by my father and I couldn't move a single thing on his side.
On my right side there was washing machine on the left TV almost always turned on on high volume.
I was often beaten by father and once even choked lol. Other than that he and his wife were taking their anger at me for no reason every day.
Tho the worst thing to me was making fun of my lack of masculinity.
That's the story related to Your "feel like a cornered dog 24/7"
had depression,social phobia,panic attacks and auditory hallucinations for 5 years,I'm fine now and U'll feel better too Lizzie after some time

>but that will take years

Well better few years than anger in the woods where You can't go back.
I'm sure You could rent sth easily even at the lowest paying job if not the apartament, at least the room.
Work there as long as You can or just find a different job and move out.
It's a better than being hobo.


Choose the option that will bring more joy to You but I doubt that living in woods will give it to Ya.
Just writting that so I won't sound like a improvebrah


>constant siege on my privacy

It's up to you but maybe consider saving up with the goal of moving out. I probably would have gone crazy by now if I didn't move out of my parents place. Privacy is very important to us lizards.

>i will get called

It sucks being on call. Cell phone were a mistake.


File: 1569577645011.jpg (57.39 KB,362x447,Smile and optimism restore….jpg)

allright anon you win, can´t compete aganist the dubs of truth,compared to yours mine is a path of roses, its selfish of me to cry at my misfortunes while other lizards are in far worse conditions than i am, so yeah i´ll wade through the crap its not like i discarded my most extreme plans though, they are there for when/if i snap

>consider saving up with the goal of moving out.
that is a given anon even if your NEETdom is sustainable in your progenitors household you are still reliant on someone else and thus the possibility of being fucked over by him is always lingering there

as an apology for shitting up the thread with my retarded whining, have some customized chinese erotic pictograms that i crafted last night along with the originals because the more the merrier


File: 1569577748203-0.png (Spoiler Image,2.3 MB,1273x2000,319xFinal.png)

File: 1569577748203-1.jpg (Spoiler Image,476.77 KB,1000x1523,197.jpg)

File: 1569577748203-2.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB,1000x1523,197x.png)

File: 1569577748203-3.jpg (Spoiler Image,251.28 KB,1273x2000,319.jpg)

doubleposting sage
on separate posts so i can spoiler them and not ruin SFW rules


Teach me, oh mighty lizard


File: 1569612204736.jpg (1.42 MB,1811x2245,awoken.jpg)

Really starting to just hate intellectual larpers online.
The kind that are constantly lamenting that nature is all that matters and people deserve their suffering.
>You're worthless if you don't have a job
>Your only purpose is to propagate
>Your the sole reason for your own suffering
>endless self help posters whose advice amounts to "works on my machine"
They're generally either retarded and parrot what jordan peterson or their dad would say, or are generally actually capable of reasoning but then shoot their own credibility in the toe when they try to claim you have no right to complain or be unhappy.
That's a great edit liz.


File: 1569621929275.jpg (26.67 KB,313x500,Jordanetics.jpg)

>parrot what jordan peterson

I'm so glad their messiah has been outed recently as a mentally unstable junkie and is sitting in a padded room in a straight jacket somewhere right now.


Yea, it's going to be interesting hearing what he says about it once he's out. He'll probably glorify his suffering and make a drama out of it in his mind, and use it as a way to appear closer to normal people.


File: 1569681058935.jpg (11.89 KB,225x225,Checkem Simons.jpg)

>Teach me, oh mighty lizard
i wouldn´t know how to teach you
i learnt to edit by fucking around with images on Paint.net avoid GIMP or Photoshop because while powerful their UI are trash and not very noobfriendlywhatever GIMP and Photoshop can do Paint.net has a plugin for it so yeah, just pick up a image at random and fuck around with it, whenever you get stuck on something just look it up on the internets, it isn´t really a hard skill to learn since it does not require you to have motor skills or anything, just to be patient, know your tools and remember that Ctrl+Z is the solution to all your problems


He'll probably have to stop using his "take yer pills bucko" motto now.


But he takes extra that's unfair
Will have to play around with paint now, i'm tard with gimp if i don't use it monthly.


Thanks man


>he takes extra

Shut up and go clean your room bucko *pops three clonazepam* *takes a hit of meth*


File: X50QZrmO9EjPBASqg7GxkTVLWHfFeC.png (156.27 KB,800x744,1b91141194e6039b981c169c56….png)

>mother knocks on door
>"lizanon remember to get to bed soon so you can mow the lawn early tomorrow!"
>"okay mom"
>figure I'll rub one out and go to sleep
>twenty-ish minutes later I cum
>"lizanon why is it taking so long for you to get off your computer?"
>she says this as I'm wiping my hands with a tissue and catching my breath
>"uh… I was just… saving my game… I'll be done in a second"
>"ooookay goodnight"
>I clean up and turn off the lights at a speed that would impress Wally West himself
Fucking hell woman. Was it really necessary for her to sit there waiting for me to shoot my load? I know that she knew I was fapping because my chair is too creaky for me to fap quietly. It's not loud or anything but I have no doubt that someone right outside my door would be able to hear it if they were listening. What the fuck? I don't want to be sitting in my post-fap contemplation and hear my mother's fucking shrill voice. Do I assume she just left and happened to coincidentally come back right when I came or do I assume she just sat right beside my door listening to every pump? What the hell do I do? Fucking let me whack off in peace. Jesus.


File: xTqfhIVLoal7OpWU3XN6cA8tkSCPFZ.gif (2.76 MB,300x225,2HK.gif)


That is so Kafkasque


>left and happened to coincidentally come back right when I came or do I assume she just sat right beside my door

this is the kind of thing you'll be wondering about for the rest of your life


She does it to keep you submissive, if you don't start leaving the door open and going full screen right now she'll always have you under her thumb.


This is what I fear as well. Try getting a key for your room lizzie, I got one but my door is dislocated so I can't lock it, I have to do other stuff for it to work


If I was a warmie with any possibility of reproducing it'd be the type of thing I'd tell my kids to keep them from watching porn.
My door has a lock on it. Had she tried to get in it would have made a loud rattling noise because to unlock it you have to shove something like a pen's ink cartridge into the hole on the other side and hope you push the latch holding the lock. I'd rather her try and bust my door down instead of letting me go fully from flaccid to erect and back again not ten feet away from her. Although I guess she should be congratulated for that little bit of psychological warfare, I already feel like getting a job so I can get away from her. Christ.


File: oS43kaCPiI52MRFwJqKQpvct76dOjY.png (131.52 KB,487x423,Franken fran is love _e24d….png)

Trying if my IP is approved if not I'm out




Neighbours flooded flat 3rd time this year.
My angry mom visits those retards:
-why are you bothering me, don't you know what time is it? little past 22
You're flooding us again
-I was just mopping the floor

After that it was pointless to listen those Lies. How dumb can one be


Bitch is fat and stomps like 2pigs. Lives with two sandniggers and gets fucked by one or two of them.
They talk like apes loud and even louder when on phone, like if they were screaming adequately to the distance between them.


Just wait until one of those sandniggers knocks her up. Then you'll get to listen to the screams of a malnourished and ignored baby.


File: F2Q3Epceq9DsVIkjzRBN0JH5f6Lrhw.jpg (1.41 MB,1692x1633,65712733_p0.jpg)

The most hostile thing in my environment is usually other people. Social interaction in my eyes just seems like people are a bunch of vampires draining each other throughout their lives.
I don't stay inside 24/7 because I want to, it's because you can't escape people, and every property around here is owned. Of course i'm part of the problem, but why is everyone so socially combative. Maybe it just seems that way to me because i'm not part of the tribe.
Everyone who i meet now a days always wants something from me, usually it's drugs or labor.
People say isolation is a killer but so is the alternative in my case, it's like people can sense that i'm dying and stand around waiting for me to so they can grab my stuff. I'm starting to understand more clearly why I have these ticks to lock my door 24/7 or never reach out to people.
Even if I met other lizards I'm not even sure if we'd get a long, I know that's how lizards are in general but it hurts to know.


I've met people that I'd describe as lizardly. I think that the biggest problem is that when two lizards meet, I think a weird clash happens where both lizards don't want to be a bother to the other, and then because of that both lizards get paranoid about whether or not the other is really like them. I remember in highschool I saw a guy that checked all the boxes for being a lizard, he had no friends and he wasn't trying to get any, speaking to people seemed to be a pain to him (among other reasons why I figured he was lizardly). I didn't say anything and I never did until highschool was over. The closest to interaction we had was when some niggers were fighting in the middle of the cafeteria and we both saw each other and sort of nodded. Even after all my scoping out I still worry if he was anything like me or just putting up some act and I'd like to think he does the same. if by any chance he reads this post and recognizes me I hope he's doing well.
I don't know how this compares to other lizard meetings, but I imagine it's pretty standard unless you're forced to interact, like if your job requires it or something. But then how many lizards would take a job where you're forced to interact on a regular basis? That has to be almost impossible to happen but I'm sure it could.
Happy Halloween, Lizard-chan.


File: pwoDCFsjxvnZUzP6ihy2R8LmlrgVOT.png (4.46 MB,3063x4000,70945296_p0.png)

Yea I've met similar people, and it's just like you say. Some will just act respectful to each-other, others just blend in not wanting to socialize eitherway. I can't blame them because I wouldn't know what to say anyway, I find it harder to talk to people I like than with people who are acquaintances. It's just strange to realize that so many people have been socially malicious around or to me, and that while people write it off as me being shy it's actually just built up distrust.


>when two lizards meet, I think a weird clash happens

I think it's because it's two introverts and none of the two is able to be assertive in order to keep the interaction going. Sometimes when I'll go to my usual fast food haunts I'd see another lizard like guy there. It would be awkward if I had to interact with him but it's nice to know there are guys like me around.


File: J9hO1bVqlDU7cF2dfr0KpG8YjCnx6a.jpg (81.23 KB,750x1046,Hope.jpg)

you also have to keep in mind that lizards do their best to conceal themselves and stay in the background. So its easy to mistake a coldblood for just a watered down warmie. Personally ive never met a coldblood like myself because everytime Id try to interact with one, they were at best leddit tier types with warmie attributes. Lizards in general are a rare breed and are a drop in an ocean compared to the general populace. I doubt I will ever encounter a lizard irl in my lifetime but one can only hope.


>it's nice to know there are guys like me around.
Judging by what, appearance?
Nice brainwork, projecting that there are similar ppl like you so it lessens your feeling of being an outcast



In part, yes. I think guys like us tend to have a certain look. Think of the virgin in the virgin Chad meme.

That and I don't think very many warmies go on solo night walks to seedy fast food places.


You have no proof that they may be lizardly.
I've spoken to many ppl fitting the virgin meme but they were just sillies that dreamed of chad life and social acceptance,always with narrow understanding of themselves and no motivation to make a change.
For example a weeb that was very much into anime as a filler for his lust and lack of girl. After some time he became more confident and it made him into a healthy social person leaving weebshit for the things that he dreamed of from start.
I could write more examples but I'm too tired and dumb.
The only ""lizardly"" ppl that I knew were aspergers but it's rather easy to spot one by body language and most of them are out of GOTTA GET ACCEPTED IN SOCIETY. At least those that I met.

also "truliz" would cook his own fast food at home or just order it instead of going out :-DDDD


>no proof that they may be lizardly

Of course, I would have to prick them with a syringe in order to check whether their blood is cold or not.

>cook his own fast food


>just order it instead of going out

Oh yeah, ordering fast food on a smartphone app is totally what true lizards do. Do true lizards also use tinder to, you know, meet up with like-minded people?


what a butthurt, you don't need phone to order food nowadays.
Stay in line for your order if it makes you happy


File: to3meNKiMnA0uSx6RrJWlwP8CY52GH.jpeg (25.13 KB,600x600,full.jpeg)

Went on math class guy next to me was farting all the fucking time. There was no break but a constant smell for hour and half.
Couldn't change the seat because of exam on computer.
Ppl like him should be put in gas chambers


It was probably fatliz lol


>mother is making me apply to jobs
God dammit. I've been so fucked out of my mind that I couldn't do anything for the past few days. I'm going to have to fucking interact with the fucking outside goddammit.


ban this postmaker right now
fatliz would never attend an academic facility


If fatliz requires nourishment, he will seek it from anywhere


File: iq2Y9KW6FVbXdpcPDh07Jk3GtsMSoQ.jpg (98.67 KB,1200x954,fatliz.jpg)

what is it that you imply


>lizard eating another lizard
fatliz wouldn't do this to us, r-right?


Don't be so hyperbolic. I'm sure fatliz is hanging around there to eat the scraps off people plates in the cafeteria.


I was shaking all day for some reason and smoking a cigarette fixed it. I haven't smoked one in two years, but I wonder why it of all things fixed it instead of a drink, lunch or nap.
No way, fatliz is just a fairy tale. Relax, calm down, let your guard down liz.


P.E classes at uni what the fuck
I'm too retarded to dress up with other ppl and getting papers from psychiatrist is too much a hassle. Gonna walk in tracksuit bottom every day when there is pe.
don't judge me lizzies for me it's studying or gtfo since I have no registration of residence anywhere


I can't stop sleeping for 15+ hours, I'll wake up and not want to do anything. I'll listen to some music then a few hours later go back to sleep.
I failed gym when I was in school because I wouldn't take a switch of clothes. For some reason everyone had to try really hard to prove they weren't gay by watching other dudes undress and whispering to their friends. Made me anxious to be stared down.


I know you didn't sign up for PE, but enjoy it anon. Physical exercise can do you some good. Remember to ignore everyone else there because normalfilth won't like you for not following the 'trend' of sucking up to them and admiring their physical strength.

Rugby is the gayest sport I have ever seen. All they ever done in the secondary school changing rooms was strip to their boxers, talk about penises and slap each other on their arses. Oh and then call people they didn't like gay or puff.


Personally I've been on a nocturnal schedule for so long that now that I've switched back to normal I'm always surprised when I look out my window and the blasted sun is up. I'm still about two or three hours off schedule though so I end up waking up at three which is nice because I get to be alone for a few precious hours.
>I failed gym when I was in school because I wouldn't take a switch of clothes
I had the same thing until I realized that I could just change in the stalls and use my normal locker to store my clothes. People looked at me funny but they already did that so I figured that it didn't matter. They probably thought I was retarded anyways. The one positive about PE was dodgeball, I kind of miss getting to whip shit at my classmates at 100 mph directly at their retarded warmie faces. For all their neanderthal-tier boasting the dumb fucks all had the reflexes of a snail.


Oh wow, my problem looks much smaller now. Every guy there looks nerdish or fedora like so none of that extrovert alpha ape stuff won't happen.




>For all their neanderthal-tier boasting the dumb fucks all had the reflexes of a snail.
I know that feel. When I was in high school, all the warmie faggots would make me the goal keeper, which was considered a bad position for some reason. The irony was that they were mostly terrible and wouldn't score any goals. Meanwhile, I'd stop 99% of shots.

Despite being a demonstrably better player and performing much better than them, this shit would happen every lesson. It's a shame because I actually like playing sport in itself, but faggots like those have soured it for me.


>I can't stop sleeping for 15+ hours

I'd probably be like this if I didn't drink so much caffeine. I'm up to about three cups of coffee a day.


Got an ear infection and am currently partially deaf.
I think this is what happens when you're out of shape and addicted to caffeine, I can drink 9 cups before i get shakes and still never feel it.
We could only change in the locker room stalls, and one kid would already do that because he never wore underwear. It wasn't my only reason though, I have always been lazy and it made a good excuse.


>Got an ear infection and am currently partially deaf.
God, that sucks bad lizzie. I used to wish being deaf so that I wouldn't be able to listen dumb drivel and bad music everywhere, but thank god I discovered brown noise.


> thank god I discovered brown noise.
thought you were talking about rap but this is kinda nice, the audio equivalent to wall staring.


File: PxBMKeV3CNm5Rtfu2waDogYUbyLdjk.png (820.46 KB,918x957,Blind rage.png)

>get inspired and want to learn how to draw
>i take a humble aproach and expect to suck ass while slowly improve till i can draw mi own anime waifus
>stock up on books and leardning material
>buy some basic supplies
>start practicing
>researching different books so i can get a bigger picture
>turns out every single nigger out there has his own fucking theory on how to do it
>one nigger tells you to "Draw what you see not what you know" while the next tells you that if you dont draw according to perspective and lighting you are doing it wrong and then another faggot will tell you that if you dont know construction you are fucked and the faggot next to him will tell you that sketching is the best way to begin
>have no idea who to listen to, i literally dont know who to trust or where to begin
>tfw when the only thing in life that i desire wich is to learn how to draw my cute anime mangos can´t be fucking realized because niggers and their ego

Kali yuga worst fucking yuga i swear by Krono´s nutsack that i can literally split open a man´s skull with my bare hands right now, fuck art and fuck all the egoboo niggers that need to show they are the best to make up for the size of their twinkles


vividly remember being told "learn loomis, you ape" but maybe that was just a meme.


Imagine falling for the self improvement meme


File: ul6URAPXQINnprosF1qMxOfe8KghTE.jpg (70.32 KB,930x772,please be slow I'm retarde….jpg)

>get inspired and want to learn how to draw
Any idiot can draw.
On a serious note, youre not gonna be a good drawer overnight. That image you posted took the mangaka years to draw.
>stock up on books and leardning material
First mistake. They are trying to sell you something to get you to buy "their" stupid book and not the other retard's thats on the same shelf.
>have no idea who to listen to, i literally dont know who to trust or where to begin
The only person you can rely on is yourself. You. Thats it.
Keep on struggling if youre serious, noones gonna spoonfeed it to you.


File: 9dEypZvwxIthAzHuCgVRY4WBesoi5P.png (57.27 KB,229x237,Smug tokai.PNG)

>wanting to learn/do something for the sake of doing is self improvement
>On a serious note, youre not gonna be a good drawer overnight
i am aware of this, this is not the problem the problem is exactly as you said, they want you to buy their book and not the one from the fag next door,and at the end of the day every fucker tells you a different way how to do it but tells you that the other way is W R O N G, and at the end of the day you are left baffled and wondering where the fuck do i even begin because apparently every step is wrong and leads you to a death trap

but hey thanks for the kind words anon (wether they had that intent or not) so have this:https://libgen.is/ its a nice place where you can pilfer some reading instruments of whatever the fuck you may need i literally got all my philosophy books from there and the drawing manuals i mentioned


Unironically the only books you need (as far as I'm concerned) are How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way and the George Bridgman books, and both of them you can find as pdfs for free. Obviously everyone will have their own way of doing shit so what you have to do is to figure out which parts you like best and mash them all together into one big hodge-podge of techniques that work for you. Maybe you like doing heads one guy's way and arms another guy's way. Or whatever. Just do what works for you and keep doing it until it feels natural and you can do it over and over easily. I remember Todd Mcfarlane talking about how he'd do arms over and over until he could do them consistently, then moving on to the next bodypart and eventually connecting them all together. I've seen people online talk about how you need to focus on shadows, silhouettes, or the lights first. Everyone hhas their own retarded way of making their scribbles look like people. The only objectively wrong way to learn is however those furfaggots do it. And don't waste your money on those little wooden statue things, those are absolute crap.
Also don't underestimate the help that can come from tracing. You actually learn a lot from looking at the way muscles move and shit when you're looking at it as closely as you do when you trace.
>one nigger tells you to "Draw what you see not what you know" while the next tells you that if you dont draw according to perspective and lighting you are doing it wrong and then another faggot will tell you that if you dont know construction you are fucked and the faggot next to him will tell you that sketching is the best way to begin
Those are all pretentious ways of saying don't draw like you did as a kid. I will say sketching is fun though.


File: A1QvBkupDdqgIU2mYHRjst46CZGJMN.png (288.83 KB,500x655,Keep on struggling Drawfag.png)

Thanks for the link.
I hope you can achieve your goal one day.


File: y63xVmtSquCJcsbg2ipFPdXf5LEIoM.jpg (31.14 KB,354x259,158740575007.jpg)

I can usually get over most troubles that come across my mind but I always return to ruminate on simply how terrifying it is to have no control over your fate, I'm a literal NPC in gods Antfarm and am at fates complete mercy or lack thereof.
Whoever/whatever force created our reality has so utterly influenced the outcome of my being and future being I can hardly claim anything was or ever will be of my own true volition unclouded by predetermination.
I'm as natural of an occurrence as dirt itself and yet I pale in comparison in regards to human endeavors when compared to most others.
I create nothing and would rather be nothing but paradoxically I keep being something.
If only I could reach a state of zen, but for me it's as futile of a cope as hedonism.


File: OfvKZJaC2mhqElF6G3W5Qtne8YxdwH.jpg (70.39 KB,475x600,Prometheus.jpg)

>how terrifying it is to have no control over your fate
>Whoever/whatever force created our reality has so utterly influenced the outcome of my being and future being I can hardly claim anything was or ever will be of my own true volition unclouded by predetermination
while it is true that most of the time we are slaves to our
circumstances and environment, we can indeed control our view
and reaction of it, the biggest proof of this is the fact that
we live in the Modern World/Kali yuga/Insert name of your preference
and despite this each lizard has its way of coping and dealing with it
some use anime as a cope others videogames, philosophy, isolating oneself
and even just killing oneself, all of these are different solutions to the
same problem, a problem we have no control of, and if you master this art
you can actually turn the tables and be in control indeed, look at the average
normalnigger, he is constantly fretting over his social status, money, whores and
other meaningless garbage, if you take away those things he will break down,
he is a slave to the things he owns, you have become aware of your lack of control
over the world, if one day your house is set on fire or you break a leg then you
have the power to simply shrug it off because you knew from the start that you
have only limited influence on the things that surround you,that is the power
normalniggers will never have and the power that will enable you to become indestructible
in the face of great tragedy Lizanon, so do not cry or curse your fate, cherish it and
face it fearlessly



File: UAExWs0btYz2lgMLIn6Opr94iqRoZH.jpg (49.91 KB,500x729,Hermit3.jpg)


>I create nothing and would rather be nothing but paradoxically I keep being something.

and why would creating something be good? or rather why are "good" things "good"?
a good painting may be a good creation because it is beautiful but does that mean
that your local neighborhood nigger rapping about whores and money is also good?
every man has his own nature and his own fate, maybe yours isn´t to create things
and that is good because maybe if you began to make things your creations would
only create pain and sorrow for you due to their subpar quality, of course this is
just a conjecture, you may belive your fate is set in a certain way but the truth
could be different, so just take a stab at it at whatever is that you wish to accomplish
if you succeed more power to you, if you dont then no worries because you already knew that this was something that could happen

on another note the highest ideals in the cycle we live in are Money and Labor
NEETs are reviled because they do not work nor earn money
Artists are reviled because they do not work in the usual way and rather concern
themselves with creating things of no practical value (look into the music thread and look for the nigger who literally said that artist were degenerates)
and the list goes on…

do not be conditioned by the judgement of the Plebeian normalnigger,
murder is baaad because they do not want to be killed nor robbed
not because they truly think that it is a negative thing but out of
pure cowardice

knowing this i encourage you to disregard "Morality" and discover your own value system
your own Will wich is yours and no one else´s

2/3 fukken character limit


have some books on the subject of dealing with bullshit
these are absolut classics and no anon should wander the abyss without their wisdom
Letter to Menoecus is literally 6 pages long and the enchiridion is around 100ish
they are short reads but very usefull nonetheless, good luck space lizards…



Good guy Lizzie helping others to break free from their thought loops and false understanding


File: njVbEw9BJ7frqRSO4yvUWtucXTsM1m.jpg (7.77 MB,3840x2160,wallhaven-p8gp83.jpg)

Have you ever saw a picture of you from the way past?

I did it before while I sorting out some files from my dad's backup hard drive. There was a picture of me when I was about 14/15 taking like a prize for something that I don't even remember that well. I think it must have been those things that everybody receives it as long as they participate, the only thing I kind of remember about that event was that I was forced to go so that my dad could get some monetary benefit from our local administration or something.

It was kind of weird seeing it, I think that's only one of the pictures if not the only one that exist of me in that period if you don't count school year calendars as I hate photographs of me.

Looking at me I was the definition of the typical nerd loser you see in films and stuff: glasses, semi-long hair and weak body. Not that is a bad thing, in fact I knew it back then but it kind of took me by surprise for some reason actually seeing a picture of me even if it was that long ago.

It kind of took me back on what I was doing back then which isn't really that much different than now, just replace school with work. The only thing I had back then that I wish I still had today is a passion and the joy of diving into it and witness the progress from being bad/mediocre to actually begin good/decent.


>picture of you

I hate seeing pictures of myself. It gives me real bad mojo. I can't even look at myself in the mirror.


I was unfortunate enough to have a camera-obsessed mother so I couldn't go the Ditko route of having something like two pictures of myself. It isn't as bad as I've seen with others but with social media it doesn't really matter because anyone can see my baby pictures now. Really pisses me off to have so many pictures of unimportant things because it cheapens the pictures that actually matter. There are three pictures with myself in them that come to mind that I feel like were halfway worth taking, maybe a few baby pictures would be alright if my mother really needed them but otherwise I'd rather not have any.
But now that they've been taken I don't feel like I could bring myself to get rid of them if I could. Weird feeling, I don't like it.


Stand up for yourself and tell your damn mom to stop taking pictures of you. And make sure to include that if one of your pictures ever finds its way on to social media she's never getting s picture from you for the rest of her life.


This was mostly when I was younger. I just go along with it now since it's rare for her to have a chance to take a picture of me now (I don't go out of my room often) and if it makes her happy I guess it can't hurt at this point. I don't know how many pictures of me are on her social media but I assume the worst. Not like I have any control over it, and it doesn't matter much because it doesn't effect me. I hate being reminded of it though, every once in a while she'll comment to me, "X liked your picture of your sixth grade graduation!" or something like that. I guess it doesn't matter, I just hate how carefree people are about taking pictures , especially of others. In that respect I'm not much different all the other cattle with a million pictures on instagram or whatever's popular now. I wish we could go back to when everyone had one picture of himself.


File: ReitxVOfQ3MSPugkZnzXd50UTFEhja.jpg (76.44 KB,1199x848,serval death stare.JPG)

>"X liked your picture of your sixth grade graduation!"
>Parading around your own flesh and blood in front of others for the sole purpose of receiving virtual brownie points
This is the type of shit that infuriates me to no end


Thanks for the big response liz, I'll write mine up in a few days I've been having a hard time concentrating.
I have a lot of photos taken when i was really little.
It hurts because when I was a kid i was cute and looked like i'd be a good guy.
When I was 8 - 15 I was the ugliest person you could imagine.
But now i'm just normal ugly, weird developments.
Pictures give me mixed feelings, mostly negative ones. I've started taking my own though as I want to watch how aging effects me out of curiosity.


>Not like I have any control over it

Fuck that, this is one area where you should stand your ground. It's well within your right to be off the internet. Don't be afraid to be blunt with people when it comes to these things. You're in the right here, not them.


How does it make you feel that anyone with a smartphone can take good quality pictures of you without you ever being aware of it, like in public transportation or in a waiting room for instance?


File: jAKtk5esdHZpC3oiQv6DPbax4OuIFn.gif (Spoiler Image,861.79 KB,498x274,tenor.gif)

idc, I'm sexy and I know it
wiggle wiggile wiggle ye,wiggle wiggle ye ye


doesn't bother me much more than just being seen, I don't know why but the less people that know I exist the more comfortable I become.


I'd rather not get in an argument with her, I've done so in the past and it's tiring and not worth it. Besides, she seems to be happy with it, so I'd feel like a dick telling her she can't post my old pictures online or that sort of thing. I guess it somewhat makes up for the fact that she got a loser son her first try instead of at least a low-level warmie. I know I'm in the right but it's probably best for it to just stay the way it is since I just feel bad for her at this point, and it'd be more work to get her to stop than it would for me to ignore it.
I've caught some femgroid teenager cunt trying to take a picture of me in a restaurant. I don't know why, I'm not particularly ugly but maybe since I was alone and I've got a permanent scowl on my face and wear dark clothes she thought I was going to shoot up the place or something lel. She put the phone down once I glared at her but I'm not sure if she took pictures or not.


I'll angrily get up and move away anytime I see a warmie doing video chats or taking pictures near me, which is something that happens more and more often. It's mostly these fresh off the boat obnoxious turd worlders that do it. These are horrible times to live in, man do I hate smartphones.

>I'd feel like a dick

She's the one being a bitch by posting pictures of you without your permission. She can take pictures of scenery if she likes taking pictures so much, your face doesn't need to be in the photos. It's very vain for a women to constantly take pictures of herself and others, a women of her generation should know better.




File: cFgkpf36qAaYUDlm294oCw8tXyjTvE.webm (1.55 MB,853x480,Yotsuba_listens_to_some_m….webm)


ffs take a tylenol


>i'm wakin' up
drugs that don't get you high aren't worth taking
sage liz wisdom


>drugs that don't get you high aren't worth taking

sounds more like something professor Jordan Peterson would say


File: mAGgJ9XfYi7wNLlKEqM3SQFVvRn1bZ.gif (321.64 KB,498x373,cookie.gif)

>juden penison
Clean your penis!


*cleans penis*
Can I have my pill now please?


>lole look at this grille eating High Fructose Corn Syrup and flour that fills you with unnecessary carbs and calories AIN'T IT KUTE UGUUU >_<


I've been strugglin to stop eating diary products. I dont mind the scars from scratching and ugly dots on my body.
Although my hair thinned freaking fast and it looks kinda empty on front. That's the only thing that I care about soooo wish me luck sorry for blog post. Gonna update if I fail.



nothing wrong with cookies or anime prove me wrong scientifically.
Do you have to for a medical reason or just health wise?
It's doable for sure, I have for long periods at least, but sadly i'm back to not caring about my health, I recommend you don't do the same.


File: pd31EqYwzIZ8kDWjscmQJ6yelhxVLn.png (46.36 KB,223x236,Huh13.PNG)


what´s the deal with dairy products?
i drink a buttload of milk since i was a kid (still do now) and nothing ever happened to me, have i unknowingly and irreversably fucked myself over?


dairy is a jewish plant in the food product industry.
In reality it's just not as healthy for you as say lean/fatty nutrient rich meats or non-starchy vegetables. Also a lot of adults are lactose intolerant and don't know it.
For me it makes me incredibly hungry, also there's evidence it can cause inflammation which is one of the leading causes for most health risk including depression.
I'm just spouting things i've heard/seen though could have been misinformation.


File: j72lOgR8rfCAETiBkDyud1WGZsNavI.jpg (16.99 KB,562x314,09010ad4dcd171d90eabb0257c….jpg)

I don't understand the question :dd
Well I've used to drink milk everday since I was young in this year I had 2 month break and out of nowhere I caught intollerance to milk proteins.
The effect is a lot of pimple things appearing on my tummy,legs,arms and hands.
The worst part is that it itches like hell. When I don't scratch I just feel it burn. Usually I remove those spots till there is blood but even after that it itches so I just rescratch the scab.
I don't mind looking like cheese full of holes but going bald from front is too much for me.
Oh and I solved mystery of getting urinary tract infection that often , it's in spectrum of allergy.
I had problems with it since I was a kid but it got worse with years.

At least now I know what causes it.
oh and tried milk without lactose and it gave me the same effects that's why I'm writting that it's allergy to proteins


File: 7UT5ckWlpKHP48iQ1fXAzsSo6OqBvZ.jpg (16.84 KB,500x375,5558c9fcaa469352b591e53049….jpg)

I feel as if my mind has restructured. I am becoming more and more controlled by society's expectations, and my mind isn't as under my control as I remember.
I don't want to change, because then I'd feel like I'm going back on my beliefs that this society is absolutely abhorrent and beyond saving. I say that I've lost control of my mind because there is now another voice occupying my mind that orders me to do what is considered "right" by warm-bloods.
Participating in warm-blood behavior would alienate me from imageboards in general, but I can't imagine how it'd be like without them, even though I'd rather lurk than post.
I'd like to be on the outside, but it looks like the mass wants to consume me.


File: d6zgeU4QMJFKDEXlpyrINGx29muAsk.png (613.14 KB,1280x720,1572880248499.png)

Amen to that brother liz


>I'd feel like I'm going back on my beliefs that this society is absolutely abhorrent and beyond saving.
That's a pretty accurate worldview though.
>what is considered "right" by warm-bloods.
are you schizophrenic or just finding out you're not a truliz?


File: Mm0PvTBlJW5d6GNROCinYr3hjQbHfg-0.jpeg (57.78 KB,680x525,9088F3B7-57E9-409E-86C7-6….jpeg)

File: 2hPuq4mXdN8VwejOlC0zW7xpIJDctk-1.jpg (298.58 KB,1280x1969,STL089009-1280x1969.jpg)



>Someone must've been searching something to do with bombs on the college computers
>Member of staff who doesn't even know me pulled me to one side and asked if it was me
Looks like my lizardly powers are growing, this isn't the first time either that something similar has happened. Just for clarification I didn't search anything like that


Something similar has been happening to me lately. It probably comes from being more productive lately. I've also been writing something like a science fiction book where it starts out as a warmie consumerist Blade Runner dystopia, and (hopefully) ends up as a freer place with a monarchy in place with a very hands-off approach (I say hopefully because I'm still not sure how to make it end and I've barely started). The point isn't exactly about the fact that it's a monarchy but about the fact that it's a return to tradition brought to the future, and that the government doesn't overstep its bounds.
I'm not sure if it's my mind getting warmer or healthier, since I have no idea how they're related, but I have found that I'm less obsessed with my own failures and I'm starting to enjoy certain busywork like cleaning and have gotten more patient. I'm now more willing to spend a long time on my hobbies as well which is definitely good. I'm no more willing to socialize but I have found that it doesn't bother me as much when I'm forced to do so.
I think it started with me listening to old Patrice O'neal radio broadcasts which broke a lot of my illusions about the way warmies and femgroids act. I used to think that they were decietful disgusting creatures but now I realize that they're disgusting creatures that can't help but follow their nature, a nature that's been taken advantage of for a century or more, which has caused them to be a bigger part of the world than they were ever meant to be. They're something to be pitied.


>>5047 (cont)
Also I think soon we'll probably have a return to the sort of freedom that we had a while back, but under the watchful eye of corporations and governments with dissenters who thought they were speaking freely being censored and punished for some fabricated reason, while they try and keep the illusion that people are getting around the censors by paying them extra money. I think that the biggest sign of this is youtubers shilling for VPNs but I think it can be traced back to the popularization of cuckchan back in 2016.

I'm beginning to doubt if I'm a lizard or at least I'm worried I may stop being one. I'm not sure to what extent a lizard can become a warmie and the other way around. My foundation is starting to get shaky and I'm having certain doubts but I haven't done anything explicitly warm or otherwise unlizardly. If I do I'll leave but I think that I could be changing into something better. I think that we might have the wrong idea by shunning society, we may need to change it to stay alive.
Maybe I'm not a lizard, but an amphibian. Not sure yet, need to see how far down the rabbit hole goes.


It's kind of difficult to understand what you're referring to as becoming warm since you're both somewhat vague.
I make a bunch of depressing post which may add to the whole lizards have to be pessimistic/sad in general vibe, but ultimately I don't think interacting with people or enjoying hobbies goes against being a lizard, it's just for the reasons you do them.


>I didn't search anything like that
add this posters ip to the logs, that's just what a future terrorist would say.


File: yfCk9YIqtSWlwFUMHZQE2nvR1hN8dB.jpg (27.49 KB,480x360,f63636dd62ab90b5d6299c248a….jpg)

>That's a pretty accurate worldview though.
It is, which is why I'm so opposed to my mind's priorities and morals changing.
>are you schizophrenic or just finding out you're not a truliz?
When I say voice, I mean conscience, not an actual schizo voice that talks to me. I know that it's a recent development though, so I may no longer be liz at all.

I think I know what you're describing
when you talk about being more comfortable with warm behavior, that only happened to me once in a while, but I'd always change back, and I knew I would, but this time it doesn't feel that way.
Participating in warm-blood behavior for me is no longer a chore I only do when I'm forced to, now I do it without consciously wanting to do it, which is why I think I'm becoming warm.

I didn't think >>5041 would generate this many replies.


Stop writting about being warmblood when none of you state what you do.
Gtfo if you listen or obey the rules of society, spineless PEOPLE


I think that I'm just starting to sympathize with warmies, as well as losing the sort of seperation I had from them. I'm also becoming a lot less pessimistic and actually looking forward to the future instead of being terrified by it. I suppose that's a better thing than unending suffering which is why I said I was unsure wether I was becoming warm or just getting healthier. I consider being able to focus on my hobbies as a good thing, and in general my thoughts have been much more organized, but the consequence is that I'm not as aggressive towards the idea of participating in this piece of shit world. The warmie is such a sad and pitiful creature and I suppose as I lose my general depression and the weight on my shoulders lifts I'm losing some of the things that made me different. I used to be able to see the average warmie and say "at least I'm not so blind" because my thoughts were constantly obsessed with all the world's problems and it effected my every action. But as I start to ignore those problems and focus on bettering myself the reasons that I'm different from them change. I suppose that it's a positive change but it still worries me. I'm much more cooperative with warmie social structures and expectations as well now, partly out of necessity and partly because I realize that they aren't a trap of some kind (I also used to be very paranoid which also seperated me from warmies, and is something I'm losing as well).


>>5057 (cont)
As for being vague, there's a lot of things that made me realize that I was changing. Getting a job was one of them, especially the fact that I kind of wanted to get it just to have something to do. I would never have thought I'd want a job in a million years before. Also the fact that I haven't been avoiding social interactions like I used to. Not sure if it'll change back but I know I can't be NEET again so my entire mindset will have to shift pretty late in the game and somehow I'm looking forward to that challenge. It's mostly a change in mindet though, hasn't effected my actions as much as lessened my resistance to doing things. And it's not like I've got many opportunities to do warmie things, just that I'm less likely to not talk to people. Might be nothing to worry about just a new backwards form of paranoia.
When you talk about feeling like you'll return to form, I worry about that too, although in the opposite way. I have a feeling like this is all going to either end up as some kind of warmie extreme like actually consistently interacting with warmies and potentially assimilating, or it's going to snap back 100x worse and I'll end up as a fucking psycholiz. That's why I'm treading carefully as I can and being as skeptical as I can about my actions and their meaning. I feel like if I can strike the perfect balance I could be in a great position, but if I can't then I'm either in warmie hell or lizzie hell. I prefer lizzie hell though since I'd rather not change if I don't have to and I'd rather be supported by lizards than scumfuck warmies.


The actions matter less than the thoughts and mindset behind them so long as no rules have been broken, and to my knowledge having doubts doesn't break any rules. If I do end up a warmie I'll leave but it hasn't happened yet.


If You are not sure if lizlife is for you maybe it's worth trying to blend in and seeing for yourself.
i dont mean fuggin
It would be rather funny if you discovered that too late. hfgl


Like I said I have a job now so I'm being forced to participate somewhat. I don't really enjoy it but it doesn't disgust me the same way it used to. And I find the challenge interesting.
I've also been nofapping just to add more shit to my plate and that's been enjoyable considering the time it's freed up. Especially since now I spend a chunk of time wageslaving.


File: LJPUvqhE8ixQsm6HcX7VS02OyWkYto.jpg (531.96 KB,1920x1080,wallhaven-neqemw.jpg)

Feeling nostalgic of something I never had.


File: GR6KEd5FgkXOLnech2iPZsTD8aypv1.jpg (533.08 KB,1244x1354,778a888988453be4ff9ba893d0….jpg)

I always hear these statements no matter where I go. It went from being a parody turned into a reality.
It doesnt matter what the thing is, its parroted everywhere I go at home, school, and work.
I thought I remembered a time when things werent like this and warmies werent this mentally fucked in the head.
Even the boomer retirees at my work say this shit up unironically so its definitely not restricted to zoomers or even the next generation of warmies.
Why is shit so fucked lizards?


Society is becoming more polarized. It's not just the far left and its grievance politics, the far right is growing as well. Look at the recent humiliations conservative inc went through as an example of this. It's part of the zeitgeist of our time, it's unavoidable. I for one welcome the conflict, I hate the world we live in.


File: P0ViEpC5eySAs97t1kK6xnLlrYbOhH.jpg (647.34 KB,1280x762,1525862935545.jpg)

I think it's a unconscious effort for people to maintain a constant sense that nothings wrong, by simply labeling "negative" thoughts as bad think.
I think it's always been this way, it's just that now the people privy towards that line of thinking are coming online, being recorded, etc.
I hate the self improvement fags more than them, not the ones who simply try to be their best, but the ones who preach all you need to do is pull up your boot straps, and then cry at the slightest complaint anyone makes as anyone who complains is the problem itself in their eyes.
Now that I think about it they're usually the same people.


I wonder if it isn't a form of projection on their part. I know that the word "projection" is thrown around a lot nowadays, but in this case I think there might be something to it. You see, self improvement is, in many ways, antithetical to contentment. To desire to improve oneself necessitates a belief that you are flawed. To strive to improve oneself requires that you a) think you are flawed and b) have the desire to change your flaws. If you were perfect, or at least had no problems with the way you are, then you would have no desire to improve yourself. But, as the saying goes, nbody is perfect. Thus, I think, these people loathe themselves on some level. Trying to attain perfection in physical things is a fools errand and any sane man knows that, yet you see plenty of people who seem to tacitly believe this. People who act as though never missing a day of work/school/gym etc. will somehow guarantee them happiness down the road. Obviously this is far from true, as people's lives are widely affected by things that are beyond their control. Nonetheless, it is a pleasant fiction that is widely subscribed to.

This is why these types balk so heavily against "bad thoughts". People who are happy in Lizard-esque lifestyles are living proof that their life philosophy is false. If someone can be content with little to no possessions and relationships, then all that time they spent trying to ingratiate themselves with the status quo was for nothing. That is why they warmies write us off as crazy. Essentially, what I mean to say is that I think many people are quietly displeased with the lies they were sold. Attacking "bad thoughts" is an attempt to re-obtain peace of mind.

Sorry for the spergy rant.


>I think it's always been this way

No, pc culture started creeping into the mainstream in the 90s. It was a slow process to get to where we're at. I'm pretty sure the US will get hate speesh laws within the next 4-8 years. The system needs to hide its contradictions, so things will only get worse.


File: 9OfD0Szlgr7J1b3oVW4HsIuY6j58Tw.jpg (797.67 KB,1920x1079,1529126353442.jpg)

Yea I should have said most people have always had their "everythings fine on the homestead" bias, but situation-ally it certainly has changed.
Like how racism was normal when our nations population was more white (a more genuine form of contentment), and now that it's changed people are trying to adapt by claiming nothings wrong and anyone who thinks it is is the issue (a comforting lie form of contentment).
People are turning their own people into those they hate because they're like a living projection of themselves that's not content and that drives them mad.
This is all coming from how people are around me though, so it's biased in itself.
It was nice to read, no apology needed.
I do agree mostly, I think those obsessed with self improvement (for any reason but for themselves alone) are often running away from an existential normalcy they're terrified of, and maybe in a rut of denial expressed through their projection that everyone else is the one with the issue.
Thinking it out made me feel a little less upset about it, that's why I stopped going anywhere online except here, a few game forums, and sites for listening to music. People seem to get madder by the day but I at least have lizchan.


>self improvement is, in many ways, antithetical to contentment.
I'd specify self improvement for its own sake. If you're working towards a goal I think it's in human nature to enjoy that. But attempting to improve yourself in some mysterious vague sense doesn't help anyone, least of all the people being told constantly to self improve. Hell, even getting a gf is a better goal than "just cause". Humans weren't made to operate on "just cause".
>I think, these people loathe themselves on some level.
I think that the key to happiness probably has a lot to do with realizing that you (and everyone else) are an evil being. Everyone has had the oddball thought of wondering if they could get away with murdering their mother, even if nothing comes out of it. It also makes it easier not to do whatever fucked up thing that you've thought about, thinking that you're the only person who is screwed up leads to becoming a murderer or that sort of thing. Social horseshit operates under the assumption that no one is screwed in the head at all, which makes everyone feel like they need to hide their screwedness from everyone, since everyone else is hiding theirs they become isolated with their thoughts. It ends up stewing in rage and normally nothing happens because people are too scared of the social horseshit, but the times that social horseshit fails to scare someone into submission it has devastating consequences. All this is why people say retarded shit like "it's the quiet ones you need to watch". People are subconsciously aware that social horseshit causes this.
I know you probably meant that in relation to athleticness or social status, but this was on my mind.


Thanks for the in depth replies, Lizzies.

>People seem to get madder by the day but I at least have lizchan.
I've noticed this too. I feel like the internet was much more fun in the past. Nowadays it seems to be filled with a lot of anger and sadness, and I'm not really sure why.

>I'd specify self improvement for its own sake.

Fair enough. What I was trying to argue against was the normalfag way of improving in order to get more money and social status rather than for the love of the things themselves. For example, the way people get fit in order to have an easier time of getting sex, or when people join hobbies as a way to find a spouse instead of for the hobby itself. Basically, I hate the way that life gets boiled down to this cynical meta-game of social status and resources. I think it causes a lot of people to become spiritually stunted and unhappy.


Woops. Second paragraph was meant as a reply to >>5122. Nice digits


Feels like there's a weight with constant pressure being applied to the center of my chest.
It's normal but not something I ever grow accustomed too.
There's always this vague desire to chimp out, this weird combination of anger sadness and feeling like you're pushed into a corner is not pleasant.
CIA btw


So I've been scratching myself furiously for half a year.
Today I stumbled upon sickness called dermatitis herpetiformis.
Symptoms fit like a glove and every pic from google is literally meexpect the hardcore ones
Treatment is gluten-free diet which kinda sucks because I'm already allergic to diary and I don't like eating meat.

I'm a gaygreensoyboyhipster now, I wasn't asking for any of this


Had a sandwich with mayo before I knew about that sickness.
Already scratched my legs to blood but that's nothing my buttcheeks are on fire and cant ease the urge because of scabs.
Gonna play skyrim till I get very tired then instasleep. Atm cant really go to bed.
Gotta focus on something to make itch less noticeable. Goodnight Lizzies


god speed liz, I knew someone with the same thing.
the chest pain was due to my blood pressure being 160/92.
apparently I have the super power to stress myself out so badly I put myself at risk for stroke or heart attack.
I take deep breaths and try to stop thinking but the pain persist, i let out random nervous laughs when i try to ignore it and have to bounce my leg and hug myself or a pillow to lessen the tension. I'm gonno strive to be lizchans first crazy person.


4taba is shutting down.


File: TIYKOJGHbndBoAQjcXsarz8wiF4UCl.jpg (164.2 KB,683x1200,Kro4SCX.jpg)

>software at the image again


Wow that's pretty homosex.
It seems like all the good ones get shut down and replaced by discord teen versions.
If I run out of /jp/ likes i'm gonna flip.
A lot of site shut down messages read like an author whose never pleased with his work, while he has a cult following that love it.
I can't blame them though, it's just sad seeing the beauty in something that it's creator's dismissive of.


At least 4-ch.net will be around until the end of time, even after humans are long gone.


File: t6W9YwXJfNDciKUjGCMbLr84Pu23nF.gif (4.64 MB,466x352,sl3093.gif)

thanks, and how did it go for them?

Woah that's high,are you sure Your weight or diet takes part in it?
I have the same stress doings + tics, strong twitches (head and arms) and the most cringest is repeating "Shut up" to myself. I've been through many panic attacks and delusions so Ya ain't takin madman trophy yet.
What are You stressing about? for me it was social interaction and going outside.


They are the most successful person I know around my age, and he's chad. Also gay. Going to ER rn funnily enough, I'm always stressing myself out now my bodys just reacting. Recently it's just been feeling trapped existence wise, and yea I'm 220lb so I am fat too.


How many of you guys think that if you got your legs chopped off (or disabled in some way) your family would support you? I've been toying with the idea of getting into a car crash or something so I can return to being a NEET but I know that my mother would still make me get a job. Maybe if I somehow faked brain damage but I don't know how I'd do that.


I was thinking about it a lot as kid. I'd have to work somehow and Im sure that it would be less profitable.
Brain damage is physical and I'm rather sure it'd turn out false on brain scan.
Can take medium dose or large dose of some psychedelic act crazy then fake loss of speech and do weird things till the end of your life.
That's the smartest way to do it I can think of tho it's retarded, dont


I don't use my legs much so this is somewhat the case already.
My family is very distant but derive a lot of self worth from taking care of me for some reason.
If I make it to 30 they'd probably get angry but I probably won't.
I thought about things like that a lot as a teen because seeing the fun sucked out of the dad and grandfather I respect so much terrified me.


File: s5Sy8rMFRTICPjaOAKYkN63h4iul7W.jpg (6.93 KB,255x191,Dale thinking.jpg)

playing eroges have made me realize that i am very fragile to sexual violence directed towards anime girls,ironic since i dont care about roasties IRL

for example shit like the way Rance treats Sill Plain in the Rance or how he rapes the entire female cast across the games series unnerves me despite being fully aware that the whole concept of Rance is a parody of your typical JRPG protagonist
or that eroge wich name i dont remember anymore about making your waifu on the typical fantasy setting, and then 5 minutes into the game gets into a gangrape scene, not very descriptive i know
and not only with eroges Hentai in general is indigestible to me because the concept of seeing a normalnigger fuck a cute anime girl sounds extremely gay on my brain and probably is

it probably comes from having consumed so much ecchi that i have developed a deep affection for chinese cartoons to the point that seeing such beauty defiled fucks me up at primordial levels, or maybe im just a faggot

what is your take on this lizzies?


Probably has to do with them being written by men for the most part, so they're essentially different things entirely besides looks.
I collect eroge more than I play it but I can enjoy most types as long as the characters are decent.
You may just be a 2d white knight, but since it's 2d I've only lost half my respect for you.


File: IV9ClUdEvOfAH7n2mXGDrKcezWbRyB.png (36.77 KB,165x241,what 7.PNG)

>You may just be a 2d white knight
how does not enjoying gangrapes and not enjoying porn in general make me a white knight tho? i agree on the rest of what you said tho


File: 6Q8rVDseHMm1WNtAf4E9zl3KwnbO02.jpg (436.66 KB,1125x800,0ed8de861836327422d0764c39….jpg)

I remember in muvluv theres a scene where a certain character get raped by tenticle aliens,
I couldnt care less for the character bc shes a dumbshit but it was excessively graphic
with how in your face it was.
>how does not enjoying gangrapes and not enjoying porn in general make me a white knight tho?
Different strokes for different blokes but the way I see hentai is that you insert yourself in the
place of the mc who fucks the girl(s). If you dont see yourself as the one doing the carnage and
instead defend the "poor" drawings its essentially white knighting. Thats my take on the white knight bit
but imo you should stick to what you like,if you dont like something avoid it. unlessdeep down**you enjoy
feeling bad for them**and thats the partthat gets you off…


File: v3216qGSioXf8TOmdDseMtZhNkCJPx-0.jpg (23.39 KB,449x393,holy shit.jpg)

File: pJzXPem0VOM2ST7h8uyoZ9GWrK6ILB-1.jpg (502.56 KB,1800x1389,16.jpg)

File: F3Mmr2f0ns6xzqCpVGYcoH8SEgLyDJ-2.jpg (1.05 MB,1500x1061,24.jpg)

File: fCTq9iwSrWNlKR1b3yXD0vE6auUjIJ-3.jpg (1.17 MB,1440x1200,23.jpg)

Shit anon i think you have nailed it

>I couldnt care less for the character bc shes a dumbshit

yeah i remember having a similar case with Makiba from Euphoria where her dipshit demeanor would get on my nerves and feel nothing when she does indeed get brutalized, yet seeing Sill Plain being mistreated fucks me up because i do like her
>the way I see hentai is that you insert yourself in the
place of the mc who fucks the girl(s)
indeed most of the time i do not insert myself in the MC because the faggots are way too different from me Rance being a jackass, Euphoria´s MC being a faggot about his hidden violent impulses

in any case thanks for the insight
have some cuteposting as a gesture of aprecciation


>written for men
I haven't played many eroge but every one felt like it was for failed norman to feel like alpha.
Got any recommendation where you play as sub?
Doesn't matter if yaoi/yuri/straight.
I'm beyond that gender shit only the plot matters


>where you play as sub?
that seems like most of them like you said, it's just the woman throw themselves at the MC no matter what.
I'd say Starless puts you in that situation.
I've only played popular ones really so far, Nanairo Reincarnation is what I'm playing now.


File: 8U7DjwCFeKXovdO9xRszMamc6JTyVt.png (304.13 KB,646x433,Huh 12.PNG)

>only the plot matters
shouldn´t you just read manga or search on another media?
judging by the few i have played, its all about MC fucking whatever the developers decided to put as cum receptacles, from time to time you find autistic eroges with actual gameplay (things like Sengoku Rance, evenicle) and then the full fetishism zone of gangrapes bestiality and all that jazz


File: tTeCifzlhnMHQDIy3gk1cXRmUxbvJ4.jpg (136.24 KB,1200x888,1d9b685d6f99f5b107140a81c0….jpg)

>Doesn't matter if yaoi/yuri
Absolutely degenerate!


Googled again but with different phase and already found 6 and many many gay ones lol. Gonna post if I play something decent.

That's the only thing that showed up after googling
Yeah I think should lurk for some manga, tho last time when I read a thing that fitted my taste it was a cringefest. Name was Happy Sugar Life. Didn't read till the end switched to anime and oh my it was the worst thing I've ever watched
and kinda put me off for other readings


I was just going to do it and I read the sms,my reading comprehension is on retard level.
My familia gonna get mad, jesus what should I do?


Nvm everything is fine and nothing bad happend. Madliz lyfe


I can't believe a year has gone by, one of the weird parts of being a computer addict is that you don't generate many memories.
I can remember what I did at most, not what happened in detail for long, like i'd be able to in real life.
doctors can't prescribe KFC i've tried


I wonder what happend to >>4693
if he's not here I hope he's good and having fun
You didn't pay them extra,did you?
chiken injection is cool but it's nothing compared szechuan coke


File: 3GnWxJb6oFLVHky5pDPleB9fNR7ch1.jpg (55.27 KB,640x896,559.jpg)

im still here im actually the faggot who posted >>5232 you were right about keeping my shit together, they stopped bothering me after a week of enduring

but yeah shit has been fine i discovered that Bastet is the best waifu and recently started reading into Hermetism and Neo-Platonism because that is the shit that gets me off

feeling the same here, but not in a bad way, i feel kinda "Disconected" from the world as if i was living on another wavelength than the rest of the normalniggers, weirdly enough i am more prone to rage than i used to but at the same time more able to control it and to calm down, also i suspect my attention span has increased because i can spend more time reading and concentrating on things than i used to,

i think its about perspective, you see this inmobility and isolation as a bad thing judging from >like i'd be able to in real life, and as such it has negative repercussions


>i think its about perspective, you see this inmobility and isolation as a bad thing judging from and as such it has negative repercussions

Not that anon, but I agree. I finished university earlier this year and have spent 99% of the time since then inside my house, and I have never been happier. I have come to truly appreciate my own company and I am at peace with the fact that I am not like others. I have used this time on my own to improve my physical fitness as well as to focus on hobbies and intellectual pursuits. Ironically, I even get on with normalfags better, as my looks have improved from exercise and my disposition has improved from inner peace.

>Hermetism and Neo-Platonism

Cool topics, Lizaanon! If you don't mind my asking, do you believe in them or is your interest purely academic?


File: ZQ7cbdDyaopstF1frqmIPCMl52eTXz.jpg (4.2 MB,3709x2967,Hermetism 9.jpg)

unironically yes i do believe in such things, i have been in the pursuit of knowledge and truth since my teens when i became a Natsoc, then one thing led to the other and i ended up finding out that warmniggers will always be warmniggers so any attempt at "Rebuilding" anything is for naught since we wouldn´t be in the world we are in if warmniggers were not warmniggers, so i turned to philosophy, found about stoicism and uncle Evola, i disagree with Evola in a fair share of points so i decided to go to the sources and find my own path

sorry for the blogpost, but i found necessary to explain from where i come from so people differenciate some fag turning to philosophy and metaphysics in search of wisdom, and warmniggers turning to neopagan LARPing so they can have a moral justification to smoke 90 blunts a day and make orgies


Don't worry anon, I get it. I wasn't making fun of you, I was just surprised. People like you are a nice change of pace.

I studied philosophy at university, and many of the professors were fairly dismissive of religion and spirituality. Discussions about god/religion/spirituality were often treated as a historical curiosity rather than as a legitimate field of philosophy.

Good luck and Godspeed on your spiritual journey.


File: 0Ai3WcYRFGI7BymL5EtrDVOHN8KaCf.jpg (189.81 KB,707x1024,1576194080577.jpg)

>my only contribution to the world has been some dumb paint comics and making a bunker board
B-Better than nothing right?


Hey it's more than i'll ever do, good job.
Yea the disconnect is definitely not all bad, as it kind of muddies my memories of suffering. I also get angry a lot, though i've never really noticed it as I just find myself playing videogames, day dreaming, or listening to music to disperse it.


>dumb paint comics
>bunker board
Post 'em lizzie


You'll come across them one day


How will I know its a fellow lizard though?


you'd understand


I gotta stop eating the lentils. I made a stew with lentil, it's just like my other lentil stew. It didn't have any kind of protein, so I added the lentils. I will not any more.

I'm going to use different beans, for goodness sakes. No more lentils so much. I'll still eat them, but not as often. I can't think of such a thing.


i don't understand anything


File: gBPITxLCoAm3QWu7U4MtKaSGbyVeZz.png (15.24 KB,189x189,lost all will to live.png)

hey lizzies, BO of the current /r9k/ bunker. I don't think I'll be able to keep moderating it so I'd like to see if someone else would like to manage it. I mostly made it to relocate robots lost around but there has been a ton of infighting in the webring lately and I just want to drop out and don't be a part of it. If you can, send me a message to kilmister@hitler.rocks


File: NldmPXwvnjk8z5RFMO4s6bi7HpKJYD.png (26.98 KB,283x281,please shoot my brain.png)

Forgot to say, the hotpocket life is just not for me


File: cRMZ8Ih91e7gXwH6JfdjmGxLDrQKlV.png (75.6 KB,282x282,star wars review.png)

Oh and I forgot because I'm extra gay, if you're asking for the board, send me the thread you liked the most before the 8chan shutdown. You can find them at the wayback machine


File: PqTH3FhyE5o6OnKtwLQrUsXv0k24gZ.jpg (23.5 KB,500x585,1576632829123-0.jpg)

Fuck it, I just gave it to the admin of the place.
Sorry guys but I couldn't handle it


Why would you want to take care of failed normans in the first place


If they aren't there they're here, anon.


File: i3yNv4f5JArG9VDkEaYZhFe6RKCOpT.jpg (28.03 KB,656x353,darkcity.jpg)

Can't remember the last time I seen the sun. Is it just me or has this winter been particularly dark?


File: c9mGlsxwt85HSPpCiTqIkaK4RQWAEv.jpg (78.21 KB,500x667,1207a5ce508e425a9d0aa046be….jpg)

>If they aren't there they're here, anon.


File: 1fmGuzJLlUXcAk8VOhpYxrIFP7CwWN.gif (127.71 KB,378x370,d05b4e6c.gif)

damn, that's some high INT stuff, didn't even think of it, t-thanks


me either but it's probably my tin foiled windows and lack of outdoor voyaging.
how does she fit in cup, is it a growth disorder?


File: aPyfvuFdn6qzAGe9rxDI0klM4pWb81.jpg (92.94 KB,836x526,0f18d0ac5729aae6b4fa292303….jpg)

I've been wanting to get a 2200G for more than two years now, but with the inflation where I live and the upcoming hyperinflation it will have I don't know if I should spend the money now on getting the components or save to move to a neighbouring nation.


Just to give an idea, a 2200G was $3000 two years ago, now it's $7500


File: kWC4AKpmSe5QOGnM8Dt3ljioPU9gzw.jpg (86.47 KB,700x700,53097ba7a0cb43147012a0f8f6….jpg)

>sub $100 ryzen cpu
You need to explain more.
Post the parts you have already and
do you know what your doing or is this your
first time building?


>You need to explain more.
Basically making the exchange, the CPU is $125 USD
>do you know what your doing or is this your first time building?
Technically. I don't have any parts yet.


>Technically. I don't have any parts yet.
so do you want help in building a pc?
If so use https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ and post the list here so I can tell if its alright. Or just ask and Ill build one for you. Just give me usd price limit and what you wanna use it for like playing le new game ultra hd graphics games, medium quality graphics, old games, everyday use, etc.
If you just want the to answer the original question
>I don't know if I should spend the money now on getting the components or save to move to a neighbouring nation.
Do whatevers cheaper. Ideally the more time you wait, the more likely something new will come out, lowering the prices of last gen cpus and thats when you buy them. But since inflation is coming for you you dont really have that option.


Discerning how many people consider themselves intellectuals without empathy and understanding of the human condition.
I think how you tell if someone is sentient is by if they realize how bad things are and would change things for the better if it was within their power.
There are legions of armchair intellectuals who pride themselves on thinking unemotionally yet remain retarded their whole lives because they never understand the human side of things, and chain themselves to parroting belief systems and the worship of traditionalism.


File: 9VDCKESg42ytxphIU0MfmA5B1jbrLZ.jpg (89.52 KB,1024x1010,65.jpg)

>worship of traditionalism
what the fuck are you talking about?
if you are talking about normalniggers
the only thing they worship is pleasure and the means to get it (Money and reputation)

if you are talking about (((Modern))) scholars then its positivism and absolute materialistic Empiricism AKA:if i cannot see it it does not exist AKA:feelings are chemistry lmao

the last traditionalist current that has existed in the last century was Radical Traditionalism (Evola and Guenon) and Esoteric Hitlerism, and both of those are fringe esoteric systems way beyond the realm of normalnigger understanding


lots o' differing definitions online,
I thought it meant;
Traditionalism isn't a set belief system in and of itself, it's an adherence and dedication to one.
>if you are talking about normalniggers
Certainly to an extent, materialism and hedonism isn't out of bounds for being called a tradition, people have lived that way forever, and most are more than happy with it judging by their criticism of anyone who complains about it.
>(((Modern))) scholars
That's everyone with a twitter account it seems.

I'm generally talking about everyone that adheres to the "that's just how nature is, you're wrong for wanting to change it as it's of gods design" mentality which has been popular forever.
And even without the excuse of god now it's just replaced with calling people incel if they take issue with anything under the sun.
Anyway I was just ranting out of frustration, my post wasn't made with much thought.
>worship of traditionalism.
was meant to be translated as worship of the status quo, I worded it arrogantly ironically.


File: JDWlrBdbERZcey2Yq1LGu6PUOvigh9.png (450.04 KB,739x886,Lizard Jesus.png)

>that's just how nature is, you're wrong for wanting to change it as it's of gods design
>implying Lizard Jesus was ever wrong
off to hell with ya


File: uoZydSO05b3xXqE48WlRfGDzCVU2Ft.jpg (131.5 KB,1280x720,thornydevil.jpg)

ye of false belief, only Lizard satan exist, and he's our only hope. Raptor jesus wants us all to worship him selfishly and loop through hoops for eternity, lizard satan wishes to free us from our mortal bindings.
How long does it take you to earn that much in your local currency, I hope you get it before the price hike gets you.


File: 83wJ9o2gU4YrqEulVek1aXyspBODSI.jpg (64.05 KB,301x359,Raptor_Jesus.jpg)

You shall perish feeble mortal, thou art a sodomite, a filthy heretic!
Never forget all your souls belong to me.


>You shall perish
say no more I'm ready


>How long does it take you to earn that much in your local currency
A month of part-time labour would give me that, I started to help my job with work and it'd take me something around two weeks without spending it.


*started to help my dad
I always brainfart and end up saying words before they should be mentioned.


File: Ly9lBPxYMaj453HmeGhDJbNFEWdquQ-0.jpg (125.17 KB,900x1271,1575792788783.jpg)

File: hoS80bqNk79BtVQIXZ6AxFepHTcwKd-1.jpg (202.74 KB,854x1255,1576224913507.jpg)

File: 5Vud0iczpTqsMaIARGlPED3bjhBQNK-2.png (20.17 KB,540x810,1576217121282.png)

Don't mind me, removing wojak from the home page


File: 0WoqT9aep3MEhxUnBVRJvY5S4OQDld-0.jpg (2.67 MB,2041x3000,5522a6b7f503e28aa828dcde12….jpg)

File: F4REHcA3KiVQplOwILmJD5bYgo0Tka-1.png (1.58 MB,1400x1958,aa6642e5e176c592d26e20b8b4….png)

File: biuf8CqM4T5RGFzP96St7JYhkXdlgx-2.png (358.76 KB,900x1200,1576023176444.png)


File: 1lhcTKD0WyjUY73PVLXJgxaHmkIG9B-0.jpg (96.74 KB,653x512,W6NIXXLEEEXLNKMGLO7THNPN50….jpg)

File: GCSW1pgvYIAcJ5V3QsUequldm84Rib-1.png (81.28 KB,1007x1965,1570263420235.png)

File: iWYMl5IcDmrZBAKwaUXyFsxtPjbg1G-2.png (91.9 KB,1186x1764,1565414337214.png)


File: lVk4hpxdCEfMes03RY5urOzjXmvQyi-0.jpeg (81.97 KB,685x960,459.jpeg)

File: lvIozifGwDAdxMmOpV3t8PWUe1c4Cy-1.jpeg (72.95 KB,564x846,454.jpeg)

File: BNqtHaE3Im4i5SZ9QjdYXbFkvyU0xe-2.jpg (79.19 KB,666x1000,424.jpg)

File: OU8dLAIP4u1yh6mFWv7lpqVGxTz0bi-3.jpg (128.26 KB,1280x720,442.jpg)

allow me to lend you a hand



sorry guys I thought it'd be funny, I grant myself a pic ban


File: BuNAzt36GRK25ksYng8lOQUHpoSqC4.jpg (3.56 MB,3335x2748,57f600c76bb6b70a75b406d21e….jpg)

I cant fix my slep schedule anny lizzies know how to have good sleep and nice drems?


File: s7y8dVcjqenEfFh4GYmxkJ2aTgUvwM.jpg (97.31 KB,964x847,Kiss.jpg)

i hug my pillow and think about my waifu while thinking about her, looking at pretty anime girls really soothes me, so i would recomend you ODing on Chinese pictograms and then going to sleep with wholesome thoughts


File: hEaqpomWRJkbMw4LXNr7fG0x1A8YtP.jpg (82.01 KB,1176x664,1456083918553.jpg)

>anny lizzies know how to have good sleep and nice drems?


File: Kyqun5zgOM6fmNPQZTkApvdRcHGSWo.jpg (50.08 KB,638x791,c9c5298a26c0ba12ef0530d6a1….jpg)

I think he needs some milk


>needs some milk
He's not on PCP fren


>can't post webm since it's too big


Don't sleep a night or a day depending when you wake up then go to sleep at desired time and try to keep going to bed at the same hour.
Tried it many times works more often than it doesn't


File: 8YNB6FxhTR9aASLG2V5zEPtXimuMIy.jpg (112.79 KB,701x900,e128b5eee334289f552d944bf0….jpg)

>liz doesnt want to be overworked at a worthless normalnigger job for shit pay
>he doesnt want to spend his money on le latest teevee or sports moobile
>he doesnt want to go to church with a tranny dyke priest
>he doesnt want to vote for corrupt jew politicians
>he doesnt want to go to college and get buried in debt for a worthless degrees
>he doesnt want to become friends with degenerate normalniggers
>he doesnt want used goods for a wife and have mixed race babies
>something must be wrong with him…


>liz doesnt want to be overworked at a worthless normalnigger job for shit pay
How are you going to get the Munies then?


but does the liz has other plan or did he mastered any skill that would give him goodboypoints? He had a lot of free time.


File: jn6VM9qaOEeDcr1vsouPApHzRX5Nlf.png (8.73 MB,4000x5000,69b982d1a25236997ebc3c8995….png)

liz will commission /pone/ and furry artwork masterpieeces
liz is very creative and wiser than the average normalnignog. When he puts his mind to it he can accomplish lots of wondrous deeds


File: ov6XNT9k4fxlHuFzg2Sh0ieqtWJUZQ.jpeg (49.27 KB,731x1024,large (1).jpeg)

woah are You for real or it's just a joke about making big cash from furstuff?

Are there any furfags or it's just me? as far as I know none is into ponies


File: s3nQHhrqJKfpURX89C5PlI6jDicM0e.png (1002 KB,835x1200,c894522b94697a29b31ba06332….png)

>woah are You for real
Only time will tell.
>Are there any furfags or it's just me?
Hopefully its just you. But ive seen you here for awhile so
youre a good you, even if you are a degenerate.


>Escapism baaaad
>What is the search for higher ideals?
>Rejection of reality is baaad
>if i cannot see it or hear it it is not real
>of course fighting for the things you care about and sacrificing the world for them is bad!!! can´t you see the collective is more important than your will!? submit to the masses anon don´t seek meaning for yourself just create things to get your sweet sweet validation
>the void is baaaad, don´t you see you always have to be moving?!
>i mean escapism is a sad thing because there is no meaning to it and its empty, unlike participating in society because you need them to exist, it totally isnt bleak and empty because you need other people to know that you exist in order to exist

jesus fuck i hate normalniggers, it always comes down to retarded materialism and social validation, because you can´t choose your own path or make things your own way, no no no you have to follow the will of the sheep and make things sanctioned by the people, because you are not an adult unless you wageslave yourself and create more children to slave themselves away for the government

sorry for the rant anons, this kind of shit really gets on my nerves, i dont know if it is the self-serving normalnigger rethoric, or the fact that the fag from the video and anno for that matter has not picked up a single book on philosophy EVER


File: VDiWTQpKoeN0CAmzX3xvB6GYdqb2Mj.jpg (49.18 KB,728x614,imgbin-eddy-wally-internet….jpg)

Oh the norman mindset,that's funny stuff.
I never knew that ppl are so silly untill I started working in kfc.
couldn't see it earlier because I wasn't visiting any crowded places
They order for an example longer sandwich then get angry because they wanted other shit even though they said longer, there is no way that fault is on their side it must be mine!
Some time ago I found the great way to not let dumb ppl behaviour annoy me additionaly boost my mood.
>makes Eddy Wally wow sound
>puts everyone off the track
Maybe this will help ya oh and what did you expect from that video most of the content is judged by the normal rulebook


I hate that normalfag rhetoric too. Not only is it wrong, but it's arrogant too with the way it seems to say:
> No one could have any real objections to modern society. Clearly they're just a sperg with a small dick who's jealous of how amazing I am and of all the sex that I have.
What's worse is that this way of thinking is so staggeringly retarded that it's impossible to argue against. There is no genuine search for truth and no appreciation for higher values. I hate the way that it shits on religion and philosophy for being "made up", but will cling rabidly to arbitrary social mores that didn't even exist as recently as five years ago. I hate the way it presupposes that social conventions are inherently good. I hate that the way that they use the conventions of today to shit on the conventions of the past. Fuck, man, I hate it all.

On of the biggest ironies is that normalfags aren't even good at being social. The average normalfag is a terrible conversationalist and they often have a profound lack of empathy. I grew up thinking that I didn't like talking to people, but that's not true. For example, I enjoy posting her and talking to lizards. The reality is that normalfags are just so thoroughly insufferable that they manage to make a fun experience bad.

Sorry for the rant but I wanted to get it off my chest.

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