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File: 1600552037112.jpg (331.7 KB,658x575,IBt0nObvpTSGUk4HhWQCqEVr13….jpg)

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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.God bless.
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File: 1680472457109-0.jpeg (619.69 KB,882x1115,hat kid by unknown.jpeg)

File: 1680472457109-1.jpg (517.86 KB,850x966,hat kid and hilda by brick….jpg)


File: 1680548839363.jpg (236.9 KB,1024x576,made in abyss by unknown.jpg)


File: 1680642067589-0.jpg (1.06 MB,850x1136,futari escape by taguchi s….jpg)

File: 1680642067589-1.jpg (113.59 KB,850x768,kirisame marisa by unknown.jpg)


File: 1680728609135-0.jpg (111.27 KB,850x1313,hiiragi tsukasa by hano lu….jpg)

File: 1680728609135-1.jpg (114.07 KB,850x680,eromanga sensei, lucky sta….jpg)

File: 1680728609135-2.jpg (486.17 KB,992x1403,kusakabe misao by kanokoga.jpg)


File: 1680796141304-0.jpg (116.39 KB,850x850,annaka haruna by aaaa (qua….jpg)

File: 1680796141304-1.jpeg (360.74 KB,900x1263,nichijou by unknown.jpeg)


File: 1680912296653-0.jpg (149.23 KB,850x1211,komeiji koishi by shirotsu….jpg)

File: 1680912296653-1.jpg (141.62 KB,850x1202,komeiji koishi by dfra.jpg)

File: 1680912296653-2.jpg (112.19 KB,1280x1143,fat raven tiddies.jpg)


File: 1680995550407.jpg (166.35 KB,850x467,RWBY by sunset xi and yuug….jpg)


File: 1681083433351.jpeg (356.12 KB,1000x750,Elder Scrolls by Velena G….jpeg)


File: 1681165194915.jpg (84.62 KB,850x852,hinata yukari cosplaying c….jpg)


File: 1681187141832-0.jpg (104.8 KB,850x890,iwakura lain by aiu404l.jpg)

File: 1681187141832-1.jpg (161.64 KB,1230x1000,souryuu asuka langley by a….jpg)



File: 1681341384605-0.jpg (99.64 KB,850x647,agent 3 by dr mice.jpg)

File: 1681341384605-1.jpg (74.3 KB,850x780,agent 3 bike by dr mice.jpg)

File: 1681341384605-2.jpg (76.95 KB,850x645,piers and raihan by dr mic….jpg)

This guy makes some seriously good dark and lonely art with cute characters.


File: 1681430232297.jpg (715.35 KB,850x1373,satanichia kurumizawa mcdo….jpg)

At the beach with Satania!


File: 1681447125721.jpg (300.58 KB,800x600,ce8528c997fe19c21679398952….jpg)

I remember this picture from an old video about the top ten annoying things about youtube. Good times.


File: 1681703355381.jpg (294.28 KB,850x1212,harry potter parody by tyr….jpg)


File: 1681705342320-0.jpg (602.31 KB,850x708,komeiji koishi and satori ….jpg)

File: 1681705342320-1.jpg (89.51 KB,850x478,komeiji koishi by unknown.jpg)


File: 1681783297109.jpg (219.31 KB,850x1020,rakka from haibane renmei ….jpg)

Let the sun shine in.


File: 1681847316349.jpg (202.65 KB,800x855,original by thelatestkate.jpg)


File: 1681880226469-0.jpg (212.51 KB,850x1133,pokemon by hakkentai pdkn.jpg)

File: 1681880226469-1.jpg (101.64 KB,850x1191,pikachu libre by dorobo 39.jpg)

nice tummy


File: 1682211598489.jpg (72.26 KB,500x557,kirisame marisa by kokono ….jpg)


File: 1682315934013.jpg (187.72 KB,850x1431,moushley and ranni the wit….jpg)


File: 1682452865564-0.png (618.51 KB,915x1300,fujiwara chika by aetherio….png)

File: 1682452865564-1.png (505.72 KB,600x800,mankanshoku mako by aether….png)


File: 1682559228948.jpg (78.46 KB,850x1149,sakurai momoka by gar32.jpg)

smol pp lol


File: 1682648974920.png (1.73 MB,1008x1723,hayasaka ai by unknown.png)

blonde girls


File: 1682673598178-0.png (1.32 MB,824x1200,winning ticket (umamusume)….png)

File: 1682673598178-1.jpg (120.96 KB,850x1105,tsukimiya ayu by unknown.jpg)

It's snowing!


File: 1682772720060.jpg (152.14 KB,850x517,kirby by suyasuyabi.jpg)

This forest is beautiful. The nature near me isn't nearly as serene. Or maybe it's because it's a certain place in the forest that makes it special?


File: 1682880166377.png (343.31 KB,512x512,316384111_1009315796678405….png)

>forest is beautiful
I really like the novelai leak version of forest.
Lowres and I can't upscale it since laptop died shortly after lol


File: 1682886328739.jpg (339.3 KB,850x478,megumin by unknown.jpg)

I the forests and nature preserves where I'm at, we have bridges, but nothing like these bridges. Also, we have tons of trees, so no open spaces like this.

I don't have novelAI, but it looks pretty cool.


File: 1682888531697-0.jpg (2.01 MB,850x1409,original by goroku.jpg)

File: 1682888531697-1.jpg (250.18 KB,850x1176,megumin by unnown 2.jpg)

File: 1682888531697-2.png (259.04 KB,700x900,yugo, elatrop and az by fe….png)

Yea, no idea why my sentence was that bad lol. I forgot I was supposed to be posting cute pictures, so here's three for everyone. Free of charge.


File: 1682934534344.jpg (202.55 KB,1024x1024,shimakaze (kancolle) by me….jpg)


holy fuck can't believe this thread is still ongoing



File: 1683086692564.jpg (521.74 KB,850x1202,mori calliope, gawr gura, ….jpg)


File: 1683169082384-0.jpg (122.78 KB,850x1134,azazel (helltaer) by noah ….jpg)

File: 1683169082384-1.jpg (585.06 KB,756x1080,brdget (guilty gear) by on….jpg)

File: 1683169082384-2.jpg (138.36 KB,850x1063,kanna kamui and kobayashi ….jpg)

File: 1683169082384-3.jpg (388.56 KB,850x673,original by daliyang.jpg)

File: 1683169082384-4.jpg (562.69 KB,850x675,miyano shiho by astrayin.jpg)


File: 1683399542291-0.jpg (162.02 KB,850x1133,Izuna (Blue Archive) snoot….jpg)

File: 1683399542291-1.jpg (79.91 KB,850x850,Kafuu Chino by darkpi (sek….jpg)


File: 1683601176531-0.jpg (162.16 KB,1040x1300,ashley graham and leon s. ….jpg)

File: 1683601176531-1.jpeg (160.66 KB,640x1136,shizune and tonton from n….jpeg)

Yep, that second picture is official art. Crazy, isn't it? I always had a little crush on shizune from the original Naruto.


File: 1683684019330-0.png (117.34 KB,900x568,dot warner by emererre.png)

File: 1683684019330-1.png (151.31 KB,400x800,iwakura lain by aoi nori (….png)

File: 1683684019330-2.jpg (211 KB,850x850,qiqi (genshin impact) by y….jpg)


File: 1683774603268-0.webm (256.39 KB,800x600,banjo-kazooie by iro goma….webm)

File: 1683774603268-1.webm (71.97 KB,800x600,banjo-kazooie 2 by iro g….webm)

File: 1683774603268-2.webm (1.01 MB,768x576,banjo-kazooie pogchamp by….webm)

Cute Banjo-Kazooie animations!


File: 1683857858778.jpg (225.41 KB,1042x741,son goku and son goten by ….jpg)

This legit makes me wonder how much time was dedicated to the characters vs fighting in DBZ. I've seen a lot of clips, but never the whole series, but I'm gonna lean onto more fighting vs more character development. Pretty safe bet.


File: 1684035209888-0.jpg (499.48 KB,850x1111,troll (warcraft) by distr.jpg)

File: 1684035209888-1.jpg (103.97 KB,850x1047,druid troll (warcraft) by ….jpg)


File: 1684079550226-0.jpg (144.62 KB,850x835,remilia scarlet as link by….jpg)

File: 1684079550226-1.jpg (106.64 KB,850x771,princess daisy by cremanat….jpg)


File: 1684377171204.jpg (496.48 KB,850x1202,argonian by sat-v12.jpg)

Boa noite amigo


File: 1684708494866-0.jpg (64.14 KB,850x850,Salazzle by Advos.jpg)

File: 1684708494866-1.jpg (311.9 KB,850x1189,Tewi Inaba by e sdss.jpg)


File: 1684850391847.jpg (179 KB,835x800,Kiki from majo no takuyuub….jpg)

By goshogawara elm.


File: 1685067625945.jpg (139.88 KB,850x478,knight lady lapice from gu….jpg)

shout outs to the guy on gelbooru who tagged this wrong. It's the only way I found it.


File: 1685149716086.jpg (113.2 KB,850x850,original by puppycritter.jpg)


File: 1685202779922-0.jpg (462.86 KB,700x988,chen scared by ryuu (multi….jpg)

File: 1685202779922-1.jpg (1.14 MB,850x1200,konpaku youmu by majamari.jpg)

Just had a dream where I had an electric drill to open a room with Chen in it. The goal was to open the door, close it behind me, and rape her. I did it, and she was really scared, but as soon as I got near, she turned into a happy dog. That's very sad! Then, Youmu and Yuyuko were coming into the room from a bridge, so I was thinking about shooting Yuyuko in the head with a pistol and raping Youmu, but the dream ended before that. What a weird, rapey dream.

Pics related. Chen being scared and Youmu in dog ears. She was also on all fours, I think.


File: 1685238802546.jpg (43.12 KB,636x631,413be19a29b6a23ddb1f031cc6….jpg)


File: 1685316427708.jpg (1.11 MB,1000x1200,piccolo and gohan by 弘教寺.jpg)


File: 1685413391062.jpg (181.33 KB,850x900,original by st.kuma.jpg)


File: 1685463557550-0.jpg (42.63 KB,850x853,ibarazaki emi by zlix0n.jpg)

File: 1685463557550-1.jpg (417.68 KB,850x850,ibarazaki emi by boa (bria….jpg)


File: 1685511114315.jpg (144.74 KB,850x1644,mina mongoose by yoako.jpg)

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