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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.
God bless.


File: 1524337813500.gif (236.22 KB,320x252,1464320926975.gif)


File: 1524338164929.jpg (26.64 KB,250x355,rj.jpg)

Come my child…


Please save me raptor jesus I wish to retreat from this mortal toil


File: 1524440666185.gif (186.97 KB,480x270,5290f8e1201415f96a93623262….gif)


File: 1524498838916.png (597.43 KB,627x720,1524086443677.png)


File: 1524519455032.jpg (147.46 KB,600x860,1424579066242.jpg)

umaru's design is cute but I want nothing more than to drop kick her personality into a dumpster.


File: 1524604917687.png (6.94 MB,2548x3497,1524134447209.png)


File: 1524606641999.png (259.35 KB,687x762,1457055140159.png)


File: 1524798145619.png (149.88 KB,464x466,1486708951595.png)

I missed a day it's over


Do continue don’t stop friend


File: 1524857633570.jpg (161.51 KB,366x500,1475160243903.jpg)

Thank you for the encouragement mein fren


File: 1524884218860.jpg (104.91 KB,850x889,1523827838913.jpg)


File: 1524950503391.webm (100.79 KB,396x224,MellowHatefulArchaeocete.webm)


File: 1525028348140.jpg (302.11 KB,648x700,1450416808128.jpg)


File: 1525030506067.jpg (89.14 KB,620x889,1523319267515.jpg)


File: 1525114810864.png (3.29 MB,2316x1391,ClipboardImage.png)

May I join you brother?


File: 1525116129873.jpg (506.27 KB,1219x1750,1448692217572.jpg)

mashallah mein blood bearer


File: 1525197169278.png (251.46 KB,627x627,1459309968435.png)


File: 1525211291192.jpg (154.14 KB,800x800,1522231194340.jpg)


File: 1525226570111.jpg (84.92 KB,1920x1080,lizwiz.jpg)

Such a perfect thread. Keep it up lizards.


File: 1525285600391.jpg (35.79 KB,512x507,1512697530080.jpg)



File: 1525301631372.png (208.51 KB,828x840,0027c0685e513c7aa6bbbf268b….png)


File: 1525366029866.jpg (185.65 KB,800x800,1491700470246.jpg)



File: 1525469247808.gif (988.63 KB,500x281,1500126518866.gif)


File: 1525502651367.jpg (31.58 KB,480x480,10932601_1534454000140474_….jpg)


File: 1525550594641.jpg (75.35 KB,687x1000,1504539199497.jpg)



File: 1525576741588.jpg (144.02 KB,798x750,1507932115967.jpg)


File: 1525637234738.jpg (132.08 KB,680x690,1425255674682.jpg)

Is this show worth adding to the list of shame and need to watch anime?


File: 1525736193267.png (286.79 KB,588x588,09e2a374ebb7dc3426002b7c41….png)

Sorry, I haven't watched it so I wouldn't know. I just save cute pictures.


File: 1525743936390.jpg (20.97 KB,400x225,1483568558152.jpg)

Yea I do the same thing no problem my fren


File: 1525820987692.jpg (234.3 KB,572x800,1446241577158.jpg)


File: 1525927380101.jpg (131.81 KB,709x1001,1523115947884-0.jpg)


Isn't she from that Kirby game?


Kirby 64 I think, I never played many Nintendo games though just random knowledge I have.


File: 1525999703510.png (92.95 KB,250x309,1424585864023.png)


File: 1526083201558.jpg (28.21 KB,360x240,1425204204117.jpg)


File: 1526232909105.jpg (77.42 KB,256x256,1427178315039.jpg)


File: 1526314449382.gif (1.44 MB,235x234,1526176758157.gif)


File: 1526322316726.jpg (67.65 KB,1000x562,1413243276435.jpg)


vry sexy this activates the kokoro


File: 1526368408711.jpg (67.19 KB,677x960,1509974991325.jpg)

Sorry to ruin the thread, but you can see the resemblance right?


Muh dik


File: 1526417144210.jpg (106.78 KB,850x1197,1510434785526.jpg)



Not even close.


File: 1526513970788.jpg (294.09 KB,800x800,1288221 - りらっこなといわっくら(失笑).jpg)

I can see the resemblance in the large legs, for some reason I've never liked how some woman still have lifting legs, I assume that were evolved from picking berries as gathers or helping in fields.


File: 1526604428275.jpg (57.84 KB,800x1000,11s14.jpg)


File: 1526700372677.png (946.29 KB,760x1080,1526677696689.png)


File: 1526793639230.png (1.86 MB,954x1335,1449075916835.png)


File: 1526884569437.jpg (143.25 KB,500x489,1524014883091.jpg)


File: 1527024430464.png (70.39 KB,421x248,1427459271937.png)


File: 1527083481104.png (15.38 KB,104x153,4ab3baf768fa6ce0b4b9d0e039….png)


File: 1527131559588.jpg (43.67 KB,227x250,1430025351786.jpg)

>no warhammer harem


File: 1527204182136.jpg (37.79 KB,604x339,The Emperor Protects.jpg)


File: 1527250976299.gif (49.16 KB,69x120,1427867964106.gif)



File: 1527273697929.jpg (56.64 KB,720x480,8172c1919ecf3d17154c940515….jpg)

That's a Spess Marine not the Emprah.


I've been found out!


File: 1527342132121.jpg (537.03 KB,1200x1264,1510677924987.jpg)

It's 8 am official snoozing time good night lizards


File: 1527427101012.jpg (72.05 KB,683x1000,1526337314287.jpg)




File: 1527476372669.png (285.76 KB,480x376,1511246705344.png)

I've Failed once more!


File: 1527577227867.jpg (256.66 KB,700x680,1426919891191.jpg)


File: 1527648858174.jpg (259.19 KB,800x706,1483322772131.jpg)


you really are adamant about this aren't you?


File: 1527662594232.jpg (398.62 KB,800x800,1428965365446.jpg)

Is that from a vn?
It's a good way to take a short break from doing things everyday. And It dives me a faux sense of responsibility.


I can't let a day pass without something cute being posted.
It's just a moe version of that old picture of the blonde with the backpack usually posted in technology related threads I think.


File: 1527752877749.jpg (59.99 KB,723x1024,1493503158237.jpg)

Me and my big mouth. I said that without posting so here.


File: 1527776397540.gif (2.54 MB,262x369,1428100172411.gif)

thinking about mounting that steed


File: 1527907429478.jpg (155.18 KB,462x605,1523147921391.jpg)


File: 1528005534545.gif (946.18 KB,720x405,zmUyr5b.gif)

wish I was bigger tard


File: 1528050463518.jpg (36.86 KB,257x325,CJpk7zh.jpg)


File: 1528116672617.jpg (178.13 KB,1280x720,1495466829057.jpg)



File: 1528211372316.png (408.27 KB,824x792,1490696221467.png)

been watching anime like it's my job


name a few




Well my taste is shit but I just like the escapism, has been Steins;Gate, Code Geass, and
Gakkou Gurashi!
That's what this thread's about angst anon.


kill yourself to be exact


File: 1528297180658.png (2.17 MB,2003x1386,1527722733342.png)

what did u mean by this


i don't know just being random i guess


File: 1528394234879.jpg (1.01 MB,2924x3815,1501362811115.jpg)

oh that's fine anon I just donno what was the going on.


are you gay?


you're gonna have to ask your dad


dad is lizanon gay?


File: 1528508785715.png (304.89 KB,1024x1024,1500196893415.png)

if your dad browses lizchan i'm auto gay for him




File: 1528602400035.jpg (93.11 KB,795x811,11vzn.jpg)


cute :3


File: 1528687788162.jpg (460.58 KB,1200x1600,c61521258cee1de2df15e7844a….jpg)

fanged beast cannot be cute!


File: 1528712687880.png (732.39 KB,591x960,1521939527083.png)

>fanged beast
How dare you!


File: 1528815257599.jpg (293.79 KB,900x1273,12j66.jpg)

just look at those fucking wild animals


File: 1528874760959.png (64.41 KB,523x346,25778ae450c489eb8803e0aa04….png)

You got me mad now.


File: 1528904440051.jpg (62.31 KB,875x700,1528823996556.jpg)

I wouldn't trust those creatures around a pet dog let alone myself, they could tear your throat out!


File: 1529026199572.jpg (475.47 KB,2048x2017,1477942894547.jpg)

I learned raptors whilst alone would consume lizards.
Is this raptor jesus's true intent?


File: 1529137565553.jpg (209.75 KB,724x1024,1515587666842.jpg)


File: 1529164849411.png (870.78 KB,700x736,1528664057288.png)

>2 days ago


File: 1529203629005.png (2.63 MB,1600x1000,ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone else watching the World Cup?


File: 1529266865469.gif (42.28 KB,400x458,1529226813744.gif)

Would only watch sports if it was between teams of lolis.


File: 1529368568777.gif (966.42 KB,540x304,1527581832669.gif)

about to start watching LoGH wish me luck


Embedding error.


File: 1529460155998.jpg (15.68 KB,208x259,1502757031119.jpg)

me but with more sadness


File: 1529559084225.jpg (155.85 KB,832x1200,jb7qXtR.jpg)

LotGH is great so far, time to nap before tooth extraction.


File: 1529664318906.jpg (166.5 KB,644x768,1521050503860.jpg)


File: 1529717716568.jpg (252.09 KB,1199x1200,tumblr_p6vgk9KZiu1u33x2xo1….jpg)

Please don't ruin this thread.


don't worry it's protected by me


File: 1529749239902.jpg (63.69 KB,564x800,BQnCb5L.jpg)

I can ruin my own thread if i please!


File: 1529839294232.gif (186.85 KB,192x192,1480307118990.gif)


File: 1529981283667.jpg (144.7 KB,720x960,1446259619722.jpg)


File: 1529981484964.jpg (15.29 KB,320x320,CauxmEQUkAAmOZd.jpg)


File: 1530090609549.jpg (278.83 KB,606x607,1457824010108.jpg)

>no lettuce wearing cat


File: 1530181310045.jpg (1.11 MB,994x1200,11hi3.jpg)


File: 1530270797782.jpg (149.15 KB,1200x1200,12skt.jpg)

Just finished reading Gantz, was pretty entertaining helped me forget about real life for a couple days.





File: 1532201154621.png (283.07 KB,400x1202,1424570518997.png)

It's Alive!


File: 1532343280204.jpg (147.7 KB,529x680,1527268028501.jpg)


File: 1532473581773.jpg (342.46 KB,1280x1866,1531485977675.jpg)


File: 1532588959259.jpg (143.38 KB,850x1350,cute with sweater.jpg)

I'll help out liz


File: 1532610670987.png (1.16 MB,1300x1837,YCIfaTI.png)

high quality cute posting


Help out with what


File: 1532665166495.jpg (555.22 KB,850x601,embarassed catgirl.jpg)

With cuteposting of course


show bob and vagene


File: 1532673611703.png (226.45 KB,500x500,begubin.png)

no :DDD


This made me lose my shit for some reason, i would that spurdo.


File: 1532730398596.jpg (178.43 KB,629x1050,loli sitting on bedside.jpg)

Happy to be of service liz


File: 1532746065267.png (259.71 KB,500x500,e9a.png)


File: 1532812052296.jpg (444.29 KB,490x870,cocoa.jpg)


File: 1532906341188.png (1.74 MB,893x1200,1530469942841.png)


File: 1532995837570.png (1.97 MB,1200x1600,tiny book.png)


File: 1533034494649.jpg (466.77 KB,1200x900,1523531866739.jpg)


File: 1533179949306.jpg (196.05 KB,659x500,1530482549349.jpg)


File: 1533286736826.gif (596.4 KB,206x276,950jojui1y911.gif)


File: 1533423642195.jpg (199.65 KB,1258x1296,1524495287611.jpg)


File: 1533586006386.png (943.82 KB,800x1132,1527662142475.png)


File: 1533723861067.png (500.13 KB,1275x697,1446841635008.png)


File: 1533898351872.jpg (786.17 KB,2147x3000,1444825988745.jpg)


File: 1534024263978.jpg (169.66 KB,613x850,1529286481676.jpg)


File: 1534160045402.png (316.44 KB,384x389,1470385849275.png)


File: 1534386540646.gif (1.43 MB,560x490,1532063656361.gif)


File: 1534555073314.png (957.41 KB,873x1200,5yhd9k2trkg11.png)


File: 1534722304283.png (776.37 KB,1200x826,bacf79027ff0899108725e5404….png)


File: 1534911656967.jpg (428.39 KB,999x1400,1448693267974.jpg)


File: 1535018774389.jpg (40 KB,850x595,0e931fb77d9ba0f60631a4b30f….jpg)


File: 1535038425040.jpg (400.64 KB,900x1025,1471670613366.jpg)



File: 1535166840987.png (85.04 KB,418x635,1529693845826.png)

*teleports behind you*


File: 1535190101719.gif (Spoiler Image,891.31 KB,245x270,SF2ICW0.gif)


File: 1535211123483.png (253.25 KB,866x781,1535044472977.png)

pls don't hurt me


Hello this is OP, I have Forgotten to post the thread rules, and the reasons behind them.
1. Post cute things
2. 3D piggus are factually not cute
3. Strawberry ice cream has to be at least your 2nd favorite flavor

After scanning this post I've recognized 0% cute content, but a 100% match for piggu content.
In kind regards, I must formally request:
pls delet this


File: 1535277404681.jpg (163.35 KB,600x600,1466459399147-0.jpg)

mortar fire inbound.


File: 1535294396391.jpg (38.48 KB,640x480,1534995177708.jpg)

you will pay for this


Anime is for losers


assertion denied


assertion accepted :^)


File: 1535441658086.jpg (57.24 KB,540x305,1460878293120.jpg)

i only have 2$ how much are you asking
flip off non tard or loser fag!


File: 1535465140526.png (279.11 KB,750x700,1534993030745.png)

2$ is fine. In fact I only need 1.34$ for the bus.


File: 1535594998121.png (1.47 MB,1280x720,1469554378004.png)

Impossible, I just bought a bag of octopus gummies, 0.86$ will have to do!


File: 1535641511494.jpg (159.31 KB,480x480,1534992804875.jpg)

How dare you, your fate is sealed.


File: 1535762054240.jpg (52.83 KB,566x476,1483155183681.jpg)

>your fate is sealed.
Yea I'm a believer in determinism too


File: 1535980299233.jpg (455.56 KB,600x848,1530924996971.jpg)

wew 30 mins before raptor jesus annihilated me


File: 1536139035569.jpg (83.24 KB,1024x877,1476506416810.jpg)

cute cats cuddling


This is what anime does to you. Stay away from anime kids.


the lizkids know im a cool cat, anime is badass and protects you from solar radiations


File: 1536234137462.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.92 KB,1400x569,BHa4t2t.jpg)


He is truly a living lesson for us all. I admire his dedication.

Don't give up, cuteposter!


File: 1536286568620.jpg (96.28 KB,1015x1200,l7ncmm27el111.jpg)

Whilst I may have given up on everything else, cute posting is an ancient family tradition, started first by my 1300 year old
greatest grandfather, who would etch cute images onto cave walls as praise to the lords ability of creation and the fragility of said creations.
He later murdered his too cave brothers in their sleep and impregnated their woman.
They eventually killed him and left their birth child, who was then raised by a fatherly blue tounged skink, and was taught to rape just as his father once the lizard spotted a female counter part.
This parts unrelated though sorry for the blog.


File: 1536396116951.jpg (613.56 KB,1100x1400,theAnimeGallery_111793_110….jpg)


File: 1536404451667.jpg (977.63 KB,1682x2400,1443615658288.jpg)


File: 1536572529480.jpg (150.23 KB,725x1024,1526119303010.jpg)


File: 1536709349952.jpg (248.67 KB,600x753,x6po4rt66gl11.jpg)


File: 1536838872183.png (1.05 MB,1000x976,1530483304685.png)

starting to think this raptor jesus character doesn't want me


I'm sure Raptor Jesus wants you to continue posting more, it's the best thread on lizchan.


File: 1536971815957.jpg (432.89 KB,800x1200,1530482517933.jpg)

>it's the best thread on lizchan.
But I will anyway as it is tradition, and raptor jesus spooks me.


It keeps the suicidal thoughts at bay


File: 1537106826312.jpg (34.53 KB,360x525,1411455571449.jpg)

>not thinking of perishing from this mortal plane as you cute post
I admire you anon.


File: 1537242504456.png (201.51 KB,590x760,1530481697751.png)

snooze mode activate


the anime is not real


i'm not either so its cool


yes you are


nope i not real


File: 1537361226497.png (2.65 MB,1280x720,1459334770813.png)


File: 1537530424492.png (3.94 MB,6800x3048,1431996610070.png)


File: 1537764596857.png (42.38 KB,424x213,1463188878979.png)

one of my hdd's died time to back up the image folders


File: 1537877957972.jpg (262.96 KB,667x667,1528149824380.jpg)

Got an error when trying to post gif, donno if it's just an issue for me


Should work now.


File: 1537918939392.gif (1.92 MB,480x366,giphyjhvhgvg.gif)


File: 1537919069401.gif (2.03 MB,480x355,giphyhgfgfg.gif)



File: 1538006752076.gif (30.82 KB,371x496,1537831154705.gif)

Baste tech wiz liz


go back to /jp/ teenbro


no can do 8/jp/ has been kill for centuries


/qa/ teenbro


what are you implying boomerbro


File: 1538030155236.jpg (58.23 KB,500x743,f4b.jpg)


True, I'm literally the joker but with a higher IQ and BMI


File: 1538121303856.jpg (379.72 KB,700x782,1528722195984.jpg)


File: 1538235502951.jpg (38.15 KB,300x300,1495806020802.jpg)


File: 1538356062483.jpg (57.53 KB,512x384,1507182302482.jpg)


File: 1538473196313.jpg (75 KB,402x500,1517857421998.jpg)


File: 1538605755225.jpg (206.77 KB,537x501,571048c2acd58ae3daa682b4f6….jpg)


File: 1538779086068.png (1.02 MB,840x469,1467436919404.png)


File: 1538897370293.png (568.1 KB,600x600,1530482606200.png)


File: 1539052268487.jpg (77.91 KB,600x500,Rena_89.jpg)


File: 1539209353825.png (104.24 KB,800x670,1441832327491.png)


File: 1539329803253.jpg (211 KB,400x500,a7da0293850d8411e0410e88de….jpg)


File: 1539469711942.gif (Spoiler Image,980.55 KB,500x281,1464629284301.gif)

This may be my last post before raptor jesus takes me, the image limit has decided my fate.
God speed liz friends.


File: 1539477494212.jpg (61.18 KB,680x879,Picture of me.jpg)

dawwwwww cute.
t. Raptor Jesus


you did it mate, you made it all the way to the end



File: 1539587926110.gif (295.89 KB,634x807,1431197769277.gif)

Raptor jesus is in the database altering image limits!
The end of the beginning it seems.


File: 1539733692619.jpg (152.51 KB,794x792,1539433648526.jpg)



File: 1539863665870.jpg (240.91 KB,750x750,__konpaku_youmu_touhou_dra….jpg)


File: 1539986462129.jpg (498.1 KB,628x882,1523162376052.jpg)


File: 1540115685922.jpg (340.32 KB,1000x1360,9Sy23b2.jpg)


File: 1540252746208.png (47.24 KB,321x225,1439686626389.png)


File: 1540287597739.jpg (33.66 KB,422x420,bug eyed.jpg)


File: 1540368235946.jpg (610.79 KB,1280x2880,1434759687160.jpg)


File: 1540498754261.jpg (1.92 MB,1750x1500,1456346072994.jpg)


File: 1540643743231.jpg (589.89 KB,1200x1550,1445722531936.jpg)

i snooze


File: 1540769907207.png (827.34 KB,1115x788,1445436071661.png)


File: 1540895504979.jpg (92.67 KB,460x404,1540618153400.jpg)


File: 1541029087140.png (1.53 MB,2551x1819,1522989339865.png)


File: 1541161287973.jpg (522.02 KB,1000x1093,1541025317060.jpg)



File: 1541288484686.jpg (423.77 KB,1450x2048,1534101123408.jpg)



from Hatsune Miku's "We are friends, aren't we?"


File: 1541431127795.gif (277.28 KB,270x200,frens.gif)



File: 1542244677896.png (1.23 MB,1430x2000,1535675319564.png)



Thank you I didn't know that song existed, smooth vocals.


File: 1542370769333.jpg (335.7 KB,1280x720,1490274498622.jpg)


loooooool autism loooooooooool


I agree, autism is quite comedic.


File: 1542483114047.jpg (50.19 KB,494x363,1533416377069.jpg)


File: 1542601128131.jpg (52.99 KB,500x500,1505944607894.jpg)


File: 1542715183767.jpg (352.24 KB,604x769,1474916607494.jpg)

look what you've done


What have I done?


Obviously something to upset her, why else would she be that way?


It's a animated picture though?


you're in a animated picture,
chen was watching your show anon!
you were her favorite anime!
what have you done?


File: 1542849824503.gif (215.7 KB,187x313,1542518717450.gif)


File: 1542981492303.png (465.02 KB,800x800,1472789896109-0.png)


File: 1542987024201.gif (835.29 KB,245x210,WhVf.gif)

tf is the image limit on this thread?


raptor jesus raises it by one every post until he's sick of me


File: 1543109032861.jpg (428.76 KB,1000x848,1451012071281.jpg)


File: 1543222466813.jpg (93.22 KB,525x640,1283769502625.jpg)


File: 1543361069010.jpg (148.11 KB,850x850,1541960948515.jpg)


File: 1543480524876.jpg (292.24 KB,426x639,pengwen.jpg)


File: 1543623645884.jpg (81.68 KB,500x500,1543308245408.jpg)


File: 1543753365956.jpg (73.29 KB,800x567,1525655760805.jpg)


File: 1543809605211.png (1.12 MB,670x1192,ClipboardImage.png)

I know I'm late to this, but I've recently started watching Oreimo. For those who haven't seen it, it is a fantastic series and I highly recommend it! Apparently the author, Tsukasa Fushimi, is known for making controversial series that sort of push boundaries he also made Eromanga Sensei. I think he is becoming one of my favorite Japanese writers of all time.


I've watched both of those and liked them.
Just sharing my good taste by promotingAyase and Elf as the most physically cute girls.


File: 1543819196641.png (406.48 KB,1000x563,ClipboardImage.png)

Eh, Ruri is cuter imo but to each their own.


My apologies, I think we forgot about Ruri's sisters.
They objectively win.


File: 1543832998977-0.png (324.17 KB,1000x564,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1543832998977-1.png (244.84 KB,1000x563,ClipboardImage.png)

That we can agree on. Goddamnit why is the first picture's quality complete aids!?


File: 1543895448506.jpg (32.04 KB,500x355,4800c9d449e0f45d88d24ced5e….jpg)


Gantz was a wild ride


File: 1544063193607.jpg (223.85 KB,1134x1920,1447177447082.jpg)

One of my favorite manga, wish there were more death game or weird ones like I am Hero.


File: 1544179335447.jpg (110.77 KB,850x615,1456116866249.jpg)


File: 1544182292021.png (1.5 MB,849x1201,ClipboardImage.png)

>thread reaches bump limit


meep meep


time for a new thread


File: 1544318761822.jpg (905.44 KB,847x1200,1456121788634.jpg)



File: 1544439248981.jpg (83.63 KB,676x982,1501410190588.jpg)


File: 1544576705321.jpg (109.37 KB,800x1057,1474583631855.jpg)


File: 1544694166899.jpg (136.61 KB,850x1226,1544309362165.jpg)


How are you able to post more images?


File: 1544699213612.gif (1.53 MB,500x288,Recording of me having a s….gif)

Only by my blessing of course.


Engaged to the Unidentified

i miss magicchan


File: 1544722316557.jpg (569.62 KB,1024x520,1484607787680.jpg)

I miss it too. I'm sure we'll all met back up in Gensokyo or something. Yeah, that's it…


Shh, no more tears. We are reptilianons of an obscure and healthy Lizardchan now.


File: 1544832112025.jpg (88.35 KB,850x673,1530221331735.jpg)

Baste raptor jesus helping with population control and image caps.


I'm actually genuinely curious as to how you guys are posting more images.


File: 1544875991020.jpg (44.39 KB,330x414,Picture of me and the hear….jpg)

You serve so well, and yet you lack faith? Learn to carry your cross and don't ask so many motherfuckin' questions. Just remain faithful in me. This thread must remain until I tire of its cuteness.



File: 1544953844087.jpg (105.04 KB,560x451,1445637974065.jpg)

It's simply not my time yet


File: 1545086815229.png (42.01 KB,428x318,1445930509655.png)


File: 1545208847614.jpg (138.22 KB,1200x535,1445198401029.jpg)


I'm a retard. I thought it was image limit not bump limit. The bump limit is set to 250 replies and image limit is infinite. Going to set bump limit to 500 so twice of 250.




File: 1545347931524.png (228.67 KB,1280x438,evolution.png)

>limit is infinite
Then I will resist raptor jesus until this thread crashes the site, or I get a meth addiction and forget.


stay strong


File: 1545466517846.jpg (1.31 MB,945x1299,1443491349239.jpg)



File: 1545607894282.jpg (109.23 KB,529x991,hauntedpussy.jpg)


File: 1545724751914.jpg (136.42 KB,991x1400,1545680769054.jpg)


File: 1545864382753.jpg (41.2 KB,461x646,aa4327dd50ee3133beff5e742d….jpg)


File: 1546000624742.gif (1.97 MB,500x500,1545804615399.gif)


File: 1546131599688.jpg (115.42 KB,1031x1094,1339012643936.jpg)


File: 1546249119716.gif (23.87 KB,429x416,1546137532917.gif)


File: 1546399748538.jpg (262.38 KB,995x710,thepatch.jpg)


File: 1546572940746.jpg (125.36 KB,850x850,1522158453208.jpg)

I missed a day but it's fine raptor jesus was probably asleep


File: 1546575094619.jpg (198.63 KB,640x640,Me with halo.jpg)

It's fine bro. I've forgiven you of all your sins past, present, and future. This better not get to be a fuckin' pattern though.


File: 1546693787153.jpg (405.93 KB,1200x811,1527637773062.jpg)

That definitely means I can sneak a few more sins in, It will not be normal though, I was just going through some left over vodka.


File: 1546829467109.jpg (27.31 KB,418x810,ayylamoe.jpg)


File: 1546955256187.jpg (38.98 KB,329x623,1496143037031.jpg)


File: 1547091308760.jpg (121.39 KB,1920x1200,15ec3182db38335f07e167b6d0….jpg)


File: 1547201528327.webm (2.93 MB,198x360,1547082334494.webm)


File: 1547206812192.jpg (186.5 KB,496x600,1546412778199.jpg)

Pretty cute I wouldn't mind getting one


The missing link?


File: 1547320420784.jpg (469.86 KB,980x771,1508034450366.jpg)


File: 1547447482220.jpg (143.55 KB,960x720,1451080396952.jpg)


File: 1547571013240.jpg (70.95 KB,615x1166,activeshooter.jpg)


File: 1547696882733.jpg (1.21 MB,1920x2560,1547396799470.jpg)


File: 1547809487889.gif (1.94 MB,224x200,1508836914484.gif)

Don't know If I posted this before sorry it's the early on set Alzheimer's.


File: 1547925925024.png (1.11 MB,850x950,rockroamer.png)


File: 1548043673615.jpg (45.68 KB,709x751,ava.jpg)


File: 1548142024874.jpg (282.36 KB,978x980,moenazie.jpg)


File: 1548169620540.png (2.03 MB,1920x1080,1466440312081.png)

war is hell


File: 1548292108198.jpg (79.08 KB,786x1920,bun.jpg)


File: 1548407242488.jpg (247.41 KB,2433x997,1545969418473.jpg)


File: 1548522819977.jpg (158.77 KB,833x833,1545865842826.jpg)


File: 1548639834759.jpg (20.66 KB,320x320,kill.jpg)


File: 1548671152931.png (176.77 KB,351x500,ClipboardImage.png)

I'm not OP, but I'm sure he won't mind.


Not one good post in this entire thread.


File: 1548762359670.jpg (238.36 KB,1150x1150,death.jpg)

kill me


File: 1548772572616.jpg (23.65 KB,290x500,Painting of me.jpg)

I beg to differ, this thread has my blessing after all.


File: 1548882990847.jpg (236.38 KB,681x681,1531603862927.jpg)

blessings unto you raptor jesus.
thank you for your offering.


File: 1549004194252.png (40.72 KB,470x331,1438198793144.png)


File: 1549138807886.jpg (189.93 KB,874x1000,1502122980654.jpg)


File: 1549253847402.jpg (57.33 KB,480x771,1291424369343.jpg)


File: 1549368436253.png (1.78 MB,2660x2660,1448001316571.png)


File: 1549498462506.gif (4.14 MB,450x450,1548807558705.gif)


File: 1549512536752.png (821.32 KB,1024x720,ClipboardImage.png)

>Fortnite meme
Don't ever let me see this shit again.


didn't even know it was in anyway related, fortnite won't ruin dancing anime girls for me.


How did you know it was from Fortnite?


File: 1549572680378.gif (798.11 KB,1x1,tenor.gif)

I thought that the fortnite meme dance was different, but I just googled "fortnite dance gif" and this one came up.


File: 1549614781336.png (1.82 MB,1608x2136,1443493244206.png)


Because almost every time I logged into YouTube, some faggot was spamming this dance because it was a "meme".
They put different kinds of dances in the game. That is just one of many.


File: 1549762191212.jpg (300.39 KB,750x1200,1474603300083.jpg)


File: 1549911123558.jpg (245.06 KB,500x500,1496798479789.jpg)


File: 1550047668371.gif (466.07 KB,500x500,kitty.gif)


File: 1550160967472.gif (658.46 KB,286x232,1547949552564.gif)


File: 1550292044937.jpg (125.57 KB,499x500,1547996722447.jpg)


This pic actually got a laugh out of me. Thanks liz!


File: 1550389867567.jpg (542.83 KB,1500x1350,1547420927282.jpg)

I thought the site was dead from the certificate error, my bad raptor jesus.
Jews are bad news!


File: 1550477482025.gif (452.41 KB,311x489,1510749899105.gif)


File: 1550508412180.jpg (761.63 KB,707x1000,1546913354335.jpg)

In fashion of fascism watched Tanya the Evil and binged. Liked the protag was interesting.


File: 1550625592191.png (74.86 KB,400x236,1331735153794.png)


File: 1550744158177.png (370.09 KB,865x1000,1453970031854.png)

Metro has been cracked


is it scary like the previous games?


The atmosphere is similar, I'd say if you found the others spooky you'd probably find this one too.
I've only played the first chapter now due to a bunch of crashes, but I think the first chapter was really on rails and cut scene heavy, though I heard it opens up. may be best off waiting for the updated game and crack and not release day version.


File: 1550887095081.png (487.21 KB,650x863,1547790816645.png)


File: 1550999876458.jpg (4.24 MB,1531x2243,1475253883220.jpg)


File: 1551117412997.png (615.92 KB,960x778,1429066563272.png)


File: 1551247206789.png (62.12 KB,196x186,1444114281300.png)

if this site goes down one more time i swear to jesus fury shall prevail


File: 1551256333694.jpg (95.54 KB,961x759,smRed7M.jpg)

Can't promise that bud.


I like the detail and color scheme on this one.


File: 1551358257286.png (1.23 MB,1265x791,1451613895945.png)

that's it, you've done it now.
makes me hungry


File: 1551473594543.png (333.27 KB,600x580,1451605007757.png)


File: 1551606392002.jpg (126.23 KB,1000x563,1434563281903.jpg)

bout to feast


File: 1551714686192.jpg (620.97 KB,1000x1000,1431213481083.jpg)

bout to fast


File: 1551862322764.jpg (159.35 KB,960x1000,9ad34983809c0dd6e7dde27a40….jpg)


File: 1552010523386.jpg (250 KB,860x822,1478817564813.jpg)


File: 1552096654073.jpg (127.41 KB,1024x1448,9abfd46f96c28d44c781f1ed03….jpg)

Could it be you're Catholic, anon?


File: 1552126274253.jpg (104.33 KB,720x540,1501762199426.jpg)

Nope, just a fat.


File: 1552241267470.jpg (308.77 KB,1046x726,1455688047246.jpg)


File: 1552357687403.jpg (35.43 KB,225x350,1456447127006.jpg)


File: 1552479295079.jpg (231.22 KB,1024x768,1459298909691.jpg)


File: 1552594181430.jpg (326.27 KB,1120x2048,DziGhidVsAAGL5R.jpg)


The too-big baldric got me good. Well played liz, well played.


File: 1552738269630.gif (828 KB,400x225,1545453694241.gif)

rumor has it that it belonged to her latest neet victim


Wew, at least my employed status keeps me safe then.


File: 1552860368922.gif (255.2 KB,500x500,1549667430218.gif)



File: 1552989956143.png (777.38 KB,850x881,sheepnoises.png)

snooze time


File: 1553105101501.png (242.94 KB,748x800,1431873099682.png)


File: 1553221544583.jpg (83.49 KB,640x800,1500457712599.jpg)


File: 1553338469350.jpg (46.76 KB,720x404,1545173206016.jpg)



File: 1553461962048.jpg (127.03 KB,1000x868,1553394689657.jpg)


File: 1553574718050.jpg (257.45 KB,1000x1000,1448499766206.jpg)


File: 1553590514749.jpg (269.66 KB,500x667,1485674947062.jpg)

no i'm not


File: 1553728324117.png (374.02 KB,600x800,1553274307353.png)


File: 1553845072661.png (1.43 MB,1809x1153,1553070220132.png)


File: 1553964735827.jpg (149.49 KB,850x1013,1475212364350.jpg)

I miss winter


File: 1554080691623.png (372.93 KB,791x894,1451928579606.png)


File: 1554197137906.png (3.8 MB,2560x1440,86c873a988f406ced99a928b29….png)


File: 1554310379233.jpg (126.98 KB,640x640,069_24eacf82a74d43e83469ae….jpg)


File: 1554425335991.jpg (130.87 KB,1024x957,1431983643515.jpg)


File: 1554550934901.jpg (98.58 KB,1123x947,1344572396846.jpg)


File: 1554669336654.jpg (143.78 KB,850x680,1429784199932.jpg)


File: 1554794704143.gif (394.68 KB,700x500,1545175404357.gif)


File: 1554918643924.jpg (578.09 KB,4000x4000,1469260936028-3 - Copy.jpg)


File: 1555032276864.jpg (398.18 KB,1150x900,cirno_2.jpg)


File: 1555150028861.png (641.65 KB,730x1000,1435077775293.png)


File: 1555262696852.png (302.85 KB,997x809,bad.png)


File: 1555390422305.png (18.96 KB,595x577,1540134574061.png)

would you?


File: 1555512270342.jpg (95.57 KB,709x902,1545681763337.jpg)


Fug :DD


File: 1555637128299.png (520.12 KB,1837x2731,1555135354214.png)


awww she peed herself :(


File: 1555725960901.jpg (34.94 KB,602x386,xdd.jpg)

y u do dis


never not peed myself


File: 1555761437410.png (486.82 KB,1575x1665,1453298615350.png)


I refuse!


File: 1555779398633.jpg (125.75 KB,957x1300,execution-11012451.jpg)

then i'll have to put you to sleep instead


File: 1555874045319.png (148.59 KB,500x500,1548055167168.png)

tea time


File: 1555990086634.png (2.7 MB,2000x822,61315065_p0.png)

bout to rage


File: 1556109806832.png (1.68 MB,1120x1200,1555200860524.png)


File: 1556222648829.png (123.56 KB,500x723,119_9fdc7888f50fde572f2114….png)


File: 1556370210658.jpg (117.34 KB,1104x1888,bestill.jpg)


File: 1556495652099.png (874.53 KB,714x1000,1555954440710.png)


File: 1556506042238.jpg (188.58 KB,700x990,tumblr_p0eui3evAF1wehlxeo1….jpg)


begone three legged boob monster!!!


File: 1556518510922.jpg (112.7 KB,880x1139,thoughtful liz.jpg)

Oh my.


File: 1556632939364.jpg (545.91 KB,850x1199,1554154867133.jpg)


File: 1556753401196.jpg (78.41 KB,495x700,1554008839354.jpg)

>he hasn't posted 5 times today


File: 1556877016850.gif (310.64 KB,154x287,1556172897624.gif)


File: 1556990292946.jpg (399.72 KB,2048x1396,__original_drawn_by_harusa….jpg)

Thinkin' about universal annihilation


Embedding error.
Reminds me of this or every Rings of Saturn songs


Nice track, wish I wasn't so picky about growling vocals, either way the instrumental and lyrics are neet.


Embedding error.
What kind of growl are U into? I love pigsqueak and random blabbering,their album is imo more intrumentaly advanced than signs of the swarm.


File: 1557096227520.jpg (369.46 KB,1200x970,Konachan.com - 119761 hat ….jpg)


Cracking up at this, reminds me of that metal song with the dogs barking as the vocals someone here posted.
I do actually like that better though, I'm not big on growling in general honestly but there are exceptions. I usually like just yelling, growling to add to the mood, or when the growling goes well with the instruments.
But I think it's because a growl can overlap the instruments and make them not as clear, and is distracting in ways. Is personal bias of taste o' course.


File: 1557119552311.jpg (349.17 KB,1484x2048,DxWGKEQUcAACEsf.jpg)

saving this without permission


File: 1557247414515.png (3.08 MB,900x1432,62781794_p0.png)


File: 1557265557602.jpg (96.1 KB,600x450,why_sm_ppl_see_it_as_a_cur….jpg)

I'm stealing this


File: 1557299168083.png (198.8 KB,640x360,ClipboardImage.png)

Wow, I've been looking for this album for a while after losing the link and someone just so happens to post it. What a coincidence.
That also reminds me, there is this goregrind band I have been looking for that had guro pics as their album covers and I want to know if you know who they are (it's not Jag Ai, although they did have a guro pic as their cover one time).


File: 1557360768377.jpg (250.68 KB,500x620,__furude_rika_higurashi_no….jpg)

Oh my now I feel kinda special.
Well that's not very helpful desription but I guess U meant anime gurohttps://imgur.com/Qp5Ck2d sry for shitty quality I was going to post it here but don't want to ruin thread more than I already did. It's streched but whatever


File: 1557364253866.webm (4.75 MB,720x720,LdlL6WdpSP1IiZBw.webm)

Unsteal my file immediately THIEF


File: 1557365136016.jpg (105.73 KB,1272x920,the-pirate-bay-t-shirt-ind….jpg)

*teleports in front of you*


File: 1557521381519.jpg (1.9 MB,1713x1215,69423289_p0.jpg)



File: 1557639691648.jpg (408.25 KB,894x1061,9998690_p0.jpg)

do normal people have actual ambitions?


File: 1557701251936.jpg (109.91 KB,700x900,gGs9I2zrwdk.jpg)

Yeah for sure and they're better at it imo


File: 1557760413939.jpg (79.8 KB,568x404,1461136889797.jpg)

one day i'll want to do a thing


File: 1557761584488.jpg (33.23 KB,320x320,5a058315ba938e1b0f657304_5….jpg)

And then it'll be too late and there will be only feeling of regret.


File: 1557812721328.jpg (308.79 KB,1272x1920,1557599660178.jpg)


i like these pictures. may i save them?


no stop you can only save MY pictures


File: 1557856004337.jpg (66.16 KB,774x968,17125385_991588530942489_3….jpg)

Please do, >>3605 pic was made by deviantartist that deleted all his content and fortunately I do have most of his work saved(in bigger resoulution than avaible on image searches), 7 of those are not even in internet. Here's one
I forgot his name :-DD


File: 1557881877494.jpg (2.31 MB,5899x8657,1521866171067.jpg)

I will regret these regrets


File: 1557998900901.jpg (80.81 KB,777x710,1557949786286.jpg)



File: 1558005442897.png (915.77 KB,727x1000,FROGGED.png)



delete this amphibian smut


File: 1558096359243.jpg (79.28 KB,400x379,FROGGED2.jpg)

Ayo you dont suppoat intaspesheez breedin' lizboy? sheeeeiiit you don' been a raysiss to me.


File: 1558137019467.gif (2.03 MB,500x375,triggered.gif)

fr*g posters!!!


File: 1558158799149.jpg (27.88 KB,500x357,8171534400_6c4973e855.jpg)


File: 1558256635633.png (1.92 MB,1060x1500,35175924_p0.png)

look at that autistic ass bear


File: 1558369835420.jpg (3.76 MB,2480x3507,1521585366123.jpg)


File: 1558392069589.png (109.39 KB,500x500,Ndk0mYSO91czq0dK3nxyN05nQt….png)


File: 1558502296460.jpg (1.55 MB,2584x3269,1558298673716.jpg)

>eating bears
lain is gonno get fat


File: 1558593176330.gif (1.37 MB,500x281,1478870210_529.gif)

Hey You!
Don't think You're so tough,
beat me in cutefile fight then I'll submit to Your bullying


File: 1558631512684.jpg (438.53 KB,1200x792,1552795415791.jpg)

Eat this!!!


File: 1558666559377.gif (4.72 MB,377x289,UntimelyAlertHornet-size_r….gif)

Ewww 3d furry


File: 1558754184287.jpg (3.4 MB,3000x4090,1468810981610.jpg)

me on the right with the sickass tail


File: 1558881841901.jpg (284.67 KB,1200x1702,1444847430934.jpg)

die, dog!


File: 1558944328610.gif (992.4 KB,500x260,Higurashi-no-Naku-Koro-ni-….gif)

More than 20 days have passed without escapism.
I feel kinda less dumb but I started to hate everything,myself too lol
It's only simulation,right?
When it ends I'll spawn in better place.
Yeah it's very comforting to belive that.


>It's only simulation,right?
When it ends I'll spawn in better place.
of course ;^)
what have you been doing without escapism? need ideas in case the power goes out during ww3.


File: 1558969004294.jpg (761.49 KB,1500x998,Konachan.com - 276992 samp….jpg)

It is ˙⦥˙ . .
Look it up on net >
I'm the chosen one and U're just simulation _

Playing melodica,started learning russian
Ms Office for potential job,excersises for scoliosis, participating in family stuff. I'm going to learn cybersecurity.
It's very basic but will help me saving up for hikikomori life quicker.


>I'm the chosen one and U're just simulation
nice coded response you pseudo sentient bio-droid, for I am the protagonist of this tragic comedy.
I really wish I was capable of diligently learning an instrument, is it a grass is greener sort of thing?
Also nice, I hope you make good progress so you can keep posting like code master jesus intended.


File: 1559035347346.jpg (277.9 KB,1920x1200,1508200725757.jpg)


File: 1559103920186.gif (956.44 KB,500x281,tumblr_niht5yjJtL1tkcbojo1….gif)

I bugged and didn't post a reply,amazing.
In short playing instrument requires no special powers and it's just the time that You spend on it.


File: 1559156733907.jpg (414.68 KB,1219x1750,1444788485455.jpg)

Being able to spend time developing a skill is a very useful/special power.
I find it incredibly difficult at least.


File: 1559168150453.jpg (205.64 KB,1680x1050, _e8cf80409395d7c66b8bebb7….jpg)

Just force it Baka


File: 1559283670055.png (351.35 KB,936x1170,1533459076859.png)

simply impossible I've never practiced self control in my life


File: 1559397508660.jpg (79.81 KB,500x699,1559169804261.jpg)

cute dog


File: 1559511483240.jpg (597.7 KB,848x1200,27536623_p0.jpg)

it's clogged


Seems like an efficient way to make sure your poop lands in the toilet.


File: 1559599385155.jpg (572.73 KB,1680x2392,IMG_20170702_174033.jpg)

Anyliz want to share their pets?


File: 1559624833489.jpg (706.1 KB,2934x861,cat.jpg)

first pet I've got to take pictures of as it's growing up.
okay but i'm not paying for the shipping.


File: 1559738337551.jpg (1.34 MB,1536x960,73758444_p0.jpg)


File: 1559852503805.jpg (2.65 MB,2242x955,74616543_p0.jpg)

When I was young and watched VERY MASCULINE harem series, I'd always root for the pink haired girl.
Is this a mental illness?


File: 1559966895478.png (30.37 KB,460x790,74805607_p0.png)

Should i take the job? 10$/hr looking after cows.


Only if you can get away with paid shitposting.


File: 1560090793576.jpg (133.65 KB,1019x715,CYQd2uuUkAE0IFs.jpg)

going postal


Definitely won't be able to. I've started regretting even trying, but thankfully I think they changed there mind about getting a new employee.
I'm already pretty dead inside, and bored all the time. Mainly I just want money though, I want to be able to save for a lot of hard drives and keep archiving.


File: 1560204162889.jpg (67.57 KB,545x800,1554069688414.jpg)

snooze time


Good night, lizzie.


File: 1560326264762.jpg (677.97 KB,1200x1672,1529123447696.jpg)

beep beep


File: 1560327349081.gif (533.29 KB,500x774,806.gif)



File: 1560450031086.gif (184.49 KB,237x236,1470914185628.gif)


File: 1560565394016.jpg (137.56 KB,850x1342,1466276236842.jpg)


File: 1560695933892.jpg (159.46 KB,600x800,1541899890489.jpg)

arctic commando


File: 1560720598049.gif (405.52 KB,500x500,sakuraibounce.gif)

I've saved some of these so here's one


File: 1560816444775.gif (240.94 KB,320x270,1560495436557.gif)

thanks anon


File: 1560881135352.gif (653.81 KB,500x281,Go away.gif)



I'm not going to remember to say lizanon or liz every time, sue me.


we shud have a wordfilter tbh


Not that anon but please don't do this Lizmin. I hate wordfilters so much, they trigger my autism really, really bad. I want to be able to use all words in the language without putting spaces or anything.


Yeah that fuaarking soykaf is like kicking dead whales down the beach


File: 1560964172389.gif (98.28 KB,400x452,1560282444196.gif)

I just see anon as a catch all phrase for all imageboards, as inherently people are anonymous.


File: 1560976625674.jpg (55 KB,1280x720,maxresdefault (1).jpg)



File: 1560987215072.png (1.01 MB,1280x720,babytoshino.png)

Leave liz alone he just wants to post some cute girls


File: 1561083357077.png (267.95 KB,640x640,8d0982d339c2382fac5906bb3f….png)

I'm lovin' it


File: 1561218772392.jpg (146.86 KB,638x904,HcNjlUC.jpg)


File: 1561334311471.jpg (235.41 KB,800x800,22668290_p0.jpg)


File: 1561455456684.jpg (228.67 KB,1600x1200,9299667_p0.jpg)

And then the anti-weeb nation attacked


File: 1561564855973.jpg (1003.47 KB,1324x1964,72579643_p7.jpg)

they're both hers


Defo not cute


>defo not cute
She's just eating a snack, liz. Looks tasty to me. Crickets are best food for lizard.


File: 1561681515607.jpg (1.53 MB,1536x2154,72579643_p4.jpg)


Yeah, you fags heard me. Fucking god awful design - I thought this was the cute thread?


What are you talking about? Not meming about lizard stuff now, she's pretty cute. Good and consistent color scheme and it doesn't go overboard with the lizard theme while making sure to differentiate her from a normal human more than giving her a lizard hat. Better than a normalfaggot warmie girl, that's for sure.


File: 1561746616342.png (295.88 KB,518x544,NjLVp0T.png)

You can't be lizard if you only like vanilla


>Shitty dual coloured hair and eyes to "make her unique"
>Generic hairstyle
>Weird scaly arms
>Massive fuck-off tail to drive home she's a reptile to infantile retards
>Looks like she came out of a random character generator
As I've said before, there's no way she's cute

Franken Fran may not be cute, but she has a nice design


File: 1561808392777.jpg (821.37 KB,2108x1536,72579643_p5.jpg)

That's 2 more days of this particular anime girl, If I hear one more word it's 3.
Don't fucking test me I'm retarded.


>Shitty dual coloured hair and eyes to "make her unique"
>complaining that jap cartoon women have colored hair
>thinking that dual colors is for anything but contrast in the design
>>Generic hairstyle
You could say that about anything itt. Most cute animu girls have generic hairstyles. This is not an argument. It's like complaining that she's got big eyes. What do you wwant her to have, a mohawk?
>>Weird scaly arms
>Wahhhh I need normalfag skin on my women!
>>Massive fuck-off tail to drive home she's a reptile to infantile retards
You think that the scales and eating crickets didn't do it? It's clearly just a design choice. That's like complaining that catgirls say nya sometimes, "they've already got ears and tails, they just meow and purr and drink milk to drive home that they're cats to infantile retards"
>>Looks like she came out of a random character generator
Again, this could apply to 90% of the things posted itt. And even then, a random character generator likely wouldn't have a consistent color scheme and would have conflicting designs rather than one cohesive theme of blue-black lizard with light clothes.
I think you're just a warmie faggot who likes normgroid women. I bet your waifu comes from some moeshit trash, cuck. What a complete nigger.


liz bls, no bully.


File: 1561822247144.png (111.91 KB,299x339,1460391930615-1.png)

cmon guys why cant we all just get along?


File: 1561823241368.jpeg (149.09 KB,2048x1856,1810297__safe_artist-colo….jpeg)

>Lizzies fighting over what is cute and what's not
Y'all warmboys, since there is nothing better than fluffy 2d ponies. It's superior taste and everyone who doesn't like it sucks!
Freaking weirdos… how can you find it cute if character has same skin colour as human? Gosh that's so so disgusting. I'm not even gonna point how those things are similar to irl stinkies.

What's Your taste btw? I'm very very curious. I don't intend to harm it's just curiosity,please tell.


We can't get along because I'm objectively correct and he is not as always.


Very few anime girls are unique, you crayon munching imbecile.
Generic as fuck too
>I bet your waifu comes from some moeshit trash
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You're implying I'm as pathetic as you groids who are so desperate for some notion of female attention and affection. I can live without females, but you're so horribly dependent on them
You fucking wish, mongrel


>Very few anime girls are unique, you crayon munching imbecile.
That's exactly what I said, mouthbreather. Also you're gay if you don't think that crayons are't the best snack there is. Three squares a day keep the enemy at bay.
>You're implying
What I'm implying is that you have shit taste. Nothing more. What a warmie move, to virtue signal on an anonymous site.
>You fucking wish, mongrel
I wish that low iq niggers like you with warmie tastes, thoughts and words would get banned from earth to live in the phantom zone. It's the only humane thing to do.


>judges other liz taste
>doesn't answer what he is into
Bitchass nigger flames liz but is too insecure to post about his
"superior" taste. Pitiful


File: 1561953460425.jpg (2.27 MB,1720x2048,72579643_p2.jpg)


>It has scaly feet too
OH NO NO NO NO NO NO, how can people have such pathetic taste?


suck my scaly toes you flippin anime philistine


MMMMMMMMM…….is that…..can it be??? Yes…..yes, it is!!! You just posted cringe m'boy


File: 1562015681496.gif (28.51 KB,32x60,tumblr_o51gq9MrNG1ubn7fro1….gif)

>outsider warmie
Can you be brainfart somewhere else?


Ah fuck, the game's finally up. Its been fun though, I had something to occupy my time the last few days.
>Outside warmie
Definitively not that however


File: 1562073872042.jpg (805.63 KB,1116x1398,72579643_p9.jpg)

we're all just ants to her


>She wears crocs
That's great, thanks for the chuckle


crocs are a boomer fashion statement


She had scaly legs and feet in both of the other pictures as well.


File: 1562099282366.png (2.36 KB,244x226,pretending.png)


Crocs are the most lizardly shoes

I'm 100% retarded, not pretending


File: 1562207597616.jpg (131.17 KB,850x632,1552411286444.jpg)


File: 1562219658390.gif (564.5 KB,500x624,placeholdername576575.gif)

If I say Liz-chan is ugly will you post more of her?


no way nerd
also rip bump limit


File: 1562321116244.jpg (1.64 MB,1536x2834,74915964_p0.jpg)


File: 1562434464179.jpg (62.07 KB,441x458,820451_p0.jpg)


File: 1562558640198.png (5.51 MB,2893x4092,73731416_p0.png)

*tips maid dress*


File: 1562674575143.jpg (950.63 KB,1800x800,27985192_p0.jpg)

trained killers


File: 1562785949755.png (36.39 KB,508x300,1562297217325.png)

remember to prostrate yourself before raptor jesus hourly to avoid the consequences.


File: 1562900744445.jpg (104.95 KB,600x600,796051_p0.jpg)

suck the police cummin' straight from the underground
a yung lizza got it bad cause i'm drown


File: 1563014441660.png (395.94 KB,780x1108,75180696_p0.png)


File: 1563132820535.jpg (438.62 KB,900x776,023.jpg)


File: 1564139780059.gif (57.82 KB,355x370,1563903944569.gif)


File: 1564252091066.jpg (2.84 MB,2150x3035,72820914_p0.jpg)

kill me


No, Your cutepic posting is a must to keep high morale
Thanks Lizliz


File: 1564342711879.png (45.45 KB,790x690,1455887253961.png)


File: 1564442875560.jpg (703.67 KB,1023x682,1556280094543.jpg)

get in liz the pigs are on their way


File: 1564535099194.jpg (724.27 KB,1500x1062,1452308213921.jpg)



File: 1564622850571.jpg (761.75 KB,808x1200,1463811525024.jpg)


File: 1564768915573.jpg (737.07 KB,1000x900,41299571_p0.jpg)

wasn't letting me post tardiness doesn't count


File: 1564876338959.jpg (161.03 KB,800x782,1557693442650.jpg)


File: 1564995127113.png (314.26 KB,1000x1155,1560648199373.png)

okay i brought the sharks


File: 1565118431905.jpg (298.12 KB,1337x1867,74055110_p2.jpg)


File: 1565205162313.jpg (432.65 KB,600x847,f3375f7e4667e3efe87d6ab004….jpg)


File: 1565643195035.gif (1.64 MB,500x600,azusametal.gif)

Where are you liz


File: 1565703341481.jpg (31.12 KB,500x438,__medoi_futaba_channel_and….jpg)

prob partying all the and all night


File: 1567116804424.jpg (16.32 KB,196x229,1509068159780.jpg)



Are You back Lizzie?


File: 1567200637063.png (51.17 KB,481x459,1732668_p0.png)


File: 1567228072531.jpg (53.04 KB,381x556,Thumbs.jpg)

Good to have you back


File: 1567228873420.jpg (28.92 KB,665x574,cute.jpg)

I've always found this girl cute.


File: 1567293145108.png (269.76 KB,1271x695,1915978_p0.png)



File: 1567375381513.png (905.02 KB,1024x2048,74676857_p0.png)

*ruins your k/d*


File: 1567466869161.png (169.59 KB,718x925,73292156_p0.png)


File: 1567485529035.jpg (35.33 KB,559x223,71fbda3ed12387d4b446cee36b….jpg)

*teleports to your pond*


File: 1567564364494.jpg (1.36 MB,1078x1438,74856464_p0.jpg)

my ponds not your welfare state you stinky tadpole pooping leech!!!


Haha what a huge hand


you know what they say about big hands


File: 1567738268527.jpg (75.29 KB,573x800,60295314_p8.jpg)


File: 1567827601451.jpg (1.91 MB,2502x2423,62262114_p0.jpg)


File: 1567926100850.jpg (895.42 KB,1035x1400,1aa9fda2c98f3441444893c9fb….jpg)


File: 1568026839244.jpg (1.88 MB,2000x2600,68984128_p0.jpg)


File: 1568121368862.jpg (872.95 KB,1000x1353,67254742_p0.jpg)


File: 1568246755301.jpg (287.87 KB,600x839,1460174661533.jpg)


File: 1568260230069.png (101.06 KB,474x600,Boner.png)



File: 1568376927525.jpg (998.73 KB,1000x1000,1553642087469.jpg)

why did she mean by this


File: 1568422986281.jpg (212.86 KB,573x1149,1567646984919.jpg)

is that a flying d-duck?


File: 1568464152995.png (2.23 MB,1526x2750,1567226545832.png)

That's ridiculous, how are ducks supposed to get flight clearance without a piloting license? It's obviously a stealth fighter of some kind.


File: 1568497846571.jpg (13.58 KB,512x512,aiportraits_1563504359.jpg)

>That's ridiculous, how are ducks supposed to get flight clearance without a piloting license?
I threw her out of my aircraft.


File: 1568560711448.png (531.02 KB,1274x720,submit.png)


File: 1568648035073.jpg (127.27 KB,640x477,eight-legged cutie.jpg)


File: 1568695009493.jpg (113.13 KB,1280x720,Smiles.jpg)

So what happens if the spider decides to pee on her?


File: 1568767447426.jpg (149.18 KB,537x759,7223249_p0.jpg)

extreme pain


File: 1568770657470.jpg (718.75 KB,1280x1802,Fuck I just dropped my ice….jpg)

>extreme pain
I too know this feel.


File: 1568853557187.png (1.17 MB,1212x1200,68883675_p0.png)

could you describe it?
never felt pain before


File: 1568865443733.jpg (370.81 KB,1280x1857,d67f6e68dd758fc24e544d2e1c….jpg)

I used to get very bad headaches sometimes, at first it was very minimal. My head would thump like someone was lightly tapping it with a hammer, the problem was, the thumping would not go away.
I stayed awake for 2 days straight before I passed out and when I woke up I was drenched in sweat.
The thumping came back immediately when I woke up.
This lasted for about a week and then it disappeared.
FF couple months later…
Its back.
Rinse and repeat.
I eventually grew out of whatever it was later in life,
but my fucking god that shit still gives me nightmares.


File: 1568948736991.png (55.62 KB,367x519,1453123562672.png)

I'm sure our vampiric demiurge overlords are siphoning extra energy from you!


File: 1568949897488.jpg (254.15 KB,1400x1600,2e74743d8382a1e55b9debb5c9….jpg)

Oh shes siphoning something out alright…


File: 1569066242771.jpg (181.83 KB,634x800,1444814353062.jpg)

your cars gasoline?


File: 1569078604355.png (988.04 KB,961x1400,e6f33736dc61cb95219d641143….png)

Nope, but my plane is. Say hello to my pilot!


File: 1569176284790.jpg (97.44 KB,831x1108,friend.jpg)

i am ghost now, made nice ghost friends


File: 1569193202440.jpg (140.42 KB,595x841,19090cc88e689dddd4b36d478b….jpg)

Friends are nice


File: 1569277516642.png (1.02 MB,1200x1393,1555492293583.png)

has this been scientifically proven?


File: 1569289375908.jpg (367.48 KB,805x1226,D0NjLFGVsAE8uu0.jpg)

at least it makes my pp hardx33


File: 1569384510128.jpg (197.37 KB,395x553,1430537271779.jpg)

this is not what friends are for, they are for being the background characters in the MCs existence, haven't you read a single visual novel?


File: 1569469707016.jpg (769.95 KB,900x1200,1469553261316.jpg)


File: 1569470390036.jpg (358.43 KB,753x1100,a98e9d927e12f0593028860a5c….jpg)

>this is not what friends are for, they are for being the background characters in the MCs existence, haven't you read a single visual novel?
If you cant pour your babymaking batter into every meathole in a vn, its trash.


File: 1569558971585.jpg (45.68 KB,640x640,1430748422663.jpg)

That hardly seems like a good metric to critique an ancient art form like visual novels.
What about the plot, the branching paths?


File: 1569563052335.png (20.2 KB,393x492,VN Good Metrics.png)

>What about the plot, the branching paths?
Here u og


Goddamn I would like to platonically slide my peener on that thing's slippery skin.


File: 1569645260957.jpg (512.76 KB,1000x1000,70417174_p1.jpg)

That's a strange multi-path plot progression diagram, I wonder what game it belongs too.


File: 1569692065638.png (107.65 KB,859x960,76645761_p0.png)

Its from the game of life


File: T3NYy2Fq8BvbRkVWwOXcmdLasxJAf7.png (981.4 KB,1024x1024,1519671130736.png)

Hate that one the boardgame version was better


File: lJTky6BWHP2u39xsvXeon0bic1IRa8.webm (116.66 KB,640x360,mista.webm)

Any other board games you like to play? I have lots of memories playing monopoly in the past


File: YpeFCA4MW81lidNojOHuGDXUxw2ZmL.png (210.79 KB,799x1100,1551581132370.png)

That and sorry. I never got to play fun or complicated ones, I'd usually play with myself, but in 1st grade my parents played them a few times with me.


File: ukC5MU7oGaEOjVc96rSbpliQwJ3Ptv.jpg (82.37 KB,679x682,1398740917948.jpg)

>I'd usually play with myself


File: hWsU1rQVTfw4pC8iS37PxK2JlIaucL.png (234.76 KB,740x940,1441885925864.png)

ban this bully quickly, make me mod


File: Cea9xkFVS5EwQDN1O7bph0ZYrRnUf4.png (53.75 KB,175x209,pleased_mayuri.PNG)

its ok lizzy, theres nothing wrong with playing with yourself, but remember moderation is key!


File: kzhUNKHBtWsyFMgAG8niYECI5q2lOc.png (757.6 KB,1024x1024,1541902471070.png)

never have stopped playing with myself, it's all i have


File: bon8Z4Sra2wdNcgxseEOX5HuRQzMyv.png (2.92 MB,2835x4093,304x.png)

allow me to contribute with lewd customized pictograms


File: vLOPMrlnQ9jXNk8UqHwThgBVJ3IZ7b.jpg (1.27 MB,2540x3600,790217b59cafb622a19a4ef314….jpg)

not bad
Lately its becoming more of a chore to play with myself but I still do it out of habit and a lack of friends to play with


File: rUuzYChx6PsgEI0V7D8RfKq9cBmSQv.jpg (142.23 KB,1000x805,Asherah_3.jpg)

reminds me of this smt lady
why are all the demons in smt so well designed?


File: UXkbQTPeCd7HvcV8Ns5aBxqjSmWyGM.jpg (52.46 KB,600x450,1569000337165.jpg)

everyones talking about sexbots but what about friendbots


File: zm18Sbe5JXNxUnY0WsGPtliDZhAgaL.gif (150.62 KB,1024x800,1367109547_2.gif)

Warmie whores would sadly ban those too. They want our kind to be as miserable as possible…


File: uHUtlq3zmnNojSKvFkMXsAfYJZIW6Q.png (683.02 KB,1000x1400,1563331449308.png)

Should have known, next they'll ban me too


File: Wy82sbd9XUjnPqxVArwJ6HaoDiuMfg.png (77.9 KB,500x500,terror.png)

Armageddon cant come soon enough


File: fL15urAkREy6DebdKh3zMT7NcaP9Q2.png (277.78 KB,838x1200,1563623439726.png)


File: rdxl9N0mcuz2bLDSvAJYQ67CjeV5ot.jpg (112.01 KB,800x834,1917387_p0.jpg)


File: rv7aPGObg1ZIkAYyXo5peUdVtNTcHm.png (912.52 KB,727x1057,168xP.png)


File: SniLUfIak5gbHytTXc7ujElvrxP0Kh.jpg (271.5 KB,1200x1200,5a666cc5bbc7713dcce9e44ef2….jpg)

Post masks


File: DRiQBecWyz9XUMsOK0I2VTqjdnJGH3.jpg (611 KB,1024x844,1435815133715-2.jpg)

If you're a robot is your face considered a mask?


File: WBjvn7dib1uOcgFokefElqRJXxAzrU.jpg (43.46 KB,600x556,1b393d653c62f83702bc5ba258….jpg)

that question took me way too long to visualize and figure out


File: PzaMexpUIf4yAvjhSBQLNg6mDZwsGn.jpg (1.38 MB,1500x2000,61428466_p0.jpg)

okay just checking needed a non robot to clarify for my robot self


File: lOvUPEYc7tIkFyhg5ARns4WzdML6K2.jpg (61.95 KB,700x959,677e2c00a48c9e64e78a7667bb….jpg)

>chink robot kid
Is this better than an actual humanoid? chink? I expect it to last a couple of minutes before it shits the bed.


File: oV4DeJBHZMAI8KUtrQj2SzYFpyxPcw.jpg (631.37 KB,1050x1280,1568470822502.jpg)

Yes and it last longer too, most chink kids play in traffic as is cultural tradition. It's believed that due to the limit to children you can have the one that can dodge cars is genetically adequate and more likely to succeed.


File: 7GXC2LVPelcyi8DsfETZOoBdrUqaj5.jpg (180.69 KB,600x777,s - 1081433 - __ 1girl bar….jpg)

makes sense. At least chink kids work hard to death in factory unlike nip kids who become lazy hikkis and fap to cartoons.


File: ybWYqRV7hJr5avC026gmckFT84ZSni.jpg (5.91 MB,3250x4800,69906917_p0.jpg)

>unlike nip kids who become lazy hikkis and fap to cartoons.
this is what every living being should strive for, death to manual labor, lazy war now.


File: SowUM5AvsQzIg83l0rkJ7RXaTqOLYH.png (182.08 KB,404x381,HAYATO.png)

And guess what? you will literally do nothing about it!


File: aXYtEduO82wNbDUiq791xATnFG0kHW.gif (834.83 KB,214x405,1570494762175.gif)

that only means i'm winning!


File: ATkO1KUNI0hje5Q2DxX3Cmgli9HrGu.png (266.29 KB,713x499,6606b9c38982b1dffb01d644bf….png)



File: 2gixnFBfZLqayEsXjQr73IhNzwM91G.jpg (71.28 KB,1280x720,sleepingretard.jpg)


File: 6gqGwPcYjWlaLxfAiO3Ck1psHJnuTD.png (277.05 KB,1000x1000,e1430e74460f5aa9baea1b89ba….png)

Wake the fuck up you little shit!


File: YWTHPpDXoJGxFZQ82f5I74tCyudaBs.jpg (23.73 KB,400x400,1467659298122.jpg)


File: Ywfv9d0KF2B7qUbigRIhyLMHrCcjlp.jpg (638.83 KB,850x803,1541955774275.jpg)


File: gKlWov8SC9H025rJzhQVBtTsOpUkGa.gif (2.75 MB,384x372,1570917728172.gif)

she looks like someone pissed on her hair


Thank god she has a hat


File: PBzhcOj5EnVJAgZ7Ms3S4HmxpebUkW.png (615.01 KB,1226x1629,19152870_p0.png)

maybe that's her fetish you racist


File: w0SAz6Fo4TMEIitHjKDh8vJ9LgncRb.png (713.04 KB,1280x720,1569893303997.png)

>you racist
Thats right
FUCK PEE. Fuck em.


File: 9wAGEYmHzXeVFZkPNBD1qr8xso3OQR.jpg (955.39 KB,1024x1446,1431280226721-4.jpg)

no one wins a semen war


File: wJtlqVEv4z8Hso5GamFIp2Y3RDcCQS.webm (5.81 MB,1280x1080,burn it all okuu.webm)



File: vjmc8Yw4ep9fZEyl7sLhna3OR2D1tC.webm (1.37 MB,1280x720,156876777260.webm)


File: N2Q5I8dfPJnDMurWYT0UEKHFeCpVb6.webm (3.61 MB,640x360,Banzai.webm)


File: JlWXgY5vj74MnGh2xIqTZO9DPFHuCi.jpg (632.68 KB,1080x810,13k9j.jpg)

oops i posted this before
tell me the movie name or i'll banzai


File: R1d69wysASQ5n2hvgG8EUxk3LCIYXK.gif (1.53 MB,1x1,boku no pico.gif)

Kantai Collection: KanColle


File: sOLy3w1ifaxl0IM2cABXr9DzJNEYe7.jpg (284.53 KB,800x600,1480873118375.jpg)

wrong answer


File: BuzTK1HOxYD2fgkSZpXGPercAb5FiQ-0.jpg (558.42 KB,731x1024,Ships.jpg)

File: SBwRcev1HU29bIAZX8fPpszWngxNad-1.gif (77.8 KB,392x450,1571457259278.gif)

>wrong answer
Im not wrong look at the uniforms theyre the same


Is KanColle worth installing? Some doujins made me interested on it


Dunno Im not yellow enough to enjoy moeshit


File: YsRaZGuSODxVozE83F0Myw194XvekP.jpg (152.94 KB,992x1200,1441087444501.jpg)

your're dead too me


File: ygDTF9znU5KYx4XtWZlNfvCbQ1EOmA.jpg (32.36 KB,630x630,48389b6ac8c217527907ea35b4….jpg)

youre alive to me too


File: F9pb5toOG4MN8DAlkxzHTEKrugQPYZ.jpg (90 KB,350x700,1437941948472.jpg)

simply relinquish the title of said cinema or else


File: uZpD7SWbk4wUlGRayEOcjJ6FmVAsBi.webm (4.84 MB,455x491,6ef73139e035975b44db4349f….webm)

Request denied.


File: 1ohUfmrjPuOsXgW3DRb4acZwEzJQA6.png (104.81 KB,624x528,1540862103701.png)


File: lMj7x14zDIeSLhwtiKZGH0rWYp3q6R.png (156.32 KB,500x375,It's just sad.png)

Are you OK?
Why the long face?


File: Ohz7N1dmvlMAcpBH5u0E36goZwxGnQ.png (153.49 KB,422x421,1548396611509.png)


File: PL9eBm1Sg4AxjtU7WfX5Zi3r2nFMsT.png (700.64 KB,1352x764,1.png)

Uhh guys cmon help me out here,
i think this liz isnt doing so good


File: tVNwqMZkrmOI9LKoGSejJn1yCQ0huE.jpg (500.27 KB,1050x810,1439399562277.jpg)

tfw no jap kino


File: 8pU9uXwJtr1gk0Al4DaWhRcZIeEmiT.jpeg (41.54 KB,500x375,1571468237790.jpeg)

>not having a backlog filled to the brim with cipangu kino that could last several lifetimes


File: 0RBu8gi9AoZ2qmkGP35p6nISHraTXt.jpg (308.89 KB,800x600,1568399049357.jpg)


File: oqYzCMRkyUJEmhvlicw4L51OQDVH9A.webm (3.86 MB,1280x720,Trick or Treat.webm)


File: GoFmBfEyHeMUcLWTnwtAOg7VCPbDN6.jpg (134.8 KB,600x500,1568501831185.jpg)

me in the mouse suit


File: DTswHQrnZ6WKu4SRq72NAvtOgeFiLG-0.jpeg (140.04 KB,600x800,32c07557c4018c10be8c0bf41….jpeg)

File: lhqe3mjHB7GCDLZJVQ15pWTrUkOzia-1.jpg (41.29 KB,768x1024,7ccc9a96cc7b9ea872161b8cda….jpg)

File: 0Vtw7MXEQopdxJg46Sbi3NsLAhOYlu-2.jpg (328.88 KB,769x1028,4826a057bd587a0b9b7fb9c6a6….jpg)


File: 69fS1oNH4TgJak0x8yul5hFQA2YwKi.jpg (74.86 KB,640x800,1434407877093.jpg)

me in the mouse suit


File: 0EwBTRhncjXtG8uWay27JD3lpb9iCS.jpg (28.48 KB,869x672,6664e2f336f3b1d011fab17898….jpg)

Im tired


File: wpEmcgkQbOSZYdzR8i0atHWe5JXMyP.jpg (39.03 KB,496x496,1509159214019.jpg)

WAKE UP mortal


File: ySnFo85cAO0m2GkTqPaW4Q1seEMuYb.jpeg (89.59 KB,720x720,1571587015480.jpeg)

I cant


File: 5d9EngbCITALGyHRYNKf6lrMspiFUa.jpg (820.21 KB,1446x2048,1527513886941.jpg)

liz you're not you when you're withdrawing,
have some meth man.


File: EY6NfMsbFcOrQeT0WX9kLzpg74Cjwt.jpg (152.21 KB,918x793,1572911368011.jpg)

Who is this meth man?


File: VR9k1H7sxdFOaYNvGubmzpQqeAKUfw.jpg (173.47 KB,800x600,1431777415517.jpg)

I donno he's your dealer


File: vIKjm6nMyduil80SAY1wzGce37ERBX.png (343.5 KB,760x926,1573012739547.png)

I dont wanna a dealer


File: mn7SRrExQ6ZaPjGtV2HJiYwdeICMpg.jpg (104.8 KB,742x1085,1538763599041.jpg)

then you must simply engineer your own stimulant


File: RzdON2XCVLKMjsy0gh7BS46o3Zvbup.jpg (189.61 KB,772x933,1570935123428.jpg)

giv me some of yours


File: kHEVDQeuPlJiMUvfTd72Z0sWmpt4hg.jpg (91.24 KB,533x800,1591007791468.jpg)

sorry liz i'm all out of hypercrank


File: 3XLA41v0q9PgWlnuQoTCrKIs7cN8aO.png (149.07 KB,500x281,2156455aad6f9f880e09e3bd88….png)

Just fuarrrk my shit life up then


File: D78u3KYhpIf9e25maxjbUrsCklgZJc.jpg (133.85 KB,500x500,1573534215190.jpg)


File: naPYpCSwerURJWEAdosuiFvV2t86gB.jpg (53.16 KB,500x702,minotaur.jpg)

>I am going to post 1(one) cute file every day until raptor jesus takes me.
>last post 2 days ago
has op met his demise?
as a way to pay respects ill continue the tradition, tho i dont have many cute files only lewd ones


File: m6nfXMwzytGbZCJ8VB51pP0QiUHYOD.jpg (189.61 KB,890x850,1573878210070.jpg)

We'll hold the fort down until he comes back


File: QUicGuHAW6wdE3jJvlqCFbLR2rkKgT-0.png (192.66 KB,347x594,394.PNG)

File: ZDi2Ea5cQKlmohYJvwONPtL08V96sb-1.png (653.68 KB,1347x708,395.PNG)

I really hope OP is not dead
this thread is very wholesome and it has gotten me out of a fair share of rage fits and sperg-outs *never underestimate the healing power that a few cute chinese pictograms can have on the cold soul of a lizard*
i´ll hold the fort as hard as i can but i only have lewds


File: Dq7TdWeS9QUsNxH6RnkfGc0ag1vY8X.jpg (125.38 KB,554x392,Kiriyama Lizard.jpg)

>I really hope OP is not dead
Dont worry, he'll be back.
Lizards are tough creatures.




File: VUjL5mMI8FBSehPOGacixwduQH16KT-0.jpeg (323.87 KB,1093x739,Neva Give up.jpeg)

File: CMR6UJaerfWbKP4T32ykOA8SuvVsNF-1.jpeg (388.93 KB,1092x757,Neva give up (2).jpeg)

its from "Battle Club"
pretty cool fighting mango
the story revolves about a Wrestling Club its members and their misadventures

i dont like the over the top fighting since im more used to grittier things like "Shamo" or "Holyland" but i do like the little life lessons like picrelated its a shame that mokichi does not get a lot of attention and its relegated to be a slut-chasing warmie that just wants to get strong in order to fuck tamako and not be bullied, i would have liked to see him growing out of his warmie state and become a stone cold lizard like Kamishiro


File: o4eOYxGL79kJfUa2IW68RHVgnjQXmw.png (886.01 KB,1500x1500,b59cdf1f058bbd29a4651104b5….png)


File: REhfNPb3JScp4M2yOAwiav9Uzuq1dX.png (3.18 MB,1750x1554,daa5545ba9bf2c82632b5cea41….png)


File: j8kcC4Joz0xHLIusOrq5FNX1KWEB6Z-0.png (356.59 KB,557x626,Mahiru 3.PNG)

File: 3x8GPVic4NMsKSl10UYnOBJpWd5zXa-1.png (868.87 KB,566x592,Mahiru.PNG)

File: 6GJoROQ1XPKzhSpwmEyNIq27YLAct5-2.png (268.28 KB,652x468,Mahiru 2.PNG)


File: wsq03lRvY1gaTGt5NfOEH9ILoi4kUz.png (475.56 KB,704x513,ClipboardImage.png)

almost went to bed without posting anything


File: 6RpGCg0VtImLJj3zqFPBANOEwXZ7v8.jpg (239.95 KB,1475x2317,089241fbf602706ff83fdd7a18….jpg)


File: X1ekWNGcIguiqf0F6Yp97oZ2AURHSJ.jpg (301.41 KB,1366x768,402.jpg)


File: vErouW3s7YqPHG9maUKIjXJp51AFS6.png (838.65 KB,999x716,418.png)


File: uzCmVlGne0viLUNgTpHX8SFWDRkBoO.jpeg (204.7 KB,1300x1244,789070101.jpeg)


File: wTyDENeqRCZS7j1fAn825xlGgpuo3P.jpg (464.91 KB,1049x1000,1527792381464.jpg)

mods ban these imposters, i am the REAL pathetic anime poster.


File: Z9yd2LitPHbsQeRqjuaSMGJoAKF8wp.jpg (161.69 KB,1366x768,415.jpg)


File: mnIatV8dTR2AgXYy5hLJBrUfzQHF0p.jpg (752.14 KB,1000x1230,8419fc37d480a5ff1d48399b84….jpg)

now how do we know that YOURE not the imposter!


File: 3LTNFn64hvs1rItObzcmEBfoCUHgAu.gif (2.79 MB,737x1080,73934105.gif)

that's exactly what an imposter would imply
>has op met his demise?
I've met it but it's locked out of my room for now.


File: 5jAQv92V6biNOW1XkSJFZr38wtxmGn.png (5.3 MB,2480x3508,e5a65e09c322c2dd1f54caa114….png)

All me.
>I've met it but it's locked out of my room for now.
How did ya do that?
Did you try feeding it some donuts?


File: qHbfjs4TyRpUKgPVQS3xhXnF2oLkvC.jpg (67.29 KB,467x700,1503693613060.jpg)

The key to truly avoiding your demise is by ignoring it.
By denying it you focus on it, and by giving in you're it's slave.
The only winning move is to act like you're oblivious that it's won.


File: s8lY4mVAQxPBRaXvqOKp7MwE1096fI.gif (59.4 KB,128x128,c9f2677522a9e0012e54b16d2b….gif)

Ah I see ya what you mean, I do that sort of thing real life too.
Whenever someone asks me a yes or no question my response is always
It btfos them everytime, doesnt matter the situation.
You will always get one of the following responses
>they chuckle and liek you
>it disarms them
>they repeat, which you repeat and they give up seething
>when they blame you later you can say I didnt say yes ;)
It always gives you the upperhand!


File: 7QMDAq61lUxzOsanVjYuPfIo9c8g35.gif (675.83 KB,554x709,1428118836045.gif)

I thought you said they lick you and got worried


File: y0UxYoueAn7gMPrZtTJIORm5Na6S8j.png (540.74 KB,864x648,1343dd3e4bb30b15712f48a8b1….png)

Dont worry
Im the one who licks


File: 76LiM0A958KOt1jSWrvCcosETHaefb-0.jpg (93.79 KB,736x1020,ef7a614fbb518a53491586edc4….jpg)

File: BFtX6bUqSfY4CngNGrzhPTZK0w9yom-1.png (582.29 KB,600x888,f7fdc2d80313dd37c9b8832f12….png)

File: YL1GBeCxF6tfO5Ay0vZ7M9zUrDKPs3-2.jpg (730.9 KB,1000x1000,192bc535b3be9fc0cf12de2500….jpg)

Dumping some tongues


File: lEbo7fWpD0XnTQy9Cw1ZYmHhVi6tKS.jpg (117.8 KB,800x620,479366696.jpg)

you can't just post tongues in a cute thread
that's it it's wholesome week


File: xzcbsl6nvUYkp4XCQjyat2TVdF57Kh.jpeg (51.73 KB,720x498,3.jpeg)

>>5144 (checkem)
dunno lizanon, the thought of having a beautiful 2d gal engulfing and caressing the insides of my mouth with her warm wet tongue sounds very wholesome to me


File: JvYEOIAaMlp19RktrGq6y34bcWmzui-0.jpg (2.41 MB,1773x2669,be1557d62cd8e4f69570221844….jpg)

File: o7TBUV1dIJpz5WvsmegnwkXajCOMPD-1.jpeg (1.4 MB,1500x1500,fb3c5c6483232ddab807db26a….jpeg)

File: MfFlTnb1N82seLXj9vr0xAhua5KQOp-2.jpg (325.37 KB,1404x992,b3fccd8848a3027af52f6815e8….jpg)

fine here are some cuter tongees
baste and wholesomepilled


File: NrQlI4dOxjYLKaMkFwUWRDepTV9iHt-0.jpg (630.65 KB,1500x1500,Tongue 2.jpg)

File: Vr0B7lvg18AXF2EILjkQCM9buNw6PS-1.jpg (71.75 KB,627x891,IRL2.jpg)

File: zC0QU3W7SiPvZLIGadNtOFoTR6AE4u-2.gif (1.56 MB,581x687,Lain.gif)

fixed the 2nd one

the 3rd one i like, when i look deep into her eyes i dont get the vibe that he is grownling in a menacing way but rather that she just wants to be left alone, probably constantly pestered by the other classniggers due to her being a weirdo

10/10 i would invite her to my lizard burrow to play boardgames and bake her pankakes


File: 9OKLjY4GWNq3ApFghbVdkZ6t1ec0yl.jpg (223.1 KB,1024x768,1475754244921.jpg)

absolutely disgusting


File: gLPE27DcQ5Z0pkhaqIeXKxUBN4vt1m-0.png (1.13 MB,1750x1253,10ef7a309568e6a9b30f127001….png)

File: K9b0Xc7ZDH2MPOQ8y5JmRiYjFwtxfA-1.png (454.18 KB,700x900,0c1d1dd72055b9e5fd6b006bb3….png)

>ywn have a loli ride on your back as you both go off on an adventure


File: QqWjg8mf2a3TCAz5wGBX7EhivMScIN-0.png (755.62 KB,770x720,Sad 3.png)

File: 8PnHQ4wgraJ67vEqbdB2eIu1VONpK5-1.jpg (31.86 KB,640x480,sad.jpg)


File: 6cJUf8h4zANbQnMFlweo5j9iqVsx1B.gif (264.25 KB,298x244,1524793113820.gif)

me at level 1


File: 4fKw8I9s5xnOeyhTL0ltjozErbZDiP.webm (416.37 KB,500x600,fa8018f962a4768b1527ffaab….webm)

you need to eat lots of meats if you wanna level up, get big and strongs


File: ltYf3wpqrCAU2HZhOPEmWSMjTDR65k.png (592.92 KB,600x1553,1521720590833.png)

level chasing is for noobs, going to complete the game at level one


File: KYvpdUi7EfguLtG062N1WeOa8rVPxJ.png (139.65 KB,787x905,41cab5caefdb7b0b98f2ead5d5….png)

imma make my charc look like pic related
Shes gonna be a glass cannon


File: 08jGRZxLCtMO4SAb6QyEqgdsTkmPfo.jpg (591.64 KB,1000x1428,1431056912980.jpg)

Dying and obliterating your enemy is like winning twice.


File: WBEgpZ8jV6GzrAoemIsiknJhvPNKcw.jpg (259.36 KB,800x600,d55cea7a642aa23971fd509db0….jpg)

a truly wonderful tactic.
it works everytime


File: 82DvIrQCMVjoRZGtPb3hU9J5y4seOA.jpg (186.47 KB,706x999,1479069692043.jpg)


File: by5d2fksiY3jHtvlxeoM0KXPIUhpQV.png (967.7 KB,1000x1229,1459384021648.png)


File: 1ucD7XtoMQlBqNS3ZnwVs05brfyK2H.jpg (180.83 KB,600x847,59bf550dd96acd61795985a154….jpg)


File: s7OKMoW4jutd3nYfLqw08ZXSJxrUVk.jpg (34.21 KB,500x493,1480813926074.jpg)



File: LWuRa1EOylG8Qxs37F5Zk6XUDI0zMT.jpg (206.89 KB,480x629,94cc9516f209ccf36e82b8e74b….jpg)


File: u3nsHCE4TbSKGgQOx71fJaB0kj9izX.jpg (114.36 KB,566x800,1505775773267.jpg)



File: 12uCRHjywFckgr3qUzEvs7nBKAZXam.jpg (96.12 KB,600x793,f03fd776201133f980eae2bedb….jpg)

its all good now
monsters gone now


File: K2EwyWVvqZl8ArO6x5eTChYM30PNDg-0.jpg (996.27 KB,3727x2901,18.jpg)

File: ostZPWdQTANDuEC1GkjcVxrfHlXieI-1.jpg (581.79 KB,1500x796,21.jpg)


File: RIg1PhXLjvOl3rZHTCdspK0t7oYS9D.jpg (434.55 KB,777x847,1455258954413.jpg)


File: SiXq0Hx9kICjwlUmOE8QLRdMv27GDs.jpeg (1.65 MB,1200x1600,a62c29c118024653cdeb6cce8….jpeg)


File: qwgW5GUvORxHDub7PFAfYEolsmj1rM.png (647.29 KB,1104x912,1565919016221.png)

mmm yes



File: mFpZblzgY14QiGDIeC2RnVdqWEuakJ.jpg (659.89 KB,1326x1446,5fe33615f9fe4219b9d10ed29a….jpg)

heres your coffee ma'am


File: H4E6bta0esg8JWf2Br3CmSKD5zU9cj.jpg (401.02 KB,2048x1944,1554702969336.jpg)



File: 5v0OAB9FVgfjC6IY7rLScQqmwl81no.jpg (153.74 KB,500x500,5f97d9cff91d1f54a60496ccc5….jpg)

Quite the handful you have there…
Want me to douse them with hot tea?


File: AN9zkUgHBl3Ra1G26ouwXdrFqb70Dp.jpg (436.27 KB,720x1260,43373531_p0.jpg)

spill coffee one more time and i'll rage


File: Sj7KOXoin3Gs6I24tdQxUVbPWLu5a8.jpg (1.39 MB,1697x1507,308e5809125e08e2cb79f58213….jpg)

>spill coffee
Oh so I can still spill tea and thats fine ;^)


File: 7FdiOqQxRuNzosGvwf5cVeXPKTgBH3.jpg (95.81 KB,850x811,Fan2.jpg)

Fuck winter, i have been only wearing underwear since october, cold can suck my dong


File: 4RY7n3bFSG5r0ZKQmVTXgihCalBEkt.jpg (303.37 KB,765x1184,5555b81cbc9bf6d8a896fda250….jpg)

I blame global warming nod really XDDDD
I for one welcome warm winters


File: Oo7RqesAckmWh8VnJgSCltyXd5pauT.png (1005.73 KB,640x640,210eea4a6d466a00ca4b1a05b5….png)

>warm winter
Wth I have to move out there.
Here it's so cold that water is freezed and grass too.
Oh and the wind makes your balls rock solid then takes them with breeze


File: GqxwRCgcs3TKy9mS8HfWah0dLkvApl.jpeg (342.88 KB,1000x708,Sushi.jpeg)

>warm winter
no no anon i did not mean it that way, its actually around 14ºC during the day and it drops down to around 9ºC

its more about the fact that all these years of walking barefoot and wandering around my room only wearing pants have made cold-proof and now i can go out with only a tracksuit and a pair of sandals and give 0 fucks while every single warmblood around me has to go out wearing 8 layers of clothing and even then they are shaking with cold because their feeble bodies and ther non-existant spirit has made them reliant on artificial weather control

nice pic btw, i would cuddle with her and give her smoochies in the cheek


File: 5TSNEnAr2ZW43yIVmCJlMXjgekthw1.gif (387.13 KB,320x270,1468603393102.gif)

that's coffee, i can smell it
winter is my favorite season, nothing like being able to play visual novels with hard nips while wagies almost crash every day while going to work.
I hope the ones from here though are doing fine.


File: 2nFGqRuZJblrNHAP5x0UWLQp4m79KS.png (24.72 KB,400x400,836503785.png)

>Wth I have to move out there.
you should. Winters were Im from are hyped up to hell but by the time christmas rolls around theres no snow, coldest and darkest night my ass!
>every single warmblood around me has to go out wearing 8 layers of clothing and even then they are shaking with cold because their feeble bodies and ther non-existant spirit has made them reliant on artificial weather control
When I was in school I encountered a lot of toasties in particular that would wear full winter jackets even when there was no snow out and there was heating, "waa I so coold!" weak ass toasties.
>I hope the ones from here though are doing fine.
I hope pic related happens to them!


File: 9kOtGWfSBMnrLU5aPVCjb1xypsm2K8.jpg (111.26 KB,486x764,1562458593566.jpg)

>I hope pic related happens to them!
wow completely uncool and rude, for shame.


File: KkXhubESBxPM4q58JIF0iCc6yw1zDA.jpg (1.06 MB,1000x1311,Saber.jpg)

>wow completely uncool and rude, for shame
Why do they persecute me so?


File: C62Fg81fXjOcQiTKobrIV3zentmSkD.png (15.94 KB,800x473,1598969475215.png)

you have much to learn, this to will pass with time.


File: iOFx5Nk4bVeI7RU9GqmZwcSTBsyvun.gif (4.03 MB,464x557,36585898339.gif)


File: CAX0dnSMosFi95xWEDI782Qeczj14r.jpg (109.65 KB,343x458,1547097439133.jpg)

this is not cute!!!


File: 7lgHfTzxGdmD1khM4FnsZU95uXSCvQ.jpg (6.18 MB,2894x4093,fa4ce29a58388727d905a9bced….jpg)

its cute for my wiener


File: BTr7yvDiMlqNwmncksVH3WG5a6QL0U.png (628.45 KB,1280x720,1448156971577.png)


File: mFYCzyDUNTG7oeKvA0tRE9MidqwxH8.jpg (1.45 MB,1200x1600,77d5b3c7303fa6e783035e72d5….jpg)

>say sorry
No can do.
But what I can do is check those trips


File: OKSUpuqzvAMEoGT8hB6X03iwCRfr79.jpg (62.13 KB,500x501,1517045727436.jpg)


File: sqVAiKEkp3IeFuoN5rRcznHGwJOZCQ.jpg (153.34 KB,1110x960,2cd8f0e38a20062090b1b5fa38….jpg)

Outside is not as bad as I thought,
want some?


File: Dg9FcAwkQzJ5u6bWlT8nh7XvUIor3j.png (266.1 KB,888x1080,1436510972179.png)


File: 9BJcwm5si2u0MZSUTGpbzVPK3kCajD.jpg (191.83 KB,900x600,c8c9c9de6d79bae93064990bce….jpg)

EEEEEEEEEEK dont peepee on me
I gonna get COLD and get SICK!


File: rUMOYeiS1RsyAn3mdKzDcZ6jXwNCWG.jpg (132.15 KB,1030x644,Owl2.jpg)

shure i want some kind and tender kisses from her mouth to mine while feeling her soft skin pushed aganist mine in a warm embracesome people feel sad about anime girls not being real, i say the opposite, for if they were real they would have to suffer the pain of existing in the age of absolute dissolution


File: X0UupVxeanGcz3vdtDwFPA9gsmh62L.png (839.92 KB,883x894,554177e6d50f4ef2cf2af94ad8….png)

Here ya go enjoy
that first part sounds really nice
why are we still here…


File: bFHAv6ONGgVoPhTIJ4ciRwauqnfCjZ.jpg (174.33 KB,534x583,1486198500755.jpg)

starting to understand ageplay fetishist, I too want to huddle into a ball on the floor while crying like i was a child.


File: 1B9K3noXG6ktRTDdU8mqHW7bSEIhy5.png (172.89 KB,487x800,1576715583190-2.png)

yea i kinda wanna cry too sometimes but when you get older and your balls drop you realize you cant cry anymore,
voice isnt as pitchy, and there are better ways to deal with pain.


File: 8Lu2tFICN3Rhnd6lVXZcKwDMj7yoek.gif (89.45 KB,151x122,1573762630198.gif)

I never dropped my balls, coach said i was the best on the team.


File: RgGldqFZLErJKUv2O18Q4WCIkNynwM.jpg (66.01 KB,768x576,1576681892161.jpg)

and your reward was him cleaning your balls in the shower


File: j7BZMPQ0kzSXds26hDIfNxuKwOpCm5.jpg (432.75 KB,1130x800,1456117313020.jpg)

Well they wouldn't just fit in a sink


File: 02ZqrQyX6SPHAJ7EIUfnCFTmgxMOjc.jpg (918.53 KB,1000x1737,78290827_p0.jpg)

Yup because they would deflate and roll down the drain


File: Zk9lbhrPg8A5NDY6tBOyTQIEon7evc.png (124.51 KB,500x380,1515181729987.png)

i wish i could deflate and roll down a drain


File: ILHYJ2lwZgj3MK9BsAk1FamP58iRV6.gif (1.85 MB,500x281,1542923335717.gif)


File: tMIP0wdWmDsHTj9yhRvxQAY53SLC1p.jpg (108.58 KB,1280x1667,1576697028212.jpg)



File: P8k6f2hIXNQGxeF03dqruA4EYLmKC1.gif (274.97 KB,415x458,1471485176152.gif)



File: rfIupFgxXEcdR1BjPS3lD6hosKZAkJ.png (385.13 KB,666x680,Pancakes.png)

i made myself some pancakes for christmass and ate them alone at my room while looking at pictures of my waifu, pretty comfy stuff let me tell you, i hope you fucks are having a good time


File: TvG4qJB0owlaDKZyhP9neE8p5LRtzY.png (567.9 KB,800x790,1577252695858.png)

u made pancakes and didnot offfer me sum?!
I made some chocolate buche de noel, it was not bad. I was gonna watch merry christmas Mr. Lawrence but I couldnt find one with subs and was too lazy to look harder so instead I watched Ran (1985) alone in my room.


File: Cj2FG9EgqKaOtJeSXbhWwfM5nDzyLs.jpg (129.48 KB,707x1000,1466174636401.jpg)

I stayed up until 5 am, made a pizza with shrimp, played muv-luv and fell asleep.
Woke up at 5pm and played stalker and then watched The Joker and The new Tarantino movie. Went to sleep the next day at 5 am with a headache and my cat slept on my belly.
typing it out made it sound like a lot more fun.


File: 1f3xym9SkCXsVq6YvB24wKQPhUDIjF.jpg (42.38 KB,491x564,9170849a58b478ef1dfc782653….jpg)

nice tripples
I fucking update one thing on my computer because it keeps spamming me to update and it fucks everything else up on my computer.
How could this happent to me?


File: nSFPG7DkzY6xC34fryepQ9hoKNJbcu.jpeg (210.24 KB,1274x1565,6bb6ef6f0191620f643deb59a….jpeg)

this is why you refuse every update ever, sage liz wisdom.


File: GdQ01r8UeV64ycJjO2iAtIKpH5SvxR.jpeg (518.06 KB,945x1337,6bba4bd7ac72a24167728e98b….jpeg)

nice doubles
Fucking hell why am i the only one not getting the numerals?


File: Frn6Oxhc07QmYoygTdf48ukV5sepbU.png (1.55 MB,1240x1754,74615734_p0.png)

someone ban this guy he's scripting for dubs


File: QwtDJPEauq1IoO38rXMKcWCebp6Uh7.jpg (285.98 KB,992x1682,29666f2b3103b5bd6845d644ad….jpg)

if youre gonna ban him youre gonna hafta first go through me




File: VaQULW83iRYfMvbqD2TSs1jlxw75mC.jpg (87.42 KB,1000x1200,1540279908521.jpg)

i am hindered by no man, let alone boob monsters.


File: 1ORhivSMTkcH3nK7f6YGbDstBJl4yZ.jpg (Spoiler Image,268.9 KB,1570x1732,517a8a3d39065897390aee3d45….jpg)

oh whoops I meant
you hafta go inside me first


File: L0V6XwMG3P9NzBnZuySQ7EqF58plar.png (107.85 KB,450x600,1453405837403.png)



File: f5QhaVkC7jE6wPLGUXcvsoZ8gbDISW.png (626.17 KB,840x980,0f1f08dbafacd963eabd69a692….png)

Har har
I win
Happee New Yeers!


File: hzYgjGAab8rZ3E56cNJ4QUiyvlCemB.jpg (155.59 KB,850x1320,609.jpg)

Happy new year fags
i stuffed my face full of Pancakes all night while reading manga and playing elona, great start of the year if you ask me


File: nZ9KYPkVXEWyJgeqhG1NF0SvLprbsw.png (88.68 KB,239x359,1555346425234.png)

this threads not big enough for two winners
i went to be crying after i realized the peppermint york patties i purchased were left at the store


File: yjZVCzBHc9xRwKG2AQMI6pUgfnthFY.jpg (552.95 KB,1024x1024,Unemployment, booze, axe a….jpg)

>this threads not big enough for two winners
Too late I already wons
>i went to be crying after i realized the peppermint york patties i purchased were left at the store
HAHA get fucked NERD!


Has the limit been reached?


how about now?


File: fm8CEDL6IPpZu7bVxWwYBAXKNj91ky.jpg (439.29 KB,1100x600,28021890_p0.jpg)

i will will remember this betrayal


File: ozMnXJet47LpD6B9mTgjdlQZhU1bvW.jpg (179.13 KB,2048x1530,e2b08e8612c0ac752ba9d51ff3….jpg)

Make sure you remember my multiple victories aswell


File: yxpok4FuBeQch51UJXzHt32iwbPL8D.jpg (592.87 KB,1300x800,1435127319132.jpg)

can't remember lies and slander, simply impossible


File: Lm705xICqRdelKW6sD29r4cVhJkMtS.jpg (402.86 KB,1000x920,844abe9d499a781f9a5b8ec52a….jpg)

Then you need to fix your memory
*puffs smoke in your face*


File: ivfhLMytep1JOHqdR069obGSm7jl8g.png (1.61 MB,1024x1024,591420eda3d5dbd56665c8247b….png)


File: zIJmjci56GZU2twHpdS1Df3FMesTKQ.jpg (70.22 KB,800x800,54541732_p0.jpg)

It has not been two days, i refuse to believe it.
never smoke me up again i have assthma


File: FGUwd9EVZBkIOblMxDzmCn3SLf28cR.jpeg (63.27 KB,334x248,Ugh.jpeg)

I knew this one kid who sat next to me back in my school days, kept mouth breathing like darth vader, he absolutely refused to breath through his nose. Couldnt focus during class and taking tests right next to him was a pain in the ass. I didnt feel bad for him, kid was a known backstabber so he has no sympathy from me.


File: r4DVCOeGaH3oudNhcRkQiISBqgPKJm.jpg (344.42 KB,1100x1580,1560680419362.jpg)

>he doesn't mouth breath
>probably doesn't even man spread
>probably takes showers


File: Gl48E9Cb0oIr5yW7xQVnPZ2eOLuAJp.jpg (105.89 KB,421x338,0644568c8f08e37eba6d357f13….jpg)

Idk what to do lizzie I keep sleep nad wake up and not leav bed cant bother do anything, the cycle repeat itself it likes a nightmare


File: Jv5f0gcRC1sBHlz8ryMjFoEbaD3NKO.jpg (700.09 KB,800x800,1465447399667.jpg)

why would anyone want to leave their bed i don't understand


File: nNX5S80kr3iYMHRITQlbgCKVhAcmJd.jpg (153.53 KB,700x989,1558836551419.jpg)




What a cute picture. It makes me want to eat a warm potato in cold weather. Too bad potatoes aren't too exciting to eat plain. Sweet potatoes though…

I think it's happiness, having a bowl of delicious, warm food on a cold day.


What the fug? I completely forgot about this thread and that it reached bump limit ages ago. Its now lizchan sekrit klub where only kewl lizzies r


File: JysU9DF8o4NeE653YHruA1aqpxkOlS.jpg (2.99 MB,4509x2654,937fe228e204152f5f33b5305a….jpg)

My bed is nice and soft and clean.
It always disgust me when I see pictures of toasts with matress on the floor and no covers, YUCK!






H O R I S H I E T u
K U W A T S U , m-masaka
how does it feel to be the only one lizcelebrity alive?


File: 7co0nCkZXufSHsye5LUYNTAJ291tOm.png (363.33 KB,883x599,c0eeb1b0f3ebc5ecffaf464016….png)

N I C S U~


File: UHiFLZwO2GXYJ4mztadNoqvA7bMesE.png (330.73 KB,748x836,1533617009293.png)

subarashii,naisu naisu


File: K8xgRr4nA7uvOQBWSwTLc9I5bmGZfe.png (39.91 KB,370x320,1576918684577.png)

sankyuu sankyuu
arigato gozimasu~


File: sNnAp6YyjXazT4ZFxc8OURHutqfWmi.png (2.11 MB,1179x1291,60880568_p0.png)

last year i went through a phase where i started eating potatos daily with nothing on them it was cool
all this cross-eyed goobly gobliny chink speak in my thread, speak american you nip twits are we gonno have to suplex your country again?


File: v9zQpl1LrGaVPut782C0Iy6cK3Swbs.jpg (168.27 KB,1078x1080,ea1f08ddde6f87d4ddc618468e….jpg)





File: sGPhx3EL2nZpNolyCRX09DS4WqVtH5.jpg (323.24 KB,938x690,f1b70b8a1feed54fd3e92c1ba9….jpg)

Hate to break it to ya burgermutt but america is a paper tiger


>Speak american
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA trust the American to not know what language they speak


File: fsXU1piVmFtzAg0IOJM8627rQ5KNBh.jpg (11.7 KB,478x361,6e4836ce122b44072a8b11a186….jpg)


File: BrznqMl2TytRhk5ZHwPJfexb1OAIYV.jpg (147.68 KB,936x1200,1561203049000.jpg)

listen I know americans actually speak swahili i'm not low iq


File: 1FKMsjqmnYyz7B3NSlLAcZvi6TXh2b.png (439.66 KB,800x583,bfc64755a9ce6147cdf08b664b….png)



File: iMNqU2JL1CGlk0u8Wg7srKeV6SPYRd.png (6 MB,2746x1895,692b9f1de792b4e1855cfc0c2b….png)

>ywn have your dick mercilessly bullied by a wild pack of gyaru whores
Why even fucking live?


File: fHhejcTBE9UKVDqAdNWmu7IiQbGopC.jpg (627.95 KB,900x1000,Furude.Rika.full.267994.jpg)

>broken promise of getting magic genderbender pills as kid and later changing junk
>lots of traumatizing things
>creates new persona and learns how to act,move,speak adequately to being a male
>depressing and tiresome it is
>gets used to act like that after some years but the whole thing looks like a parody
>every act,expression,move,tone of mine is firstly analyzed then transcribed to fit what is in my pants



File: 7CT9suFzH1fk5Ewv2qLnNQJOoGDxgA.gif (706.46 KB,500x300,fruitgusha.gif)

>wanting to indulge in decadent pleasures
Repent and accept the word of Raptor Jesus…..nigger.


File: DSmHBLIMOY0v4noE3Rr1VhyjT5aePc.png (1.51 MB,800x1129,iowapost.png)

>speak american
I believe the proper word is Washing-tongue


File: Zjm2WEsAF7TxPiYUe3chb49RS6luXn.jpeg (627.69 KB,1190x1503,6260b9a4548141e2dfa85f399….jpeg)

>wanting to indulge in decadent pleasures
Youre goddamn right I want to fucking mating press this mugi bitch and pour my white creamy baby making batter in her steamy womb.


File: mNgFJnCRx8l1PUzjSiWHhVrc5tdX6v.jpg (1009.76 KB,1299x945,does-my-bum-look-big-in-th….jpg)

Her lips look like dis, really weird taste anon


File: ajpmycP7IkNVZgxBiTCFvh6dqEYQ4H.png (1.33 MB,1260x1198,68a7f4c0dbd7346c356892d717….png)

Id still hit it


File: kGmyF0NjWIrU8pftMdJiuE2AqoXQhD.jpg (694.19 KB,636x900,Gyaru.jpg)

>decadent pleasures
Morality is a meme, absolute good and absolute evil do not exist and are relatives to eachother, what is good for you is bad for someone else, actions should be judge by the Will imo, lets take anime girls as an example,

failed warmfaggots look at anime girls in leiu of actual pussy, they use anime girls as a substitute for their desire, they have no real care for these things and are driven to these things out of either necessity or desire, in a way they are slaves to their needs

look at the lizard, he looks at anime girls because he likes them, the reason changes from person to person, in my experience anime girls are simply put, beautiful, and since they are "Fiction" i can make of them whatever i want, make up backstories for them, imagine situations with them, etc…

both do the same action, yet one comes from need and desire, and the other comes from free action conditioned only by the soul of the performer (the lizanon)

i dont know if i actually conveyed the idea properly let me know fags
also >>5589 makes me uncomftable and aroused at the same timepost moreyou have but to name your price


File: EZvlohsWSGkDP57eMFN1VxQLBmtnjI-0.jpeg (160.04 KB,1000x1402,eed5519968f50b6189991adb5….jpeg)

File: KiJxgB6tuz9bXRI5UkAsh4dHTmSafM-1.jpg (402.58 KB,1251x886,dffbef8ccc8d669d8a3bfe5cf4….jpg)

File: IANQqO74ZKT1xpoHfWbnJdP36tvheL-2.png (1.22 MB,1024x768,af6b4c266f01f23468f4f12872….png)

File: 9biDyqC5FUuQZEgHN4LWVePx1nA7G3-3.jpg (575.85 KB,1200x900,0decb3ff8b966a877aed1ca211….jpg)

Baste and correct.


File: BHpU2uyEML9QzhRIbiPCfOT5G7K4jx.webm (2.96 MB,720x480,873.webm)

enlightened gushers enthusiast
cum brained, hags are not cute this cute thread not bimbo thread
are you coming out as a sissy in my wholesome thread
it's like even their asses are high test


File: 2COxqdiB8G03IvPRlDrmnVhpwWSKc1-0.jpeg (62.02 KB,600x600,Huh11.jpeg)

File: VOQcXhEHYi5pbZWdRlCx4JA0zfy8nr-1.jpg (293.5 KB,1500x1350,618.jpg)

fuck anon that is not what i meant
i was talking about Picrelated style punky/slutty pictograms


File: aIVe3lPjgLHTWc0nKyOERwoZfxQ8hA.jpg (368.04 KB,1663x1920,4bc8f5f0b01fec62ec3188d116….jpg)

im not a cumbrain,
im a good boy


File: QcI4x3EieTC7jMrSwydkbZPOJqvWs2-0.png (2.49 MB,1570x2500,iowaheels(1).png)

File: AWpGNYOSRbTBJZuCXE7asFtzgc2n8x-1.png (699.94 KB,1600x1200,iowaandkongou2(1).png)

File: xnF43huja9MvC6IEtGSdPoglDkq7TH-2.png (306.91 KB,626x840,bikini2(1).png)

Well I guess I can't argue then.
Allow me to share some of my edits, lizzie


File: gGH6LTNb2cSk4UoZhXvedEMOJAF8It.png (777.63 KB,800x1184,legspreading2.png)

I have a thing for tanned blondes.
So i'll add in some more just because.


File: By3ZetSsVQhxmXurYzoMjiNKLJADq2.png (331.42 KB,875x639,1435314655409.png)


File: kDH4RlUmKFO8ZJWvwNtczCPgoSbaiT-0.png (721.86 KB,640x862,55.png)

File: BSD1kLACExY3MihKtUPRTNWF6j8Js7-1.png (555.57 KB,773x1096,71.png)

File: Bd9wYLl8rC5NXnbpJvG4KPQWZgoHjR-2.jpeg (172.58 KB,1080x1304,Elf2.jpeg)

File: RAoiq0jIEr5hKGJ23LHpOFseY7bPmg-3.jpg (177.11 KB,1060x848,Ice Cream.jpg)

i would post some of my edits, but i love my waifu too much to leave her at the mercy of the internets, i dont want niggers to go around reposting them and to think some anon my jerk off to her makes me wanna puke, so please forgive my autism

worry not ill post some cuties just for you


File: 6mBiw4aq8EIAsvkr9HnMFXejtybKu7.jpg (61.54 KB,615x800,22e794d79aaf2f50c4ab728e38….jpg)

uh Mr.lizzard,
I dont feel so good…


File: beQY1kdwhIWMOoZHtcFPrL2vnASjuE.png (61.92 KB,900x700,1471787131235.png)


File: hqQJBNmveHbDWwkAZgzORGp2cSd6sK-0.jpg (101.47 KB,800x800,12474ff694c8b57cd124fd0605….jpg)

File: ZKxG2iuqaOYUIy6A3oS1pv7nch5eFm-1.jpg (117.14 KB,800x800,558faa8bc4edde2fea151bec05….jpg)

I finally poo pood but it still hurt


File: VWxJZASQ8fnt9TpdrkjFyY1KPg2Lhv.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.95 KB,725x513,Kiss 4.jpg)

wow anon, you really dont look very good
c-come closer, i´ll make you feel better…


File: WIC8Fr9vX3ejJPQ25AUwxoSYmhu6Oa.jpg (58.35 KB,719x687,hugs.jpg)

That's so gay


File: KPIWvRbGm63HNQqdxz2CunpkwJ0ZVr.gif (2.95 MB,540x304,9999.gif)

poo brains i swear
can't believe those ladies are eating each other


File: yfnTIOvxgwHSb5hFlZ7C4qiQRm1tpG.png (1.61 MB,1114x767,0a8f1755b02efc8e6827c10d2b….png)


File: pHdeRZzjLmQ5EWOiUcv1NkSIJ2VnPx.jpg (49.42 KB,1066x600,Headpat 6.jpg)

no homo


File: 641Kku290xqWgcnOl8jFQLMBAS3ZGD.png (404.49 KB,600x600,ClipboardImage.png)

nevermind me, just making that image transparent


File: uMHedPSYB5Gwf0mkpWb4jADscxlhKZ.jpg (59.64 KB,1200x680,1398417df961e73968248a2788….jpg)


File: ju56RB2ayIkYZ4hp08iJXsFr3DS9gv.png (20.64 KB,800x565,1578958994642.png)


File: UrkOWBVxeGdsutIc817qDlzhEZiwHA.png (333.3 KB,831x630,ClipboardImage.png)

Not doing that one, that would ruin that image since it has text
Have this instead


File: JXzE7B3g6m4FdPLpDnfYVNRverOSGM-0.png (270.61 KB,500x493,ClipboardImage.png)

File: TOt1QXgHfc4r2UmnjY37shKyCWzbSM-1.png (333.11 KB,831x630,ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry for repost, have another one instead


File: 4VtfMAiE26nBOFqwSbXmZ8czpdIL1g-0.png (78.57 KB,501x402,ClipboardImage.png)

File: jeGRD2qWrmdw5Zhz6yEaQIM94gtBAx-1.png (317.65 KB,831x630,ClipboardImage.png)

fug, 3rd time is the charm


File: mafcC9O5nhKIPWSHT2tvZQEByk6jrw-0.png (64.97 KB,334x248,ClipboardImage.png)

File: TaSCIXit2brG7m3YNWDKy9huV8jsnE-1.png (1.01 MB,800x1057,ClipboardImage.png)

File: xqhLbWgZoeQzSrwFXEY6Aij4tDVIa3-2.png (591.91 KB,850x850,ClipboardImage.png)



File: ZaEQgSRmsGklUXTiKy6JjrnpOLfA5b.png (252.68 KB,371x520,ClipboardImage.png)


File: seFO0Pca9hSVgUEjfbqI7yWAiTCYHm.jpg (251.91 KB,1327x1069,1535606350912.jpg)

saved these without permission


File: IpneKv8Sy9MT4BzLCa0YN3AXJZb2EF.jpeg (428.43 KB,2000x2500,fee551141c18613e8c322843b….jpeg)

What should I name her bros?


File: A0J8yhdkB1CWE6FcsSZjTLuMo35qve.jpg (53.64 KB,1280x1024,1454434968157.jpg)

monsters dont get names


File: jRXITF9HQPWJbMuer36YlvxU7OB0fq.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.53 KB,1104x527,3d08e91cb027d3e67d590e054….jpeg)

>monsters dont get names
Youre just too lazy to name it


File: J13xEO4FqMaPYABCXyWs8ou0deDniV.png (264.61 KB,587x474,facepalm.png)

how many files is the limit


File: PG3Usa2OBETkbHrzIKt978fF1YvWdy.jpg (42.5 KB,447x598,0aa94a1d24265ebb054b76fb58….jpg)

Who cares lets keep posting until this thread crashes with no survivors


File: SCEBUgOW6voDFklerJNpjVXuPy52c7.png (179.54 KB,936x853,1426895689727.png)

i'm officially dead lizards, no more post in this thread from me, my browser keeps crashing.
it was a pleasure sucking dick with you boys.


File: yOu8Z5B6kxdHm9zW0ioA3cw1elDUIS.png (86.47 KB,400x330,1568946654025.png)

>it was a pleasure sucking dick with you boys
Wtf I thought we were all little girls here?!


File: WN0AKiM3vj7m1ulBtXCEQ4qkgHwrTs.png (86.89 KB,600x553,marisa.png)

it's ok, maybe you've got to be with the lizard wizard in the end


File: 3L6K8QEp0JlVgvSG9YsM4X5qu1ytwH.jpg (37.94 KB,600x450,aWl145KW_700w_0.jpg)

>browser crashing
what ancient system do you have?
even my 7 year old smartphone doesn't crash , Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562


im not worthy
my system is fine, it's just my habits.
always have 30 tabs open, always downloading stuff, maybe i'll make another thread when I start sorting files again.


Still it shouldn't be crashing even when running out of ram.
>30 tabs
that's a small amount for a fellow archivist.
I recommend chrome never crashed on me even with ridiculous amount of tabs.
*posted from firefox because chrome on that weird version of win10 keeps crashing enire pc woaw and I'm to lazy to install w8.1 again*


File: 0pf5hOGWsdu3YFrXETlaN1mQzvAD9e.png (199.28 KB,350x350,17308970139.png)

Are you happy liz?


nevermind, it was the broken sata cable that was causing crashing.
Still weird because it crashed only with chrome hmmm


I'd use chrome but it crashes if you try to download things for me.
I'm also going a bit crazy so with inconsistent sleep patterns, never leaving bed and being in a bad mood makes posting regularly tiring.
don't remember what that is
I can laugh sometimes but that doesn't feel like happiness.


File: bXj04E3JTvwZ7HUGRp2W8lxIgOk9hQ.jpg (124.14 KB,580x567,manson.jpg)

>tfw mining crypto but my system is so inept it would take me one month to make 0.1 dollars


File: bZlsHnzCfSjQWNd7MFag9OU23eA5yx.png (8.1 MB,4445x2100,08cda2219b9333a6334a9072be….png)

Youd be better off commissioning gay furry pictograms!


File: L9mUzBbq20CuwAQPeJcoHiTr4yERlp.gif (399.2 KB,52x88,lainLone2.gif)

You doing ok?
Am I alone?


File: XlMuHicxKhJz07824ytoBOYpe3kIDA.jpg (68.02 KB,1920x1200,WWGCd4g.jpg)


File: CSwstxMKqz7Ra3mINH0W6YUTinv4fB-0.png (85.59 KB,1006x594,ClipboardImage.png)

File: Izn6gaNtGhS4751LMojCxA0fwHViPk-1.png (147.25 KB,1214x618,ClipboardImage.png)

Nah, not alone, i´ve just recently discovered MekHQ and been having way to much fun with it


File: xJLrKZytw06dIVzvGXU9sHYunWiNBh.jpg (983.4 KB,1131x1600,76066588_p4.jpg)


File: 4Ub9CyDP1ZcdvsH0L2Ya7OFwMAxtlm.png (120.63 KB,183x534,Tomoko.PNG)


File: au3pmlsX941cEZwB2d7yS5tnrhWOqj.png (1.08 MB,3888x2925,GTO.png)

haha this was the second to last manga i got around to reading last month. It was alright in its first couple volumes but got repetitive+filler later on esp with the shit angel arc. Overrated but ok.


File: j7raXBlQu1Ot4vi263JSEkgdTKpGIb.jpg (138.24 KB,587x500,c495476799316739f9bf337fd3….jpg)

Im doing my part


File: 6QBMpI3zKiARLcdyGN2UVobYrEHZXq.gif (431.5 KB,342x342,5658c6dd0e4b6fbdc0c03fbe14….gif)


File: 9HQWSZLnxyXMIigPRhEF2md0koau74-0.png (642.58 KB,650x933,Neko 15.png)

File: KgnpO4IP1fEMLkbjQrwFDCsxWGScaz-1.png (272.9 KB,500x627,Neko 18.png)

File: ZJldio1t3yC4a8E5cxFW6bYgeQOnID-2.png (452.58 KB,736x921,Neko 121.png)

File: pGIkRfJCXW6Bx0yNQ3LjKrnHtUqO8m-3.png (669.43 KB,736x1309,Neko 7.png)


File: ZdGJvQgiIEewKqXxMDl0nYpku6O4sF.png (1.33 MB,2000x2000,754c72a10432d8883c6fdbf5b1….png)

Watashi wa nyaager-chan des~


File: RPME6jleVHNk3LAIFhOtG7Cx2YUa8T-0.jpg (315.84 KB,1500x1060,585.jpg)

File: 1s8uhENkxY0XDqBrMe6Lmgj7c2CyRp-1.jpg (146.51 KB,1000x708,590.jpg)

File: V5Amnc1Rdj7fFaebO8E9NPwxlBWQMz-2.jpg (1.28 MB,1273x1800,465.jpg)

File: Z63jkKon5Grl7SLcC1quNYOBgymves-3.jpeg (88.88 KB,678x960,461.jpeg)



File: QtAWN4yaSVrl6nZIG98kXmogFJ0cTi.png (16.03 KB,400x400,d0caaafd7b60ca836e848c7529….png)

I think hes dead he hasnt been posting in like 10 days


File: V8OdISUw14vJg2iLAjD6E3fYCNW7Ky-0.jpg (249.5 KB,689x960,317.jpg)

File: n0gxIkQ4FedsKYb1jA5C8fWtqpZmNS-1.jpg (172.59 KB,850x1202,332.jpg)

File: zYx8XJZHTBbvgiMtsGpRmI0DO7odFS-2.jpg (104.36 KB,800x1144,565.jpg)

File: gCFz84ayrWmSejqM6s57vRDBwPxbuI-3.jpg (119.18 KB,827x1200,567.jpg)

>he might be dead
that´s even worse not only is he neglecting his duties but also he gets to enjoy the bliss of leaving Kali Yuga behind

Day 2 of Lewd Punishment


File: 04pA5dUDKvYueCHEqISMBP1jxVbaWF-0.jpg (121.26 KB,763x1079,428.jpg)

File: xwyhQWUz8nbEqeDgOBr1Lli2MTYmsN-1.jpg (385.73 KB,1200x1600,382.jpg)

File: XNrBx4VWQOnL305q1ZMFHIkzCsUREi-2.jpg (790.98 KB,1058x1500,381.jpg)

File: DmzG2NFW0JfXcgwZqtHIxpE19o54Qn-3.png (665.72 KB,892x1200,388.png)

3rd day of Lewd Punishment


I hate when you're not horny and you see lewd images and it just makes you angry.


File: wtL2T14rgaKGZ6NysFd3CDMJQv7lpo-0.jpg (244.01 KB,1280x1807,321.jpg)

File: eQKhdJ02znSBtwu7gPFATfcx6HLq8D-1.png (745.16 KB,780x1094,323.png)

File: vYSIH6nLluckByOTfbQF0ha3zDqJ2U-2.jpg (218.25 KB,765x1080,308.jpg)

File: R35BYc7XswH8MqDkUGS0rjPVzCnoeh-3.jpg (249.5 KB,689x960,317.jpg)

too bad just massage your peepee and use your imagination
Punishment Day 4


File: m0K3toX8SVGw6bR1sL75xMyvczAeQl.jpg (51.57 KB,536x868,d8f2a38b966d7805c1a270001d….jpg)

>reposting the same lewd twice


>Tits large enough cover up the ribcage while not so big they cover up the belly
That is in fact the perfect size of milker.


File: GUEa5stv2zcW0wx6bTd3D4VN1QLX8O-0.png (907.47 KB,945x1400,468.png)

File: PFi4Ytl1zgdy2ZhDLnS6reEImUfwXB-1.jpg (274.89 KB,1366x768,403.jpg)

File: gUaF09cL3wYxvMfe421sZXzkHyQVJl-2.jpg (384.25 KB,1366x768,413.jpg)

File: rEp5N2cxvRSi4oW3YDsPyCFjnezbgT-3.jpg (816.81 KB,1500x750,464.jpg)

>reposting the same lewd twice
my bad, wasn´t paying attention
have a bonus round as an apology


File: JaL7ZOys91iECbQ20Mcgh54NplzSBe-0.jpg (87.8 KB,800x1062,557.jpg)

File: 0ZGtqjomNgTCUhxQiSac4L1eJHdulf-1.jpg (130.55 KB,965x1365,506.jpg)

File: TLS2rvs3CtMR98PdnAIHYeJWzOpcfX-2.jpg (238.92 KB,1133x1600,508.jpg)

File: b6Pp8y95CTY3aWFDLe7ZnIORSmtQkv-3.png (491.12 KB,752x1062,513.png)

Doublepost sage
Day 5 of Punishment


File: 4AtGOyoBu8ifTXR0zLbxK3VMPldjZH.jpg (204.17 KB,895x1273,ccdn0001.jpg)

I've gained immunity to Your lewd posts due to consuming too much weird 2d.


File: usMSLtxmVjf4nbOgF9PiKCTEohJaZN.png (160.59 KB,502x374,1578812892155.png)

Why do people tell lies on the internet?


File: nDaPrQquASjF0HUBxi9f8myKzhdpeO.jpg (7.75 KB,265x250,a02c1fa6d4b3f918acb46d5914….jpg)

Holy sheeit i think he dead


File: sPrdc8MvuGjKaTyOhpSJRftBD3W97Y.gif (20.1 KB,140x227,3991870dc2b6f46d636be938d7….gif)



Rin was the first anime/2D girl I've actually felt that kind of connection with. Not a waifu per say, since I got over her quickly, but I definitely felt attached to her. I've never done that until I had downloaded Katawa Shoujo in 2012 or 2013. I can't even remember the year, but I remember booting up the game late at night and playing until very late. Good times. I appreciated my time with the game, and I won't forget her.


File: Mrq2os3ftbipBHA8LDQ6ymueEXan9G.png (246.67 KB,800x810,feb58c94ced6ad92e7a4d0ce0d….png)

i never even finished KS, I somehow got roped into that runner bitch because I said yes to give her book back and next thing I know I was fucking her ass in a shed using some fags lube. Turned me off and havent touched it since. I might have gon after lily, the burned face girl, or rin, the other 3 were shit imho. Glad you enjoyed it though, I wish I had the motivation to read, watch, play more vns but alot of them are 50+ hours long filled with filler and I lose interest somewhere along the way and move on to other things where the same thing will happen. Currently playing Baldyr Sky but im at a filler part and havent touched it in like 3 weeks


She was my first choice too, just imagine, couldn't stop a hug if she tried.


File: l05Y7UI9vdGQ6moqVDKSZzOw8fxBN2.jpg (39.71 KB,357x540,Crzy6uPWIAAP6G6.jpg)

is that edgy sonic?


just a dumb stupid sexy bird


File: 1602031918216.jpg (211.79 KB,1376x2048,92e386498b2e19886aa5c67db7….jpg)

Wow its been 8 months since I lasted bosted in this thread


RIP thread. 2018-2020


File: 1613231221689.jpg (132.28 KB,1920x1080,Kotoura-Dead-Eyes.jpg)

Guy is probably dead or just banged someone


I miss him.. he was the sole lizzie keeping Liz alive for a while.



Off subject, I never cared for that anime since I know for sure if Kotura were male, she would have killed herself already. Good thing she's a cute (anime) girl. Otherwise, we wouldn't really have an anime.


File: 1613491746305.jpg (18.45 KB,400x320,5e2dd5a6c293317cdd9aafb503….jpg)

Good to know where this pic is from, gonna watch it for sure some day.

>if Kotura were male, she would have killed herself

It's so much easier being cute anime girl, life is so unfair

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