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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.


File: 1600737210023.jpg (84.92 KB,1920x1080,1525226570111.jpg)

nothing much,
felt sleepy so I took a nap


I'm on trial period as warehouseman.
It's my second day but I'm still stressing rather hard.
Since Thursday I'm having tics which are rather annoying and strong. It's first time when they didn't go away the next day which worries me.
At least they weren't as hard as yesterday.
Today I started categorising my liked music on youtube while doing it I noticed that some bands released new albums unfortunately only sellout crap then disband lol


File: 1600898811471.png (830.04 KB,728x972,1593091010283.png)

Eating bananas
Nutted to some porn
Did some python exercises from my course "Very basic stuff"
Have to do some for my HTML/CSS/JS course but I'm kinda blaming it on the lack of sleep and not doing anything.
Finished Hellsing last night, but I wasn't that surprised or engaged by the ending. Now I don't know what to watch.
Started playing Dusk but my head thinks of starting another game. Should finish that one first
Discovering this place is live. Life's… good? My only dissapointment was that Corona ended up being a nothingburger


Worked my wageslave job, made some dinner, played some ODST on legendary. I want to beat it on legendary by the end of the weekend and maybe start Reach afterwards. I will update you all once I do that.


File: 1601054646183.jpg (38.28 KB,500x482,alz0rZxp_700w_0.jpg)

Went wageslaving, not that much to do there. Still stressed hard.
Boss asked me if I'm okay with giving out ppl freebies on the street so I tried.
It was too hard for me to advertise his company and was stuttering while talking to randoms.
After finishing this whole thing prematurely my tics got worse.
Fortunately he's rather understanding and wasn't angry at me for coming back sooner.

On Monday I have to know how to set up seagate srn01c.
Check what equipment do we need to set up the server with shop site + UPS. (I have no freaking idea how to to do it atm)
Aaaand look for some WiFi cameras and know how to set it up in theory.
At least I finally have something to do.
it's not hard, right?
Hellsing ultimate or the first one? If the second you should definitely watch ultimate


File: 1601155714004.png (219.45 KB,668x693,Poppy-2 (1).png)

Was scouting on how to host your own website for over hour but couldn't find anything besides some general info. Nothing precise at all.
More like guides on how to buy hosting services.
Got kinda annoyed and postponed on tomorrow.
Played LoL for the rest of the day.



sorry, not feeling it today. I'll probably take a break from ODST for like, half a year and probably forget about it now.


File: 1601220520164.jpg (24.19 KB,256x256,spede.jpg)

>Hellsing ultimate or the first one?
The former, though I think I didn't understand shit. I feel like the ending completely flew over my head with how Alucard became a loli, how he died, anything to do with his past, and the Mayor being a robot. May need to rewatch it later down the road


File: 1601236869142.jpg (40.46 KB,267x512,unnamed (8).jpg)

Scouted for monitoring systems.
It's actually cheaper to buy a kit (dvr + cameras) than buy cameras separately and linking it to pc. Didn't expect it honestly.
Managed to set up a network drive.
Wasted like 2 hours on it. I thought the system on it was bugged. Turned out I couldn't access the files on it because thing is from 2014 and settings to use such "old" device are turned off on Windows by default.

I don't remember hellsing ultimate being that confusing but it was almost 8 years ago so…
Tbh I don't even the part about him being a robot lol


File: 1601301534715.jpg (127.2 KB,1280x720,IMG_20200502_231306.jpg)

Cried for some 30 minutes, Jerked off, read some manga, typical day in my life


Went to bath, 'read' doujin about tomboy and shota.

Work laptop could find network drive without any changes in Windows as well as my phone through app.
On pc of boss it was visible but couldn't access the files. It redicercted me to shitty Twonky site.
I actually forgot to check if allowing those settings may harm the security device so I didn't change anything on his work station.
shit's fucked and manuals are outdated, the number of things that changed are not listed anywhere
Brought it home again and gotta set it up again, ffs.
If I won't make it then gonna suggest making NAS on raspberry or some similar device.

I'm newbie when it comes to computer stuff and I have a lot to learn.
If anyliz is upset about posts related to wageslavin then I can stop anytime, just let me know.

what's troubling you?


File: 1601600735702.jpg (330.99 KB,1916x1080,1498771626589.jpg)

mostly family problems + relationship problems


File: 1601620975550.gif (1.48 MB,632x348,0e9.gif)

>relationship problems


Today was ass…

That is all.


Tomorrow's another day.


File: 1603469811410.jpg (36.4 KB,600x600,breakfast.jpg)

Man do I love breakfast! Lately I've been trying to get at least one solid real breakfast a week. By real I mean with eggs and toast. I went a got some A&W this morning, kind of expensive for some damn eggs, and the meal didn't even include any hash brown! Still it made for a comfy cold morning meal.


Imagine waking up to a full English breakfast every day…


umm beans and fried eggs *licks lips*. the English truly are the masters of breakfast making


Went to the mall and got some wonton soup this afternoon. The fake pandemic doesn't seem to be keeping people inside this Halloween, plenty of retards out wearing masks though.



Finally beat it yesterday. It was hard. Doing Reach on Heroic first and it's noticeably harder. Head shots are way harder to do for some reason and jackels now hold their shields with the LEFT hand instead of their right. I have to air for their left hand now and it's so disorientating.


File: 1604861305386.png (384.12 KB,777x707,faae5718d2cfe04783c4058e2d….png)

>Finally beat it yesterday. It was hard.



eeeh? Is it not hard or something? I definitely died a bunch. It was mostly because a few shots will kill you. Although I've not played Halo 3 in a while. I have also beaten Halo 1-3 on legendary before this. I'm definitely not the best player. I can beat legendary though. Also snipers and having to have a sniper weapon as the recruit can screw you.


File: 1604888246870.gif (165.19 KB,372x408,36b8c9d2de37a437e835ecad7a….gif)

>eeeh? Is it not hard or something?


Finished scraping the tarter off my teeth a little while ago. I know that kike dentists are suppose to do it but all that build up was bugging the hell out of me. I think I did a pretty good job, almost professional I would say.


File: 1605048023551.jpg (84 KB,738x777,bing bing justuu.jpg)

I finished a game that took me 35 hours but I didn't understand jack shit of what happened in it


File: 1605048171026.png (2.02 MB,1400x1627,589b18a235eec959a64b990805….png)

thats like my life in a nutshell


Slept and watched anime and my day was okay I guess. Also played Fallout 4 with a fuckton of mods as in nearly 100.


I love Fallout but I was disappointed when I saw Bethesda reveal Fallout 4. The dialogue system looks like trash. Any mods that can redeem it? Honestly I never usually play Bethesda games with anything other than unofficial patches.


Fallout 4 anime mod


File: 1606007949058.jpg (32.52 KB,600x599,clown_world.jpg)

Went to the mall and into a couple of grocery stores today, all while not wearing a mask of course. Masktards kept giving me nasty looks, an old biddy told me to put one on and I completely ignored her, and a guy seemed to be following me around for a little bit. It completely blows me away how hysterical these people are, I swear I'm going to get fined by the time this is over (if it ever ends).


>America is in a third wave
>there are still retards who think like you
If you were doing it because you thought that warmies deserve to get covid from you I'd be on your side, especially since you not wearing a mask won't matter to you if everyone around you is wearing them. Just acting like it's fake or not a big deal is gay though. You were the real clown all along.


Oh look, another masktard, here to give me a long boring lecture about the importance of masks and social distancing.


Ate a big container in Chinese food. It was good. All that food made me sleepy. Need to take a nap now.


File: 1608340968729.jpg (5.71 KB,161x250,8b9.jpg)

Did some Christmas shopping at the mall. Hated every minute of it.


I was packing things at the job then everything started blinking on my right eye, after some time I couldn't see shit.
Knew what was coming, killer migraine. So went home early.
Was dying in bed for 4 hours while puking from time to time.
Even taking one sip resulted in throwing it up after like 10 minutes or so.
Rolling on bed from agony I noticed that my dong was super sensitive like never before.
Fapped one out while dying and it was so amazing lmao.
After half an hour I managed to fall asleep.
13 hours already passed since it started but it still hurts. Especially when walking

Good night Lizzies


File: 1608685335411.jpg (58.2 KB,1024x767,Bagel.jpg)

Made some music that nobody will ever hear and am playing Liberty City Stories on my Vita. All and all pretty good.


Getting sick at work is the worst. I once started throwing up at my job and they wouldn't let me go home because no one was there to relieve me. At least I had a nearby washroom where I could throw up from time to time.


File: 1609477445651.png (348.81 KB,728x546,celebrating.png)

Hope you lizards are having a happy new year. I have to say, 2020 has probably been the most uneventful year of my life. Not the worst year, I've had plenty of really bad ones, but one where I pretty much got nothing achieved.


Every weekend night, the normies above me have to watch action movies on their loud TV. How am I suppose to relax when it feels like there's an mild earthquake going on?


Mitigate it as much as you can with earplugs/headphones. Alternatively put on some music.


Call the cops on them.


I always use headphones, unlike the retards above me I try to keep the noise I make to a minimal.

That might create more problems. I'd much sooner suffer in silence than feel the wrath of an angry neighbour.


Two magical words:
Brown Noise


Man this noise is relaxing. I could fall asleep with this in the background.


Check out this if you like noise that drones.


File: 1610884670406.png (391.11 KB,712x624,91f6c43357fc4a1a8819830f9d….png)

Does anyone know where the other robots left off? I checked balkanchan/lynxchan and that site doesn't seem to work anymore


Seems like everyone gets sicks of normies and just go offline or only chat one on one with people.


I never followed the 8 crowd that closely so I don't know. I assume they're still out there.


Is it just me or has the internet gotten much shittier this past year or so?


That's because all the filth can't socialise in clubs and etc. so they shit on net.
Simple as that


Damn, and I was so happy to see their precious clubs get closed down. But now you're telling me that Rex and Stacy are taking over the internet. Is there no escape from normies and their bullshit?


File: 1611259416013.jpg (97.51 KB,1200x775,Asphyxiation_50f9a1_783777….jpg)

>Is there no escape from normies and their bullshit?
There is none, not even here.
Only death


well, there's this place.


File: 1611362580406.jpg (149.45 KB,1024x680,ghost-town.jpg)

>this place


hey, still no normies. am I right?


yep, I'd agree this desolated swamp of a website is fairly normalfag free


what's up with the wizchan hosting problems lately? even this site loads faster


what's up with the wizchan hosting problems lately? even this site loads faster


I played Skyrim all day. It's getting to be a grind and I wonder if I should just go back to finishing Oblivion.

Skyrim, SSE, legendary difficulty, alternative start. Started as a thief and just started grinding to make god items and avoid the vastly more powerful enemies who could one shot me. If not one shot, three shot. I'm level 90 now and I have the items and skills to craft gear to survive and to level up quickly. At least I did it.


Dreamhost sucks. Plus there's a lot less to load here.


File: 1613102245580.jpg (68.88 KB,960x540,everest_movie_cold.jpg)

Man it's cold outside. All of North America seems to be freezing this week. It's nice though because all the warmbloods are staying inside and I can go on my night walks and not see other people.


I'm really hungry right now. I have food in the other room but I'm too lazy to get up and make anything


File: 1614808054533.jpg (67.52 KB,640x640,swamp.jpg)

Another day completely wasted away. The only things that I accomplished were in video games.


File: 1625533181261.jpg (19.69 KB,351x258,slurpee_hot_dog.jpg)

Got a slurpee and a hot dog today. To me that's what summer time is all about, eating slurpees and drinking hot dogs.


Deposited money and it hasn't arrived on my acc yet.

3 hours have passed and I'm getting nervous.

Banks suck


I'd be getting nervous too. it's like your money got sucked into a dark void, never to be seen again


I don't know why but my place smells like a swimming pool. Did I spill some chlorine somewhere or something?


Do you live near a body of water?
I don't know what a pool smells like so I don't think I would even notice it.


A river but the smell is more pool like. I've been smelling all kinds of strange things recently, maybe I'm just losing my mind or not showering enough.


I love it when no one else is around and I can go up stairs in full beast mode.


File: 1631411490962.jpg (102 KB,506x339,lizard_relaxing.jpg)

did way too much walking today. my feet hurt


Got sick on Saturday , coughed my lungs out and had waterfall from nose.
It was okay untill Monday, now my head hurts.


did you get the covid?


Nah, wet cough so I'm safe.
I think it's getting better, nose is less runny, not coughing that often.
Unfortunately I'm feeling tired more and more.

Haven't had cold for like 2 years. That's a nice score


lucky you, it seems like I get a cold at least once a year


weather here is cooling down and it feels like I can finally relax again. hopefully it will be a long cold winter


File: 1632967929111.jpg (64 KB,811x1024,Alex_Jones.jpg)

came home from work in the rain, ate some beans, overslept, woke up too late to go to the mall to buy some soda, gonna drink a red bull and go back to work in the pouring rain

the hamster wheel that's my life keeps spinning


What do you work as lizanon if you don't mind me asking?


I have a dreary night watchman job


tried cheetos mac n cheese for the first time today, the jalapeno one. a little bit underwhelming, but I guess I had high expectations. the jalapeno taste came through well. would get it again



I had a nice chill day hope you lizzies are well


meh I'm surviving


File: 1637807766299.jpg (140.5 KB,1000x624,mac.jpg)

following up on >>6856 I've tried all three flavors of cheetos mac n cheese now. my scores are as follows:

bold & cheesy - 6/10 an all right kraft dinner alternative
jalapeno - 7.5/10 best of the three, great liz grub
flamin hot - 4/10 weird as fuck, definitely not something I would eat on a regular basis


Made some exercises for few minutes.
Felt super powerful, tho it disappeared quickly.

Now I feel sick :-d
Just trying to keep my spine in shape since it's fucked and my legs started going numb


what kind of exercises?


I forgot it's Christmas today :x
Well we can take the group photo on New Year's Eve, like year ago.
Ah dang that was so comfy, no wonder why today felt so lame

Some kind of crunches and push-ups.
Well that's basic stuff but it's better than nothing.

It's hard to motivate myself to do this.
Gotta work on this, it will pay off for sure.
Since spine can only get worse with age.


Christmas sucks. It just means I have to go to the crowded mall and buy gifts, only to get judged later on because the gifts I bought are cheap and uncreative.

>crunches and push-ups

When I get the energy (not often) I like to run laps around my apartment and do push-ups.


Gift giving can be lots of fun if you have money and are willing to look for creative gifts.


>if you have money



File: 1641260686499.jpg (75.95 KB,728x509,park-night-winter.jpg)

I don't think there's anything in life more satisfying then going on a massive night walk in the middle of the winter time. I would of stayed out there all night if it wasn't for the cold and sore feet.


I don't even remember when was the last time they I did / encountered something satisfying

Everything around here looks like shit so there is no point in going for a walk.
I wouldn't go out even if it looked nice so just ranting haha

I enjoyed walking in the city or parks after midnight when I was 13 but then stopped around 16. Don't know why


>Everything around here looks like shit

Pretty much the same here but I can appreciate bad aesthetics. I have some bad stress issues and going for long walks, especially at night, is very relaxing for me.

>I did / encountered something satisfying

You should go down to your local pond and feed the ducks, that will probably lift your mood. It sure does with me.


man do burger king nuggets suck. if they weren't so cheap I'd never buy them


File: 1641874378128.jpg (53.51 KB,660x433,smoking_cigarette.jpg)

Well lizards, I finally did it, I went and bought a pack of cigarettes today. Haven't smoked in over a decade, I felt like such a cool liz lighting one up. 17 dollars a pack though, yikes! I don't know how long I can afford to keep the habit up.

I'm gonna roll a weed and tobacco joint a little later, that with a strong beer should make for a pretty good night.


Glad you're enjoying yourself Liz but smoking is bad for you, financially and healthily.
Rolling your own tobacco is somewhat cheaper but makes you cough a lot more.


We all gotta die sometime liz. I might give it up after a while but right now I need to enjoy myself a little.

A cigarette rolling machine and some tubes would probably be a good investment that I will be looking into.



Where I'm at in the USA I live in Suburban-Urban hell. Once you get out of the Suburbs, there's a road where cars go 45 mph with no sidewalks in sight. If you manage to walk in the grass near the road, the nearest things are a Walmart and a highway. All other places lead to the same or converging roads that are 45 MPH or more. 45 MPH is pretty much the slowest too. To top it all, it's not even a stroad where there are crappy sidewalks that are super dangerous since the speed limit is still too high and the stroads might to lead you across the traffic roads itself.

Hope that makes sense. Also, parks aren't open past 5PM in the winter time here, and even if I could go for a night walk, I'd be afraid of getting mugged.


Yeah, American cities are pretty shit when a it comes to being walkable and having bike lanes. Everything was designed with cars in mind.

>afraid of getting mugged

It's the same here, but for a couple of days there was snow on the ground and it seemed to keep all the normies inside. Leaving the park clear for my night walk.



It's not even the cities. The entirety of the USA is car-based. The cities have a bunch of stores spread out so it takes longer to get to them. I've only been to Ireland and I could see a huge difference in how cities were handled. The shops were close together and you could walk anywhere. I believe you could also take buses to different cities as well. It's not like that here in America.

Also the closest park nearby is a few miles - maybe five - away. Also the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night.


>the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night

Probably either because of the gangs or homosexuals in your area. Those groups have to ruin things for everyone.



I think they're also nature reserve or something. I mostly go to nature reserves because they're the biggest parks without much infrastructure. There's one about 30 minutes away that's like that but you can still see the roads nearby in certain places. Sad. So it's not really gangs of horny homosexuals buttfucking at night but rather state laws that close them down.

I've gone to pretty much all, if not all, nature reserves and such near my house. The closest one's I've not gone to are an hour away at least. I don't know where to go any more without dedicating a huge amount of time going to a different part of the state three hours away, renting a hotel or airbnb, and spending multiple days hiking and looking at nature. It's new to me too. Never done it. It's scary.


Lizchan is the only once cancer-free site that I know.
As long as it stays online my mind will stay somewhat better.
Thank you for hosting


yeah, most of the internet is just fucking horrible, this is one of the few bearable places on it


whenever I go out in my really warm jacket the weather warms up and I sweat a lot, but when I put on my light jacket the weather cools down and I get really cold. and yes, I do look at weather reports, it doesn't really help. nature really seems to hate me


I love the cold but the humidity blows, can't even finish one cigarette before my fingers turn red and start hurting.
My cat acts like she wants to go outside but one gust of air and her hair stands up and she hisses and claws at the door.


same thing happened to me the other day, I was having a cigarette by the ocean watching the sun go down and I could barely hold the thing my hands were so cold


Ahh yess, my vape broke so my nicotine addicted ass has to smoke cigs.
Now I can relate!

First day and my lungs already "feel" clogged


File: 1643568575329.jpg (11.79 KB,241x277,3265a8ff7e8072e14d381b7ce9….jpg)

I applied for a walmart job, I hope my corporate overlords don't actually ever want an interview.


File: 1643579069111.jpg (254.59 KB,627x502,comment_16404520212VfTWrhY….jpg)

Ah shit
Still better than fast food chains, good luck


File: 1643620367366.jpg (52.48 KB,415x318,1460300896068.jpg)

Th-thanks man I'm really looking forward too it hahahahahahaha
tar brothers unite, soon we will shed our flesh and suit ourselves entirely in tar
You live near a beach? never saw the ocean sounds comfy.


>near a beach?

Yep, I live near an outlet to the Pacific. It's nice but rivers can be just as nice.


File: 1689887963095.jpg (175.13 KB,1080x1080,1664431426070808.jpg)

I finished college
There is a lukewarm feel of triumph today, but even then, it mostly feels like just another day


Hi newfag


File: 1689946762177.gif (2.96 MB,280x154,8312e4482eb54470bf4430fb82….gif)

You come to an imageboard that gets less than 3 posts a week, to not contribute anything to the discussion, but to troll and try to divert talk to something else?
Don't you have, I dunno, the whole internet for doing that?


>Don't you have, I dunno, the whole internet for doing that?
Nope, whole net is filled with 3dpd and you continue to spread it here with no correlation to post.
So you fuck off, wank it and choose better images.


File: 1690231866133.png (5.97 KB,300x300,1617382890213.png)

You're being delirious for no reason, and the traffic in the site is close to null, I don't think acting that way is fairly productive.
I am not too sure what you assumed from the image next to my post, but it was nothing more than a decoration.


File: 1690246351214.jpg (92.03 KB,660x498,Defeated_Male_Leaves.jpg)

>You're being delirious for no reason
Truth, I'm sorry
I will memorize what you wrote, thank you


File: 1690433791816-0.png (368.13 KB,512x512,01057-100.png)

File: 1690433791816-1.png (721.69 KB,768x768,sadasdaz.png)

File: 1690433791816-2.png (707.83 KB,768x768,Poppy.png)

Oh ye, it finally looks good and I'm not even experienced with it.
Didn't noticed that one frilled sleeve is missing but I was too far into it to bother fixing.
That one where she holds pancakes in hands is hilarious.

Someone before me trained a model to make Poppy
but mine is so much better! so time wasn't wasted imo


File: 1690435396180.jpg (53.5 KB,587x429,7tvkxs.jpg)

Ah, the color of arms is wrong on first two but that's only because I forgot to add "blue skin" to prompt.

My next step is making Poppy speak, we will see how it turns out.
Will post results in like a week or two


File: 1690448866833.png (750.6 KB,768x768,erw.png)

Now I can die in peace


Is fiddling with AI difficult at all?


File: 1690482831620.png (4.67 MB,1896x2048,00087-2781596695.png)

It's easy, struggled only with installation because I'm dumb. If you run into any issues I will gladly help.

You basically play with prompt and generate many images, when you find what you like, you pick it then generate again in higher resolution and there you choose how much should the image differ (details) from original.
Not sure if I explain it right.

You just need at least 4gb card, but more vram = faster generation. For training your own model, over 8gb.

1. Stable Diffusion install https://stable-diffusion-art.com/install-windows/
2. CivitAI website
Choosing models ( basically picking art style/pretrained data )
3. You put .safetensor file into models folder.

Now you can start generating.
Write things you want to see and which not.
Rest are settings which are easy to understand after watching one video

I bought used 3090 24gb, so I can train easily and also plan to host own local language model.
My goal is to have Poppy voice assistant.
Not sure what I'm going to use it for but the idea is so funny to me that I will do it.

got some artifact blob on hair, I don't know yet what is the cause of that


oh and you can also inpaint certain area to get better generation for example of fingers.
They are most often disfigured thing in the image, somehow my model has no issue with making correct amount (yordles have four) when I state it in the prompt

Training is easy, you just hand pick collection of images, pick recommended settings and run it.
I've picked 108 images from rule34.xxx.
Now it's able to create better fanart than most of artists lol


File: 1690589257520.png (1.07 MB,806x697,lamar.PNG)

Haha sounds it sounds just like Poppy

Needs more training and I had to cut audio because it's struggling to do high vocals.

Poppy ballin'
Roasting Franklin


File: 1691256948187.jpg (1.16 MB,1886x1919,IMG_20230805_193413.jpg)

Had my first fire.
Fortunately nothing got destroyed besides floor and my foot which gave me trouble walking for a week haha
It went like this
>charging two vape batteries
>doing some stuff on PC
>burned my hand pulling it out then yanked it on floor
>lots of smoke and it's on fire glowing white
>grabbed clothes from floor then submerged in water
>throw them on battery
>stomp 🦶 few burning spots with bare foot
>kick it near the wall so I don't risk having my balls exploded while going above it
>repeat the wet clothes step

Overall I'm proud how I handled that situation. Reacted instantly and acted in logical manner.
After throwing it, opened a window immediately because it was already hard to see because of smoke.
My first thought was to throw it outside but since I'm on third floor, fire could spread further also the grass was dry so I didn't risk burning the whole building lol
Shouted "it's burning! come help" to my brother. Then ran to soak clothes. Also took a wet rag to my face to act as filter (a bit overkill but makes sense).
Perhaps stomping the burning clothes was unnecessary but I decided that it is be better to choke before it grows/spreads.
Really didn't expect them to set on fire. They were soaking wet, duh.

I also thought of just grabbing that burning batt with something and putting it into a pot which makes more sense. BUT I saw some photos of destroyed flesh caused by battery explosion so I dropped idea of handling battery.
Covering eventual shrapnel was a way to go.

Oh also my "kind and caring" brother came walking so fucking slowly - after I already dealt with it.
He was probably busy with building in Minecraft or lying in bed. Biggest asshole I know, really.

After this event I got rid of every battery.
Ordered full metal open-case with a handle for pc, just in case it decides to fuck with me too.
I dare it to, will grab that decade old fucker and drown him to death.
Also placed my power strip in more accessible place so it can be easily shut down.
I'm also planning to get extinguisher, also an overkill but won't hurt to have one around.

Photo does not tell the story. It looks like nothing compared to action that took place here!
Got two holes like these in floor now lol


File: 1691274887577.png (418.64 KB,834x733,1627309773031.png)

To the lizbro that was watching Futurama, I can get your point.
I tried watching one of the movies after the end of the fourth season, and it just sucks. The characters are poorly written, things that have been established by the end of the show are just completely ignored and demolished, it just sucks as a movie and as a sequel to the end of the original seasons.


File: 1691333738876.jpg (4.68 MB,3000x2000,HERO_WWD3-Eps310-0016.jpg)

May their progression rest in pieces.
Whenever stuff like this happens I just treat it as noncanon and drop series completely if it doesn't back to quality of original.

No need to skip the titles of what you watch, nobody will hate you for your taste.

I've been watching "What we do in the shadows" it's a comedy series about Vampires and their familiar.
Made in form of documentary.
Quite funny, really enjoying it.
Characters and their clothing fit so well into the set. You get a feeling that a lot of thought went into planning all this.
My favorite series so far.

Also started Son of Zorn.
Don't have much to say about it.
Silly, watching it in the background while wageslaving.
Makes time go faster.


File: 1691404508536.jpg (96.47 KB,840x560,cdn.forumcomm.jpg)

Today I had to call a client about his marketplace account and things to do to improve seller's score.
We talked about some issue that turned out to be resolved

I said "oh great that it has been taken care of"
THEN that always nice guy got freaking angry!
>NO! IT'S NOT GREAT. We used to have great sales some time ago

When he raised his voice at me I became frozen and did not know what to say lol
It was quiet for few seconds then we dropped to another topic.

Angry tone + out of nowhere behaviour is my kryptonite. Also phonecalls…
Always overloading my brain haha, stressed me so fucking much but thankfuly it didn't last long and didn't panic so good job to me!


File: 1691501973392.jpg (996.93 KB,1390x2321,IMG_20230808_014206.jpg)

Received that case.
It was supposed to be a quick build. Like idk two hours are more than enough to build and put components from previous one…

But people of China didn't put any instructions.
I went for the least optimal way to put it for sure.
Everytime I figured a better way to assemble some part it was already to late for that.
Also had to unscrew shit so many times because of mistakes.

Took me over FOUR hours!!!


File: 1691579746093.png (306.47 KB,686x861,26~2.png)

The unspeakable
466759 lmao
Not intended, but it was on main page sooo…


File: 1691583878809.png (15.64 KB,734x419,1549125056870.png)

While YordleLizzie has been working on the graphic side of things, I've been working on getting an AI waifu to work.
I've installed the necessary software to run an LLM, but now what is necessary is to have a LLM to work with. ChatGPT costs money and doesn't accept my card, so I guess it will take building up that thing with my own hands.


File: 1691607047336.png (518 KB,648x630,gpt.png)

beatiful, saved

>graphic side

Will gladly help you set it up / or train it if you don't have enough VRAM. Will just need images and couple of days.


Ah it would filter and censor your Waifu so hard, my guess. You could ask it to act and see for yourself.

>LLM to work with

Llama2 has no filter and is considered best alternative.

>training to speak

RVC, also can do it for you. (audio clips cut into 10 seconds, more=better, clean voice without background best)

>text to speech


Love this nickname, just shout here if you need anythin
I didn't do LLM yet so with that I am unable to help.
Good luck!!


any tips with generating images with stable diffusion?
I thought it would be as easy as grabbing a character's lora and then working from there, but apparently the only LoRa that was available for my character is 404.
What tips would you give me? Do I have to work with other things to take into account the art direction of the character?


Most important is getting a good model/checkpoint.
With that you can already make some impressive images even with bad prompt.
Negative prompt:(low quality, worst quality:1.4)

Prompt writing: most of models were trained on novelai leak version, which was made from danbooru database. So it listens best to their tags.
I base my prompts on it and add few normal phases for example "wooden medieval village", "rustic cluttered kitchen" to set the scene.
My favorite tag is "depth of field" makes every image look less flat and more detailed.
Using it almost every time.

>easy as grabbing a character's lora

Yeah, like that + that checkpoint(.safetensors) I sent you
That sucks, you need to make yours then.
Google dreambooth lora guide.
Warning: most of these fuckers do shit fast, skip steps and act almighty.
I had to watch like 7 of them.
Will link in next post. I don't remember the whole process to make you a step by step guide.

>art direction of the character

Sorry I'm dumb, are we talking about art style?
If yes then prompting is enough, if you are going for specific one then it's best to use some lora for it.

Personally I didn't get into art styles yet. As my lora makes good enough for me.


File: 1691677731345.jpg (51.96 KB,500x500,artworks-VpyZObjOaacUncbR-….jpg)

Lora training guide
Best one for what I've seen

When you will be making one it's very important to choose images that make turn your face to into das good shit.
Also variety of poses is most welcome but less important.

Choosing sampler is matter of choice.
Most of ppl run euler A up to 30 steps
I tried many configurations and stocked DPM++ 2M Karras 30steps

My overclocked grandpa CPU draws too much power.
Had to revert it back.
Power supply can't bare it with stable diffusion


File: 1691682075289.png (3.15 MB,1536x1536,grid showing images of sai….png)

Here is example of 9 images generated with that prompt.
Turned out pretty meh compared to previous stuff but dont have much time

ppka, classroom, chalkboard, black hoodie, long skirt, twintails, blue skin, depth of field, sunlight, cowboy shot, from below, purple eyes, <lora:ppk_best:0.7>

Negative prompt: (low quality, worst quality:1.4)

Steps: 34, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 7 (<- this tells program how much it should listen to your rambling)

You can change the strenght by doing this (pointy ears:1.5) if you want weaker 0.5 etc.

Then you take image and click send to img2img to make it larger and more detailed

from r/The_Lovely_Blue_Faux
>I usually generate batches of 512x512 with 20 Steps on Euler A,
>then use 50-80 steps at 768x768,
>then 100-150 for 1024,
>then 100-150 for 2048.
>You don’t always need that many steps for every piece though and it is never NECESSARY.
>Step two noise variance should me .25-35
>Later steps should be .10-.20

I tried to show you an example but my Power Supply started giving up and shutting down when generating larger ones haha
I will just spam previous ones


File: 1691805722851.jpg (241.14 KB,1280x1742,E25UCpmXEAUvVVA.jpg_large.jpg)

Made local imageboard.
At this point I've been mostly writing to/for myself or void.
No point in clowning around here.
Taking it offline.
Bye Lizzies


All I can say is that goblin waifus are top tier. Godspeed.


Played whole weekend, should have worked instead. Oops

Cont. >>7149
Nvm that was stupid, I don't get what was the point of writing it.
Nor making it.
I cringed too hard for writing too much then spiralled down into it and rest is my post above.
Happening quite often recently, getting into some nonsensical thoughts and acting silly.
Then realizing it, could really use some mental stability right now.
Agreed, cool that they started getting popular.


>killer migraine
It got me late, usually it's every 2 months. This time was free of it for 4!

Couldn't read any text because of aura. It started while I was eating pizza.
It was already certain that it will leave me when migraine starts.
Continued eating it anyway as a way to say fuck you to my body, yeah I showed who's the boss.

Took ketoprofen for the first time, aura disappeared and I felt fine.
Witchcraft! I thought.
Nothing previously successfully negated it.

Theeeen got fucking rekt.
But it was more bearable than previously, need to get more pills.

Hate migraines so much, worst way to get reminded that you are nothing more than spectator and body is mostly not in your control (or completely if you believe into no free will stuff)


Today received that new power supply.
It has gay color switching by default.
Can't be turned it off unless plugged into motherboard, but mine is too old for that shit.
Black tape here we go.

Also these "printer" noises and coil whines are being made by motherboard, fuuuuuuuck.

Lizzies, never get open headphones unless you are loaded with cash and want to deal with fighting noise.


File: 1693015119525.jpg (1.48 MB,4160x1920,IMG_20230824_224229.jpg)

There was a big fuss here because water costs did x 3 (they come in biannually)
My brother got rekt verbally for taking full filled bath+draining some water to add new hot.
And overall for being a dick to them.
So he moved out to father's empty flat.
Stepfather and mother are happy, they say that atmosphere improved instantly.

Got his room which is huge compared to mine.
No more constant bumping into things.

I had thin walls adjacent to living room so tv noise was constant. Heard every word.
This has thick walls and is located further, so damn quiet!
Oh and this mattress, slept 12 hours without a break.
Woke up feeling so light as if someone fixed my spine.
Also can watch stuff on monitor from bed.

Cleaned almost everything already and it looks so comfy. Bro had literal bugs in desk, in outside pot too.
Literal swarm and something rotting, lol


Oh and before that second mattress stirs up some topics.
Previously it was placed on other shitty one which was unbearable to sleep on. Had to use two because pink was not wide enough.
Some may remember it from times where I slept at the office
It will be taken somewhere else soon.


I'm trying to set up business with mother of guy from highschool lol

Previously he got me 2 jobs and now recommend me for this.
I just lend him money from time to time and that's all when it comes to contact lol

I'm going to do everything there except marketing and social stuff. Someone else will pack it and send.
We will be selling some beauty products.

Next month we are going to manufacturer.
I don't have to invest anything, will be getting not yet set %.
Would be nice if it turns out successful, I hate wageslaving.


File: 1695475655930.jpg (154.63 KB,1242x1275,814.jpg)

Cont >>7211 - leaving this Tuesday.
I look like shit. Should go to hairdresser but I don't want to.
Hopefully paste for hair will cover it up.
Also need to get some clothes, everything is worn out except one pair of pants.
Normally I don't care but the setting demands it.
Quite stressed and it will be long journey.


I haven't been to one in ten years. My mother cuts my hair.


got a bit high
still want to die


File: 1695532500545.png (1.54 MB,1000x1415,14268a8674e6ab3ce4a6c5c198….png)

Cleaned whoooole room even every piece of furniture.
Also organized stuff on pc and phone.

I have so few belongings that it takes just a backpack for everything. Except computer and monitor but I can carry them at the same time.
Aimed to achieve it for quite some time.
Feels nice to have less to worry about and no clutter.

>still want to die
Well sounds like you didn't have enough haha

Recently smoked through pharma weed like a dragon.
It was so underwhelming, same strain as previously, no tolerance.
Overdid it as I completely don't remember the movies that I was watching in that time.
Which baffles me why the effects were so lame.
Not going to buy it anytime soon.
At least I got it for the half of the normal price because of discount, nice

Luuucky Liz


File: 1695753215446.jpg (7.64 KB,261x268,1664735744181500.jpg)

I hate the healthcare system where I live so fucking much.
>want to go to a proctologist
>there's no website that aggregates all the doctors in the area so I got to search manually
>because there's no proper aggregator, I end up calling a dentist by accident
>many of the doctors that I call to don't pick up the phone
>because of this I turn to the doctor's aggregators that works with a social plan that many doctors aren't adhered to
>the only available proctologist in my city is in a hospital that is
>>poorly managed
>>doesn't give you proper prescription with social plan coverage
>>has arbitrary scheduled to get an appointment, sometimes having to wait before 7 am to get a turn
>>doctors ask you to "not make a lot of noise" because people might listen outside
>>redirect you to another doctor of the hospital so that they get paid more instead of leading you to the proper doctor
>>can't get a turn in any way besides going to the place because nor the website or he phones work
>>Has already had many cases of bad praxis and people dying there, yet seems to go mostly unpunished
I hate it but I hate my hemorrhoids way more


File: 1695848133553.png (561.77 KB,872x484,1571746834252.png)

That sounds like scene from 12 tasks.
Just googled what is it, sounds terrible.
I had one too but it was dormant.
Is it over now or they just gave you prescription?
Get well soon anyway!

My mother most likely caught Lyme disease for the second time.
Around 3 weeks ago was bitten and had a huge rash, this weekend something else bit her and it reappeared.
First time told me about it but didn't want to show buttcheek.
Obviously I didn't press for it haha
When it reappeared I asked, turned out that it wasn't even close to intimate area.
Immediately told her what it may be.

Doc confirmed, already is on meds. In few days will get test results.
I hope she didn't get it but chances for it are low, around 20%.

If only she presented that ass immediately there would be no negative effects lol


I was choosing clothes for tomorrow's meeting then presented to family.
They told me that most of my wardrobe is worn-out haha
Somehow I never noticed it, looked fine to me.
Received a pass for one t-shirt and long sleeves, good enough.
Oh and didn't visit hairdresser, being cheap won.
I have never traveled for so long but I don't stress about it anymore.


File: 1695874725969.jpg (32.93 KB,640x480,aEX1D0BW_700w_0.jpg)

Nvm, next week again >>7263
Can't get mad at someone's headache caused by part of their brain being cut off, so everything is fine.
Back to sleep then, wishing for some dreams


File: 1696268401171.jpg (833.04 KB,2167x1000,IMG_20230930_182612_2167x1….jpg)

I've spent my weekend at countryside.
Started digging a hole for internet cable. Did it for like 2 hours, now all my muscles hurt.
Helped around veggies too.

Didn't think I would change my mind but it is pretty fun and calming now. Looking forward to go there again.

Oh and went with uncle to harvest mushrooms but didn't find anything.


Today, I worked, slept, and took a shower. Good day. Tomorrow and the day after will be the same. The weather has gotten colder, so I really needed to heat up with that shower. Despite having a blanket over my legs when I'm on the computer, my feet just won't heat up. Also, putting on socks with dirty feet is gross, and when you wash your feet, you're heating them up, too.


File: 1697650878932.jpg (61.62 KB,776x960,belm6p5h5kk61.jpg)

I'm stupid and forgot paying attention to how much and how often I eat.

Realized it recently when I looked in a mirror, something about face was off.
Examined my body and it's looking too boney, rather disturbing.

So I stuffed myself like a pig today, but my body grew out of this habit so my tummy hurts af.

It kinda sounds like some teenage girl body issues lol
Not that though, I prefer big mass!
Just didn't reach it yet

Oh yeah cold-blooded lizard feet.
I'm wearing 2 or even 3 pairs of socks when winter comes.




I saw boobies there, I'M GONNA DIE


no hunger pains?


Never had them but it's good now.
Even managed to surpass my previous heaviest weight.
This went quick!


>Never had them
that's strange. if I don't eat something every couple of hours my tummy starts getting mad at me


File: 1702086769704.gif (3.83 MB,460x420,sonic happenin.gif)

I've built my Portfolio, again. This time I added images of my projects and made sure to make it much more pleasing to the eye, the one I had before felt too much like a blog.


I wish I was unemployed again. working sucks so much


I wish I had a job in my career.
Having no money sucks


not working and no bills would be perfect


Had a comfy day it was a nice rainy day so I just chilled in the house made hot coco and smoked.


File: 1703140933088.jpg (82.23 KB,960x960,R.jpeg-1.jpg)

I'm neeting for half a year already.
Well I still didn't figure out what to do.

Manchild with no aspirations or any dreams.

"Let go of your cravings then you will find freedom and happiness " is bullshit


merry christmas lizzies


Merry christmas and happy new year!


Happy New year to you too lizzie


File: 1704331638756.png (318.14 KB,437x558,xd1.PNG)

I have received penalty for writting this


Dentist told me that I need to get braces, otherwise my front teeth will eat themselves.
This will cost me 1250$ (of local currency).
Front is already damaged.
Holy shit xd

Additionally 4 teeth need treatment.
One wisdom tooth is already half out.
Second one started to hurt few days after visit but it's fully covered and it's angled on like 45° angle.



File: 1704757595046.png (571.7 KB,614x682,fatpopps.PNG)

Finally after 12 years, I reached diamond in League, 2,5% of top.
My one and only goal completed, now I can die in peace.

Bless the fat Popps!


don't trust dentists. they're in it for the money


I wish her suggestion was fueled by money.
Unfortunately my 1st upper teeth are so thin that I can see the color of them changing when I press tongue against.


idk, unless I need a root canal I avoid denti$t$ as much as possible. I even clean my own plaque with a toothpick


I wish her suggestion was fueled by money.
Unfortunately my 1st upper teeth are so thin that I can see the color of them changing when I press tongue against.



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