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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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>some legal weed with high CBD

what's the strain's name?



I wish marijuana was legal where I lived. I want marijuana to be legal everywhere. I probably wouldn't smoke it, but I do think it'd help a lot of people as it has for you. We do have CDB oil here though. The most expensive stuff is about $50. I actually wouldn't mind buying it. What's your opinion on the CBD oil when you were using it?


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completely messed up my sleep routine again, can't sleep till at least 5 am. I blame the cheap pall mall cigarettes I've been smoking, why did I have to buy so many of them?


Lemon haze 6,5% cbd, it's nice but I will get some other strains on new order because taste got boring.
I tried like 6 CBD oils (mostly from family that said it doesn't work for them)
All five were ummm overrated, like I didn't notice any change and if so then the placebo was stronger than effects.
The one that I bought was great but compared to flowers it's shit

Are you sure that cbd flowers are illegal in your location?
Makes no sense if oils aren't.
You should check



Apparently CBD flowers are legal in my state, but they look so close to the actual stuff that stores don't want to sell them. lol.

I guess I'll go find some flowers then.


If it works well for you and I hope for that
then get vaporizer, most likely you will need to smoke a lot of it and it's gonna be exausting to do this with pipe.
Also don't give up when it doesn't work immediately.
The effects get better with each use.

I'm at this point when I don't even "need" to smoke everyday because everything is great.
Although I do because if I stop then those schizo thoughts will come back.
In this week I felt anxious only once and this state lasted for only a quarter.
Also it was very weak compared to stuff my mind used to make before for entire day or longer.

Also depression seems to be going away slowly. Well it's my last weedlmao post, no more spam about it unless it stops working

I can recommend you xmax V2 pro, on budget and found no issues


smoked weed with a homeless guy at the park today. it was at a park bench and all the normies walking by were looking at us


File: 1651876843429.jpg (7.29 KB,227x250,pain.jpg)

fell off my bike a few hours ago. i have a booboo on my knee and it hurts


>>7244 Why?

there two of us, but I don't use thc lol. Don't mix us haha


he asked to bum a cigarette and then offered to smoke a joint with me after I gave him one. he was drinking beer but sadly didn't offer me one of those


Oh that's interesting :D

Similar thing happened to me once. Some drunk guy offered me to drink with him.
It was very awkward but at that time I wasn't able to say no(17y.o).
He was very loud at this park and people were looking too.
Fortunately it was dark enough.

At first I thought he was trying to hit on me or something. Although it turned out that he was getting married in few weeks.

I wish more people were like that, dumb but extremely friendly.
never seen him again, I didn't even bother to ask for name lol


yeah, I couldn't tell you the name of the homeless guy. it was nice to have someone to hang out with for a little bit, I'm glad I didn't chicken out when he asked to smoke a joint



The department managers in the local grocery store actually where business casual. I can understand having the vest on a regular employee, but the managers should at least look nice or something. I don't even like uniforms personally. They don't wear formal shoes if anyone's wondering. Just black formal pants and a blue formal shirt with a special name tag. Easy identification. Walmart IS the worst though, so I get it.


File: 1652131791371.jpg (74.59 KB,1000x1000,pp,840x830-pad,1000x1000,f….jpg)

Liz, that post was made 99days ago.
Snap out of it


This past week I've been feeling completely congested and worn out. I blame the damn seasonal change, summer is arriving and it's exhausting me.


it's just a url change


File: 1657330208700.jpeg (139.05 KB,700x859,2A9BF98B-FCF3-4B32-BBCF-1….jpeg)

Ahhh yes, drank 1,5l /50oz of energy drinks.
I feel like someone is watching me.
It is not sleep deprivation, just OD.

Gotta lay this shit off. Smoking weed is probably less harmful than what I have done here


your poor heart must be going like a jackhammer


Saturday. I played Oblivion, got tired of playing, said I was gonna do a 30 minute break, and I've been listening to music and staring into nothingness for 1 hour and 30 minutes now. I love this so much.



I have never played it. Looks ugly though
Would replay Morrowind instead.

I envy your ability to do nothing. It is impossible for me, feeling extremely uncomfortable.



The faces are better and more varied than Morrowind, but it's still ugly. I like Morrowind better at least. Also, I just zoned out while musoc was playing. Pretty sure I can only zone out while looking at a screen.


Today I did almost 140 km by bike. Never ever ever. I'm basically ded. Now I'll sleep for 10 months I think.


brutal, and on regular bike I take it not an ebike. hope you didn't have too many hills to go up


well you're certainly doing your job today Mr Sun :( I feel like I'm going to sweat to death


This summer is the worst. I had never experienced one so brutal in my adult life. It's killing me physically and mentally.


I woke up at about 10:40 AM to find out the source of a burning smell in the house. Then, I ate and drank water since I was deathly hungry, then went back to sleep until 5 PM. I then went down, ate some fast food with the family, went for a car drive as a passenger to test out a deflated tire, and now I'm here. Drinking diet Pepsi right now. Might do something worthwhile, not sure. If I do, I'll tell y'all tomorrow.


usually heatwaves here last for 2 or 3 days but this summer it lasted for a fucking week, and we're gonna get more high temperatures over this weekend. I couldn't even afford ac if I wanted it so I'm stuck dying in the heat


My day will be crap, it's so hot that I can not fall asleep


I have such a hard time sleeping when it's this hot that I can't sleep until 9am. I'll just lay in a pool of my own sweat all night until I get drowsy.


shaving is such a hassle, maybe I should grow a beard


I would go for it Liz.

Mine is crap, when it finally reaches desired shape it looks good for a week then turns to shit.
I tried to trim it but always looks bad.
So I just grow till it stops looking okayish and start from zero. it would be a different story if my hair was less rare

I should also do something about my pubic hair. Haven't touched it in ages and it keeps smelling even after a thorough washing lol


>desired shape
thing is my facial hair grows in weird, so instead of looking like Will Riker I might end up looking like a homeless guy
>do something about my pubic hair
gotta keep your ballsack clean for the ladies, eh Rex


Unnecessary to shave it
My skin is also chafing, hurts with every move lol.
It healed recently but it's back.

I will have to deal with it, hopefully no wenches will jump me.


Unnecessary to shave it
My skin is also chafing, hurts with every move lol.
It healed recently but it's back.

I will have to deal with it, hopefully no wenches will jump me.


File: 1663702602015.jpeg (145.95 KB,1000x563,Squid_Sisters.jpeg)

I was doing what I usually was doing, nothing, until I saw a picture Murch from Splatoon 3, who had grown up. I looked him up on the wiki and found his original design until I decided to look up the age of Splatoon 3's protagonists. 14. The previous protagonists are now 16. I wanted to know the ages of some other characters, which lead me down to the Squid Sisters. They were 17 in the original game, 19 in the next, and finally, in Splatoon 3… 24. I thought to myself, "Wow, they're about my age!" Until I realized, no, I'm actually 27. It's a weird feeling to recognize your age. It's surreal to see these fictional characters and this fictional world.

They look quite happy and the place they're at seems quite nice. It's not the case where I'm at. It's not that the place is poor, but where I live doesn't have places to sit and socialize with people. I live in a suburb, so if I wanted to go to a place like that, I would have to go far away. Not to a city or some other town over, but to some place I have no idea about. It's not even about socializing in the first place, but having a place to go to that's not a concrete hellscape. The yards of a suburb don't count because there's nowhere to go, and the cities don't count because they're not people-centric. The nearest city doesn't even have much greenery in it. It doesn't look like a good place to live at all.

Secondly, I realize the passage of time waits for no one, it feels like I have been trapped in my highschool days while life continues to go on. I do not improve and I cannot force myself TO improve. I just wait and wait until I older and more tired. While the Squid Sisters and other real life people go on, I will continue to be in this room for the rest of my short life.

I cannot will myself to improve and I cannot find the words to the people around me to make them understand I can't do anything. I've been running in place for a while now, and I wonder if my parents will ever get the memo that this life isn't something I chose. It's like trying to walk up an escalator for me.

And I realize again (as I've done this multiple times) that even though the people in 2D land look happy, there's nothing in my society that could make people happy.

I've lost the will to write. It's the same with Japan's society too, though. Even if I break away, the things that made me happy are doubtful to make me as happy as I am. The life I thought I wanted to live has been shifted. It's all a prison cell.


>but where I live doesn't have places to sit and socialize with people.
>"It's not even about socializing in the first place"
>there's nothing in my society that could make people happy.

Ah fuck off you socially not accepted warmboy.
This is not a place for failed normies


Like I said, it's not about socializing. These spaces are more habitable and nicer than suburbs or long stretches of roads. It's a place to look at and enjoy. There are things you can do. You don't have to drive, be in traffic, or plan around being at these places. Where I'm at, you must drive to even the closest park, making it inconvenient for people to populate there. Other than that, there aren't any other places to go since cities and suburbs don't care about beauty. Alsp, even the nature preserves are surrounded by houses and cars. Disgusting.

You don't need to socialize to enjoy these places either. They're just places where you can do fun things and enjoy the nice architecture and greenery.


Ah then sorry Liz I must have missed your point.
Can not relate to that at all.
That is why I got all what you wrote wrong.


>hopefully no wenches will jump me
be careful liz, wenches like it when the tip of your peepee is cut off and the hair around it removed


it seems like a year ago I was paying $5 for a mcdouble meal and when it got the same thing today it was almost $8. wtf


Slept 3 hours in total. So I decided to get to bed early today but failed.
I really like the state of sleep deprivation. Everything is so quiet, my internal voices shut up and my imagination ignites up. I have no worries in that state, all is peaceful.

But it fucks with brain, so good night lizards


I went to bed at 9, woke up at 12pm. 😎😎😎😎😎😎

Good night lizza


9am to 12pm (noon)?


does this still work?


File: 1665195872608.jpg (25.76 KB,640x496,´`ç.jpg)

Wow I am actually surprised this still works
No idea if anyone lurks here, but if you do, I wish you well




you must of been tired. when I get that much sleep every time I sit or lay down I find myself falling asleep


I"m outside a chilis


I"m outside a chilis where my family is. I look outside and remenber the world keeps moving. Goddamn, if not for the cars, this place wpuld be quiet.

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