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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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I was smoking weed beforehand. lol. That's probably why.


you sound like your 14


why so harsh on him haha


DMT is the preferred drug for lizchan users


But you are the first on this site to admit the use of it
And ofc you get in a lizardly way by growing plants, right?

Never tried it and I guess that it wouldn't be good for my weak psyche.


I thank Raptor Jesus for another blessed day of unemployment every day I wake up.


File: 1670890284149.jpg (33.4 KB,265x375,Resi4-gc-cover.jpg)

just beat re4 on professional


drank white russians, watched videos, slept


Today, I will consume so much caffeine that I don't even need to go to sleep during the day since my sleep schedule's fucked. Also, I will listen to a ton of anime music probably. Wish me luck.


It worked.


I will be trying this for the first time.
All my previous psychedelic experiences were rather harsh.
Wondering how it may turn out.


I have to do it again now.


>>7516 (late continuation)
Eh pretty interesting but expensive.
Read too much about it and was hoping for some great revelation that will change my life.
Well it was like that, but after a nap I went back to normal thinking, as thoughts from trip stopped making sense.
Had a pretty pleasant ego death.

But the whole experience was like "wow dude I'm so high lmao!".
Which I was not a fan of because there was no "wisdom" to be found.

I have migraines like once/twice in a month. So strong that I am busy with puking and laying near toilet whole day.
Read that smoking weed helps some people or makes it worse.
Thankfully it worked wonders for me. From agonizing pain and nausea it transformed into something that felt similar to cold. Headache was still there but I was able to function normally.
Gonna stash it for emergency situations


File: 1678374097164.gif (18.45 KB,169x274,birb.gif)

hey wizchan, how is it going?
checking out after many years of not being here, is anyone still around? It's a bit difficult how most places on the internet are filled with toxic people, but I guess that just means i gotta focus on myself.
anyways, i wish you guys the best


>hey wizchan
um this is lizchan
>is anyone still around
I don't think so
>most places on the internet are filled with toxic people
this place is toxic too against normies otherwise it's nice
>i wish you guys the best


File: 1678374572875.gif (2.09 MB,640x360,1592504570051.gif)

>this is lizchan
i keep forgetting, i guess i lurked that place far too much so it's a bit difficult to get the name out
>this place is toxic
ehhh, not really, a toxic place would be one that constantly gaslights the userbase with negative thoughts. or that doesn't want the best for the people in the same website.
plenty of small websites are toxic
do you still lurk imageboards? besides one that is also fairly small and slow i don't lurk anything else really. many negative experiences happened and those were enough to reject imageboard culture completely


Also, I'm 25 now, I'd like it if we could strike a convo


Share the best tip and some wisdom that you acquired in those years, may be more than one!


File: 1678897770849.jpg (7.64 KB,261x268,1664735744181500.jpg)

Not much I can say, I think my best as ice would be girls and friends don't mix. If some girl talks to you, and you screw it up, and your friends asks for her handle to "help you", he's just using you.
In short, if a man asks you for a girl's contact, don't fucking give in. This fucker will ditch you and show you who he truly is after this.


You are so warm blooded.
Must be new here, right?


I have been in this place before (around 2020), back when I didn't really care about "girls"
After a series of events that had completely ruined my perception on how people connect with each other, I'm back to that mindset.
Still KHV mind you


File: 1678994584391.jpg (59.57 KB,635x640,a2wJP644_700w_0.jpg)

Oh I'm sorry then, tend to get pretty riled up over petty words
Making the rest of your story in my head and all that.

>How people connect with each other

It really disgusts me the way it works. I rarely had any contact (only colleagues) but still I do not remember the last time someone decided to lend a helpful hand with nothing in exchange.
At best it was mutual, yet the reality is constant fighting off others that "need" your help.
The funniest thing is that it never paid off for me.
People get used to it and just keep pushing boundaries.
Then act like victims since how dare you stop supporting.

It took me way too long to realize this.
Partially due to my schizo thoughts which I tried to shut.
After all it turned out to be the voice of common sense which from now on I listen to closely.

>Beauty, posture

That's the thing I thought to be not important as it has no effect after people get to know you.
How wrong was I with that thought.
After visiting barber (to get photos for new resume) and getting new clothes since I was looking like a bum.
The confidence was shining from me. So people backed down from asking after I gently said so. Were not interrupting and started conversations on their own.
My voice was also heard better from that moment.
Took body language on a leash as it is rather gayish/girlish and bang:
I am seen as a whole new person also treated much better…


Most people have your persona imagined in a way that is comfortable to their mindset.
Depending on how long you were showing certain traits, it may not be possible to alter their views on you.
Unless some drastic change happens, which does not guarantee anything anyway.
Because of that it is very important to attack the distorted views that someone else has about you

This is what I learned in these almost 3 years working at this company which I quit week ago.
People are shit and altruism is only to be taken advantage of.

No one knows you.
All they recognize is your body and what it did.


File: 1678995427979.jpg (261.07 KB,2048x1874,mamimi.jpg)

>People get used to it and just keep pushing boundaries.
>Then act like victims since how dare you stop supporting
It really is a kick in the dick when that happens. I basically stay alone and talk to no one because of these, people just seem like a complete game to me.
>getting new clothes
New clothes can do a real number on you, especially if you have been wearing the same clothes since your teens (which is a bit of my case sadly)
>People are shit and altruism is only to be taken advantage of.


I am more of a talkative type but will always choose solitude if possible too.

Woah you must have tons of clothes or some high quality fabrics.
I have few, could pack them into a backpack.
So they get exploited pretty fast


File: 1679049498097.jpg (17.47 KB,480x360,duki nuki.jpg)

Also, big knowledge from the time that has pass
The people you stick around to do affect what you believe in, and thus the pool of actions you may take.
Exploit this so that you can be a successful lizzie and not a downer lizbad


I can only access youTube, Google and LIZCHAN??
Please tell me that scallies took over and this is NWO.
I don't want to hear any other news.


Wow almost completely died inside
Lost my wallet, searched through everything.
I went to check for the third time.
It was in the drawer under the slipper…
Took me an hour.

Well now it's time to get rid of useless things and reorganize shit.
It stressed me so hard that I'm shaking lol


In bed for like a 17 hours, with breaks for puking.
Migraines are hell of a drug


damn, that sucks. On the other hand, I just slept for almost 17 hours today.


I'm really not a fan of sleeping that long. Always fucks up my time.
Because of that I'm currently trying to normalize hours.
I've been struggling for like two weeks already.
So far I'm at waking up at the midnight.
I guess I will settle for just going to sleep at 5pm.

After NEETing for almost a month I feel way more lost than previously.
Thought this time will help me to stabilize, set some goals or I don't know.
Expected something to change but nah, instead depersonalization started creeping in.
I wish there was some guidebook to life.
There's nothing I want to do or achieve.
Yet the craving for something (I don't know what that is) bothers me.


File: 1680912870968.png (842.42 KB,843x787,1630969387547.png)

am i too naive for believing kindness is paid off in the end?
i went to take a time for myself in a natural reserve, and i felt so much relief
but then i had to go back to my house in the city and it sucks baaaalls
i wish i could live in a place like that natural reserve, free and away from all the troubles in the world


>am i too naive for believing kindness is paid off in the end?
Yes, you are too naive.


If one expects to get paid, it's not kindness. If you want favors for your kindness, pick people who you know personally and see a lot. Also, pick people who you know will return favors.

Forest Anon on Youtube is living that dream already if you're interested. He answers questions and has a bunch of bingeable videos that you can scrape some information from on how he lives. He makes it look really easy except for the fact he has to walk to town for food and occasional under the table jobs.


File: 1681046721852.gif (228.34 KB,241x286,smoking-heart.gif)

I am no longer a virgin. Mods please do the needful and ban me.


File: 1681120725088.jpg (36.8 KB,453x449,1654140688882.jpg)

I don't think banning can change much given that imageboards are easy to work around with.
But, eh, what gives, kudos to you I suppose.


And you post about to crave attention, brag about something that can be easily done or what?
Nonetheless writing about it here makes you a pitiful failed normie nigger.
I really hope you try to end your pathetic life and end up crippled in own shit


I did a task, a step towards fulfillment


lizzie is just having normal regular comunication
the only one that sees it like that is you
i know the internet is filled with fucks with ill intent, but he doesn't seem to be that kind of person


File: 1681256969212.jpg (1.86 MB,2000x2000,f01f0b9cb9a638172727b6f366….jpg)

I don't think you know the meaning of it and what it stands for.

Well it was fun.
I would never think someone would advocate for 3dpd banger here.
Yet that just happened.


File: 1681257322805.jpg (99.67 KB,583x777,1676414201830-0.jpg)

You are rabid but you'll find your way.
Good luck.


I'm pretty sure I slept from 9 PM to almost 2 PM. So almost 18 hours. Wow. Going to do some studying and watch Star Trek today, too.


File: 1683162168766.jpg (1.16 MB,3508x2480,worthless-but-fun-to-destr….jpg)

Recently started playing Deep Rock Galactic, it's 1-4 player mining game with dwarfs.
Community is really great even though chat is barely used.
There is a bar at which you can order a beer before a mission for your teammates.
Which got me into craft beer.
I never understood the fascination but now for 4 days straight I'm drinking.
These tast weird but passable, except "Macha tea ale", the most bitter thing I have ever tasted.
Got like 5 bottles left, after that I'm done and will try to get my shit together.


File: 1683458994450.png (101.73 KB,458x548,1651372784891.png)

Everytime I wake up, I jerk off to a specific person.
I wonder if that's gonna do anything




Just finished my trip to see a sibling across the country.


File: 1685024871781.gif (6.2 MB,444x250,fd0.gif)

Looking for some job.
Today I had a second interview.
Had to make description for some YouTube video.
Told chatgpt to do it lol
Copied the subtitles then ordered it to write.
Also started using it for emails because I'm subhuman that can't communicate in formal manner without stress.

So far so good, I will continue using it to connect with outside world.
Feels like cheating.

Oh and also I came into conclusion that it's going to be really hard to get paid more than country's minimum.
My knowledge and skills are getting handicapped by lack of social confidence.
Need to learn something else otherwise I will wageslave till death.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will be easier to get good at something new than become a normal functioning human lol


Got denied a cool position because they are looking for someone with "different set of skills".
Weird, since I was fitting all the requirements.
Told Ai to make a reply.

After that they replied with interest! Phonecall on Monday

Would be nice to land it


File: 1685400879374.gif (164.13 KB,560x480,ddrr33v-bd93357e-8cdd-487a….gif)

^ Holy shit, the AI did it.
I'm trying to write something but keep hitting backspace.
That's how happy I am.
It's work from home, the pay is better than I could get from similar offers, and those were not even remote.
They will teach me their methods and I will become e-commerce auditor.
Oh yeah I like the sound of that.

If it wasn't for this place and you guys I wouldn't make it.
Thank you


Nice job liz, I'm proud of you. We didn't do anything for you though. It was your use to the AI that helped you, and I think that's a good thing. Better to have gotten the job with a tool than not to. Good luck with your new job!


File: 1685740141321.jpeg (97.77 KB,750x750,F97BA4B8-52D2-4A90-B436-C….jpeg)

you are on my internet iceberg btw, well done

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