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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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well, there's this place.


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>this place


hey, still no normies. am I right?


yep, I'd agree this desolated swamp of a website is fairly normalfag free


what's up with the wizchan hosting problems lately? even this site loads faster


what's up with the wizchan hosting problems lately? even this site loads faster


I played Skyrim all day. It's getting to be a grind and I wonder if I should just go back to finishing Oblivion.

Skyrim, SSE, legendary difficulty, alternative start. Started as a thief and just started grinding to make god items and avoid the vastly more powerful enemies who could one shot me. If not one shot, three shot. I'm level 90 now and I have the items and skills to craft gear to survive and to level up quickly. At least I did it.


Dreamhost sucks. Plus there's a lot less to load here.


File: 1613102245580.jpg (68.88 KB,960x540,everest_movie_cold.jpg)

Man it's cold outside. All of North America seems to be freezing this week. It's nice though because all the warmbloods are staying inside and I can go on my night walks and not see other people.


I'm really hungry right now. I have food in the other room but I'm too lazy to get up and make anything


File: 1614808054533.jpg (67.52 KB,640x640,swamp.jpg)

Another day completely wasted away. The only things that I accomplished were in video games.


File: 1625533181261.jpg (19.69 KB,351x258,slurpee_hot_dog.jpg)

Got a slurpee and a hot dog today. To me that's what summer time is all about, eating slurpees and drinking hot dogs.


Deposited money and it hasn't arrived on my acc yet.

3 hours have passed and I'm getting nervous.

Banks suck


I'd be getting nervous too. it's like your money got sucked into a dark void, never to be seen again


I don't know why but my place smells like a swimming pool. Did I spill some chlorine somewhere or something?


Do you live near a body of water?
I don't know what a pool smells like so I don't think I would even notice it.


A river but the smell is more pool like. I've been smelling all kinds of strange things recently, maybe I'm just losing my mind or not showering enough.


I love it when no one else is around and I can go up stairs in full beast mode.


File: 1631411490962.jpg (102 KB,506x339,lizard_relaxing.jpg)

did way too much walking today. my feet hurt


Got sick on Saturday , coughed my lungs out and had waterfall from nose.
It was okay untill Monday, now my head hurts.


did you get the covid?


Nah, wet cough so I'm safe.
I think it's getting better, nose is less runny, not coughing that often.
Unfortunately I'm feeling tired more and more.

Haven't had cold for like 2 years. That's a nice score


lucky you, it seems like I get a cold at least once a year


weather here is cooling down and it feels like I can finally relax again. hopefully it will be a long cold winter


File: 1632967929111.jpg (64 KB,811x1024,Alex_Jones.jpg)

came home from work in the rain, ate some beans, overslept, woke up too late to go to the mall to buy some soda, gonna drink a red bull and go back to work in the pouring rain

the hamster wheel that's my life keeps spinning


What do you work as lizanon if you don't mind me asking?


I have a dreary night watchman job


tried cheetos mac n cheese for the first time today, the jalapeno one. a little bit underwhelming, but I guess I had high expectations. the jalapeno taste came through well. would get it again



I had a nice chill day hope you lizzies are well


meh I'm surviving


File: 1637807766299.jpg (140.5 KB,1000x624,mac.jpg)

following up on >>6856 I've tried all three flavors of cheetos mac n cheese now. my scores are as follows:

bold & cheesy - 6/10 an all right kraft dinner alternative
jalapeno - 7.5/10 best of the three, great liz grub
flamin hot - 4/10 weird as fuck, definitely not something I would eat on a regular basis


Made some exercises for few minutes.
Felt super powerful, tho it disappeared quickly.

Now I feel sick :-d
Just trying to keep my spine in shape since it's fucked and my legs started going numb


what kind of exercises?


I forgot it's Christmas today :x
Well we can take the group photo on New Year's Eve, like year ago.
Ah dang that was so comfy, no wonder why today felt so lame

Some kind of crunches and push-ups.
Well that's basic stuff but it's better than nothing.

It's hard to motivate myself to do this.
Gotta work on this, it will pay off for sure.
Since spine can only get worse with age.


Christmas sucks. It just means I have to go to the crowded mall and buy gifts, only to get judged later on because the gifts I bought are cheap and uncreative.

>crunches and push-ups

When I get the energy (not often) I like to run laps around my apartment and do push-ups.


Gift giving can be lots of fun if you have money and are willing to look for creative gifts.


>if you have money



File: 1641260686499.jpg (75.95 KB,728x509,park-night-winter.jpg)

I don't think there's anything in life more satisfying then going on a massive night walk in the middle of the winter time. I would of stayed out there all night if it wasn't for the cold and sore feet.


I don't even remember when was the last time they I did / encountered something satisfying

Everything around here looks like shit so there is no point in going for a walk.
I wouldn't go out even if it looked nice so just ranting haha

I enjoyed walking in the city or parks after midnight when I was 13 but then stopped around 16. Don't know why


>Everything around here looks like shit

Pretty much the same here but I can appreciate bad aesthetics. I have some bad stress issues and going for long walks, especially at night, is very relaxing for me.

>I did / encountered something satisfying

You should go down to your local pond and feed the ducks, that will probably lift your mood. It sure does with me.


man do burger king nuggets suck. if they weren't so cheap I'd never buy them


File: 1641874378128.jpg (53.51 KB,660x433,smoking_cigarette.jpg)

Well lizards, I finally did it, I went and bought a pack of cigarettes today. Haven't smoked in over a decade, I felt like such a cool liz lighting one up. 17 dollars a pack though, yikes! I don't know how long I can afford to keep the habit up.

I'm gonna roll a weed and tobacco joint a little later, that with a strong beer should make for a pretty good night.


Glad you're enjoying yourself Liz but smoking is bad for you, financially and healthily.
Rolling your own tobacco is somewhat cheaper but makes you cough a lot more.


We all gotta die sometime liz. I might give it up after a while but right now I need to enjoy myself a little.

A cigarette rolling machine and some tubes would probably be a good investment that I will be looking into.



Where I'm at in the USA I live in Suburban-Urban hell. Once you get out of the Suburbs, there's a road where cars go 45 mph with no sidewalks in sight. If you manage to walk in the grass near the road, the nearest things are a Walmart and a highway. All other places lead to the same or converging roads that are 45 MPH or more. 45 MPH is pretty much the slowest too. To top it all, it's not even a stroad where there are crappy sidewalks that are super dangerous since the speed limit is still too high and the stroads might to lead you across the traffic roads itself.

Hope that makes sense. Also, parks aren't open past 5PM in the winter time here, and even if I could go for a night walk, I'd be afraid of getting mugged.


Yeah, American cities are pretty shit when a it comes to being walkable and having bike lanes. Everything was designed with cars in mind.

>afraid of getting mugged

It's the same here, but for a couple of days there was snow on the ground and it seemed to keep all the normies inside. Leaving the park clear for my night walk.



It's not even the cities. The entirety of the USA is car-based. The cities have a bunch of stores spread out so it takes longer to get to them. I've only been to Ireland and I could see a huge difference in how cities were handled. The shops were close together and you could walk anywhere. I believe you could also take buses to different cities as well. It's not like that here in America.

Also the closest park nearby is a few miles - maybe five - away. Also the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night.


>the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night

Probably either because of the gangs or homosexuals in your area. Those groups have to ruin things for everyone.



I think they're also nature reserve or something. I mostly go to nature reserves because they're the biggest parks without much infrastructure. There's one about 30 minutes away that's like that but you can still see the roads nearby in certain places. Sad. So it's not really gangs of horny homosexuals buttfucking at night but rather state laws that close them down.

I've gone to pretty much all, if not all, nature reserves and such near my house. The closest one's I've not gone to are an hour away at least. I don't know where to go any more without dedicating a huge amount of time going to a different part of the state three hours away, renting a hotel or airbnb, and spending multiple days hiking and looking at nature. It's new to me too. Never done it. It's scary.

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