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Hi Lizzies, this is a thread where you can post how your day was.
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Where I'm at in the USA I live in Suburban-Urban hell. Once you get out of the Suburbs, there's a road where cars go 45 mph with no sidewalks in sight. If you manage to walk in the grass near the road, the nearest things are a Walmart and a highway. All other places lead to the same or converging roads that are 45 MPH or more. 45 MPH is pretty much the slowest too. To top it all, it's not even a stroad where there are crappy sidewalks that are super dangerous since the speed limit is still too high and the stroads might to lead you across the traffic roads itself.

Hope that makes sense. Also, parks aren't open past 5PM in the winter time here, and even if I could go for a night walk, I'd be afraid of getting mugged.


Yeah, American cities are pretty shit when a it comes to being walkable and having bike lanes. Everything was designed with cars in mind.

>afraid of getting mugged

It's the same here, but for a couple of days there was snow on the ground and it seemed to keep all the normies inside. Leaving the park clear for my night walk.



It's not even the cities. The entirety of the USA is car-based. The cities have a bunch of stores spread out so it takes longer to get to them. I've only been to Ireland and I could see a huge difference in how cities were handled. The shops were close together and you could walk anywhere. I believe you could also take buses to different cities as well. It's not like that here in America.

Also the closest park nearby is a few miles - maybe five - away. Also the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night.


>the good parks close up as in they gate the parks at night

Probably either because of the gangs or homosexuals in your area. Those groups have to ruin things for everyone.



I think they're also nature reserve or something. I mostly go to nature reserves because they're the biggest parks without much infrastructure. There's one about 30 minutes away that's like that but you can still see the roads nearby in certain places. Sad. So it's not really gangs of horny homosexuals buttfucking at night but rather state laws that close them down.

I've gone to pretty much all, if not all, nature reserves and such near my house. The closest one's I've not gone to are an hour away at least. I don't know where to go any more without dedicating a huge amount of time going to a different part of the state three hours away, renting a hotel or airbnb, and spending multiple days hiking and looking at nature. It's new to me too. Never done it. It's scary.


Lizchan is the only once cancer-free site that I know.
As long as it stays online my mind will stay somewhat better.
Thank you for hosting


yeah, most of the internet is just fucking horrible, this is one of the few bearable places on it


whenever I go out in my really warm jacket the weather warms up and I sweat a lot, but when I put on my light jacket the weather cools down and I get really cold. and yes, I do look at weather reports, it doesn't really help. nature really seems to hate me


I love the cold but the humidity blows, can't even finish one cigarette before my fingers turn red and start hurting.
My cat acts like she wants to go outside but one gust of air and her hair stands up and she hisses and claws at the door.


same thing happened to me the other day, I was having a cigarette by the ocean watching the sun go down and I could barely hold the thing my hands were so cold


Ahh yess, my vape broke so my nicotine addicted ass has to smoke cigs.
Now I can relate!

First day and my lungs already "feel" clogged


File: 1643568575329.jpg (11.79 KB,241x277,3265a8ff7e8072e14d381b7ce9….jpg)

I applied for a walmart job, I hope my corporate overlords don't actually ever want an interview.


File: 1643579069111.jpg (254.59 KB,627x502,comment_16404520212VfTWrhY….jpg)

Ah shit
Still better than fast food chains, good luck


File: 1643620367366.jpg (52.48 KB,415x318,1460300896068.jpg)

Th-thanks man I'm really looking forward too it hahahahahahaha
tar brothers unite, soon we will shed our flesh and suit ourselves entirely in tar
You live near a beach? never saw the ocean sounds comfy.


>near a beach?

Yep, I live near an outlet to the Pacific. It's nice but rivers can be just as nice.


no more unfiltered cigarettes for this liz. my heart can't take them, it felt like shit for hours after the one I had last night


Yea I feel like i'd get used to them real quick, it'd be nice to have a smoke on the beach alone in those somber moments though.


Today I actually woke up before 4 PM. I woke up at 2 PM this time. Hurray. Next, I'll try to wake up at 12 PM.

Lizzas sleep,
Lizzas meet,
Lizzas shoot bam bam bam the nigga on the street


I woke up at 9am, fucked up and went back to sleep, then woke up a 3pm, messing up most of my day. Now I'm going to be wide awake until at least 4 am.

Gotta start turning my alarm on, I can't keep doing this. I'm sick of being on the internet all night, I want to get out and ride my bike more.



Just woke up at 4 AM. I stayed up and I'm not going back to sleep any time soon. I hope you defeat your sleep demons.


I'm setting my alarm now, just need to fight the urge to go back to sleep after it goes off. Thing is when I haven't gotten enough sleep I'll find myself nodding off throughout the day, falling asleep on the bus and when relaxing on the couch.

>4 AM

That's like the same time roosters wake up.



Now I woke up at about 3:40 AM. I never fell asleep but I was deathly tired at about 12 PM. I might take a nap in the day to prevent nodding off like you mentioned. We'll see how it goes.


I was clear for like year and half.
Decided to get some molly from the same guy as always.

That troll gave idk placebo pills or something. I didn't feel any effects haha. Even though I took 2

Gonna try to get a refund lmao


>Friday night
>taking molly

about to go out clubbing with some babes "liz"?


Completely sober or just molly?
A lot more scamming happening since covid, even with small transactions.
He's going to the secret lizclub where we all take drugs, bitch about life, and watch anime while holding hands platonically on fridays.
It's weird that they ask for your social security card before entering though, and the yearly ritual sacrifices.


I've seen that Tom Cruise movie, I don't want any part in your freemasonic secret lizclub.


>He's going to the secret lizclub
Or maybe he's just a warmblood.


Well I took it on Friday because I preffered to have at lesst two days in which I can comeback to normal state.

I've never been in a club. Once on a concert, when I was 12. With my mom 8)

I planned to watch some cartoons or just lay in bed and do nothing.
Some failed batch I guess. It was extremely weak. My pupils were normal and no effects whatsoever.
I would say those were placebo pills but for like 4 minutes max when it peaked I felt tiny bit different.
Though I wouldn't notice it at all if I wasn't waiting for something to happen.

Screw that, I will just stay sober. Same stuff haha


One of the few I still haven't tried, but yea I'm starting to prefer being sober mostly, seems what I'm chasing drugs won't give me.


I love soft serve ice cream so much, it's like my favourite food. I'd install a machine in my place if I could.



I really like pizza with sriracha on top. Crazy, but the fattiness of the pizza goes great with the spice. Also, Greek potatoes.


try mixing Louisiana hot sauce and ranch, the two together make a great pizza dip

>Greek potatoes

I love those lemon potatoes


I wish smokes and beer were cheaper. I spend about the same amount (around $30) on them as I do on groceries.


Few months ago I was using CBD oil for stress issues. It worked good enough but decided to stop because they literally made it twice as expensive.

On wednesday I bought vaporizer and some legal weed with high CBD and less than 0.2% of THC.
Holy cow, this stuff rules. I'm not stressing at all.
I never knew that my mind could change for better haha
No schizo thoughts, sleeping well, I can focus more easily and for longer.
It feels like all the clutter and bothering shit just turns off automatically.
This is so lovely

Didnt take it yesterday and oh my today was awful I was so tense, stressed and had tons of schizo thoughts.
So basically just like every other day but now I had a comparisment.

I will continue smoking and tell you about it after some time.
So far I didnt find any info on net that this will fuck me up on the long run


>some legal weed with high CBD

what's the strain's name?



I wish marijuana was legal where I lived. I want marijuana to be legal everywhere. I probably wouldn't smoke it, but I do think it'd help a lot of people as it has for you. We do have CDB oil here though. The most expensive stuff is about $50. I actually wouldn't mind buying it. What's your opinion on the CBD oil when you were using it?


File: 1649667853215.jpg (105.85 KB,408x408,Dark-Room.jpg)

completely messed up my sleep routine again, can't sleep till at least 5 am. I blame the cheap pall mall cigarettes I've been smoking, why did I have to buy so many of them?


Lemon haze 6,5% cbd, it's nice but I will get some other strains on new order because taste got boring.
I tried like 6 CBD oils (mostly from family that said it doesn't work for them)
All five were ummm overrated, like I didn't notice any change and if so then the placebo was stronger than effects.
The one that I bought was great but compared to flowers it's shit

Are you sure that cbd flowers are illegal in your location?
Makes no sense if oils aren't.
You should check



Apparently CBD flowers are legal in my state, but they look so close to the actual stuff that stores don't want to sell them. lol.

I guess I'll go find some flowers then.


If it works well for you and I hope for that
then get vaporizer, most likely you will need to smoke a lot of it and it's gonna be exausting to do this with pipe.
Also don't give up when it doesn't work immediately.
The effects get better with each use.

I'm at this point when I don't even "need" to smoke everyday because everything is great.
Although I do because if I stop then those schizo thoughts will come back.
In this week I felt anxious only once and this state lasted for only a quarter.
Also it was very weak compared to stuff my mind used to make before for entire day or longer.

Also depression seems to be going away slowly. Well it's my last weedlmao post, no more spam about it unless it stops working

I can recommend you xmax V2 pro, on budget and found no issues


smoked weed with a homeless guy at the park today. it was at a park bench and all the normies walking by were looking at us


File: 1651876843429.jpg (7.29 KB,227x250,pain.jpg)

fell off my bike a few hours ago. i have a booboo on my knee and it hurts


>>7244 Why?

there two of us, but I don't use thc lol. Don't mix us haha


he asked to bum a cigarette and then offered to smoke a joint with me after I gave him one. he was drinking beer but sadly didn't offer me one of those


Oh that's interesting :D

Similar thing happened to me once. Some drunk guy offered me to drink with him.
It was very awkward but at that time I wasn't able to say no(17y.o).
He was very loud at this park and people were looking too.
Fortunately it was dark enough.

At first I thought he was trying to hit on me or something. Although it turned out that he was getting married in few weeks.

I wish more people were like that, dumb but extremely friendly.
never seen him again, I didn't even bother to ask for name lol


yeah, I couldn't tell you the name of the homeless guy. it was nice to have someone to hang out with for a little bit, I'm glad I didn't chicken out when he asked to smoke a joint



The department managers in the local grocery store actually where business casual. I can understand having the vest on a regular employee, but the managers should at least look nice or something. I don't even like uniforms personally. They don't wear formal shoes if anyone's wondering. Just black formal pants and a blue formal shirt with a special name tag. Easy identification. Walmart IS the worst though, so I get it.


File: 1652131791371.jpg (74.59 KB,1000x1000,pp,840x830-pad,1000x1000,f….jpg)

Liz, that post was made 99days ago.
Snap out of it


This past week I've been feeling completely congested and worn out. I blame the damn seasonal change, summer is arriving and it's exhausting me.


it's just a url change

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