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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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File: 1535795043623.jpg (137.51 KB,599x838,sad.jpg)


I don't want it to be true.


looks like the cia niggers finally got him


I refuse to believe this, the glow in the dark law sharks finally scored their mark.
Rest in peace gods son.


File: 1535874941410.png (21.21 KB,578x148,CIA.png)

they got their payback


Terry's not dead. He's either still out there, or he lives on our hearts.


File: 1536102417957.jpeg (277.75 KB,1200x900,84jh.jpeg)

that or he's trapped within his OS


Trapped is such a mean word. He was embraced by it.


Hope someone makes an archive of all his videos, needs to be kept alive in his works at least.

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