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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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File: 1631712987636.jpg (267.21 KB,2048x1841,1627587328447.jpg)


Lizbros, what the heck??
This chan is copying us https://onesixtwo.club/scv/
The jungle theme is an exclusive property of Lizchan!


Ok I now realize this post looks like a complete advertisement…
I just found that website when I googled "you WILL wear the mask chud" and the theme confused me.


File: 1631753200830.jpg (29.29 KB,383x288,mad.jpg)

>has the same laid back lizchan posting style but with a way higher post rate

Fuck. And correct me if I'm wrong but their board was created two months before lizchan so we can't really accuse them of copying us. Those warm blooded bastards.


Maybe their chan never died (multiple times).


Perhaps you're right. Depending on when the first iteration of lizchan was created we may of beat them by a little.

I found this board recently. Seems pretty unoriginal, too derivative of wizchan, an already shitty imageboard.



I saw this on Tower.


poor mages, I don't think they'll ever get their board back


I hate to break it to you, but the Jungle theme comes with vichan. Truwiz is also an okay site.


>okay site

I guess it's too soon to pass judgment. I'm just instantly hostile to any site that looks like wizchan.


File: 1633373463732.jpg (104.91 KB,1024x708,image0.jpg)

>facebook down
>lizchan up
Yeah, I'm thinking we won, in the end.


File: 1636603261310.png (936.56 KB,1920x1080,partyhard.png)

Hell yeah lizzie! ^_^



sleeping and isolation are intoxicating pleasures. Add some music and it's heaven.


first of all


second of all


Third of all


Don't tell me that's everyliz
It feels like 4, not 3

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