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Looks pretty damn cozy to me. It does require a bit of work to fix it up (sheetrock, flooring, etc). I would probably need someone to do the electrical and pumping if it's not included in the setup but the rest I could do on my own. What do you guys think, would you live in one of these?


I don't like the layout.
If I ever get something my own then it's gonna be less spacious.


I've always liked smaller living spots, less to worry about and easier to maintain.


Yeah, the more I think about it the more I dislike the layout of the tiny home in the video. You would have to build a wall for a downstairs washroom and shower and maybe an upstairs wall for a separate living room and bedroom. The best thing about it is the price but it would be easier to pay the extra money and get something more developed.

I've seen other videos on youtube of far nicer tiny homes for sale.

tiny homes/trailers/apartments > single-family homes


You guys don’t see anything wrong with living in a pod…


Tiny homes aren't fucking pods! Pods are communal living for urbanite hipster bugmen. Tiny homes are more suited for poor hermits who don't want to live around other people. Big difference.

You're basically living in a shed, I can't think of anything less normie than that.


File: 1640252594892.jpg (232.83 KB,1916x1078,podder.jpg)


>it's gonna be less spacious
well, you can stuff it.

Pods are when you share the living space with other people but have your own bed.
That's literal hell.


Oh yeah, now that's the pod I would love to get into
I have no stuff to stuff


This guy has a real nice set up. So long as it had a good lock and was bug and rat free I would totally live in a hole like this.


at least it's a sandnigger getting in.

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