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post star trek content


I wouldn't hate Voyager so much if it was actually like this ytp.


never watched voyager only TOS and TNG


I couldn't make it through Voyager. I CAN'T STAND that smug little cunt Janeway.


i heard Deep Space 9 was good so might watch that later along with voyager


DS9 is kind of like love boat in space, way too much romance shit going on. And the main federation characters just weren't as good as the ones in TOS and TNG. If it wasn't for the Ferengi and the Cardassians the series would of been unwatchable.


File: 1538229596386.jpg (8.62 KB,300x259,Odo.jpg)

This. (spoilers for the anon who hasn't seen ds9) Odo was a perfect lizard character until they gave him romancey shit to do with Kira, even though she was essentially my waifu as a kid and before it actually happened I wanted them to get together because I wanted to believe I could get the girl too (keep in mind I was like 16 at the time I watched ds9). It was weird, in the first couple of seasons I really liked Odo and related to his situation as the only one of his kind, and I thought Kira was cute and really liked her, but once they started actually interacting romantically I sort of lost interest in both of them. I think they were trying to make Odo more like Data than Data himself, but then they pussied out in the long run. It would have been better if they had been less direct with the way he showed emotions, something like the way they did with Data where he couldn't really feel things the same way as humans and wasn't ever romantically involved with anyone. In a weird way I would have liked it better if his feelings for Kira were never reciprocated, even though it would have been kind of depressing seeing as everyone on the station seemed to be hooking up every night. At least it would have been more realistic, but noooo everyone has to appeal to the eternal normalfaggot. In the end they control the ratings. At least the Ferengi and Cardassians were good, as you said. I think that Quark, Gul Dukat, and Garak were consistently the best characters on the show. I enjoyed it purely for them and Odo pre-normiefication

Also, what was with Vedek Bareil and Kira? Wasn't he supposed to be a space-pastor or something? He was way too promiscuous to seem religious.


>He was way too promiscuous to seem religious.

The Bajorans were a bunch of degenerates.


Voyager is my favourite series


File: 1538273089800.jpg (5.5 KB,261x193,Bobby.jpg)

you should feel ashamed


*reveals power level*


Rex vs. feminism


>blows off a couple of cunts so he can go on one of his uncles "private" holodeck programs

Seems like everything went according to Nog's plan. Who need biocunts when there are perfectly good holograms you can rape.


*chucks priceless artifact on the ground*


*glass breaks*


*BTFOs stupid emotional roastie*


it's hopeless Quark, women can't logic


*utilizes power level to make bank*


>outsmarts and embarrasses Rex Riker in front of his girl Stacy Troi

based android


*observes and imitates the normalfag in its natural habitat*


>lizchan reacting to the establishment of a nearby normie colony


it could be worse


File: 1542969041878.jpg (686.33 KB,2048x1536,Gorn.jpg)

>"uh-I-I promise I won't post on your website again lizard"


Archer gets redpilled.


The OP says star trek content. This is not star trek, regardless of what it calls itself.


>This is not star trek

please explain


Star Trek Enterprise is not really Star Trek. It's just shit that calls itself Star Trek.


If you wanted to say discovery or the kelvin timeline films aren't star trek I'd probably agree but not enterprise. The show fit with the series canon and other than the opening theme the show felt like star trek. I thought the first three seasons were fine and only the last was shit.


>other than the opening theme
take that back right now you whore.


Sorry but it just didn't feel like star trek without that opening orchestra score.


I do want to say discovery and kelvin timelines as well. Enterprise could have been passable with the sub-par characters they had if it wasn't for the temporal cold war and the fucking xindi. The xindi alone make me certain that this isn't canon, if earth had met threats like that that early on they wouldn't be exploring the galaxy all happy-go-lucky, they'd have a massive standing military like the other powers.


There's only one good thing to be said about it: it is slightly, slightly better than the discovery opening.



I honestly didn't mind the xindi storyline. It allowed the series to break away from standard star trek stories and do something unique. The forth season was the one that pissed me off, Tucker never should of been killed off, he was the best character on the show.

>they'd have a massive standing military like the other powers

I don't think this is a fair complaint when ds9 was pretty much military sci-fi.


I hate Dax so much. Not every guy wants to fuck you, you snarky bitch.


At least she's a good actor. The self importance is on point, and pretty immersive.


File: 1548631142685.jpg (92.37 KB,417x406,Ezri_Dax,_2375.jpg)

She was pretty good in the last season when they got someone cute to play her (not that Jadzia was bad-looking, it's just that Ezri was a fucking qt). Even though she was still a slut although less so than Jadzia.


Ezri was slightly less annoying but the whole Worf and Bashir love triangle thing made me gag.


True. I wish it had a season longer to make that bit seem a mite less rushed.


File: 1548943573578-0.jpg (190.31 KB,549x373,de58cc8d6181096fae2b0ab33c….jpg)

File: 1548943573578-1.jpg (16.97 KB,650x242,jennifer-lien-mugshot.jpg)

I just started watching Voyager because there was nothing better to do, only a few episodes in. What should I expect? This Paris fag is getting on my nerves. The doctor is pretty cool though. Kes is a qt. The actor who played her is fucking ugly now though.
She isn't that bad from what I've seen thus far, I don't like having a roastie captain but things could be much, MUCH worse. I guess modern tv and movies have lowered my standards.


>that mugshot haircut



>Paris fag
Yeah, he doesn't really change much. The banter between him and Harry is alright, especially when they run the captain proton holodeck simulation
Best character of the series. It's amazing how much he develops throughout the series. It's a shame not every character was developed as much as he was

Tuvok, 7 of 9, and Reg Barclay are also great characters, and get ready for some great 2-parters later in the show


File: 1553690893404.jpg (537.96 KB,1000x1250,7of9_s4c.jpg)

Still watching it, at about an episode or two a day. I'm actually surprised how much I'm enjoying it. Low expectations can work wonders.
I just got to the part with Seven of Nine. Holy lord, look at the borgs on her. I thought they would just be part of the borg armor and they would look smaller when that was taken off, I guess I never looked closely at the promotional material. And I had no idea I had a thing for lips but her mouth has awoken something in me.
Other than giving me boners the borg stuff has been pretty great thus far.

Tuvok was kind of annoying to me at first, but he's really grown on me. Also that episode with the doctor and his holo-family was great. He had a jackass son though.


The Doctor and 7of9 are probably the best two characters in Voyager. If it weren't for them voyager would get boring fast. And Janeway can get pretty insufferable with the way she haphazardly and selectively applies the "prime directive." Especially when you put her up against someone like Picard it's a wonder starfleet even made her a captain in the first place.


>Janeway can get pretty insufferable with the way she haphazardly and selectively applies the "prime directive."

How dare you, you chauvinist bigot! Janeway is a strong and independent women who will stop by every planet she passes and pick battles with the Borg if she wants to.


File: 1553953511923.jpeg (110.53 KB,634x482,HitlerThumb.jpeg)

>>1488 (checked hitlerdubs)
I feel like if she was just consistent with the prime directive she would be much better. She's calm in battle and diplomatic and all that stuff that's easy to write, but the writers can't seem to get a good handle on how to get her to remain likeable, or consistent. I feel that most of the time she should just be running away from pllanets instead of picking fights for some retarded reason. I'm just happy that they don't have her fucking every alien that they come across, which was the one thing I disliked about Kirk and Riker. May have been realistic, making the biggest chads in Starfleet huge horndogs but it was certainly annoying. The liberal shit in Star Trek wouldn't be so bad if it didn't include the sexual degeneracy that comes with it.
>it's a wonder starfleet even made her a captain in the first place.
To be fair, I think she was originally just going on a two-week mission. I don't think she'd be considered Starfleet's best.


You're not a true Star Trek fan until you have seen the Turkish Star Trek.


File: 1563194460691.jpg (44.94 KB,702x530,Just fuck my shit up.jpg)

Harry gets cucked so many times jesus christ.


Is that the episode where he gets a space STD?


I just started watching Enterprise and it isn't too bad if you skip the intro every episode. I don't know who decided to put that dumbfuck theme in a Star Trek show of all things. I do enjoy the way that the episodes connect sort of, but not too much. Feels like a good balance between the DS9 and TNG types of storytelling if that makes sense. The thing is that I can't figure out if I like the actors. They play their parts well but they all seem like weird stereotypes. There's the British guy, the Southern guy, the Asian lady, and the Vulcan lady and that explains their characters entirely. The only characters that feel like actual characters and not political cartoons are Dr. Phlox and Captain Archer, although I'm not sure if I like Captain Archer and Phlox doesn't have nearly enough to do. I guess there's also that black guy who says like two lines at most in any given episode. Overall it feels like a really mediocre show. I like some of the worldbuilding though, like the technical advancements and stuff that show the origins of stuff like the transporters or the replicators. But while some of Voyager felt like it was on par with even the better episodes of TNG, Enterprise seems like it consistently matches the most mediocre episodes of TNG.I'm only partway through the second season though so things could easily go downhill. It's still better than the two episodes I watched of STD. I guess that it's not as bad as it could have been but since it's following two really good shows and one pretty good one, I guess it's easy to see its flaws. Had it not been a Star Trek show I think that it wouldn't be as reviled, just ignored.


I remember in Star Trek TNG season 2 episode 14 Data says Klingons have a genetic predisposition to aggression. lol they'd never get away with that these days.



I wish holodecks were real. Running programs like this would help get a lot of frustration and aggression out of me.


Have you guys seen the parody film Galaxy Quest?


Sure, I watched it a long time ago. Unlike the Seth Macfaggot series I remember enjoying the movie.


I have watched Star Trek The Next Generation season 6 episode 3, "Man of the People". I won't go into much detail, but the main antagonist uses the hospitality of the Enterprise to siphon bad emotions from himself onto Counselor Deanna Troi that results in her aging and possibly dying. Luckily, at the end, Dr. Crusher reverses this process and manages to kill him. However, before then, his aide, Liva assisted him, knowingly, in attempting to kill Troi.

I believe not only should have Alkar been punished, but Liva and the guards who assisted him as well. They should be arrested for attempted murder. Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible. Even if Alkar eventually died, none of the other accomplices were punished. They never are. The Federation or Picard present themselves as weak when they allow themselves to be abused by outside parties. In the final act, Picard does threaten Alkar with punishment for attempting to kill a Troi (a Starfleet officer) but Alkar says he was promised by the Federation Council safe passage to his home world. The way he says it so assured is disgusting, as if he couldn't be punished for his actions. I pray that this is not a common occurrence for the Federation. Criminals are still criminals even if the Council promised safe passage. You will get no safe passage if you break one of the Federation's laws.

Threatening a Starfleet officer should be like threatening a military officer. It should be a punishable offense. Those who do so must not be allowed to get away with that. The audience must know the people who do such things are punished even if their two worlds are preparing for war. I lose respect for Starfleet and the Federation every time this happens.

Synopsis: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Man_of_the_People_(episode)

It does not talk about Liva but in the episode it's clear she knows what she's doing.


>Troi episode


>Also, I hate how the Federation or Picard allow themselves to be abused by other people who will never be held responsible.

The federation is an empire of cucks. The whole star trek canon is libtard fantasy land and it keeps getting worse. If I had it my way Section 31 would be running the federation.

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