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So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.


File: 1559804195109.gif (292.7 KB,600x450,3981 - Skyrim animation ar….gif)

Came back to TERA after 4 years,was hyped for like 2 weeks but it's meh now.
Played league again and I'll pass since there is no way that I'm gonna reach 2% of top again as support main because I'm playing with animals.
I regret choosing this role.
Gonna play f.e.a.r trilogy but idk if I make it because I'm pussy.


File: 1559805155584.jpg (82.35 KB,960x720,1426989557310.jpg)

Playing ssx tricky on a ps2 emulator, been playing borderlands 2 and going to play some more killing floor on pc.


File: 1559816778579.jpg (831.49 KB,2100x1560,snes_breathoffire.jpg)

The original SNES version of Breath of Fire. Classic grindan JRPG. Has some really nice chill music.


Playing advance wars on a gba emulator. I shun modern games.



Got back to Diablo 2 like the boomer I was destined to be. It's still pretty good, the intro gets me every time. *sips*

btw here's a list of torrents for free video games: https://pastebin.com/raw/FMuY9akE (just CTRL + F the title of your game). Don't tell anyone


fresh one for the gamers https://puu.sh/DCqcr.webm


That name had better be a joke. Also fuck you for playing pozwatch.


finally playing Initial D and the soundtrack is amazing


File: 1559896493592.jpg (36 KB,800x418,how_stupid_are_you_quiz-tw.jpg)

>Ironic shitposting


Excited for E3.
Think I'm going to take a drink every time a remake is announced or advertised.



Anywho… as the gamers say : - "another day, another poggers";


>look look I play in QP, press one button and get POTG!
pitiful attention whoring,keep it up


>try out Witcher 3 because I heard that Witcher man stays true to mythology or something
>neat intro I guess
>combat is alright
>Witcher man is cool
>but there's lots of cutscenes
>Witcher man constantly talks about how bad war is, feels really forced
>first mission has a guy who tells you fucked some guy who ended up hanging himself because woe is me I'm a faggot, has nothing to do with the mission
>Lots of cutscenes and talking, at least there's no niggers stuck in there
>still has a good atmosphere and I liked hunting down monsters and stuff with Witcher man's kitty eyes
>overall enjoying it
>looking forward to what might be a decent game
>joke's on me because the crack or something didn't work and I got a notification from my isp saying that I had downloaded copyrighted material
>this has never happened before with anything I've downloaded
Just fuck my download up. Hopefully I just got unlucky with that one download and the others are alright, I downloaded the "Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY (GOG)" one in case any other liz wants to try downloading from here. Hopefully Witcher man makes a torrent that works next time.


Your ISP can't really do anything to you other than send you threatening letters. If it bothers you get a VPN.


My mom can though.


The natural enemy of the lizard: the mother


File: 1560089558147.jpg (32.29 KB,700x400,mullvadhero-100726436-larg….jpg)

i'm sorry reptilianon i had neglected to mention that these are public trackers and therefore glow in the darks are watching. i highly recommend using a VPN if you torrent regularly like what this reptilianon said >>1765

for me it's the mullvad btw


God I hope this is bad so I don't have to be bitterly jealous.


How do I copyright strike this video guys? mom got aggro real quick.


File: 1560258690210.png (879.35 KB,607x617,store.png)

I've finished Sonic Generations as soon as possible, and I quite liked it, but I'd like it better if the writing was so bad. They have this assumption that kids can't understand a story if it isn't dumb at least most of the time, and without stakes, which is sad honestly. Maybe if SEGA didn't quit of the console market their games could've had more chances to fall on that "serious story ridiculous characters" bag that the dreamcast games had, but all in all, it may just be me nostalgiafagging about Sonic when in reality it probably was never good.
Sad that we'll never get a full 3D speed-based game again. Now I'm afraid of falling into the Sonic fandom and turning more and more depraved as I go on. Would try generations again but I don't think it's worth it.


There's a couple of fanmade 3d Sonic games/engines that are pretty good, I really like the Sonic Utopia demo and apparently the full game is supposed to be released this year with six zones.


>really like the Sonic Utopia demo and apparently the full game is supposed to be released this year with six zones.

but Sonic on the Doom engine came out nearly 20 years ago reptilianon



Got a big poggie for ya'll liz



epic gamer



I'm so glad I gave up on modern gaming.


This whole fucking event is a meme. I might get that watchdogs game to do a 100% grandma playthrough.
Imagine, a world where you can be a grandma in a videogame. Truly breathtaking.


what you don't like downloading 100gb remakes, full priced games with pay to win elements, Epic launcher exclusives and never ending series making any ending you get near worthless?
Hope you can play as grandpas so I can roleplay as my future geriatric self traversing the post millennial dystopia.


>what you don't like

I'd sooner fire up the good ol' Chinese emulator device and play a life time supply of classic game roms (with some mild screen tearing). I won't let any game company turn me into a paypig.


File: 1562232512912.jpg (102.01 KB,800x640,Фотка_552591.jpg)

Try before you buy


File: 1562241589271.jpg (24.08 KB,258x284,meirl.jpg)

>he doesn't buy before he try


>teased with 1/100th of some shitty mmo game

I would prefer to play with a deck of cards.


Project diva, demon souls, and persona 5 all run amazingly on RPCS3.
Gonno be a good week.


File: 1568105819232.png (1.93 MB,1914x1040,oog.png)

These games are escapist wet dreams


I just noticed, the art looks oddly wide compared to the game


May have scaled differently on ps2 originally, I'm running it at 16:9 7990x12800.


Total waste of power


File: 1568229332479.jpg (802.11 KB,4160x3120,IMG_20190911_210837.jpg)

R8 my epic gaming pc, gonna install some rgb later


wow I can smell the dust from here. oh wait thats from my pc




I'm surprised that there aren't any long forgotten food wrappers in there.


File: 1568458633093.jpg (1.1 MB,4160x3120,IMG_20190914_125620.jpg)

Close enough


File: 1568661966905.jpg (10.2 KB,450x300,32b00c17053964e79ede92d5cc….jpg)

Bought tekken 7 and xbox one controller.
Holy fuck the wrist pain is bearable but the tendons are fucking killing me.
At first day I thought that it's normal it takes time to get used to.
On the 2nd day fuck this. I have to be very careful how I move my right hand to not get the mega pain.
I'm not holding it like a retard aaaa fuck



I finished persona 3 yesterday, how should I combat the emptiness I now feel? what are some good time sinks, can be another jrpg.


play persona 4


okay but only because you told me to


Died today for no reason at all. Temps were good and low.
Bios reset did nothing.
Im guessing that mobo died because it powers some usb but not all. No bootscreen etc
Gonna get it on warranty aaaaa



Godspeed liz, how long have you had the rig?
I died to the boss on the 5th floor flip this going back to farmville


File: 1569106477752-0.png (484.6 KB,800x600,Captura de pantalla (90).png)

File: 1569106477752-1.jpg (34.47 KB,476x356,Bald Bert.jpg)

File: 1569106477752-2.png (1.29 MB,1280x720,Captura de pantalla (53).png)

been playing the entire saga of the adventures of the bald autistic man Hitman
i actually beat them all on Pro difficulty and scored Silent assasin on all missions


>get it on warranty

Good goy, always pay the full warranty markup on your products. The retail jew thanks you. You won't lose your receipts or anything, that never happens tehehe


5 months
I was cleaning cpu when I took it out a little of thermal paste went to holes for pins.
I have no idea how, welp rip my warranty
it must have been inside job


Got any good DS recommendations? I'm disappointed to find that the final 2 games in the Layton prequels are 3DS only and was looking for something else instead. Not bothered what genre


File: F0OJEyfmlrao42X58GwehUV6pcsRCS.jpg (810.28 KB,900x1310,15733_127586.jpg)

I haven't played many ds games, maybe 999, bravely default or Strange journey.
There are always comfy time wasters like Pokemon, Harvest moon or animal crossing.


Never owed a DS but I heard the system had some really good tower defense games on it.


File: mSwkKVxnDUQjRHlZXo73LvdWI0P5qG.jpg (3.55 MB,3120x4160,IMG_20191019_120312.jpg)

All those gamers with ddr4 ram stand no chance against me


File: gFasP3WRvyEY8d12pVwBAjkrDhHlLq.jpg (21.93 KB,240x300,doood.jpg)

Recently finished playing DOOM, now it's time to play DOOM 2, DOOMer than before.


I hope that computer is running on a celeron processor. You can't be a true lizard unless your computer runs on a celeron or lower cpu.


inb4 online only


What's wrong goy, don't you have any friends to play with?


of course i have friends, person i conveniently don't have to prove things too, of course.


I don't play videogames but DOOM is an absolute classic. I suck at it, but its still fun to play


How so? You're playing with a keyboard? Doom is incredibly easy with mouse movement even in the formerly hardest difficulty, biggest thing you have to take care of is item management.


I'm playing with the keyboard, and am fairly proficient with it. I suck because aside from a handful of DS games (and a few old flash web games) I haven't played any videogames so I'm still very new to them. I play DOOM as if I was actually there, i.e carefully clearing each room from as far away as possible. It takes time but it's still fun. I play on Hurt Me Plenty difficulty though, I'm not a complete pussy


I think you'll really like Doom 2.


I really did, I got to the third chapter, but had to give my computer away to my parents because I was behaving too erratically. I'll come back to it eventually, the archviles spook me.
Plus I want to try HDoom one day


>give my computer away to my parents

inconsiderate bastards


nice. remember to have a box of tissues nearby while you play


Anyone WoW classic?


I've tried it but I fail to notice the difference with vanilla private servers to be honest except for graphical features.


Any lizards try VR?
Thinking of picking up a cheaper version over black friday.


File: SbDa3hXeuRTlw8n75zQrmVZy46sJxC.jpg (136.54 KB,1280x720,1574440463879.jpg)

>no games
>motion sickness
Dont do it


Yea no one supports win 7 anymore either so screw that.
I want so badly to beable to escape to other worlds.
I'll just focus on collecting media for the next few years, and when it cheapens i'll have everything I need for it already.


>I want so badly to beable to escape to other worlds.
I'll try being a hobo again if I don't get a job before December. It certainly gives that feeling.


File: nBgqcDANEUQ0a89LIZ5FubGYp3fTKw-0.png (1.53 MB,1366x768,Captura de pantalla (777).png)

File: uz3xn1TFaYHdf68EXw4qgLoQbBA0DK-1.png (805.14 KB,1366x768,Captura de pantalla (775).png)

>Fill Rimworld with autistic gun mods so i can blast tresspassers /k/ style
>Also add in the mod that adds female androids and kitsunes for the true eroge experience
>plaster the UI all over with pictures of my waifu
>start a new game with only 1 guy max him out Intelligence and Art, give him the Psychopath trait and a few minimal skills like constructing and melee so he at least will be able to build a hut and kill some animals to eat
>have plans of rushing research untill i can build female androids and use them to build a tower of wizardry, then change the MC´s occupation to "Wizard" where he will spend 24/7 researching shit and weaving tapestries while the army of cute android waifus tend the fields

have i reached elysyum?


File: RTbHgmIB37siO8wAF2DPdEUGc9lrZu.jpg (509.54 KB,1920x1080,oo.jpg)

This might be lore friendly being the future and all, anime may have been made real.
Might as well add the monster girl and anime character mods for proprieties sake.
I used to install the working prisoners mod and make my melanoid war slaves pick cotton for cash while expanding my cult and collecting packs of weaponized animals.
Very pleasant game.
Needs more late game optimization and z levels though.


File: vYskaA5TU7t1R0VrHwgF8jhx4DGXoK.jpg (449.26 KB,1920x1080,fag3.jpg)



Well I have no mouse so I ended up playing Doom with keyboard only and goddamn is it hard! Mouse movement really made it easier, ended up dying on the third difficulty.


File: AYForQ0XquERjizKfG2BgSLnOPpTwl.jpg (88.45 KB,1280x720,1434230699146.jpg)

posting overwatch videos should be a bannable offense.


He doesn't even post this shit chronologically, used to spam those some time ago.
I hope he dies miserably


File: ZMRQzH40nYd3ilsrx6LGPWwfImShFB.png (704.22 KB,712x1023,modernartsandfearbooks.png)

Now that Blood: Fresh Supply came out, finally got around to playing Cryptic Passage and Post Mortem. A little unfair sometimes on well done, but fun as always.


do you have the original image on the background?


File: apPABWbGJE8TqH0N1nuLQlwFeSmIcR.jpg (250.3 KB,651x1023,inavderzimgazbigdad.jpg)

Not entirely sure you mean me, but, just in case, here it is.


Aw yeeeeeee! I'll put the girl next to the hot cockacocka


Did you just make a reference?




I was thinking about that the other day, its a bit weird to see it posted. You fucking reading my thoughts again, glow in the dark lizzie?


He was referencing an ebin post from 8chan's /v9k/.


File: g4IvPpTkjFwEiBJQLq19DWolnzuydV.jpg (776.03 KB,1599x4764,1557813385095.jpg)


I know. I just wanted to see who else would pick up on it.


This would be pretty great with some more context consistency and if it didn't just fucking crash when you get into a story. I was a peasant tending to the fields when some bandits killed my father, I went after them to avenge him and killed one.
Then I tried to set a trap with barrels of wine, and somehow the game took that as "You kill the bandits by forcing them to drink the barrels of wine"
Then it crashed.


File: q4Ujfc0AaTC73HoNemVtEzX5JvOr6M-0.png (11.78 KB,634x395,ClipboardImage.png)

File: HMwXEcKqglp5ajJihnzRyG4Bxt3d9A-1.png (5.88 KB,613x213,ClipboardImage.png)

File: KktVTPfx01s7evdEz4AXQgajL8mJF2-2.png (2.91 KB,407x128,ClipboardImage.png)

10/10 became a wizard, summoned an army of skeletons and then a daemonette waifu who proceeded to conquer the world before i had time to take a single city, proclaimed myself Holy Roman Emperor married aforementioned demon waifu and then built a Imperial palace filled with statues and paintings of my demon waifu

although, like you said the AI needs a bit more consistency and crashes are fairly common

give it a couple years and we may have a infinite source of autism on our hands


File: naFS3Chp7tYQJ4jGiXAI60RWf2dysD.jpg (1 MB,4584x3510,shitpostan on teh internet….jpg)

>tfw made the jump to linux
>tfw all my games that I really care about are still playable


Tried one game not that demanding on few distros.
Had 6 times less fps making it hardly playable, tried every fix and it didn't change anything.
Not to mention it was pain in the ass to set it up.

What distro are you on? If it's ubuntu I'm gonna puke


File: WYfl5j6ctPw4LhDRro8uCAbIyNvTg2.jpg (25.84 KB,600x385,no fucks.jpg)

It's Linux Mint which is technically ubuntu, but I didn't make the hop just to be a poseur, the PATH variable in windows didn't work so I decided to change operative system.
>Tried one game not that demanding on few distros.
>Had 6 times less fps making it hardly playable, tried every fix and it didn't change anything.
Yeah, I think I have this with Dragon's Dogma, but frankly I only care about emulation and Clone Hero. If I get to play something else, that's ok, but it's not like I was playing too much vidya lately.


>need to have a jewgle account to run it
Fuck you, how do I build this and run it locally?


This post >>2298 was meant for this other post >>2282


With a server as beefy as googles, so you probably can't. It's not to great at the moment anyways, though I have went back a few times out of intrigue.
Just make a fake account, it's not like google doesn't have your IP/location already if you've ever used it.


File: kviNwyFhdUAjz0r743tp2Z96Mf5GSq.png (966.12 KB,1608x2012,1560297995480.png)

>Just make a fake account
I don't know how since they ask for your phone number, and all burners I've seen either didn't work, or are paid for


There's an option to skip, at least I've never had to use real information.


Never truly understood how essential the voices from killing floor were to the entire game until Killing floor 2 came out.




I like how it went from me tending the fields, to a happy ending, to a guy brutally stabbing a woman in the eye with a knife and everyone yelling at her.

Traumatized / 10.


>first thing liz does when forcibly married is attack himself
this fits the lore




lol. I didn't even think about that. I just hit myself to see what happened.


Just finished A Hat in Time. It was good.


File: c8Og1hJqXVz07iED9UCBoH4IZPWAt2.png (748.72 KB,900x1200,ClipboardImage.png)

I like playing Titanfall 2


File: b4EzSrs7QIBJlm580dFXOtpwLyDovZ.jpg (450.2 KB,1920x1080,rooms.jpg)

I thought those games died, are there bots?


Servers in so?me places are no? lo?nger working, so? I have to? get into? american servers instead. Takes fro?m 10 to? half an ho?ur to? find matches, but the game is go?o?d eno?ugh to? wait them.


ahahahha my keybo?ard is retarded




Never thought i'd get so addicted to this game
It's weird that titan fall didn't get that big, almost as sad as the death of hawken.


File: U4v1owTr0lJLacRkmQsn5GtbjqSNPB.jpg (380.64 KB,1200x1000,71584163_p0_master1200.jpg)

>It's weird that titan fall didn't get that big, almost as sad as the death of hawken.
Maybe the mainstream don't like Mechs as much as they used to.
>tfw never got to play hawken


That was comfy game, used to play it a lot then my laptop broke.
What killed it? I don't remember the details but wasn't it kinda p2w?


Really weird situation, I think they started out with a shoe string budget and made most of the game with that alone, then they acquired a ton of backing cash, development progress slowed, they changed the gameplay pretty haphazardly and made their loyal players less able to master/ enjoy the game like they used too. It's playable on consoles still for some reason, and some people are working on getting a pirated version working.
It was pretty great from what I remember, small amount of maps and was pay2win for sure, but still fun and I kicked ass with the starter ones even.
Saddening, Mech anime is abundant but as soon as you look for vidya content outside the top down view strategy games very few are that notable.


File: bWpAjO6GNEVclk3usaUMw9nPSK285Z.jpg (118.84 KB,1920x1080,rude.jpg)

wow this game has some interesting district names.


File: gZJtaxSl2zI0phwFUD8jvAdoHET7sn.jpg (80.04 KB,960x540,960x0.jpg)

I have been playing Gundam Battle Operation 2 these two last months because I enjoy Gundam and robots going pew pew
Its clearly cheaply made and the framerate shits itself during certain moments despite the graphics sucking, but I have fun with it and I like that the robots have weight to them


This game looks like it could be great
>ps4 exclusive
those flippers


File: 1604374044375.png (22.69 KB,256x224,Miss_World_96.png)

I've been playing quite of lot of this game recently. And yeah I get it's a pervert video game, so what? I enjoy the gameplay.


File: 1604813318389-0.png (2.08 MB,1000x1500,bill1.png)

File: 1604813318389-1.png (2.06 MB,1000x1500,bill2.png)

I'd suggest Black Souls and its sequel Black Souls 2, which harbours a very femenine lizboi who also praises another femenine lizboi


Cybershit 2077 looks like trash, whhy warms keeps taking it up the ass this much and will still pay for this shite?


Hell if it isn't hyped up all crazy like though. At least people will feel like they got a good use out of their new graphics cards.


I play Old School Runescape and Dwarf Fortress sometimes. I'm not even level 30 combat level in OSRS since I don't play it very often. I still have a few skills level for the guilds since I've only been admitted into the cooking guild. I'm almost ready for the crafting guild though. Just a few more levels. I'm a F2P player right now. I'll go to members when I'm ready though.

For Dwarf Fortress I'm working on steel production. I've never done steel production before and I've never used goblinite. This fortress is a great learning experience for that. I have tons of iron from the goblins and I have no reason not to make steel from it. I'm practicing my war skills slowly. I plan to get comfortable with invasions and invading before heading off to maybe pottery or glass making in another fortress. Maybe one day I'll be good at this game instead of comfortable.


Wait, that's a boy? I thought it was a girl. I really like that dress though. If anyone knows what it is, please tell me.


File: 1607020028280-0.png (480.17 KB,640x480,86.png)

File: 1607020028280-1.jpg (570.7 KB,2480x3508,1606560838124.jpg)

A pornographic RPG maker game that's actually not very bad and delivers a lot on the story department and the gameplay as well, you might want to check it out.
>Wait, that's a boy? I thought it was a girl.
Well you're supposed to discover that, since this game likes throwing surprises at you. It has the undertale syndrome where if you want to talk about it you end up spoiling a lot.
If you want to check out the game here's a pastebin




today DDD will truly begin. Thank you.


File: 1607213711165.png (1.3 MB,1100x953,1607030273902.png)

If you're planning on getting into the games I'd suggest playing BS1 >> Red Hood >> BS2. You may still not understand anything, but it seems to help with the lore just a bit.
Be sure to get all the endings from the first game before jumping into the others


Been playing Yakuza 0 and might start playing the entirety of the Yakuza series up until Yakuza 6 just because of how fun the story and substories are.


Waiting for cyberpunk, for the first time ever I bought not the cheapest gpu available.
Finally I can see 144fps(my GT 210 couldn't pass more than 60through port)in action and it's beautiful, kinda weird. It feels like time is passing faster while it isn't.


Specs liz. What are the specs on your beautiful new computer?


File: 1607631238219.jpg (3.95 MB,4128x3096,20201209_204251.jpg)

XT 5500
16gb 1600mhz

Made it from used parts few years ago, the only new thing is gpu.
It runs okayish.

Cyberpunk at this time is kinda meh. Character creation is lame.
Encountered the bug where I couldn't get to next quest because it was stuck. Loading previous saves did nothing but after committing suicide it went forward lol.
Haven't played it long enough but atm it feels boring. Huge detailed city yet not that much to do. Hopefully options expand after making some quests


A bit of an old feller I see, with its DDR3 and SATA sdd. Nothing wrong with using an early 2010s era desktop, I've got an old i3 from that era and it's still good for what I need it to do.


File: 1607983266957.jpg (42.83 KB,700x405,aax63bjR_700w_0.jpg)

I've never used any good i3.
Was thinking about getting one but went after Pentium g3258 and I don't regret it.

It was comfy to OC 2 cores, 2 threads up to 4,4Ghz which was quite crazy back then.

Anyway Cyberpunk is the most shitty "RPG" I have ever played.
I don't know if the whole story is good because it got stuck in 1/4 of it.
Some weaboo is supposed to call me but he doesn't and that's all.
Others had that bug too.
One even made new character and same bug appeared lmfao. He lost like 4 hours for nothing lmfao.

Made almost every side quests and oh my, even random mmos have more depth. Only one was interesting. In rest I was fighting urge to skip talk.

If I had to point good things about this game it would be:
Few cool tracks
Some parts of the story
Architecture and flats (not graphics)
One character !! SPOILER that gets fucking killed almost instantly SPOILER!!


Csn some liz recommend good H 3d game?


>Pentium 20th anniversary edition
It was a good meme for its year. Before Ryzen.


I love my Ryzen laptop.


Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, US PSX version.
It feels like a tacked on sequel but it's really solid and does the original storyline justice. Very good late 90s Japanese urban fantasy atmosphere, the music and the graphics are oozing with nostalgia. I wish the Persona series would go back to the feel of P1/P2 but it's just impossible.


File: 1609107711822.jpg (201.96 KB,1920x1080,1544727946_1.jpg)

Recently picked up 2d shooter game with cute animals.

Quite simple yet enjoyable and nice. Already sank 57 hours into it in span of 2 weeks.

Game is labelled as royale but it certainly doesn't feel like trash nor rng of drop visible.

It's free on steam (Super Animal Royale). If anyliz wants to play lemme know.


Picked up FF7 for the third time, I hope to beat it this time around. Game is a blast, wish they kept the Midgar sections a bit longer though. A whole cyberpunk FF wouldn't have been bad either


What kind of emulator are you playing it on?


File: 1609533621872.jpg (128.6 KB,1280x720,luna.jpg)

>no local install
>consumes 10GB per hour of data
>non rechargeable controller

Why would anyone buy this worthless garbage? You can't even get into any of your games unless you're on the internet, everything is on some stupid amazon cloud server. And what a dumb name for a video game system.


I want the KFConsole.


>Why would anyone buy this worthless garbage?
People that don't want to buy "gaming" pc or don't know computer stuff.
It's so much easier to plug and play than worry about scary wonders of technology.
>10GB per hour
I don't know why you bring this up. Nobody with limited bandwidth is going to buy it.


At least that system heats your chicken.

>don't want to buy "gaming" pc

Those people should get a switch or xbox, or even better a nvidia shield.

>I don't know why you bring this up.

Because it's a retarded amount of data to be using.

>Nobody with limited bandwidth is going to buy it.

I'm sure there are plenty of dumbass normies out there who will.


mednafen. It practically runs anything


Never used that one before. Looking through a list of the supported systems and looks like it's mostly emulates lower end systems, no psp, dreamcast and psp. That's too bad.


Well both Dreamcast and PSP have better standalone emulators dedicated to them already. Plus mednafen has the best Saturn emulation atm and their PSX emulation is good, not requiring any plugins.


I'm kind of partial to emuelec. Saturn emulation must be fun, there's a ton of obscure Japanese rpgs that came out for that system.


I have developed a love hate relationship with league of legends. I do think it is a fun game. I like it mechanically and I like the round based format of hero building. It also satisfies the competitive/ladder climbing itch.
One obvious downside is the community but I can handle that for the most part. Where it really irks me is that it is open ended. It's that type of game that you can play until you die. This makes me feel like it's a waste of time as long as there are games I am interested in that I can progress through and actually conclude. It prevents me from crossing things of lists so to speak.
I intend to leave it alongside my other activities as a constant although this bears the risk of losing skill due to lack of practice. Also I would probably have to figure out a system to moderate the amount of time spent on it to solidify its parallel status. Perhaps a set amount of games per day.


File: 1610434549400.jpg (89.74 KB,948x843,DvARBtwUYAAGnHi.jpg)

I've posted quite a lot bout league yet nobody wrote that he plays it lol
>moderate the amount of time spent
I feel like only players busy with social life can pull it off.
You don't have to limit anything unless it's addiction that doesn't click with your life.
I managed to quit league for longer time like twice.
Although in the end I just switched for different game and after some time came back to league.

We probably have nothing in life to motivate us so we just spend time getting good at things that don't matter.

For me it's escape from my thoughts. You can't think when you're overloaded with things going on your screen.

The issue is that I'm doing it all the time.


File: 1610540662893.png (46.09 KB,709x765,1608811343925.png)

I've come to realize after a period of a very long time (20+yrs of online gaming) that pretty much every online game has the same problems as LoL does. I played LoL 2 years, over 4k games played I used to do 20 matches a day.
I have been playing MHW recently and during online play, while it's not a competitive game, no rank points - I am still reminded of those past LoL-like experiences now and again where my teammates just die over and over and I cant do much to stop it (besides standing in one spot chugging potions with a wide-range skill equipped). It still gives me negative experience of having to lose and fail an objective while just being a passenger on a train.

If you are looking to quit LoL then just change your mindset about Riot games and mobas as a whole. Once you view the company and the game genre as complete trash like it is you'll eventually stop playing.Another thing is realizing you are trash at the game too and will not suddenly start ranking up and be and esports pro if you just grind it out - the sad fact is none of the esport chads had to grind out their "skill" in the game…they were just naturally better because they are genetically gifted to have better reactions and make better decisions. A bit of luck and understanding how the system worked was all that was needed for them to beat the system and play only in high ranks.


I really like Lisa games, or the ones most well know at least.
More content soon.


Nice, MU soon, Hopeless was announced and dingaling is teasing something. This year may be good.


Holy shit lizzie just look at this!



Just beat Holdover. It's a hard game where you barely have enough air. You can upgrade your air meter and other stuff. You lose clothes if you get hit but no sex stuff. Really sad actually. There are two additional pictures for winning and a secret. None are too lewd sadly. The pixel titties aren't detailed enough either.

It was hard, but I'm not hard. Go for the game play if you're interested. You'll find no lewd stuff here.


File: 1612238010635.jpg (7.02 KB,320x180,Daxter_Taryn_milkers.jpg)

I hate it when video game characters tease you without providing any real payoff. It's like I was just trying to enjoy a video game and now all I can think about is tna.


File: 1612982720702.png (316.76 KB,526x512,Gran_Turismo.png)

I've been playing this a lot on my emulator handheld. I never knew a racing game could be so much fun, normally I don't play these types of games. The controls are so tight and it feels so satisfying to pass the other cars and pull a last minute 1st place.


Holy synchronicity, liz! I have been playing the same game on an emulator for the past few days and seeing it on herr really put a smile on my face. GT2 is also really good (progression is a bit worse though) and the Japanese version of the game has awesome music.
What's your favorite car for now? I'm really liking the Mitsubishi FTO LM and TVR Cerbera LM.


I like the Mitsubishi GTO and the Acura NSX. I liked the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the car handles well but its speed was causing me to lose races. Maybe I'll get into the second game one of these day, from my understanding it had way more laps and cars.


It has a fuckton of more races and content from what I remember, including rally races, specific races for each manufacturer and a lot more. There's so many cars in GT2 that it feels like collecting pokemons lol



I've started to play. Is there any more dialogue from immediately killing leaf or is it impossible to do so? Are candies important?


File: 1614802637282.jpg (112.34 KB,641x503,1.JPG)


Finally did it. I killed her. Here's the message. Also candies can be farmed so no.

She's kind of unlikable but not to her own fault. The creator prevents any meaningful connection by putting her on a pedestal. I can't rape her and it was really hard to defeat her. It feels when you put a character on that pedestal you take away and connection. I can be killed and possibly raped in this game. I can't make that connection with this fairy. I don't want to know her now. I spent most of my journey alone and she's probably unneeded. I leveled up so much and explored so much that she couldn't have existed and it wouldn't have made a difference.

I'm going to find different companions that I can relate to. I don't need her and I don't want her.


File: 1614802940810.jpg (117.08 KB,640x504,2.JPG)


The ending message btw. You can't actually kill her and it reverts to you meeting her again.


I didn't read full and tried to not look on pics but shouldn't ya spoiler stuff?



I considered it. It's non-essential information that's completely voluntary. It's an Easter egg that if I had known I would not have bothered going through so much to find it out.


File: 1617146518605.jpg (119.34 KB,800x450,wiz-n-liz-amiga-mega-drive.jpg)


best doom map imo. just the right amount of difficulty and lots of spawning enemies to deal with


File: 1638832989712.jpg (299.41 KB,1920x1080,dummy.jpg)

Favorite game I played all year was Raging Loop, I have a soft spot for death game and horror settings, and the music and art were nice enough.
Other than that just a lot of yakuza, and other random things.


gaming is so boring now everything is literally the same shit pumped out every fucking year


I have a hard time believing you have enough time to go through all the games released in a year to say that.


File: 1638841594054.jpg (51.41 KB,515x569,16AC18FB-99F6-4B53-A589-E4….jpg)

That's why you have to take proper breaks and cycle through escapism mediums, and with a little time, and wall staring to get the boredom flowing, a slightly original indie game will entertain you for a few hours before the crushing desire for novelty strings you up again.


name one game right now that you enjoy


File: 1641083466708.jpg (622.03 KB,1920x1080,20220101162518_1.jpg)

Spirit Hunter's kind of fun, and i'm definitely going to beat it since I like horror visual novels and the art style - caught off guard by the hyper sexual art and back stories though, it's like it dips and weaves between point and click mystery and erotic fiction.


File: 1643743081387.jpg (335.32 KB,1495x1072,SaintRowIV.jpg)

I was going to replay this and get all the achievements. Tho I didn't forget the story enough.
So I ended up drifting and sightseeing.
Some places are oddly beatiful.


Also my fav track from game ever


I've been giving Prototype 2 a try. It's good so far, but I haven't played for more than an hour. I might pick up Skyrim again to finally finish it. Also, since it's spooky season, I'll try to play some Halloween-type games and games that I started, but haven't finished around this time. Should be fun.


File: 1696037848382.jpg (52.84 KB,400x395,d3cfkyd-3cd08047-fc1d-49b1….jpg)

>Prototype 2
Great game, give it more time :D
It only gets better I promise
Have fun!


You ever notice how, in Minecraft, you can make a castle out of one material, like stone, and it'll look ugly, but castles IRL made out of one material, like stone, still looks good? Same for towers. Sometimes, I think Minecraft's just ugly. lol. The mods with the different types of stone are pretty, though.


File: 1697397318742.png (720.76 KB,1005x552,jmjkhj.PNG)

no u


>and it'll look ugly
That's my experience with every build.
Haven't played in a long time
I wish lizchan had it's own Minecraft server.
Would go there every day.


meh. The design's fine, but even the stone bricks don't look very good. I'm happy that multiple variations of stone exist, at least. Your castle kinda reminds me of the castles of the arcade game "Rampart".


#21 The World is one of my favorite surreal games by far. I can't find the image that had a bunch of surreal games, but a wiz posted it, and I had gone through a lot of the games. Good memories.


Loading a bunch of PS1 games tomy 3ds


Anyone looking forward to play that Palworld thing?


nvm apparently it became normielite. i thought it'd have a worse rep.


The premise sounds fun. I'm not a gamer though.


I discovered fire emblem recently and am addicted


which ones have you played?


played through Blazing Blade twice and I'm half way through Sacred Stones. when I played through Blazing Blade the second time I let my charters die (female ones intentionally) with no reset and it made the game so much more enjoyable


the gba games are great entries into the series. if you're after a challenge check out the binding blade, iirc normal mode is roughly equivalent to sacred stones hard mode.


next up is the old snes ones and I'll work my way to Binding Blade. Sacred Stones is fun but too easy, I'm looking forward to more difficulty


playing them blind?


nah I was playing like a retard until I watched some videos of other people playing the game


heh not going to judge you as I couldn't resist looking up info online as I was playing them.

so i guess you already know the snes games have a lot of hidden stuff that can make them easier in the long run. one in particular is full of this sort of unforgiving unpredictable bs that may get you to start over, it's very fun once you have it figured out and master the mechanics but an exercise in frustration when you don't.


>I couldn't resist looking up info
you kind of have to if you ever want to find things like the secret shops


I just 100% Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
Ended up downloading a bunch SNES and PS1 roms but I might just try to 100% THPS2 instead. I want to reach Skate Heaven.
Also, it's impressive how the second game runs way better on my 3DS given it's a more modern game. It blows my mind.


File: 1710909670292.jpg (297.65 KB,1400x945,This kong... has a master ….jpg)

Damn its weird you say this, I just finished 100%'ing THPS2 and am working my way thru THPS3 now. 3 is my fav, then Underground 1, then probably 2, 4 although Alcatraz from 4 is my fav level in the whole series. Including finding all gaps, Skate Heaven was a real slog at times gap hunting but I did it reddit :)

I hope you have a good comfy time with playing it anon


>gap hunting
The fuck you mean Gap Hunting?!?!?


Finding all the gaps for the gap checklist


File: 1711065600852.png (1.69 MB,1049x861,a.PNG)

>The fuck you mean Gap Hunting?!?!?


It's not necessary for getting Skate Heaven from what I read


Doing them all unlocks Trixie the last secret char but you only have to do them for all the regular career mode levels. Finished 100% THPS3 today also. Taking a break from vidya gaem for a while


File: 1713318951736.jpg (117.42 KB,985x1000,Heroes.jpg)

love this game

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