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So what have you cold blood's been playing recently? Been starting to play Morrowind a lot since I have the struggle to even play video games anymore. Been playing as a redguard with two-handed long sword and destruction and restoration magic. Might try level up my conjuration.
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Just beat Holdover. It's a hard game where you barely have enough air. You can upgrade your air meter and other stuff. You lose clothes if you get hit but no sex stuff. Really sad actually. There are two additional pictures for winning and a secret. None are too lewd sadly. The pixel titties aren't detailed enough either.

It was hard, but I'm not hard. Go for the game play if you're interested. You'll find no lewd stuff here.


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I hate it when video game characters tease you without providing any real payoff. It's like I was just trying to enjoy a video game and now all I can think about is tna.


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I've been playing this a lot on my emulator handheld. I never knew a racing game could be so much fun, normally I don't play these types of games. The controls are so tight and it feels so satisfying to pass the other cars and pull a last minute 1st place.


Holy synchronicity, liz! I have been playing the same game on an emulator for the past few days and seeing it on herr really put a smile on my face. GT2 is also really good (progression is a bit worse though) and the Japanese version of the game has awesome music.
What's your favorite car for now? I'm really liking the Mitsubishi FTO LM and TVR Cerbera LM.


I like the Mitsubishi GTO and the Acura NSX. I liked the Mitsubishi Eclipse, the car handles well but its speed was causing me to lose races. Maybe I'll get into the second game one of these day, from my understanding it had way more laps and cars.


It has a fuckton of more races and content from what I remember, including rally races, specific races for each manufacturer and a lot more. There's so many cars in GT2 that it feels like collecting pokemons lol



I've started to play. Is there any more dialogue from immediately killing leaf or is it impossible to do so? Are candies important?


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Finally did it. I killed her. Here's the message. Also candies can be farmed so no.

She's kind of unlikable but not to her own fault. The creator prevents any meaningful connection by putting her on a pedestal. I can't rape her and it was really hard to defeat her. It feels when you put a character on that pedestal you take away and connection. I can be killed and possibly raped in this game. I can't make that connection with this fairy. I don't want to know her now. I spent most of my journey alone and she's probably unneeded. I leveled up so much and explored so much that she couldn't have existed and it wouldn't have made a difference.

I'm going to find different companions that I can relate to. I don't need her and I don't want her.


File: 1614802940810.jpg (117.08 KB,640x504,2.JPG)


The ending message btw. You can't actually kill her and it reverts to you meeting her again.


I didn't read full and tried to not look on pics but shouldn't ya spoiler stuff?



I considered it. It's non-essential information that's completely voluntary. It's an Easter egg that if I had known I would not have bothered going through so much to find it out.


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best doom map imo. just the right amount of difficulty and lots of spawning enemies to deal with


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Favorite game I played all year was Raging Loop, I have a soft spot for death game and horror settings, and the music and art were nice enough.
Other than that just a lot of yakuza, and other random things.


gaming is so boring now everything is literally the same shit pumped out every fucking year


I have a hard time believing you have enough time to go through all the games released in a year to say that.


File: 1638841594054.jpg (51.41 KB,515x569,16AC18FB-99F6-4B53-A589-E4….jpg)

That's why you have to take proper breaks and cycle through escapism mediums, and with a little time, and wall staring to get the boredom flowing, a slightly original indie game will entertain you for a few hours before the crushing desire for novelty strings you up again.


name one game right now that you enjoy


File: 1641083466708.jpg (622.03 KB,1920x1080,20220101162518_1.jpg)

Spirit Hunter's kind of fun, and i'm definitely going to beat it since I like horror visual novels and the art style - caught off guard by the hyper sexual art and back stories though, it's like it dips and weaves between point and click mystery and erotic fiction.


File: 1643743081387.jpg (335.32 KB,1495x1072,SaintRowIV.jpg)

I was going to replay this and get all the achievements. Tho I didn't forget the story enough.
So I ended up drifting and sightseeing.
Some places are oddly beatiful.


Also my fav track from game ever


I've been giving Prototype 2 a try. It's good so far, but I haven't played for more than an hour. I might pick up Skyrim again to finally finish it. Also, since it's spooky season, I'll try to play some Halloween-type games and games that I started, but haven't finished around this time. Should be fun.


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>Prototype 2
Great game, give it more time :D
It only gets better I promise
Have fun!


You ever notice how, in Minecraft, you can make a castle out of one material, like stone, and it'll look ugly, but castles IRL made out of one material, like stone, still looks good? Same for towers. Sometimes, I think Minecraft's just ugly. lol. The mods with the different types of stone are pretty, though.


File: 1697397318742.png (720.76 KB,1005x552,jmjkhj.PNG)

no u


>and it'll look ugly
That's my experience with every build.
Haven't played in a long time
I wish lizchan had it's own Minecraft server.
Would go there every day.


meh. The design's fine, but even the stone bricks don't look very good. I'm happy that multiple variations of stone exist, at least. Your castle kinda reminds me of the castles of the arcade game "Rampart".


#21 The World is one of my favorite surreal games by far. I can't find the image that had a bunch of surreal games, but a wiz posted it, and I had gone through a lot of the games. Good memories.


Loading a bunch of PS1 games tomy 3ds


Anyone looking forward to play that Palworld thing?


nvm apparently it became normielite. i thought it'd have a worse rep.


The premise sounds fun. I'm not a gamer though.


I discovered fire emblem recently and am addicted


which ones have you played?


played through Blazing Blade twice and I'm half way through Sacred Stones. when I played through Blazing Blade the second time I let my charters die (female ones intentionally) with no reset and it made the game so much more enjoyable


the gba games are great entries into the series. if you're after a challenge check out the binding blade, iirc normal mode is roughly equivalent to sacred stones hard mode.


next up is the old snes ones and I'll work my way to Binding Blade. Sacred Stones is fun but too easy, I'm looking forward to more difficulty


playing them blind?


nah I was playing like a retard until I watched some videos of other people playing the game


heh not going to judge you as I couldn't resist looking up info online as I was playing them.

so i guess you already know the snes games have a lot of hidden stuff that can make them easier in the long run. one in particular is full of this sort of unforgiving unpredictable bs that may get you to start over, it's very fun once you have it figured out and master the mechanics but an exercise in frustration when you don't.


>I couldn't resist looking up info
you kind of have to if you ever want to find things like the secret shops


I just 100% Tony Hawk Pro Skater.
Ended up downloading a bunch SNES and PS1 roms but I might just try to 100% THPS2 instead. I want to reach Skate Heaven.
Also, it's impressive how the second game runs way better on my 3DS given it's a more modern game. It blows my mind.


File: 1710909670292.jpg (297.65 KB,1400x945,This kong... has a master ….jpg)

Damn its weird you say this, I just finished 100%'ing THPS2 and am working my way thru THPS3 now. 3 is my fav, then Underground 1, then probably 2, 4 although Alcatraz from 4 is my fav level in the whole series. Including finding all gaps, Skate Heaven was a real slog at times gap hunting but I did it reddit :)

I hope you have a good comfy time with playing it anon


>gap hunting
The fuck you mean Gap Hunting?!?!?


Finding all the gaps for the gap checklist


File: 1711065600852.png (1.69 MB,1049x861,a.PNG)

>The fuck you mean Gap Hunting?!?!?


It's not necessary for getting Skate Heaven from what I read


Doing them all unlocks Trixie the last secret char but you only have to do them for all the regular career mode levels. Finished 100% THPS3 today also. Taking a break from vidya gaem for a while


File: 1713318951736.jpg (117.42 KB,985x1000,Heroes.jpg)

love this game

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