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File: 1603860678688.gif (1.3 MB,255x144,glove.gif)


I'm sure you must be good for something at the very least.
I know I'm a good for nothing


File: 1603873365882.png (1.58 MB,1000x1405,ae21f46ed28e68f0aa2d7c3fbe….png)



Being autistic


File: 1603913276468.gif (283.45 KB,640x516,a468810a378a4710fa26632fb8….gif)

sleeping all day and coming awake at night


eating and staying up all ni… damn you guys already posted those things


what when did i do that


File: 1603930751120.jpg (61.35 KB,457x523,989362092827306.jpg)

im good at breathing.
happy now?


>not a mouth breather

you must think you're so much better than me


i bet you eat your food with your mouth open too, huh?


Checked those trips.


I open my mouth as wide as I can and then I shovel food into the hole as fast as possible


I'm good at cooming, I coomed three times in the last 24 hours


your fap arm must be huuuge


File: 1604370559518.jpg (42.07 KB,512x386,window.jpg)

avoiding people


I'm really good at pissing people off in a short amount of time lizzies! I don't know how I do it, but I know exactly how to annoy people without even trying to do so!


You're annoying me right now.


Don't make me come over there.


File: 1604598758200.jpg (35.73 KB,345x336,41udp7e3dt911.jpg)

those are rookie numbers.
I thought that I'm gonna be the only one without anything good.
Turns out I'm fap master.
Things you do in entire day I can do in a span of one hour while taking a bath.
Coom up with something else liz, I'm taking your position


Having people not like me. However the feeling is pretty mutual so honestly I don't care that these degenerate heathens hate me. The only problem is that my brain is dying for at least one friend so when everyone is a degenerate fucking normalnigger I become depressed.


Are you sure you're not a degenerate yourself? There's different types of degeneracy.


There's a difference between having degenerate thoughts about 2D whores and being a degenerate normalnigger. So yes I'm sure.


File: 1605064503755.jpg (167.61 KB,630x787,1542935081969.jpg)

Is this you?


ok, i'll stick up with being a great loser


burping and farting. I'm really good at those things


I do not know what I'm good at. I'm trying hobbies out and seeing what sticks.


>trying hobbies out

like what?


>I'm trying hobbies out and seeing what sticks.
I've done this for 10 years and never found anything that "sticks" or that I'm good at


I wrote 4 books but they didnt sell so i been giving them away from time to time. I draw occasionally, I like drawing animals and nature it calms me. Trying to learn a 2nd languahe now also. It is nice to have hobbies but sometimes its hard to consistently do them.

I'm sorry to hear that liz. Hope you can be happy and content regardless!


I'm pretty good at jaywalking, must be from all the frogger I've played


File: 1638942152632.jpg (27.01 KB,416x281,1457668826375.jpg)

I'm good at criticizing reality and escapism.


File: 1690883562147.jpg (451.25 KB,1078x875,big floppa.jpg)

drawing has seemed to stick with me but otherwise yeah I have the same problem

Returning to this post to update it with FREE Free copies of my books they are on amazon too any and all support is appreciated

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I'm good at jerking myself off
Oh yeah


I'm better at it, fight me


there is only one way to figure it out


File: 1691250287734.jpg (100.66 KB,700x1249,abAAz6YL_700w_0.jpg)

Was hoping for a book… that is just disturbing spew of shitposts
Schizophrenic ramble which sure would be nice to read.
But something was off, the incel kind of vibe.
Ctrl f "girl" proved me right - wish I didn't do that.

You are not a failed normie with autism and willingness to fuck 3dpd. It's just a comedy book, right?
I hope so


it's just comedy for laughs. i am a shut-in and have no desire for friends, gf, normalfag things etc.


Ah, it got me then, just too good. Will check them out normally
Nice spot to be in, happy for you

I was dreaming of becoming one too. Blogpost time:
But life forced me to deal with outside crap and a dog. So after few years going outdoors became no issue.
I stay inside whenever possible but walks when feeling overwhelmed do wonders.
Sightseeing densely populated areas reminds how unimportant and meaningless my life is to outside world.
That is a little bit scary but at the same time reliefing and scales down problems.


Nothing, else I wouldn't be NEET. Good at making normies feel better about themselves, I guess.


That's not true, you are good at placing yourself in favorable position.
If I knew how I would be one too


thank you. I enjoy the lifestyle so much. Taking a long walk is very good for de-stressing, I agree.

>Sightseeing densely populated areas reminds how unimportant and meaningless my life is to outside world.

>That is a little bit scary but at the same time reliefing and scales down problems.

I am diagnosed agoraphobic and when going outside telling myself "nobody cares about you, their lives are too busy as is to care, nobody cares about you" works great to calm me down and help me be outside.


NEETdom is perhaps marginally better than wageslavery. If I could find a job that didn't make me suicidal and dread waking up everyday then working would be the preferable option.


>diagnosed agoraphobic
Oh that thing sucks I know.
At one point I was unable to go outside by myself.
I was sure some people were going to hurt me or start shouting.

How does it works in your case?
Really curious, never talked to someone with it.

Maybe some remote customer service (no calls)? It's easy, boring but doesn't disrupt.
I would go for it if I needed some cash in your position.
But definitely not the full-time, like maybe 1/4 or 1/2 of hours.


I only go to the grocery store and buy everything else online. Used to need someone to go with me places too. I've never talked about it except for online. I get overwhelmed easily and feel like I'm about to pass out and that everyone is watching me, talking shit about me, etc. And I get real panicky, short of breath, and either drag feet and go super slow or rush and go too fast. Without using a list I would be helpless, I have to write out a big list and go off the list or else I get disoriented easily and overwhelmed. I've got social anxiety and panic attacks diagnosis too but they don't wanna give me benzos for any of it, this pisses me off sometimes but then sometimes I feel like it's a blessing in disguise because I don't wanna get addicted to such strong drugs and risk fatal withdrawals. Doing deep breathing exercises, meditating, and going for daily walks innawoods has made all of this improve but it's still a daily impediment on my life that makes things much harder than they need to be. Shit sucks yo! I wouldn't try talking about it to many people, they won't understand. Where your parents/family particularly neurotic? I think having helicopter parents is the main cause of developing this stuff, personally.


It has also made talking on the phone a nightmare


>watching me, talking shit about me, etc
>panicky, short of breath
>go too fast
>social anxiety and panic attacks
hahaha yeah all this too, feels so weird to read, like if it was written by me lol

Even with list I used to get like few items then shit was getting out of control.
Later back at home huge complaints - even though I was saying before going that I might not be able to get everything and i will try my best haha


oh hell no, good thing u didn't go for it
I didn't take them but knew coworker that abused them - nothing fun.
Also speaking from experience it's much easier to abuse your cure than "normal" fun drugs.

>(…)made all of this improve

Great to hear that.

I have been trying all this but had no effect.

Also every "street" drug that could help - except MDMA (shit's very dirty here).
Went through few pharmacotherapies
Nothing good!


File: 1691624604438.jpg (166.29 KB,978x1400,amanita-muscaria-timbougam….jpg)


Amanita Muscaria:
Clear mind, no fear, lots of energy, literally potion that makes you Main Character.
No drawbacks whatsoever.

If you do it right, I found some granny on YouTube that was using it daily. Had her organs checked and nothing abnormal was found lol

I didn't do much because of age (19 then) and how hard it is to get and hide, prepare.

Rest was just being forced to deal with life. It was hard af and struggled greatly.

Took me 11 years to get a hold of it.
Last 4 years were showing some progress in that direction but very slow (I only noticed because of posts here)
Then out of nowhere almost completely agoraphobia disappeared in a span of like 4-5months?

So what's the secret sauce?
I'm not sure if that's it, but I got fed up with people treating me as handicapped,stupid,weak.
So I decided to play an act of a confident badass.
Threw away every piece of clothing that wasn't making me more masculine. So basically most of it ahahah and grew a beard.
And this retarded roleplaying helped?
Guess so, tried to look for other causes but I was living the same way as before. It just puffed after acting like tough guy xd
Ridiculous, I'm still trying to find other answer but that might be it.

I still get anxious, stressed but much less than before.
And I am able to deal with those things albeit for limited time.
If extended then my tics show up.
But except that, no one would even guess it.

Still want to die though, daily thinking of it.
But I will wait till I get my own room in the country side which I can decor myself.
If it doesn't disappear I will go full goblin mode and eat Amanitas.
I highly doubt that this won't help in that regard considering previous experiences.


I used to do benzos getting them off the street but yeah, abused them a little. I knew a guy who would go thru like 20 or 30 in a night and mix them with adderall, he would forget that he had already taken some and just keep repeating a cycle of doing them. Macabre. My memory has been destroyed from them too so I'm glad to try natural cures instead. I hope that you can have it improve someday, anon! Sativa weed strains helped me a little bit, but indica strains would make all of my symptoms worse. Maybe try some mild stimulants? IDK. Hope it improves for you though


thanks I will look into Amanita Muscaria. I've been LARPing like a tough buy too, helps me some but I hate doing it. Have found chamomile tea helps a little bit with calming me down and taking deep breathes when my chest feels tight like a panic attack is coming on


>parents/family particularly neurotic?
Father, hothead and aggressive type.
From caring to punching in matter of seconds.
Has been saying some fucked up stuff while driving all the time.
Axe near seat just in case.
Never wore a hoodie because someone could jump him since it restricts vision.
Never linked these or paid attention untill now. Explains a lot actually, if you will be making any papers on your theory, write me down in the credits haha

>phone a nightmare

Oh that too, some time back made 3 work calls, short and easy with no issue. Right after that meltdown, almost cried - had to go home.

>memory has been destroyed

Sometimes it's better, mine always was shit and I'm very glad for that.

>repeating a cycle of doing them

Holy shit, now that is some scary stuff.
I always noted mine, there was no reason to, but just in case.
My approach was always top tier.

>Maybe try some mild stimulants?

Thought you were proposing drugs to get high on then I learned what mild stimulant mean haha.
Caffeine+vitamins mix is enough for me.
My brain chemistry is fine, it's all personal issues. That's why nothing did the trick.

>chamomile tea

Too weak for me.
Reminded that I drinked catnip tea (nepeta cataria) few times.
It's actually psychoactive and if you like chamomile effects then it's a must try. Also very tasty and easy to grow.
Don't expect to roll like cat though. Feel comfy - for sure
I totally forgot about it's properties - will get some for falling asleep.
Screw redcap for now and check that out!

>hate tough guy act

Why is that?
I like it, much easier to achieve anything and gains respect like crazy when you act confident.
Just not a fan getting hit by the fact that I'm still the same under that parade.
Sometimes really hurts lol


>Caffeine+vitamins mix is enough for me.
Nevermind caffeine is too much, I started taking that mix recently.
Stressing so easily now. Shame


My father is like that as well. He's mellowed with age though. I've found writing down what I'm going to say ahead of time helps with phone calls if its something routine.

>my memory always was shit and I'm very glad for that.

I am glad for that too, having cringe attacks feeling my past attack me and I whinge and it feels like my brain is attacking me. I hate when those moments happen!! They are getting better though. Memory is a double-edged sword IMO.

>repeating a cycle of doing them

>Holy shit, now that is some scary stuff.

Yeah man it was scary watching him do that many pills, and even driving after! But it was almost like they didn't even affect him any. That's some zombie shit right there, snort 22 xanax and feel sober. Its best to stay sober I think, too many substances make the anxiety worse. Alcohol helps sometimes but its such a low-tier pleb drug

>catnip tea

I'll check it out! I knew this lady who used to smoke catnip lmao

>hate tough guy act

Well the more I do it, the more natural it becomes but I still don't like doing it at times. I'm very disheartened at how the world is and how vain/shallow people are and a million other things. Idealistic nonsense. I just hide my powerlevel and grin and bear it, this approach could've saved me a lot of heartache but oh well better late than never. I just hate how fake everybody is, I never relax or let my guard down unless I'm at home it's like I'm in 24/7 fight or flight mode.

>caffeine is too much

I'm sensitive to it too. Can't have coffee but on rare occasions. Decaf tea although I do have regular hot cup of tea from time to time. You get used to it


File: 1692578673808.jpg (2 MB,3120x3120,IMG_20230821_022107.jpg)

Haha cringe attacks, yeah.
Countering them with "ok, and?" helped bunch.
Also learning that it's just outdated mechanism to keep your caveman ass in group.
Bizarre behaviors could result in being left alone and that was dangerous.
So we instinctively burden our mind focusing on these meaningless moments so we don't "risk our lives" again.
Currently I live cringefree.

>smoke catnip

I was planning that first but tea turned out to be so tasty that I didn't even bother.
Here it is.

>this approach could've saved me a lot of heartache

Same here, I started this recently.

When it comes to me, I just hate them for being self-centered all the time and not caring for others.
But I envy that mindset because I often battle in my mind what could I do for someone to feel better. Really overthinking stuff like that and getting worried.
Shame that it doesn't go through most of people's mind.


I don't mind it, like it even.
It's cool to have a "best friend" talk with someone that doesn't give a single damn about you.
Like blog/shit posting but irl.
Key is remembering that it's just a play.


File: 1692641956291.png (246.84 KB,700x600,fullmetal.png)

I will try to counter them with "ok, and?" the way I've been doing is to ratchet up the cringe and just intentionally be as cringe as possible to make me laugh it off when painful memories attack.

Overthinking stuff can be hard but at least you have good intentions trying to help others, put them first, etc.

>fake I don't mind it I like it even

>Like blog/shit posting but irl.
I will have to try this one too, shitposting irl. I'm reading books to try to learn better social skills but can never bring myself to practice them on cashiers or whatever, always forget about it and just want to get back home as quick as possible. I talk with my brother some


File: 1692736886224.jpg (60.66 KB,571x684,bc8.jpg)

Yours sounds like cringe looping, how did it even help? If you kept adding to it.
I did that too though…

>reading books to try to learn better social skills

I've never did any studies on this.
What helped me to stop stuttering and be more fluid in talks was finding people that want to talk while playing games together.
These were limited to what was going in-game but did the trick.

>social skills

I think that it all boils down to listening and adding to the topic if it's anything valuable.
People love to talk, it's enough to just show interest and the rest goes naturally.
(if you are not well informed about topic it's best to just ask more question related to that than pretending to enjoy/know something)
These 2 things greatly helped me.

Ah and the friendly not monotnous tone + smile.
But I don't have any tips since it was my defensive mechanism from the start.

>practice them on cashiers

That was my starting point, every time I paid added "maybe I will find some spare change, got it there you go/oh unfortunately have none, next time I will remember to bring some -> thank you, have a good day"
It's not much but adds up.
Even better if you go to clothing store where employees are meant to be helpful.
Just say random shit about clothing, it gives you much broader topics to shitpost irl.

Also visiting relatives, noticed it being most chill experience.
You don't need to make all talks about yourself - just highlighting it, as I thought that's how thing are supposed to go.


These situations only hold great value in your mind. You just need to realize that.

Also it's possible to accept them and not cringe.
SPOILER: GIGA CRINGE just to show that it is achievable.
shitting on the kitchen floor due to medication interaction, then being woken up to clean it up. IT WASN'T EVEN FAMILY HOME so that multiplied greatly haha
being escorted by police wearing only kinda gay panties, in winter's snow barefoot, to psychward, after pissing myself.

It troubled me for years, but I completely accepted these happenings. And now don't feel even any shame writting about it.
Aware of how fucked up these situations are but other than learning from it there is nothing to be done. So why bother being emotional if it can't be undone.

Also don't be harsh on yourself if you say some dumb shit while trying to get better at talks.
It's part of learning process, everyone makes mistakes.
Best to look at them as a checkpoints on your way to become verbal chad.

So far every issue you told me about is 1:1 me.
So if you have anything to discuss, don't be shy.
We might figure out something out.


File: 1692909300851.png (731.46 KB,500x600,feeling froggy.png)

It didn't help! lol. It did at first but then it stopped and eventually started to make them worse. I can talk about /x/tier stuff easily it's the small talk and average day to day talking that is hard.

>I think that it all boils down to listening and adding to the topic if it's anything valuable

I think so too and am working on being a better listener. I'm used to talking over others and having them talk over me from all the chaos in my past

>it's best to just ask more question related to that than pretending to enjoy/know something

People can tell instantly if you are pretending its good to not do that, agreed. I struggle with the showing interest part. I just can't be bothered to act like I care or hide my bitterness at times

I will try to talk to the cashiers more and talk about clothing or other random things

>These situations only hold great value in your mind. You just need to realize that.

I am realizing that now. Now I'm doing the "OK, and!?!?" and then saying like, "nobody cares about this but you, and YOU don't care, so what do you have, NOTHING, lighten up idiot!" and things like that haha. It works better than intentionally upping the cringe level to try and make them go away

>other than learning from it there is nothing to be done

Thats true. I had a lot of learning to do. But its a good thing too I mean if theres all that cringe there was a lot of good too. A lot of living, a lot of life

>So if you have anything to discuss, don't be shy.

Nothing really. I'm ready for summer to end its been unbearably hot and the bugs are getting in the house again. I've got like reverse seasonal depression where in fall and winter I'm in my element but in spring and especially summer, I get really depressed. Not having a car is a death sentence in America also and it sucks and I hate it

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