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File: 1603860678688.gif (1.3 MB,255x144,glove.gif)


I'm sure you must be good for something at the very least.
I know I'm a good for nothing


File: 1603873365882.png (1.58 MB,1000x1405,ae21f46ed28e68f0aa2d7c3fbe….png)



Being autistic


File: 1603913276468.gif (283.45 KB,640x516,a468810a378a4710fa26632fb8….gif)

sleeping all day and coming awake at night


eating and staying up all ni… damn you guys already posted those things


what when did i do that


File: 1603930751120.jpg (61.35 KB,457x523,989362092827306.jpg)

im good at breathing.
happy now?


>not a mouth breather

you must think you're so much better than me


i bet you eat your food with your mouth open too, huh?


Checked those trips.


I open my mouth as wide as I can and then I shovel food into the hole as fast as possible


I'm good at cooming, I coomed three times in the last 24 hours


your fap arm must be huuuge


File: 1604370559518.jpg (42.07 KB,512x386,window.jpg)

avoiding people


I'm really good at pissing people off in a short amount of time lizzies! I don't know how I do it, but I know exactly how to annoy people without even trying to do so!


You're annoying me right now.


Don't make me come over there.


File: 1604598758200.jpg (35.73 KB,345x336,41udp7e3dt911.jpg)

those are rookie numbers.
I thought that I'm gonna be the only one without anything good.
Turns out I'm fap master.
Things you do in entire day I can do in a span of one hour while taking a bath.
Coom up with something else liz, I'm taking your position


Having people not like me. However the feeling is pretty mutual so honestly I don't care that these degenerate heathens hate me. The only problem is that my brain is dying for at least one friend so when everyone is a degenerate fucking normalnigger I become depressed.


Are you sure you're not a degenerate yourself? There's different types of degeneracy.


There's a difference between having degenerate thoughts about 2D whores and being a degenerate normalnigger. So yes I'm sure.


File: 1605064503755.jpg (167.61 KB,630x787,1542935081969.jpg)

Is this you?


ok, i'll stick up with being a great loser


burping and farting. I'm really good at those things


I do not know what I'm good at. I'm trying hobbies out and seeing what sticks.


>trying hobbies out

like what?


>I'm trying hobbies out and seeing what sticks.
I've done this for 10 years and never found anything that "sticks" or that I'm good at


I wrote 4 books but they didnt sell so i been giving them away from time to time. I draw occasionally, I like drawing animals and nature it calms me. Trying to learn a 2nd languahe now also. It is nice to have hobbies but sometimes its hard to consistently do them.

I'm sorry to hear that liz. Hope you can be happy and content regardless!


I'm pretty good at jaywalking, must be from all the frogger I've played


File: 1638942152632.jpg (27.01 KB,416x281,1457668826375.jpg)

I'm good at criticizing reality and escapism.

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