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So for a while I have been thinking about starting a new identity or movement, one that repels incels as much as possible. "Gender critical masculinity" is a working title and if anyone else has suggestions for a better descriptor I am open to them. Here are the views I propose for the identity:

Sexuality: The movement is very sex negative. Nofap is a must and nobody who views pornographic content of any variety should be allowed. That's just for starters though. We should also work to put pressure on lawmakers to ban pornography and sexualized content in general. Australia recently banned sexualized items from Japan and while that obviously does not go anywhere near far enough, things have to start somewhere. It also serves as an example that our goal is attainable as it is a step in the right direction. We should also put pressure on the entertainment industry to stop sexualizing female characters and stop promoting degeneracy in general.

Entitlement: The movement should be strongly against entitlement and promote self improvement and self reliance. Viewing yourself as a victim under any circumstances should be shamed.

Gender roles: The movement should be male only but we should be vehemently anti-misogyny. A male version of gender critical is what I have in mind ergo the descriptor "gender critical masculinity" and gender critical feminism is a good template to build on as it correctly views men as oppressors and recognizes that succubi are still oppressed, is sex negative, but at the same time does NOT want to turn men into succubi and supports some aspects of traditional masculinity.

Views on men: As men, we should recognize that we are the privileged class but at the same time we should be encouraged to engage in self improvement and to be traditionally masculine but without the viewing succubi as sex objects. We should recognize the duties and responsibilities we have towards society and accept that the world doesn't owe us anything. We recognize that the world is far too soft on men and that all this excessive empathy makes us weak.

Political views: The movement should take the positive aspects of each political quadrant while filtering out the bad. We should adopt the personal responsibility and self reliance of the libright but without the selfishness. We should adopt the anti patriarchy and anti racism of the libleft but without the feminization of men and trans stuff. We should adopt some of the collectivism of the authleft but without the dependence on government. We should adopt some of the authright's views on traditional masculinity but without the poor treatment of succubi and racism.

Enemies: Incels, mens rights activists, MGTOW, sex positivity, coomers, trannies, reactionaries.

Allies: Nofap, gender critical feminism, the anti porn movement.

I look forward to any suggestions and feedback as well as the inevitable angry replies from incels.


Succubi = women. Sorry I originally posted this on wizchan and saved the text I posted before it got deleted for triggering incel neckbeards. I changed crab to incel but forgot women wordfilters too. Fuck that incel infested site.


Are you a women?


Is that you CCposter? I would tell you to go to AG, but it's dead now.




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He's some retarded troll that came to Wizchan to shitpost because he has nothing better to do, and yesterday saw the link to lizchan posted on /meta/ where he was shitposting for days since the mods there don't care any more, and now has come here with his same pasta. Too bad for him no one gives a fuck lol


Yeah I'm getting sick of his shit honestly. I legit thought he was a girl because of how low effort his trolling is kek


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>stop promoting degeneracy in general
Nah, not interested.
*shits on social norms*


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Could you please take this shit back to pisschan? We're not trying to be part of a movement with allies and enemies. Lizards just want to bask in the sun and avoid warmbloods, what's so hard to understand about that?


cc poster is one of the wizchan mods, they try to tell you it's only andrew there but there's at least 5-6 mods on wizchan b at all times of the day


also he has to be one of the wizcord cliquers because otherwise andrew would ban someone like that if it was just a random person


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