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What Video games have you been playing?
How do you stay comfy during said activity?
I've been playing Killing Floor & Modded Fallout 4.
KF reminds me of my younger years listening to metal, jcore, nightcore, dubstep and playing for hours.
Fallout is just a time waster but it is fun to loot and hardcore can be good when modified.
I usually listen to wizard tier bloggers, ASMR , or my music playlist to keep me not asleep.


I don't really play much games, but i sometimes play Dayz every once in a while.


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I have fond memories of playing for hours a day at 12 fps on arma 2 mod, I'd usually die a lot but played as friendly.
It's a very captivating game at intense points.
thanks for your post o7


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Last game I was playing, using a playstation emulator. I should really get back into playing it. I was really enjoying the game. Time just flies by when I play it.


Heat Signature soon.
Maybe I'll pick up Independence War 2 again.


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>How do you stay comfy during said activity?

I don't. My computer chair broke (under the weight of my fat) and now I have to sit in an uncomfortable wooden chair while I'm at my desktop.


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About to play morrowind because fallout nv and skyrim get boring - anyone know any good oblivion modding guides?
Good taste anon, I've never got heavily into strategy games like that - but while younger i always liked the idea of setting up scenarios like that and would run around on empty cs servers infiltrating empty buildings pretending people where there.
Squad looks badass but i'm probably to slow to play it sadly - Never heard of heat signature looks really fun :D
Dear lizord I had to sit on a wood chair for a week and my ass was never the same. Find pillows anon quick! I will pray for you.



Why the hell did I not think of that?


What mod is this, I have arms 3 but have never really played it


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>wizard tier


Oblivion, as soon as that fucking BSA shit gets fixed.
Green corpses and missing meshes suck major ass.


Because subconsciously your trying to short yourself! Strive for comfort my reptilian comrade!
just dayz mod and the older battle royal mod, never liked normal arma much but its got a good modding base. Same here arma 3 takes a lot of hd space, wish i was less anxious so i could play atlas life.
Yea there is a sad lack of them - I love the comfy depressing feel of the videos, and researching fellow headcases. I will post a few links.


One of my favorite lizard tier bloggers.


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Enjoy man! once i'm done with morrowind i'm going to finally play through that game to completion - feel free to post a few screenshots of your character or game if you want, even broken games are interesting to look at.
tfw you'll never be a Jewish neet buying subs w/ gbp's.
I swear god just created me to be jealous.
Thank you for the link anon! one more for the collection.


I got it because I heard atlas life was a lot of fun I tried it once but couldn't figure out what to do the town was just barren with a couple 1 story buildings if I remember right, maybe one day I should give it another go if I find the motivation


Well, most of the broken shit got fixed.
Breaking apart frozen enemies still crashes the game occasionally, but what do I care.

Can't post a picture of my lizzer because screenshots are broken.


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Playing Black Desert Online and my waifu is qute as fugcuck
Yea it's difficult for most people to make it even run right or well, streamers make the game seem 1000x more fun due to people seeking out a way to get on video etc.
I'd offer to play with you but i've been way to spotty, being social is not my forte sadly.
rip n kill, When i break one of my games from modding to much I get sad and try again a few months later. I think I like modding more than the game at points though.


I wish I still had the will to play some videogames like the good old days when I'd run home after school at 3PM, fire up some MMORPG and next thing I know is that it's already dinner time.

Time flew so fast it's almost saddening.


>good old days

The good old days were a time way before MMORPGs were a big thing. When you could play your N64 and not have other people entering your game play environment. You missed out on the good old days.


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Iktf anon, People say that you'll regret all the time wasted but honestly I still look back fondly, and crave the happiness it used to genuinely give me.
I still enjoy some games but it takes a lot more effort after years of seclusion and apathy.
What were your favorite games back then?


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To each is own I guess. Those days were truly the best of my life so I don't know why I should down play them because you have fond memories from another period of time.

Picture related is the game I used to play. It was my very first MMORPG and game I played on the computer (previously I only played on consoles) and easily the one I had the most fun of (probably because it was my first experience).

It was a grindy game that can be treated as single-player game. Metin2 was much like and old version of today's BDO that >>183 mention but with less complexity gameplay-wise.

I have incredible memories of it: PvP free-for-all brawls, my first end-game weapon, grinding till the dawn in the weekend without even noticing, beating the RNG, enemy villages invasions and many more. So much memories I'm almost tearing up.



This was back in the '09-'11. After that I got bored of it and started playing everything I could lay my hands on: Aion, Vindictus, CoD MW1, Battlefields, WoW, Cabal, Guild Wars 2 which worked quite a bit as replacement and these last years Starcraft 2, Dota2, LOL, TESO and BDO that of course I already dropped because I can't stand the boredom after some days of playing them.

I tried many times to go back to those games that made me forget the real world back in the day but it never felt the same.

The only thing aside from memories of those days are the music I used to listen while I was playing that brings back a weird of feeling of both happiness and grief. I think the grief comes from the knowledge that I will hardly ever experience something like that again.

I guess I had my shot at happiness for this life, I only wish it lasted more.

Sorry for the wall of text and venting. What about you Lizard, tell me your relationship with the gaming world.


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I was to young for that personally, but I would watch my older cousin play mario on the snes and it's a great memory, online play killed couch coop and I think that's bad news for a bunch of people socially.
That games combat looks fun to watch, I love hearing about peoples experiences with games like this. Yea I've been playing TESO and BDO and both are only playable while also watching a show or podcast along side it.
I can relate to a lot of your post, finishing your relationship with a game like that can feel like the end of a story when your attached to all of the characters.
I'll post my experience in a bit, thanks for sharing man cheers o7


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As a kid It seemed like I was at war constantly, I'd run around with sticks as guns and play with little figures making my own worlds. Around 8 years old my father let me play half life on his steam account and I got hooked, before hand I had only played Mario or Turtles in Time on the snes. It was just like my fantasies of being on some sort of life or death mission and I replayed the game a lot. I got a ps2 sometime later and got addicted to star wars battlefront and the gta games. Later I got into Team fortress classic and made a lot of adult friends using my mic at 10 yrs old. later I got an xbox 360 and played cod zombies and l4d with schoolmates, and got addicted to fallout 3 and minecraft on a crappy walmart computer. After abandoning my xbox I devoted my time to roblox, killing floor, and garry's mod and made a lot of good friends online.
Around this time of 12/13 y/o I got severe depression and anxiety and started to withdraw and dropped out of school. I'd still enjoy games though and 2 years later I started playing fnv religiously with mods and started making a csgo map to pass time. Now I'm pretty sure i'm bordering Anhedonia constantly but I've become a master at coping. forgot how much time i've spent gaming until writing this autobiography.
I play less now because i'm writing a crappy book and fantasizing to music but I still love the concept of video games innately


I saw someone posted a War Thunder song in a different thread. I'm mentioning it because I've been playing that currently. I also spend about an hour a night every few nights playing scaperune. I plan on buying classic battlefront 2 the next time it goes on sale and hopefully they will have fixed the servers by then.

You should post some excerpts from the book you're writing in a different thread. Maybe we could have a writing thread?


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was having a bad day but i went outside and made friends with a horse, i gave him an apple and he watched as i smoked talking to him thinking i was some kind of fire breathing apple dispenser. Going to go read books with him if he keeps gravitating towards me but all i have is philosophy stuff.
Yea I love that video, singer was perfect for the song.
Old runescape? I love the comfy journey feel it has to it, I played weeks or so ago then my apathy slapped me and brain fog problems etc.
I was thinking of making a choose your adventure thread but never did, I'm embarrassed by my writing so I'll have to see if I can convince myself to post them over time lol


Yeah it's osrs. I'm playing on scaperune, which is a free server that is slowly being updated. It doesn't even have all the skills or members quests out, but they update every week so it's not too bad as long as you don't play all day every day. I've gotten pretty apathetic about it myself so at this point I just smith stuff while youtube videos have my main focus.
You should make that choose your own adventure thread if you can gain the confidence. I think it would be pretty fun(even if your writing isn't professional level).

Btw I smoke camel filters. You?


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I tried day of infamy and would love it if the bots had more options and if it was a tiny bit slower paced.
Yea the membership adds a lot of content 10$ is a lot in neet food cash though. I'll work on setting a thread up tomorrow afternoon or so - I have an idea to start but I always just improvise.
Ah I just use the devils lettuce, but i've had my license for a year now so i could buy a pack - obviously i'll only get one but what would you rec? i'm too poor to get addicted anyway so no worries


Polite sage since it's completely off topic. I can't advise you to smoke tobacco in good faith if you don't already, especially if you already smoke something else. If you're dead set on smoking then maybe try some menthols. I'm sure you wont like the taste of tobacco so that might help.


The australian's a lateblooming failed norman. Didn't bother watching the other one.


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Have currently lost all motivation to do anything but play vidya for hours and blast music into my ears.
I never bought any but a "friend" let me try his, I actually really liked it but thankfully I'm not able to afford them or interested enough. Thanks for the concern though, I hope you stay in good health aswell.
The cheesecake guy? Yea but hes also not a normalfag entirely - have had a hard time finding actual lizards. The last guy is really eccentric but I find the openness comforting.


Imo if you already smoke the devils lettuce and especially if you're poor I would recommend buying a pouch of tobacco (I like american spirit perique but I started on bugler gold years ago) and mix it in with the jazz cabbage those pouches are like an oz of tobacco for about the same price. The high is pretty nice if you've never done it. Personally though I can't really smoke cigarettes with my health issues they'll immediately make me sick so I am bias


File: 1510382304798.mp4 (6.96 MB,1920x1080,e1ae9e009335034d8410374d1d….mp4)

Have been playing Pubg lately solo, good time waster.
I may try that sometime then occasionally, jazz cabbage gave me a giggle.


File: 1510447985167.jpg (491 KB,1111x1600,adventurer.JPG)

I've been playing this for the last little while. A fun time waster.


File: 1514511189331-0.jpg (344.98 KB,1920x1080,20171228192822_1.jpg)

File: 1514511189331-1.jpg (315.06 KB,1920x1080,20171228185933_1.jpg)

File: 1514511189331-2.jpg (298.43 KB,1920x1080,20171228185736_1.jpg)

I've been modding fallout the past day to escape from the still invading holiday visitors, I think this is the most stable i've ever had it.
I think it's really cool people still play these games, did you end up finishing it?


>did you end up finishing it?

Not yet. I'm not a big fan of the newest generation of high end game systems and big budget games, I think video games were perfected in the late 90s. The only game systems that really caught my interest in the last few years were microconsoles.


I mostly play modern games but I agree with you, Super MB, turtles in time, contra, etc were very fun games.
Now most video games focus on graphics and DLC instead of difficulty and fun.


File: 1514577975182.jpg (432.88 KB,1920x1080,1355988572_0.jpg)

Does any lizard have any experience with this game?

I'm conflicted about buying it or not. I'm trying out the free trial as I'm writing this but I can't seem to make my mind up about it. There's something that stops me at the moment from pouring out of my pocket 12$ each month.

Don't get wrong though, the game is really pleasant with good graphics and an overall gameplay that is likable but still.


File: 1514612153822.jpg (84.13 KB,640x480,Body_Harvest.jpg)

>Super MB, turtles in time, contra

That's more late 80s/early 90s. I think game were way too hard and frustrating back then. It should be illegal for them to make video games where you have to start from the very beginning if you die too many time.

I enjoyed video games the most in the early polygon era.


File: 1514744928941.jpg (78.24 KB,498x544,1493413314779.jpg)

I played very little solo years ago and thought the game world was one of the comfiest in an mmo, I couldn't afford monthly though - but you can cancel at any time if you loose interest.
Admittedly I've never beaten contra or smb until I later played them on an emulator with a built in save system so ik what you mean. I can't remember too many games from the 90's though - there was a jump from snes too ps2 for me.
That screenshot looks like an early EDF game didn't know it existed but the gameplay looks fun.


File: 1514773210140.jpg (37.14 KB,209x300,Bart_vs_world_front.jpg)

>played them on an emulator with a built in save system so ik what you mean

Imagine paying premium dollars to buy a game and then only getting to play the first two or three levels, with the rest of the game essentially being locked off from you because of your lack of video game skills. That's what the nes era was like. The video game developers would rip you off for half the game and fuck you if you don't like it, play better bro.

Bart vs the World was the bane of my childhood. I wanted to see what the Egypt and Hollywood levels were like so badly. But the developers made the North Pole level way too hard.


This video makes me want to save up for vr
That is pretty messed up, I wonder how many games were just really short hidden behind massive spikes in difficulty.


>I wonder how many games were just really short hidden behind massive spikes in difficulty

In regards to the NES some games had a battery save option while others used password saving, but then there were some games that just had no saving. And if you kept dying at some point in one of these no save games you were screwed.




I have been playing vid related as of late, which is a video game of great interest to me since I had played the original Alpha Demo when it first released a long time ago. Flare (Free/Libre Action Roleplaying Engine) has come a long way, and I think it has truly captured the very comfy yet action-packed feeling that Diablo II originally gave me. (Incidentally I only came across it because I wanted an offline Diablo II clone ARPG to play, as Diablo II was too much trouble to set up on modern systems while Diablo III and Path of Exile required steady internet connection as well as higher graphical requirements; Flare in comparison was extremely easy to set up, runs smoothly, and isn't graphically demanding at all.)

Ultimately, the fact that since Flare is an engine means more free mods are bound to get released over time, meaning more free games on a fantastic and functional base. The best things in life truly are free as in free beer, and free as in freedom (Flare is open-source, so a very nice bonus).

Flare: Empyrean Campaign (a completely free and polished game made by the Flare team themselves since Flare on its own is just a base engine):


Main website:


Just wanted to share since the thought of a free, cross-platform offline Diablo II clone with extensive mod support would have made me cream myself years ago.


Oh, and I have also been following the latest development of the Daggerfall Unity project (http://www.dfworkshop.net/). Basically it is The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall but on a modern engine, I mean seriously as long as it's not >DOSBox I am pretty happy. Really, just watch the video and see the difference, it's utterly mind-boggling stuff (simply a better resolution was enough to win me over). Keep in mind that while the video itself is a bit outdated, Daggerfall on Unity is now playable to the end and offers much more content.

All of this, also free and sets up very well between platforms while running smoothly. Obviously fancier graphical effects and certain mods require a more capable machine, potentially causing crashes and whatnot. The classic styles and mechanics remain timeless as they are brilliant though, always.

Latest Live Builds:



Still playing rim world nothing new to report.
I've been wanting to get into diablo type games for awhile, thanks for the info will check it out for sure.
Nice I've been waiting until it's 100% complete having never played it before, though watching OG gameplay made it look awesome let alone now.


thanks, going to give this a shot later


Speaking of The Elder Scrolls, to follow up on my earlier post >>865 I spent some time today reinstalling and reconfiguring DOSBox in order to play the first game of the series, Arena, in a satisfactory manner.

Herein are my notes for other people's benefit and to archive, because hopefully Google's botnet can read this and save someone else some of the frustration I had experienced recently. Video related (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqCW6MrfjMw) is what helped refresh me on DOSBox the most, but basically you will need:

a. DOSBox as obtained from either your distro's repository (for reference I am using Debian Stretch at the time of this post https://packages.debian.org/stretch/dosbox) or manually from https://www.dosbox.com/download.php?main=1

b. A copy of The Elder Scrolls: Arena, probably the free one from Bethesda directly (which is what I personally used) as linked here https://elderscrolls.bethesda.net/en/arena

c. Basic knowledge of how to use and navigate computer terminals (also known as a console) with simple commands such as knowing where your home directory is, changing directories, and unzipping .zip files. That's literally it, I don't even know why anyone would want to use GNU/Linux if they're afraid to use a terminal but I digress.

>Part I: Extracting The Elder Scrolls: Arena Game Files

Downloaded free copies of TES: Arena from Bethesda come as "Arena106Setup.zip". Create a new folder (make sure the name has less than 8 characters, I'll tell you why later) and unzip the file into the new folder, resulting in a "Arena106.exe" file.

This is where I was stuck, since obviously in a GNU/Linux system you will not able to readily execute .exe files without messing around with Wine and other convoluted software.

The simplest solution then, was actually just installing and utilizing handy old rar by Eugene Roshal. Yes, the very same *non-free* rar where you must register it after 40 days of use. (Debian Stretch: https://packages.debian.org/stretch/rar).

Install it and cd (change directory) to the new folder that Arena106.exe is located in, and "unzip" the .exe file like any other .zip file since it actually happens to be nothing more than a self-extracting .zip file archived as a .exe to inconvenience and piss GUN/Linux users off. What I mean by this is nothing more than inputting:

>rar e arena106.exe

In the terminal to extract the .exe file.

Viola! You now have the The Elder Scrolls: Arena game data files in one folder, meaning now all you have to do is set DOSBox to mount in that directory and run "arena" from there.


>Part II: Setting DOSBox to Run The Elder Scrolls: Arena

This is where the video embedded earlier helps the most, because what you are basically doing after installing and launching DOSBox is going to your /home/[username] folder, into the .dosbox HIDDEN folder (reveal by pressing Ctrl + H) and then editing the dosbox-0.74.conf configuration file.

Open the dosbox-0.74.conf file with a text editor of your choosing, and at the end there should be a section where it reads:


># Lines in this section will be run at startup.
># You can put your MOUNT lines here.

You want DOSBox to auto-mount The Elder Scrolls: Arena directly, so write to appear as follows:


># Lines in this section will be run at startup.
># You can put your MOUNT lines here.
>mount C /home/[username]/[that folder you made earlier with less than 8 characters, because DOSBox is picky]

And that's all there is to it – the next time you launch DOSBox, it should automatically mount the game if the file path was correct, and then afterwards run the game itself.

While you still have the dosbox-0.74.conf file open by the way, you might want to change the value of "cycles=auto" to "cycles=max" because otherwise by default, the game would run unplayably slow.

I hope this little guide helps, with the main takeaway being that you can use rar to extract that one old .exe file specifically (not all .exe files!) and get the game data files needed to actually play the game, no matter how much time you spend reconfiguring DOSBox.


As a final note, here is an even shorter guide that outlines the commands I inputted from my .bash_history file to those already familiar with how these things work, but were just stuck like I was:

>sudo apt-get install dosbox

>unzip Arena106Setup.zip
>sudo apt-get install rar
>rar e Arena106.exe
>cd /home/[username]/.dosbox
>vim dosbox-0.74.conf
>edited "cycles=auto" to "cycles=max" for playable speed
>added at the end: "mount C /home/[username]/[Arena106 folder]"
>added at the end in the next line: "C:"
>added at the end in the next line: "arena"

Save file, quit, and run dosbox. It should automatically run TES:Arena if you've properly pathed the extracted game data files to DOSBox and have it auto-mounted (otherwise you have to mount it manually). Happy gaming.

Oh, and now is also probably a good time that they're also developing TES:Arena on a new engine, now known as the OpenTESArena Project. Link: https://github.com/afritz1/OpenTESArena

For Daggerfall on DOSBox in GNU/Linux (or any other more complex game, really), that's a different can of worms. You can try to follow the instructions on this article http://www.gamersonlinux.com/forum/threads/elder-scrolls-ii-daggerfall-guide.1559/ or again, use the superior and more vastly more convenient Unity engine project http://www.dfworkshop.net/

Those in Windows should just stick to https://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/?title=Arena_:_ArenaSetup_EN for TES:Arena and https://wiwiki.wiwiland.net/index.php?title=Daggerfall_:_DaggerfallSetup_EN for Daggerfall.


Have been playing OSU does anyone know any good map packs? currently downloading some utsu-p ones can only play normal right now.
Thanks for the info anon I've planned on playing through the older games at least once just to enjoy some older stuff.


Been playing gmod becauze i like fucking with people rdming


Baste virtual murderer


There were days when one went to a video game store, and they had to make careful decisions regarding what game they could purchase that day. Tonight, I spent more time mass downloading various video games (even those I didn't even like) to play for about 5 minutes each before deleting them just because I could. Wasteful, but what a rush! All thanks to this PlayStation Portable emulator, PPSSPP, and while I really do hate sounding like a shill (even though it's free and open-source software) it is just such a beautiful emulator that made it all work flawlessly every single time.

The GUI itself is so polished that it looks like an official console, and it installed, runs, and plays games smoothly the first time. The games can even be enhanced to HD alongside other features, I mean it doesn't just run smoothly – it gives you more than what you expected! Switch the analog controls to the arrow keys, and BAM you don't even need a controller when it comes to the PSP, it's just brilliant through and through. Think of all those nostalgic PSP titles, and now imagine revisiting them in High-Definition without spending a dime!

I've got my core games now to play for a while, but as someone who regularly comes across so many errors and problems when it comes to GOOD video game emulation, this was simply a gem I couldn't help but share, my fellow lizards.

Main Website: http://www.ppsspp.org/index.html

Where I get my ISO's: http://romhustler.net/

You're living in the internet golden age where you can play almost any older video game just by looking up its name, what a time to be alive!


File: 1524739790812-0.png (247.93 KB,1280x753,Screenshot from 2018-04-26….png)

File: 1524739790812-1.jpg (289.23 KB,1920x1088,acecombatx.jpg)

Pic is of GUI and a screenshot of one of the games I'm playing, Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception for reference.


Thanks anon! have all the old console emulators but haven't looked into a play station one yet, will give me something to do in the future which is good.


You guys like anything from E3 so far? I'm interested in the new Fromsoft game and dying light 2, The new fallout makes me feel bad, having that large of a map with single player in modding could have been great.


fallout new vegas was the last i played never really got into fallout 4 just wasn't the same


FNV was my favorite out of all of them, Tale of two wastelands solidified that for me as well, Hoping there is good stuff in the PC gamer show, the last few have been let downs for sure.


File: 1528771693663.jpg (149.87 KB,800x600,image.jpg)

*blocks your path*


hated those little fucks


Play a shotgun build. They leap up to bite you and all it does is put them in the perfect place to mash their face with buckshot. So satisfying.


File: 1534580137913.png (1.79 MB,1280x720,Zombie no Afureta Sekai de….png)

This is less a game, more an eroge / visual novel with no player options.
But I fucking loved this and am pissed off it will be 20 years before the others get translated.
I'm a sucker for zombie stories where similar losers like me get to experience cool things I could only dream of.
It's short around 8 - 10 hours max but it kept me interested.
Any of you play any good VN's lately?


File: 1542859294966.png (3.88 MB,1920x1356,ClipboardImage.png)

I've downloaded two games on my phone recently, Touhou and this rhythm game called Arcaea. I often play the rhythm game to cool off after an hour or so of Touhou. I highly recommend both games!


What was the touhou game called?
plan on downloadan both


I don't speak ching chong, so I don't know the exact name but here's the link:


Dwarf fortress. Max comfiness.


File: 1543080435276.png (269.38 KB,846x644,rlg.png)

You should check out Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. It's a roguelike with amazing gameplay (easily one of the best magic systems ever) but little to no ambiance. It's a great time sink.


That looks comfy thanks for pointing me in its direction.
Thanks I'll try it out when I'm dragged to town next.


File: 1543125327360.jpg (69.08 KB,720x704,classic.jpg)

I'm not too into video games but I'm thinking about buying one of these when they come out. I grew up with a N64 and never got to experience a lot of ps games that come with this system, namely Resident Evil, Grand Theft Auto and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Yeah, I know I can use emulators but the thing will probably be hackable and even if it's not I'm pretty content with the 20 games the system comes with.


The main thing that kills this thing for me is no dualshock.
Yeah I know you technically don't need it for the majority of Playstation games, but still, come on Sony.

Also no Ape Escape? What the hell.


That's funny I've actually been thinking about giving some of the old roguelikes a spin, may as well start with that one. Thanks for the suggestion lizbro.


You can tell Sony was doing everything possible to keep costs down. No dualshock, no ac adapter, only 20 games, etc. For me I still think the system is worth it but I can see why others would be put off.


File: 1543249555465.png (5.55 KB,1280x800,Screenshot from 2018-11-26….png)

Can definitely recommend this game, very intuitive and easy to get into despite its depth and complexity. Good taste.

>I've actually been thinking about giving some of the old roguelikes a spin
If you really want to go old school, the original Rogue (1983) still holds up in my opinion, and its playable right from your browser at https://classicreload.com/rogue.html without the need to fuck with >DOSBox (it also has many other DOS games).

Then there's also Brogue http://brogue.roguelikelike.com/ which is basically a simpler and prettier version of the original Rogue. Moria and Angband are also good too, to be honest. Roguelikes are just the best.


File: 1543288217408.png (70.74 KB,661x716,1440995279013.png)

Roguelikes are truly a wizardly genre of vidya. I see you have recommended Rogue, Moria and Angband. These are classics worth playing but I wouldn't recommend them to a total beginner. I would say, for ASCII based games Nethack or Brogue would be a better start. There's also Sil which is one of the best renditions of Tolkien's work in any form ever. The gameplay is very thoughtful in that game and the ASCII is tasteful.


0.03$ has been deposited into my account.


I've been playing to Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call.
I'm currently stuck in Ikebukuro Tunnel but I managed to defeat Sui-ki.


File: 1544293865115.png (17.77 KB,504x440,snes9x-x64_2018-08-06_14-1….png)

SMT is very wizardly, great series.


File: 1550941890333.png (125.96 KB,687x603,Hayabusa.png)

No idea why I stopped playing other games on my backlist to do so, but I started a new game of X3:AP, a game that I've put a large amount of time into already. I did the Terran start which puts you in position to get arguably the best player space truck in the game (pic rel) fairly early, but also has you needing to grind reputation in the godawful Terran economy of X3. Just need to get my new truck, break out of the warzone and into neutral space and I can start the real comfiness. Working the stock exchange in between trade runs in nice, safe and most importantly prosperous, neutral space.

[hand rubbing intensifies]

On the subject, X4 looks neat but I've heard it's a buggy mess. While that's part of playing an egosoft game, they also squandered what goodwill they had from me with X: Rebirth which was nothing short of a garbage fire. Might pick it up if I can get a nice discount on steam later in the year.


I had to make sure this wasn't the picture of a pregnancy test.


Yeah, X3 isn't a game you play for its ship design. In fact, the universe as a whole is pretty uninspired. You definitely play the game because you like watching numbers go up a lot more than you do for any other reason, and that's what makes the Hayabusa a good player truck. It has good defences, decent speed and the best cargo*speed value in its class but is also very expensive compared to the competition. This makes it better at generating gross profit but not as good at net profit. So while on an individual level (player) it makes good revenue on spent time and money, on a large scale, it takes longer to pay itself off. That means you're better off using another race's trucks for your AI trade fleet because that is a business venture where you're looking for a net profit, so being able to repay the losses incurred in purchasing ships quickly and thus generate that net profit is more important than the gross profitability of individual trade vessels.

I half wish I went into business instead of history for my education. It's certainly still interesting but also opens up more doorways to a decent living.


I made the server and used Bisect after all.
Use to join.
Not whitelisted right now but when it is just email [email protected].


Thinking of turning the server funds into runescape funds, my interest died a few days in honestly.
Plus I can read a ton of manga while fishing.


File: 1554035774680.jpg (34.95 KB,488x488,2DS_XL.jpg)

Could anyone tell me if the 2DS XL is worth getting? I read that the system was on its last legs and I was wondering if it's worth getting before it gets discontinued. I would of got one years ago but the two screens put me off. Now I'm afraid that it may be the last dedicated handheld game system that's widely available.

I went to walmart to see the game selection and it looks like there are only a couple of Nintendo published games that are available new.


I had a lot of fun on the normal 3ds, it can play noral ds games too. Not sure about that specific type but I believe it's just another 3ds with a c stick? I'd say go for it if you've got the cash.


The thing that puts me off is the lack of games. I'm not into buying games used and the eShop's selection seems a bit slim. Maybe it's a better idea to wait for the switch mini to come out.


>lack of games
Have to agree there. I got it mostly because my ds broke. I did enjoy Mario 3d land and Luigi's mansion even the paper mario game, didn't expect much out of a handheld paper mario and it exceeded expectations in that sense. The soundtrack is pretty great.


I made a list of Super Nintendo/Super Famicom games I have played, with a little bit of commentary. It should be a good list to get recommendations from. Let me hear what you guys think.


good taste


I can't understand why Nintendo didn't include ds, gba and n64 games on the virtual console. Or why they're charging so much for old snes and game boy games.

When playing did you ever find the second screen to be distracting, or is that concern all in my head?


is tactics ogre on psp good? am gonna see if i can emulate it on my potato computer with ppsspp


File: 1554198305775-0.png (89.03 KB,220x330,220px-New_Super_Mario_Bros….png)

File: 1554198305775-1.jpg (18.92 KB,150x225,150px-YoshisIslandDSscreen.jpg)

File: 1554198305775-2.png (84.95 KB,265x402,DS_marioluigi3_battle_UK_v….png)

I think it makes sense to not have ds games on virtual console, since they don't have a second screen on most devices and the 3ds can play them anyways. It would have been nice to see on he wii U though. I just emulate n64 and gba games.
>When playing did you ever find the second screen to be distracting, or is that concern all in my head?
No. Actually if the game utilizes it well enough it makes you wish more games had the second screen. It can range from things like New Super Mario bros where the second screen is just used as a progress bar and to store an item, or Yoshi's Island ds where both screens can be used for gameplay. Sometimes it isn't used spectacularly, like in Bowser's Inside Story (still a good game and both screens are utilized better outside of battles where you switch between protags), but I find it rarely gets distracting.


>emulate n64 and gba games

I'd actually be willing to pay for the games on these systems just to get a solid control layout.

>I find it rarely gets distracting

Thanks, that was the major thing that bothered me about the system. I don't think the system will last any more than a year giving the lack of new releases so I'll probably look for a significant price drop on the system as the stores clear out their inventory.


File: 1554213781208.jpg (9.48 KB,342x342,51qHYQsDCXL._SX342_.jpg)

>just to get a solid control layout.
If you get a wii U gamecube adapter you can use it on a computer. I believe there are knockoff ones but I can't imagine they're significantly cheaper.


File: 1554242537972.gif (774 B,32x49,Haborym1.gif)

I played the Super Famicom version and it was a good experience. Really good stuff for it's time. PSP remake adds a lot of useless shit like crafting and is kinda grindy.


was the sfc version translated into english?


Yeah, most download sites will have it patched. (or you could just go on romhacking.net and download the patch for yourself)


thanks, now i won't have to bother with setting up ppsspp when i want to play it


Is Mii Plaza and StreetPass required when using the 2ds/3ds, or can you completely opt out of them? I wouldn't want to buy a game system that has mandatory social media shit installed.


It's on there but it doesn't do anything if you don't do anything with it. Also you can turn it off. I don't think that it works the same way as a social media though, but I never used it. The most that happened is that someone would drive by my house while I had my 3ds on and it prompted me to use their Mariokart data for a game or something. It's pretty impersonal, and I don't think it effects enjoyment at all. If anything, it's an interesting diversion when someone's carrying their 3ds on them and you exchange Streetpass data without even talking, since it's so rare if you don't go out. But like I said I never went out of my way to use it so there may be some features that are more annoying.


>prompted me to use their Mariokart data
>I don't think it effects enjoyment at all

Honestly, with me, something like this would make me want to throw my game system in the garbage. I just want a game system that lets me play games in isolation, not one that connects me with random normalfags against my will.

>interesting diversion

I don't get why those idiot japs at nintendo didn't give people the option of completely disabling streetpass and spotpass. Or even better, make all this social media bloatware downloadable for free from a nintendo website for the morons that want it.

This is exactly the kind of crap that sours me on modern electronics. It's like I have to spend at least 15 minuets going through a device disabling feedback and networking options in order to get some privacy from a device.


Well, the good news is you can turn it off under the settings.


From my understanding you can't turn it off, you can only disable streetpass game by game. The things stays on until you disable wireless communication.

It seems like such a sketchy feature to me. That if you leave it on you'll unknowingly transfer game data back and forth to random strangers. At least with smartphones your data goes directly to google.


*drools* I wish I could afford one of these. It's basically these best handheld system you can buy.


I pre-preordered the Dragonbox Pyra lol.


I'm envious. The best I can afford with my meager wagies is a RS-97 or a PAP-KIII Plus.

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