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It had a good run, you'll be sorely missed, modmin.

>I'm sorry to do this to you guys. I was never a good chan admin, and I let my gaming addiction get in the way of keeping magicchan clean. In 2014 I opened up magicchan because I thought running a chan would be easy, like non-stop shitposting. I wasn't ready back then and I'm still not ready today, and magicchan turned into a mess because of it. Maybe it's not irredeemablely broken, but I'd rather run away and hide than try to fix it and probably end up failing like I always do.

>Going forward, I'm going to hold onto the magicchan.org DNS registration for another year or two and have it point to this message so trolls can't use it to set up a honeypot (which is exactly what they did with the /wiz/ board on 8chan when the original wizardchan died). Don't bother trying to buy it from me because it's not for sale. It'll expire sometime in 2019 or 2020 and then you can try to snatch it up.
>This is the last time I'm ever going to use the modmin/masterofdebate pseudonym, so anybody else claiming to be me is lying. Likewise, any future site that takes the magicchan.org DNS registry is not associated with me or magicchan. From now on, I'm just another anonymage.



File: 1541999751927.jpg (285.66 KB,1161x1500,hb_1972.jpg)

With it's death, I feel one step closer to my own.

If any of the refugees from MC come across this post, you were good company. Good luck, and godspeed.





As much as I hate to say it, it was probably for the best. I remember that I was beginning to see instagram tier shitposts on there. It didn't take over the website but there were more on there than there should have been. So I believe modmin saw this problem and shut it down before it went any further. I think this just comes to show that the lonely geeks that used to dominate the internet aren't welcome here anymore. 4chan, 8chan, wizchan and all of the other chans (except this one, for now) have been overrun by normals. The only website that I say gets better with age is Newgrounds, but I feel as though that website will be shut down because the founder keeps begging for donations. Welcome to the social media age.

Are you having fun yet?


I think it's also worth mentioning that I found out about this place through magicchan. So seeing this not only on MC's old domain, but on here as well, makes it hit twice as hard.


Some of us are gathering at a new un-indexed board in 8chan:

There's some discussion going on there about where to migrate or where to consolidate.
Feel free to drop by. Hopefully, enough wizs join and it'll take off.


Thanks for the link, anon.



It must be noted that the burden of running a healthy imageboard does not rest on the admin alone, but also on the regulars. So long as we do not stray away from the path and continue being supportive of our Lizmin here, the same fate cannot befall us. They may have taken MC now, but what imageboard is next on the warmie horde's list? As sad as seeing MC go, it only convinces me to grip Lizardchan harder before they try to take this away from us next.

Remain vigilant fellow reptilians, for if they can corrupt even once-pure wizards, then surely they will attempt to warm your blood slowly and surely until your very scales shed from your skin.


As this will likely bring in a bunch of new posters from magicchan, would it be a good idea to make a new board for more serious discussion types of posts like there were back at magicchan? Something for the now-homeless practitioners of the wizardly arts.


I thinks it's best for now just to keep three boards.


We won't be here long


Speak for yourself.


Damn, I wish he just had locked it from getting new post for awhile.
A lot of threads I never got to check out.


File: 1542108291585.jpg (46.03 KB,620x413,blade.jpg)

All those posts will be lost in time… like tears in rain… Time to die.


Wish I could read every image board post ever made.
Then I think I'd be completely ready to die.


Fuck man, you're going to make me cry.


Don't get too emotional. I've read and posted on magicchan myself.

Little of value was lost.


>Little of value was lost.
You clearly didn't look through it much when you visited. There were loads of comfy pictures and interesting posts, as well as multiple artwork threads. All of that is now gone.


Only last one year and half is lost, there's a backup until march 2017.


>You clearly didn't look through it much

Maybe you're right. I do have a bad habit of skimming over other peoples posts. I just remember magicchan /b/ being pretty lackluster. /hob/ seemed to have some effort posts but they were too long for me to bother reading.

In any case I don't mind seeing mine or anyone else's posts getting deep-sixed. Imageboard posts are meant to be expendable imo.


>have some effort posts but they were too long for me to bother reading
That says more about your shitty attention-span than it does about the quality of the site.


99% of imageboard posters have shitty attention spans. Blogs are better format for long diary-style entries.


Don't project your own personal flaws onto the people who post alongside you just to make yourself feel better about it. Bad attention-spans are an inherent trait of normalfags as they spend their days doing nothing but raise their dopamine levels through loud sounds and bright flashes on their smartphones. You will only have a bad attention-span if you allow yourself to have one and if you do, you'll miss out on a lot of simple but enjoyable things.


>just to make yourself feel better about it

I don't have to read your long ass blog posts if I don't want to ffs.

>You will only have a bad attention-span

Prolonged internet use is enough to give a person a poor attention span.


File: 1542373917724.png (2.36 KB,244x226,pretending.png)

Good god how fucking dumb do you have to be? Next you'll say you were only pretending.
>Prolonged internet use is enough to give a person a poor attention span.
What a shitty excuse. I guarantee I spend more time on the internet than you do and I have twice your attention-span. Fuck off, retard.


>Prolonged internet use is enough to give a person a poor attention span.
That depends entirely on what you actually do on the internet. Retarded normalfags like you who do nothing but watch meme compilations on jewtube or something will fuck up their attention-spans, sure. But if you actually take your time with everything you read and aren't the type of faggot who uses the term "effortpost" then no.
Again, having a shitty attention-span is mostly a lifestyle choice rather than an effect of something.


>What a shitty excuse


>I guarantee I spend more time on the internet than you do

I highly doubt that. I pretty much live on the internet.

>I have twice your attention-span

I'm sure you do. Well done.


File: 1542416030558.png (229.03 KB,466x469,72c833cbc70d15a6955b4c4b8c….png)

>posts semetic article based on anectodal evidence that doesn't take into account what individual people do on the internet, and conflates internet use with multitasking
>no u xD
You clearly don't read books or watch documentaries through the internet, nor are you able to hold up a good discussion on it. "Dank 4chan webm meme" compilations are probably more your speed aren't they? You're probably just blaming your ADHD on the internet. Stop derailing the thread with your nigger-tier posts.


Cool it down guys, this is a website for cold-blooded reptilianons against warm-blooded warmies, not a battleground between people's attention spans. There may be correlations about what the average warmie's attention span is, but you two will have to anonymously discuss that somewhere else as this is just approaching bait and derailment.


Acknowledged, sorry about that. Sometimes I let my anger cloud my judgement.


it's alright reptilianon, there is much anger justified at the world. it is just wasted when used against fellow lizards






I still type the address in the search bar sometimes


Random text to bypass the flood


Some more text to bypass flood



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