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Both alcoholic and non alcoholic are accepted in this thread. I am currently drinking O Doul's, which I hated when I first tried it but now I can't get enough!


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Sparkling water on the rocks.


Trying to become a thin liz so water and black coffee which i'm using in place of my broken heater.


Good taste lizzes. I've been drinking quite a bit of sparkling water myself lately to get myself off of normal pop.


>O Doul's

I don't mean to encourage alcoholism but why not drink the real stuff?


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Tru liz


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>I don't mean to encourage alcoholism but why not drink the real stuff?
You just answered your own question. My family has Russian roots and one thing the Russians are known for is not being able to hold their liquor. My great great grandfather died of alcoholism what a great way to go out so that's another thing.


That's good. I've recently been trying to cut alcohol, coffee and even soda out of my life in an effort to get my damn heart rate down. It's boring I know but I've been drinking nothing juice and water lately.






rum and coke


File: 1551515153401.jpg (56.73 KB,919x720,drinking_couch.jpg)

I'm up to a 750ml bottle of vodka or rum every week or two, along with a few beers. I hope I'm not becoming an alcoholic.


Nah, I'm at about a 750ml of rum a week and I wouldn't consider myself alcoholic. A man with unhealthy drinking habits? Yeah, but not alcoholic.



I guess if it becomes a daily thing you're an alcoholic. I'm usually able to (reluctantly) hold off until the weekend.

Looks fancy. I've don't think I've ever tried sake.


I'm drinking lemonade. It's pretty tasty.


just made some sweet tea, can feel my teeth degrading, yet my heart warming.


>yet my heart warming

your warm heart could be an early warning sign that you have diabetes


I already do so no harm done.


er, sorry man. Please go easy on the sweet stuff.


Black coffee, anyone have any good brands to recommend?
It's cool man, I've started to since the year began, and quit soda recently too. although it's the genetic type I wouldn't be surprised if I got the normal kind the way my diet was.


Do you drink seltzer water instead? I switched from normal pop to seltzer water about a year ago and there's been a noticable decrease in the rate at which I gain weight. I still gain weight from other junk though.


I only drink Turkish coffee nowadays, from the "Mehmet Efendi" brand.
I also use this:
It makes me feel somewhat sophisticated. Good taste though.


I'm not sure, is that just carbonated flavored water? I drink them sometimes just to break monotony, though you never crave it like real sugary stuff.
I usually just drink water, tea, coffee, or diet stuff rarely.
Hell next time I order a few books i'll get a bag of this. Don't sell it near me but i'm curious, looks great.


Mint tea.


>though you never crave it like real sugary stuff.
It takes a while but after a month or two of having seltzer water instead of pop I lost my taste for pop. It's surprising how sugary it is when you aren't drinking it regularly, it's hard for me to drink more than one can now.


That's what I've been drinking lately. I'll leave the coke in the freezer until it gets frosty then I'll mix it in with some Captin Morgan. It has a nice slight vanilla taste to it. Perfect for this oppressively hot weather.




How do people drink alcohol? I bought some rum to drink, but I seriously just don't want to drink it. I don't want to get intoxicated, I guess. I guess people drink alcohol that tastes good?


I think the only reason to even drink it is to get drunk anon, wine taste good at least.
People drink rum and coke, mix orange juice and vodka, and those that drink it straight are rarely doing it for any reason other than planned drunkeness.


File: 1564156578684.jpg (141.07 KB,1400x933,caesar.jpg)

I actually really enjoy drinking. After a full week of wage slavery nothing relieves my stress like a nice strong caesar. Maybe you should try sipping on your drink at a leisurely pace, not gulping it down like it's a soda pop.



lmao, I do it the other way around. I drink soda at a leisurely pace, but have to try to gulp down the rum since it's so strong. I guess wine should be my drink of choice since other alcohols just don't taste good.


What's the point in buying rum if you gulp it?



wait, what. People drink rum for the flavor? I had no idea, honestly. Mine has a serious strong alcohol flavor, so it's near impossible for me to drink it straight. Maybe with coke, I guess.


>Maybe with coke

Personally I enjoy rum and coke with captain morgan's spiced rum. It blends nicely with the coke, making the taste of the rum less overwhelming.


File: U3Lgsp5rKM84OctWawZ7CGkfTqYHzo.png (241.43 KB,300x701,black-label.png)

I'm going to try to finish off a 6 pack of these over the weekend. Also got some tylenol as well for the headaches this kind of beer sometimes gives me.


Bundaberg Rum and Coke premixed drinks.


>Bundaberg rum
It feels weird knowing I'm not the only Australian lizard on here.

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