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How do i stop my porn addiction?


File: 1519662305378.jpg (474.12 KB,1000x1280,1458402016053.jpg)

Self castration,
Certain Depression meds.
Some people say depression kills their drive, not the case for me.
Imo don't stop the addiction because most men get bored or pent up. However I'd say keep it mostly 2D, your imagination still comes into play, and It's less cucked.
Also immersive hobbies, like video games, writing, self pity, camping etc.


You just need something else to fill your time with.


>Self castration

Ouch! But I guess it's the only surefire way OP will stop playing with himself.


>tfw he posts here too


File: 1560259192609.png (144.79 KB,524x488,gee.png)

It's incredible what an anon baiting with an OP can make


I doubt it, if anything OP would become even more gay.


>not double spaced
>post is capitalized correctly
>doesn't mention AI or veganism
This is certainly not him.


eunuchanon still masturbates even without any balls


Keep your 3d off lizchan, fucko


Just start massively wanking off to doujins instead


Simply replace it with a meth addiction

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