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File: 1567695477858.jpg (2.93 MB,2309x1732,Fatliz Devours Another Wiz….JPG)


Anyone else collect toys? What do you collect?


Look at the sites rules child. It says you have to be 18 and up to post here.


File: 1567697701299.jpg (808.91 KB,4160x3120,IMG_20190905_173031.jpg)

Don't bully him loser!
or I'll drive to ya in my manly car and teach you a lesson


but liz these are ACTION FIGURES not """""toys"""""


I got rid of all mine except a wizard lego fig, but I basically just replaced toys for videogames.


too late for those rationalizations, op already admitted he plays with toys


Show us whatcha got
He's collector not player!


File: 1567714157841.png (517.27 KB,792x658,fallindown.png)

Man, i got the color shifter hummvee too
Those were the fucking shit.


File: 1567718043983.png (689.35 KB,600x800,ClipboardImage.png)

No shit, nigger

Hot Wheels? Also what do you mean by color shifter? If the car changes color that's pretty cool.

Lego doesn't come under action figures so it's a toy, I guess. Unlike most adult collectors, I don't feel the need to try to rationalize it as an "action figure" and not what it is - a toy.

You ever miss your toys?

I'll post what I have tomorrow, but it's mainly Lego with some toy soldiers, a bunch of Indiana Jones and Star Wars figures, and a small bit of Playmobil. I'm thinking of buying a bootleg Guts Figma (pic related) because he looks fun and would be great to take photos of. I sometimes play with them but internalize the noises so not to attract the attention of my family


>No shit, nigger
Well I fucked that up. Meant to reply to >>1983


Yeah, Hotwheels decided to release car that change colour when you put them under warm/cold water.


That sounds rad. What color does yours turn?


>Lego doesn't come under action figures so it's a toy, I guess
I think that technically the things like Bionicle are action figures, though I think action figures should be considered a subset of toys unless they're literally just statues. I've got loads of Bionicles but I feel like shit today so I'll probably post some of them tomorrow.


File: 1567722851266.jpg (136.08 KB,1022x823,048.jpg)

It was turning to army green.
I have some color shifters gonna upload them tomorrow.
They made them very well, after many waterings there is no trace of rust at all.
It doesn't change color anymore but there was a little green spot that disappeared after pouring a hot water so I'll get it into fridge later and see if it works

I was lurking in basement and found box full of hot wheels.
Went there just for jars and ended up checking them up for almost an hour.
It was so nostalgic and made me so happy like nothing ever did.
Nice, I'm gonna show off mine too.
Such a shame that they simplified bionicles.
Had those two expect the one in left corner.
my fucking brother disassembled all my robots
I'll try to rebuild them all tho I have a feeling that some parts were lost by him


File: 1567724432523.jpg (78.85 KB,679x679,714kyZ3fhML._SX679_.jpg)

I sometimes watch Lego videos and it makes me want to buy a bunch of them, but they would probably end up collecting dust on a shelf
Anyway I'm interested in seeing your collection if you have pics


>You ever miss your toys?
only in the sense that i miss being younger with a larger scale of imagination, other wise I'd still have a lot of fun building lego stuff, just not playing with them like I used too.


File: 1567857039459-0.jpg (2.38 MB,4748x3432,DSC01640.JPG)

File: 1567857039459-1.jpg (2.01 MB,4453x3588,DSC01641.JPG)

File: 1567857039459-2.jpg (1.73 MB,3497x3672,DSC01642.JPG)

File: 1567857039459-3.jpg (1.91 MB,4575x2897,DSC01639.JPG)

Post them whenever, I'm interested in seeing them. I'd personally class Bionicle as a toy of it's own, but if I had to label it I would say they are action figures too.

That's impressive that it hasn't rusted at all.

I can't be bothered to drag everything out, so I've taken a few photos. If I had to estimate everything in these boxes is about half of my collection. The big modulars (like the one you posted) are a blast to build but are far too expensive and seem to be a magnet for dust.

I know what you mean, there's plenty of times where I've looked back and realised how easily entertained I was because I could make the rest up with my imagination.


File: 1567857992187.png (468.66 KB,480x360,risk.png)

It's beautiful,
yet my inner child is pissed with jealousy. I had so few i'd pretend the bricks were walls and use risk pieces as characters instead.


Also post a pic of whats in the first pictures bottom right tub, If it's what I think it is you've gained my utmost respect.


>It's beautiful
>I had so few bricks I'd pretend the bricks were walls and use risk pieces as characters
This made me smile

Are you still on about the Lego or the Warhammer box (the thin flat box)?


File: 1567872758918.jpg (161.26 KB,1000x750,downloaaad.jpg)

Oh I though they were Heroscape figs, that's still badass though I miss playing tabletop games.


I don't have any Heroscape minis unfortunately, I've got a big enough backlog as it is. The minis pictured are the LOTR Moria goblins if you're wondering. I've always wondered if it would be possible to run a wargame of sorts through an imageboard thread, it seems cool but it would require time, other anons being interested, and a lot of patience.


I think it'd be great, the difficultly would present itself in having to take pictures every second turn though.


How the rules could be adapted for online use I have no idea. Probably the closest that could be done is something similar to /qst/ on 4chan


File: 1568735992954.png (3.9 MB,2688x1034,09.17 Bionicle shit.png)

>I'll probably post them tomorrow
>12 days ago
I'm incredibly lazy, wow. I also got some boxes out along with some of the older original sets which I hadn't (completely) taken apart (Kopaka Nuva is missing his head and Onewa is missing his second proto piton though). Seeing the sticker that I left on the Nivawk box was somehow both annoying and nostalgic. Normally I took those stickers off immediately. Also the original toa sets from wayyy back were pretty bad now that I look at them again. The comics from back then are probably the best and I like the bright colors but the lack of elbows and knees and a neck make them almost impossible to pose in any interesting way. The Rahi were really fun to make back then though, with all the technic stuff.
I know that it's the same thing that everyone says, but the Hero Factory stuff couldn't compare at all to Bionicle even from the worst sets. The smooth pieces are nice and the ccbs pieces can be useful, especially since they often come in most of the colors whereas with the Bionicle stuff there would sometimes be pieces that you couldn't get in more than one or two colors, but they just don't have enough technic attachments for my taste so they look too simple and anything that's built with them as the main system ends up really wobbly and unsupported. Ball joints are nice but there's no reason that the armor pieces couldn't have used technic attachments instead of ball joints. Having pieces that have both a socket and a ball joint is incredibly useful though.


File: 1569108610912.png (17.88 KB,277x71,ClipboardImage.png)


>I've always wondered if it would be possible to run a wargame of sorts through an imageboard thread, it seems cool but it would require time, other anons being interested, and a lot of patience.
This is an interesting thought. If anons were familiar with the rules I could see it being possible to draw orders over photos posted by one person running the game. I could only really see that working out with a couple dedicated and informed posters. To achieve wider involvement the rules would need to be bent quite a bit because I doubt most posters would pay attention to the rules.


Will check that out, thanks for posting a link

That's the problem. Might be worthwhile to give it a go though


the humvee turns green in cold water and tan in warm
the mustang turns aqua blue in cold and lime green in the warmth.


File: AO36z1EJN5nwDQHTL7Pu4jl9aGtyre.png (2.23 MB,1152x2048,10.23 Rahkshi.png)

>tfw I spent all night finishing this because the idea of a cool giant rahkshi spine wouldn't get out of my head and let me sleep
Pretty happy with the result though. Also I've been watching Bionicle stop motion Youtube channels lately that I thought had stopped posting long ago and also rewatching old classics. Pretty cheesy shit but it reminds me of times when I actually looked forward to things, which is nice.
By the way, this guy's head is Roodaka's titty.


Neat, I remember watching lego stop motion stuff a lot.
Noticed my nephews threw some of my old ones in the dirt outside before they left and my inner manchild is still bitter.


That sucks. Hopefully they're not too dirty.


No their fine, just made me realize how highly I appreciated getting each one as a kid. I noticed I was a lot more careful with my toys as a kid than most others, maybe it's brain problems.


Same here, I still have all my childhood in good quality. I distinctly remember learning about how grease can affect plastic as a child and after that made sure to wash my hands before playing with my toys. I still do it to this day


That is to say natural grease and olis from your skin. I don't know if I made it clear


Maybe it's one of the signs of potential lizardhood.
I wonder what other childhood similarities some of us carry.


Maybe it is, I never thought of it like that. I always looked after my toys because they were the closest things I had to friends - was it the same with you?

I still believe toys are alive and will always treat them nicely and talk to them. When I used to post on 4/r9k/ years ago I met a few others like that, but I have no idea if it correlates with lizardhood.


I figure that it's a pretty specific type of person that finds places like this, I've certainly noticed a lot of patterns like this in internet virgin types, since most apply to myself.
Suffice it to say that I had what amounted to some sort of proto-tulpas as a kid that probably formed because of my lack of friends. And I still believe that they were interdimensional beings that I made representations out of lego. They left me a few years ago for reasons that are part personal, part complicated, and part forgotten since it was so long ago. I haven't spoken with them since but I like to think that they can still hear me somehow even though if it was all real then they certainly can't since their departure was as far as I know permanent.
I know I'm a fucking lunatic you don't have to tell me.


wtf it's all me expect lego the part, woah.


It's not like I legitimately think it's real I admit part of me still does though. At the end of the day it was just my dumbass brain finding something to do with an overactive imagination and a lack of distractions. I only call them proto-tulpas because they were really just ways for me to occupy myself, not like a real tulpa which takes a lot more effort. They're probably still in my head they just don't come out for some reason. And it wasn't like I heard them aloud, it was more like having a conversation with myself. I'm not quite as loony as Son of Sam or some shit. I just figure that I wasn't satisfied as a kid with "imaginary friend" so I made up a sort of sci-fi excuse for it.


File: kzyM0U81P79H3bsqVWTpCaQvNgjJeZ.jpg (1.28 MB,2292x3262,40740572-3-deep-sea-diver.jpg)

I had imaginary friends too, i'd imagine them being with me if i left the house, and would talk to them in my head when playing games/with toys.
I'm sad that I forgot so much about them.
There was Forest, Boomer, and Fishpaste.
Later found out Forest was a neighbors name who I never met, and keep seeing characters named boomer as I grew up (Ghost recon, left 4 dead, the meme)
I probably had a few more.
Boomer was just a humanoid silhouette who was quiet kind of like a guardian, Forest was invisible most the time, forgot what he looked like. Fishpaste was a shapeshifter but would only make himself sea creature/sea diver hybrids and he'd do it a lot to entertain me.
Wow lizards i'm mentally ill.


The direction this thread took reminds me of the stuffies threads on Wiz.


Stuffies threads?


File: S1qmerzKHMNauEnPLGA6WiV3dIsJtX.jpg (49.96 KB,620x330,mcdonalds-throwback-toys.jpg)


>No moonman
I sleep


File: L7muf86wAYjXWo1R0e9ZIxzisHU5QM-0.png (1.13 MB,1080x1350,390xx.png)

File: a9XlOjoWG8sABC30icqbgHdT2yf1UD-1.png (684.63 KB,777x1097,385xx.png)

>imaginary friends
i have a literal unironic "imaginary lover" wich is an amalgamation of my rejection of normalnigger´s brand of love (basing everything on sex and who has the most of it) a projection of all the things that i find worthwhile in this life (for example i love my chinese mangos so imagine her as an anime girl, i value wisdom and patience therefore she is in my eyes wiser and more patient than me)

every night i make out (just kisses and cuddles tho nothing naughty) with my pillow projecting her image onto it at some point ill get a mannequin or something and modify it to look like her, i use my image editing skills to pick drawings of anime girls and modify them to look like my mental image of her check picrelated, whenever i am thinking deeply and reflecting on things i think of her by my side pondering those same thoughts, i dont talk to her beyond speaking to her in thoughts because in a way the magic would break since its more about imannence and feeling her presence with me as i traverse throughout this world that i hate

if you lads think you are weird for having imaginary friends or something then i wonder what you will think of me

i regret nothing tho having her by my side calms me during hard times and its good to have someone to share thoughts with,even if she does not reply something tells me this is gonna get "worse" in the future because of me being fond of Philosophy and Esotericism is going to give me ways to actually justify her existance
sorry for the blogpost but this is something that i kinda wanted to share this since you guys seem to be aquainted with similar experiences


I don't think it sounds like such a bad idea, lizzie. One of the fundamental criteria for something being a mental illness is that it causes suffering and distress. I wouldn't worry about your imaginary girlfriend, she seems lovely. You should only start to worry if you start to have actual hallucinations that are involuntary and unpleasant.

The mere fact that an imaginary lover seems weird doesn't make it immoral or dangerous. Godspeed liz, and good luck with her.


I know it's getting more and more off topic but I'm the Bionicle faggot and I have a full-blown tulpa at this point of my ideal qt3.14 so don't worry, this type of thing probably only gets worse.
I also have the same deal with her being more patient than I am, I actually originally made her because I realized that I was an asshole. She's helped with that a lot, I'm doing better anyways. And I do the same thing with my pillow. It's not exactly like I pretend the pillow is her but that I use the pillow to prop my arm up as if it were her, which makes it easier to transition to the wonderland or mindscape or whatever the fuck where I would be cuddling with her. I talk with her a lot though, she's been able to form more complicated thoughts as I've practiced, when I started it was all basically just her commenting on what I was doing, things like "that's rude" or whatever. Honestly I think this is a lot more sensible than robo-brain demon from another dimension so I don't think I'm too much of a fucking lunatic. I've never gotten it in my dumb brain to think she's real in any way and neither has she. You'd think it would be weird to realize that you're not an actual person but she seems to find it normal.
Point is I do the same shit, and I bet there are other lizards or other assorted meme virgins that do the same thing, don't think you're too weird. In fact the fact that you're self-conscious about it probably means you're a lot less weird than you think. Or at least since you're not completely lacking in self-awareness you shouldn't beat yourself up over it. Things like this are only weird to warmie cattle who can't imagine any benefit to going off the script and can't think logically.


File: KG9OECY6HPnSIphgt7eD1Qoi8dATs3.png (454.92 KB,680x706,8a1.png)

>imaginary lover
Dang it Lizzie, it sounds warm but it's tulpa and dunno. I'M LOST


Also this cool photo was taken while lying flat on floor, it took some time and dedication, had issue with camera focus.

That Liz >>2242 reminded me, I didn't talk to mine for quite some time because I was so focused on not fucking up adult life.
Which made me realize that my emotional state went downhill because of that.
Joyfully reconnected today ,feeling great and peaceful at last, no longer alienated and lost.

Also forgot to stay true to myself.
I've been trying too hard to become something that I'm not.
Already been through this process, now I remember how to be!
In my own world to live

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