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I'm assuming most people here don't do drugs. Anybody ever tried dxm codeine or lean (purple drink)? Looks like something i could try.


File: 1532472636275.jpg (152.85 KB,450x434,1475460052172-3.jpg)

yes, i've been dosing dxm on and off for almost a year now. ask me anything you want to know about it.
dosing is really specific to your body weight. research different doses/plateaus and be familiar with their positive and negative effects. take a week break from it per plateau you're on (ex. if you take a third plateau dose, wait 3 weeks to take any again) or you will melt your brain.
get it in gel caps, make sure dxm is the only active ingredient. you can order 5400mg worth for $24 by bulk buying from the dollar tree.
the feeling of dissociation is really therapeutic if you deal with depression. just be careful not to become dependent and try to learn from the experience.


All i need is cough syrup jolly ranchers and sprite to make it right?


>here don't do drugs

I actually have a pretty long history of drug abuse. Just smoke weed now.

>ever tried dxm codeine or lean

I've drank excessive amounts of cough syrup before. Felt a little funny, not sure if it worked. I'm too scared to do any drug other than weed now but damn do those purple dranks look tasty.


>all these degenerates

I got the capsules but apparently one of the inactive ingredients will make you shit yourself like crazy.
I think I'll finally get around to doing it soon though.


I'm tempted to do some lean drinking. It's very sweet and it's cheap because you can get cough syrup pretty much anywhere.


File: 1532490788348.jpg (116.04 KB,600x800,The-best-you-can-have-cons….jpg)

Slurp that shit


File: 1532490906809.gif (446.86 KB,324x400,lean-drug.gif)

Mine as well do it just don't OD yourself and die like an idiot because you put too much cough syrup


>lizchan disappears for one month and the user base turns to drugs
is the dxm calculator accurate? i'm not to worried about overdose.


Sorry it was me who started the thread. I've tried it on accident before. I live in Houston TX so it's highly common here. At least it ain't heroin or weed which are worse. Someone posted a drug post in a /b/ thread so i assumed that one druggie lizkid was still here.


To answer your question i would assume it's more accurate than someones assumption.


dexcalc is accurate, the fatal dose for dxm is way higher than you would ever to even want to consume. the only thing to worry about is redosing too quickly and too often.
>that one druggie lizkid
probably me


File: 1532504509290.jpg (51.03 KB,800x568,642559.jpg)

I'll take mine with three jolly ranchers please.


Embedding error.


File: 1532649407831.jpg (103.73 KB,1000x1000,3a4d893f2062060062fe2ebc45….jpg)

>Sorry it was me
No worries I just wanted to pseudo bully.
>weed which are worse.
I think weeds better if you don't do it every day, health wise.
Haven't tried dxm yet though.
>that one druggie lizkid was still here.
I posted about dxm before I just haven't tried it still, just got my own place so I could now.
Cool I thought it was pretty accurate having read a few stories about plateaus etc.


it's pretty crazy how the drug affects you at different doses so clearly. 1st plat just feels like a strong caffeine high, 2nd feels like your drunk + stoned, 3rd brings double vision on hard and everything starts melting.. that's when the real dissociation kicks


File: 1532785675918.jpg (187.11 KB,1086x800,lean.jpg)

me after my 3rd dose


How do you guys even get your drugs? I'm so paranoid about that shit. sorry to ask so upfront I promise I'm not fbi I just need to get weed or something to calm my down my autism.


THis thread is cringe why the fuck did i make this


legal weed from dispensary

not a cringe thread, but maybe you should of made it in /b/


File: 1537442756354-0.jpg (199.37 KB,395x600,1479350586504.jpg)

File: 1537442756354-1.gif (392.24 KB,292x302,1479350945819.gif)

File: 1537442756354-2.png (121.41 KB,500x378,1483965362902.png)

Lysergi for research chems like memantine or 1-p, amazon for dxm, dispensary for cannabis.
I can't afford other drugs really so no further knowledge.
> calm my down my autism.
I've been exasperating mine with dissociatives, I could never escape my autism.


File: 1537563329932.gif (1.86 MB,480x270,1503707036572.gif)

For plants and fungi containing psychoactive compounds generally growing them is a better bet as long as you don't want to consume gigantic quantities of the stuff.

If you just want weed, I'd suggest growing it yourself as long as you have enough privacy to do so.Buy the seeds over the darknet, and grow them in an enclosure. A bit of an investment into a grow-tent, LED light, exhaust system and carbon filter can work reasonably well as long as you aren't in a living situation where you don't have any privacy, and as long as you don't live somewhere where the laws are much more serious for growing vs possessing.

Many common psychedelics can be grown from seed ordered over the internet. Magic mushrooms are reasonably easy to grow with some prep work from spores. DMT containing plants are fairly common and have a decent yield. If you know home chemistry you can even DIY LSD after extracting LSA from the seeds of some ornamental plants.

Other than that try darknet markets for potent pure compounds. Generally as a rule try to only order stuff that is relatively pure, and relatively potent. Pills and powders in small quantities can be disguised reasonably easy and probably won't get checked so long as you don't buy to much. As a rule try not to have packages cross boarders.

Don't forget to buy reagent test kits to make sure they are what they say they are, usually popular markets drugs are reasonably clean compared to street stuff, but you never know. Also some places allow you to send drugs to testing labs, but it depends on where you live, if the service exists legally where you are I highly recommend doing labtests on larger orders.


File: 1537948673998.jpg (350.67 KB,1037x1336,mushrooms.jpg)

Magic mushrooms can be grown in your closet in a jar. Personally though I don't think I'd ever want to eat them again. I spaced out way too badly the last time I ate a lot of them. I don't even know how I'd handle a trip like that now that I'm older.


File: 1538804210190.jpg (44.91 KB,358x269,1434863509514.jpg)

Any lizards do mushrooms? I'm going to soon and would like some input. I've done upwards of 700ug of lsd and was fine and it's my favorite substance, any expectations i should have, precautions?


Ate quite a lot of mushrooms in my high school years. They're like a mild lsd, or a massive weed high.

I'm surprised to hear you enjoyed lsd. I did it once and I can remember laying on the floor waiting for the high to be over. I found you really have to be in a good frame of mind to take psychedelics.


File: 1538820020384.png (304.06 KB,520x610,1505982281648.png)

>They're like a mild lsd, or a massive weed high.
If I smoke a lot I do get uncomfortably anxious sometimes, but I've never had a bad lsd trip.
LSD reverts me to happy child mode where I still have dark thoughts but if I'm left alone with my toys & freedom I enjoy myself.
>you really have to be in a good frame of mind to take psychedelics.
I agree, but it's like it helps my frame of mind. The first time I used it I was outside near my parents and just burst into laughter for 30 minutes feeling like a weight was off my chest, and I just experienced my whole life in a very short amount of time.
I'll post about it if i do end up taking them, going for 2g for starters.


File: 1545824849427.png (2.02 MB,1920x1080,1460517749550.png)

So I finally tried mushrooms a week ago, and they love me.
Is it just a normalfag thing to believe that they'll make you confront all your issues and become thankful for life etc?
While I genuinely felt happy for the first time in a long while, and thought about my actions recently and through my life, I felt compassion for myself but never really saw myself as being a bad person for not following the job / family route.
Now I'm back sitting in my neet den leeching off my family and I can't feel anything regarding regret, actually not much but a calm contentment occasionally disturbed by dislike for the real world and what goes on in it.
Going to try 4 grams soon maybe it'll make a difference.
Thanks for reading my blog.


>disturbed by dislike for the real world and what goes on in it

When I took mushrooms and especially when I did lsd these thoughts hit me hard. I remember being downtown in the city while on mushrooms and getting all kinds of insights into how vapid the people and society around me are.


I had a few lsd trips and in hindsight I'm thoroughly unimpressed. I have come to the conclusion that it's nothing more than chemicals flooding your brain, leaving you incapable of clear thought. Thats it, your just too overwhelmed.
I am dumbfounded by people who take dmt and think they met god. Especially since some of them (Joe Rogan) understand that dmt is produced naturlly while you dream. How wouldn't you make the conclusion, that ingesting the stuff that makes you dream in much higher quantity, will result in very thorough and dream-like hallucinations? Even the the sense of time is warped the same way; as dream time is much quicker than real time.
Sory, I went on a rant but I wouldn't count on mushrooms improving anything for you if you yourself are unable to do so.


Yea I get extremely paranoid around most people on lsd, like lock my door or sit down in the bathroom if i'm not alone in the house anxious.
I'm impressed by lsd and definitely would take it every chance I get, but not from a real revelation type reason. It did help me see a lot of patterns in life when I first tried it, but now it's mostly a recreational thing. Just desperate for distractions and dopamine I think.
>dumbfounded by people who take dmt and think they met god
I think it's interesting but is just a hallucination, I saw ash on my desk turn into 100's of little people and start walking towards me, or my dick nearly split in half, but I don't really convince myself it has a divine relevance, it was pretty neet though.
>wouldn't count on mushrooms improving anything for you if you yourself are unable to do so.
Yea I just thought I may get a meaningful message, I got a few small ones but it was just due to having a really coherent and enduring train of thought.


I agree, the stuff you see is quite unique and you won't experience these visuals anywhere else.
I guess it's fine if thats your reason, maybe the prophet type psychedelic fanatics should just pipe down


>bad trip
>also beautiful in its own way

so beautiful


Wish I could get that high and have a sassy black woman record me


The only drug I do is zippy water.


Negroes are a fascinating species.


I'm sure there's a pcp dealer in your area that can make your dreams a reality.


File: 1547994277543.png (434.42 KB,540x532,1546632917955.png)

you must not understand the different physical, cognitive, and visual effects a drug can have. a modest dose of dxm is unlikely to put you into full psychosis like street-quality pcp will. a trip can only be as bad as your conscious is troubled or guilty.


I do concur
The craigslist ad has been posted


File: 1550291672444.jpg (109.9 KB,764x573,20190215_142614.jpg)

This is the right thing right yakui poster? One of the "inactive" ingredients is sorbitol, which i've still been told would make me shit my brains out which is somewhat worrying.
And no worries I'm kind of familiar with disassociatives, just never tried dxm.
Weed makes me anxious most the time, LSD is hard to get, Same with mushrooms, cigarettes are just calming and cigars a time waster, etc.
Really want to try coke but that's rich people powder.


File: 1550298460533.jpg (91.43 KB,800x1000,__yakui_futaba_channel_and….jpg)

Good news,because those are gelcaps and sorbitol is there to preserve so there is not that much of it. Syrups contain more of it for sweet taste.
I doubt that taking it will give you diarrhea but even if so you would get it after whole high.
It happend to me only once but it won't hold you on the toilet so you shouldn't worry about it. More common is just breaking a wind but like once or twice and nothing more.
It's advised to take allergy testing dose that is 50mg(rare but for safety,why not?)
Haha that's why I smoke rather small doses because it's making me feel paranoid. Tried LSD once but unfortunately it was more potent than it was meant to and on the top of that I'm oversensitive so whole thing ended up pretty bad.
Never tried muschrooms but I'll harvest some amanita muscaria in this year for sure. Tried coke but it just felt like hangover for me .the guy that offered me was feeling great though.
When it comes to dosing I've used this http://dexcalc.com/ have in mind that first time can pretty strong.
DXM makes your pH alkaline that's why I recommend drinking something acidic like water with lemon juice(too much of juice won't do anything bad) it eliminated nausea for me and many others. Oh and if U have any prescribed pills ,check if there are any interactions with dxm. Let me know was your first trip :o


File: 1550378128246.png (71.93 KB,490x435,drawn_by_mukai_kei.png)

Hmm still no response.
Hope You aren't dead from mixing it with presribed pills. Serotonin syndrome is not fun.

I'm thinking about trying codeine but last 6 times did nothing. Maybe I'm indeed special and unable to metabolise it just like ~8% of population.


I've taken it for a cough recently so no allergies I'm pretty sure.
Dexcalc says I'd be in the 2nd plateau so may be a good starting place.
>I'm oversensitive so whole thing ended up pretty bad.
I gotcha, I am too but I think my sensitivity to dopamine is high, so an experience like thinking I'm a mud monkey descended from people labeling themselves kings scared to just be an animal. and those constant thought loops and patterns entrance me and make me the happiest out of everything I've tried.
Mushrooms are a lot more earthy than lsd, or natural to say in my experience, my first time I felt like I was being hugged by myself, my cat kept sleeping in my lap and I danced like a retard just happy to be alive. Then the second I layed in my bed in the dark and kept focusing on my own decay, others would call that a bad trip but I'm fascinated by those experiences.
I'll let you know how it goes, I'll have to find a time to do it since I heard it makes your speech all tard like.
Not dead just thought the site was was, I have some stuff to cold water extract codeine, but have never tried it, may have to in the future just for fun.
Sorry drug talk makes me rant lots of words come to mind and always interested in others experiences.


File: 1550724999666.jpg (2.08 MB,1555x1400,tristlulu_v2_by_hozure_dc0….jpg)

Good to hear that You're alive :D
Are you sensitive to stimulatns too? I'm not but it's a good thing since it's considered more addicitive than other kinds of drugs.
I'm curious if muscimol is similar to lsd high but I don't want to know the answer because it may ruin my trip just thinking about it.
What kind of mushrooms were you eating?


File: 1550746015849.jpg (648.29 KB,1200x900,1498810218629.jpg)

I'd probably really like them, I plan on trying them if I get cancer or plan to checkout honestly, too poor otherwise. But don't think i've ever tried one.
>What kind of mushrooms
Not sure really, white, bruised and dried. tasted like cow shit unless you plugged your nose like a tard and downed them with OJ.
Never heard of muscimol honestly but going to read up on them tonight for fun.


Another board full of norms it seems.


I doubt that any lizard would like stimulants. Wait, you're eating things without knowing what those are? It's silly and rather norman way to do drugs unless you're so depressed that you don't care what you take. It was probably psilocybe.
Why is that? Do you see taking drugs as normie thing? Or you assume that ppl that have access to those must be sociable? tbh it's nearly impossible for lizard to have contact with dealer so I could understand that point


Drugs does not automatically equal normalfag my good man. But thank you for keeping an eye out.


>I doubt that any lizard would like stimulants
Well I like most drugs I try so it's just a guess.
>without knowing what those are?
I knew what they were after looking them up, though it's been to long to remember.
>unless you're so depressed that you don't care what you take
Close but I'm depressed and fear death.
Yup that's the one, took a small dose last night. Now i'll have to wait for the dxm i'm pretty sure.
Though It helped me get back into eating healthier so far, was starting to grow apathetic again.


What was the worst drug that you tried? For me it was benzydamine,pretty cool delirant until the last stage when feeling like dying with fear of upcoming Independent doom. Do you think that your depression can be caused by drugs? Out of curiosity how often do you intoxicate?
For me it's once in a month since I'm not homegrowing anything atm


gave up drinking for benadryl, gave up benedryl for dxm, gave up dxm for kratom
now i dose a few times a week. feels better when i don't do it every day, preferably once a week. i do miss that overwhelming dxm high, though.


Isn't that too often for a opioid?
Did you get any withdrawal symptoms?


Honestly, crack cocaine. I'm clean now but fuck it was hard to get away from.


A-PVP is the worst. The high is good, but the comedown is ridiculously bad.


File: 1553207524358.gif (180.33 KB,350x404,b93.gif)

After my countless attempt codeine did worked this time but it was so weak that even half of a 2%beer is better and more comfy. Looks like my body has problems with conversing code to morphine. I took 180mg and after the "high" I had a headache that lasted for almost two days.

After few days I decided to smoke mj and see how it does in big dose since I'm usually smoking a little.
Every of 3times ended the same way. I had flashbacks from lsd badtrip. I felt like I'm in mental hospital tied down to bed. I believed that it's just my imagination that I'm in home and I just lost my mind.
Sleep was my only remedy.

I'm thinking about taking dxm if I get flashbacks from it too I'll probably just go full sober


I thought our drug users would appreciate this site: http://yakui.moe/yakui/.


File: 1553676381476.jpg (1.06 MB,1920x1080,background001.jpg)

nice background I now use


File: 1554142391371.jpg (114.57 KB,756x1024,5PyxB7ziuhI.jpg)

So I tried dxm after the long break and well it was good experience if I wouldn't count nearly throwing up before it kicked in. Reached 2nd plateau,it was very pleasant without any bad after effects but I was hoping for third. Looks like I have to take more mgs for 3th since I have normal weight and I'm not skeleton anymore but I'll wait at least month for it.

I'm trying to get my hands on lsd again but this time I'll take much lower dose that won't fuarrk me up

(my earlier post had some awful grammar mistakes,sorry I'm not native speaker)


did you take liquid or gels?


File: 1554502514245.png (2.01 MB,1080x1080,tumblr_oltkg58EEk1w4oqx1o1….png)

Gels. In my country there is only one syrup with dxm only and it tastes awful + gives me rash


taking upwards of 700mg diphenhydramine day to day put me in a weird headspace.
but even worse was ~300mg dxm with only 25mg to try to quell the nausea. i've taken more dph than that with dxm before, but the timing made me more delirious than dph could alone. horrible experience


File: 1554513412423.gif (1.35 MB,500x500,tumblr_n46t7v3Pfc1qk3ymlo1….gif)

weird, gels never made me nauseous. it might help to space the dose out a bit (10 pills, 10 more 30 min later, so on…) or your gut culture could just be very different from mine


File: 1554561342851.webm (1.18 MB,1024x686,1460217547812.webm)

Gonno finally try it this monday hopefully, should be fun.


File: 1554575188018.jpg (198.29 KB,732x1024,WhaM9jXV8ko.jpg)

2 weeks passed from my last trip(but I wrote post 5 days ago) so I took 150 in syrup and after some time 300 in gelcaps. I had no nausea at all Trip was a little bit overwhelming. I decided to spend it mostly outside robowalking in park at 2:00. I haven't met there single soul which was kinda weird.

Any Lizards have experience with buying stuff online through tor?
My privnote dealies are probably out of business and getting lsd from third hand is taking forever at least only the 2nd one takes fee,hopefully I'll get it today


File: 1554640474644.jpg (69.87 KB,600x708,machine_elf.jpg)

Has anyone here seen the machine elves on one of their trips? I've only taking lsd and ate mushrooms and I've never seen or communicated with them.

From what I've read they appear during DMT trips and are really just demons who are entering into our dimension.


File: 1554696573043.jpg (8.74 KB,480x360,hqdefault.jpg)

Those guys sound more friendly than shadowppl that are running at ya


Have only seen ash and dust turning into crowds of tiny humanoids walking towards me or piling on top of each other. Never tried DMT though.


have some respect, for all you know those shadow people can be your dead ancestors


So it's indirectly their fault I exist. Gotcha.


File: 1559110906856.jpg (129.72 KB,1024x640,yordles_party_hard_by_hell….jpg)

Took 450mg dxm, puffed a little
Bad trip and flashbacks from my nightmarish lsd trip that ended in madhouse.
If my 2nd lsd trip doesn't unfix me getting badtrip whenever I take sth then I'm leaving drugs.
I think that few months passed since I posted that I'll get lsd soon but I should have it tomorrow.


>2nd lsd trip doesn't unfix me

Does lsd even work like that?


God speed liz, personally I've been sober all year and kinda want something now. Might finally be able to try dxm next week if no one drops an emergency on my ass this time.
In terms of breaking him out of a bad trip loop maybe.


>breaking him out of a bad trip loop

hmm I've taking acid once when I was about 16 or so, and my life has been shit since then. Maybe another dose is what I need to get me out of this funk.


File: 1559173134551.png (106.63 KB,600x1024,d6kwbv9-28c3f527-cb6b-47b3….png)

Thanks. Just make sure to do some "research" before taking it. Imo it's the best drug without prescription. There are some posts about dex in this thread.
Yeah I meant breaking out of badtrip loop that I get when I'm not taking very small doses.
If it won't work then it's not a problem since I rarerly take drugs.

I don't think that's how it works
There is no magic substance that fixes all the problems as far as I know.
They're more likely to make it worse if U already have problems.

Season for amanita muscaria starts in upcomming month and it's been legalised lately in my country which is nice.
Gonna post few pics someday


File: 1559226630013.gif (1.95 MB,398x400,1463329656666.gif)

Oh i've chatted with you about it probably, I'm the guy who keeps saying he's going to try it and never updates because family issues.
Do you think it's just a situational thing or did the drug effect that?

What specifically made it a bad trip for you guys? if you wanna share anyways.


>situational thing or did the drug effect that

Drug had some effect I would say.

>specifically made it a bad trip

Wasn't at a relaxed place when I did it. Too public. I should of done it when I was in the woods or at home watching tv and playing video games.

I was in a bad frame of mind when I was on it. Instead of enjoying the drug I ended up dwelling on my problems. The drug gave me some negative thoughts that stick with me to this day.


Maybe it's a silly question but did U try to rethink those thoughts?
it worked for me tho it was rather unplesant.


I think once you've gone down the rabbit hole and come to certain realizations you can't really come back from that.


File: 1559519204382.jpg (186.21 KB,1280x833,7a563bcd46d375a62996fe5a74….jpg)

what realizations? I'm very curious


I should mention I ate a ton of mushrooms growing up (and used lot of other drugs) so most of my psychedelic experiences comes from that.

>what realizations?

I started to see people as meatbags and seen the monotony of everyday life for what it is (everyone doing stupid tasks to chase money). I think once you've reached that level of heightened awareness it's hard to come down from it, and it leaves you with permanent anxiety. This is probably why the CIA was shilling lsd in the 60s. They wanted a country full of broken people.


File: 1559535674798.png (159.67 KB,426x425,image.png)

I thought it was something worse.
How those thoughts are negative?
I have similar view but why it gives You anxiety?
You can't change it. Maybe after life will be better but if there is none then it's not a problem since we won't feel anything.
We're all egoistic or altruistic-egoists
Not everyone is a meatbag,there are artists too :-DDD


>How those thoughts are negative?

I guess the thoughts hit you in a real existential way when you're on psychedelics. Like you're seeing life in a completely new way.

>We're all egoistic

Psychedelics will cause ego death.


File: 1559551505537.jpg (846.77 KB,1580x890,1456810169746.jpg)

I already kind of thought like this but psyches definitely exasperated it.
>Not everyone is a meatbag,there are artists too
Those are the impressive meatbags.
>Psychedelics will cause ego death.
How do you guys perceive this?
I'm not sure if I have.
I either can play a survival horror game for hours with no desire to stop, detaching from my usual habit of self pity or browsing boards.
Or I'll blast music and lay in bed staring at the ceiling imagining living other lives and fantasy/history settings.
While doing either one I have these waves of feeling like I'm dying and being reborn mentally after each thought I have (not as dramatic as it reads).
I only forgot who I was once, and that wasn't on a psychedelic.


File: 1559574446731.png (284.63 KB,1185x717,1786846__safe_artist-colon….png)

None of what U wrote makes sense
Same as You.
I experienced long-term memory loss on dxm few times and it's nothing fun


>None of what U wrote makes sense

Drop a couple hits of acid and read my post again. It will all make sense.


File: 1560416757906.gif (933.58 KB,520x364,ColdFrenchBushsqueaker-max….gif)

>I'll have it tomorrow
>15 days ago
Yeah, nope but someday I'll get that lsd I GUESS

No traces of Amanitas because it's too freaking hot ugh

Still didn't dex,right?


File: 1561182611477.png (249.93 KB,360x360,1558999016790-3.png)

Tried butter+weed in microwave method.
I'm starting to doubt that this will hit


I did some dextromethorphan a few years ago. In my country it is, or at least was, available OTC in tablet form - just pure DXM HBr and a binder. The tablets were horribly bitter to taste. The most I did at any one time was 450 mg, which for my weight should have been a high 2nd plateau, IIRC.

The experience was, in general, unpleasant. Nausea, being immobilised, often a feeling of imminent death, dwelling on unpleasant thoughts I already had prior to dosing. I had to quit the drug. I have been clean for some three years now, and replaced DXM with exercise. Life is good when sober and lucid.

My recommendation for fledgling dex druggies is to read William White's DXM FAQ on Erowid.


File: 1561447972343.jpg (65.45 KB,500x418,33308864_8264d73f75.jpg)

My DXM experience was:
downed a full bottle
extremely cherry-minty thick goo washed down with some water on a path at night
feeling like walking back home was an automatic process like I was a machine
interesting overlays and head sensations when I shut my eyes as I walked
got home and had the shits bad, all liquid but it felt all good and I did not mind one single bit
no apetite
felt like i was floating and falling when i lay down on my bed
the next day felt slightly "off" in some hard to describe way

haven't really had interest to do so since but i have heard stupendous as well as horrible claims
me me i'm an herb liz instead


I'd smoke it too but it makes me schizoid af.
>hearing screams and crying
>extreme anxiety
>dissociated from real world
Doesn't matter what kind of strain I smoke or eat it always ends the same way. Big puff is enough to make it happen. Oh and always after weed I get headache or rather some sort of migraine when it comes down and stays the day after.
Am I retarded?


WOuld not say retarded no. It can affect people in various ways. Some people just don't react well.


>hearing screams and crying
>Am I retarded?

Sorry to tell you this but if weed use is making you hear voices it might mean you're borderline schizoid. Might want to keep away from the herbs liz.

The anxiety thing is normal, I get myself if I smoke too much. Weed increases your heart rate and blood pressure making you more prone to stress.


File: 1561935096823.png (2.78 MB,2000x1700,65868683_p0.png)

After many months I finally got lsd.
Trip was rather dumb,was looped for most of it.
180μg was a little bit too much for me, fortunately my badtrip didn't last long.
I didn't have any meaningful thoughts or realizations while tripping beacuse I was too high to think reasonably.
The comedown was the most annoying thing that I've ever experienced.
I felt somehow superior than others at the same time I knew it's just substances makes me feel that way.
Other than that I had flow of "bright" ideas that were really silly after analysing, but I rethinked my social phobia and looks like it's gone.
Three days passed and I still have no problem with going out doing grocery shopping or keeping eye contact with strangers. I'm really amazed that I don't experience any stress at all


>The comedown was the most annoying

Yeah, I can remember laying on the floor waiting for the damn high to be over with five hours after taking the drug.

>I don't experience any stress at all

I'm sure you'll go back to your old way of thinking but even if it makes your stress go away temporally that's amazing.


Okay, druggielizzes. I'm getting my wisdom teeth pulled soon, is there any way to keep myself from calling my dentist a nigger or worse? I don't have access to practice drugs unless homemade somehow and I don't have any experience with anything even as light as weed. Am I fucked?


File: 1562206996427.jpg (84.78 KB,300x300,17afc463bd09023920a2d87b95….jpg)

if you take the route where they put you to sleep while you get your teeth pulled you wont feel a thing and will just blackout. I thought it was gonna hurt during the surgery but they jab your arm with a needle and you will feel calm and after you blink it will be already done. It doesnt really hurt afterwards, your gums will just feel numb, the biggest pain in the ass will be having to keep the gauze in your mouth because the gums are constantly bleeding, having to replace them since youre leaking saliva and blood constantly. Dont take anything, water will taste like blood so drink soda or milk and eat soft foods like apple sauce.


>keep myself from calling my dentist a nigger or worse?

I don't know, that's quite the dilemma my lizard. Just pray that the dentist won't give you nigger gums like he did with Robson.


It's not bad actually, the worst part is the numbing needles and those are just like a hard pinch.
Root canals on the other hand.


I'm not really worried about the pain, I would have asked to do it without drugs but I sort of freeze up in social situations because I assume saying "yes" to everything will get me out of there quicker. They said that I'd be out of it for a day and I'd need my family to stay near me to keep me from falling down the stairs or some shit so I might call them niggers too, who knows? They also said I wouldn't remember anything so if I say something absurd my family might just choose to not tell me and act like nothing's wrong, that's what I'm most worried about. Maybe it's worse for me to obsess over it because then I'll be thinking about it more.
At least from the look that the lady at the front gave me, the high'll be good.


File: 1562276009471.jpg (77.64 KB,720x678,62366520_2280353408879240_….jpg)

Don't worry Lizzie dentists are used to it.
My pa sweared at dent too and there is nothing wrong with it since shit like that happens when there is a lot of pain

TFW still no mushrooms cuz too dry
okay,thanks, I won't miss it


It's possible to request only local anesthetic (lidocaine) if you remove only the top or bottom set at a time.


when it happened for me I blacked out, you literally go to sleep. When you wake up you will be conscious when in the operating chair, I think youre prob thinking about those videos online of people saying dumb shit when they are high on drugs, but for me I remember going into the chair, they jab a needle in my arm, then when the surgery is over I woke up from the chair with bandages in my mouth then they send me to the lobby and my family helped me go home. Dont worry about it you will be awake when they remove the needle from your arm and youll wake up and be aware of your surroundings when your family helps you leave.


File: 1562726677366.jpg (255.45 KB,600x759,__original_drawn_by_daisuk….jpg)

Welp I tripped on fake LSD.
I don't even know what to write.
I'm just kinda devastated by how greedy ppl are.
but hey at least I woke up from my autistic thought that everyone is nice and not fake :-DDDD
I'm just glad that nothing bad had happened and I didn't died.
It's a great time revalue everything in my life.
I'll stick to being sober.
I'm really glad that none of my family members have seen it, sorry if I wrote all that stuff like a retard


>fake LSD

take the drugs along with your receipt back to the drug dealer and get a refund


there is nothing left because I bought little
he didn't trolled me like I thought earlier
guy is just retarded and thinks he's selling real lsd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


It's got to be willful ignorance, most people know the bitter/spitter rule.
Hell If he's still doing it he could kill people easily.


File: 1562872736012.jpeg (15.63 KB,202x249,images (4).jpeg)

It's not that but stupidity.
Guy thought that crack is more expensive than cocaine.
4 ppl in job bought it and tripped(dealer too)without noticing that they're high on NBOMe.
I took MD in job to cope with social phobia and it didn't have any taste and I felt quite well then I packed it in latex glove.
Later when I took it I could feel the weird taste but I was sure that it was because of latex. Trip was very weak I thought that it may be because my tolerance went up from MDing.
I looked up lsd tolerance graph and measured to have a slightly stronger trip.
It was the scariest bad trip that I ever had.
I guess that's what happens when you belive stupid ppl


File: 1562915865598.gif (1.32 MB,500x321,tumblr_okuymsfOqN1tk4o0bo1….gif)

Nvm it wasn't fake I'm just too fragile


File: 1562918141088.gif (1.14 MB,276x415,1509800874940.gif)

What made it a bad trip? remember any thought patterns?


>If he's still doing it he could kill people easily

It's common knowledge that drug dealers could care less about the harm they do to their clients.


But that's a potential buyer lost, isn't it? I always thought that the goal with dealers is to get you hooked and to make sure you're buying from them as much as possible, and hope you don't OD or rat them out.


File: 1563203051055.jpg (146.88 KB,500x520,dbe89561661ac774523ecd288e….jpg)

I was chillin in living room then I decided to lay on my bed.
Couple of minutes passed and I heard chainsaw noise.
In front of my windows there is school that is surrounded by tall trees and there were ppl cutting branches on boomlift at 8:00 am.
I don't have any window covers and I started to freak out that they're looking at me (I think they did) so I went to living room again.
Out of nowhere neighbours that live above me had an argument,those apes often shout at each other but I didn't expect them to wake up so early since they were rather loud last night.
Trip just started and a lot of complications happend I knew that it'll be hard so I wrote down on a paper reminder that the trip will end etc.
I went to my brother's room where he has curtains. I listened to some chill and happy music but noise from chainsaws was rather unsettling. Then neighbour granny with dementia started banging at my door, I knew that there is no way that I'm going outside so I didn't answered then that oldhag shouted that she knows that I'm here and told someone on staircase how bad I am (even tho I helped her many times >:d )it all happend when my trip was building up.
I was already stressed af and started to feel pain in my tummy.
I went to bed and had OOBE where I've felt and seen every bad thing that I ever had with some additional negative surreal memories.


After comming back to my body I felt very tired, I went to living room again.
I had a thought that LSD was fake and I ODed. I wasn't sure if I lost my mind or just died and was placed in some realm for my "sins".
I felt bad for my family that I may be in vegetative state. Other than that I had no memories I felt like I was created just to suffer.
I thought that everything never happend and it was only my imagination.
It's not everything that I experienced but I doubt that I could explain it even in my native language.
After all LSD is not a substance that will change my point of view or make me do better outside like I falsely thought earlier.
Maybe it works like that on those who accept themselves and don't have problems with facing real life.
it worked for one week only. MDing makes my social anxiety disappear for like ~36 hours which is very helpful since it's really visible when I'm stressed (my whole body is shaking hard). Unfortunately I feel like it got worse after MDing. I'm not sure if I should take microdoses till I save up for hikki life or just live with it which will be hard because I may lose many opportunities to make my dream come true more quickly.


File: 1563216281573.webm (1.68 MB,1024x576,1483324112558.webm)

Sounds like a bad setting for sure, I know people that can trip in strip clubs and be super charismatic. I'm kind of similar to you where others make me uneasy. It's like I can sense that as soon as i'm around someone they'll ask me to do a ton of task or automatically sense i'm tripping.
Yea industrial noises or yelling strike paranoid dis-ease mostly around the peak.
The lying in bed thing happened to me a few times too.
Introverts just tend to be more self conscious I think and acid amplifies it, my best experiences have always been while alone, When I'm alone i'm able to be 100% comfortable even when having what someone would call a bad trip.


File: G8UFK7jYhc4ORbWZyquksrDgaJ05Ml.jpg (18.93 KB,400x400,0KxNKIQW_400x400.jpg)

Harvested quite a lot of amanita muscaria today , drying it atm.
Anyliz had some experience with that redcap cutie?


Where do you get your drugs?


Growing and rarely from a guy that I've used to play league in HS though It's rather long process, waited for acid like half a year



File: 1fEiS9Rl4hBCL2VgAJas7bc6nqkDxZ.jpg (109.88 KB,684x646,268fd4cdcf87acb8c3bc22ad85….jpg)

I guess nobody did.
Dried cap then boiled it with lapacho tea.
It had strong flavor of mushrooms and was slimy. Not sure if it was good or disgusting, something in between.

Drank 3/4 of it because I had irrational thought about this being too much.
light enhacement in mood, felt comfy and warm, oh and calmed me down (was kinda irritated because I broke curtain)
No nausea or gastric problems.

Gonna try it again in 3 weeks or later with 2 caps


File: ic0JXZw7kdfQyARbmHFqL9GaT3DOeI.jpg (44.04 KB,508x418,egghead.jpg)

Yea I've never tried that type before.
All my experiences with mushrooms in the past few years have all retained a pattern of the following.
>feel like i'm physically lighter
>chest feels vulnerable, fluttery
>A motherly warmth envelops my heart
>a bitter sweet self pity envelops me
>movement and noise exaggerated
>breathing plants
>previous beliefs solidify, brain can't argue against them
>default to listening to music in bed
>the music and my thoughts become a stream flowing together
>my mind feels like it's in a cocoon, or egg
>reality feels like i'm looking at it through glass
>anhedonia reminds me it's here to stay and there's no thought that can alleviate me of it
>trip ends
extended family that doesn't like me but knows i'm a mental case that has 20$ sometimes.


how much did You take?

This weekend I ate 1g of them and music felt great most of the trip I was cleaning.
Then got kinda uncomfortable so I decided to lay on sofa.
Didn't have any meaningful thoughts or realizations.
Day later I have visual snow, and It's still with me.
Funny that I got hppd after a small dose that showed me small visual breasthing and nothing more.
I thought that this condition appears only to ppl that abuse psychedelics or take huge doses, well that's unlucky.
At least It's not annoying me.
Looks like I shouldn't do any drugs


I've never had visual effects stay with me more than a day, well sometimes i'm still extra aware of movements.
Yea I hope it goes away after a few good naps, I'd rather have the increased vibrancy than snow though.


I've done DXM in the past for few times and while I think it's okay I didn't really enjoy the dirty high I got from it. Combining it with weed is extremely pleasant though.
I'm very interested in other dissociatives and I've been thinking of ordering some ketamine since it supposedly also helps with depression even in very small doses so even if I don't like it I can always use it for that.
I've only tripped properly on LSD once in the past, which was last summer but the experience wasn't that great since my teeth, which are kind of crooked and crowded, felt uncomfortable for most of the experience and I should probably get them fixed before trying LSD again. It also made me very anxious at everything but I was able to get it under control after the peak and I think I'd have easier time with it if I tried it again, especially if I ordered some benzos just in case. Might go for another psychedelic instead of LSD though since the duration is very long for someone new to psychedelics.
I've always wanted to try codeine but can't get it OTC where I live so haven't. I know I would love opiates so maybe it's a good thing I haven't tried them.
The deep web is a very easy and surprisingly safe source but probably not the best idea unless you live alone or know no one else will check the mail.
If you get anxiety it's hell waiting for the drugs to arrive though.


I think that growing cubensis and MDing them is a more viable choice,it worked pretty well for me + it's a fun hobby.
Codeine is hit or miss depending on how many enzymes you have in tummy,barerly worked on me and gave me a headache.
What do you mean by dirty high?
It was my favorite drug untill I started getting panick attacks and feeling of independent doom day after.
I wonder why it turned out like this since there were over 1 months breaks,it just came with age I guess.
Have You ever had OOBE? that's where the fun starts


Growing mushrooms is something I could see myself doing in the future depending on how my next trip goes.
Dirty high as in I get horrible nausea and motor control loss and I can't think clearly at all, which does seem to be fairly normal but wasn't really fun since I didn't get much introspection out of DXM. I read that music is supposed to sound great on it but this effect was barely existent at all and alcohol alone would make music sound better for me. Highest dose I've done is 600mg which is low 3rd plateau for me and it is quite fun but the memory loss DXM causes starts getting annoying at this dose. I think I'll possibly try higher dose of it in the future but who knows since I get a gag reflex from just smelling the cough syrup nowadays while when I first tried DXM I didn't think it even tasted that bad.
I've never had an OOBE but I'm planning on getting more into dissociatives so that's definitely something I'm interested in.


File: t1gBHq3lLf67k05pahErxyF9ZU84QJ.jpg (350.87 KB,687x1120,33.jpg)

I never had any introspection on dxm other than nonsense brainfarts that were losing it's meaning after the trip.
Haha for me syrup was tasting pretty nice but after some use I started to get gag reflex as well but that's nothing compared to benzydamine and salt. The worst tasting thing ever.
I'm sure you could get it but most of the ppl don't enjoy the experience.
I've seen ppl jumping from the windows to their death and ppl hanging on noose in my shower. For me it wasn't scary but rather weird.
Oh and the comedown mostly sucks,my worst one was when I thought that I'm dying and was laying in bed for entire night sleepless. Deliriants be like.

Oh and about the update about cubensis mding, after 3 weeks of taking it and then droping my social anxiety kinda skyrocketed and I'm feeling blue.
I read a lot of good things about mding so I tried to see how it works for me and well it made me more energetic,didn't stress almost at all but I'm feeling the opposite now.
Not sure if I should md till I retire or just be awkard and anxious


>I'm assuming most people here don't do drugs
>140 replies from degenerates


low iq bait


simply stop being a paranoid puritan and hide the thread.


Look, I agree with you in that drug users are degenerates, but there's no need to shit up a thread about it. Just ignore the thread whenever you see it, instead of ruining a thread that other lizards use.


they should open a store called "drugs r us" just to piss you off


How is drug use degenerate?


It's against his norms or he's judging by the stereotype.
Either way it's very warm of >>2182


File: ZWtVAUpN0X1wQqLePHh7DK5bIrMmfg.gif (860.1 KB,480x480,dasdad.gif)

3rd flush of cubensis this time I should have fanned them more often because few tops turned kinda dark and are slimy (not mold tho).
I had cake in a drawer for like 2 months suprisingly it didn't spoil and even gave decent yield


I've gotten used to playing horror games the rare occasion I get to trip, and it's pretty addicting. I've almost finished silent hill 3 and finished the others (that matter). Something nice about only being able to think about survival for a change.
I really want to learn how to cultivate my own, i'm going to look into it this winter.


I started with grow kit because I was kinda busy to do it on my own and expected to get instruction with kit,although it came without.
Dunk it in water for 1 hour then pour it out, put in bag,mist it sometimes and vent, room temperature is enough.
It does need light even tho some tards say otherwise. Some also say that you need a lightbulb under the grow but that's overkill and I didn't see any difference.
Indirecet light from window is good enough.
After harvest you can dunk it again and get from 3 to 5 yields
That's all.

Making it on your own isn't even that hard the only that You have to care about is not getting it contaminated.

If you have any questions just post it here and have in mind that there is a lot of wrong information on net




wtf, stay the hell out of our realm you hippie warmblood!



File: 1604099683256.jpg (367.75 KB,1920x1080,14szy9uln7rNz00peDw8G2HzTN….jpg)

Got wrong jewpills and tics got worse. Gotta visit neurologist since they're that potent.

My tics got worse so I visited the psychiatrist.
Prescribed me anafranil which I took immediately and trittico before bed.
Fucker choosed me wrong drugs and when went to work I couldn't formulate words then my whole body was shaking and making moves like if I was electrocuted.
Boss told me to visit another psychiatrist immediately and he even partially paid for it.
I work for him only 4weeks but I've never felt that much support even from my family
Second psychiatrist confirmed that those drugs shouldn't be prescribed to me and even if, they were really outdated and no one sane gives them.
Also she has never seen such strong tics that affect whole body. So I have to visit neurologist if pregabalin/rispsridone/alprazolam don't get rid of it.

I didn't know where to post it but I guess it's the best thread for it



wrong thread? Btw sorry Tourettes has got you down. Hopefully one day, you may have Tourtettes, but Tourettes won't have you!

This is you, right?


It's right thread since it's about drugs.
It turned out that it's not tourette and most likely something different.
I don't feel any negative feelings when I'm having an attack but it's just kinda annoying.
Anyway yesterday I started taking 3rd drug and my family went batshit crazy and stole all my medication.
Just because I had a little trouble speaking and forgot where I put telephone or cigs
Fucking ridiculous.
I had much worse side effects years ago and they didn't give a fuck.
I feel so angry and have urge to kick and punch things. Probably due to missed dose. (I have never felt like that)


I have been trying kratom again. Last time was a few years ago but I didn't really notice anything. I bough a bunch of capsules this time and can't say there is much different. I either feel nothing or get really tired. Worst case I get nauseous. Actually made me puke for the first time in over 6 years.


File: 1604346726034.jpg (45.25 KB,250x250,2a52e225a4bd3be476f97048f0….jpg)

Chasing the first kratom high?
Why did you decide to buy it?
I'm curious what made you do it


First time I bought it I did it because I heard it was supposed to be relaxing and chill, I imagined like the couch locked weed state, and also because it was simply a convenient drug to acquire. This time I did it because I stumbled upon a Joe Rogan clip where they talked about it and I decided to give it a second try.



Sounds like the machine elves are going to be visiting a lot of new people.


File: 1664223521006.jpeg (37.66 KB,320x320,4CFC253C-7D4A-4090-9B33-5….jpeg)

It has been ages since I used dxm.
Took around 450mg. It was very lame, I had no idea what I was doing.
Spent most of the time in bath tube.
Felt extremely itchy for and my jaw was shaking.
Then it stopped and I started analyzing myself.
I came close to realization what should I do in my life and what stuff to fix.
Out of nowhere I heard someone talking upstairs.
This building has whacky vent system so you can hear a lot of stuff with the vent off from other flats.
Just like that I lost the thought and focused on sounds of people talking some gibberish, footsteps and doors.
After that I decided to head back to my room and play games.

Ruined trip because I forgot to turn damn fan on.
Five or six years ago I managed to make up some dumb excuse/explanation for everything that is happening in my life, which kept me going nicely for like a year or more.
I was so close to having it again.

48 hours passed, and I feel rather uncomfortable.
I must be getting too old for this shit.
Looking back I was not affected by comedowns.
That sucks, I do not feel terrible but I would rather not strech my fragile brain stength.
Well, have to stay sober.

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