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f59da No.1035

I tried going to lizchan.top
the only html on the page was "why are you here". Creepy. I don't want to lose lizchan and not know what happened again. I think lizchan should have some other site or way to contact without the email. I have some pros and cons.


-A popular website does not go down
-A popular website is easy to remember
-A popular website like twitter can be fast and easy to access to find the news. Twitter, for example, doesn't require an account


-Regular people can find the site
-Possible tracking on these sites (like Facebook, do not use) or ads
-You rely on a more popular website instead of standing on your own. You're at the mercy of that website if something goes awry.
-It's possible the site requires personal information of the account owner, and that's NO good.

You could possibly use wizchan as a backup site and just post on the lounge thread. I don't recommend Facebook, but there might also be other FOSS options. I don't think the email itself would suffice since it's found on the website. If the website goes down, no one but the people with the email know how to contact you. That in itself might be okay too though. We should probably know and store the email, but as a site owner, you might not want to count on that.

e8a1d No.1037

That's because you didn't use https. I agree with you that it's certainly misleading though. I don't think https plays nice with some older browsers if you're a *nix lizard.

I think our status page should be on neocities. We just have to convince Ihato now.

Mentioning Lizchan on Wizchan is generally a no-go because mods will delete/ban on sight. I don't know if you're aware of this, but Lizchan is most often mentioned on Sushichan. There's where the most lizzies are so it's the closest thing to a bunker we have.

57417 No.1038

File: 1602076854308.jpg (1.55 MB,1920x1080,0cd9044964c889f4e129fea84a….jpg)

I assume its to dissuade warmies from coming here or it could be like you said.
Before the domain migration a year ago I forgot what domain it was changing to and only figured out the .xyz domain like a couple of months later just guessing it and lucked out.
I get what your saying though and id also rather not lose this place like it happened last time.

f59da No.1041

File: 1602123290352.png (19.62 KB,1920x1041,lizchan.top homepage.PNG)


I can easily put https en frente de mi url bar. Once you access the site from a search engine, you can just put lizchan.top in the url bar and go here. Very interesting to see a message instead of an error page though. Why do they ban/delete the name of this site on wizchan? It has the same rules as wizchan.


The place is probably already susceptible to warmies since people from sushichan know about it. Still, it's where I re-discovered lizchan from. I had heard sushichan from a wiz.

e8a1d No.1043

Wizchan has a rule against advertising, and they take it very seriously. You must not have noticed.

f59da No.1044


Of course. I never advertise! I'm such a good wizzie.

Also, figured out how to access the site through the url bar first time.


All that in the url bar. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I've seen www required but never ONLY https://. Weird.

d3011 No.1045

>It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen
It gets weirder. After you've accessed the HTTPS once, it seems like lizchan.top just begins to work.

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