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cbd19 No.1096

If this is true how come there's so few people posting here? The site should be growing by leaps and bounds according to this chart.

431b5 No.1097

They are on incels.co
No one is going to post on an obscure offshoot of a meme alt chan

98af7 No.1098


I guess a lot of guys haven't come to terms with their fate yet.

>No one is going to post on

Then what are you doing here?

8a926 No.1099

>how come there's so few people posting here
Nobody shills it. This is a sekrit club but it's too sekrit and only like 10 people know about it.

db27d No.1100

no retard ur just some children from clique

of course people will go to better communities

a83a9 No.1101


7e4d0 No.1103

>better communities

What better communities? Pisschan? Some shitty whiny incel vbulletin board? As far as male virgin imageboards go this and /tower/ I guess are the best we've got.

9d155 No.1104

There are not very many lizards. Most people take things way too seriously online.

c12e9 No.1105

>men under age 30 who report zero female sex partners since they turned 18
>since they turned 18
So that chart isn't for virgins, it's for those that have been celibate since 18. So essentially you could have some normalfag that had sex at like 16/17 then had a dry spell while they were at college or whatever. In that chart I could be a near 19 year old who hasn't had sex since a week before my 18th birthday and yet I would be included in the virginity graph despite not having sex for nearly a year (which face it, happens to some normalfags). I could also be a 20 year old that hasn't had sex since 18 but has been in a relationship without sex for 2 years as the chart only counts sex partners. The chart doesn't also factor in that back in the '50s the typical normalfag would have a stable job by 17 and a wife by 18 with children not long after. In the modern world you finish school at 18 and then expected to study until your mid-20s, at which point you then should seek a job and have kids by 30, so people are still having sex just later in life.

Secondly, this chart doesn't deal with the % of males who have never had a sexual ecounter or ever had a gf, so they aren't potential lizards. Not to mention some people genuinely believe that sex is solely beins in bagina so stuff like oral, anal, etc isn't sex and therefore if you only do that you're still a virgin, and also there are some who don't consider fucking whores to 'count'.

Look at lizchan's 2 main rules - you must not have any desire for a relationship in order to post. Most incels, despite having a deep hatred of women, are desperate for sex. Their entire identity revolves around it. To the incel, having sex validates your entire person and it is for that reason they want to lose their v-card to their ideal woman. Incels are therefore not going to be welcome on the site. Also there's a new rise in orbiting online women, especially camwhores, and the amount of virgin men lusting after them is staggering - like the incel they too would not be allowed to post here.

Now factor in those that are actual candidates for lizardhood - where do they go? Most will probably start on 4chan /r9k/, and graduate to wizchan. Most are going to stick on that AIDs ridden honeypot that is wizchan but those that are fed up will go to other virgin areas, such as 8chan /r9k/, or just move onto hobby boards instead. If they do encounter somebody mentioning lizchan, there's also the chance that a lost lizard may tell them of the site's demise without realising lizchan has been resurrected again. Anybody who does reach lizchan and meets the requirements is one in a million.

de375 No.1107

>So that chart isn't for virgins

I don't know, it says male virginity on the chart. I'd assume the guys are sexless or they wouldn't use the term. You're not a virgin if you're going through a prolonged dry spell.

>Anybody who does reach lizchan and meets the requirements is one in a million.

the elite few

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