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File: 1569612293570.jpg (24.52 KB,290x400,e358e28d00ec952fa34df1a9fa….jpg)

cb184 No.804

TOR posters will be blocked as someone here is enjoying posting CP. I'm already talking with authorities for the matter and see if they can do something about it.

I'm sorry for the ones who used it for legitimate reasons but I can't do otherwise.

b98de No.805

Do what you have to lizmin, who new schizoposter was also a literal pedophile.

3c0a7 No.808

File: 1569617692264.png (1.12 MB,1920x1080,Shirogane_learns_Volleybal….png)

oh my now I'm schizoid about that because I was using it at the time when he posted it

cb184 No.809

As for now posts/threads made must undergo an approval process from the staff.

Sorry lizards but this is the safest way to not get v& from this lunatic pedophile. I understand this will anger some of you but as long as we have this dude around I won't take any risk for my personal safety and the staff as well.

Unfortunately blocking TOR will likely not be enough if he's committed enough so desperate times call for desperate measures.

Almost forgot: I had to implement from scratch this "approval" feature, so it might bug out. In that case send an email here: admin@lizchan.xyz

3b769 No.810

Testing approval feature

b98de No.811

You mean you'll approve our IPs or post? I'd be willing to help if it's an easy process, or if you're busy a lot lizmod.

cb184 No.812

At the moment it's post by post. I can definitely say I will look into whitelisting IPs of known posters though, that's for sure.

Just give me a bit of time and bear with me lizzies.

d5e9e No.816

I hope the approval thing temporary. It was only one shithead and he's probably gone now.

cb184 No.820

Just an update lizzies: for some people the approval thing should be gone.

For the ones who keeps getting their post in quarantine to be approved you'll have to wait until we approve enough posts from your IP so the system that we've put up will judge you trustworthy enough.

I know it was quicker just to set up a login system but you all know better than me what happenes when there is a username next to your post and furthermore this would kind of defeat the Lizchan experience translating it into a semi Reddit style based thing which I don't want to partake in.

8dfb4 No.821

Thx Lizmin tho nobody talked about having nicks.

9ce53 No.822

Thanks for not going the Reddit route.

8dfb4 No.824

Nobody said anything about making usernames
Idk where did you get that

cb184 No.825

The problem with that aren't nicknames as they can just be hidden easily but how other fellow lizzies request their access to post.

If you say for example: "just let people email you" at that point how can I distinguish a malicous warm blood from a friendly cold one?

I figured this would be the neater way to solve the problem while still maintaining the place as close as it always was.

3b769 No.826

File: L4JMsF0zSjRivpf95Gh3UcTAHCWE1y.gif (2.98 MB,400x398,1569190810028.gif)

I think lizchan has even more traffic after getting this approval system. That's odd, but I'll take it

3b769 No.828

File: a4Vdk28JyfPbpCQv5Hlh6WtXGOzZs3.png (155.69 KB,408x238,not cool.png)

Fucking hell, this new system ticks me off in all the wrong places.
I can't even be sure if my posts will go forward now, even if they may be shit, they deserve to exists. Merely to get called out at least.

cb184 No.829

As long as I will be the admin of this website this feature will stay alive, I'm not up for the challenge that a retarded pedo want to play.

If enough people think this is bullshit and want me out, I'll gladly step down as an admin and go back lurking.

b98de No.831

Most of us probably are just happy the sites not going to have to get taken down because of a mentally ill IB conspiracy theorist. post acceptance times have been fast for me, but if you or lizmin know anyone else trustworthy i'd mod them just to help with the workload. It's hard to find mods that don't abuse it though I know.

cb184 No.832

Workload isn't too much to be honest. Lizchan is a slow board. I already check posts to be approved at least trice a day and I can cover them easily, the only thing is that approval most of the time isn't immediate of course.

bd194 No.838

File: fawkIRqJBKznsvrFGADScZ9CPHbEx3.jpg (69.97 KB,720x960,image.jpg)

In light of recent events regarding the Schizoposter, a discussion has taken place between current staff members about what we're going to exactly do and what's going to happen.

First is that the approval-based posting system should no longer be effect, as that was just a temporary measure to deter the Schizoposter. I think it worked, and we should be thankful that it drove him away for now. We hope never to do that again.

Next is that TOR Nodes will remain blocked, as even Lizmin himself was skeptical of them for abuse and now we paid the price. VPN IPs will be treated like any other IP's: Post prohibited content, and you will be IP banned as normal. There is only so much free VPN IP's anyway, so I doubt any abuser will actually pay good money just to spam an obscure imageboard about lizards.

As far as what exactly *is* prohibited content, they remain the same as how the rules have outlined, so there is nothing to worry about. In regards to Lolicon however, please be mindful that any SUGGESTIVE Lolicon may be subject to deletion – It pains us to restrict what you can/can't post, but please, this is for your security as much as it is for Lizardchan against glow-in-the-dark warmies.

Furthermore, the Lizardchan staff is now accepting janitor applications as a preventative measure against abusers. If you are interested, please email us at admin@lizchan.xyz and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible. No technical experience needed. Complimentary Hot Pocket coupons not guaranteed (sorry, Fatliz).

In all seriousness, the bottom line is this:

You do not have to be a janitor, mod, or admin to report abusive content. If you see any, don't hesitate to report it and we will evaluate it accordingly. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you all again for your patience.

Lizchan.xyz Team

b98de No.839

>Complimentary Hot Pocket coupons not guaranteed
flip this i'm out i know my rights

f7f0a No.840

I hope you know well who you're inserting as a hotpocket. Maybe ask him what his favourite thread was or something

cb184 No.842

Just a reminder that if anyone want to help us with moderating the content to send an email here: admin@lizchan.xyz

Please, include your IP, the timezone you're in and how much time you can spend a day on Lizchan.

e0fcd No.843

I'm free 12 hours per day but I'd probably ban almost everyone.

e28fa No.864

File: 214exPqn73KyzrNk9swcYoAQWgpjh6-0.png (92.48 KB,1842x694,Warmies.png)

File: 6Ak2i8emJacE1vXBDpKbI5F9fjoVx0-1.jpg (83.73 KB,1280x720,1578149130420.jpg)

b98de No.865

kind of stupid that they think the mods advertised it even though anyone could of since it was a rec thread. I've browsed anon.cafe and it's pretty similar to wizchad itself, what a bunch of gossiping babies.
The overwatch post should be removed though.

4b4e9 No.866

File: SYrIc9T4ZNUoCBFmGa30JdW21hjO7l.png (696.31 KB,1024x559,1567276314384.png)

>posting shit about the webring
Why? They've been constantly fighting each other and I frankly think it has all been /intl/'s bidding.

09669 No.867

Stop trying to stir shit when there isn't a need, you tranny. You've already outed yourself so the best thing to do is leave.

e28fa No.868

i only posted this because they keep mentioning and directing outsiders to here.
You accusing me of being a tranny is just as correct as them saying the site bo posts on 4/r9k/ stupid dipshit

76d47 No.869

Implying that I posted it or that I have ever heard of that failed warmies board before.
Didn't expect anything more from someome that follows the norms and judges everything without any processing.
100% sure that all my acts are manlier than yours but you can keep calling me tranny if it helps with your lack, faaaag

67991 No.870

That whole posts is just cringe. Jesus fucking christ.
Also I never promoted lizchan other than on wizchan. cafe cucks need to kill themselves. Preferably with a shotgun to the brain.(USER WAS BANNED FOR CRINGE)

36b7f No.871

You've got to go back

e28fa No.872

File: JGI03aYEr9FKjyRgfulvBc12TLwP7H.jpg (44.87 KB,330x338,a3c89a477f5880a34cf2de3033….jpg)

57cc9 No.873

File: X3WtOpLTs2Dbnf1wNPhJE8yFMGCo5K.gif (1.09 MB,478x474,yo.gif)

Go back where? I'm already back nig.

0af28 No.874

nig ninig nig ninigga nig nig

2d613 No.875

Anon, I kind of agree with you that the wording is pretty gay, but how can you be so dense to tell the guy that owns the website to leave? Sounds like if you don't like the admin saying "cringe" then you're the one that should leave.

b4264 No.876

anything said to me I don't take personally lmao not gonna ban someone for that

9ce53 No.877

I meant voluntarily. No need to stay somewhere that you don't like the administration.

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