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File: 1601773699775.jpg (8.45 KB,191x264,images.jpg)

f1a26 No.884

Looks like a nice site. Saw you posting on my site's meta board. Sorry to spam your meta with this post, but I figured I'd come over and say hello.

Best regards from Chanroast.me!

2242d No.885

u better be a liz buckaroo. Thanks for the compliment though.

f1a26 No.886

File: 1601776326901.png (32.27 KB,785x181,c392cedfd3ef11551146e00c39….png)

Not trying to shill, good sir.

b13d1 No.887

File: 1601777881058.png (258.59 KB,490x512,nBhQkmU.png)

6cdcc No.888

File: 1601781608949.jpg (66.05 KB,597x960,708425308.jpg)

722b5 No.889

It's cool guys. I'm the only poster on his site basically.

b13d1 No.890

No, it's all me and my independent personalities.
Basically blog of mine

e94bf No.1046

File: 1602525978611.png (17.5 KB,206x195,1600049853353.png)

It's dead, jimbo.

eadf2 No.1051

File: 1603596501752.jpg (100.33 KB,740x740,Bobby_Hill.jpg)

Wait, so I'm just one of your split personalities!

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