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File: 1504296659915.png (44.32 KB,300x100,banner.png)

38ce1 No.950

What happened to the banners? I have copies of the old ones saved if they weren't carried over.

Made a new one btw, taken from >>>/b/1

41116 No.951

Just dump them here and we will use them.

38ce1 No.952

File: 1504329770449.png (51.97 KB,300x100,1502179812523.png)

Will do. Also noticed that the favicon icon is missing, think I should resend it to the admin? I thought it was a nice little touch the same way that /liz/'s subtitle should be "Warm-bloods Not Welcome" (right now it says "WelcomeD" for some reason)

38ce1 No.953

File: 1504329783974.gif (32.76 KB,300x100,1502401746349.gif)

38ce1 No.954

File: 1504329891616.png (55.34 KB,300x100,1502401866610.png)

Hmm, also noticed the "update" button isn't there anymore at the bottom of each thread and that a "catalog" link is missing under each board title.

38ce1 No.955

File: 1504329998810.png (73.05 KB,300x100,1502412801238.png)

38ce1 No.956

File: 1504330281991.gif (191.03 KB,300x100,1502781900005.gif)

41116 No.957

Does anyone have the lizchan favicon?

38ce1 No.958

Looks like we found and have it again. It looks great. Banners and things are also back, kudos all

38ce1 No.959

Hmm, just noticed that the banners don't cycle though. Strange.

41116 No.960

I've only added two so far i will add the rest later. The gif didn't seem to be working because I was using wget into the banner directory. Will be fixed later.

d03db No.961

File: 1504556381107.jpg (114.83 KB,640x360,sadlizard.jpg)

>tfw lost my banner suggestion folder

41116 No.962


d03db No.963

File: 1504605949610.jpg (67.02 KB,540x1200,loseweightnerd.jpg)

I mean, I might still go through my general lizards folder.

de681 No.964

File: 1600121054901.gif (219.97 KB,300x100,1480202849103.gif)

803fe No.965

Lizchan managed to have no Incels on board unlike wizchad

06fbd No.966

File: 1600553015408.png (118.01 KB,300x100,banner.png)

First time making a banner

cfff6 No.1052

File: 1603646637311.jpg (84.58 KB,885x663,1600198096954.jpg)

I'll post banner material I find here if someone wants to add the finishing touches.

ae70d No.1129

what happened to the banners ihato?

42a73 No.1130

They're back now. (They only change when someone posts).

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