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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Does anyone want to stream Naruto together? Or at the very least, set up a sort of discussion thread for it?
To all wizards who haven't seen Naruto, make this the official Naruto discussion thread.


>To all wizards
>in lizchan

There is no doubt that there are cross-posters between websites here, but at least make the effort to blend into the jungle.


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what's a naruto?


I watched the first 4 episodes because my sister talked me into it, It seems cozy enough I just couldn't watch 200+ episodes of it, did that with Fairy tail and kinda regretted it.
Nasty aggro russian uncles trying oreos.


naruto is shit end of discussion


Kill yourself end of discussion you filthy shitstain


You are free to be hostile here, but do not think that there are no consequences for your actions. Choose your next words carefully before you post; Lizchan is not meant to be a site of open hostility against each other, but reptilian fellowship.

Consider this very carefully.


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hello chronic shitposter i see you're back


Naruto is pretty good imo. I also like when people sperg out at the mere mention of the show (see thread for details).




I stopped watching during the middle of the chunnin exam arc. I think its mostly because I realized I can never watch a show that so many episodes. I wish I could give it a chance but I just can't. I already struggle with watching 20 episode animes as well.


Posting to keep this picture safe.

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