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Hey guys I want to build up a comfy thread to reflect back too while playing games and watching anime, feel free to post comfy videos, asmr, pictures, websites, games, movies, activities etc!


I know asmr is seen as pathetic but that's what I am!
I listen to videos constantly and it comforts me like tv in the background of activities.


I remember being able to beat the game just as fast when I was a kid


File: 1526767179656-0.gif (1.87 MB,1500x780,1526614120471.gif)

File: 1526767179657-1.jpg (283.37 KB,1105x829,1526613688790.jpg)

File: 1526767179657-2.jpg (360.88 KB,1920x1440,1526616112936.jpg)

File: 1526767179657-3.jpg (1.32 MB,1920x1080,1526612372322.jpg)

This is a nice video! I really want to emulate a lot of old nintendo games now, having only played smb and a bit of paper mario.


File: 1526786655666.jpg (117.55 KB,1200x1455,Game-Boy.jpg)


I could do that too but I know it'll never feel as good as when I played it on one of these.


True, It won't feel the same but I must play them sometime! the emu I use atm though is old so hopefully they make it more comfy to use.


very comfy images, especially the last two, thank you anon


File: 1526871644648-0.jpg (890.78 KB,2000x1125,1522422191128.jpg)

File: 1526871644649-1.jpg (682.64 KB,2000x1357,1522423271536.jpg)

File: 1526871644649-2.jpg (383.65 KB,2048x1367,1520347685227.jpg)

File: 1526871644649-3.jpg (1.26 MB,2560x1440,1524440596207.jpg)

No problem I'm obsessed with Japanese architecture and a weeb, deadly combo.


File: 1526960173148.jpg (285.59 KB,1100x778,XFZPSM4.jpg)

my dream home


File: 1526964459575-0.gif (149.49 KB,500x288,1510959996115.gif)

File: 1526964459575-1.jpg (1.2 MB,1920x1080,1475862807051.jpg)

File: 1526964459575-2.jpg (445.36 KB,2560x1600,1476678848496.jpg)

Same, I'm getting the poor white mans land version of this soon though hehe.


>poor white mans land version

Will it have rocket thrusters?


File: 1527046797893-0.jpg (3.28 MB,1600x1200,1525417642011.jpg)

File: 1527046797894-1.jpg (786.05 KB,1920x1080,1524304906777.jpg)

File: 1527046797894-2.jpg (1023.6 KB,3981x4706,1521387132471.jpg)

No it actually doesn't have a cock pit pre-attached and a meth head stole the thrusters.
But it will be comfy once I move in!


Some reptilianon was talking about FFXIV a while ago, If you've ever tried it out how would you say it is for solo play?


File: 1527936589071.jpeg (105.49 KB,620x465,japan-otaku-computer-bed.jpeg)


File: 1527950655349-0.png (1.62 MB,1600x939,1513173295025.png)

File: 1527950655349-1.jpg (147.1 KB,890x594,1498332225514.jpg)

File: 1527950655349-2.jpg (1.16 MB,2048x1536,1486467519036.jpg)

me top left repositioning every 3 minutes


I'm a mix of top and bottom left. I lay like top left but I use laptops like bottom left. No more CRTs for me.


Same here. I keep meaning to drop some cash on a new PC so that I can actually play some games that run like crap on my old laptop but that requires research into what parts I want, finding someone to put it together since I don't trust myself to do it, and it's also a lot of money and I'm pretty miserly.


File: 1528516844224-0.jpg (83.92 KB,600x338,cannabis_store.jpg)

File: 1528516844224-1.jpg (255.78 KB,1024x683,comfyalley.jpg)


File: 1528657697982-0.jpg (895.89 KB,2048x1152,muhfuture.jpg)

File: 1528657697982-1.jpg (3.52 MB,3371x4500,1527514438122.jpg)

File: 1528657697982-2.jpg (381.16 KB,2420x2420,1526275003475.jpg)

I got my own lizard den! now I have to wait a few weeks for power and internet probably, I'll show the inside if it's not unsightly once I move in.


File: 1528667950196.jpg (833.43 KB,1920x1080,1519503115189.jpg)

Please post more commie blocks and/or comfy Japanese infrastructure. Also, how do you post more than one image.


File: 1528685522745.jpg (138.91 KB,1280x720,Walmart.jpg)

>lizard den

Nice! Fuck rent and strata payments. You could live like a king in a Walmart parking lot if you wanted.


File: 1528685961671-0.jpg (69.4 KB,480x798,Genex_Tower_Belgrade.jpg)

File: 1528685961671-1.jpg (475.12 KB,1576x1986,Genex_Tower_Belgrade_2.jpg)

Just click the select files box multiple times.


File: 1528699440651.jpg (47.51 KB,1240x520,1521602318671.jpg)

Doesn't seem to work for me for whatever reason.


Try unchecking the drag and drop file selection in [Options]. It's buggy.


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File: 1528727861587-1.jpg (911.5 KB,1600x1066,1527659689458.jpg)

File: 1528727861587-2.jpg (1.48 MB,1920x1200,1527649325971.jpg)

Yea I'm pretty excited at the moment, I've always just wanted a small 2 room house so this is like a mansion to me!
Okay, I like both of those!
I just drag and drop the images from my folder.


did you get one in a park?


File: 1528905113790-0.jpg (993.16 KB,2048x1365,1527657151320.jpg)

File: 1528905113791-1.jpg (1.51 MB,2048x1367,1527654332639.jpg)

File: 1528905113791-2.jpg (583.96 KB,1600x900,1527649283115.jpg)

Ah a friend of my grandpas said he'd sell it too him for cheap, It was right across town, he's letting me setup on his property so I can watch after my grandma.


File: 1528998161946.png (487.08 KB,1280x800,ClipboardImage.png)

Everything about this pic is perfect.


File: 1529015620434.png (358.63 KB,301x605,boomer.png)

>living in RV

Are you by any chance a boomer?


Cozy, I remember watching anime and shows split into parts on youtube.
Nah my grandpa is, I had an imaginary friend named boomer though.
I'm gen Z I think, was born in 1999.
I can't afford an RV let alone the will power to get a job.


>I'm gen Z I think, was born in 1999

Holy shit same! (I'm >>1772 btw)
Oh and yes, Gen Z is 1995-2010.


File: 1529024089940.jpg (90.32 KB,1600x900,1460005587780.jpg)

>born in 1999


We aren't all "ironic Instagram meme kids" you know.


File: 1529025496802-0.jpg (62.37 KB,500x500,1528435926789.jpg)

File: 1529025496802-1.jpg (989.98 KB,2048x1362,1527194334031.jpg)

File: 1529025496802-2.jpg (564.27 KB,2000x1312,1525670282166.jpg)

nice trips grandpa grab your walker next time and be careful
I probably have posted with you before, lizchan needs lizkids for the lizlords to spread their experience too. I'm pretty sure lizmin just cares about post quality and activity though.


There has to be someone out there that's made modern YouTube look like old YouTube.
I hate being part of gen Z as 95-97 is a transitional period plus I'm almost certainly on the spectrum because my father was born either the last year of the silent generation or the first year of the boomers so '45. My parents are 60s kids who watched the moon landing on TV.
>tfw your parents are older than some actual wizards' parents


>I'm pretty sure lizmin just cares about post quality and activity though.
Not much of quality at this point, just activity. Been away for a while and the posts seem decent. By all means shit post if you guys want I don't care I got hired so i'm gonna be busy for a while and I'll every once in a while come by and monitor stuff. I have only one Mod on watch so don't do anything stupid like post CP.


File: 1529089656302-0.jpg (738.39 KB,2048x1363,1527652196389.jpg)

File: 1529089656302-1.jpg (684.37 KB,1920x1080,1528247804345.jpg)

File: 1529089656302-2.jpg (237.82 KB,1920x1080,1528255315232.jpg)

What type of job lizmin? Hope ya end up liking it and it's not too laborious!


IT 10 hours a day Mon to Thur.


And as soon i get my first pay check I'll be buying a new linux vps and make the server switch.


File: 1529108786646-0.jpg (811.06 KB,1920x1080,1447910706502.jpg)

File: 1529108786646-1.jpg (1.18 MB,1920x1080,1448225752996.jpg)

File: 1529108786646-2.jpg (1015.95 KB,1920x1080,1445735974641.jpg)

Kick ass that's the field I'd shoot for If I was wanting a career, should gain a ton of PC / Server knowledge too.


File: 1529977743142-0.jpg (28.03 KB,656x353,darkcity.jpg)

File: 1529977743142-1.jpg (76.65 KB,1200x800,LA.jpg)

File: 1529977743142-2.jpg (203.29 KB,2037x1301,Gotham_08.jpg)

night time is when I feel the most comfiest


where do you find these pics originally?


google images


File: 1532223643154-0.jpg (267.2 KB,1200x735,Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.jpg)

File: 1532223643154-1.jpg (231.45 KB,670x501,Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-2.jpg)

File: 1532223643154-2.jpg (181.42 KB,800x600,Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-3.jpg)

File: 1532223643154-3.jpg (200.74 KB,850x478,Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-4.jpg)

Siberia > Alaska



I love mre videos
the delicate chewing of state approved food, the perfectionistic intros detailing the mres contents, the comfy fire side atmosphere the preparation of said foods exhibits, really good pass time - no homo.


I find they're the perfect videos to watch while I'm eating a meal.

I wish MREs were a bit cheaper. I'd love to buy a big box of them and eat nothing but MREs on a lunch tray like this guy for a month.


File: 1534461239784.jpg (125.93 KB,1024x768,yerka04.jpg)


File: 1534703623399.jpg (162.02 KB,700x425,Bismayah_Iraq.jpg)

If I had it my way every city would look like this.


based commie block crusader


File: 1535250695177-0.jpg (1.23 MB,1920x1312,1526391408071.jpg)

File: 1535250695177-1.jpg (668.26 KB,1920x1080,1526783620220.jpg)

File: 1535250695177-2.jpg (549.48 KB,1280x1600,1526623032829.jpg)

File: 1535250695177-3.jpg (774.44 KB,1920x1080,1526181984284.jpg)


File: 1535260758404-0.jpg (99.57 KB,800x533,Petrzalka.jpg)

File: 1535260758404-1.jpg (111.6 KB,1023x577,Petrzalka-2.jpg)

File: 1535260758404-2.jpg (39.41 KB,600x450,Petrzalka-3.jpg)

Petrzalka, Eastern Europe's largest commie block housing development. I'd love to spend a day wandering around the city taking pictures of these beautiful buildings.


I don't know why, but I find these hood footage videos very relaxing to watch.


That is pretty comfy, I've been watching driving and camping videos sometimes.
I may never leave my house but some cameras / editors just make scenery look like candy.


File: 1543378269443-0.jpg (336.86 KB,1200x750,Tavern.jpg)

File: 1543378269443-1.gif (85.65 KB,3x6,Japanese Courtyard - Autum….gif)

File: 1543378269443-2.gif (45.53 KB,306x477,Vhx75Kx.gif)

Pixel art is very comfy


quick post more taverns


File: 1543453028823.gif (507.87 KB,500x477,Highland Ruins - Raining.gif)

I don't have any more, what about castle ruins instead? I could also post some cyberpunk pixel art if you'd prefer? Stop discarding my posts for fucks sake, it isn't automated. LIZMIN SORT THIS SHIT OUT, IVE BEEN TRYING TO POST FOR 10 MINUTES NOW


File: 1543480331327-0.jpg (946.76 KB,1920x1080,1526782369159.jpg)

File: 1543480331327-1.jpg (510.79 KB,1920x1200,1529291380294.jpg)

File: 1543480331327-2.png (51.02 KB,1920x1080,1460174215716.png)

File: 1543480331327-3.jpg (212.51 KB,1280x946,1509375607568.jpg)

>it isn't automated.
that's what they all claim.
medieval and cyberpunk are great
I will post a few things I have sorted later as well.


File: 1543549464243-0.gif (430.87 KB,1670x661,Cathedral Ruins.gif)

File: 1543549464243-1.gif (862.34 KB,480x270,Cyberpunk City Pizza Shop ….gif)

File: 1543549464243-2.gif (781.06 KB,500x331,Mountain Fortress - Sunset.gif)

File: 1543549464243-3.gif (1.16 MB,1041x540,Neo Tokyo Pharmacy - Raini….gif)

That pixel art one is great


File: 1543552692142.jpg (485.21 KB,1280x845,Vasilyev01.jpg)


File: 1543664649449.gif (1.55 MB,1200x810,nice_room.gif)


File: 1543683477746-0.jpg (251.53 KB,800x566,Post-Apocalyptic Akihabara….jpg)

File: 1543683477746-1.jpg (174.43 KB,800x565,Post-Apocalyptic Shibuya S….jpg)

File: 1543683477746-2.jpg (102.44 KB,800x328,Post-Apocalyptic Shinjuku ….jpg)

File: 1543683477746-3.jpg (129.77 KB,565x800,Post-Apocalyptic Hato Bus ….jpg)

Here's some more from the same artist


I like the first one. That train picked the perfect place to break down.


File: 1543753310815-0.jpg (575.87 KB,1414x2000,1529308825755.jpg)

File: 1543753310815-1.jpg (5.17 MB,4001x2655,f38346e6e6c003d620a7c7b190….jpg)

File: 1543753310815-2.jpg (261.39 KB,827x1169,1443955519512.jpg)

File: 1543753310815-3.jpg (616.02 KB,668x981,1448216944808.jpg)

Good post pixel art is great.
Got a bit to comfy and was to lazy to post.


File: 1547901262294.jpg (67.87 KB,780x341,comfy_room.jpg)

I wish I could go back in time.


File: 1548028372262-0.gif (70.28 KB,699x246,Japanese Village - Night.gif)

File: 1548028372262-1.gif (187.7 KB,500x218,City Corner - Night.gif)

Very nice, isn't it?

Thanks, pixel art (when done properly) is amazing


File: 1548202214926.jpg (191.2 KB,1200x812,China.jpg)

I would still happily live in the building.


File: 1548424486306-0.png (347.06 KB,635x422,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1548424486306-1.png (812.63 KB,1200x796,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1548424486306-2.png (338.18 KB,700x439,ClipboardImage.png)

That schizo from Connecticut Adam Lanza had one of the comfiest bedrooms I have ever seen.


>all clothing is the same outfit
>garbage bags blocking out sunlight

the guy had the neet lifestyle down to perfection


He's probably my favorite, The Radio call in, Trash bag windows, the documentary, the possibility he didn't do it, his forum post and movie taste. Really interesting dude from the little we'll ever know.


Actually because he didn't throw out all of his papers and failed to destroy his hard drive I'd say we know quite a lot about him when compared to other school shooters. It seems like he wanted his motivations to be a mystery but he left way too many breadcrumbs behind for that.



I hate that these guys always feel like people that I would have liked to be friends with. Maybe I'll join them one day if I'm lucky enough to get a gun in my situation.


Hello there, Mr Glow-in-the-Dark


Same here. I enjoy watching Columbine home movies because Eric and Dylan remind me of the guys I used to hang out with in highschool. We were the outcasts in school just like Eric and Dylan were. the only difference being that we weren't bullied. in fact some of the jocks would talk to us on occasion IMO, the outcasts and "weird kids" are truly the cool ones, because they are actually interesting unlike the popular kids.


>Maybe I'll join them one day if I'm lucky enough to get a gun in my situation
Plz don't do a shooting. This website doesn't need any media exposure.


I don't want to derail this thread anymore than it already has been so I made this if anyone is interested: https://lizchan.org/liz/res/1306.html


does the CIA even have this place on their radar? I thought we were too small, I reserve my paranoia for larger imageboards.
Don't worry I wouldn't mention this place even if I were to be able to get a gun and do any real damage. I probably wouldn't be able to get a gun though, I don't have any opportunities nor the smarts to find an opportunity.
It sort of depresses me that no matter how many people I would hypothetically kill, nothing would change. Anything I were to do would amount to nothing more than a power trip that would be used by kikes to strengthen gun laws. Shit's fucked.

I agree with >>2858 I'd rather not derail the thread. We should get back to sharing comfy videos. I like to watch these recordings of Jim Lee drawing but since he does the videos on Twitch there's that annoying chat that gets in the way of the pictures soetimes. He probably gets more money from it than he gets from DC so I don't blame him for catering to normalfags but I wish he woudn't put the picture under the words.


File: ntgmhjedk719cbx4sClyZX8P2FaOTW-0.png (783.77 KB,640x632,ClipboardImage.png)

File: TfeiA4wEnKo2CgqbmMaupSsyLHlW67-1.png (928.31 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: MLpX8mKbSNdHZF5sWi0CnzqDkGheOy-2.png (877.53 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: xhmzKysloXvdDu7PWgZBCntQpHqFaR-3.png (762.2 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

Something about pictures like these are fascinating and oddly comfy


File: 9OGShZHXpM3TIwkgqd4DyzuWvcC7x8-0.png (1.63 MB,900x675,ClipboardImage.png)

File: U9mw1kjSDGqFr3EPWR47hfNibHJQv5-1.png (789.62 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4dY7tysGVLKDmRnoeNkcJ5OSEhvj2z-2.png (2.11 MB,1037x767,ClipboardImage.png)

File: Q4VwZy8cvhxjR3nGeoqAgSF5d9tYiO-3.png (919.44 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)


File: 94VAYSWfHgCGBNJKO2M7Pjcq1QIoRi-0.png (927.41 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: ucxBswMGNQAYlI6pakC5Pz2nZqSj7y-1.png (847.3 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: SaBFNKq5WCtvbozGcyOMiJXxY0Anfj-2.png (557.41 KB,500x375,ClipboardImage.png)

File: NGz3Qt1TSDPJVKMo7jg5ilWHhCFY2u-3.png (934.46 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)


File: FGeX0zk6umlvfYJM9V5aI3DhcbB87R-0.png (3.22 MB,1280x960,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8ANOF6YUWCRDryweSVs3vl5cn10Jzo-1.png (933.26 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)

File: B9TlsfZ7tkqzhP80w43UrOXxGmycgj-2.png (796.6 KB,638x479,ClipboardImage.png)

File: XUx9u2PbZMLVoNIJhYnc1zT6dBfwCG-3.png (825.26 KB,660x495,ClipboardImage.png)


File: i1NGUQXFofvqLB8RrAHIg4bSK9Emuz.png (523.21 KB,500x666,ClipboardImage.png)


>first pic
>endless beer
>early 2000s computer, probably still running xp
>old timey lamp
>chef boyardee

all he needs to do is get a better chair and it'll truly be comfy tier


File: XtzAOnVhuvNUDYkIj9wQ3ZKcHd6CTr.png (51.97 KB,480x479,1573934749274.png)

Id unironically blow my brains out if I lived in some of these places with garbage lying all around me. Why do people do this?


Same. I would be too afraid of roach infestation.


Stop being so hyperbolic. At least half of the places in those pictures are perfectly habitable, and a couple look darn right cozy.


File: aYI3EOwpkdfoPxU4y9AlTKSL0s5Whg.png (783.72 KB,1522x978,a7237682dfd22afd3c42abbb44….png)

I once visted a dude's room that looked like one of these and it was far from comfy, it was very depressing. I like my room a lot better since its at least clean and the walls dont look like someone shitted all over them.


A little bit of grim on the wall never hurt anyone. If anything, it'll help give your room some character. Spiders on the other hand, they suck.


>second pic
>mountains of food wrappers and soda bottles

that's gotta be where fatliz lives


They're awful, repulsive dens that I could never live in but strangely comfy. Its like a final, loud shout from a quiet loner, the final defiant act that screams "I lived" in a world that forgets and ignores them. These guys will die and no one will ever know, but these images resonate with us and will forever be shared in places like this.


File: JcOW5t4ybBP6YzLUXxKMhQmEoRrVfI.gif (888.43 KB,307x156,1530418466677.gif)

I agree, clean rooms are very boring in my eyes. This species of abode was the only reason i'd go to threads where they were posted.
You've simply not achieved chi, a being should desire to kill himself equally in all places, and those in which he inhabits that reek with the stench attractive to many predators, yet in which he still prevails is one of the pinnacle of comfort attainable only through effortless spacial dominance, which is expressed through disregard for anything not pertaining to ones own body.


If you'd have said "balance between order and chaos" instead of "chi" I would have believed Juden Peterstein wrote this.
All lizards should be top lobster in their respective spatial dominance heirarchies.


File: CaBHOF7lgSAqLUItZ8poYNRmE6yw0d-0.jpg (76.63 KB,607x1079,425.jpg)

File: k2XMhCU7vVs4Hdtf8L9zwjiuOg6Bqo-1.jpg (810.5 KB,1450x2048,318.jpg)

File: rELiIhAKz9mbkOyGlov8Ds3ge4cC5w-2.jpg (188.29 KB,1131x1600,286.jpg)

i will trade lewds in exchange for more of these comfy rooms


All this is not even worth a roompic


File: qYS7WP6cORHgNLlnywztfUKExau8GX-0.jpg (352.22 KB,1366x768,417.jpg)

File: mh6eXFCDE3GBUYvstL9xPNA1IVMTOz-1.jpg (115.77 KB,1500x1078,420.jpg)

File: oJrANGi0ZIUMLxHhktTm5Q8sFC46YS-2.jpg (74.06 KB,763x1080,432.jpg)

File: eZRrFKowmM73bxhzSXy4p8dOEAPtLa-3.jpg (79.81 KB,766x1080,433.jpg)

have more


File: H3r8Vo0sgqyCcIGt4Ej1U7XnNv65WB.png (1.4 MB,800x600,ClipboardImage.png)

Absolutely disgusting. Post some comfy anime grills instead and I might consider posting more of these images.


File: 5gUktnTvDOEhJzoPc6jNKpYiAmCfF7-0.jpeg (3 MB,2414x3500,32.jpeg)

File: bQPdmyuHXwTpnql3xYMg8v7DNtKGrj-1.jpeg (697.43 KB,1382x2160,30.jpeg)

File: 2pxKHkqMRWLvfV3jEzd6S7UCYg1sai-2.jpeg (1.32 MB,1637x982,Sleep 2.jpeg)

File: vqPWa3oIA1tyG2wY0RpOMHxQz7ZSEb-3.png (2.23 MB,1850x1162,33.png)

thou asked, and thou shalt be delivered

though it be wise of thou to not disrespect the methods of worship of fellow brethren, for i think 2d females art prettiest when naked

i shall await for thou part of the bargain, lest thou wish to infuriate me and leave me with no choice but to Garretpost untill the wrath of the Builder is quenched


File: gDYiEZucQl76M3sT2w8UvtoON1fhPq-0.png (688.91 KB,660x371,ClipboardImage.png)

File: V1rujlHCOJtaDfdZ4Q0eMhGNmwEXoI-1.png (981.34 KB,700x500,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2DrXpkibYymQVj30HIMcf9ZCEw5GUP-2.png (918.44 KB,700x500,ClipboardImage.png)

File: ogZ7vUyxfKzIXjOd6GVm80WS1p4hca-3.png (1.85 MB,1024x682,ClipboardImage.png)

Do you have any of anime girls that are alone in your collection? I would gladly accept those as payment for my services.


File: xFs1dMqKlbhSI5c87OtVzf9oeBP3jY-0.png (1.03 MB,700x500,ClipboardImage.png)

File: vjybCXsPU2tG6OqT8mzEx5iBMJ1RgA-1.png (447.8 KB,360x480,ClipboardImage.png)


File: 7UgxLZFGYR2JbV9dpTWcjQrfvoEP36-0.png (1.05 MB,700x525,ClipboardImage.png)

File: fJnFOtcHWarIj8wuM9ze17KyVZspxG-1.png (401.55 KB,480x284,ClipboardImage.png)

File: sbNkAm8hWjaxtXe3UFfygC90OvY5in-2.png (238.9 KB,333x250,ClipboardImage.png)

File: oF3rnpjISl6WDHtYem2iGxsLKOVRJA-3.png (753.36 KB,577x434,ClipboardImage.png)


File: qbUdkmYsofLBpTz0tShl5EwK36rAQD-0.png (983.08 KB,640x480,ClipboardImage.png)

File: XJTZMd9UKHzxAqa72VjrQNRyo5nF0l-1.png (811.84 KB,640x480,ClipboardImage.png)

File: TGFtosb0pqNiaduZrLCWcSy8KD4lmY-2.png (605.21 KB,567x425,ClipboardImage.png)

File: LmHf2P4K7wSVgyuJRj9FqcMzNQn5Ie-3.png (348.34 KB,400x300,ClipboardImage.png)

I've included otaku rooms in these, sorry if they aren't exactly what you're after.


File: PATGEV3vhKamDHFnguiXQZxfUyR9pN-0.png (2.08 MB,1024x768,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1SQxidmgJ758TLNc2bUGVuK0ksowlA-1.png (2.04 MB,1024x768,ClipboardImage.png)

File: g0irzH3lLPco5W9KT7N8tpm6OeGsyX-2.png (2.23 MB,1082x812,ClipboardImage.png)

File: wdULhnmgiYreqtBVEuk2WsCIMNOAQF-3.png (1.96 MB,966x713,ClipboardImage.png)


File: mI7utKDvg3Rli5zw4B0xcrOYaSyPdE-0.png (1.67 MB,966x699,ClipboardImage.png)

File: pPNhE85KwLg7CBMcsyknSJZVqOTua6-1.png (836.01 KB,640x480,ClipboardImage.png)

File: fD0izmvkM9HBFWbXEQugtJ5Y3Iq8eT-2.png (1.61 MB,1024x768,ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry already posted the third pic, didn't realise until afterwards.


File: dZERhr7Oug6Fk3PqYJ9NfsjVnM8GHt-0.jpg (806.07 KB,1200x900,Doozing off.jpg)

File: J9Z34Y1FRsap65j7oxEIVOzcCU0wrk-1.jpg (46.32 KB,604x453,IRL1.jpg)

File: syKOeiYtRDUnMTXWCAxwdofVg0q6Ip-2.jpeg (4.09 MB,4080x5973,Kimono.jpeg)

File: mWVC3lOrTQLZ0UqJYKzDg4XdAycF86-3.png (4.47 MB,2880x1920,35.png)


File: yJaiXxkP7EjZvYFQ5lA6bCsnSdN4VG-0.png (2.02 MB,1024x768,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1EO3bJwAVS57fvBcaWhpgHyxQPdlKz-1.png (2.17 MB,1024x768,ClipboardImage.png)

File: ONuBhjygb2FPmYcZn1G3QU0E69voRq-2.png (830.8 KB,670x480,ClipboardImage.png)

2nd one is great, I like lonely anime girls. Remember seeing one where she's in a supermarket/convenience store late at night, it was pretty comfy. Stupidly didn't save it and I regret it


File: 5zJAhvZaHOejRwFT8IgNSbDcK2ld9s-0.png (1.1 MB,1100x1100,36.png)

File: nBQeLOsrWyPkjgpVT3oub9HmAitM6K-1.jpeg (293.33 KB,658x750,Cofee2.jpeg)

File: bedBWSN3PwZO25IhiJ8AYm7Gjg9Dzq-2.jpg (114.64 KB,900x900,Donut.jpg)

File: x1kuj2DZwM6tQavmIVoBWlXe3OrTCp-3.png (3.97 MB,1813x2537,Waitress.png)


File: l3Ews0rmyvp5gdAUGJoOB1cxqICaZ8-0.jpg (220.73 KB,1280x741,Sad 11.jpg)

File: DwgXK43YWCLEcvSjuNkPOVpfnBs9Ua-1.jpg (59.34 KB,1000x638,Sad10.jpg)

File: zBUEXJNScv46HoO9lFyihZ1mfgDw2C-2.jpg (328.89 KB,1280x853,Sad 8.jpg)

File: ePs5N7T2maXuoJzQd91VGMgW0EYytk-3.jpg (96.33 KB,1280x720,Sad 9.jpg)


File: YTQfF4A61nUpi3auwjcI7m8hkOvMyZ-0.jpg (276.67 KB,1512x851,Field.jpg)

File: 3cS9zXQYOnqoeTl0V2WPCGiA7xLh5J-1.jpg (251.35 KB,1280x850,Kimono 2.jpg)

File: dK5GMwnlzNCvyPeJ2DOhtx7BL0AI1s-2.jpg (190.4 KB,1334x749,Kitchen.jpg)

File: 9yHPdtb2gBS78oiCFVzjeOaxTMGus1-3.jpeg (140.28 KB,1024x576,Park.jpeg)


File: Qy3u9GaAjLbMSeBv6FoRg2ihNsVTPz-0.jpg (291.45 KB,1280x720,Cirilic.jpg)

File: GuWd4b9qwNgMcoUePXvBEFxSjtTAn3-1.png (3.86 MB,2309x1725,Window.png)

File: sx8Xw23K6fHNUbaYrnmoiu9QZ0e5qO-2.jpg (158.67 KB,1280x811,Car.jpg)

File: w8M6jVCuD47QykWHIS1n0pUTf3hJmo-3.jpg (136.14 KB,1200x628,Bus.jpg)


File: 0p8tClQrMnGLqXRYDg5TIB7K6me9WZ-0.png (794.01 KB,640x478,ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7vLjpVN9z8Tbr4AKQ3CUmnZdBXoewM-1.png (431.02 KB,453x339,ClipboardImage.png)

File: M3jryGtOpUNeFgJ8kEDnlhwBAT7Q6L-2.png (420.52 KB,429x322,ClipboardImage.png)

File: tZrjbUfahLPmiRkoq8c6X4FDH5Yu9G-3.png (412.81 KB,450x315,ClipboardImage.png)

This is especially good lizzie, many blessings upon you


File: HvRdK3p5VJT9buMFzyr6jQkSP2xC4l-0.jpg (57.22 KB,960x712,Couch.jpg)

File: YjPaLeITsK7ZyUFS6qfivNHnc83rdz-1.jpg (167.97 KB,1280x628,Car2.jpg)

File: GV3sx8A9kpyjUQtIlciYJhXK5NZWnC-2.jpg (103.73 KB,1280x850,Snow.jpg)

File: sULfNVujIEDGhPw0cp9aiXzQdC6oHx-3.jpg (177.55 KB,1200x800,Rails.jpg)


File: uTW6YNEcP9ltVwA4ko2Gdhxei5LKFD-0.png (630.68 KB,562x374,ClipboardImage.png)

File: yOf9z2Mv1Bhabk80gCL7JtQUlRFx3I-1.png (902.46 KB,640x480,ClipboardImage.png)

I'm calling it a night, I appreciate you posting these


File: ty8GrV1oYJbnqZKTlfsimNcW0A6UQw-0.jpg (150.17 KB,1024x678,Sad9.jpg)

File: i9JHOFXlZYognxq6dTf5jcmDehMPLp-1.jpg (117.2 KB,1080x720,hmph.jpg)

File: ickEguweav7rFD2LpjQnhGHRKyfZtP-2.jpg (690.33 KB,1253x885,Night.jpg)

File: stZKucn5oIvYr6wDHdMbfxzpGXkqa9-3.jpeg (177.3 KB,1200x800,hug.jpeg)

shure, its been fun having to scramble these because i am a lewd specialist so i dont have many comfy stuff on my archives, its good to be taken out of the confort zone and performing the art of reverse image search and obscure forum browsing after so much time

because i could go to the subreddits of faggots throwing fapshit at eachother, but that would be feeding off reposting and low quality shit, those animals dont even have the decency to remove watermarks or reverse image search to get a good resolution, but hey its reddit what do you expect?


Iktf Lizzie. Google images is comfy way to lurk.
it's weird how you can find pedostuff there tho

nice pics


I really appreciate you going that far just to find those images, many blessings upon you anon. It genuinely disgusts me that there are people like that. If you're going to save an image, why not make sure it's the best possible quality? I don't understand, but I guess it's because they're too lazy to spend a couple of minutes on a reverse image search.


File: g1P7zDOtXn3TodM2sb8lWF0R5yuqpH-0.jpg (118.58 KB,452x422,259995.jpg)

File: t1DqIjSmfpuXKaOz7Egk8dVGc2Px0s-1.jpg (112.06 KB,1280x720,388768.jpg)

Here are some I made a while ago.
I think I got some more burind in my hardrive somewhere…


I didn't know Jack Skellington was such a ladies man.


Everyone talks about ai waifus but what about ai friends?
I want to have some ai friends, especially to play vr mmos with in the future.

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