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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
Password (For file deletion.)

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File: 1535037859545-2.jpg (23.73 KB,240x320,240full-samantha-munro.jpg)

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name is samantha Munro
my waifu


>[no anime]
but those are the only cuties i know


But anime isn't cute.


but that is factually incorrect in my subjective personal opinion.


but you're not even real


yea i am, i just wish i wasn't that's all.


Nope. You're all in my head.


Can you forget about me then, I don't like it in here, why'd you make me a weird anime sex pervert with an intimate relationship with personal failures?


its subconscious sorry
I'd rather anime weirdos not exist on a conscious level but I cant really change it


>but I cant really change it
THAT is because I am the thinker who makes OP thinks he's real, you've been rused this whole time. You have 8 hours to post 3 anime girls eating cheeseburgers. If my demands aren't answered I will forget about OP and his whole family and make the african rape statistics sky rocket only with my mind, and distributed meth baggies.


File: 1535068446028.jpg (24.78 KB,400x400,vomit.jpg)


you arent real
anyways its controlled subconsciously.
my godly essence cannot be handled by the consciousness of this human form
any real god would know this which is how I know you arent one


3D is the only good d


File: 1535075320969.jpg (35.38 KB,450x385,best.jpg)

I'm going to have to disagree


>thanks to your 2d fetish you now want to bang 95% of the female characters in your childhood cartoons
what did god mean by this
that's exactly what a non real larping humanoid would claim. The clocks ticking anon do you really want to be responsible for RAPE???


Hello demiurge


File: 1536390711490.png (71.01 KB,500x500,1463920195830.png)

>[no anime]
Fine with me.


How has this thread not gotten nuked yet?


we donno how many nukes OP has so we are on high alert and awaiting the green light


me thinks admin forgot about this site


File: 1537234807924.jpg (31.88 KB,500x375,work.jpg)

Work is busting my balls and makes me tired a lot.
Here's my daily routine.

>Go to work

>Check online for workorders
>do some
>go home
>play some vidya
>study and read for upcoming certification exam
rinse and repeat


File: 1537242321003.jpg (57.28 KB,342x400,1424672444602.jpg)

>lizmin is entering dad mode without actually releasing another soul upon this hellscape
>god himself looks lazy and immoral in comparison to the ascended reptilian


File: 1537346841283.jpg (214.81 KB,1129x1701,striver.jpg)

>Check online for workorders
>study and read for upcoming certification exam

striver lizmin


File: 1542970454040.png (Spoiler Image,229.9 KB,639x480,ClipboardImage.png)

>[no anime]

You didn't say no cartoons.

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