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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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ok I installed linux (ubuntu), now what the fuck do I do with it?


you put anime woman on your desktop, order programming socks and post pictures of your feet in desktop threads, this seemed to be customary.


post on r/pcmasterace for those ebic upbloats, spend 6 hours trying to figure how to install games on it only to give up in frustration and rage, get into fights with windowfags for no reason other to argue who has the shittier software, etc


File: yzoVFsrxCu6n1tcKiB34JHjmlWwOdI.jpeg (5.56 KB,272x186,images.jpeg)

installed linux
nice lizzie
you already fucked up,that's like the worst distro you could go for lmao. If it was at least better than winbows but nah, this shit sucks a dong. Tried it on like 4 computers once had problem with low resolution and oh my it took so fucking long to fix it,found the fix on like 5th page of google after trying every possible way in earlier pages.
On other setup I had problems with connecting via ethernet or wifi, oddly enough tethering was working fine what the fuck.
It's not faster,it won't boost your workflow.
I see ubuntu as distro for old people that have problems learning computers, thanks to installing shit by commands they won't get any viruses because they won't even open terminal.
Oh and once had a big fucking problem with reversing to winbows due to problems related with making bootable usb drive tho it was long time ago and the fault may have been mine or it was faulty pendrive.
Forget gaming on it unless it's old not demanding vidya oh and like the lizzie above me said it's kind of a hassle to run shit, at least speaking from my experience and the performance is awful.

I'm not advising against you learning linux but before you do it think if it will benefit you in any way.
I have lubuntu on my 300 something mb ram,1 core 1.3 Ghz laptop and it runs sweet compared to recommended win xp


First I would like to congratulate you, fellow Reptilianon, for taking the first step into the wonderful world of GNU/Linux. It's not much, but warmies hate it and hate it for good reasons: It does not cater to warmies. Allow me to explain.

Take the command line for example, a great weakness for a computer illiterate warmie. But in the right hands, the command line is one of the most powerful tools ever. Master it, and you have the stuff of magic.

Think of it this way, it is no coincidence that the term "Computer Wizard" is coined that way. In many ways a computer program is like a spell, it conjures things, with the computer being the spellbook. The command line however, is like a wand that amplifies true computer wizardry unlike the warmies who can only hunt and peck from pre-listed entries on a spellbook (GUI).

Anyway I can ramble all day. I recommend you to check out a boomer named Luke Smith, linked so on YouTube. He is… a strange man, he doesn't even work in tech by profession but he is nonetheless helpful.

Good luck, and maybe install Open SUSE next time as their mascot features a reptile. But so much power lies before you, it really doesn't matter what distro you use once this power is tamed. I use Arch btw.


File: QYxbelfaM5RzUF8wEt9uDCTILkJ37j.gif (400.71 KB,288x343,1577467038788.gif)

I installed mint before, but I fucked up the computer by trying to change graphic drivers, updating the kernel to a version that didn't allow me to install wifi drivers, and basically fiddling with shit I should've left alone.
But it still is entertaining, I kinda like solving the problems that sometimes pop out, makes you value the most basic things better.
I still don't get the point, but despite that I like it.


Linux sounds like it has a strong potential to bug out. Android is just as easy to install, do you think it would work better?


File: C9OK1UQFR3rnVekyT8x7odW6tawDYJ.png (1.03 MB,1180x842,ClipboardImage.png)

>mfw just realized linux is a good example of the bell curve where the biggest retards are on android linux and the biggest smartasses are on a proper linux distro


Android on an old pc might have more utility than linux, if only to play games from google play on a pc rather than a tablet or smartphone.


File: XakGtrDW34eSFRniTUNdYIM7KEvxJ5.jpg (88.81 KB,1200x750,DcqEe4oV0AAYOH-.jpg)

>But it still is entertaining, I kinda like solving the problems
Hope it will stay with you instead of being annoying
I haven't tried android on pcso…
The only thing that I had to do with lubuntu was setting up the higher resolution and that was all. It never bugged on me. That notebook is even unable to use 3d lol
What >>5463 said

What would pingu mentor recommend for cybersecurity studies, kali or debian?
I'd rather deep dive than master other distro, thanks



Yeah android is linux…


sort of, it's based on linux but android apps can't be run on regular linux distributions which is why I differentiate the two


Android is Linux, but not GNU/Linux. unironically a big difference


what makes black arch different from regular arch? more autism?


>more autism?
It's basically Kali Linux only based on Arch repos e.g. the AUR, instead of normal Kali Linux which is based on Debian

so yes more autism


Thanks for the response lizzie,about blackarch earlier I just want to point that >>5499 wasn't me. Cheers


I have a doubt.
If ubuntu is based on debian, shouldn't files that are compatible with debian be compatible with ubuntu? Why there are different versions for each other then?


Although Ubuntu is based on Debian, it's still not actually Debian, hence why there's certain incompatibility errors. Out of the distros they're still very close though, so the incompatibility should be very minor, I mean I know Ubuntu accepts .deb files


Now rice it and post your anime desktop here.


File: 1602190292168.jpg (24.59 KB,424x366,1324497404001.jpg)

Today I tried setting up NAS on raspberry pi only with command line.
Shit took forever to update raspbian so I thought that I fucked up something and it's stuck again.
Just installed raspbian with graphical interface it turned out that the last time it wasn't stuck but the whole process takes so much time.
Almost one hour passed and it's not done.
After this gotta set up openmediavault. Good thing that I bought some energy drink because it has to be done for tomorrow's morning.
Should be easy except the part about making it accessible remotely. Never did anything like that, probably will have to mess with the router settings.

I hope that it will run okayish and not cause any performance problems due to graphical interface.
Probably it's taking so long because card on which system is slow.


File: 1602238121984.gif (162.44 KB,768x768,1521151372050.gif)

Oh fuuuuck I forgot to take charger and nothing show up on monitor when using different ones.
Had to buy uber to visit home.
Now I'm coming back. I hope it does work. Otherwise I will be doomed and feel extremely uneasy.
I'm already hard stressed.
This system sucks imo, there are so many things that can go bad just because fuck you.
Gonna update later.


How exactly does a faulty charger jeopardize your entire existence?


It does not in any way.
I often end up in a loop of overreacting over petty things which fucks my brain up.

It turned out that I didn't plug hdmi hard enough.
Then ran into connection problems
Forgot to plug ethernet cable…

It's hilarious how some stress can shutdown my entire brain.

Anyway all installed successfully, gotta run openmediavault script for flashes and learn how to set remote access. After that I'm free of stress makers


Did you end up doing anything with Linux? I had a class on Linux user/admin and it helped a bit. I recommend just getting used to it by trying to find and use programs that are like the programs you use on Windows/Mac. For me, it would be GIMP instead of paint, some snipping tool instead of the windows snipping tool, vi/vim instead of notepad, etc. Also learn the command line since you'll need it for vim and other programs. After you're familiar with it like a Windows OS, you can start working a bit on administration since you probably know more about Windows administration than Linux. Learn how to add user accounts, give permissions, read, write, execute, etc. Just learn some basic administration and you'll be able to have a good foundation of Linux.

Also, check out some different distros if you haven't already. Most importantly, get into the FOSS scene by learning more about FOSS programs and really understanding why you and others use GNU/Linux. I use it for openness, privacy, and the choice. I can always go to another distro if the other one goes bad, and I always have a choice. Linux is free as in freedom and a free beer. I can install it on a laptop for nothing without any business trying to sell my information. If I'm a controversial person, I can always count on GNU/Linux because of the open source aspect. I don't think there's any possibility of pressure put onto the organization for information. I don't know how to describe it. It's a reliable operating system for everyone that you can get for free, install easily (enough), and not have much problems. The community fixes the problems, addresses malware/viruses supposedly faster than businesses because it's all volunteers/users, so it's quite safe. Anti-virus software exists too if needed.

I like GNU/Linux. It appeals to my ethics.


Woo, my thread is back!
I ended up installing Windows 10 in the end


I started learning some basic admin commands on the terminal. I'm asking myself questions on how to do basic administration and I'm working to become a better GNU/Linux user and admin. Apparently, since Manjaro is derived from Arch Linux (bless), it has different commands than Ubuntu or Linux Mint. Still, I like this version of GNU/Linux a lot more. The commands are more familiar to me for some reason. They make more sense. Funny enough, I also got into this game (again) because of Luke Smith. He recommended Manjaro and I was like, "Okay." So I just installed Manjaro and ditched Windows and I've been doing this ever since. Cold Turkey.

Right now, I've learned how to add and delete users, switch users, find the users, set passwords, downloading software using pacman, and better using cd. I'm pretty proud of myself, but I need to commit this to memory first before getting too excited. I don't think I'll need these commands too much but I still want to be familiar with basic administration.

Is there anything else I should learn to get a better handle on administration?


What a sad conclusion.


Sound drivers wouldn't work properly unless I used the audio ports from behind the computer (and not even at that), so I decided to quit



I had something similar happen to me on my first GNU/Linux OS. I think it was either Linux Mint or Ubuntu. I did the same thing you did which was quit. I don't think anyone should have to deal with this problem the first time they try out a new operating system. I say you just try another operating system like I did. I have no problems with Manjaro right now and now I'm finally trying out GNU/Linux at my own pace instead of trying to troubleshoot for 8 hours (because I can't troubleshoot). I'm finally learning and growing periodically instead of rushing headfirst into it. Maybe later you can get into drivers and audio ports with Linux, but now, you should go at your own pace to prevent burnout. I burned out and you burned out. I'm finally back, and I hope you will go back too.

Good luck!


File: 1603069304116.jpg (48.24 KB,384x512,unnamed.jpg)

Fuck Linux and it's troubleshooting.

Follows guides on making NAS on raspberry pi. Third one finally works as intended.

5 different guides on setting up the DNS so it can ba accessed remotely.
Great the 5th one did it for me.
Now just gotta wait till certificates are generated.
Something-something is missing.
Googles what the fuck is wrong.
After reinstallimg everything it finally made it.
Path to certificates is located /etc/openvpn.
No such folder there so I made one.
Shit won't make a certificate.

>Google the issue
>lots of different things that could cause it or no similar happenings

And my favorite "nvm guys I fixed the issue"

I DON'T GET IT. Imagine following 2 month old guide which describes and explains every little step.

This is beyond me



Honestly this feels like most tech troubleshooting to me. For me, once I got an actual education on the technology, it clicked. You might have an education on this stuff though, so I don't know. This is just my experience.

The reason why I burnout so much is because of these insane things. Googling never works, I don't see any solutions, and I never find any new solutions even if I google. It's horrible.


If you use Linux and want to truly understand it, sooner or later you have to install LFS.



>This is beyond me

Maybe you should just install retropie or lakka on your pi. I think that's what most people use their pi for, game emulation and media streaming.


I actually ended up going back to Linux because things.
I'm using OpenSUSE now

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