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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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We're back!


I think that one was exactly the OP. I'll post the ones I saw in the last thread.





Best sunbathing song that was posted in old thread, that's a fact




Was just listening to this Rapeman bootleg and they started playing Radar Love Lizard right when I got here.

>I'm a little green lizard trapped in a mans skin




The songs about an elderly couple (a true story), one with Alzheimer's and the other recovering from brain surgery, who got lost on their way to a local festival. They were both later found dead at the bottom of a ravine.





Happy Halloween







I love video game music







Anyliz have some j-rock or shoegaze to recommend?


I always thought the Japanese just listened to Cheap Trick and Extreme. I never knew they had their own rock bands.



paw > pearl jam




Finally found some new genre,
it's called SCENECORE
Kinda cringe and most tracks are shit but some have cool beats lool
I especially like those sounding like old trance with witch house








yeah man



sumthin' 4 da headz




Oh how long I've been waiting for some Liz to post vocaloid so I can show off with better one

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