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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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File: 1603602185000.png (108.27 KB,316x299,57c2895c6c1b4cae133c6f3212….png)


What do you hate lizzie?
For me its niggers ans jews


File: 1603605744274.jpg (11.74 KB,247x296,mask.jpg)

Masks, I really hate masks. I feel like I'm wearing a diaper on my face every time I put one on. I've gotten into several angry confrontations with random people over my refusal to wear a maaask. I can't believe that people in my area is conforming with this shit. When I go outside like 80% of the people I see are wearing one.


the mask doesnt even work I can still smell peoples stinky perfume and they expect me to believe that thing will protect me fom the plague its ridiculous


Cloth masks are only good for virtual signalling. I bet if aliens were observing our planet they'd been dying of laughter at how ridiculous we are. A bad flu season and we're all wearing face diapers.


I suppose I hate ugliness.


please don't hate me. I can't help the way I look


Are you a stacy succubuss obsessed with make up?


Perfume isn't in one's breath fucking retard. And either way it's not meant to keep people from breathing in your direction, masks protect from droplets. How genuinely stupid do you have to be to act like smelling perfume is evidence that masks don't work?
Also imagine not taking advantage of the situation to hide from normalniggers.


>masks protect from droplets

Maybe an n95 will give some protection but you'd be hysterical to wear one of those everyday.

>hide from normalniggers

You're being completely subservient to normie society by wearing your face diaper.


>Perfume isn't in one's breath fucking retard
Holy shit are you dumb. Does that matter? Look if the stench from your smegma ridden cock can go around my mask and enter my nostrils, so can your COVID-19 infested breath. Therefore masks don't work.

>masks protect from droplets

Um, and perfume is what? That's right. LIQUID. You spray it on your clothes and the droplets that come off of it through time give it the aroma.

The only mask that does work is a plastic bag put on your head but then you also die. Or a scuba diving gear / astronaut suit / F35 flight helmet but those cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is definitely sure is your shitty pantie-looking scarf thingie isn't protecting you against shit.


A true Lizard wouldn't go out to begin with and therefore can never get COVID-19.


You immediately jump to human looks. For shame.
Let's not do the whole no true x thing.


I hate myself.


Obnoxious faggotry.
I don't mean 'normal' gay ppl.

Thing that really grinds my gears is when someone makes their gender as argument.
I don't give a fuck about what you have in pants, it's not valid. Kys

Also I hate how Incels cry about tfwnogf but simps and white knights are even worse.

Not sure if liztroll is back or I'm making things up


Masks help prevent you spreading the shit, not to avoid catching it. This has been consistent since the start even when Fauci was pulling his bullshit trying to keep the masks with the doctors through downplaying the need to wear a mask. This is the most obvious shit you stupid nigger. Stop getting your information from retarded breeders who worship a faggot pedo.
>You're being completely subservient to normie society by wearing your face diaper.
That has nothing to do with the effectiveness of masks. The same arguments being made against masks are ones that were made against seatbelts. I don't have to deny reality to own the warmbloods.


>Masks help prevent you spreading the shit, not to avoid catching it.
I don't have it so why do I have to wear it?


Because not only does it have a long period where you don't have symptoms, you can still be a carrier of it and not be sick yourself. Some people are completely asymptomatic so they can spread it while getting through it themselves just fine. As far as I'm concerned it's the respectful thing to do to wear masks when inside with strangers just like it's respectful to wash your hands, but even more so because these are such unique circumstances. We're half a year into this thing and you still are unaware of this?
I'm not saying you necessarily have to wear a mask, I don't mind warmies dying. But arguing about their effectiveness is useless when the science is so readily available. Look up some studies on the effectiveness of masks before you take what Mark Dice says at face value.


>Some people are completely asymptomatic so they can spread it while getting through it themselves just fine
Wow. A virus that does *NOTHING*! Let's shut down everything, fire everybody and make everybody wear breathing suppressants.


It's too ingrained in me as to say why. But I've been complotting against myself my whole life and I can't get away from it.


Wake up, the virus is fake. In 1968 the Hong Kong flu killed 4 million people and no one gave a shit. People weren't wearing face diapers and flipping out back then. It's all media hype.

>when the science is so readily available

Here we go with the trust science posting. Hello reddit.


>A virus that does *NOTHING*
Although it's rarer than those who have symptoms, people have died of it while being asymptomatic you dumb nigger. That has nothing to do with whether or not masks mitigate the spread of the disease.
The Hong Kong flu killed 4 million at most yes, that number isn't conclusive though. Most sources I'm finding on the matter are saying 1-4 million over a year and a half, we've already reached 1 million and projections say that it could get as bad as 4 million at the worst. Also the spread of the Hong Kong flu wasn't person to person so of course they didn't wear masks. In addition the death rate was .5% couldn't find more specific data because I'm tired right now, covid's death rate is 2% in most of the world. The Hong Kong flu was more infectious and less deadly, whereas here there are specific things we can do to mitigate the spread of the virus. I'm not aware of any steps that they could have taken back then that would yield similar results, perhaps they could put a mask on all the animals? You tell me. What a retarded view, to treat two different viruses like they're the same because they were both pandemics. The way people react to different diseases in different times varies, go figure. Hell, it sound to me like you think the best reaction is the herd immunity route. Tell me, did that work out for the countries that went that route?
But again, I'm not arguing that it's a moral imperative to wear masks 24/7, nor am I arguing that it was necessary for everything to shut down in burgerstan or anywhere else. If we didn't have a bunch of retards here in 56% land who don't even wash their hands and a dumbfuck administration that does nothing but whine about the media then the shutdown wouldn't have been remotely necessary here. I'm only arguing that masks are effective, stay on topic you slimy jew. Give me reason to believe that wearing a mask doesn't make you less likely to spread covid.
>Hello reddit
You're the one reddit-spacing.


Look at you, fixating on the numbers, people in 1968 didn't fixate of the numbers, they went to large open music festivals like woodstock and went on with their lives. I bet you check the daily covid states in your area, like some sort of hypochondriac.

You really need to learn to relax, covid mainly kills geriatrics in nursing homes. Are you a 70+ year old geriatric with all kinds of comorbidities? If not than calm down.


you have no idea what you're talking about


I haven't looked at the death rates of these diseases for a while now, I only looked them up now to back up my argument. I only closely followed covid at the start because it was interesting to me. You brought up an example of another pandemic and I decided to see if it had any merit as a comparison by actually comparing them, it didn't turn out to have any merit and you have no response to that so you decide to act like I'm obsessed with covid because I understand that wearing a mask is effective against the spread of the disease. The similarities between the diseases are that they're both flu-like (Hong Kong flu is actually a strain of the flu but Wuflu is a seperate thing to influenza) and they're both probably going to have similar amounts of deaths but the similarities end there. The response back then was focused on making a vaccine, but covid-19 has proven to be difficult to make a vaccine for because of the fact that it's a new type of coronavirus unless you consider the fact that it's actually perpetually been just a week or two away for months now, ready to be forcefully deployed by our great military according to our great jew-loving leader. I can look up facts that support my position whereas your position is based on a surface-level rejection of conformity. Stop acting like this is personal for me, it isn't. I'm not at much risk at all and I rarely leave my NEET castle. My position on masks is based on fact, not on my comfort nor on what people did half a century ago in response to a pandemic that was spread differently with different symptoms and a different death rate. Stop being a kike and respond to my arguments with facts that relate to them.


>but the similarities end there

The point is no one cared, not the particulars of each pandemic. You can hardly find anything on the 1968 pandemic online, it was simply looked at as a bad flu season. People weren't such cowards back then, they understood that old people die and if it's one year sooner then it should have then oh well. These days it's like everyone is lighting their hair on fire and the media is hyping everything up so that Trump can lose the election.

>surface-level rejection of conformity

You're right, I'm completely fed up. I've been told to leave several stores and got in trouble at work for not following covid shit. It feels like I'm living in a communist dictatorship. Even when coming here, to a supposedly normie free site, I have to hear from you sanctimonious social distance warriors.


You didn't read my post at all if your conclusion is that I'm scared of covid.
>The point is no one cared, not the particulars of each pandemic. You can hardly find anything on the 1968 pandemic online, it was simply looked at as a bad flu season.
A lot of that is because most of the effect was in the east, 500,000 of the deaths were actually in Hong Kong. They scrambled to get a vaccine ready in America before it even got here and as a result they were able to keep the deaths down significantly. It's estimated to be around 34,000 to 100,000 deaths. You know why not only it looked like a bad flu season but it also was hard to get an exact number of deaths? It's because it literally was a bad flu season. Hong Kong flu is influenza so they had to estimate the amount of deaths because it's harder to identify a specific strain of the flu than it is to identify a new type of coronavirus. And yet despite this America was able to get a vaccine ready promptly. America already has more than double the highest estimate of deaths from Hong Kong flu and that's because of the Trump administration's incompetence. Just because the media says something doesn't mean it isn't true. There was no political reason for him to avoid endorsing masks or social distancing, it would have made his opponents look like cold cowards if he recommended a mask mandate to the governors and all the Democrat governors refused. But he was too worried about the stock market because he's a filthy zillionaire who would spit on your dead body for fun.
>I've been told to leave several stores and got in trouble at work for not following covid shit
Gawd, I be goin' into duh storuh to pick up my watuhmellin and dem whities been dun' tellin' me to pull my dayum pants up cause the sight of my black ass be scarin' the folks around me thankin' I be a thug. This be feelin' like some sorta communiss dictator. Sheeeeeiiit.


File: 1603840825137.gif (144.48 KB,340x340,105.gif)

>Gawd, I be goin' into duh storuh to pick up my watuhmellin and dem whities


>You didn't read my post at all

I got the gist of your post. You really seem to have a habit of missing the forest for the trees. The number of deaths isn't that relevant, the point is peoples perceptions. Without the media hype I think covid would be like the swine flu or the Hong Kong flu, something that's happening, that people know about, but not a major concern for most people.

And fuck off with the darkie talk. I'm a grown adult, I'm able to do my own risk assessments. I shouldn't have to wear a damn maaask to go into Walmart and buy a box of cereal. But keep trusting science and Dr Fauci you little baby. Pants diapies are for dookies, face diapies are for coof coof.


None of that has anything to do with the effectiveness of masks. You are a dumb nigger.
>admitting you didn't actually read my post
>And fuck off with the darkie talk
Just like the nigger, you're complaining about stores imposing something on you that's reasonable, arguably more reasonable because having your black nigger asscheeks showing doesn't pose any possible health risk to anyone else. If someone gets covid and it can be tracked back to an encounter in a certain store what do you think would happen to that store? Why are you so anti-business?


>None of that has anything to do with the effectiveness of masks

Why do I need to spell everything out for you? Masks aren't necessary is the point. Particularly mandatory masks, that's all a social control thing and you're a fool if you buy into any of it.


You have yet to show any evidence. I can show you studies of the effectiveness of masks if you'd like. Although I know you'll dismiss them all as jewish or fake news without looking at them.


Really? I'm the first to post this?


it kind of goes without saying


File: 1605033356078.jpg (93.07 KB,700x982,a1RdmeG_700b.jpg)

I don't understand and no, not incel at all.
Imo they're easier to come to terms with.
No high ego with I'm alpha male that makes no mistakes bullshit.
That's a fact or I'm a faggot


>No high ego with I'm alpha male that makes no mistakes bullshit.

Females are universally vain and materialistic. Vanity is like the female version of male ego, thinking you're so much better than someone because you look better.

>I'm a faggot

You're probably just a little too effeminate (which would explain the cute anime girl).


Women have a much higher ego and much higher self-importance than men because men kiss their ass all day. If people told you that you were beautiful and amazing and perfect and could do nothing wrong and that they loved you and all manner of things nonstop it'd go to your head too. You'd be unbearable and arrogant. Ever why women are the first to get upset and make demands when something bad happens? Because they all view it as a personal attack against them because they are extremely arrogant and self centered. Men have a much more fragile ego because society has viewed them as worth a lot less than their female counterparts. The "Karen" stereotype is most women honestly, it's just that "Karen" is a bit more overboard. All women possess "Karen" traits because they live in their own worlds where their shit doesn't stink and the world works for them. Women used to have to actually spread their legs to get ahead but it's so bad now that men will simp and let women get ahead just out of hope that she will spread her legs.


>you're so much better than someone because you look better
Well that's simply the truth. Men are not born equal. Of course there are more important attributes, but the halo effect is a hell of a thing.
The flip side is men are much more self-centered. Women do care more about others even if it's just virtue signalling.


Jews, Muslims, "muh social norms", Ukrainians, self inflicted imaginary butthurts about rainbowfags,
Reposts, most of the music, people that can't communicate in English, entire education system, corporations, anthropomorphic MLP, systems that log you off without saving the changes,"woman are weak - man have to take care of them" (it's literally everywhere) , censorship in any form.


I really hate Ukrainians as well. Every time I see their flag hung up by some normie piece of shit I want to go and rip it down.


I hate how the price of food has gone up. I'm having to cut my luncheon meats in half to make a sandwich and mix my juice with water just to save some money.


Fruit has gone up as well. I used to be able to get three pounds of mandarins on sale for $2.99. Now it's about $3.49. Luckily, other fruits haven't gotten affected, but I've seen a pattern. Bananas, grapefruits, grapes, mangoes, etc are fine though. Pecans have gone up in price a lot too. There was a point where three pounds of nuts at Sam's club was 19 dollars. That was for both cashews and pecans I think. It was really bad. I eat beans and drink tea and soda though, so I don't feel the price increase of juice. Tea is really cheap if you like it. It's a great way to get water in you.


I never really buy fruit so I'm completely clueless about how much they cost. Juice prices aren't too bad, but I drink a lot so I'm trying to go through bottles less quickly. I drink a lot of cranberry and grapefruit juice because they're the cheapest where I am. Beans are definitely a staple for me, they're one of the few things left that are affordable.


>It's a great way to get water in you.
There are people who struggle with this. Drinking water, that is.
I don't get it.


Water tastes gross.


Drinking tap water?

I never had issues with that, untill I started renting a place where there was some expensive filtrating thingie.
Now every tap water tastes like ass
Probably gonna get ZeroWater, it's rather cheap but I have no idea what will be the monthly costs since I drink a lot


Tap water varies wildly depending on where you live.


>tap water tastes like ass
don't you like the taste of fluoride liz?


I would take the fluoride taste over musty pipes and weird smell.


So what. It's not like there is much of a choice, still beats being dehydrated.


add flavor crystals to your water. poor people who can't afford juice have been doing it for decades

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