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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
Password (For file deletion.)


Please put your maaask on and have a seat in the bubble sir. We'll be by soon to take your order.


>life will be like a minigame from a jackass ps2 game


Put your maask on boy and come to the covid barrier to give your ol grandpappy and granny a hug!


File: 1605405598936.jpg (294.97 KB,1000x1000,covid_protection.jpg)

I'm afraid it won't be that cool.


Imagine wanting people to be able to hug or eat at restaurants. Why do you care that these people cling to practices that only serve their social interaction addictions? Just stay inside like always you nigger. Fucking warmies these days.


File: 1605413395087.mp4 (5.24 MB,850x478,bunda.mp4)

Very Based!
At least indoors I can walk around in my undies without getting funny looks from spinsters


>that only serve their social interaction addictions

You can go and eat at a restaurant by yourself you know. I couldn't eat at McDonald's for months because of this covid hysteria bullshit. Drive-through only completely screws carless guys like me.


When I worked in KFC we did serve people on bikes


>wanting to eat at McDonalds
Make your own burger you lazy nigger. Even some frozen shit from the grocery store tastes better than their genetically engineered abomination burgers.


Oh sure, I'll spend an hour buying multiple indigents for a burger and cooking it up on my stovetop, because you know, only an idiot would go out and buy a cheap value menu burger from a fast food place. Get over yourself.


This entire thead was so predictable with the one upsmanship.


ikr, why can't people just accept that I'm right about everything?


Wear the MASK.
Get the SHOT.
Download the ZOOM.
and eat your BUGS,
you fucking subhuman


Dang, I don't do any of those things. I'm probably already on some government watch list.


You can't go out of your way in the grocery store for two ingredients? All you need is patties and buns.


Yes, exactly. Burgers are one of the foods I'd sooner have made for me than go through the process of making myself. Call me lazy if you want, I don't care.


Then don't complain that fucking McDick's enforces rules so they don't get sued when you get someone infected with some shit, especially when it takes all of ten minutes to make better shit yourself without interacting with warmies.


Covid has spread far more here and yet fast food restaurants are totally open to the public so it's kind of obvious that the couple weeks of closing the dining area was pretty pointless. How would they get sued? Do they get sued when someone spreads the flu in their restaurant? The media really needs to stop reporting on outbreaks, all it's doing is scaring the shit out of the public.

>ten minutes to make better shit

It's a real trivial thing to get pretentious over, someone going out and getting a fast food burger every now and again. I really do mean it, you really should get over yourself.


File: 1605706589379.png (57.36 KB,900x797,fd8e0bdcb9e28f69aefcac15ce….png)

Cant we all just get along lizzies?


File: 1605716399399.jpg (20.48 KB,499x467,frig_off.jpg)


File: 1605716764405.jpg (54.47 KB,512x384,5h3u04vxumnz.jpg)


File: 1605717794347.png (189.59 KB,423x585,d072b29bfd9b56a857279d03f1….png)

Why lizzie??
This is supposed to be a bullifree zone!


>It's a real trivial thing to get pretentious over
Not really, fast food is poison made to satisfy warmiebrain.


File: 1605721761580.jpg (32.09 KB,789x433,lizard_bullying.jpg)

>thinks lizards don't bully each other


Nothing to see here, it's just a coincidence. Move along goy.


File: 1608138511474.jpg (70.58 KB,1069x606,covid_vaccine_palsy.jpg)

take the vaccine they said
trust the scientists they said


They're just smiling smugly because they will never get infected again :)


>antibodies wear off soon after vaccination
>get covid
>got vaccinated and had palsy all for nothing


Do you know what a joke is?


no, what is joke?


average masktard




lol maskhurt


^sorry for samefagging, first message didn't go through so posted second, sorry

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