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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Are aliens real?


Yes, but they have no bearing on our daily lives.


Yeah, earth is a prison planet for aliens to carry out their agenda of farming our souls and DNA


Why can't they just announce themselves ffs?

And who's doing the soul farming? Is it that dastardly villain Lord Xenu?


These aren't Star Trek aliens. They probably don't have a humanoid form or want to interact with humanity. I would guess we are like one person in a busy city. It's a cold reaction to us but it's not hostile. I would guess if there were a civilization that finally introduced itself to us, the citizens would be less than interested.

Things would go on with the billions or trillions or other aliens who might already know each other. I don't know if they do for sure, but if we're introduced to an alien race who knows other alien races, I feel this would be the correct reaction towards us.


>And who's doing the soul farming? Is it that dastardly villain Lord Xenu?
Mostly Greys, they routinely abduct people and experiment on them and feed off of their negative emotions


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I could be wrong but I suspect Greys are actually demons.


How do you tell apart an alien from a "demon" anyway, in my belief ayys/demons are likely the same kind of extradimensional beings so it seems to be a useless claim.


You have a point. I guess a better term would be extraterrestrial. But even then if hell is on Saturn like I suspect than the demons could simply be coming here from another planet.


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Thoughts on this book/movie?


what the fuck, who deleted the rest of the messages here?


I don't think anything was deleted?


a lot of posts disappeared, it seems to happen every time the site has a major malfunction


Schizo moment


I am not being a schizo, I talked to >>6625 and had a long discussion of the proof he had and what he thought flying saucers were, all of a sudden they are all gone. I guess >>6706 is right, probably a site malfunction


you need to face reality liz, those posts are gone forever. they're not coming back


since they are gone I might as well ask the question I wanted to ask.
If you were to run up to the average alien people claim to see, pull out a 12 gauge shotgun and shoot them in the face, would they die or would it bounce off them or go through them? I always see people claim skinwalkers are strong and scary but France, Britain and Spain managed to kill 98% of the native population which surely must have contained some skin-walkers so some cryptids are killable right? If so why has no one ever shot or stabbed one or even beated them to death with their hands


When aliens do their abductions they have some sort of technology that puts people into a powerless and surreal state. If you tried to shotgun one of them you'd more likely shoot one of your own family member. You'd totally be out of while they took you on their ship and conducted their experiments/rape on you.


so are they bulletproof or not? What if you were lucky enough to sneak up behind them and shoot, they are described as midgets so I am guessing it's akin to the average women visiting a hostile planet.
Also with men in black who some think to be aliens, I have no idea why no one shoots them or rape/torture them as if they are alien (and you manage to injure them to prevent defense) they cant get help since they arent human (seriously what are they going to do, call the police? haha)


If for whatever reason you're not it the state of total confusion and are able to get to a gun you'll probably shoot a person thinking it's an alien.

When you get abducted there's nothing you can do, you're a total victim, they'll just take you on their ship and stick objects up your ass while you're crawling around trying to make sense of things. And once it's all over you'll have no memories of what they did to you unless you get hypnotized in a therapy session. It's why abduction survivors describe the experience as getting raped.


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Yes, just like anime.

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