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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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Holy shit, lizmin actually fixed the site. I was starting to think the place was gone for good this time.


Pity posts get lost when this happens


I'm sure they'll be plenty more pity posts to replace them. I personally have all kinds of things I need to vent about, my stress levels are through the roof.


god damn how many times is this site gonna die?


Based on my calculations, site needs to die 5 more times in order to Raptor Jesus take us all


lizchan will be always be forever and ever


Yet it never dies for good. It's pretty funny.


File: 1629521192033.jpg (112.17 KB,900x506,the-lazy-lizard.jpg)

>lizmin whenever the site goes down and requires fixing


pretty accurate


File: 1629580296694.png (33.87 KB,128x128,1629313908336.png)

How do we wake the liz up?
are there any known methods?


You put drugs or money underneath the lizmin's nose. It will smell the delicious subsistence and its eyes will open up.


He has an email, but I don't remember what it is.


File: 1638802075441.jpg (114.87 KB,500x755,stare.jpg)

Has this happened a lot? It died for 6+ months and I stopped using imageboards and gave up on checking. Hope lizmins okay.


If I can remember correctly the site died twice, only to miraculously come back months later.


Yea I remember now switching from org to xyz, had to go to a backup once, even emailing lizmin - it used to go down sporadically for a bit, but then it stayed down for a long time.
Secretly thought my high post rate made lizmin torch the site in a rage of cringe.

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