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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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>can't cross the border
>can't take a plane
>can't take a train
>can't get certain jobs
>all because I won't take a useless and potentially harmful shot that only works for 6 months

Pretty surreal how fast I became a second class citizen in my own country. It's almost to the point where I want to go live in a shack in the woods away from everyone else. How mush more discrimination can a person take?


Australia? That country seems to have really gone off the deep end, but then so has the rest of the world, to different levels.
We get the governments and the policies we deserve, I only hope the virtue signallers get their comeuppance one day, when the people have got enough of their shit…



No Canada. At least I'm able to go outside without getting choked out by a cop.

>the virtue signallers get their comeuppance one day

They sort of are with the vaccine side effects. But really, that isn't enough.


Take the jab, liz. It's pointless to fight the system.
It takes years (if not decades) of political activism and expensive legal battling to try change such things, which is definitely not the energy a liz has.
When the powers that be say something, you just follow it. Don't rock the boat or you'll invite huge trouble on yourself which is definitely going to be worse than any inconvenience you might face with the rules.


No way I'm taking that poison into me, followed by yearly booster injections of it. Being a liz that works shit jobs and hardly ever travels I think I can fly under the radar, for now at least.


Like you, I've got no reason yet to even consider taking their damn vaccine, but if they make it mandatory for social services I might be screwed. There is some place I have to go to on a monthly basis and I am afraid they will not let me in without a proof of vaccination or a negative test, and I have zero intention of going through either of these, ever.
I am convinced it is only a matter of time before they make it near impossible to fly under the radar. They will use every tool at their disposal to get the numbers of vaccinated up. I am thinking of extreme things like freezing your bank account, fines for being outside without a valid 'health pass' or incentives for neighbours and relatives to snitch on you. No one will bat an eye anyway and the protests won't do shit.

>They sort of are with the vaccine side effects. But really, that isn't enough.

Like they care. There could be a one percent chance of suffering from very serious side effects and they would not budge. It's a lose-lose situation, most people are not fully aware of it just yet, or they handwave it as a minor and temporary inconvenience. They cannot possibly comprehend that there could be a bigger picture beyond 'saving lives' and that there will not ever be a return to normal under any circumstances.


File: 1629767308577.jpg (111.77 KB,778x768,covid_vax.jpg)

Hang in there liz, hopefully one day normies will realize that covid is endemic and their persecutions may slow down a little. It may take five or ten more years of living in a medical tyranny for reality to set in though.


Thanks for the kind words.
The end of the medical tyranny as you put it is a fairly unlikely perspective, I mean it will happen eventually but not by the will of the people or the governments or anyone else. It is a limit we will hit sooner or later, and it will not be pretty.
As for the absurd policies, they are set to continue for one reason or another, most probably climate change. Expect green lockdowns soonish, to be vigorously defended and enforced by the same sanctimonious assholes. Save lives ==> save the planet

It is selfish, but the freak show was cute till it started affecting me directly. I don't know how normies put up with it, is it sheer learnt resignation or do they believe it will get better if they remain compliant?
I should stop getting worked up over the situation, but how not to when it's a constant barrage of this bullshit in your day to day life?


>I don't know how normies put up with it

Yeah, you would think after around two years normies would tire of this shit but go lurk reddit and you'll find out they want more lockdowns and vaccine mandates. I guess it just speaks to the power of virtue signalling, in their minds if you take covid super seriously it signals to others that you're a high status and morally good person.


Yes there is a certain demographic that is most on board with these policies. Namely the college-educated middle to upper middle class professional an managerial class. That reddit users would be among them is no surprise. You can also see them on twitter (the infamous blue badge liberals) being unsufferably smug and borderline insane. They are the ones that will rage when/if opportunistic populists take advantage of the population getting increasingly fed up with this situation. If that happens that might be mildly entertaining at least…

Here's an interesting article related to the subject


Good article, biopolitics definitely explains a lot about what's happening now. I could of never foreseen the medical bureaucracy as the avenue the elites use to turn society into a tyranny.


It is obvious… in retrospect. You can't argue with people who have convinced themselves they are 'saving lives', lest you sound like an asshole who's hellbent on killing grandma. Terrorism can only get you so far, I guess?

Here's another interesting link

This is about Germany specifically, but is an interesting case study nonetheless. None of this is organic.


>but go lurk reddit and you'll find out they want more lockdowns and vaccine mandates
those are mostly bots at this point


Big Pharma is a remnant of the Nazis.


Pfizer and Moderna are far more sinister than the nazis

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