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Bury yourself in the ground lizzie
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-Resting in your burrow,
-Eating a huge meal then sleeping
-Unhinging your jaw like a snake and eating people whole

What else am I missing lizards?


avoiding hard work, dumping on warmbloods


Getting absorbed in hobbies or escapism for weeks.
Taking it easy.
Worshiping our omnipotent reptilian god, creator of anime, summoner of the end times, enjoyer of the taste of blood.


eating pussy jk :P



I wish I could get absorbed into hobbies for weeks but my brain lets me get absorbed for a few days and then gets bored of it. Also real life is just on my mind and it continually barges into my life with work.


I struggle with the same thing, but sometimes get lucky - usually goes a few weeks of constant escapism, followed by a few weeks of panic attacks and a lack of will to do anything.


Sounds like me but having both at the same time indefinetely

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