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At what age did you realize it was all over? I still had hope until 24. When I failed college and realized i was going to be poor for the rest of my life, i stopped trying to improve myself and only do bare min to survive. almost 30 now, only hobbies are shitposting and playong games.


Just kind of felt doomed since I was little, dropped out real early, always more interested in impractical things like philosophy, motorcycles or just escapism.
It never felt like it started, let alone ended, born into an alternating lazy river/existential hell lifestyle.


Same for me, around 24. Anxiety hit at that age and never really went away. Now I just try to take things day by day. On the plus side I stopped being a dummy in a lot of ways.


After high school when I went to uni. I had some hopes to be something before that.

Now I'm closing in on 30 and just rotting away wageslaving the bare minimum to stay alive.


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Seeing how much older you all were when things started to seem concretely disparaging makes me feel overly dramatic or pessimistic.


things have been bad for me all my life, it's just that my mid 20s was when I kind of fell off the cliff


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Ohhh it's just a matter of time/perspective then. I'll probably agree with the mid twenties thing in retrospect, It's definitely gotten more complex/ brutal over time.
Hard drugs, mounting responsibility, mental breaks, clown world news inescapable.
I've resorted to playing baby rpgs recently to juxtapose the real life stress. Retreating, burying my head in the sand.


13 xD
Already knew that I will kms before 20s
Well it turned out that I'm a faggot and couldn't do it properly two times.

Sooo here I am just waiting.


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>Retreating, burying my head in the sand.

all we have left is escapism


>Many People Die at Twenty-Five and Aren’t Buried Until They Are Seventy-Five

heard this quote recently and damn does it apply to me :(


I didn't complete highschool until I was 23, then got a job, license, and car all in that year. Then I just got sucked into the wageslave treadmill until I recently quit and am currently a reborn NEET, until I have to work again. I'm dreading it, none of the things I accomplished then have actually helped me much, I'm basically just in the same position but with more responsibilities. Fuck car insurance, I wish I could just store that thing in a garage and bike/ride the bus to work, and only take it out for fun or for errands. Spending upwards of 2k per year on it just sucks.

I'm still miserable and it seems it will never end, even though I'm going to move soon I just don't see much hope for me. I wish I could just live forever in my dreams, I hate this. I really, really do.


You sound exactly like me except not the NEET portion. Same age too. I was NEET for a while and just eventually got tired of it. I have to stay busy doing something otherwise I go crazy.


cars are just a money pit. you should of gotten an ebike or scooter instead


>should of
should have


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>was NEET for a while and just eventually got tired of it

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