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File: 1595552405259.jpg (17.38 KB,236x335,raptor_rapture.jpg)

b8940 No.878

I found one of the old backups of Lizchan back when I was also the developer (I am one of the original developers). Unfortunately, a substantial number of posts are gone but perhaps Lizmin still has the entire backup.

This is not Lizmin, although he is still able to come back and log on to this site whenever he gets the opportunity.

Also if you were one of the mods in the previous incarnation of Lizchan contact me and I will give you back your privileges. Likewise if you were a regular user, welcome back and enjoy the second coming of Lizchan!

c7e6e No.879

Very nice

5d966 No.880

Breaking news! We might be getting a more complete backup i.e. one not from 2017.

44fc7 No.881

from who?

f063e No.882

shit ihato is that really you? greetings from decaf, tell lonely I said hi

a3e5a No.883

I got an email last friday from the previous dev(?) who was running lizchan with Lizmin and Lizquisition that he has a backup of lizchan from 15th of march 2020, although he didn't reply to my email back yet, so I haven't received the full backup yet.

Update: I've restored the old posts now from Incognito's backup and he's an admin here now.

Yeah, it's me alright. Questchan is still kill but I might resurrect that one too later.
LizVizier is lonely so you can say hi to him yourself.

f063e No.1034

>Questchan is still kill but I might resurrect that one too later.
naw man bring back mathchan, that was the greatest two user imageboard experience the world has never seen

>LizVizier is lonely so you can say hi to him yourself.


hey lonely

5d966 No.1036

Hey decaf. It's good to see you still alive. Do you have some point of contact, maybe a webpage or something?

87583 No.1039

Ihato I'm not sure if that was intended but the date format is month/day/year on posts instead of day/month.
Naisu bakuapu sankyu

5d966 No.1040

What do you mean?

6c09c No.1042

File: 1602154242431.jpg (20.25 KB,400x361,comment_wnW39mzGdPKIj1nt9p….jpg)

Nvm, it's good now

0e7ce No.1047

File: 1603423918749.jpg (47.29 KB,179x300,hi.jpg)

I was just googling lizchan out of boredom and found this place. Nice! Hope the other lizards from the old site are able to find this place.

f1981 No.1048

File: 1603437232148.jpg (98.34 KB,876x1145,lizardchan.jpg)

When I google 'lizchan' I get some girl's website and then (presumably her) instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, pintrest and deviant art links.

0e7ce No.1049

I'm not sure what I was searching. I'm pretty good with using google, I'll usually fire in a couple different search terms, changing times to get better results, all in order to find what I want. All the sudden I seen the lichan.top url and I thought to myself this is something new.

5d966 No.1050

If you find yourself here, you must have walked the path of scales.

6b063 No.1053

File: 1603788307745.png (1.75 MB,1100x2020,1603333001224.png)

I looked up "lizchan imageboard" after trying lizchan.org and .net a few months ago which wasn't working. I didn't know this place actually went down. Feels nice to get lucky sometimes :)

f063e No.1054

>It's good to see you still alive
there are some who would disagree lol.
>Do you have some point of contact, maybe a webpage or something?
I could give you an email or something and we could share some kind of contact info if you use any instant messaging. I don't have a website but maybe I should launch decafchan

d5bb6 No.1055

Good news! Your potentially biggest nemesis, chanroast.me, is already dead.


5d966 No.1056

>there are some who would disagree lol.
Well I'm not one of them.

Email works. Drop it, and the post can be deleted after being read.

6fbc2 No.1058

Okay I read it but don't delete it for the guy who asked

27bab No.1059

I have just found out about lizchan's comeback, feels nice to be back home.

ce99c No.1060

How did you find it?

0ede6 No.1061

I searched something like "lizchan magicchan" and this site came up, along with a bunch of other chans

ab809 No.1062

>just found out about lizchan's comeback
Not for long though.

0e7ce No.1064

File: 1607101772175.jpg (159.89 KB,900x674,lizard_face.jpg)

What do you mean? Don't tell me the site might die again.

a1cca No.1066

>Finally found lizchan again
>Spent so long without it that it doesn't feel the same anymore
It was fun posting alongside you top lads

0e7ce No.1067

took you long enough to find the site

990b2 No.1068

Happy new year lizzies

5d966 No.1069

Lizchan made it into 2021!

0e7ce No.1070

File: 1609519560194.jpg (38.79 KB,600x800,bearded-dragon.jpg)

can't kill a lizard(chan)

5d966 No.1071

That's right. Ihato is out of money so we're moving to TOR.

0e7ce No.1072

you can't be serious

abca8 No.1073

Go get a job, NEEEET

What are the costs?
I'm kinda low on money but can spare some.

2ee5d No.1074

bumpin myself

37bfe No.1075

File: 1611098852968.jpg (60.92 KB,544x640,6a2801911397411d500edf367e….jpg)

Gore bumpin for answer

eb707 No.1076

Jesus christ calm down no need for violence

37bfe No.1077

File: 1611178539275.jpg (126.32 KB,850x1169,sample-9677e7eccfb6ef7a899….jpg)

No,it has been already a week.

Another migration will leave even more lizards and using TOR browser will be a pain in the ass.

Site will be even more dead lol

82964 No.1078

How the fuck do I install vichan/npfchan? I'm getting stuck on setting up a database and random file permissions. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

af3a4 No.1079

I think you should ask liznons in this thread >>>/b/5447

0e7ce No.1080

>Site will be even more dead lol

I think you mean completely dead. I'm not sure but I think lizmin might be messing with us. Why would he migrate an imageboard that's barely struggling to survive to the dark depths of the internet?

af3a4 No.1081

>dark depths of the internet
It's not that deep, only one click away.
And Nanochan is doing fine.

0e7ce No.1082

File: 1611292463644.jpg (65.83 KB,800x600,spooky.jpg)

>It's not that deep

you might as well move lizchan to the bottom of the ocean with all the spooky monster creatures


never even heard of it

08fc6 No.1083

>you might as well move lizchan to the bottom of the ocean with all the spooky monster creatures
Sound like an appropriate place for lizchan to me!

0e7ce No.1084

I was trying to make an analogy. By spooky monster creatures at bottom of the ocean I meant darknet serial killers and child molesters. I don't think guys like us belong around those types.

5d966 No.1085

Well he uses the VPS for other stuff as well so 80 bucks.

f62dc No.1090

File: 1612007934102.jpg (105.17 KB,750x730,lizglad.jpg)

Sorry for keeping you guys up in the air. Don't worry, Lizchan is pretty safe and is NOT going to be Tor-only. I just transferred it to a new host (hence a couple days of down time) and Liz is going to be safe now for at minimum another 6 months.

What's going to happen in 6 months is this domain will expire. While I'll certainly be able to renew it, perhaps we'll get the ol' lizchan.org back. Lizmin is known to be the one who owns it (otherwise I would've just bought it myself) but I haven't had the chance to talk to him yet and tell him to point it towards this location. If I get in contact with him (and he agrees to it) perhaps I might even fully transfer ownership of Lizchan and put it into his hands, which would be the end of saga where Ihato runs this site. If not, well, you're stuck with me lol.

d4f41 No.1091

Oh lizzie you are the best.
Wish you all best <3

3c4e5 No.1093

File: 1612036677977.jpg (78.19 KB,800x621,happy-lizards.jpg)

>NOT going to be Tor-only

Hip hip hooray!

28a72 No.1094

File: 1614926034053.jpg (118.34 KB,1023x576,takemymoney.jpg)

Jesus after a year I thought this site would've died and faded into history by then but I guess not. Also I can't seem to remember if you ihato are the one that sent me that email in regards to lizchan fate. Guess it was the old sys admin? Either way glad lizchan is still kicking alive and in a way this site brings me to tears a bit seeing still up after all the financial struggles between my dumb self and the other guys. And yes I will redirect lizchan.org it's still in my domain registar account. I'll have to get in contact the tucows. Thank you.

5fbff No.1095

LizVizier here, it's still kicking thanks to Ihato.

c9a06 No.1124

While I was on a month-long hiatus there was an issue with server where nobody was able to post, until one brave lizard emailed me about it.Next time there is a major problem like that (but also if there are other smaller issues) please email me at ihato@protonmail.com so I can take a look at it as soon as possible.

I'm very sorry about that, though you should know that our hosting is still good and there's no real reason why Lizchan site as a whole would go down.

As for Lizmin, he sadly said he was retiring from Lizchan and is now doing something new in his life.Our lizchan.org domain was also taken from us unfortunately, even though I thought Lizmin owned it (Lizmin also tried to negotiate but it fell through).

a4bb2 No.1125

That's a rather sad development, I wish lizmin good luck in his future lizard endeavors.

0e7ce No.1126

Sounds like you're the new lizmin now. All hail new lizmin!

7a045 No.1127

How do I donate money?

df20e No.1128

I'll still be here forever.

c9a06 No.1131

No real way to do it. If Lizchan ever finds itself in dire need of user donations then I'll be sure to put up a notice.
But for now, save your money, liz. Thank you for being considerate.

Glad to hear that!

df20e No.1132

Couldn't find the rule for it but is tor allowed? I'm asking because you should blacklist all tor nodes so you don't have some fuck head with a bot or whatever trying to spam CP or other shit on here and then you get a visit from the FBI or EuroPol.

ffbd6 No.1133

Original Lizmin disallowed it but the rangeban has been lifted since I brought back the site.
There is a 3dcg spambot that plagues every chan out there. I'll try filter it and if it doesn't work I'll re-apply the rangeban though there haven't been any other issues apart from that particular spambot.

ae632 No.1154

ihato plz fix the index page not showing images plz thank you!

ae632 No.1155

how the hell did you guys manage to get the old domain name back?

c015c No.1156

i see what happen i can't believe I was that dumb

f7690 No.1157

0116f No.1159

Should we have a tech board

21055 No.1160

As a techtard I think it'd be fun to see people here discuss more hobbies/interest - I think we should make a few hobby boards even if they're rarely used - archives more post and is fun to read.

c015c No.1161

me too

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